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Getting the best out of Luka Modric.... (01/01/2009)

Portsmouth confirm Defoe wants to leave (01/01/2009)

Harry: Adel is a genius! (01/01/2009)

Gio a go go?? (01/01/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur vs Wigan Athletic (01/01/2009)

Could Shay be on his way?? (02/01/2009)

Spurs look to tie up Defoe in the next 24 hours.. (02/01/2009)

Spurs are Hypocrites! (02/01/2009)

Podolski talks up move away from Bayern (02/01/2009)

Southgate: Downing is staying at Boro! (02/01/2009)

Bye Bye Barcham! (02/01/2009)

Adams: I will decide if jermain leaves.... (02/01/2009)

Join Vital Spurs for the latest transfer news! (02/01/2009)

Gomes deserves some credit. (02/01/2009)

The fans disgraced the badge, not Ghaly!!! (03/01/2009)

Lets not get too excited, Yet... (03/01/2009)

Commoli's signings shining (03/01/2009)

Harry: We're down to the bare bones... (03/01/2009)

Defoe wants Tottenham talk... (04/01/2009)

Boro slam Spurs over derisory offer for Downing (04/01/2009)

Downing puts in transfer request to get Spurs move (04/01/2009)

Saints or Red Devils for Spurs in FA Cup 4th round (04/01/2009)

Who makes way in Harry's revolution (04/01/2009)

Harry is right, we are down to the bare bones.. (05/01/2009)

Chimbonda in Spurs return? (05/01/2009)

Jimmy Greaves and the Hall of fame. (05/01/2009)

Appiah, to train with Spurs? (05/01/2009)

A cosy chat with Vital Burnley (05/01/2009)

Boro reject Spurs and Downing requests. (05/01/2009)

Pekhart seeks to resolve his Spurs future (05/01/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur vs Burnley (05/01/2009)

Defoe a done deal at 15.75m? (06/01/2009)

Davids: Just passing by or passing medical?? (06/01/2009)

Biggest test for Spurs yet to come (06/01/2009)

Is Jermain able to play tonight??? (06/01/2009)

Two's Company, Three's a crowd.. (06/01/2009)

Oh No .... £15 mil for Defoe? (06/01/2009)

Charlie Daniels Joins Orient. (06/01/2009)

Join the fastest growing Tottenham Fan site! (06/01/2009)

Time for Spurs to sit tight or walk away.. (07/01/2009)

Fine result papers over the cracks for Spurs (07/01/2009)

Bentley: Right club at the wrong time! (07/01/2009)

Spurs in hunt for Polish keeper? (07/01/2009)

Roman Pavlyuchenko. (08/01/2009)

Maybe, said Fred! (08/01/2009)

Ben Haim wants Spurs move! (08/01/2009)

Gilberto to Go? (08/01/2009)

FSF - Watching Football Isn't A Crime (08/01/2009)

VIDEO - Classic Match West Ham 3-4 Spurs (08/01/2009)

Awesome Dawson or Deadly Ledley? (08/01/2009)

Spurs in talks with N'Zogbia? (09/01/2009)

The DOF Role - Is It Truly Dead and Buried? (09/01/2009)

Downing: A real catch 22 for Boro. (09/01/2009)

Have Spurs offered £6m for Kenwyne Jones? (09/01/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Wigan v Tottenham (09/01/2009)

Jermain is a yiddo! Its official!! (09/01/2009)

Wigan Athletic vs Tottenham Hotspur. (10/01/2009)

Darren's Hell Bent on leaving Spurs... (10/01/2009)

Harry turns down 'money back' offer for Gomes (11/01/2009)

Comolli to return for BAE? (11/01/2009)

Harry says: No more Pompey raids... (11/01/2009)

Is Downing talking to Spurs?? (11/01/2009)

Have your say on what is wrong with Spurs! (11/01/2009)

RESPECT! (11/01/2009)

Boateng returns to Germany (11/01/2009)

Is JJ in Harrys plans? (12/01/2009)

Coulda, woulda, shoulda..... (12/01/2009)

Harry Names His Immortals. (12/01/2009)

Appiah ain`t our messiah! (12/01/2009)

Ledley: Improve or we go down! (12/01/2009)

C'mon Gareth!Fight for the Shirt! (12/01/2009)

Too soon to ask the kids to save us? (12/01/2009)

Spurs Bid for Palacios? (12/01/2009)

Spurs interested in Bednar? (12/01/2009)

Could Relegation be Good for Spurs? (13/01/2009)

Harry has a week to save our season!!! (13/01/2009)

Time to change our midfield? (13/01/2009)

N'Zogbia Transfer request alerts Spurs. (13/01/2009)

Tomas to Pek his bags? (13/01/2009)

Is it time we forgave Sol Campbell? (13/01/2009)

Is it the end of the Roman Road? (13/01/2009)

Will the real Adriano Sign here... (13/01/2009)

Is That It Then Harry? (14/01/2009)

Adriano 1 Bent 0 (14/01/2009)

GDS 2 PSG? (14/01/2009)

Is Bale just learning or just leaving?? (14/01/2009)

My sources tell me... (15/01/2009)

The financial cost of relegation. (15/01/2009)

How far will Spurs go for Palacios? (15/01/2009)

Rocha keen to remain in the premiership. (15/01/2009)

Happy Birthday Johnny B!!! (15/01/2009)

Are Spurs Fit for the Premiership? (15/01/2009)

