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Ramos remains upbeat..

Tottenham coach Juande Ramos, unlike so many of us fans, is refusing to get to downcast after our first day loss to Boro.

'Our hopes and aspirations are still very much intact. We have lost the first game but there is still a long way to go.'

'We are on the right lines. I think generally we're playing very well, our style of play is going well and we just have to hope that we keep improving as the season goes on.'

when asked about the Spurs new boys, Heurelho Gomes, Dos Santos, Luka Modric and David Bentley - Juande said: 'As a group, the new signings are on the same level as the rest of the team, they are working hard to become part of the set-up and gelling nicely with the rest of the squad.'

Clearly now is not the time to get hysterical about the season being over, a win over Sunderland next weekend and the sun will be shining again, obviously if we lose batten down the hatches....

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 18 2008

Time: 6:35PM

Your Comments

God can you imagine the carnage on here if we lose...
Real Deal
i know we need a DM before we can do serious damage in the premier league
i'm sure a top 6 finish is still in our hands and a good cup run. cant believe some of you really fancied a top four spot. ramos will get the team playing great by oct and then the prem will see what we can do.
Real Deal, as badly as I was angry and disappointed with Ramos's selection and tactics, it is true to say that he is barely into the job, with a host of new players to bed in - and caught in an impossible situation brought about by that fecking arrogant Ruby Red Nose, so I for one, win lose or draw will be supporting him unequivocally. Now where's my tin hat and flak jacket when you need it...?
we have made great signings an they need time, but if we still have the likes of jenas zokora an daws playin its all a waste of time so it dont matter if we have top players we will still struggle with theses players playin week in week out.
our problem is not with the ball its without it, ive said that in pre-season.
Jungle Spur
Lrt's stuff the Fair Play Trophy and get Edgar back ...
Pompey did that happen with such a great DM in the line up??? No not Diara...
Sorry for the !!!!. Was just testing ! We need 2 CBs, a DM and a stricker. Go get these RAMOS. Forget Capel, good player, but we have other positions to fill. Time is running out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jungle Spur
Some people are saying that Ramos should be sacked ffs. What a load of gash. He got it wrong Saturday, but get it right people he will learn from his mistakes.
Real Deal
Agree cockeril, Villa look very strong. I find it amazing that they had a good defence record last season, we had one of the worst I have ever seen, yet they sign 3 defenders, first teamers and we sign none. To top it off we give our worst defender a new contract, now that is fecked up.
Real Deal
Push and Run, it is far too early to be considering such comparatives. He helped win us our first silverware in god knows how long - he fully deserves a proper run. Let's see the Ramos/Poyet project through, we need stability, not change - what did Wenger or Fergie do in their first full season?!!
Villa will have a good start and then slip down the league around the xmas games and January. Their squad is too small, any injuries will hit them hard.
dawson must not be playing if we are have a chance, sunderland dont look at all bad, and wit steed, pasco and tainio well lets just say its not going to be a walk over imo, dawson out!!!
RD, Mellberg had to be replaced and Bouma has a long term injury. They played CBs in the full back positions last year (Mellberg and Bouma) so had no choice but to replace them.
ok not best result, lets forget it move on support the team get behind them. they need time to gel etc, im sure ramos will prove us wrong COYS
No-one that I know is saying Ramos should be sacked. At the same time I find the "hey! what's the problem? everything's FINE!!!" brigade equally out of touch and a bit glassy-eyed. Saturday was a cock-up and we all know it. Sunderland next Saturday is a good test for us and an opportunity for Ramos to show a) he knows who his best players are in each position and b) he knows when he's screwed up. I have faith and I'm going for three nil.
I was very disappointed with Ramos. Yes, he is barely in the job, and i admire him as a coach. However, it doesnt take a genius to work out zokora is pants at right back, and we have a natural right back in the mould of gunter who would do a far better job. Also, bale is better than bae. I dont think bale was unfit, he ran well when he came on, and ramos has been putting bae ahead even in pre-season which is wrong. he cant play jenas and modric together, or we will falter neither gives protection to the defense. He needs to replace jenas with thudd. he is the ideal dm, big, strong, just needs a kick up his backside, and a big kick. we need to play 2 up front. or play 4-33, but with lennon dropped, bentley on the right of the attacking 23, gio on the left.
If Berba leaves then u don't have a balanced squad specially in attack.U need a target man & even u get Arshavin this will not solve u problem.Can't see u doing great things.I fancy Villa,Everton & Newcastle a dark horse.
im sure ramos an levy will have some1 in mind b4 they sell i wish they didnt leave it till after first game they shud of set a deadline, as its gettin messy now an time running out i dont want a panic buy.
I think he just badly underestimated Boro' keeping the breakables out the way for the Sunderland home game. Saying that thou, I did not see any resemblence to any of the playing of preseason who'ever he fielded? I did not see Gomez kick the ball long all preseason! but he done completely the opposite at boro? I just don't get it? Hmmm! roll on saturday and hope this week gets forgotten.
coopsieyid I find that hard to believe, (how can Man city have 50 squad players?) We def currently have more than 21 players and are probably going to add to that in the next couple of weeks. We also have a stronger squad than Villa in terms of quality so we are not FU**ED based on squad size.
