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Have Spurs done good or great business?

With another window now closed, we can debate the positives or perhaps negatives of the who have joined the club.

Harry has managed to maintain all of his squad players, except the seemingly hapless Sanchez and a few kids loaned out for their development. Whether he would have been happier losing a couple can be argued, but in the short term I am confident he would rather have them as options than not. Any time for a mass clearout will be in the summer.

Any player who hasn`t pulled their weight, will now be looking anxiously on, as new faces have come in and instantly put pressure on their once comfortable existence and they will feel pressure for their places and futures, which has to be a positive.

Spurs have certainly made a statement this window and have probably dominated much of the back pages with their alleged tapping and five new players. With Daniel Levy backing his manager to the tune of nearly 50 million, Harry has to be happy and in fairness I think we have done some excellent business. Perhaps a little pricy on some but with others we have managed some great deals.

When you actually look at the balance sheet of these players, it actually shows a minimal investment. We have made an almost 10m return on Keane and Chimbonda from their summer sales, which more than compensates for the deficit on the Defoe deal. When you do the maths, it actually equates to an expenditure of around 10m leaving the clubs bank account, excluding future add ons.

We can criticize Levy for the fact we have to keep spending so much every window, due to the instability of the management structure, but it would appear that he has again done well in terms of balancing the books.

I would say the squad looks stronger, more experienced, better balanced, with far greater depth. We can all look at areas where we feel we need work, such as the left side. But this was never going to be a case of Harry waving a magic wand and suddenly we are the finished article.

We should consider one or two who we know got away to see Harry is fully aware of these areas. In his aggressive pursuit of Stewart Downing, we know he sees what so many of us do and I expect to see Downing actively sought in the summer, if a deal hasn`t already been agreed already..

Harry has gone for established players, who know the premiership and in three of the five know the club. Very sensible and the fact they can hit the ground running has to be a bonus in the relegation battle we face.

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 3 2009

Time: 8:53AM

Your Comments

I hope that the return of Robbie Keane has repercussions on Liverpool as the last game of the season is at Anfield & I hope Robbie scores a hatrick and deny Liverpool the title.
can't say it now ...
perhap we should hopeLiverpool get to the CL final and look to field a weakened team against us, the team they out out in the CC would do nicely...
Not a bad window in general, but I am still not all that impressed with Cudicini, that is still a weak area for us.
We do have a great chairman who again as backed his manager in the transfer market, esp. when so many clubs are cutting back or not spending at all. I think overall we have bought good plsayers but we needed the same old LW LB taarget man etc. The other point I have is would we have bought Keane, had defoe not got injured and had we bought Jones and downing for example. I just think the pressure is on Arry now like all his predessors Ramos and Jol who were all been backed in the transfer market the next few weeks are crucial.
Pretty happy with our dealings ,I suppose the proof will be in the pudding and we will be able to answer the question better at the end of the season.Considering where we have been at this season ,if we stay up it would of been a great window.
denboy are you saying Gomez is better than Cudicini??????? OK. it is clear that he has improved over the last couple of months or so but come on, my old nan was better at making decisions and she died of altzimers 2 years ago.
Yet again, however, we haven't stuck to the strategy i.e. where's the left winger, left back and "target" forward to play alongside Defoe (and now Keane) etc. in a 4-4-2 or 3/5/2? I thought the whole problem according to 'Arry was one of "balance"?
Any window where coco the clown is given a large budget will always be a bad one. he cannot be trusted to spend money wisely. all i can do is hope that is isn't around long enough to demand another 50m-100m in the summer. he is out of his depth and needs to be outed as soon as the season finishes.
where has he spend our money poorly? I would suggest that Defoe was market value, as was keane at 12m initiallly, cudicini free and Chimbonda 3m a bargain. palacios, could obviously go either waym but now isnt the time to judge him in fairness. I am suer we woll see us spend another 50m in the summer, but with this there will surely be departures to balance the books and squad.
denboy I agree with the keeper but he will do until the summer but long term we need another keeper, wouldn't mind Hart from City. I think Harry will sort out the other areas in the summer he just hasn't had time or mind set to do everything straight away, he has been under scrutiny and pressure since he arrived, there's not time for anything else at the moment. I expect him to bring a couple of gems to the club in the summer when he has had time to do more research and has a breather form our relegation fight, assuming we are in the PL next season! Levy has provided the money again but he had no choice he is the one who creates these problems in the first place, I bet he wished he hadn't set eyes on Ramos, now we are trying to recoup the form and side we had pre Ramos era and it has cost us dearly in money and PL position. If Levy doesn't stop changing managers we will alsways be spending in every transfer window to keep undoing what the previous mangers have done. WE need stability for a few years now at least this season, and the next two or three. Its hard to get deals this Jan transfer becuase everyone is fighting relegation and then clubs were holding out for City to bid and the recession everyone wanted as much as they could sqeeze so I think Levy has done ok with the prices but missed out on a couple. Nolan IMO good buy, Heskey as well are two that would have een assets short term for good price.
in one word....average
Good purchases in the window. Robbie back with Defoe out for a while is a great bonus. Still worries me that each transfer window we outspend most but seem to be going backwards
i dont have to change my name!!