Which is most likely to change our fortunes? (16/01/2009)

Have Spurs done Bellamy deal? (16/01/2009)

Does Hunt hold Key to Palacios deal? (16/01/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Tottenham v Portsmouth (16/01/2009)

Bottom Three - Who's it to Be? (16/01/2009)

Jenas stays.... For now... (16/01/2009)

Bellamy presses for Spurs move. (16/01/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur vs Portsmouth. (17/01/2009)

What does Jose see that we cant? (17/01/2009)

We're all doomed!! (17/01/2009)

Why Have Our Standards Slipped? (17/01/2009)

The Prince of Wales Part-I (18/01/2009)

City's Billions to Gazump us for Wilson and Craig? (18/01/2009)

The Prince of Wales-Part II (18/01/2009)

Spurs look to Harper & Reo-Coker? (18/01/2009)

The truth about transfers. (18/01/2009)

Join Vital Spurs!! (18/01/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Tottenham 1-1 Portsmouth (19/01/2009)

King to miss Carling Cup final? (19/01/2009)

Mr Levy - Get the Chequebook Out! (19/01/2009)

The Gods are conspiring against us... (19/01/2009)

One In Four Consider Giving Up Season Tickets (19/01/2009)

Behave yourself, Harry. (19/01/2009)

Spurs all Bent Over! (19/01/2009)

Harry gets new Bentley. (19/01/2009)

There's no place like home for Palacios (19/01/2009)

What's on Harry's mind?? (19/01/2009)

Its now or never for Palacios. (20/01/2009)

Another cosy chat with Vital Burnley (20/01/2009)

Troy joins Exeter on loan.. (20/01/2009)

We cannot spend what we do not have. (20/01/2009)

Ghaly on his way? (20/01/2009)

Burnley vs Tottenham Hotspur (20/01/2009)

Sanchez to sign for Valencia! (20/01/2009)

Cudicini to Spurs??? (21/01/2009)

Are we buying everyone at Inter Milan? (21/01/2009)

A Wigan eye view of Wilson. (21/01/2009)

VIDEO - Goal of the Week Vote (21/01/2009)

Harry explains Palacios signing. (21/01/2009)

Beaten and so nearly bowed... (22/01/2009)

The Summertime Blues (22/01/2009)

What team would you play on Saturday? (22/01/2009)

Defoe as a lone striker? (22/01/2009)

No one likes us...We don`t care! (23/01/2009)

Can Harry ignite the fire? (23/01/2009)

Would you welcome Mido back? (23/01/2009)

Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur (23/01/2009)

The Spanish keeper says Adiós... (23/01/2009)

The New Football Pools Fanzine Awards (23/01/2009)

He's Not The Messiah He's A Very Naughty Boy (23/01/2009)

Can we please leave West Ham alone... (24/01/2009)

Change of heart of change of words?? (24/01/2009)

Could Inter make late offer for Jenas? (24/01/2009)

Sometimes fickle. Always true! (24/01/2009)

Join Vital Spurs! (24/01/2009)

Man United v Spurs (25/01/2009)

Spurs back in for Jones? (25/01/2009)

Make Dawson captain now! (25/01/2009)

We've lost the ability to assemble a squad.. (25/01/2009)

Palacios speaks to his adoring public.. (25/01/2009)

Spurs academy off to a flyer in Mexico (25/01/2009)

Chimbonda to return to the Lane! (25/01/2009)

What does Pascal offer that £20m of others can't? (26/01/2009)

Cudicini signs for Spurs!! (26/01/2009)

Have your say on Tottenhams new signings!! (26/01/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Tottenham v Stoke City (26/01/2009)

The lesser of two evils.. (26/01/2009)

Spurs U-18s draw game number 2. (26/01/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur vs Stoke City (26/01/2009)

Oi 'Arry, Shut It! (26/01/2009)

The Italian job! (27/01/2009)

Could we, would we, should we bring back Robbie? (27/01/2009)

Jones chase ends.. Is Fred Harry's Plan B (27/01/2009)

Bale eager to put ghost to bed... (27/01/2009)

Spurs U-18 win again!!! (27/01/2009)

How to solve a problem like…Tottenham`s midfield. (27/01/2009)

Bid to Play on your Field of Dreams! (27/01/2009)

let's talk Tottenham!!! (27/01/2009)

Do people still want to talk Modric? (28/01/2009)

Mid table here we come!!!! (28/01/2009)

D-day for Appiah (28/01/2009)

Spurs academy update. (28/01/2009)

New boys need to earn their Spurs.. (28/01/2009)

What's the story with Zokora? (29/01/2009)

Spurs look to Santa Cruz?? (29/01/2009)

Newcastle look to Bent? (29/01/2009)

Target Men to Target. (29/01/2009)

Could Fulham tempt Hudd?? (29/01/2009)

Dervitte joins Southend on loan. (29/01/2009)

Spurs Kids make Chivas Comex Quarter finals (29/01/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Bolton v Tottenham (30/01/2009)

No More Slumps Please! (30/01/2009)

Time for Spurs kids to go it a Loan.. (30/01/2009)

Academy face Mexicans in the quarters. (30/01/2009)

Bolton Wanderers vs Tottenham Hotspur (30/01/2009)

Taarabt looks to settle his international future. (30/01/2009)

Defoe out for the season? (30/01/2009)

Academy make the Chivas semi final (30/01/2009)

Gio to Pompey? (31/01/2009)

