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Testing the reputation of the Premiership.

With only 4 games left to play for both us and Manchester City, and despite the 7 point gap, I can't write us off yet. It's a funny old game after all.

But with only 1 win in 11 games - possessing the attacking flair that Spurs are renowned appears to be as useful as a handbrake in a canoe - and we are treading some dark waters right now. The talk of our star players being linked to moves away from the Lane may be realistic, but also disheartening. But after a taste of the Champions League, I think a lot of us quite rightly crave some top talent being brought in for next season.

So if there are any optimistic and pragmatic types among you, I think it would be a good idea to discuss what the reputation of the Premier league can help to a team that might not make the Champions League spot, but are looking to bring in some big names. You can talk about the stars of La Liga and Serie A, and even ponder pinching players from other Premier League teams far more comfortably if you have Champions League status that's for sure, but would outstanding players of perhaps ' lesser ' leagues be tempted to leave their high flying clubs for a chance to play for an ambitious team like Spurs, even without Champions League status?

We all love a good news flash when we see ' Spurs bid 38 million for Aguero 'or ' Llorente linked with Spurs for 25 million ', and I think as the January transfer window showed, these sorts of signings may be out our reach (wage structures seems to bother the Spurs management the most). Of course I would still like to see us making ambitious bids for these types of players, but there are other exciting prospects that give me hope for seasons to come. Would young players such as Lukaku, Alexis Sanchez and Neymar be happy to leave their clubs from Belgium, Chile and Brazil for Spurs?

With talks stalling with Neymar, I can't see any other of the top four going for them at least this season, and after seeing Spurs light up the champs league - are we an exciting project for them? Or what about established players in their own league, but not yet deemed as world class? I'm talking Hulk, Falcao (Portugese liga), Marin (Bundesliga), Sturridge(Prem), Gamiero (French league) etc etc. Surely Spurs' attacking nature would suit these guys down to the ground and add a bit of end product.

Finally, if you look hard enough, there are some quality players which hardly seemed to have slipped under the radar as of late - players like Ola Toivonen (Dutch league), Mario Gomez(Bundesliga) and Huntelaar (German liga). Are our scouting staff wise to such a bid? I honestly think (trying to unbiased), and so do a lot of neutrals and rivals that I know, think that playing for Spurs would be an exciting prospect for any player next season. And I think we can get those signings that we want if we play it smart in the summer transfer window.

This leaves another thought in my mind. Will OUR star players want to move away to the giants of what I honestly consider weaker leagues like La Liga and Serie A? I think that we should not consider for a moment selling our best players to a team in the Premiership, let alone abroad - but either way I think that the mettle of the Premier league's reputation to elevate talented players to world class status is going to be tested this summer. I would love to see some new top class talent dominate the Premiership at Spurs, and hopefully those prospective players will do too. PS - here's to us getting Champs League and making this article irrelevant!

Written by Spurfect11

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The journalist

Writer: Spurfect11 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday May 3 2011