Well Robbie you followed your dream and it did not work out but dont worry there is a starting place here for you whatever happens. Defoe must be well and truly gutted. Both with the injury and PSB return. Why does Harry think PSB would be good in the dressing room. Another person to blame others for their own short comings ? How a Prem league team can play without a decent LH side player for approx 10 years is totally beyond me. We have only yet addressed the DM situation but we still have no balance on the wings. I cannot bear to see Thudd, Bently or Zokora in our midfield and now PSB will be screaming at them even more. Modric was great V Stoke ( I COULD BE GREAT V STOKE ). Where was he for the Bolton game ?. For me this window was billed as Harrys wheeling and dealing time to build a squad which would save us. The only person who is safe is PSB. A nice cushy contract away from his nightmare. They call it the luck of the Irish. Look out for an Arashavin hattrick on Sun and lots of Pointing and Shouting from yet another midget in the middle.
team against arsenal, anyone?
ox we needed a target man yet bought 2 small forwards. keane was overpriced he wasn't wanted at liverpool and no one else wanted him. the deal was 12m with add ons (one even being us staying up ffs) taking it back almost to the level he was sold for. tell me how can a player leave, totally flop be bought back for the same fee and get a pay rise? (we matched his liverpool salary). palacios cost wigan about 1m a year ago and he is suddenly worth 14m? coco claimed we were unbalanced yet other than adding steel to the side plus a good backup keeper who was free spent 50m on players in areas already covered or to inadequately cover areas that needed to be.
Yes it would be nice to a have "a team" for the Arsenal game.
I gotta say I was always more of a Keane fan than a Defoe fan as Defoe was so selfish and would rather take a hopeless shot than pass the ball to a team-mate...However I believe Defoe was just what we needed..I'm surprised we bought Robbie back as the two of them blatantly cannot play together...I'm not sure they even get on that well...It'll be back to the days of Jol when one of them was sulking for being left on the surely Harry will play one of them plus Pavlyuchenko. Both great players and both an asset to the club but maybe not together on the pitch.
also, this left sided thing people seem utterly obsessed by. Man U don't have left footed winger. Neither do Chelsea. Neither do Villa - Barry, a left footer, plays centrally. At Liverpool, they have Riera - but he hasn't been wonderful and they often use him off the bench. Arsenal have Nasri (who looks cack and hasn't played much). Everton don't have a left winger. Neither do Wigan. There - this season's top seven and not a regular playing, hight class left-footed winger in sight. We ought to be fine with Lennon and Bentley sharing the wide duties.
cudicini,chimbonda,dawson,corluka,ekotto,palacios,lenon,zokora,jenas,keane, pav. bench.bent bentley,modric,huddleston,ainwick,bale,rocha
just to add...well done Daniel Levy again for backing another manager with significant financial investment. He is spurs through and through and he gets lots of stick so credit where it's due for once
PAXTOM: is woodgate out?
cudicini, corluka, woodgate, dawson, bale, palacios, jenas, modric, lennon, Pav and bent, sub. chimbonda, bentley, keane, alnwick, ekotto, thudd, taarabt
Judge, HR cant fill every position that is weak in one transfer window. To think he can is crazy. He has identified the LW as a problem so went for one of the top performers in the PL in Downing. He wanted a target man so looked at Jones. So he has tried but if clubs dont want to sell then why should we go for second best??? In Defoe we have a good PL player that will score us goals, Keane will do the same. Both players are good value for money regardles sof their price as they will keep us in the league which is worth a hell of a lot of money. Palacios has been performing well in the PL for awhile now and is something that we need ie some grit and steel in the middle of the park. CC is a top quality back up to Gomes so we should all be pleased with that and Chimbo will add that attitude that we have been missing in the dressing room so may ruffle a few feathers which i think we really need at the moment
Well lets play a few games before we decide that it was an absolute failure.As for JD I'm sick of hearing about how he feels,He's injured and isn't looking to be back for ages so its not relevant to me right now.We needed someone in and out of the people touted around who (that would of come)would be better?There was no good target men available.Heskey went to Villa and would of blown us out,RSC was massively over priced and wanted to join city so who?some unknown quantity or someone proven in this league.Arshavin?wanted to join the filth and would of been likely to fail spectacularly for us (we have a habit of making good players become flops) Saviola?Who knows how he'd of done,its not like the scousers rushed in for him or anyone else.Please tell me exactly who we should of got instead of Keane?Cudicini has got a few years left in him,was free and is good cover/starter.Palacios,like Ox said its too early to judge all though some have after a game,Chimb didn't cost hardly anything coz they owed us,he took a pay cut to join and cover the whole backline.He also had an impact in his first match back as sub.I really don't think its as bad as some are making out,Its a hard time to get players, we haven't actually spent that much and we have players that can hit the ground running.If we avoid relegation its a job well done.The summer is a different proposition and is a time when we should have a plan and look to build but can we please cross that bridge when we get to it.