Spurs boys face FC Atlas in Copa Semi's (31/01/2009)

Spurs kids miss out on final in Mexico. (01/02/2009)

The rise and fall of Robbie Keane... (01/02/2009)

Troy remains at Exeter for the season (01/02/2009)

Is Quaresma our man from Inter? (02/02/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Bolton 3-2 Tottenham (02/02/2009)

Deadline day discussion at Vital Spurs (02/02/2009)

Gio, on his way? Probably... (02/02/2009)

Liverpool confirm Robbie deal! (02/02/2009)

Keano's back, now get over it!! (02/02/2009)

Pekhart joins Slavia prague on 12 month loan (02/02/2009)

A £50m Competition: Spot the winner! (02/02/2009)

Jermain out for 10 weeks! (03/02/2009)

Have Spurs done good or great business? (03/02/2009)

Bent has 10 weeks to save his Spurs career. (03/02/2009)

Robbie is our leader!! (03/02/2009)

Mourinho never wanted JJ (04/02/2009)

Sherwood: Harry cares, but the players... (04/02/2009)

The gravy trainshows no sign of stopping... (04/02/2009)

StepApp Stepping Up? (04/02/2009)

Can Keane & Defoe really play together? (04/02/2009)

Four young Spurs selected for England U-21s (04/02/2009)

Trap Shut! (05/02/2009)

Another future star bites the dust? (05/02/2009)

Bents back buzzing... (05/02/2009)

TV money and the financial outlook for football. (05/02/2009)

The man for man debate.. (05/02/2009)

An audience with Jimmy Greaves - A Spurs legend. (05/02/2009)

Captain Keane.....I think not!!! (05/02/2009)

A cosy chat with Arsenal.. (06/02/2009)

Premiership White-out? (06/02/2009)

VIDEO Preview:Tottenham v Arsenal (06/02/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal (06/02/2009)

Defoe Whoa! (06/02/2009)

New Football Pools Fanzine Awards 2009 (06/02/2009)

Fly On the Wall... (06/02/2009)

Thanks but no thanks Mr Appiah? (06/02/2009)

Shame about the Arsenal! (06/02/2009)

About turn for Trapattoni... (06/02/2009)

Harry slams the lack of hunger in our game. (07/02/2009)

Who is currently an automatic pick at Spurs? (07/02/2009)

Team and manager of the season. (08/02/2009)

And then there were two... (08/02/2009)

So many positives, only one point... (09/02/2009)

Forget Robbie Keane, we've got the new Roy! (09/02/2009)

Leigh Mills released by Spurs (09/02/2009)

Who is the Tottenham No 1??? (09/02/2009)

'I Will Build A Terrific Team at Tottenham.' (09/02/2009)

The great academy debate... (10/02/2009)

The task that lies ahead... (10/02/2009)

Vital Spurs Predictor Competition! (10/02/2009)

Is Beating Arsenal A Big Deal Anymore? (11/02/2009)

Should there be a football revolution? (11/02/2009)

Terry Dixon signs for West Ham!!! (11/02/2009)

Rise of the home grown player. (12/02/2009)

Spurs U-18s to face Arsenal in Quarter final! (12/02/2009)

BAE commits to Cameroon. (12/02/2009)

The return of the old boys network? (12/02/2009)

The Chairman's Managerial Dilemma. (12/02/2009)

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Harry's Door.. (13/02/2009)

A case for the defence! (13/02/2009)

Relegation Jitters... (13/02/2009)

The B Team (14/02/2009)

A real solution to a real problem? (14/02/2009)

Storrie Arrest: May have ramifications for Harry? (14/02/2009)

Welcome to the Spurs departure lounge... (14/02/2009)

Do Teams Fear Us Anymore? (15/02/2009)

Who Should Step Up to the Plate? (16/02/2009)

3 point plan to bring on the kids.. (16/02/2009)

Pav: Your games rough, women ugly and food ****! (17/02/2009)

Shakhtar Donetsk vs Tottenham Hotspur (17/02/2009)

Should we throw away our European dream? (17/02/2009)

Harry;Good Cop Or Bad Cop? (18/02/2009)

Vital Spurs nominated for awards! (19/02/2009)

Welcome to Opportunity Knocks (19/02/2009)

Dont just watch the game, Discuss it! (19/02/2009)

Europe over the Carling Cup, everytime! (19/02/2009)

Coach and Horses. (20/02/2009)

The morning after the night before. (20/02/2009)

Unlikely Thirteen for Harry! (20/02/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Hull City v Tottenham (20/02/2009)

The Redknapp debate. (20/02/2009)

Hull City vs. Tottenham Hotspur. (22/02/2009)

Player of the season. (22/02/2009)

Harry is the right man for Spurs! (22/02/2009)

Bentley: Personal issues have been a distraction. (22/02/2009)

Hollow threats!! (23/02/2009)

Are we jinxed or just rotten? (23/02/2009)

Just Who Are Our Closest Rivals? (23/02/2009)

Appiah: Money and fitness was not a problem. (23/02/2009)

It's all about the result! (24/02/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Hull 1-2 Tottenham (24/02/2009)

What is it with Spurs and goalkeepers? (24/02/2009)

Woody's going to Wembley, but who alongside? (24/02/2009)

Is Taarabt ready to make the step up? (25/02/2009)

Spurs are on their way to Wembley! (25/02/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Shakhtar Donetsk (25/02/2009)

Vital Spurs Predictor league week 1. (25/02/2009)

