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From Inter to Bolton...

After one of the most memorable nights in Spurs' modern history we now have to prepare for an encounter with the hard-tackling Bolton.

It's once again the case of a hell of a lot of energy was put into the Inter game, and now the juggling act must commence! Despite one disappointing result against Wigan, we haven't necessarily been susceptible to Champions League hangovers on paper... However we have conceded the first goal of the game in our last 6 Premier league matches - 2 of which we've lost.

Although these were not all the follow on from a mid-week champions league fixture; it begs the questions that should we freshen up the side, with players who have something to prove? The likes of Niko, Corluka, Bassong, Palacios, Bentley(is he injured?), Dos Santos(is he?), Sandro, Pavy and Keane will be itching to prove they deserve to start.

It would be daft to completely shake up the Spurs side to the extent that there's no fluidity in their movement, but a few fresh faces might avoid the slow start we do appear to be susceptible to in the Premier League.

Players such as Bale, Azza, Modric, BAE and Hutton would have done a great deal of running last night (as well as VDV nursing a hamstring injury), but would making these changes upset the balance of the team? What do you think? Starting line-ups?

Written by nicktheyido

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The journalist

Writer: nicktheyido Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday November 5 2010

Time: 9:09AM

Your Comments

We need to play like we are playing inter every week!!
Guernman, i would like to see a strong back four for this one. Hutton, gallas, kaboul and bassong on the left. Why ? Cause we need physical presence. I was gutted last year with the goal we concede there. Bae is a fantastic LB, don't get me wrong. But against the kind of froward we are facing this week end, we need stron physical defenders. VdV need a rest. Kranjk to light up the game. I will give Bale a rest and perhaps modric too. so Gomez, Hutton, Kaboul, Gallas, Bassong, Hudd, Jenas (yes jenas), lennon, Kranjk, Crouch, Pav.
Lol @ Finger Bang 'Arry's cat
for me, krancjar in for VDV, pav as the lone striker, kaboul RB instead of hutton and bassong in. won't happen though :) Guernman - - 100%
Harry has a big problem! I mean where is he going to play JJ against Bolton? Surely he wont be foolish enough to play him again as a holder ahead of Sandro and Wilson as he did in the our last 2 away fixtures where we conceded 6 goals? Surely not? Should he drop Hudd or Modric, or will he play JJ in the hole if VDV is not fit? Would he do a better job in the hole than Krank or Dos Santos? Of course not! So maybe he should rest Bale, move Modric to the left and put JJ in the heart of the midfield where he will get bullied by the hungry Bolton midfielders? No that probably wouldn't be such a good idea? Big problem trying to find a place for JJ in the starting 11 eh Harry, especially with all the wonderful midfield talent you have at your disposal. I'm sure your come up with something though? There's still 24 hours to go... Centre back or up front???
geoff stern
I know Jenas is marmite but surely even the his biggest critics will appreciate that he's played really well this season? Were too quick to jump down players throats rather than back them. I seem to remember Gareth Bale having a shocking period and look at what he's doing now.
Sunny intervals with temperatures rising to 8 degrees centigrade tomorrow at Bolton. It's in the bag!
Wilson in for VDV. Mod further forward. Pav for Crouch. Hope we get the job done by half time, and bring on Krank for Bale. Otherwise no change.
geoff stern, when we play Jenas in midfield we don't play a "holder". Just like when we play Modric and Huddlestone together. Our only "holding" player is Sandro. Palacios is meant to be, but lets face it, holding midfielders have to tackle and be comfortable on the ball. Palacios nowadays does neither to premiership standard.
Would go for Gomes; Hutton, Gallas, Kaboul, BAE (really need a settled back 4 for a bit); Lennon, Sandro, Modric, Bale; Kranjcar; Pav. Would be tempted to rest Bale as well, but think we'll need him with VDV out so he needs to hold on another week longer. SUBS: Crouch, Dos Santos, Palacious, Bassong, Jenas, Cudicini, Bentley
Gomes, Hutton, Gallas, Kaboul, BAE, Lennon, Huddlestone, Modric, Bale, VDV (Kranjcar), Pavlyuchenko. No point in playing Crouch for this one, he'll get murdered in the air by Zat Knight. If we are to play Crouch though it's vitally important that we utilise him in exactly the same way as against Inter. He'd score more often if he got decent deliveries, rather than Hutton coming half way into the opposing half and dinking it up 10 feet in the air. What can Crouch do with that apart from nod it down? Still think Harry will cave and play Keane instead of VDV (if he's unavailable). We'll see. How s**t is it that we're kicking off at lunchtime again?