gk. Gomes rb. Chimbonda cb. Daws cb. Woody lb. Benoit cm. Palacios rm. Bentley lm. Lennon cm. Modric st. Pav st. Robbie
Ox, i fully agree mate. I think in the summer we will see Bent leave and we will buy Downing and Jones so we will have our LW and our target man. That will give us two decent sets of strikers to choose from which is what we need. We will then get rid of people like Rocha etc to get a few extra pennies in through the door but i am not expecting lots of arrivals. More people leaving than anything else.
corluka in for woody
dukey, that sounds about right... surely we can't go down with that team? can we?
bentley is suspended aint he?
little j
Harry has gone for experience and players who have been good at the lane. This is the only real sense I can make from this window; with a lot of good quality players who are either without epl experience or young and have little experience he is buying time. No good moaning now I just hope it all works.
Forever Spurs
im looking forward to seeing keano play for us again, i didnt like the way he went, but thats history. im suprised we didnt get another forward more important a target man, what happens if pav gets injured ? and who leads our line for europe ?
Thank god Bently is suspended. Waste of 15mill , etc. Harry can only play. : Gomes / CC . Chimbo ( RB ) Woody and Daws, BAE ( LB ). Lennon , Wilson , Modric, Gareth Frail ( I love that one not mine but a classic ), Pav and PSB. Bring on Bent when we are 2 or 3 down. Complain about lack of fight from the players etc and move onto the next game.
Bent seems to be back where he was last season, in a distant fourth place, but we couldn't unload him in this window. I expect him to go in the summer and us to hunt again for a forward to give balance. Maybe then we will go for someone on the left...but I hope Bentley and Bale show their best by then and Lennon improves his final ball. Then we won't need another winger...especially is Gio gets the chance to shine
Forever Spurs
I've had my rant on 'Keane get over it thread' I won't upset myself and go through it all again but I just can't believe anybody is happy with these signings, where is the improvement? 3 of these 5 players were here through the rubbish season last year, and Keane captained us through most of it!! None of the long standing problems have been sorted, attitude has not been sorted it's all down to poor old Wilson Palacios to turn round this under achieving bunch of misfits! GOOD LUCK WILSON!!!
Kash: oh dear. perhaps you should start supporting Man U if you are this fed up with Spurs?
lol teamofrobbiekeanes
Bentley is suspended. Cuducini,Corluka,Wooders,Daws,Asso,Lennon,Zokora,Palacios, Modric,Keane,Pav DONE!
j dog!
Two things occur to me. The first is that we do need to remind ourselves where we are (fighting relegation) and when we are trying to "balance" our squad (half way through the season when teams are reluctant to part with their best players. The second concern I have is that Robbie Keane was still wriggling on the Liverpool hook at the weekend, trying to persuade them to only loan him to us until May - that slightly sticks in my craw. Allin all we've done well in my opinion - the numbers are better and we have improved the midfield with Palacios and our cutting edge with Defoe and Keane. Fingers crossed now, boys.
It seems odd to me that we have re-signed 2 of our clear outs from the summer, and 1 excess from last season, with the exception of Defoe, could this indiccate that the Ramos/Comolli era was the main reason for them leaving originally, after all Chimbonda has already stated that he did want to leave, something is not quite right about what happened this window, why would you return?
err correction - Chimbonda has already stated that he did NOT want to leave
FS. how is bent 4th choice he is our top scorer in the league and thus should be 1st name on the sheet every week. this forum bias beggars belief..........what is with idiots telling people to support other teams because they are not satisfied by harry's total ineptitude. transfer wheeler dealer my arse. showed not an ounce of ingenuity and spent lots of dough without doing much.
rospur, seems most people have short memories. I must get over it...
Forever Spurs
Judge. "showed not an ounce of ingenuity" Harry has done a great job this window, other managers have created our selling culture by tapping up our best for the last few seasons, its about time we played the same game as them. as for spending lotes of dough without doing much, bit early for that yet don't ya think.
andover you obviously don't have a very good understanding of the english language. how is tapping up players showing ingenuity? i suggest you invest in a dictionary.
judge, it's not me you need to have a rant at it's Harry. He only plays Bent as a last resort. You may have noticed I have been against us buying back Defoe, Keane et al. The fact is Harry sees Bent as no 4
Forever Spurs
Hey Forever S, I remember 1977 too and it's not a good feeling, I just can't understand how people can see any significant improvement coming from these signings. 3 wins after Feb and we had Berbatoss then. If we repeat that we're down. Where are the promised steely additions to our powderpuff squad?