Time: 9:00PM

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Players want to play against the best week in and week out. Playing in the Barca side or the Madrid one is not a step down. Most other clubs are. Italians are starting to spend again so who knows where will be the best in 5 years? They all want to play CL though and win trophies. COYS
2 in one day and read them all. Gotta get a lottery ticket. COYS
IMO, no-one will leave unless we are done and dusted by January. Need to do something positive this summer and start the season off with some focus and results. If we buy Neville, Parker, Ferdinand, Beckham, there will be more dissent and the stars will start to go. Look to the future not the past. COYS
IMO, no-one will leave unless we are done and dusted by January. Need to do something positive this summer and start the season off with some focus and results. If we buy Neville, Parker, Ferdinand, Beckham, there will be more dissent and the stars will start to go. Look to the future not the past. COYS
Sorry about the Double post. Two GSB in one day. I was getting ahead of myself. COYS
Don't want you to think you are all alone out there, Peter
What a difference a year makes, just under a year ago we were all looking forward to the club stepping up a gear and bringing in some top quality players to make us title contenders, we had the lure of CL to offer these players but it never happened, so now barring a bloody miracle we wont have the same bargaining chip, so not only will it be hard to tempt anyone players of top quality, it will be suprising if we can manage to hang on to the rest of the jewlls we already have, and there is still the not so small matter of ridding the club of deadwood and nearly men, it will be an interesting summer for us fans!
Reality check. As it stands, we can never compete with the big boys in attracting the big stars, simple fact, we don't pay the wages. Our only option is to keep looking out for emerging talent, and we have excelled in this: Berbatov, Modric, Bale, Carrick, Lennon, Huddlestone, Sandro. Simple fact 2, you can't do this without a Director of Football. Redknapp doesn't want a DOF, so unless he goes mid table is the best we can hope for. COYS
There are definately some very good players available for the kind of money we may have to spend. so long as we're not going toe to toe with chelski, city and utd for their signatures. Need to get in there as quickly as possible and worry about selling afterwards if necessary. Two strikers minimum &before we look at strengthening anywhere else. Should have got one in last summer ( not in Jan) - & thats what arry was saying but it never happened. Lets hope he can be creative, I dont think the answer lies in the Premiership (striker wise) - as the quality we want eg Tevez wont be sold to us. The midfield is great, if we keep everyone, could probably sell Jenas or Ohara and Palacios though
I think with our exploits in the Champions League our reputation is boosted at the moment and we have to cash in on that this summer, it will be a miracle if we get into the CL this season but I agree with Harry when he said it's the wages that lure players more than CL football, Man City being the prime example. I would like a DoF but then again its not like our scouts can't do their job without one is it? We need to go back to what built this team in the first place, those players who were deemed a risk by other clubs (Berbatov) or not with a big reputation (Sandro) but it's finding these players that seems to be the problem. From what we can tell most of our scouting is taking place in Spain and Brazil so expect some names from there to be thrown out by the media.
talking of wages...if the spanish giants come in then players will be off...would you rather pay 20% tax or 50%???.....but who wants to play tippy tappy then dive football...barca were rubbish to watch over both legs of the CL semi....
Mind you, whats the worry, I,m pretty sure we,ll have the cream of the crop from the West Ham squad next season,,,,,,,god help us!
I think as long as we are willing to pay 20-25 million for a top quality player, while selling fringe players to fund them - we should be able to get some awesome players. Make our ambition known from day 1 of the summer and get an early signing. This will help keep our stars and perhaps aid us picking up another 1 or 2 good buys. If we can shift our fringe players and add that to the speculated pot we have after profit from the champs league....hopefully we will have around 50-60 million to spend. Some people i know are talking about cashing in on Bale for 40-50 million. I would only ever consider this if the money would be invested straight back into our squad with some signings. He doesn't seem to enjoy playing at Spurs anymore, and that is bad for him and for our performance, so Marin specifically if Bale goes. Falcao/Lukaku and Hulk with the rest of our money.
I think the tax is irrelavant, they all have accountants that sort that dont worry
would love to buy Marin without selling Bale though. Bale at left back and Marin left wing would be righteous!
Alexis Sanchez plays in Italy....
yes he is - sorry about that 999
the loop holes are closing...the clubs are having to pay 'netto'....
Talks stalling iwth Neymar? Am i seeing things? Neymar to Spurs? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. This page never fails to amuse me. Neymar to Chelsea is a done deal, the number one talent in world football will be at Chelsea next season, to think he would join Spurs is really delusional.
On what planet would Chelsea sell Sturridge to Spurs? This is one of the worst articles i've ever seen Spurfect.
I had to read this article twice because i was shocked by how stupid it is, it isn't even coherent, WOW!
With talks stalling with Neymar, I can't see any other of the top four going for them at least this season, << what does that even mean? Even your fellow yids are correcting your mistakes, don't ever write another article, epic fail!
Jackstan, ***** off you ******** low life piece of chelsea scum!
of you?not even if you won the ***** off and quit this ***** of you spamming all of our articles!if you dont like what you see when you come on here, do us all a favour and dont.
The reality is we cant get any top player because of wages. We had one trump card last year that was CL. If we had a chance to buy a top quality forward ,it was last summer. We missed the boat last summer. With no CL, we would struggle to get any big player signing. May be club thought we were safe with Defoe & Pav. After a good performance from forward line last season, they have simply flattered to decieve. Anyway, still there are some top talents who might be willing to be part of our club. Scout team has its hands full in summer.
James, your lot were all over our page when we were doing *****, saying we would be in Europa and u in the Champions League, now your season has gone tits up and we are in a title race, it works both ways.
don't worry about James. none of us are perfect, including any article written by anyone, whether that be grammatically correct or of a different opinion. i would like to point out though that I haven't in the article suggested that Spurs are after Neymar, or that Neymar would want to go to Spurs. I haven't even said that Neymar is definitely is not going to Chelsea, and by that token anyone who says Neymar is a 100% deal to Chelsea has either been to the future, or is stupid enough to think that things are pre-determined. The article is simply asking the possibility of the top players from lesser leagues joining a "lesser" team from a stronger league. In my eyes, it's in the best interest of clubs like Chelsea to be buying players where they have proved themselves in the top teams of the best leagues ie. Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich..........not Santos of the Brazilian league. So it makes sense to me that Neymar may only be 99% of a done deal, because there are more established players that Chelsea could go after, so would he be happy not getting 1st team e.g Torres coming in, being a complete waste of space, but pushing Drogba out of the team. If Drogba struggles to get a game - what about Neymar? I hope you have taken the time to read this and can understand more clearly why I have written the article.
about it* James
The wage thing is a non-issue. What we can't afford to do as an organization is to bring some average talent (let's say, for example Pienaar) and then pay him more than most of the squad. That is how you do a Harry to a club.

