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'If It's Football, It's Vital'

The Vital Spurs end of season prediction game!

Those of you who've been knocking around here for a while will know this one - this is where we all get to predict our results and scores between now and the end of the season.

The glory goes to the person who predicts our accumulated points score from Bolton on Saturday to the last game at home v Birmingham on May 22nd. If you have seen or played the Talksport Predictor game you're half way there.

Here's the deal - you get one point for predicting the right result and 3 points if you guess the actual score correctly and sadly you get nothing for an incorrect prediction.

No doubt Ox will drum up some sort of prize but we will of course be doing this for the GLORY of being Spurs fans. Cut and paste the fixtures below into the Forum thread (not on the Front Page please) and put your predictions on. Don`t forget to tot up what your team points tally is too, some of us have better things to do than do it for you...........

There is the very real possibility that there will be a tie at the top of the prediction table at the end of the season, as after all we are all experts, and therefore to hopefully make there a clear winner, we would also ask you to predict the total number of points Spurs will win (or lose) in the next fourteen games.

So if you think we'll get 42 points from 14 games put: Total 42 at the bottom. (You'll also be our most optimistic fan and / or certifiably insane) Apart from the entertainment element I hope this is a good way for us all to really think about our eventual points tally in the PL........and where Spurs will finish. COYS!!! (apologies for any gremlins setting this up in advance and don`t shout at me too much about it!)

Tottenham v Bolton,

Sunderland v Tottenham,

Blackpool v Tottenham,

Tottenham v Arsenal,

Wolverhampton v Tottenham,

Tottenham v West Ham,

Wigan v Tottenham,

Tottenham v Stoke,

Man City v Tottenham,

Tottenham v West Brom,

Chelsea v Tottenham,

Tottenham v Blackpool,

Liverpool v Tottenham,

Tottenham v Birmingham.

Just for the record, the editors decision is final and sadly any prize will not make you rich, but the glory will if nothing else give you bragging rights and knowledge that you are the Vital Spurs Champion predictor...

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The journalist

Writer: spurstop4 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday February 3 2011