Judge, sorry obviosly I was not direct enough for you, i though as you could spell ingenuity you would be able to read, at no point did I disagree with the lack of ingenuity, I just pointed out the Harry is doing what other manager have done to us, better now! As for you "arry aters" I really done get your point, look at Harrys points average so far, times that by 38 and we do not have a problem, sure this year is gonna be close, but under Harry we will progress, now get back to your glass - its half empty!
January was great when you contrast us to our fellow relegation strugglers. They would dream of signing Cudicini, Chimbonda, Pallacios, Keane and Defoe in 4 weeks with no sacrifices. I think the left still lacks something though and Harry will be working hard in the summer to continue his plans. Chuffed to bits with Levy once more who backed his manager. Let's face it, he probably didn't want Keane anywhere near WHL after the summer but did and said the right things for Harry. He deserves a lot of credit once more.
I think anyone would see bent as number 4. If you look at the typical goals scored by the strikers at WHL you would notice that Bents earlier flurry of goals came as a result of pinging off his shins from others shots and wayward passes from the likes of Lampard. That isnt a pronblem - good strikers take advantage of these situations all the time, but lets not get carried away. People are moaning about spending what we did on Defoe and Keane but we spent 16 million on Bent and we have never seen full value. The fact that we have had to buy Keane and Defoe back tells you the story that clubs rated those two enough to spend money on them - I dont see a queue forming for Bent. Before I get slated, Im not slagging Bent - Im simply acknowledging the current assumed pecking order. If Bent starts pulling his weight and putting chances way, he will move up that order.
gomes (if fit) corluka daws king (if fit, woody if not) chimbonda jenas palicios zokora modric keano pav in a 4-3-1-2 system. this would put a lot of pressure on the scum in the middle of the park and feel chimba and corluka could handle anything from the wings!! jenas has been poor this season but loves a game against arsenal so i expect him to have a stormer and score!!
Also. with regards to the suggestions that we are still "unbalanced", I think the definition of that term has to be addressed. Yes, we have failed to buy another target man and we have also failed to sign a good left winger. THat said, Im glad that we havent gone out and bought someone just to fill that space (Rasiak anyone?!). If you consider that balancing the side means getting a few more aggresive determind and more experienced players in, then Harry ha succeeded. Cudicini has bags of experience and has a point to prove as does Keane. Chimbonda has always been quick to moan, but its because he expects to do well and we will offer a good attacking threat and cover at centre back mid game. Palacios will provide the midfield steel that the current fancy dans dont provide. From that perspective, we are more balanced.
Cheers Judge. So bilburger you reckon we should not voice our concerns ? I only write on here is makes me angry to see my club being destroyed with pointless decisions. I personally think the only benefactor from Keanes transer is Robbie Keane.
Given his experience in the Premier League and with us, given Defoe's injury and given his price, Keano is a good signing. Ditto Palacios and Cudicini, both very necessary additions to the squad. Pity we couldn't swap Bent for Jones. Chimbonda is a good player but we really needed a strong left back instead of another right back. Also, while Harry's reassembling the team Ramos dismantled, we could have re-signed Steeeed, whom we know did magnificently for us on the left (probably better than Downing or Hunt would) but I doubt the Black Cats would have wanted to sell him as well, which makes it a little disappointing we didn't get Hunt. All things considered, I guess we did OK business this window. Not perfect, but we're definitely stronger now than a month ago. Let's see if that strength on paper translates to points on the pitch.
Andover, I'm not a Harry hater as I wasn't a Ramos hater and not someone that thought the sun shone out of any of BMJ's orifices. I did not approve of any of our recent changes of manager and hope Harry succeeds becasue I want the team to succeed and that needs stability. However look closely at the first 10-20 matches under both Jol & Ramos and you will find similar records. Note too what has happened in the last 7 pl many points have we taken? The one constant that remains is that we have played relegation level football for the last 24 months (apart from the first games under both Ramos and Harry)
Forever Spurs
Good shout Muttley - You have to say well done to Daniel Levy, the man puts up the cash time and time again. Sure there have been mistakes made in the past, but that is the past, move on! Chimbonda shows more on the attacking side of the game for me, he works well with lennon (who is currently in a good run of form thankfully) Chim made the two goals at Bolton, and improvement if you ask me. Corluka is a good player along any of the back four slots and we need that cover as Ledley seems done to me. Woodgate is a great player but some how lacks the physical stamp of authority in the box, Dawson brings the guts but his abilities are limited. Cuducini I think will be Harry's first choice for at least the rest of the season, he is level headed brings confidence (and not prone to goofing around and playing up the knocks he gets like Gomes does) Palacios is defo a good signing for obvious reasons. As for Defoe and Keane its simple they score goals!!!! So good window and anothe 50 million spent well done Dan the man!
