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Liverpool to get Bent?

After the Telegraph's suggestion that there was no interest in Darren Bent on Thursday, the same paper has now reported that a possible £12 million deal could be made.

Juande Ramos looks set to either sell Bent or Defoe, or possibly even both and isn't bothered whether they recoup the record £16.5 million spent on Bent in the summer.

A possible move for Bent could now be to Anfield, where Rafael Benitez looks to have won the battle with his American owners and is now looking to splash some cash during this transfer window.

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The journalist

Writer: Vital.JD Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 18 2008

Time: 12:00PM

Your Comments

Let's do a deal deal Rafa, we will make this quite a easy descision, you can have TANIO - STALTERI - GARDENER - ROUTLEDGE - BENT - LEE - JENAS - all these can be yours for one player, remember Raf your a buisness man, GAIN 7 YES 7 PLAYERS - LOSE 1..............................................STEVEN GERRARD
lol Yiddonick sounds like a good deal to me
I said the same thing on the forum cockeril straight swap for Alonso. Ain't going to happen of course. Liverscouse have enough strikers already!
Real Deal
But RD with my proposal Rafa gets 3 defenders, 3 midfielders and 1 additional striker. But seriously It would never happen in a million years but isn't it great to dream, like the lottery is £41M tonight
Why should Liverpool want Bent? Incidently he hasnt cost us £16.5M yet and wont do unless all the add ons kick in, which wont happen if he is sold.
no chance, papertalk......
Scott Spur
Not a chance of this happening. Bent will be here next season of that i am sure
I like Bent and I want him to stay and be given a chance to prove his worth.. sell Defoe whop despite saying he wants to stay effectively said "come & get me" when he did the interview for The Sun just before the CC semi.. nice timing for the mercenary that he is..
The Tailor
I think West Ham are the only realistic destination though ManC seem to be in need of a striker
This will not happen.
Don't count out Newcastle... if Defoe goes to Villa, Keegan will be thinking about a low bid for Bent
Bent will come good I think.
Bent needs to be given his chance. Way too early to right him off as a bust. I would much rather sell Defoe. c'mon Keegan, get your chequebook out for him.
Officer X
We could end up getting full price for Defoe, even though he's only got 18 months contract left. Result! Knowing our luck, I bet he's going to suddenly be a revelation when he moves!
Yeah i would prefer defoe to go to newcastle and think that they would pay him more so there is more chance he will go there if they bid
Not sure I want to see Bent go, if Defoe goes I am looking forward to seeing more of Bent. Player of interest to swap for him, Crouch (even to just help us defend set pieces) Alonso (Quality passer). Sissoko (could be the defensive midfielder we haven't really got). Riise (Powerful Leftie). NOt sure all these players are straight swap Crouch as a back-up striker, the others would all be starting line-up
Bent to Liverpool, feck off your'e having a giraffe mate. You'll be saying Keegan back to the Toon next.
If West Ham want Bent or Defoe, we should only do a swap deal for Ashton!
Martin The Viking
If we sell Defoe then Bent should stay, he hasn't been given a chance yet. So how can he be a flop!!! The thing is I dont wan't any of of strikers to leave. We just need to bolstor up the defence and Midfield
Are_we_really_a_club_that_gives_a_player_5_months_and_6_ games_to_prove_himself!?Why_do_we_continue_to_wreck_careers_at_Spurs!!? Rate_him_or_not-what_a_way_to_treat_your_player!
its quiet at the lib
Crouch!! lord give me more strength, we got rid of him long time ago ........roll on 1st feb the names are getting worse ,Taylor, Downing, Ashton now Crouch our rivals must be laughing, while they strengthen we remain the same.
Ashton would not strengthen your forward line. He might bulk it up a bit. I think he has a bigger arse than bubbles the bear.
what is wrong with u all? defoe is twice the player bent is! stop trying to justify the money we paid wit claims that "bent will come good", its not gonna happen. juande has told them both they are surplus at the lane so fine if thats the way its gotta be then so be t! Juande is no mug, if e says a player has no future at the club then he must have some1 better in line to replace them or else theres no point in selling them! Honestly, i think we should get ri of bent and promote from inside the club. pekhart is banging goals in left right and centre! terry dixon is brilliant or rather geing there and dean parrett is a mini gerrard! get the youngsters in2 the 1st team! look at o'hara! hes not even 1 of our best youngsters and he can cut it in the premier league!
I never want to see crounch back here. Ashton is a good player and very smart but like SH said, i dont think he would improve us at the moment
Exactly, IQATL. It really annoys me when people write off a player who has hardly played for us. Absolutely ludicrous.
Taylor, Downing, Ashton is the exactly sort of players we should be looking at! I'm so tired of this buy's seems for some people that as long as the player has a exotic latin name that he's a much better player than a British player. If I could choose between Xavi or Carrick..I'll go for Carrick all the way! Fantastic player!! Crouch is a good of the best english targetmen there is. But I would rather have Ashton..even though he's a fatty ass.. ;)
Martin The Viking
Agree totally with you ExiL regarding the youth push for the first team! Seems we have some exciting youngsters at our club! We should def. give more youngsters the chance to shine. Look at Birmingham..they want to blood a 15-16 year old in to their 1st team already..Jordon Mutch is the youngsters name..they say he's a mix of Carrick and Gerrard..maybe we should go for him! ;)
Martin The Viking
nice 2 see some1 with a bit of commn sense martin! Whats the pint in having a youth academy if no1 ever comes through it? if were just developing players 4 stoke and southend united, whats the point? there are quite a few youngsters coming through our academy that are, with the right exposure to top flight 1st team
