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Personalities in the dressing room?

Personalities in the dressing room?

Like many of you I watched the live Christmas day show at Spurs Lodge on Sky Sports News yesterday. They interviewed Gareth Bale and Harry. Both were interesting but didn`t give anything exclusive away. What I found interesting was what I was reading between the lines.

It is clear that Bentley and Keane are leaving this window. Although I always thought of Bentley as a bit of a tool, apparently he is very popular at Spurs, a jack the lad, someone who keeps spirits high. Everybody has heard how much of an influence Robbie is, on and off the pitch, he`s a big character and like most hard men, command respect from his peers. You only had to look into the background yesterday to see Keane running round, singing and making what I imagined would be a pretty boring Christmas day session at least a bit of laugh for the lads (you can imagine le sulks at Arsenal and City have to work on Christmas). And when the snow balls started flying at Bale, you could hear Bentley laughing in the back ground, obviously being the instigator again!

The presenter was obviously impressed and mentioned more than once about the great feeling and spirit around the club. But what got me thinking were some of Harry`s comments. When quizzed about the window he gave his normal, 'we`ve got a great squad routine` that we`ve all heard before. But something I hadn`t heard is when he said something along the lines of ''we will be looking for someone who can add something to our team, whether it`s that special player or someone with a big personality in the dressing room who can change the mentality``. To me, this sounds as though Harry is worried about the affect letting his big personality`s leave the club may have on the squad and may be looking to bring in similar type characters.

how important are personalities in a club? Are we underestimating Keane`s roll at the club, remember we nearly went down without him! Obviously keeping him is not an option just because he is a 'top bloke`! But how important are these type players in keeping the club`s morale? You only have to take a look at Man City and see that some of the world`s best players don`t necessarily make one of the world`s best team. Only time will tell if losing these big personalities will affect the team, but after what I heard yesterday, it`s definitely on Harry`s mind.

For me, the team spirit and togetherness that we have in our team is a massive factor in our success and a big part of why I think we can keep our star names. We have to be careful with what we do in January as to not upset the balance in the Squad. We have to choose carefully who we bring in and not just think about their footballing tekkers but their personality too. Harry`s done well to push out the pre-Madonna`s in Taarabt and Gio, the last thing we need is an Adebayor to upset everyone!

Written by Liamyid

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Date:Sunday December 26 2010
Time: 11:19AM