Ha ha that made me chuckle Geoff...good point. This game is made for sandro, tough tackling gritty game. Maybe even wilson if he's up for it. Jus leave JJ out of this one harry. Id start luka in with sandro and stick kranc behind pav.
I think we need some steel in midfield for this game so Palacios or Sandro should start and maybe have Modric in the VDV role. I agree with Bernio that Crouch will never win a header in this kind of game so we need some quality football on the ground. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Keane start and we play 4-4-2 with either Pav or Crouch, I really think Harry doesn't like Pav for whatever reason. Keane does have a good record against Bolton so maybe he can get one in this game.
Bernio, actually the lunchtime kick off is so that I can watch the game before I head off out to my five-a-side tournament later in the afternoon without missing a kick. It's amazing what the FA will give you for a brown envelope stuffed full of tenners...
Different line up but the same spirit itīs what we need. First of all, Niko should/must start replacing VdV as no one wants his injury to get worse against Bolton. Keep Lennon as he needs more playing time to fully recover his form, Pav for Crouch and give Bale a rest as heīs been too much under the spotlight this week and I guess Bolton players might do something stupid to him. And thatīs it. Gomes, Hutton, Gallas, Kaboul, Ekotto, Hudd, Modric, Lennon, Jenas, Niko and Pav. And before anyone start slashing me because of Jenas, itīs the line up I think Harry will field, not necessary mine as I īd play Sandro instead of Jenas. Bolton is so like several south american sides that play Libertadores that Sandro would feel at home there. Three points is what we have to bring home. One point is too little after beating Inter.
I'M NEW! Is anyone going to the Spurs - Newcastle game on the 28th December? Imo guys we need to push forward in the league as our underestimation of teams is costing us. My team for tomorrow would be; Gomes, Hutton, Benoit, Kaboul, Bassong, Bale, Sandro, Hudd, Modric, lennon and pav. Modric playing behind pav as I am aware that Van der Vaart needs a rest because of his hamstring. This line-up gives Sandro a start, with Bassong Strating aswell. Bench; Kranjcar, cudicini, crouch, gallas, palas.
Total Yido
Excuse me, quick question, please. Aside, from the brief stints Sandro has had, in which he picked up yellows, has anyone seen him in training? I ask because there seems to be such a clamour for Sandro to be play. if there's any league, in the world, that could be described as being the polar opposite to the PL, I imagine, with the amount of time you get on the ball and, the pace of the game, generally, you'd think it was the Brazilian league. So, just in case you Sandro promoters know something that the rest of us don't, how do you know Sandro is adequately acclimatised to the pace of the PL? As tough-tackling as he may have appeared to seem in the brief games he's had, is there anything that suggests to you that he's ready to start at Bolton? Are you sure, considering his yellows, that he won't be doing a lot of mistimed tough tackling, leading to a red? Is he so good that the little PL experience he has will stand him in good stead, better than JJ's vast experience, for example? Isn't Harry, who signed him, best placed to determine if Sandro is right for Bolton, or 4 games hence?
Welcome Welcome to the Vital SPURS family, you Total Yido :)
I hope no1 is getting too excited, we have a terrible record agaisnt Bolton, IF we win its a great result, if we draw, its ok, yes a loss isnt good enough, but so many on here will expect a win which is disrespectful to bolton and unrealistic, better teams then us have struggled there!
To answer youíre question roforofo no I havenít seen much of sandro, and no i havenít seen him in training either. But, from the few bits and pieces i have seen of him, he seems to have more composure, better ball skills and a better defensive style of play than Jenas or wilson at present, and as we all know with a fast flurry of games coming along i think he should at least be considered. You talk of acclimatising to the PL, well how do you acclimatise when you dont play? If we have a bad run you know it will be the same age old excuses of fatiuge (like the wigan game) that harry will come out with. Well here is a question for you roforofo (and harry), whatís the point in signing all these brilliant players if you donít believe they can cut the mustard at this level. Why bother putting in a 25man squad if you only ever intend to use the same 14 players? Iím not been argumentative but itís a valid question.
roforofo, its theexotic name syndrome some spurs fans have, if his name was Tim Jones and came from leeds they wouldnt want him in after the performances Sandro has actuall put in, but he is from Brazil and has a sexy name so he must be good.............