Forever, agree with your view and it implies that is the players causing the problem - not three different managers. Ive said it over and over again on here; i really feel the buck stops with midfield (or has done). Scoring goals wasnt a major problem: not with Berba and Keane; not with Defoe and Kanoute. With the defenders we have , stopping goals "shouldnt" be a problem. But put a weak willed midfield in between them, lacking in creativity and cohesion and the problems begin to outweigh the positives. We never replaced Carrick IMO. Palacios isnt the same player as Carrick, but he will give our midfield a real bite (once he settles - the quicker the better) that will allow Modric and Lennon to play further forward. Get the midfield sorted in the summer - clear out some of the dead wood and we can start to build again.
hear hear, Forever... we are buying our way out of relegation, not playing our way out..
I don't hate 'Arry, I was pleased to have him and have defended him in recent weeks when he has been slagging the players. What I did expect was some signings to address our long standing problems, especially those he has highlighted himself, 'lightweight','no balance', 'no bottle'. I thought we'd get some players ready to go to war and perhaps get us a few wins away from home, I didn't think we would go back to players who were so poor last year. I don't count JD in that because he hardly played, but he's now out for most if the rest of the season so I'm not sure why we should expect an upturn in form and for those talking about how good our points average is under ' Arry look at the games since the loss at Fulham, it doesn't read so good after the initial boost.
I think the money we have is a double edged sword. Rather than expect the coaching staff to do their jobs we just through money at the problem. This has become a cultural thing with us. I did once know but have now lost count of all the players that have come and gone in the last three years. It's time the culture changed at WHL. Time for all managers to stop crying. Harry needs to look around and see how may real quality players we have...and get a performance out of them
Forever Spurs
It's just an old-fashioned love story, isn't it? Club meets boy, club loses boy, club gets boy again...
Anyone know what number Keane will be wearing? I want to re-sign him on the Playstation...
The Voice Of Reason
The Voice, he is gonne be number 666, cos he is the devil.
Scott - LOL!
The Voice Of Reason
To all the people who are saying we will buy this person or that in the summer...we need to survive first! The window is now shut and we have not got a LM, LB cover or a target man...yes we have signed Palacios but he is not a 'beast' and we still lack physical presence all over the pitch. On top of that one of our main goalscoring threats has been crocked and will miss most of the rest of the season Ok he has been replaced...but Keane is more a creator than out and out scorer so are hopes rest with Pav who's been playing for over a season now and goes missing on the road...I am worried!!
Agree with the "stability needed" opinion that quite a few have mentioned but am I the only one who still thinks theres a serious coaching problem here? I think most of our problems with the last 2 managers were cos we couldnt defend a set piece to save our lives!! This has not got any better as the Stoke and Bolton games clearly showed. I have lost count the goals we've conceded because of this. We always seem to have our whole team in our box which invites the opposition into loading up our box. Call me stupid but if we leave Lennon and Modric up they have to leave at least 3 defenders back? IMO we should be sorting this on the training ground and with people like Joe Jordan and Sir Les should be able to teach players to attack a header???
Judge, if you think that HR has wasted our money on dross who do you think we should have bought???
Well said Kash, IMO long term we are just as imbalanced. Keane ill bring unsettlement to the strikers how on earth is Harry going to keep four good strikers happy! all of them will be *****ed of sitting the bench and if they get *****ed of they will walk and it will be at loss financial on all of them, we cannot recoup what we have paid for any of them. Agree another midget on the pitch and one who brings tantrums not leadership, I have a sneaky feeling the lads will not be that happy to see him back esp the younger ones, he hasn't the right personality to lead doesn't take responsibility for his performances when he loses ball a man who blames everyoe else, not good for team spirit. Poor Defoe I really hope this time round he gets picked over Keane and Harry sticks with him over Keane becuase can't see both them playing. Judge I agree with the costs, Palacios IMO is not worth 14mil after one seaon what you betting he flops for us! Sometimes players respond to certain managers but when they move they show their weaknesses, noway his he worth that sort of gamble and Keane was and is not worth the money, he was a total flop as Raffa said he tried his best but his best isn't good enough, Heskey would have been a gem and this is why O'neil is a very good manager. rospur I agree Keane didn't show much last season esp after CC and noway is he captain material. Anyway lets see if the signings pay of and see what harry can bring in he summer!
Personally I thinks its great business and looking at the Spurs website the pictures are there to make you smile. Robbie is home!!!
Tried and tested Bullard and Nolan together would have cost half of what Palacios cost. He might be great and one for the future but is now the time to gamble?
I'll bet you 100 quid kash that Asrhravin don't score a hatrick against us on Saturday he won't even start. But I'm totally with you when it comes to PBS has that ***** been given the captaincy?
*PSB even (unless I meant pointy barefaced *****)
Shannon - that is very funny. Just *****ed myself at my desk and have lots of people looking at me very strangely.