Time: 11:21PM

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I will of course consider bribes. just as long as they are large enough for me to lose what little intergety I have left...
dont forget to post your predictions on the forum thread on the To dare is to do area. saying that why not post them here as well so we can tell you how wrong you are... ;-)
3rd yes ;)
Spurs will finish 4th ( I hope to god!!! )
Welsh yiddo
I reckon we can get between 26 and 37 points out of all of those, so long as the defence stays tight and Defoe finds his boots Maybe im being optimistic? Whatever :D
That's all I hope for regardless of any results
Welsh yiddo
Tottenham v Bolton, 3-1 (3p) Sunderland v Tottenham, 1-1 (1p) Blackpool v Tottenham, 1-2 (3p) Tottenham v Arsenal, 2-2 (1p) Wolverhampton v Tottenham, 2-2 (1p) Tottenham v West Ham, 2-1 (3p) Wigan v Tottenham, 0-2 (3p) Tottenham v Stoke, 3-0 (3p) Man City v Tottenham, 1-0 (0p) Tottenham v West Brom, 2-1 (3p) Chelsea v Tottenham, 2-0 (0p) Tottenham v Blackpool, 3-0 (3p) Liverpool v Tottenham, 2-0 (0p) Tottenham v Birmingham. 1-1 (1p) Total Points 66 Finish 5th Hope I am proven wrong and get to finsh 4th. COYS
I think the max we will manage from now til the end of the season is 25 points and we will miss fourth.
Tottenham v Bolton, 2-0, 3p Sunderland v Tottenham,2-1, 0p Blackpool v Tottenham, 1-0, 0p Tottenham v ars*nal,2-1, 3p Wolverhampton v Tottenham, 1-1, 1p Tottenham v West Ham, 3-0, 3p Wigan v Tottenham, 1-2, 3p Tottenham v Stoke, 2-0, 3p Man City v Tottenham, 3-2, 0p Tottenham v West Brom, 3-1, 3p Chelsea v Tottenham, 1-1, 1p Tottenham v Blackpool, 2-1, 3p Liverpool v Tottenham, 3-1, 0p Tottenham v Birmingham. 2-0, 3p Total: 26 points, 5th place or 6th if Liverpool continue their form, I'm being as negative/realistic as possible. I just have no faith away from home and we'll probably lose our games against those we are expected to beat, traditional Tottenham.
Gotta get myself one of those crystal balls.
At the beginning of the season I penciled in W/D/L next to our games, up til this point I had Spurs with 44 points, so i'm off 3 points (all those draws). For the remainder of the season I have us getting 31 more points with losses to Pool-A, Chelski-A and Citeh-A and a draw at Sunderland. So my total would be 72 points, we may drop a couple more points so i'm predicting 70 points total with 29 points coming from here until the end. I don't think that will get us 4th, 5th or 6th possibly. Please prove me wrong Spurs, please! COYS
razoredge spur
67 points total for the season and tied with Liverpool for 5th place. Manchester City will be in 4th.
You are an optimistic bunch, aren't you ;-) SPURS to power home strongly to get 3rd.
Check out the abs and cleavage on that girl up top :))
Nice :))
Forget the abs and cleavage check out the camel toe. Apart from that I think 30 points max and 5th. Please, please do better Spurs.
dangerousa, there are kids on here, you know! Now let me see......... ;-) .
Darn it dangerousa, you're a bad influence. I can't help but stare at it periodically ;-)
Tottenham v Bolton, 1-1 Sunderland v Tottenham,2-2 Blackpool v Tottenham, 3-1 Tottenham v Arsenal, 1-1 Wolverhampton v Tottenham, 2-1 Tottenham v West Ham, 3-1 Wigan v Tottenham, 2-0 Tottenham v Stoke, 1-0 Man City v Tottenham, 1-1 Tottenham v West Brom, 3-1 Chelsea v Tottenham, 2-2 Tottenham v Blackpool, 3-1 Liverpool v Tottenham, 1-2 Tottenham v Birmingham 2-0 29 more points between now and the end of the season for me. Leaves us exactly on 70 points.