OK, I don't mean to be disrespectful to Bolton but realistically, I am expecting a WIN tomorrow and quite excited about 3 points in the bag, thank you very much ;-)
That lineup looks 1/2 descent Spurnik. I'll go with that. Oh wait... Harry won't play Niko :(
VDV and Lennon are both out... for all his athleticism JJ wilts and doesn't move the ball forward quickly enough which is why his best pairing has been with Thudd who imo works better with Luka no JJ for me....My team would be Gomes, Hutton, Gallas, Kaboul, AE, Bentley, Thudd, Luka, Bale, Niko playing off Pav...if bale looks jaded take him off and replace with Gio to play off Pav and drop Niko back to crouch for impact if needed...
haha hudderspurs calm down dear it was only a bit of banter, to be fairIm with you on starting Sandro tomorrow but I wouldnt be bothered seeing jenas play, hes been good all year imo. But SOME spurs fans however have been quick to call Sandro a 'world class brazilian international' which is a bit much after a few games dont you think.
Sandro, from what I've seen of him in a Spurs shirt and in the Copa Libertadores is a much better player than Palacios. He's picked up a couple of yellows but he's getting used to the pace of the game. It's not that he has an exotic sounding name, I feel that's being unfair and condescending to anyone that rates him. Also, having an exotic sounding name and being Brazilian isn't usually enough to get you into the Brazil squad at such an early age. There tends to be a lot of Brazilians with exotic names in fecking Brazil, so there's definitely something to him.
Sorry liamyid, think we typed at the same time ;-)
no worries bernio!
Lennon out, i would put jj on the right. I remember him playing there a few years back :) Seriously, the last time we met Bolton in the league. BAE was destroy by Davies ... need bassong on the left.
Ok Liam Iíll put the guns away ; ) I havenít seen enough of sandro to say he should be a definite starter week in week out but like I say I just think he needs to be given a fair crack. Saying that I was saying the same thing a few seasons back about harry not playing Bale and look how that turned out. Only time will tell my friend. WTSS: I agree that jenas hasnít been as poor as he has been and is a definite step up from the player he was last year, but there is still a massive hole in his game, which is reading players and reacting to situations. He has the pace, engine and even to a lesser extent the skill to really progress but for me the most important thing he is missing (and unfortunately the hardest think to coach) is the natural footballing brain. He is simply 3 or 4 moves behind modders, VDV etc and thatís why he takes too long when he is on the ball working down the options and when he is defending he just isnít decisive enough. Maybe itís just a lack of confidence but I very much doubt it.
ps yep Davies v bae is an example of this, it would be good to see how much bae has improved (hopefully)
yes troffer, it was a joke. Don't think it's worth taking the risk for bae ...
my oh my its a good Job we are not in a court of law ; ) I Never said brainless...
but i said it.
To expec a performance similar to that against Inter is unrealistic particularly with regards to Bale. Against Inter, he was marked by Maicon, one of the best RBs i the world and made a mug of him. To Maicon's credit he tried to play against Bale and didn't resort to trying to kick him up in the air, this will not be the case at Bolton on Saturday, if Bale looks like hurting them they will kick lumps out of him. Regarding Lennon, he seems to spend all his time these days either injured, recovering from injury, getting back up to speed following injury, consequently he has made very few really useful contributions this season, now we are told he is out again, very frustrating.
Frank...we just need to tighen the bolt in 2 Meter Peters neck and he'll be fine against the Zak..
OyVeh Maria
My worry against Bolton is not that we're good enough (whatever side Harry puts out) its that we cut out the "switch off syndrome" we still seem to have this in makeup at the moment! Gallas against Fulham, BAE against UTD and too numerous to mention against Milan away and Eto at home! I really want to see us keep our concentration for 90minutes and extra time!! If we do I think our better players will prove good enough tomorrow.
jus to say, i have sky plus, love rewatching the inter game and seeing Bale's 360 turn on eto'o and seeing eto'o reaction, the smile like "dammm i jus got done!"
Kaboul to mark Davies, the mans a monster! Id play Pav up front, one of jenas,wilson, sandro (or mabye two of) in the middle with Hud, Bale and Modders + Bentley/krancs. At the back we may see Corluka back, Bassong in for gallas if hes unfit and obv BAE.
And YET ANOTHER article that is going to end up ruined by people that simply can't help but mention 'Harry bashers'!!.. You don't like them, you wish they'd shut up and stop spouting their crap, yet you continue to antagonise them and expect them to remain silent?. You are as bad as those that you detest.
I am for making a couple changes for this match. Lets remember Bolton are never easy on us and we have a hard time getting results on the road there. Its been a long time since we have won there and we must not let it happen again. We can't rotate drastically it would be stupid to throw in 3 or 4 players that have not had a start for a while and expect them to get us a result.
Surely the ones sticking up for Harry and supporting him are the protagonists, not antagonists. It'd be like me slating VDV and then having a go at people who chose to have a go at me.