What we can afford to do is to bring in young players of quality, play them (not Harry's way), pay them a fair wage and then as they improve and start to carry the team, increase their wages accordingly. Paying Bale or Modric or Lennon 100k at this point would not bother me. They have earned it. WE just can't pay 35-40M for Aguero, hand him 150k/week and then suggest that Defoe isn't worth it if he's scoring more goals, which could easily happen. Aguero,Rossi, Lloriente etc are all unproven in the PL and there is a huge risk associated with bringing them in on high wages. Sign Gameiro, Gervinho, Lukaku, pay them fairly and then adjust accordingly as they excel or don't. The great thing about our salary structure (but for Pienaar so far) is that the wages largely reflect what they have earned at Spurs. Even Keane, who is grossly overpaid, was compensated for his past at Spurs. I can live with that much better than wasting money and inflating bench players like Pienaar. We can't make similar mistakes with old players like Cole, Forlan, Parker, Neville, Ferdinand. All these guys will be looking for one last big payday. That is rarely worth it. COYS
The wage thing is a non-issue. What we can't afford to do as an organization is to bring some average talent (let's say, for example Pienaar) and then pay him more than most of the squad. That is how you do a Harry to a club.

What we can afford to do is to bring in young players of quality, play them (not Harry's way), pay them a fair wage and then as they improve and start to carry the team, increase their wages accordingly. Paying Bale or Modric or Lennon 100k at this point would not bother me. They have earned it. WE just can't pay 35-40M for Aguero, hand him 150k/week and then suggest that Defoe isn't worth it if he's scoring more goals, which could easily happen. Aguero,Rossi, Lloriente etc are all unproven in the PL and there is a huge risk associated with bringing them in on high wages. Sign Gameiro, Gervinho, Lukaku, pay them fairly and then adjust accordingly as they excel or don't. The great thing about our salary structure (but for Pienaar so far) is that the wages largely reflect what they have earned at Spurs. Even Keane, who is grossly overpaid, was compensated for his past at Spurs. I can live with that much better than wasting money and inflating bench players like Pienaar. We can't make similar mistakes with old players like Cole, Forlan, Parker, Neville, Ferdinand. All these guys will be looking for one last big payday. That is rarely worth it. COYS
if you came on here and just started having a go at our club, i expect nothing more from a rival, but when you start abusing a member because of the article hes posted, well thats just ****i$h.but you obviously have no class.
Darned double posts.

Darned double posts.