Tottenham v Bolton--> 2-0; Sunderland v Tottenham-->0-2; Blackpool v Tottenham--> 3-2 ;Tottenham v Arsenal-->0-0;Wolverhampton v Tottenham-->1-2 Tottenham v West Ham-->2-0; Wigan v Tottenham-->1-4;Tottenham v Stoke-->1-0;Man City v Tottenham-->2-1;Tottenham v West Brom-->3-1 Chelsea v Tottenham-->1-1;Tottenham v Blackpool-->2-2;Liverpool v Tottenham-->1-1;Tottenham v Birmingham-->2-0. 31 points from now. Finish the season at 72 points
I've not time to go through each game but I see Liverpool over taking us in 6 games time on current form. Our results have flattered our performances (bar FA cup).
Tottenham Hotcore
TH, I agree our perfomances were not upto mark. But remember Liverpool won some of their recent games on good luck, espcially the one gainst Liverpool. They too are not playing to their potential. Agreed, Suarez inclusion is a plus. But then , Torres will be a big minus. I am sure we will be above Liverpool. We are 6 points ahead of them with a game in hand. Remember Carroll doesnt play till March. Morethan that, Liverpool were having some easier games till now. We will know the real Liverpool on saturday. If they go down against Chelsea, we will comfortably stay ahead of them. If they beat Chelsea, well thats very good, we will try catching Chelsea. We need to look ahead not behind.
Sorry, I meant Liverpool won by lukc against Fulham
14 games, but it is in itself a season of 2 halves. First half will be the next 8 games. There is no reason at all we cannot get 20 points here. 6 wins, 2 draws. If this happens we might be able to hang on to a top 4 spot but it will set up a dramatic final 6 games. IMO the 3 away games will determine our finishing position. 3 points might be enough if and only if we have a good first half................I know there are a lot of 'if's' in this equation.
changing the subject.......cant believe harry is talking about bringing beckham here next year? he claims he hits the VdV pass to crouch at blackburn ball for goal atleast 7 times aday in training!! s**t that means he will be keeping crouch!!
oh 27 points out of the remaining games me thinks. Lot of winnable games but unless the forwards click I think 5th at best.COYS
Some good points syd, but this is football so who knows. It just a feeling I have but then I am a but of a pessimist according to Mrs Hotcore. For all we know Crouch could score a goal a game now. Defoe could find his form (well create some, he hasnt had any for so long now I think it must be classed dead not missing).
Tottenham Hotcore
Tottenham v Bolton, 2-1 _3p. Sunderland v Tottenham, 1-1 _1p. Blackpool v Tottenham, 1-3, 3p. Tottenham v Arsenal, 1-1_1p. Wolverhampton v Tottenham, 0-1_3p. Tottenham v West Ham, 2-0_3p. Wigan v Tottenham, 2-1_0p. Tottenham v Stoke, 2-2_1p. Man City v Tottenham, 3-1_0p. Tottenham v West Brom, 1-0_3p. Chelsea v Tottenham, 1-1_1p. Tottenham v Blackpool, 2-0_3p. Liverpool v Tottenham, 2-2_1p. Tottenham v Birmingham 3-1_3p. Total = 26 points.
Im going for 29 points and finishing 5th !!!!!
Is there only one game suspension for a Red card in FA cup ? Seems Dawson is available for Bolton game.
does anyone know where and when the game v arsenal has been moved to
Great news, Calamity Dawson is available. The year ends in one and he single handedly cost us our place in the FA Cup. Seriously though, it would be completely wrong if he was handed a start against Bolton and unfair to the back four that went to Blackburn and kept a clean sheet. I'm sure Kevin Davies will be hoping he plays though as he mugs him every season. We owe Bolton.