Ooh, get in there!
26/12/2010 11:25:00
26/12/2010 11:26:00
First baby yeah! On the article yes team spirit is vital (excuse the pun) for a successful team and I believe Spurs have it in abundance. We have good characters in the team like VDV and I think players like Hutton, Dawson and Bale help. People like Robbie and Bentley are the real characters but can't get in the team for love nor money at the moment!
26/12/2010 11:33:00
too many fans are happy to dismiss players such as Keane and Bentley as not being good enough, and that may well be the case, though for me that is as much about our improvement that any issue over them as players, but as characters and leaders they are invaulable and you cant have enough personalities as long as the characters gel and dont try to out do others because of ego, something which doesnt seem to be an issue at Spurs. Personally Im not sure that an individual such as Adebayor would eb a negative as he could just as easily adapt his personality to the positive nature of our dressing room, just as seems to be the case with William Gallas. for me a player like Adebayor, actually seems to be a positive personality, who has been frustrated by the "iup their own arses" attitude of both Arsenal and Ciiteh, perhaps we shouldnt judge a player on his public image, but look deeper and question the attitude of the club and players around him.
26/12/2010 11:34:00
Unlucky Darkenvai! Second prize is 3 points for Spurs tonight! ; )
26/12/2010 11:35:00
I think personalities are important in any organisation, and having the kind of people who can unify the disparate nations, characters and egos of a football club is priceless. Having said that, I reckon that these are qualities are that are even harder to find than a 20+ goals a season striker. This could very well be the reason why we've been so loathe to part with a couple of players who, in terms of footballing quality, are way below their own bests and the requirements of a team fighting for a top four finish. Suddenly I'm far less sanguine about the prospects of shoving Bentley out the door. Meh!
26/12/2010 11:36:00
Ox, I think adebeyeor could definatley be misunderstood, but its all about balance, we've already got Gallas, he has fitted in, but could we afford another personality like his? Im not sure, you put Gallas in that Man City team, and you see the agro he causes!
26/12/2010 11:42:00
Despite not being able to get into the team, I still think think that Bentley has a huge (okay, let's say big for now) role to play at Spurs. Remember what happened last year when Lennon got injured. He was decent, scored a good couple of goals (anyone remember his free-kicks against Fulham?) and provided a good few assists. Bentley, please stay!!!
26/12/2010 11:46:00
Okay, completely off subject, but is anyone watching Fulham vs West Ham? I'm off! :)
26/12/2010 11:47:00
Personalities are absolutely important, and no-one likes to see a friend leave the work place. However we can't hang on to these players forever. Gallas gave us the impression that he was going to be trouble, but he's been a star and everyone seems to get on with him. You walk into the jaws of hell and it's difficult to break the ice with a knock knock joke. City bought over priced average-ish players and they've been discarding them like underwear. I can imagine someone like Adebayor walking into the City training ground for the first time might find it difficult to get on with the guy he's blatantly there to replace (Santa Cruz, Bellamy, Bojinov etc), and then get on with guys brought in to replace him (Tevez who doesn't speak English, Silva, Balotelli who's a trouble maker). I don't personally judge Adebayor. People call him a mercenary, which he fully admitted to going to City, but he wanted to leave Arsenal anyway and City offered him the best deal. A true mercenary would stay at City because they're paying the most, whereas Adebayor wants to move on. I'd have him in a flash to be honest.
26/12/2010 11:47:00
Gallas has calmed down a lot to what he used to be imo. But what you do see when u watch him closely is his desire to win, I love that personally. I'm sure if there was a clash of personalities in the dressing room Harry would handle it well, a lot better than someone like Le Arse & Mankini.
26/12/2010 11:47:00
Dude, you just referred to Mancini as Mankini. You're my new personal hero.
26/12/2010 11:48:00
Coys_TSB I agree totally with the Bentley comments. He has a lot to offer I think, problem is he hardly gets any minutes so it brings us all the way back to rotation and freshening the team during the match! On occasions they need to bring Lennon off for Bentley during the latter part of the game.
26/12/2010 11:50:00
Has to be his new nickname really Bernio! ha
26/12/2010 11:51:00
26/12/2010 12:18:00
Im sure Harry's comment had nothing to do with losing Keane or Bentley.Its not silly oafs we need in the dressing room as much as hard nosed we-are-going-to-win players.Thats the sort of mentality we are talking about.Its exactly what VDV said.'We need to be ruthless' Its Christmas and hopefully we have given out all the presents already to the little teams,now its time to take back.
26/12/2010 12:27:00
don't think my comments are going to come close to Makini, so simple yet so brilliant. With regards to team spirt, it takes all sorts. As long as other pepole are treated with dignity i don't care if you have a few jesters, a few hard men a few quite ones everybody adds a bit to personality to the team.. I rremember lineaker being accused of eeping himself to himself at Barca, would that stop anyone playing him. Keano and bents can go with their heads very much held high, can we afford £120k a week for £15m of assets to depreciate, not too sure