Bentley 'resting' for Sunday? (26/02/2009)

Gio to impress Redknapp (26/02/2009)

Roman eyes Carling goals record. (26/02/2009)

The Answer is Blowing in the Wings... (27/02/2009)

More positives than negatives for Spurs. (27/02/2009)

Hutton lost in translation? (27/02/2009)

Stuart Out of Leftfield? (27/02/2009)

The Carling Cup final. (28/02/2009)

Bent out of all proportion? (28/02/2009)

Would Harry really sell Modric? (01/03/2009)

What a difference a year makes. (01/03/2009)

Now the real work begins for Spurs.. (02/03/2009)

Back to the future, or future plans for the club. (02/03/2009)

Rebuild or Fine Tune? (02/03/2009)

Ledley not worried as contract nears its end. (02/03/2009)

Sol: Deduct points for indecent chants! (03/03/2009)

Ekotto: I'm back from hell. (03/03/2009)

Luka, quick to dismiss transfer talk. (03/03/2009)

Bentley: Say hello or wave goodbye? (03/03/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Middlesbrough. (03/03/2009)

Has Hudd got the Hump? (04/03/2009)

Win or lose there's no booze. (04/03/2009)

The strengths of European leagues (05/03/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Tottenham 4-0 Middlesbrough (05/03/2009)

The return of the Magnificent (number) Seven! (05/03/2009)

Button It Harry! (05/03/2009)

Let`s hear it for the boys! (05/03/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Sunderland v Spurs (06/03/2009)

Should We Accommodate the King? (06/03/2009)

LAY OFF HARRY! (06/03/2009)

Sunderland vs. Tottenham Hotspur. (06/03/2009)

The devil is still in the detail. (08/03/2009)

Huddlestone to be the new King. (08/03/2009)

Decisions, Decisions for Aaron... (08/03/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Sunderland 1-1 Tottenham (09/03/2009)

"All you need is love" (09/03/2009)

That Problematical Left Side (09/03/2009)

What has the Roman ever done for us? (09/03/2009)

Spurs to play a very strong reserve side tonight! (09/03/2009)

Bye/Buy? (10/03/2009)

Get these boys out of here now! (10/03/2009)

Is Harry really that controversial? (10/03/2009)

Vital Spurs make shortlist for awards! (10/03/2009)

Lies, damned lies and statistics. (11/03/2009)

The price is not right for Dortmund. (11/03/2009)

A cosy chat with Vital Villa. (11/03/2009)

Hating Harry? (12/03/2009)

Gunter joins Forest for the rest of the season. (12/03/2009)

Is there really no English talent out there? (13/03/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Aston Villa v Spurs (13/03/2009)

What's wrong with Harry!!! (13/03/2009)

The Fantastic Four (13/03/2009)

Harry Redknapp a man of principle. (13/03/2009)

Taarabt joins QPR on loan! (13/03/2009)

Gio goes to Town with a loan. (13/03/2009)

Aston Villa vs. Tottenham Hotspur. (15/03/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Aston Villa 1-2 Tottenham (16/03/2009)

Spurs Smash and Grab!!! (16/03/2009)

Spurs have no chance of a Euro spot, have we? (16/03/2009)

The Twin Titans of Tottenham. (16/03/2009)

Spurs call up the big guns for reserve clash. (16/03/2009)

Vital Spurs predictor league. Week 4. (16/03/2009)

Three in and Three out. Decisions decisions. (17/03/2009)

Do we really need to be in the Europa? (17/03/2009)

Hutton on the Mend! (17/03/2009)

Hutton back for Scots. Good call for Spurs? (17/03/2009)

When an agent talks, should we worry? (17/03/2009)

What is Harry Pav-ing the Way For? (18/03/2009)

Taarabt: QPR loan will make me stronger. (18/03/2009)

Harry is looking to the future. (18/03/2009)

Player Power (19/03/2009)

The fight for 7th Place (19/03/2009)

Townsend & Obika join Yeovil! (19/03/2009)

No full England call up for Lennon. (19/03/2009)

ENIC will fund part of the new stadium cost. (19/03/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Tottenham v Chelsea (20/03/2009)

Dervite called up to face England U-21s (20/03/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Chelsea (20/03/2009)

Respect! (20/03/2009)

Lennon Commits to Spurs until 2014 (20/03/2009)

Stadium costs less than £300 million. (20/03/2009)

Champions League Final Must Be Removed From Rome! (20/03/2009)

Thank-you Mr Redknapp. (22/03/2009)

Lennon still has lot's to learn (22/03/2009)

God save our King. (23/03/2009)

Advertorial - The New Football Pools (23/03/2009)

Hutton make's reserve return (23/03/2009)

Harry hails Heurelho!!! (23/03/2009)

How Far Can Harry Take Us? (23/03/2009)

Spurs linked with strikers. (24/03/2009)

Ledley sits out England training shock... (24/03/2009)

Sanity Restored! King out of England squad! (24/03/2009)

John Barnes Would Pick Lennon Over Walcott (24/03/2009)

Green light for club financial control panel (24/03/2009)

Danny Rose joins Watford on loan (24/03/2009)

Gomes is already one of the Prems best keepers! (24/03/2009)

Tax plan aims to level soccer's playing field (24/03/2009)

The Boys In the Waiting Room...... (25/03/2009)

Will King-gate finally end Harry's ambitions? (25/03/2009)

Hudd still concerned over his Spurs future. (26/03/2009)