----------------Gomes Hutton----Gallas----Kaboul----BAE ---Huddlestone--Jenas/Palacios-- -Lennon----------------------------Bale --------Modric -----------------------Crouch
Hear me out right now as I feel that every single player on our bench could play regular football in the PL somewhere but we have been struggling to win matches this season. When we have been down in matches we have used the likes of Palacios, Jenas, and Keane? Where is the threat in these guys? Isn't it a obvious thing to play a Gio, Kranjcar, and Bentley when you are down in a match? I mean if anything Gio, Kranjcar, and Bentley should have seen the most playing time of all players this season as we have been down pretty much every single match! I am just pointing out the obvious here and it simply shows that we use no rotation but favoritism! Would SAF do such a thing? Or any other top coach? I doubt it...when is the last time you saw Man U with the same 11 consecutively? Never we only have new faces if its recovering from injury or ect...Nothing tactically and nothing out of the unexpected...We cant expect to throw out a large amount of backups and expect them to mesh with the team and get results...players need consistent playing time here and there not 1 in 12 matches!
I'm with you, Coops, I don't want the Harry Bashers banished. It's precisely these differences of opinions that make the site what it is. I wouldn't agree with you on JJ though. His performances in 2005 or even last year are of absolutely no import. It's all about what he can do in the here and now. Obviously, whether you think what he has produced this season is crap, ordinary, great or sensational is highly subjective, but you pick a player on their current ability and the needs of the team, not on some aggregate value that he has accrued over the course of several years.
Frank, I'm glad you brought up the matter of the kicking Bale can expect, now, from opponents in the PL. Because, saying that, after the honesty of his 2 worldwide performances, against Inter, you'd expect that he FIRMLY falls into the category of players who can expect protection from the referees. Bale is an honest, no-nonsense sort of player who's not prone to diving, so I expect referees will look upon any penalty claims he makes judiciously. So, woe be-tide any defenders who think they can kick the lumps out of him. I wonder if we'll exceed the average number of penalties we've gotten over the past seasons.
Should be Rafa Benetez.
bernio, what have the 'Harry bashers' got to do with this article?. What did the 'Harry bashers' have to say before being mentioned?. The answer is NOTHING. So why fecking mention them. If you'd rather they shut up and only spoke when it was necessary or relevant, then shut up until they give you all something to talk about.
I agree with you on Bale coopsiyid, but only somewhat. I do think he is intelligent but I also do believe that HR has some say in whipping the ball in consistently! He is smart and he will improve have to understand he is a pure winger and he isnt the VdV, Kranjcar, and Modric and he will not ever be the flair, give and go. type of player. I think he will improve that side of his game because the second he learns how to play the ball passing in the final 1/3 then we will start producing more goals. Our biggest problem has been with 2 wingers we never keep the play up in the final 1/3! Without Modric or Kranjcar out wide we always opt to cross the balls from both sides now. I remember my favorite goal last season was the the Corluka to Kranjcar to Modric finish all nice give and go's and as nice of a goal as you will ever see....Lennon and Bale both need to add that part to their game.
Raging, the problem is that there is nothing obvious about playing Gio, Kranjcar and Bentley over Palacios, Jenas and Keane. It's highly subjective and while you'll get people to support you to the death on some of those swaps, you'll find an equal number ready to shoot you if you try. As for the whole when did you last see Man U with the same 11 consecutively thing, you can bet your bottom dollar that SAF wishes he could maintain that kind of consistency in his team. Consistent team selection can work wonders, look at what it did for Birmingham at one point last season, and Everton at the end. But let's turn it around, how often have you seen Spurs turn out the same 11 consecutively? Rarely if at all. There is no favouritism, if there were, JJ would not be playing, Pav would never get a game, Bentley would have fiddled with his hair on the bench all last season, Hutton wouldn't have played, and Kranjcar, of all people would. It's a tired old cliche that doesn't stand up to a moment's scrutiny.
Oyveh, nice one :-) On the matter of playing tit-for-tat with Bolton, and kicking them off the park, I'm not sure that'll such a good idea. To play as you suggest would amount to playing in a way that's alien to us; we haven't had enough pratice, not as much as Bolton have had anyway, of kicking people. So, we might come up short if we played the kicking game. As we did against Inter, we'd be better off doing what we know - i.e. playing footie. I'm not saying we shouldn't give as good as we get, but we should, essentially, stick to what we know.