Tottenham v Bolton, 1-1 (1p) Sunderland v Tottenham, 0-1 (3p) Blackpool v Tottenham, 1-2 (3p) Tottenham v Arsenal, 1-2(0p) Wolverhampton v Tottenham, 1-2 (3p) Tottenham v West Ham, 2-0 (3p) Wigan v Tottenham, 1-1 (1p) Tottenham v Stoke, 3-1 (3p) Man City v Tottenham, 0-0 (1p) Tottenham v West Brom, 2-1 (3p) Chelsea v Tottenham, 3-0 (0p) Tottenham v Blackpool, 3-1 (3p) Liverpool v Tottenham, 2-1 (0p) Tottenham v Birmingham. 2-1 (3p) Total Points 68. Finish 5th. Read more:
(Spurs score given first for each game) Bolton (H) - 2:0, Sunderland (A) - 1:0, Blackpool (A) 2:1, Arse (H) 2:2, Wolves (A) 2:0, Irons (H) 3:0, Wigan (A) 0:2, Stoke (H) 3:1, Citeh (A) 2;2, West Brom (H) 4:0, Chelski (A) 1:3, Blackpool (H) 2:1, Liverpool (A) 1:2, Brum (H) 3:1 29 points - total 70 points - fourth place
Tottenham v Bolton 1-0 (3pts), Sunderland v Tottenham 1-2 (3pts), Blackpool v Tottenham 1-3 (3pts), Tottenham v Arsenal 1-1 (1pt), Wolverhampton v Tottenham 1-2 (3pts), Tottenham v West Ham 3-1 (3 pts), Wigan v Tottenham 2-3 (3pts), Tottenham v Stoke 2-1 (3pts), Man City v Tottenham 0-1 (3pts), Tottenham v West Brom 1-0 (3pts), Chelsea v Tottenham 2-0 (0pts), Tottenham v Blackpool 2-0 (3pts), Liverpool v Tottenham 1-1 (1pt), Tottenham v Birmingham 2-1 (3pts). Total 35 points. Haha, ive just predicted spurs to lose just 1 more game all season!!! COYS
finish the season on 76 points COYS
From what ive seen in these predictions im easily the most optimistic spurs fan on Vital ( some may say most stupid). 76 Pts here we come COYS TTID
some of you lads should try posting on the forum too, some good ccomments on here. Please try to remember to post your predictions over there cos its a right ballache otherwise and you might miss out!
We will finish 5th. Citeh 4th ... But trust me we will win the CL, the year and in 1 after all.
cb25yid, i think i'm the most optimistic :)
i believe arsenal game is cancelled because of carling cup not on the bbc fixture list
Tottenham v Bolton, 2-1 Sunderland v Tottenham,1-1 Blackpool v Tottenham, 1-3 Tottenham v Arsenal, 1-2 Wolverhampton v Tottenham, 1-4 Tottenham v West Ham, 3-1 Wigan v Tottenham, 0-0 Tottenham v Stoke, 1-0 Man City v Tottenham, 2-1 Tottenham v West Brom, 3-1 Chelsea v Tottenham, 2-2 Tottenham v Blackpool, 3-1 Liverpool v Tottenham, 1-2 Tottenham v Birmingham 3-0. That's 30 more points between now and the end of the season for me, Leaves us 71 points, and probable 5th.
67 points & 5th / 6th (sadly).
Out of the remaining games, if Spurs are to have any chance, we have got to win all our home games, which worries me, because first up is Bolton, and that Davies bloke always gives us a hard time. We have then got to look at winning at least 3 away games, drawing 2 and losing two. So being an optomist, 32 points, fifth.
38pts from 42... draws away to chity and chelscum.... unbeaten through to the end of season and finish on 79pts. 4th COYS
Soooo Hope YOU are right Glenamy :)
Glennamy has just taken my crown as the most optimistic ( other than RamsesV) COYS
Talking of predictions, wheres Kierzo? I need to know who im betting on being first scorer at the lane tomorrow??!!!??!!
Pessimism helps, as everything looks brighter - 27 points I'm afraid - 68 points and most likely 5th - it's called consistency, which we still lack sadly- Tottenham v Bolton, 2-1 Sunderland v Tottenham,1-1 Blackpool v Tottenham,0-2 Tottenham v Arsenal,2-2 Wolverhampton v Tottenham, 1-0 Tottenham v West Ham, 3-1 Wigan v Tottenham,1-1 Tottenham v Stoke,2-1 Man City v Tottenham,3-0 Tottenham v West Brom,3-0 Chelsea v Tottenham,1-2 Tottenham v Blackpool,3-0 Liverpool v Tottenham,2-1 Tottenham v Birmingham,2-0
Think we will win all our remaining games besides a loss to Chelski and liverpool away!! Players coming back and that win over Blackburn, granted it was feckin ugly would have given the lads a bit of steel!! I'M PREDICTING 36 more points giving us 77 points!! Interestingly enough, tally up how you think citeh, chelski and the scouse bin pickers will get on!!! Makes good reading on my part!! COYS