Specialist Coaches; an 'Arry innovation? (26/03/2009)

Two more leave Spurs on loan. (26/03/2009)

Cascarino 'Season Ending Too Soon For Spurs' (26/03/2009)

Let`s hear it for Aaron!! (27/03/2009)

Jermaine Jenas: The best is yet to come. (27/03/2009)

VIDEO: England And Beckham's 109th Cap? (27/03/2009)

Harry`s no Hypocrite! (28/03/2009)

Bent Called up for England. (28/03/2009)

Is Downing doomed to fail? (29/03/2009)

Media again spending Tottenham's money! (29/03/2009)

NATIONAL SERVICE. (30/03/2009)

Spurs to end deal with mansion? (30/03/2009)

Make it Captain King Again! (30/03/2009)

Reserves aim to spoil Villa`s party. (30/03/2009)

Spurs have a problem with Ledley... (31/03/2009)

Bent out of England squad? (31/03/2009)

FSF On Net Loss Of Football's Bumpter TV Deal (31/03/2009)

Friends reunited for Under 21s (31/03/2009)

More frustration for Gio? (31/03/2009)

Tottenham release updated stadium plans. (01/04/2009)

Paul Parker on Aaron Lennon (01/04/2009)

Don`t let Jon Obika become the new Lee Barnard... (02/04/2009)

Southampton the first to fall? (02/04/2009)

Lennon`s England call, good or bad for Spurs? (02/04/2009)

Lennon scoops PFA Fans award. (02/04/2009)

Setanta 'to review all services'. (02/04/2009)

The return of Captains fantastic! (03/04/2009)

This Management Lark Must Be Easy! (03/04/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Blackburn v Spurs (03/04/2009)

The New Football Pools 'Ultimate Season' (03/04/2009)

Blackburn Rovers vs. Tottenham Hotspur (03/04/2009)

Hutchins extends Yeovil stay. (03/04/2009)

Should have gone to Spec-Savers! (04/04/2009)

There is no substitute for Quality for Harry. (05/04/2009)

Be happy with mid-table, we don`t deserve Europe. (05/04/2009)

A cosy chat with Vital Forest, about Chris Gunter (05/04/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Blackburn 2-1 Tottenham (06/04/2009)

Harry will only sell who he wants to... (06/04/2009)

Vital Comp: Win A Copy Of Jeff Stelling's Book (06/04/2009)

Up or Down? (06/04/2009)

Replacing the irreplaceable Wilson Palacios. (07/04/2009)

Could Spurs really consider Zaki? (07/04/2009)

JJ has to stay!! (07/04/2009)

A cosy chat with Vital QPR about Adel Taarabt. (07/04/2009)

What does the future hold for Fraizer? (08/04/2009)

Obika and Townsend extend loan deals. (08/04/2009)

Jol feels Harry will get it right at Spurs (08/04/2009)

Tottenham rumours of the week, so far... (09/04/2009)

Arsenal Reserves vs. Tottenham Reserves. (09/04/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Tottenham v West Ham (10/04/2009)

Hudd is part of Harrys master plan. (10/04/2009)

Defoe raring to go.... (10/04/2009)

Tottenham reserves title dream is still alive! (10/04/2009)

VIDEO Classic: West Ham 3-4 Tottenham (10/04/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur vs. West Ham. (10/04/2009)

Misquoted, or man with a mission? (11/04/2009)

Spurs kids off to another flyer! (11/04/2009)

Join VitalSpurs! (11/04/2009)

Tottenham fringe give Harry a problem? (12/04/2009)

Pascal happy to bide his time for now.. (12/04/2009)

Spurs mourn Jimmy Neighbour. (12/04/2009)

Spurs kids make final in Switzerland! (13/04/2009)

One rule for Heurelho, another for the rest.... (13/04/2009)

Pav still has much to learn. (13/04/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Tottenham 1-0 West Ham (14/04/2009)

Hudd hints at Spurs exit. (14/04/2009)

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Message from The Football Supporters' Federation: (19/08/2009)

Ekotto signs a new deal! (19/08/2009)

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All is not well, but... (20/08/2009)

How can a hat-trick hero not be man of the match? (20/08/2009)

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Vital Football Launch Vital Mobile (21/08/2009)

Building the Fear Factor. (21/08/2009)

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West Ham Vs. Tottenham Hotspur. (22/08/2009)

Should We Do An Arsenal? (24/08/2009)

King still eyes England future (24/08/2009)

Just passin` thru... (24/08/2009)

Luka dismisses United links. (25/08/2009)

Campb£ll Cashes In Again. (25/08/2009)

Pav looks for Spurs exit. (25/08/2009)

I'm Gonna Wait Till The Midnight Hour. (25/08/2009)

Pascal on his way to Rovers. (26/08/2009)

Doncaster Rovers Vs. Tottenham Hotspur (26/08/2009)

The Big Five Fallacy (27/08/2009)

Harry cools Pav talk. (27/08/2009)

Anin still hopeful of winning his Spurs. (27/08/2009)

Bale to The Barcodes? (27/08/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Tottenham v Birmingham (28/08/2009)

Who`s coming in? As two move out. (28/08/2009)

Ledley: Club v Country. (28/08/2009)

Ending the Top 4 Elitism (28/08/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Birmingham City. (28/08/2009)

O'Hara signs a new deal with.... Spurs! (28/08/2009)

Dreams Vs. Realism. (29/08/2009)

Losing Luka: A bad or terrible thing? (30/08/2009)