Loz-I aint being funny but it seems everywhere I look I see the same negative comments from you.Firstly you say about keeping four good strikers happy,well that's a good problem to have and I'm sure that plenty of other clubs/managers would love that "problem".Why don't you wait and see how Harry deals with them rather than moan about perceived problems that are yet to actually happen.You go on to say you have a "suspicion that players won't be glad to see him back"-How do you know?I'm sure there was plenty that wasn't happy to see him leave,as far as I know he is great mates with a lot of the squad.Ok he throws a paddy when things don't go right,but to say he hasn't the "right personality to lead" is wrong.Unlike most of them he actually doesn't like losing and it actually bothers him, rather than just accepting defeats.Next its "poor Defoe"-again you are moaning about things before they even happen if they even happen at all.It is not a case of poor Defoe ,he is a pro player ,he could be out for the season and I'm sure he understands better than you that its par for the course that we brought someone else in.Its not like its personal,we are trying to stay in the league ffs!"palacios" is not worth 14mil" what are you basing this on?1game? maybe he will not live up to his price tag,but then again given his age he could be a top midfielder for us for years to come.Unless you are mystic Meg its a little early to be negative about him isn't it?even for a spurs fan!"Keane was a flop"-Keane hardly played and when he did it was right wing etc.The only reason he flopped was because Rafa didn't want him to succeed ,he was a victim of some board room/manager power struggle."Heskey" wouldn't of joined us.Villa would of always been his preferred destination,he's worked with O'Neil before and is a Midlands lad.Never mind the matter they are 4th in the league.It was never going to happen.You finish by saying "Anyway lets see if the signings pay off and see what harry can bring in the summer!" well Loz I really wish you would!
loz think uve got a fan
Dont get me wrong, i dont really like HR as a person due to his non football related activities and didnt want him as our manager but i will support him as he is our manager. I think he has done the sensible thing in the transfer market and got people that know the league and will be able to hit the ground running for us as 3 of them are ex players anyway. Another one of them has vast experience and comes from a club that has won trophies so he will be able inject a bit of that thinking into our younger players.
plb, good post mate.
time will tell if these signings were good or bad , guess depends where we finish
Going to Liverpool will make Keane a better Spurs player. He knows where he belongs now. Defoe is gone from the relegation fight so lets get one thing straight.While Pav decides whether he can be bothered with the PL and Bent continues to confirm his status as a championship footballer at best our best chance in this nail biting final 14 games will lie with this fighting Irish hero. So lets get behind him right from the start OK
Spot on PAXTOM---I hope Robbie ruffles a few feathers of the lazy birds and those with no fight --especially when we play away.
I thought all our signings were very decent, we've concentrated on buying proven prem players (even proven spurs players for that matter) and I think in the long run they will all serve us well. I was personally delighted when we signed Defoe back and am gutted he's now out for so long as he was scoring for fun. I'm not so happy to see Keane but I think with our current situation we really couldn't have done any better. Memories of his goal against Chelsea in the 4-4 at the lane came back and all of a sudden i'm very happy to see him in a spurs shirt again. I think we've lacked his shouting and moaning on the pitch too and i think he and pav will get on very well.
wentworth-Do you remember the story that Davids had a falling out with Keane and offered him outside ,only for(ex amateur boxer) Robbie to take him up on the offer and promptly lay him out!He will be vocal etc and when you watch the team it is needed. they do seem a very quiet bunch and he will get them up for it imo.Yiddobish-Like Defoe I think he could work very well with Pav who imo is worryingly looking more tired with each game but still....
Sorry spurs fans, but Harry's purchases smack of desperation to anyone viewing the club from outside. Going back for 1 player is Ok, but re-signing 3 previous players!!! Can't see any of them (possible exception of Defoe) doing the business if they were unable to perform at Sunderland and Liverpool. Redknap has criticised previous managers for having a scattergun approach to buying players, don't think his record will prove much better.
Good article Ox, DL has once again come up with the goods in terms of finance. My fear is that we never get off this merry go round, new manager, new players, new manager, new players. Was it a good window for us? only time will tell, I've got mixed feelings about it, but if we are in the premiership in August, it will have been good. If not, Harry will be sacked under pressure from us the supporters, and the Merry go round will start again. Stop the merry go round and let somebody build a foundation to last a few seasons.
Northampton Yid
I know I was rather against having Keane back yesterday, but that was before I saw the 12M price. I think he is quality, not extraordinary, but quality. If it were up to me, I would "loan him out" to other PL clubs every other half year for 8M :) Do not like the Chimbonda return that much, it gives a signal to Gunter, who I think will be great. But I hope we only have a 2 year contract with Chimb, and then I see it as a smart move. Defoe is definately a great move. But we still did not buy a LB or LW?? Palacios also great signing. I am worried though, that we will offload Gio in the summer :( I wouldn't do it. Not for 10M either. Only reason to sell him for me would be if he were to get a King-injury-play every other game status. Keep him. Let him play against lower divisions in cups, and use him as a substitute whenever we are up by 2 goals.
What about the bloody left side
Tott, Bring back Ginola or Galvin
Northampton Yid
Sunday we climb the table and END Arse top four challange for this year for good.!!