PS i have delusions of grandure sometimes!!
there was alot of games at the end of last season we were expected to get nothing out of but with our backs to the wall when it matters we come out fighting.
Tottenham v Bolton, 1-1, Sunderland v Tottenham, 1-1, Blackpool v Tottenham, 1-3, Tottenham v Arsenal, 1-1, Wolverhampton v Tottenham, 0-2, Tottenham v West Ham, 2-0, Wigan v Tottenham, 0-1, Tottenham v Stoke, 1-2, Man City v Tottenham, 0-0, Tottenham v West Brom, 2-0, Chelsea v Tottenham, 3-0, Tottenham v Blackpool, 2-0, Liverpool v Tottenham, 1-0, Tottenham v Birmingham, 2-1 (if meaningful, 1-2 if not) us 69 points and (i think) unfortunately 5th. Hopefully the lads will prove me wrong starting tomorrow by turning my point into 3 vs Bolton...
Blackburn outplayed us on Wednesday, so Bolton will fecking batter us on Saturday. Big Kev will no doubt do what he loves to do, score past good old Spurs. Pepperami will play again etc etc..
muttley - How would it be "completely wrong" to bring Daws straight back into the team against Bolton?. Never see anybody saying about how unfair it is that Bassong has to sit on the bench, despite being part of the central pairing that broke club records for consecutive clean sheets. Never see any complaints about Kaboul constantly stepping upto the plate and outperforming almost everybody on the pitch, yet finding himself on the bench when the next game comes around??. Me thinks you may be being a little unfair on Mr Dawson?. And IF he does come straight back into the team, I assume you'll be berating the clown that makes that wrong selection choice??....
And cb25Yid - Yes I would say you're the most stupid Spurs supporter on Vital ;-).. And I'm obviously the most optimistic lol
i'd love too see woodgate get a run out if he's ready.
Tottenham v Bolton 0-0, Sunderland v Tottenham 1-1, Blackpool v Tottenham 0-2, Tottenham v Arsenal 0-2, Wolverhampton v Tottenham 2-0, Tottenham v West Ham 2-0, Wigan v Tottenham 0-1, Tottenham v Stoke 1-1, Man City v Tottenham 2-1, Tottenham v West Brom 3-0, Chelsea v Tottenham, 3-1, Tottenham v Blackpool 3-1, Liverpool v Tottenham 2-2, Tottenham v Birmingham 1-0 - that's another 25 points leaving us on 66 points and out of the CL league and looking at the players on wed they know it as well...just don't think we have the firepower to trouble the big teams....shame I used to look forward to seeing the team play - now I see the team sheet and think cr*p that ain't good reminds me of when I was just happy we'd avoid relegation...:(
Tottenham v Bolton, 2-1 (3) Sunderland v Tottenham, 1-1 (1) Blackpool v Tottenham, 1-3 (3) Tottenham v Arsenal, 0-1 (0) Wolverhampton v Tottenham, 0-0 (1) Tottenham v West Ham, 2-0 (3) Wigan v Tottenham, 1-2 (3) Tottenham v Stoke, 3-1 (3) Man City v Tottenham, 0-1 (0) Tottenham v West Brom, 2-1 (3) Chelsea v Tottenham, 0-2 (0) Tottenham v Blackpool, 4-1 (3) Liverpool v Tottenham, 1-1 (1) Tottenham v Birmingham. 2-0 (3) Total 27points
Windlespur & cb25yid... you have to be positive lads! ;0) I am over the 'blow the effing whistle' stage with 10 minutes to go mentality, that we as Spurs fans have inherited over the decades. We are going to start scoring first again, and we are going to get 4th minimum! COYS
Cb25 - Wilson :)
fu***ng hell windle.. You may as well say Zokora lol