Welcome The International Break... But After? (30/08/2009)

Is Pointy Shouty Bloke the Point? (30/08/2009)

Pompey's ship is sinking. who shall we save? (31/08/2009)

Nicko'ed It (01/09/2009)

Is Levy right to block James move? (01/09/2009)

Kranjcar completes move!! (01/09/2009)

Spurs miss out on Anton?? (01/09/2009)

The best place to talk Tottenham! (01/09/2009)

Arise Sir Harry! (02/09/2009)

So it's all over and done with.... (02/09/2009)

Tottenham`s player of the month. (03/09/2009)

Gomes back for United? (03/09/2009)

Gio`s back in Harry`s plans. (03/09/2009)

*Vital Mobile - Free 14 Day Trial* (03/09/2009)

Free agent Walker joins Spurs. (03/09/2009)

The David Bentley Saga (04/09/2009)

Alnwick, returns to Spurs. (04/09/2009)

Let's applaud UEFA & FIFA! (04/09/2009)

Spurs a lesser club? How Ruud... (05/09/2009)

The Jermaine Jenas Debate (again)... (05/09/2009)

Bassong injured on international duty! (06/09/2009)

Club or Country? (06/09/2009)

Who will replace the irreplaceable? (07/09/2009)

Defoe Will Accept The Role Given (07/09/2009)

World Cup 2018 - London (Spurs) (08/09/2009)

Transfer Naughties.... (08/09/2009)

True Grit! (09/09/2009)

Ramos to the Rossoneri's? (09/09/2009)

Beckham to Spurs?...Yes Please? (09/09/2009)

Lennon joy at 'best ever England game' (AUDIO) (10/09/2009)

Can we cope with a defensive crisis? (10/09/2009)

Jamie refuses to rule out leaving Spurs. (11/09/2009)

Oh NO! That United Fixture (11/09/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Spurs v Man Utd (11/09/2009)

Harry & Jermain, scoop Barclays awards! (11/09/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Manchester United. (11/09/2009)

Debate of the season.. (12/09/2009)

Berba has no regrets. (12/09/2009)

If only we could win every game.. (13/09/2009)

Did we forget the lessons learnt? (13/09/2009)

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All Aboard The Band-Wagon!!! (14/09/2009)

Celtic Keane on Robbie? (14/09/2009)

Premiership introduce squad limits! (15/09/2009)

New Rule - Does It Help or Hinder our game? (15/09/2009)

Platini seeks to level football playing field. (15/09/2009)

Enic sale or just paper talk? (16/09/2009)

What, if anything would you change for Chelsea? (16/09/2009)

Time to wake-up and wise up! (17/09/2009)

Parrett joins Aldershot on loan. (17/09/2009)

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The Central Defender Quandry. (17/09/2009)

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Squad Depth??? (21/09/2009)

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Telegraph hail our network as VITAL reading! (22/09/2009)

Perspective, Perspective! (22/09/2009)

He couldn`t! We wouldn`t!! (23/09/2009)

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2018 Cities Bid Updates - London (Spurs) (24/09/2009)

Another cosy chat with Vital Burnley. (25/09/2009)

Is Gio jinxed? (25/09/2009)

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Should Harry Get Ten Years? (25/09/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Burnley. (25/09/2009)

Three Cheers for Gareth, Four for Robbie! (26/09/2009)

Three Steps from Destiny? (27/09/2009)

Forget another defender. We`ve got Hudd!!! (28/09/2009)

£6m for Hutton? Yes Please!! (28/09/2009)

Carrick Back.......Hmmmmmm (29/09/2009)

Rose joins Posh! (29/09/2009)

Harry's 'Nice' Dilemma (30/09/2009)

All present and correct for Pompey? (30/09/2009)

Were Spurs right to opt out of reserve football? (01/10/2009)

Defoe Out for Bolton? (01/10/2009)

Time to credit the Professor. (01/10/2009)

Dawson`s glad to be back, but will he start? (02/10/2009)

So long Peter Crouch... (02/10/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Bolton - Spurs (02/10/2009)

Harry leaving Spurs? Don`t bet on it... (02/10/2009)

Bolton Wanderers Vs. Tottenham Hotspur. (03/10/2009)

The Tide is Turning (04/10/2009)

Fulham to bid for Pav? (04/10/2009)

Anyone can make mistakes, except goalkeepers... (04/10/2009)

Another taxing time for Harry.. (05/10/2009)

Crouch and Lennon get England calls, but no Defoe. (05/10/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Bolton 2 Tottenham 2 (05/10/2009)

The great JJ debate! (06/10/2009)

Have we misjudged Hutton? (06/10/2009)

Is Keano on the move again? (06/10/2009)

Tottenham fantasy football? (06/10/2009)

Spurs still talking Sully? (07/10/2009)

Tommy for England!!! (07/10/2009)

Gio's keeping positive. (07/10/2009)

Once upon a time, you dreamt of a millionaire (07/10/2009)

Pav edges closer to WHL exit? (08/10/2009)

Important Info For England Fans Ukraine Bound! (08/10/2009)

The issue central to Harry. (09/10/2009)

Just For Fun (11/10/2009)

Could Spurs be back in the hunt for Klaas? (11/10/2009)

Spurs stars in worlds top 100! (12/10/2009)

Lets be open minded about David James. (12/10/2009)

No Croatia at the WC. A good or bad thing? (13/10/2009)

Woody is back! (14/10/2009)