Logic tells all of us if vdv is out, it would make sense to play Niko Kranjcar, but then when does logic ever enter Harry's head, the guy needs a run out. Your doing a cracking job Harry, give him a chance - please.
spu 4 life
........thing is RagingSpur, If we dont rotate and just stick with same 13 or 14 they'll keep picking up knocks. Weve got to play the whole squad, everyone agrees we have a great squad but we dont play them! Lennon's out again...he's worse than Sick Note Darren Anderton was in the 1990's. I dont know why we have to rely on GB yet again to get the crosses in, I know he wants to play in every match but if he starts picking up knocks along with VDV and Lennon then that's our cutting edge blunted. Surely HR will give Kranks a run out this time...who else is there? Does anyone know where Bentley is ? Is Corluka Fit yet? I'd play him before Hutton at the moment. Trying to work out a Spurs team every Saturday is tough enough but with Bent's; Keano; Kranks and Dos Santos harldy getting a look in and with Leds; Daws; Defoe;Frank out long term and Lennon and VDV up and down that actually leaves a squad of about 15 - 16 to choose from.
OyVeh Maria
dark, I was merely pointing out that IF Jenas is being compared to anything (he isn't in my case but WTSS said earlier that he is being judged upon last seasons performances), he is being compared to, or judged upon his appearances for us since day 1. I 100% agree that he should be judged on the here and now. As I've said countless times, in my opinion, the here and now has provided us with 'OK' performances. I simply want better because those around him (Modric, Bale, VDV, Kaboul, BAE) have been better. Maybe even Hutton (who I'm not the biggest fan of) and Lennon (over the last few weeks) and Gallas (again over the last few games) have stepped up from 'OK'.. Getting above 'OK' is not really something JJ has ever done for us since signing.. Fair comment??.
Roforofo and Frank, yep Bale can expect a rough ride at Bolton. As you say, he isn't given to diving but he is, I notice, given to making a lot of noise when clattered and looking really like he deserves something, so hopefully he'll earn us some nice free kicks, maybe a penalty or two, and some red cards for the bully boys of Bolton.
Our squad is easily one of the best assembled units in the Premier League, imo, we are in a very fortunate position to have such quality to call upon. I would like to see Niko and Sandro start at Bolton, they are both excellent players and we need to see them getting a bit more game time. This is a match that we have to win, consolidating are place at the top of the pile is top priority, league form is without doubt integral to our rise up the rankings. COYS!!
Dark, come on mate I dont think I can agree with you here...if we are down 1-0 you DO NOT! put in Palacios. I dont think that is even an argument. If you lose VdV you dont put in Jenas! I am so tired of people riding the Jenas train. He has not even got close creating an assist or scoring a goal...yet it is alright to have him sit in the "playmaker" role over players like Gio, Kranjcar, and Modric! I have seen those guys do better defensive work then Jenas. Gio has never been given a fair run in games. Lennon was pants for 4324 games and Gio gets a slight look in? There is no justification to putting in players that dont score goals when you are down or dont create them either.
Dark, i could write a novel on why it is unfair that Jenas and Keane have even gotten a run this year but I dont feel like writing it right now. I will break it down to the simple fact Keane was at Celtics and Jenas was on injuries/bench last season and when called upon was terrible....While we had players like Kranjcar undoubtedly one of the main factors to us finishing 4th!! sitting on the bench this year! But like HR says "The lad has played International matches that will be good enough for him" Well HR guess what?! He has played very &$(*@#ing well in those matches! Guess what he is a proven international on one of the better teams in the world! What is Jenas now? Who is he again? You are the ones saying we have one of the best squads in PL well guess what not after this year when we lose Kranjcar, Gio, Bentley and replace them with Livermore and the other youth who has been nothing short of terrible in preseason by MLS squads...
Very fair Coops. Certainly seemed to me that you were lumping yourself in the group of people who were judging JJ on every appearance since 2005, but no problems if you weren't. There's certainly nout wrong with wanting better, and you are obviously entitled to your own opinion of JJ's performance. Personally, as someone who would have been happy to see the back of JJ and who'd've happily cast a sneaky stone at his departing figure, I've been astounded at how good he's been. More than happy to gobble down some humble pie and see him stay at the club...
Frank - I don't think you can give Rafa's failed rotation policy at Anfield as a reason Harry should not do it. We have a far superior depth of squad than Liverpool had last season. We shoudl be bencmhamrking ourselves with man Uand Arsenal now, who have highly successful rotation policies, not a team who finsihed 7th last season and are even lower this.
OyVeh - loved your first post, cracked me up.