Its been a good window but its hard getting excited over players who were already here 6 months ago. Again weve had the usual drama and Sky Sports News should pay us a premium because they def get their moneys worth of us. Now Id finally like us to have a settled team with the odd signing not the fatasy footbal like approach which is great excitment wise but isnt great for building a team.
Now Harry needs to quit the mind games and do some fecking coaching on the field. Set piece for starters
We will dump many in the summer...... if we don't go down that is. if we go down they will want to dump us. That's why Levy has spent another 40mil.To get us to safety in the 14 games left. To then right this season off and get back to square one but this time with a proper PL manager. IF we stay up the only ones i can say will be with us for sure next season are Keane and Defoe. Big summer sale of the century at the lane all about it
bale,bently,modric,zokora,hudd,jenas,bae,bent,pav,chimbo,taraabt,dos santos,dawson,rocha...... half day boys one and all.
Pax, he's spent 40mil cause thats not half as much as we'd lose if we went down, I agree about the clear out, but we can't afford to be changing managers again, and I don't think you'd be saying that if we were where pompey were when he left. We've got to give somebody time to build something and he's in the chair, thats what I was saying about the merry go round earlier, we've got to get off.
Northampton Yid
we as a club must take responsibility for turning someof those players into half day boys. Bale was class for sumton and is for wales, bentley wasn't a bad payer at bburn and modric was top boy for club and country, some of the others are borderline and some I totally agree with, but not all.
Northampton Yid
better balanced? 3 right backs, 1 LB, 1 LM/LB, enough CM's to sink 3 battleships, 4 CB's (2 of which are injury prone). Have I missed signing or 7?
Audere est Facere
you sure have audere, several strikers!!
Northampton Yid
KASH, cheer up m8
NORTHAMPTON YID, we r almost neighbours, im from Corby
judge,everytime i read an article on here all i see from you is ultra negative critism of harry.considering when he came in we were rooted to the bottom of the league and absolute stick ons to go down i think your comments are a little harsh.granted after the new manager factor has worn off, results and performances have been moderate at best.what did you expect-for us to go on a 30 match unbeaten run?dont think so.what harry and the team need from us supporters is to sing our hearts out every game and to give the sniping a rest.we are in a cup final,as long as we stay in the prem for next season harry will have done the necessary.if next season we are mid table or below come christmas time then we can start thinking about giving harry some grief,until then do what proper supporters do and back your team-even through the hard times
kash ***** off u *****er ur so *****in annoyin go over 2 arscum site and chat with them
glendalough yid
what does psb mean
glendalough yid
psb= pointy shouty bloke
The general consensus seems to be that if you don't like Harry (e.g. Kash, Judge) it was a crap transfer window. If you like/love him, (e.g. pretty much everyone else) it was a good transfer window. I have already stated my disappointment at no target man but who was available? Harry tried to get Jones and Downing and was told where to go. At the start of the window he said that he would only sign players if they make a difference, why should we settle for 2nd best only to have the fans slag them off between now and May and have to sign someone else in the summer? ALL of the signings will make a difference, Palacios offers us a "Vieira/Roy Keane" type player who is still young, we all know what Chimbonda, Defoe and Keane will offer and Cudicini offers a bitmore stability and competition between the sticks. Great transfer window as far as I am concerned. However, I think the summer may see the departure of 3 big names in Bentley, Jenas and Bent as all of them will be looking for first team football and with Palacios, Lennon and Defoe/Keane, they may find they have to look elsewhere...
Chris Hart
Oh dear LukaLaneLegend, I have heard Corby is a s**thole from a mate who was brought up there. Please don't tell me you work at RS Components as 2 people living down here tell me that half the town works there...
Chris Hart
Like most Spurs fans i will support Harry because he IS the manager. That doesn't mean i (or anyone else) have to agree with his decisions. Imho he has made some decisions during the transfer window that smack of desparation and only confirm the fear i've had since the day he was appointed that he is not the man to take the club forward in the long term. If he keeps us up i will aplaud him but i hope he's not around too long after that. Rednapp is 62 and has managed Bournemouth, W Ham , Soto'n and Portsmouth. Never before has he been courted by a big club apart from the equally desparate Newcastle.I wonder why? Imho he lacks clarity, vision and consistency. His formations and tactics are at times bizarre. Yes he made an instant impact but at in at least two of the early games we won/drew we were undoubtedly VERY lucky. Sing his name. Get behind the team ,but Rednapp as the manager entrusted to build a team and in charge long thanks.
judge, you are a miserable so and so aren't you? Would it kill you to be positive once in awhile? There is no way that our dealings in this transfer window can be described as poor. We signed a quality keeper in Cudicini, which was a priority considering Gomez' unpredictableness, a decent RB as cover for Corluka and a quality striker who we know can do the business for us and was vital considering Defoe's injury. Ok, we didn't manage to sign a LW due to Middlesborough's intransigent stance on Downing but I would rather we wait for him in the summer then waste money on some other, more average LW. Yes, we needed a LB but it wasn't a major priority and as for a target man, we have one in Pav and Bent can act as a viable backup for the remainder of the season. All in all good business by Harry so get off his back.