Are Pompey right to abuse Harry? (14/10/2009)

Jamie to stay at Pompey? (15/10/2009)

Adriano? (15/10/2009)

Perryman predicts a bright future, but not yet. (15/10/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Portsmouth - Tottenham (16/10/2009)

Wilson forced to miss out on Spurs! (16/10/2009)

England saviour or flat track bully? (16/10/2009)

A cosy chat with Vital Pompey (16/10/2009)

Portsmouth Vs. Tottenham Hotspur (17/10/2009)

Harry puts the boot into Defoe. (18/10/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Portsmouth 1 Tottenham 2 (19/10/2009)

Is Gomes the best or worst keeper in the world? (19/10/2009)

No place for raw skill on 'Arry`s watch? (19/10/2009)

Golf Champions Of Football (19/10/2009)

Luka still some way from comeback? (19/10/2009)

Spurs would be right to let Gio go to Pompey! (20/10/2009)

Did Harry want Prince stay? (20/10/2009)

Sandro to Spurs in January? (21/10/2009)

King isnt concerned over a lack of contract talks (21/10/2009)

Bale to Brum? Don`t be silly... (21/10/2009)

Arry,'There's no need for it!' (22/10/2009)

Could Spurs look to Michael Johnson? (22/10/2009)

An addition to the coaching team? (23/10/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Tottenham v Stoke (23/10/2009)

Bill Nicholson. (23/10/2009)

Spurs to offer Ledley a new deal? (23/10/2009)

You just keep thinking that, Peter old boy... (23/10/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Stoke City (23/10/2009)

Barclays Renew Its Sponsorship Of The Premiership (23/10/2009)

Lennon: Victim or Villain? (25/10/2009)

Spurs suckered, but lets not panic... (25/10/2009)

Who is to blame for no Plan B? (26/10/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Spurs 0-1 Stoke (26/10/2009)

Benoit Assou-Ekotto (26/10/2009)

Harry demands a big performance from Pav. (27/10/2009)

Harry confirms Sandro interest. (27/10/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur Vs Everton (27/10/2009)

Where better to keep in touch with tonights game! (27/10/2009)

Big changes ahead?? (27/10/2009)

Bentley focused on Arsenal. (28/10/2009)

Optimism at Spurs?? Surely not.... (28/10/2009)

Is Pav losing his marbles.....? (29/10/2009)

Carling Cup draw (29/10/2009)

Would the real DB please stand up... (29/10/2009)

Forget talking the talk, lets walk the walk. (29/10/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Arsenal - Tottenham (30/10/2009)

Spurs look to Rio? (30/10/2009)

Arsenal Vs. Tottenham Hotspur. (30/10/2009)

Straight back down to earth.. (01/11/2009)

Bassong out for a month! (01/11/2009)

Bad Day at the Office - Nothing More (02/11/2009)

The Carling conundrum. (02/11/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Arsenal 3 Tottenham 0 (02/11/2009)

Tottenham Four get England calls. (02/11/2009)

Is Robbie really to blame? (03/11/2009)

No place like home for JJ. (03/11/2009)

Spurs embrace a new partner. So What! (04/11/2009)

Back to Robbie and Jermain this weekend? (04/11/2009)

Luka`s back in training. (05/11/2009)

The importance of Sunderland. (05/11/2009)

Corluka injury worry. (05/11/2009)

Trio extend Yeovil loans. (05/11/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Tottenham v Sunderland (05/11/2009)

Can we finally forget about Taarabt? (06/11/2009)

Will Bent bite us in the proverbial? (06/11/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Sunderland. (06/11/2009)

A fans eye view of the Yeovil Three. (08/11/2009)

Four Spurs players picked by Capello! (09/11/2009)

Is Harry Losing The Plot? (09/11/2009)

Are Spurs fans behaving like spoiled brats? (09/11/2009)

Spurs boast impressive profits. (10/11/2009)

The best Spurs 11 that never was... (10/11/2009)

Harry would welcome the Old firm to the Prem. (10/11/2009)

Spurs kids and the magnificent seven. (11/11/2009)

Win a signed copy of Big Chiv! (11/11/2009)

Spurs recall Rose from loan. (11/11/2009)

Crouch Keen To Take His Chance (11/11/2009)

Pav to demand a move? (11/11/2009)

Harry looks at another Pompey old boy? (12/11/2009)

Roman the Red? (12/11/2009)

Cudicini seriously injured in bike crash! (12/11/2009)

Server Changes - All Change At Vital Towers (12/11/2009)

Bostock to the Bees! (13/11/2009)

No risk to Cudicini`s long term football future? (14/11/2009)

Spurs international round-up. (14/11/2009)

Spurs look to double Rangers deal? (15/11/2009)

Huntelaar: Loyal or misguided? (16/11/2009)

Are you asking for too much, too soon..? (16/11/2009)

And the positives of signing Foster are??? (17/11/2009)

Levy shows his true colours. (17/11/2009)

Time for Spurs to bite the bullet? (18/11/2009)

Pav just wants to go home... (18/11/2009)

Sacrebleu (19/11/2009)

Poor Little Pav... (19/11/2009)

Will we see Luka before Christmas? (19/11/2009)

Time to go it alone? (20/11/2009)

Harry unsure over keeper situation. (20/11/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Tottenham v Wigan (20/11/2009)

A cosy chat with Vital Wigan (20/11/2009)