then we moan when other clubs call us fickle. all pre season the usual suspects get carried away talking about an assult on the CL places. then after one game the same people go on as if the world has ended. perspective is needed. since ramos has arrived he has almost completely changed the playing staff. it will take at least 10-15 games maybe more before the team is functioning like it should. anyone that thought otherwise should stick to championship manager this is real life.
coopsieyid, your right we only have 21 first team player we atleast need 25 to last the whole season so i dont know wtf is going on behind the scenes at WHL but we only got two weeks left so they better get a move on. a defensive midfield is a must ive said it for years but you would think that would be a top priority for a manager who has won trophies before. im getting tired of hearing about playing attractive football, as proved on saturday that dont win you games. as for the bulgarian? yes he has skill but without motivation on his behalf skill dont mean *****.all im saying is if we really wanna go somewhere get players who want to wear the shirt and also get some tuff nutts in midfield and im talking about the vinnie jones type
Any one news on the Veloso deal (zzz) . Also we lost the 1st game , now we gotta get over that , Middlesboro is not a easy place to go to , i remember Arsenal and Manure going there and losing , more than 2-1 aswell , if we lose to sunderland , then i might eveen think about worrying. Football is so depressing when u lose :( lol
top4 is stil ours arsenal played west brom at home and worries for me...i trust juande
j dog!
coopsieyid, Im sure JR is aware of the situation (I hope so anyway) If you minus Berba that would make 20!! I can't see why Bostock and Taraabt werent given numbers, maybe JR hopes some are sold or sent on loan by the end of the transfer window and will give registered squad numbers to the players that don't get their moves. Like I said, we will probably add a few players, if not now then definitely in Jan.
Saimon_blues - I think we do have a balanced team if not a large squad. If we play 4231. bale, woody, King, Hutton, Ohara & Thud sitting allowing gio mody & Bentley (l-r) to support Bent...
I think if you're classified as a first team member it has contractual/financial implications...
Cockeril, thatís 1 thing I admire about Martin O'Neil, he has a system in mind (one I donít particularly like) and buys players that fit into that system. Which basically means quick wingers and a energetic midfield for counter attacking and a few 6ft+ lumps for his setpeice specials. Simple but effective. We on the other hand buy small players, but noone big and physical to balance things out. We play technical football, but buy a striker with limited technique(Bent). I predict a top 8 finish for Villa with the 1st half of the season being better than the second half, similar to last year. If we bring in the right players, I think 6th spot should be our minimum expectation.
yeah coopsieyid , i asked zzz , the other day , and ask myself the same question , if some1 on her knows it then im sure the press will.
also anyone news on Arshavin , wasnt the deadline today ? or did i misinterpret from Skysportsnews earlier?
coopsieyid, I have no idea mate, if any1else knows...............
In wonder if Ramos now gets more say in transfer targets than Jol did last Summer? Jol is quoted as saying that he asked for a CB and a Carrick replacement ... he was given a £17m Bent !
i didnt no it had to be finalised ? well it doesnt on Football manager lol
Ramos defo is given more say OSIT
okay coopsieyid , Anymore about Pavleychenko?
yeah coopsieyid , it has tobe finalised for Uefa , but nothing else , im sure of it , i would go on the FA website and find out , but have got better things to do lol
Someone suggested this yesterday, and it's certainly a thought....If Ledley is fit, why don't we put him into the DM role? It worked brilliantly all that time ago for England (before he sadly got injury prone).
OnlySpurInToon, I thought that too, but if he struggles to be fit in a CB position what do you think playing in DM will do to his knees? DM obviously requires more running.
Thank you Coopsieyid , same again 2moro ? lol , Pavleychenko makes sence to replace Berba , but would love Arshavin .
I'm kind of glad for the wake up call personnally, it was all a little far fetched to believe we would steam roll over Boro on our way to challenging the top 4. We had a major overhaul of personnel, our 1st choice CB and LB are on their way back from long term injury (they had a lot less game time in pre-season than most others) our 1st choice RB was out and our only major asset from last season (our striker force) has either left, or has one foot out the door, what did people expect? All things considered I think we did ok and just as Gus said in tight matches like that its all about who scores first. This time Boro got the goal we so desperately struggled to make, and then had the mometum to go on and win the game.
All we get is press speculation because Premiership teams aren't private businesses anymore. If your team is quoted on the Stock Exchange, and an expensive transfer can affect your share value, there are strict rules governing any prior disclosure. We only get to know for sure once the City has been informed.
im telling u now , Kaboul was made for it .
But it was against about 5 chelsea midfielders , Diarra Diop were nowhere to be seen , Deco looked the Dogs parts
If we wanted to keep Superbatov we should quit being so cheap and offer the fella the money he deserves if anything we have bin underpaying him for the 2 seasons he's bin a yid. I couldnít believe how low it is when i 1st saw? I keep saying to my mates, if only we had bought Petrov his fellow Greatest ever living Bulgarian. He would have stayed 4 sure and Petrov would have given us experience and more importortantly, left foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will draw against Sunderland because the boys are afraid of the opposition atm? I like Veloso also and Keita from Lyon Great striker