Spurnik no problem...I'm here all week
OyVeh Maria
Coops, you need to slow down a bit with JJ. Otherwise, you might find yourself sitting in front of the TV and, being so disgusted with him, not be able to bring yourself to judge his game fairly (even when he plays a blinder). So much so that you begin to emit negative vibes, that will penetrate the TV and, truly, affect his game and, consequently, the game of the whole team ( ... wherever they may be playing when you're sat in front of said TV). I just hope you're not a season-ticket holder ;-)
Raging, well, the wonder of this forum is that you aren't obliged to. But if you think that the change was not about increasing our goal threat - the majority of which is expected to come from elsewhere and which the prior subbing of Pav was probably meant to address - then it doesn't seem quite so unusual. One thing you don't do at Old Trafford is leave yourself overly exposed, because then 1-0 quickly becomes, 2,3 or more. Just subbing on more and more potential goalscorers when you've already got the personnel to do it doesn't make any sense either, no matter how gung ho you might be. If you lose VdV you don't play Jenas. Whyever not? We were already a goal up. Why not bring on someone who can and will put in the hard yards to defend a lead? You can argue it any way you like, but at the end of the day, it still doesn't add up to favouritism. Kranjcar and Gio have both had a look in this season. Neither have looked that hot. As to them doing better defensive work than JJ, well, again you are entitled to your own opinion, but I wouldn't agree with you.
Raging, I'm sure that you could bore me half to death over the injustice of JJ and Keane getting anywhere near a football pitch, so it is with great relief that I read that you don't feel like it;-) Yes, Keane was at Celtic and very much in the doghouse, and JJ couldn't buy a game last season, while Harry played Kranjcar plenty last season, he brought him to England from Hadjuk Split and from Portsmouth to Tottenham. So where, I ask you is this favouritism? It isn't there, never has been. It's a weak argument for saying that Harry doesn't play the players that you want him to.
Spurnik, I'll agree with you re the comparison between ours and Liverpool's squads, but in any squad there are "key" "must play when fit" players that make the team tick. If you tamper with these as Rafa did, and some on here would have Harry do, then the result is failing to win games that you should, dropped points, and failure. In our current situation, striving for a 2nd 4th place and CL KO stages, there is little or no scope for gambles or risk.
LMAO @ rofororo.. Never thought I'd be able to appreciate sarcasm (afterall, that's just not my thing) but that was bloody funny. Thankyou.. OXFORDSPUR, Please tell me you got my 'article' earlier?.
got to give niko ago surely? gomes,charlie,kaboul,bassong,BAE,hudd,sandro,palacious,gio,pav,kranc in a 4,3,3 formation.
arraza the yid
anyway where were we! Oh yes! We were trying to talk football and a couple of you have decided to draw handbags at dawn... you lot can talk about the team selection from now until 12:30 p.m. tomorrow but the bottom line is, who ever Harry puts out on Saturday they had better bloody win!
OyVeh Maria
Dark, well if not favoritism than surely stupidity is what HR has been doing. We can agree to disagree which we will have to here because I cant agree with you. Maybe he has just had a falling out with half the bench and does not like them for whatever me it does not matter anymore I dont agree with what he is doing and like you say some of you will agree and some wont...and thats great. If we get 4th I will take a beating, bite my tongue. and praise you which I have no problem doing. I want 4th just as much as anyone here in fact I want better...
coopsie yep agree on Kranjcar i was honestly going to add him to the list. Does anyone know why he is so out of favour? i'm tempted to say serious answers only please but i know i won't get them!
dark, I see what you're saying about Kranjcar and Gio maybe not taking their chances (hardly provided with any significant time to get a real grip of that chance though), and therefore perhaps, in Harry's opinion, don't deserve another shot?. However, forget JJ for a second, he's done 'OK'. But Keane??. WTF has Keane done to deserve time on the pitch, let alone a start against Man Utd?. Surely it's far from unfair to say he deserves a shirt/start even less than Gio or Niko etc??
Perhaps the term 'he only plays his favourites' needs to be well and truly put to bed? Then replaced with the term 'You're either in, or you're out'??.. That way the argument about favourites can be put to bed because, in reality and as darkenvai has said, it doesn't really stand up. However, it's not an absurd notion to believe that, in Harry's case, "you're either in, or you're out'??
Sounds like Harry's version of the Hokey Cokey, Coopsie! Commercially it doesnt make sense not to play the squad. I dont know many business that would hold £30m worth of stock on the shelves and never use it.
OyVeh Maria
Dark lets justify the playing time that Kranjcar and Gio have received...Kranjcar has played 1 match vs Young Boys in which he only came on in the 2nd half due to Modric injury...he played then in the second match vs YB as sub in 82nd minute. He then got a chance vs Wigan in final 45 minutes and was actually only player who brought life to the team if you recall. Then once again back to the bench and was brought in only for another Modric injury vs WBA! Only for injures has he played and he has done decent. Oh, wait then he go on vs Arsenal in 96th minute is some meaningless time when we were down dont tell me that is a fair run! As for Gio start vs young boys and meaningless subs wigan, city, and ham...