Tottenham v Bolton 2-1 (3), Sunderland v Tottenham 1-1 (1), Blackpool v Tottenham 2-4 (3), Tottenham v Arsenal 1-1 (1), Wolverhampton v Tottenham 1-3 (3), Tottenham v West Ham 2-1 (3), Wigan v Tottenham 1-3 (3), Tottenham v Stoke 2-0 (3), Man City v Tottenham 1-1 (1), Tottenham v West Brom 4-1 (3), Chelsea v Tottenham 2-1 (0), Tottenham v Blackpool 3-2 (3), Liverpool v Tottenham 2-1 (0), Tottenham v Birmingham 3-1 (3). Right, so that means we get 30 more points between now and May. Optimistic view of course... but very very feasible. 7 home games; with the Arsenal one being the toughest. And 7 away games with Man City/Chelsea/Liverpool and Sunderland being the toughest, so 3 or 6 points from these would be great, but realistically 2 has been noted. The other 4 away games will be tough as they fight relagation battles, but I expect maximum points of 12 - at Wolves/Blackpool/West Brom and especially Wigan. COYS
Cheers Coopsie lol. Love it glennamy, keep those positive thoughts goin mate!! To dare is to do and all that......
HAHA, ill ya what Windle, i'll pop a cheeky quid on it just for you!!! wonder what the odds would be? im gonna go do it now so will let ya know....
Win 5 -draw 4 -lose 5. Points =19 ending on 60 points -6th place .Liverpool will just pip us to 5th .
big cockeral
Jesus!! Wilsons only 25/1 to be first scorer!!! oh well, i chucked a cheeky quid on it for ya Windle, dont let me down mate, if he doesnt score first im comin for ya ;o)
MJB could be laughin this week with his "bet against spurs" theory!! Bolton are 5/1!!! If i wasnt a spurs fan i'd prob have a few quid on that!!!
Tottenham v Bolton 2-0 (3pts), Sunderland v Tottenham 1-2 (3pts), Blackpool v Tottenham 2-3 (3pts), Tottenham v Arsenal 2-1 (3pts), Wolverhampton v Tottenham 1-1 (1pt), Tottenham v West Ham 2-0 (3 pts), Wigan v Tottenham 0-1 (3pts), Tottenham v Stoke 3-1 (3pts), Man City v Tottenham 1-1 (1pt), Tottenham v West Brom 1-0 (3pts), Chelsea v Tottenham 1-0 (0pts), Tottenham v Blackpool 2-0 (3pts), Liverpool v Tottenham 1-1 (1pt), Tottenham v Birmingham 1-1 (1pt). Total 31 points. And in the end, weŽll make 72 pts and finish 4th again. "To have faith is to do".
big cockeral - I see you're just a Scouser in disguise!!! No chance Liverpool will be pipping us to top 5, were aiming for 4th and you know it. I guess someone's got to put some realism into our fantasies.... right
Tottenham v Bolton, 3.1 Sunderland v Tottenham, 1.1 Blackpool v Tottenham, 1.2 Tottenham v Arsenal, 2.2 Wolverhampton v Tottenham,1.2 Tottenham v West Ham, 3.1 Wigan v Tottenham, 0.2 Tottenham v Stoke, 2.0 Man City v Tottenham, 2.2 Tottenham v West Brom, 2.0 Chelsea v Tottenham, 1.1 Tottenham v Blackpool, 3.1 Liverpool v Tottenham, 2.2 Tottenham v Birmingham.2.0 32 points finish 4th Read more:
DAPSURS -No not a scouser in disguise just Liverpool are playing alot better ,haven`t got europe ,great manager & that away game to Liverpool will be the difference.Chelsea ,Man city & at home to arsenal i can see defeat & one other ,maybe sunderland away .5 defeats .Of the other 9 we`ll draw 4 but win the other 5 .I`m just being honest
big cockeral
big cockeral - Liverpool ain't got an easy ride themselves. If we succeed against Bolton tomm, we'd be on Man Citey and Chelsea's heels. If Liverpool were to beat Chelsea, as long as we win, we're fine and catching up with the upper ones too. Pool have away games to Arsenal/Villa /Sunderland and Fulham to come. And their home games incl. Man Utd/Citey/Newcastle and Spurs. These are no light weights...I'd take our games over theres any day
big cockeral, we have moved on from the dark days, after last season have the faith COYS