New loans for Smith and Button. (20/11/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Wigan Athletic. (21/11/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Tottenham 9-1 Wigan (23/11/2009)

And the team for Villa is... (23/11/2009)

Corluka to Juve? (24/11/2009)

Spurs 9-1 T-shirts Available!!! (25/11/2009)

Just how bright is our future? (25/11/2009)

Could Harry go for Richards? (26/11/2009)

Harry Backs his Captain. (26/11/2009)

A Villa Fan Showing No Fear (Interview) (27/11/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Aston Villa - Tottenham (27/11/2009)

Aston Villa Vs. Tottenham Hotspur. (27/11/2009)

Could Barca come calling for Jermain? (29/11/2009)

The FA Cup deserves a Champions league place. (29/11/2009)

Purple patch or real contenders? (29/11/2009)

Spurs entertain Posh in FA Cup 3rd Round. (29/11/2009)

Dawson hails defensive quality. (30/11/2009)

Win a copy of Big Chiv at Vital Spurs (30/11/2009)

Pav edges closer to Spurs exit! (30/11/2009)

Champions league or Cup Success? (01/12/2009)

Carrick dismisses talk of Spurs return. (01/12/2009)

Manchester United Vs. Tottenham Hotspur (01/12/2009)

A walk in the park for United. (02/12/2009)

We want our Wilson back!!! (02/12/2009)

Bye Bye Bentley.... (03/12/2009)

Sandro: Will he or won`t he? (03/12/2009)

Southern Softies? (03/12/2009)

Pompey ask to keep O`Hara, should we let them? (03/12/2009)

Taarabt wants Rangers stay! (04/12/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Everton - Tottenham (04/12/2009)

The FSF's England Fans' Guide To South Africa 2010 (04/12/2009)

Spurs return for Jakupovic? (04/12/2009)

A cosy chat with Vital Everton (04/12/2009)

Gio staying at Tottenham! (04/12/2009)

Harry still baffled by Woodgate's injury. (05/12/2009)

Everton Vs. Tottenham Hotspur. (05/12/2009)

Harry looks to Carlton Cole? (06/12/2009)

Edge of the seat stuff for Spurs. (07/12/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Everton 2 Tottenham 2 (07/12/2009)

Fingers crossed for Wilson. (07/12/2009)

Who makes way for Luka? (08/12/2009)

Are they mad?? (08/12/2009)

Could Pav really join Arsenal? (08/12/2009)

It's time to hear you roar Harry. (09/12/2009)

Why the hate towards Robbie? (09/12/2009)

Talking of Giraffes.. (10/12/2009)

Babel for Pav, a good deal for who? (10/12/2009)

A cosy chat with Vital Wolves. (10/12/2009)

Who is the greatest player ever... You decide! (10/12/2009)

Harry has to balance the books! (10/12/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Tottenham v Wolves (11/12/2009)

Who`s right for our left? (11/12/2009)

Sandro fly`s in? (11/12/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers. (11/12/2009)

BAE is fine with me!!! (14/12/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Spurs 0-1 Wolves (14/12/2009)

Are the wheels coming off? (14/12/2009)

Shot shy Spurs? (14/12/2009)

It`s Time for Harry to pack his bags… (15/12/2009)

Travelling without moving. (15/12/2009)

I`m a superstar, get me out of here!!! (16/12/2009)

A Cosy chat with Vital Man City. (16/12/2009)

Onwards and Upwards. (16/12/2009)

England 2018 Announce Candidate Host Cities (16/12/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Manchester City. (16/12/2009)

In appreciation of Assou-Ekotto (17/12/2009)

Spurs linked to Little and Large? (17/12/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Tottenham 3-0 Man City (17/12/2009)

We have a winner at Vital Spurs!!! (17/12/2009)

FIGUEROA? Truth or pure paper trash?? (17/12/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Blackburn - Tottenham (18/12/2009)

Xmas party, what Xmas party? (18/12/2009)

Blackburn Rovers Vs. Tottenham Hotspur. (18/12/2009)

TAX MAN IS ON HARRY'S CASE!!! (19/12/2009)

All change at the top for Spurs! (20/12/2009)

Spurs to get their money back on Robbie? (20/12/2009)

Common sense prevails... (22/12/2009)

Harry trusts Bale as BAE cover. (22/12/2009)

Awesome Dawson to be England Saviour? (22/12/2009)

Bassong not selected for ACN!!! (22/12/2009)

Spurs fans were 91% wrong about Bellamy! (23/12/2009)

Jamie to return? (24/12/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Fulham - Tottenham (24/12/2009)

Fulham Vs. Tottenham Hotspur. (25/12/2009)

Arsenal Vs. Villa. You decide? (26/12/2009)

The time has passed for David James. (27/12/2009)

Tottenham Hotspur Vs. West Ham United. (28/12/2009)

Tom Huddlestone: A Giant amongst men! (28/12/2009)

This Goalkeeping thing is getting confusing.. (29/12/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Tottenham 2-0 West Ham (29/12/2009)

When is a booking not a booking? (29/12/2009)

Ledley backs Dawson for England. (30/12/2009)

Winter Windowland.... (30/12/2009)

Football needs saving from itself! (30/12/2009)

BAE to miss ACN! (30/12/2009)

Let the mind games begin... (30/12/2009)

Lennon out for a month? (31/12/2009)

Pav feeling the cold... (31/12/2009)

GARETH 'The Future' BALE (31/12/2009)

Will FA Cup give us transfer clues? (31/12/2009)

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