amp ? lol
Mistake No1 on Saturday was to make JJ the captain. Don't think he has the leadership qualities. Hopefully it was just a one-off appointment. Perhaps Woody might be suited for the job in the absence of King? Why were we not in for Coloccini when we were looking for a CB? It's a shame he went to join the Bar Codes without us showing any interest. Gardener may have gone but he his spirit is still around in the form of Dawson.
amp = ampersand, that 'and' sign. There's a Fry and Laurie sketch about it... Veloso for me.
timmy where have you been JJ is our new vice captain!!! Which means he will be captain for most of this season!!
Anyone heard anything about Arshavin yet?
I'm sure Ramos remains upbeat.I'd be upbeat earning 5 million a year. Just how long do we all need to have an impression of his capability in all areas.Tactics,Motivation,Team selection and Buying/Selling. IMO he has shown weaknesses in 3 out of 4. I started to worry about his ability to motivate players after last years CC final.How many games came after that show and how did we do guys. Facts show we were woeful after that final.His first team selection the other day was not cunning it was naive and not very confidence inspiring. Southgate did his homework on us the other day and nailed us with 35% possession. Keane will have done as well so lets prepare our finger nails yet again as we wait to see who's in defense. The selling of 3 of the best forwards in the PL to our opposition is about the worst decision in the 40 years I've been following the club. It doesn't matter who's made captain as we still have no natural leader anywhere.
FFS , can people stop saying about Southgate , he aint no genious , Boro just took there chances , which we didnt create .
I will hold my hand up & admit to probally being over critical of our performance at the weekend, i think it was more dissappointment than anything else. After watching the highlights on my first subscription to Spurs tv online [thanks cockeril for the prompt] my veiw is that we were not as bad as i first thought, i still think that Daws is pony and will consistently cost us goals, Bale & King if fit enough for the bench are fit enough to play imo, i dont care where Berbas head is, he should of played, Bentley should of started on the right with maybe O'Hara on the left and Lennon on the bench, as far as the R/B goes i think that Ramos was between a rock and a hard place, Zok has done ok in pre season and Gunter is young and inexperienced
Pactom, I agree I was also worried last season when Ramos was unable to motivate the team after the CC. I did keep saying it on this forum but as usual most fans had decided to see him as God! the genius, well not me he as proved nothing to me yet, but that doesn't mean I don't think he is the right person for the job, I'm just saying I'm not convinced yet and I haven't seen enough of him to make that judgment. I felt the treatment of Defoe was poor and the favouritism shown to keane disrupted Defoes performance and cost us. even when Keane played poor, both Jol and Ramos chose Keane and hence Defoe had no choice but to go. I think Keane pulled the wool over their eyes and made such a fuss about being a Spurs man through and through. Said the right things and this swayed both managers to invest in Keane, only for him to go. If only Defoe had been given a bit more respect and he would had stayed and I do think he would have been suited to Ramos style and new players this season more than keane would have been, and Bent. The other problem was Berby not liking Defoe because Defoe wouldn't do berby's running for him, both lazy players with berby having the slickness and creativity and Defoe lethal finishing. Adding to what you have said, Ramos tactically can been very good against the bigger teams, I think he as the flair for producing good performaces against flair teams but I am not yet convinced about his tactics against the lesser teams that battle and fight for everything so IMO he still as a lot to prove. With regards to team selection I am unsurfe, IMO he got it wrong Saturday and I am concerned that he as a tendency to play players out of position, he sems to asopt this theory of having players that can adjust to different positions. Well maybe some of the foreign players he knows may be able to but I'm unsure the likes of JJ, Lennon,Bentley, Hudd, O'Hara are really capable of that. Even Zakora as much as he tries is awful at times when he is tested in a different position. So selection I think he as to understand the mentality of our English players more and recognise they are a different breed over here. With buying and selling its difficult to know because who does buy and sell! IMO he seems to be geared towards fast, creative, flair players but I haven't seen him bring in some good quality no nonsense type of players like the Roy keanes type. There isn't any steel in the team and the selling. Well I already said I think Defoe was a mistake, IMO so was Malbronque he was one of those players that would just get on with it and would have been a good squad player, hardworking and enthusiastic. Kaboule it was to soon should have loaned him out. With keane and Berby he as little control so I can't judge him on that. Overall IMO I have yet to be convinced we have progressed that much and Ramos as yet to rpove himself. I hope he does and we see what he is capable of but apart from the CC and a few good displays against Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea last season he still as a lot to learn about the lesser teams and the NEED to win away and convincingly beat the likes of Hull, Stoke, Fulham, WestHam, Everton and so on. There's no point making a game of it with the top four if we lose points away from home agaisnt the likes of these teams. Finally IMO i don't think Ramos is the complee manager everyone thinks he is and i think he still as a lot to learn about English players the English game. The hard battling games that the premiership bring.

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