DaSPURS ,you put across a good point ,i`d take our games too .Just think we`re wobbling whilst they are in the ascendency .With our games matched to theirs ,someone could be in trouble if they do beat us to 5th .Don`t look at others fixtures only ours & with their fixture list they should not overtake us .You`ve convinced me ,good post & i`m now going spurs 5th .Besides i prefer to be surprised by success than failure so that`s why i`ve written 4th off completely .DaSPURS you the man so you`re predictions better not let me down lol .You talk sense post after post & i have faith to go with you .I`m naturally pessimistic anyway ,you don`t get kicked in the nuts as much .Expect too much then you deserve it
big cockeral
cb25Yid - crouch was getting the stick last week and was first Defoe has to score this week???
Tottenham v Bolton 1-1,Sunderland v Tottenham 1-1,Blackpool v Tottenham 1-2,Tottenham v Arsenal 1-1,Wolverhampton v Tottenham 1-2,Tottenham v West Ham 1-1,Wigan v Tottenham 2-1, Tottenham v Stoke 2-0, Man City v Tottenham 2-1, Tottenham v West Brom 3-1, Chelsea v Tottenham 2-0, Tottenham v Blackpool 3-1, Liverpool v Tottenham 2-1 , Tottenham v Birmingham 3-1. 28 points = 69pts and 5th :-( Gutted & I hope i'm wrong!
why not do one for city games and it might be more uplifting. As i see it, we win our game in hand ,beat city at theirs, (their s hit scared of us now) and just match their results and Bingo. 4th.COYS
Faith tends to stutter with Spurs. By not expecting too much we will, hopefully, be pleasantly surprised come the final whistle of the final game. Big C is correct, look where Liverpool are, when only a few weeks back we were all laughing at them. I hope for 4th, realistically 5th, worse case 6th.
Fu** me, BigC used a word like 'ascendency'... What's going on big fella? You can tell uncle Coops, I'm here for you mate ;-)
Spurchair -hope for 4th -realistically 5th worse case 6th .No one could argue with that perfectly put .onlyonegreavsie -yes as Daspurs said about Liverpool .The prediction is easier when you see what others have to play themselves
big cockeral
Coopsie .only know that word because women say "your todger is always on the ascendency " that`s right ladies .I`m not too sure how i should take your post am i really that thick?
big cockeral
big cockeral - LMFAO
onlyonegreavesie - I have already... Citey have 6 away games (Man U/Chelsea/Liverpool/Blackburn/Everton and Bolton (NICE). and their home games incl. West Brom/Fulham / Wigan / Sunderland /Spurs/Stoke and West Ham) Needless to say we should win or draw our games against our main rivals to keep up, but I can certainly see then losing at least 5 games from that lists. Well, at least draws, if not loose, so we might still catch 'em too. COYS
And finally, the (so called) form team - Chelsea have Fulham/Blackpool/Stoke/West Brom/Man U/Everton (Away) - It gets better, as at home they have Man U (yummy)/Man citey/Liverpool/Wigan/West Ham/Spurs and Newcastle... so I rest my case regarding the top four really. It is soooo FEASIBLE. Btw, i'd rather Man Utd win all there games against these immediate rivals of ours as it helps us in our quest for 4th. COYS and Utd.
4th with a bit of luck city i recon might drop but we need our strikers to start putting the ball into the net. 5th or 6th at worse i think
Shedboy- I know lol, i asked on here who i should chuck some money on as first scorer and Kierzo said crouch so i chucked a tenner on him at 6/1. well happy with that so im waiting for him to come back on so i can ask him who to chuck some money on this week lol
cb25Yid - Lol... can't wait for Kierzo's return too now - so i can join u on that winning spree
Mate its a sure thing!!! lol