I have had enough with talk of players leaving the lane...i want players to come in. IMO i would tell Defoe he is more then welcome at the Lane, cause he is brialliant but unfortuantly so are Keane and Berbatov. they brought Bent cause they panicked about letting him go to another club and worried about losing Berbatov, thats why we paid a stupid amount for him. all these deals are coming from commoli and i dont believe its a good thing. Ramos is the one that should be doing these deals, not Commoli, i know thats how it is meant to work, but at the moment i would say that its not working. i think the boardroom is going to completly F**k up this season even more then they have already done. Commoli go away and let ramos sort the mess out you and levy has left us in. and big up the youth team, its nice to see the youngsters getting a chance. lets just hope that Commoli woill get his hands on a good back up defence and a left winger instead of another striker. BUT most importantly is the win tommorow!! COYS
Big Brez
Once again, we have reached that time of year where there is a great deal of press speculation linking us with players from all around the world. Sporting Director Damien Comolli noted: “The majority of the reports that I have read are completely wide of the mark. I feel it is important to clarify a couple of things that are unhelpful - namely that reports that Darren Bent is for sale are totally inaccurate and, furthermore, we are not in the market for any strikers.” As always, we should like to remind our supporters that our official channels – website and mobile service spurs(((mobile))) - will carry informed, accurate and timely information as and when it is appropriate to do so. Just seen this on Spurs homepage - Doesn't mention Defoe so hes off I take it. If we do sell Defoe, I would like to see a strong CM come in, or LM/DC.
I rate Bent as I already said and he needs to be given a chance. End of. Good bye Defoe and then give youth a chance - Pekhart, Dixon etc.
The Tailor
Haha Shoe Hammer. And what's going on with Ashton's bleached blond hair??????
Keane Dogg
they wish
i saw that this morning Mozspur - Did you know that Gary Neville did a similar thing, with Micheal Carrick. When Carrick was at the world cup, he mad him wear a Manc Ure shirt, and took photos of him.. hense why he wanted to go to Manc USA. I hate those Mancs...
AS I said on a forum earlier (new was meant to come up on here!!) Bent needs a chance. It wasn't his fault we paid so much, it was because of West Ham's interest and the fact that they were willing to pay that money. In addition, he's been injured and has never had the run in the side that he needs because of the type of player that he is. Only problem is that he will never get that run in the side because of the legend that is Dimitar Berbatov. E.g. he would have buried that chance against the Scum at home in September like he has done consistently over the last 2 seasons if he was on form and had his rythym. Finally - I think the only reason that we bought him apart from giving us that extra dimension (i.e pace to get and run behind the defence) is incase we don't qualify for the CL (which we know we won't!!!!!) and Berbs leaves.
Keane Dogg
because thats the only way united get players, by hasling them till they agree. i hate them as well. passionless c unts
because dean ashton is in fact a real homosexual and it is part of his choice lifestyle which i, do not agree with, but support him 4 having the balls to openly display his sexuality in such a herosexually dominateded environment! haha fag
*****in laptop sticky keys constantly missing and double typing letters
I see what you mean and hate Gary Neville with a passion but I don't mind Man U in general as they play good football and if they win the means Ar*enal / Chelsea don't!!!! When and if we finally begin to challenge that may change but until then....
Keane Dogg
What the Funky?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Comolli hasn't said anything about Defoe...
I don't think selling a player for £12m is writing him off. I'd like to see Bent being given a chance but so far he's been woeful.
It's ok everyone. Stop worrying about the lack of transfers this window. We signed Gunter, what more do you want!!!
I don't think Rafa would buy Bent if he had any money to spend. If he did have the money, he would buy Macherano, estimated cost 17 mil.
A great pity we can't offload some of the hasbeens---Stalteri,Routledge,Tainio,Gardner,Rocha,Lee,Bent etc--------we can and should do so much better than these Championship players.I cannot believe we haven't got reserves coming through to improve on this lot and then save on their wages.We have been carrying too many mediocre players that drag our once proud club down.In future we must go for proven class or outstanding youngsters like Bale and Gunter.Surely, there are top quality players that would still come to Spurs like Ginola,Gazza,Linecar,Klinsmann,Waddle,Ardiles did.
Would quite like to see SOMEONE signed other than Gunter. Then at least they would be showing a bit of understanding that we arent playing very well anywhere else other than up front.
ahhhhh some good news at last!!!!!!!!!! Martin O'Neill has told Sky Sports News that he has not met with Jermain Defoe and that Villa aren't on the verge of signing him. 'It is simply untrue, absolutely and utterly untrue - it couldn't be any fairer than that. I think that sort of statement, if you're talking about a player at a football club - where the two haven't talked to each other, is grossly unfair.'
Comolli has come out and trashed 90% of rumors, says we like to keep all transfers till the last couple of days of the season, not good for us faithfuls nervous disposition. Hope this does not mean we are going to keep Stalteri, Routledge, Gardner, Rocha, Lee, Bent, JJ etc. I think Tiago and jarque are the only rumors that might come off, I dont't think that Ramos likes Bent he can only run andtake a pass to feet - no team work or tactical ability.
Just what Liverpool need. *Another* striker that doesn't score enough.
20 days into the transfer window and yet no signing...this is looking bad...defoe should go...he likes spurs but so do doesnt mean i should play for spurs...he is crap..utter crap...kerzhakov is better..and we need downing..fred wanted money and top wages which our club will never afford..and so will be the case will arshavin and many top players..levy is just concerned with profits..
Now commoli has come out and stated this we have to believe him. The Downing rumour with the Hutton are and were ligit. The rest are just cack man.
Real Deal
SFFI, have you watched Kerzhakov play? His goals to appearances ratio is rubbish compared to Fred's or Defoe's for that matter. I know you have criticised spurs fans for jumping on the Jarque bandwagon before so would be keen to know what has impressed you with Kerz?

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