Oh... my.... fu***ng.... God, OyVeh that's 2 days on the trot that I agree with you. And after you said "back to normal tomorrow I hope".. Obviously it's all your fault ;-)
thanks, We're The Shelf Side, i wont be commenting on harry out u like to think so casue i said on another article, we we prob struggle up there, an we will go back to same old spurs, when we are expected to win we fail, so if we loose or draw 2mor i am not one bit suprised, cause why, he will prob play the same 14 players like keane comming on or sarge, and not give like of kranny a go. if we are in the right frame of mind we could win 4-1
As for how we started to play this season not a single player in the squad could have been called an untouchable! This is including Bale who was hot and cold match in and out. So as to not giving others a chance there is no there? Jenas performances stuck out because of other under performing. Hudd has been a shadow of last years player and so has Modric(until last 3 matches).
I am trying to stay out of the Miko argument. However, after reading Raging's last post, may I ask a question to Mr RagingSpur please?. Mr Spur, would I be right in believing that after the Wigan game that you mentioned, Mr Redknapp actually told the SkySports cameras that "Niko was the only one that looked like creating anything"? Or very similar words?. Fat lot of good it did.
Miko is Niko's twin ;-)
Coops, I'd quite happily never see Keane play another minute for Spurs, but, given the paucity of striking talent at our disposal, it doesn't surprise me that he gets match time. Do you go for crap and tall, crap and cute or crap and pointy shouty? Or do you just play another midfielder in his place. It's a miserable lack of genuine choice that gets Keane on the pitch. I'd be very happy to see Kranjcar get more match time, I wouldn't mind Gio getting a bit more, or even Bentley or any of a number of other players, but I absolutely don't see it as some burning need or some magical grail that is going to deliver untold success to THFC. What really grinds my gears though, is when people take such exception to Redknapp not playing the players that they personally want to see that they then start using expletives, calling him clueless or useless or claim that he is ruining the club.
Coops et al - have used the term favourites myself but agree this isn't right. What Harry does is have a fixed best 11 and then that is pretty much fixed in his mind until there are either injuries, suspensions or severe loss of form. Hutton will be keep Charlie out until he can't play for one of these reasons. Will be interesting to se if Bentley plays tomorrow but I would put my money on JJ playing there on the right. Same applies to Krank - would need to have 2 out of Bale, Modric and VdV to be out for him to get a chance.
Its not my fault coopsie its cos we beat Milan... everyone's in a good mood...lose on Saturday against the Bolts and we'll all be back slagging each other off !
OyVeh Maria
Raging, I thought you didn't feel like writing that novel...But since you insist. Once again we are into the realms of the highly subjective, but I'd say that Kranjcar in the Wigan game didn't look as bad as some of the others, although, for me, it was King who was the only stand out. In the WBA match he was average, and it was easy to see why he is behind Modders in the pecking order, and will never dislodge VdV on merit. As for not getting a fair run in the side a football team is not a democracy, it's all about impressing and forcing your way into the side. Obviously you feel very strongly that he merits it. Personally, although I like him as a player, I don't have any problem with how he's been treated thus far. He will get his chance both with injuries and the fact that there are so many games coming up. As for Gio, again the whole democracy thing applies. He hasn't looked that good, and, to be honest, there hasn't been the leeway in any of the games that we've played so far to give him a run out even if he were on the bench. Also, it's only a minor point but Kranjcar came on when we were 3-1 down and there was still everything to play for;-)
Looking at Bolton and the existing injury news, then it is obnious that there will be at least 3 changes from the team that started on Wednesday. Gomes will come in for Cudicini. I think that the back four will be Hutton, BAE, Kaboul and Gallas (unless he's carrying a knock, whereby Bassong will deputise. Logic says that Bentley should come in for Lennon, though I wouldn't be surprised to see Jenas on the right. and give Hutton some space to maraud. Bale will obviously be on the left. Modders and Hudd will play. Personally I'd go for Pav and give Krancjar the job behind him, another option would be Dos Santos behind Pav or even Crouch!. I have a feeling that it'll be Keane behind Crouch.
Raging, now there we are beginning to agree. There are no untouchables. Over the course of Redknapp's reign, those who were considered persona non grata have become the toast of the town and the previous 'heart and soul' of the team has been sent out on loan. It's a fluid and constantly changing environment that rewards players on merit as it should. The only problem is that Harry does not always choose the player that you or I want. That's symptomatic of a differing viewpoint, it is not favouritism, it's not you're in or you're out, it's different people having different viewpoints. It happened all last season too, and that didn't end too badly. But who's to say, maybe someone on here would've got us 3rd, 2nd or even the title. We'll never know, but it is still fun to debate it.