Tottenham v Bolton 3.1 Sunderland v Tottenham, 1.1 Blackpool v Tottenham,1.2 Tottenham v Arsenal,3.2 Wolverhampton v Tottenham,0.1 Tottenham v West Ham,2.1 Wigan v Tottenham,1.1 Tottenham v Stoke,2.0 Man City v Tottenham,1.2 Tottenham v West Brom,3.0 Chelsea v Tottenham,1.1 Tottenham v Blackpool,5.1 Liverpool v Tottenham,2.2 Tottenham v Birmingham.2.1 undefeated till the end of season and defoe will score loads and crouch will get injured king will find his pass port and andy gray will get a sex change.
man city will win the last 5 games,pees easy so we will need to be ahead by than,pool cannot be discounted,they play both us and city at anfield
I can smell fourth. City are starting to wobble and more points they drop the more they will wobble. prediction fourth again.
ard vaart
Tottenham v Bolton, 1-0 (3p) Sunderland v Tottenham, (1-1) 1p Blackpool v Tottenham, 1-4 (3p) Tottenham v Arsenal, 1-1 (1p) Wolverhampton v Tottenham, 0-2 (3p) Tottenham v West Ham, 5-1 (3p) Wigan v Tottenham, 1-0 (0p) Tottenham v Stoke, 1-0 (3p) Man City v Tottenham, 3-1 (0p) Tottenham v West Brom, 4-1 (3p) Chelsea v Tottenham, 2-0 (0p) Tottenham v Blackpool, 2-0 (3p) Liverpool v Tottenham, 2-2 (1p) Tottenham v Birmingham. 1-0 (3p) A total of 68points...should secure us 5th, hope we do a bit better than my predictions. How many do we need for a secure 4th, 73p?
spurs v bolton 1-0,s'land v spurs 1-1,b'pool v spurs 1-2,spurs v goons 0-0,wolves v spurs 1-2,spurs v w.ham 4-0,wigan v spurs 1-2,spurs v stoke 2-0,city v spurs 2-1,spurs v w.brom 1-0,chelsea v spurs 3-0,spurs v b'pool 3-1,l'pool v spurs 2-0,spurs v b'ham 2-1.thats 70pts and 4th place!!
They're taking the p*ss out of our transfer dealings on talksport...:(
city v w.brom 3-1,utd v city 2-1,city v fulham 3-1,city v wigan 3-0,chelsea v city 2-1,city v s'land 3-1,l'pool v city 1-0,city v spurs 2-1,b'burn v city 2-2,city v w.ham 3-0,everton v city 2-1,city v stoke 3-0,bolton v city 2-2.thats 69 points and 5th place!!
levy and harry are the biggest liars of all time,lloriente gave an interview stating pool came in for him and not mentioning spurs,that article a while back "smokes and mirrors" sums up this unfortunate situation
I hope to god (and I'm an atheist) that city wobble and we over take them. But the realist (pessimistic git*) in me says we got no hope. As Big C said, the lower your hopes the more chance of a pleasant surprise. Had the transfer windows (yes plural) gone better I'd be optimistic, but they didn't and we still have Crouch. *Mrs Hotcores contribution.
Tottenham Hotcore
shedboy - May I suggest that TalkSport perhaps have a point?
Tottenham v Bolton,2-0, 3 pts, Sunderland v Tottenham,1-1, 1 pt, Blackpool v Tottenham,2-2, 1 pt, Tottenham v Arsenal, 2-1, 3 pts, Wolverhampton v Tottenham,1-2, 3 pts, Tottenham v West Ham,1-0, 3 pts, Wigan v Tottenham,1-1, 1 pt, Tottenham v Stoke,3-0, 3 pts, Man City v Tottenham,1-0,0 pts, Tottenham v West Brom, 2-0, 3 pts, Chelsea v Tottenham,2-0, 0 pts, Tottenham v Blackpool,3-1, 3 pts, Liverpool v Tottenham,2-1, 0 pts, Tottenham v Birmingham.2-0, 3 pts. 68 points. 5th place
I run a season long spread sheet, up to now the team are +1 point on 43 to my forecasted 42. I have predicted a 69 point finish and will stick by this, I think that will be a 6th place finish, with the current top 4 and Liverpool finishing above us.
It will still be a very exciting seasons end and long summer of fantasy football for Danny Boy Levy, whether or not we make the CL again, as he starts the bidding wars for his two star players, Bale and VDV. Big money to made for Big Joe this summer!!!
geoff stern
I have us on 68 points - with us losing against against Man City. so that clearly will be the decider again imo. Last season 70 points was enough and i think it will roughly be enough again

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