26/12/2010 12:28:00
ps are we saying we should keep bents but lose nico because of personality
26/12/2010 12:29:00
If we lose bentlol.. who would we have to repace lennon when injured? We have no out and out right winger replacement - VDV can do it.. but thats a waste.. and Niko has repeatedly stated his desire to play on the left. If Bentlol goes then im assuming we will be getting a new right winger.. could ashley young fit that role? I just dont see the logic in losing our only backup right winger unless he really wants to leave?
26/12/2010 13:02:00
If we don't get replacements that improve the team I'd prefer we didn't sell Keane and Bentley until the summer. Hopefully there will be quality replacements available in January so we can get rid of our fringe players while teams still think they're worth something.
26/12/2010 13:05:00
I don't buy into keeping Keane or Bentley. True winners which those 2 aren't are usually quiet off the field and noisy on it. Just look at Keane (Roy), Viera, Rio, Giggs, Scholes etc. That's what we need more of at Spurs. True winners and model professionals who lead by example on the field. Gallas is in that mould and will always get respect from his team-mates. Of course it's great to have a joker in the camp but you shouldn't keep players for that reason alone. The culture at the club does seem good at the moment.
26/12/2010 14:28:00
Dale Winton
spu 4 life
26/12/2010 14:49:00
Personalities definetly play a big role as confidence can be the difference between a good performance and a bad performance. I think we'll be fine though. VdV has the outgoing enthusiasm of Keane and you won't get a much more light hearted guy than Peter Crouch off the pitch. Losing Keane and Bentley might leave a slight gap in the dressing room, but I don't think it will affect the team that much. When you're looking at new players, you look at what they're going to add to the team in terms of quality first, but if they also have a positive outgoing personality, so much the better.
26/12/2010 15:07:00
For the money we pay Keane and Bentley as comedians, rather than as players, they never play, surely we could get a professional comic, for dressing room cabaret, and then sign somebody who actually does it where it matters, on the pitch.
26/12/2010 15:12:00
Thank you, Frank! Because, when Harry referred to 'personalities', I think it was more in reference to influential, leadership (on the pitch) types of personality, and not 'the-track-of-my-tears' sorts, like Keane and Bentley. One of the ingredients we've lacked, what with Ledley, and all the experimentations we've done (with Modric, Huddlestone, Jenas, Dawson and Gallas), is a captain capable of the sort of leadership Harry identified at certain, few clubs. Anyway, I believe Harry brought the matter cos, despite Dawson's return, he's ready to make Gallas the permanent captain, and that was just his prelude.
26/12/2010 15:33:00
Agree with you Roforofo, I am sure Harry meant that he wanted "personalities" with "leadership" qualities. Without King playing too often, and Dawson out for most of the season so far we have lacked a real leader on the pitch although both VDV and Gallas have provided some evidence that they are capable of doing the job. However I do think that Harry would prefer an English speaking captain as the majority of the squad are British so I do suspect that Dawson will be given the role once agin now he is fully fit
Graeme in Spain
26/12/2010 15:55:00
That is a disgusting decision
26/12/2010 18:00:00
Harry's chat was a preamble to the signing of Mark Van Bomel you wait and see.
26/12/2010 23:11:00
van bommell+the new Steffen freund!
27/12/2010 00:54:00
= *****ed errrr =freund whatever
27/12/2010 00:55:00
agree spurdon. Harry was telling us in his own inimitable way that Van Bommel is coming and will provide a much needed determination to win (although i worry at what cost). Beckham also immediately sprang to mind as a leader of men. Personally i would pay him 60 grand a week to sit in the dugout and just have a stroll around the training camp. There is no doubt in my mind that these 2 could make a difference in our mentality. we need to think like winners and VDV and Gallas provide some of that. Van Bommel is on his way... please welcome him for what he brings, not the few tackles that immediately cause concern!
27/12/2010 09:56:00
"how important are personalities in a club? Are we underestimating Keane`s roll at the club, remember we nearly went down without him!"...... Yeah we're underestimating his roll alright. "We nearly went down without him" LMFAO.. We also qualified for the Champions League and had our best season for some 50 years WITHOUT HIM... So I believe we can comfortably say we have absolutely NO NEED for him whatsoever. Thanks for the past, see ya! COYS
27/12/2010 11:45:00
I actually feel nauseous, looking at the Arsenal match - because we could have beaten Chel$ki, the SAME way Arsenal is doing so today, if it was not for Harry's lame-ass decision to substitute Jermain Defoe for Peter the Lawn Chomper Crouch, on 59 minutes!!!
27/12/2010 21:28:00
coopsieyid: I have to agree with you, as much as I enjoyed watching Robbie Keane, his days at WHL are numbered. But Berbatov can make the average strike partner exceptional - their chemistry was enchanting at times!!!
27/12/2010 21:31:00
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