Ok, here's a test. For those of you who have children, hands up if you haven't got a favourite, however marginal. Hands up! There, you see, as is widely known, even amongst children, parents do have favourites. Because, I want all of you who insist on chewing Harry's ass off, about 'favouritism', that you're being soooo unreal, I can only laugh (whilst shaking my head in sympathy for your naivety, of course). And, here's another thing, do we have players that are more equal than other players. You bet we do. Based on that, is Harry justified in doing what everyone of us does inherently, anyway (with our children, for that matter)? You bet!!! Why the bloody heck can he not have favourites, especially if you consider the players are all of varying abilities. Why!!! So, the question is whether Harry's flavour of favouritism is for the sake of Tottenham, or for the sake of favouritism. I believe Harry has ambitions to, ultimately, be a statesman in football (as SAF or Beckenbauer are). The next step in his ambition will be to manage England (and, you'd better believe that he'd want to win something with England, too). Now, do you really believe is brand of favouritism will be detrimental to us, if he has ambitions, as we all know he does, to be Mike Bassett. Look, Harry's goals, in life, and Tottenham's goals are perfectly aligned, all these favouritism conspiracy is rubbish. Also, another reason many of you cite as to why he MUST rotate is because the players get tired. I mean ... give me a kitkat, please. Tired! That's why I said we're likely to over-pander to this tiredness bull. Isn't this the same game, all over the world, where certain players/favourites get injected, to within an inch of their lives, with pain killers, just to play a half of a game! What're you people talking about, ffs ... if Niko doesn't play the world's going to cave in ... boo hoo. Solsjkaer hardly ever started a game for manure, gotDamn it!!! Are any of these players better than Ole? Or, are Spurs not ambitious enough, yet, to command the same sort of loyalty as displayed by Solsjkaer? Come on people, brew some coffee and get a whiff of it ... you seriously need to give uncle Harry some leeway.
OyVeh, annoying I may be? Stupid I aint lol... I'll say, hand on heart, that I hate to predict anything when it comes to our beloved Spurs and I do my level best to NEVER predict or bet on them. Afterall, this is THFC. We just beat the European Champions, OK we tanked the European Champions ;-), now watch us go out and be on the receiving end of a battering. That isn't pessimism, that's being an honest Spurs supporter lol..
coopsieyid your just taking the cant read all that... your turning into the new coopsie..sorry Coops but youve lost your title tonight...Roforofo your the king of who gives a ph....k what you say...rowforward or whatever you call yourself.. are Spurs going to win on Saturday yes or no?
OyVeh Maria
... erm but, yes, but no, but ... erm, yes, but ... YES, YES, YES, Oyveh, they will. Damn, you put me on the spot there, rasta.
OyVeh, mate (sorry if you prefer me not to use that term when conversing with you) you've got me in stitches this evening. Thankyou ;-)... It is however impossible to guess or predict our fortunes for tomorrow, due to not knowing what Mr Redknapp' selection is going to be?. Gomes is back tomorrow, so I expect to see him replace Carlo in goal, Carlo himself moved upfront to replace Crouch, Crouch put in defence to attempt to use his strength to combat the threat of Kevin Davies. Then Keane will replace the injured VDV, whilst Pletikosa will come in to replace the injured Lennon. I'm not sure whether Hutton will be able to keep Niko from forcing him out of the RB slot?. So, after all that deliberation, I think I'll go for a 7-7 draw!!
bleeding hell Coops just a yes or a no would have sufficed...
OyVeh Maria
Nice one, coops :-)
thank you very much for sharing that with me roforyour orifice I really found that interesting! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Can I go to bed now?
OyVeh Maria
OyVeh, at the risk of really, really irritating you ... it is a forum for chatting, that you're on, you do realise. You berk!
rofororo - Is it wrong that I just giggled like a 6 year old who heard someone say 'Willy', when I read you calling OyVeh a berk? lol.. My Granddad used to call me a berk lol...
Question is, will my annual nightmare about Kevin Davies become a reality again tomorrow?. That guy literally rapes us everytime. I think he's a bloody good player too, if I'm honest, and was chuffed for the guy to finally get an England call up. Allbeit 5 years late. Strong, brave, holds up play very well, good in the air, knows where the back of the net is and, best of all, he's a fecking fighter. Yeah I've probably 'bigged him up' a bit too much but I honestly think he's just like a 'less prolific' Alan Shearer.
WOW, that was off topic. Sorry!!

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