Officer X
Oops, and how could I forget that athletic, battling holding midfielder we've desperately needed for ages and Harry found in Palacios. I'll change the above to very good transfer window.
Officer X
CHRIS HART, haha yeah this place really is a dump but i love it. No i dont work at RS myself but i have a lot of friends who do, most of them are losing their jobs though due to the current state of our economy. Who is your mate who was brought up here? and who do you know living here?
its a small town, every1 seems to nkow each other...
LLL, I used to know a guy called Steve Wilson/Crane. He was brought up there,also worked with a woman (forget her name) who lived there for a while, both used to go on about the "RS Slags", women who would prey on the temptations of young men...
Chris Hart
god bless those women!
Well said Officer X. Im also pleased with the signings. Who do people think we would sign ffs. We are near the bottom of the league.
Real Deal
off x. tell me what is there to be positive about? i think harry probably spent most of the summers transfer budget already and as far as i can see didn't do a lot with it. yet no doubt will be aggitating for more to do the same with come may. harry is a clown and until i see him do anything other than the predictable i won't get off his back. he in my mind is a total fraud, if you are happy then i'm glad for you as you are easily pleased.
bluesuperspurs there is nothing positive to say about harry and i don't see why i should pretend everything is going along nicely when it's clearly not. the man is not up to the job and the sooner you lot realise it the better. chris hart how very simplistic of you like a lot of your posts. i don't dislike harry at all. when he was manager of other clubs i thought he was a figure of fun. never in my worst nightmare did i imagine he would one day turn my club into the same.
parklanebert, your third last post (the long one) is one of the best I've read on this article - well thought out and phrased. judge, the worst nightmare (for me so far this season) was having 2 points after 8 games. Everyone was laughing at us then. Do you recall all those "2 points" jokes? So, if ever there was a clown, we were. I don't see that many people laughing at us now. If Harry could get us where we are with a team nearly half of whom are prima donnas, think where we will finish with the new signings, even if they are re-signings. With the start we've had to this season, even 17th place is a success. Of course, you wouldn't be happy unless we finish in the top four, would you?
Oh yes, I forgot to tell you about my worst nightmare. I lived through it, like Frank and a host of other senior guys here. It was when we were relegated in '77-'78. I hope none of us have that experience again.
hiano you've subscribed to harry's mantra i see. 2 points from 8 games and half the team are prima donnas, good to see indoctrination is alive and well. yes we did have 2 points from eight games what about the 3 points from 6 in dec-jan? oh yeah that wasn't coco's responsibility it was the players.
Well, I guess I'd rather dwell on the 13 points from 6 in oct-nov. I suppose there will always be some who see the cup as half empty. Fortunately there are more who see it as half full.
yeah just like your view on keane totally myopic ignore the quantity of missed sitters and 1v1's the poor chance conversion the career avg of 11 league goals a season. then bask in the occasional wonder goal. cup aint even 1/4 full mate open your eyes.
Judge kill yourself now mate and get it over and done with. Save us all putting up with the negativity.
yiddobish place your head back in the sand. if you havn't got something proper to say ***** off. you seem to like coco's negativity so why not mine?
For a January window I think we did ok. Palacios could be a monster for us, and a far better player than Zokora. Given Defoe's injury, Keane/Pav up front with Modric behind might be interesting if Modric and Keane can develop an understanding and not run into each other. Still concerned about our wingers and late-game defence, though. I'm glad we got Cudicini, but he's not much of an improvement over Gomes yet. He's not up to match fitness yet. Chimbonda is an improvement over Gunther.
judge, I believe I explained adequately in my post why it was a positive transfer window. If you disagree then challenge my post point by point. Don't simply repeat yourself. I'm going to ask you something that may make you angry but your negativity and dislike bordering on hatred of Harry demands it be asked. Are you a gooner who is on this site to wind us all up?
Officer X
why do i have to answer your post point by point who are you?? why would it make me angry?? it just the purile nonsense i have come to expect from posters such as yourself. i could just as easily counter that you and others must be gooners as you seem perfectly happy to have that clown at the helm. who is so obviously out of his depth and given unlimited funds would still be incapable of building a team into a successful cohesive unit.
Yep, as I thought judge, you are a gooner on a wind up. I shall cease to take anything you post from now on seriously. Sod off back to your own site pleas. Oh and for the record, in general we like to pride ourselves on this site as being articulate fans who can discuss topics intelligently and maturely (most of the time anyway) so that is why you should be constructively answering people's arguments. I wouldn't expect someone like you to understand that though.
Officer X
i never take anything you say seriously anyway so do what you will. i made my stance clear and underlined it in my second post. why the hell should i then have to respond to your paraphrased post when i had already CLEARLY stated why i felt the activity in the window was a flop for YOU? mug

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