Neymar is the most wanted prospect in world football, to suggest Spurs have a chance of that calibre of players is delusional and yes it is quite well known that Neymar has agreed personal terms with Chelsea, various sources have stated this and they all stated it at the same time. We have been after him for 2 years now, Piet de Visser, the man who scouted Romario and Ronaldo, has been watching him for Roman. Roman is also good very close to the super agent Pin Zahavi. Not to mention the 4 Brazilians, Alex, Ramires, Luiz and Piazon waiting to greet Neymar and the fact the player himself has said it is his dream to join Chelsea. We only go after established players? Like Kalas, Piazon, Ake and Masek? We have already had bids rejected for Neymar in past transfer windows. Source inside Chelsea claim it's a done deal.
Neymar plays on the left side, he will replace Malouda, sign him if u want.
Fine if it is claimed, then it must be true. I'm also convinced that Neymar will probably sign for Chelsea. All the best with that. But for all the Spurs fans on here, let's carry on discussing what talent out there would be deemed a possible transfer deal for us next season.
There have been talks of Marin to Spurs, I would be more excited about the prospect of him arriving than Malouda.
As to Neymar to Chelsea, could happen. I'd imagine a buy and loan straight back. It's not like the Inn is empty. They have several strikers now who are not getting playing time and Sturridge, for my money, has earned a shot. Sell all four of our strikers June 1 and we will instantly be a target club. Anyone coming in knows they have a chance. No more of the Crouch/Defoe Harry loves us garbage. Bring in 3 or 4 young strikers and let them earn the starting role and thus the commensurate salary. Before anyone suggests that it's hard to get strikers in, over 50 came to the PL or switched teams the past 2 windows. If Sunderland can sign WC stars, surely we can get guys like Gameiro, Gervinho, Lukaku, Leandro, Arnautovic, Kroos, Perisic, Muller, Mandzukic. We should have been all over Castaignos, but Inter picked him up for 5M Euros. Too busy with our heads in the clouds to see what is right there for all to see. It's time to go back to doing things Spurs way. Buy guys young, play and develop them within the squad. COYS
Marin is the perfect type of signing. Ashley Young would be good too as he'd offer the option to Bale and Lennon. Problem is he'll cost double what Marin would, which is why Marin or Turan or like is where we should be looking. COYS
Players like Marin and Lukaku are more viable options for Spurs. We will be selling players peter, the likes of Malouda and Anelka will more than likely leave.
I personally rate Marin over Young. and if he is going to be cheaper then let's go for it. play Bale as left back and him on the wing (he likes to drift inside) then we would have an awesome left flank. the trouble with the wing back system (and I can see this with Walker coming in) is that it works best with the winger's tendency to drift in. This wouldn't leave a lot of room for VDV to operate - in fact it would make his role obsolete. Say we managed to pull off Marin and Hulk, Hulk likes to play on the right and then come in onto his favoured left. If Marin did the same, we really wouldn't need an in the hole player. Of course we could get neither and we will be stuck with this 442, 4411 debate for the whole of next season which just ins't healthy.
I would buy Anelka for 10 million with a push for around 8 million. he is better than Pav in my eyes. but who knows. there are still other strikers I would rather put a bid in for first.
It's mostly about wages. And Man City are proof of buying top players to play for a non-CL side who also have crap history. Redknapps right on this one, it's all about the money.
Wage cant be non-issue. Wages is everything. Then why would all top talent sign for City. We can satisfy the selling club by paying say 30m. Thats within our range, but cant afford to give a new player 100k a week.
We need someone like Comolli as director of football. But then, when we have a manager like Harry who sends Walker on loan and keeps Hutton, whatever the talent that will come in ,will only get rotten. Tarabdt didnt have greatest of attitude, but undeniable fact is, he is a great talent. Selling him to QPR for 1 million is scandalous. Now, he has scored nearly 20 goals and assisted as many in championship and there are talks of Real Madrid snapping him up. I dont mind selling a player, but undervaluing him by that much is simply mad.
Sevilla eyeing Pav.
Spurfect11, no way to Bale LB. He is one of the greatest LW in the world. Young or Marin would be as another option to Lennon and Bale. They have skill on the ball and have the pace to run at defenders. BAE is left back and we need someone for cover there. Sadly Harry has not had the foresight to prep Bassong for that. Shame as that is a natural position for him.

wages are not the only thing and they are not the most important thing. You don't need to pay 150k/week to get a good striker. You need to pay 150k to get an established striker. Suarez is not on that type of money. Nor is Gyan. Nor is Carroll. Nor are most of the strikers in the world. It's just an excuse people float as to why we can't compete. It's rubbish. We must do things differently and we must be smarter. Bale we could never afford now, yet we have him. How'd that come about? Stop accepting less. Castaignos cost Inter 5M Euros. That's it. COYS
Chelsea will not be selling players to Spurs unless the price tag is way over the odds. No thanks. Buy young. Find the next Malouda, Anelka, Drogba. COYS
Unlike jackstan, our closet SPURS supporter, who obviously has nothing better to do with his life than come on here and harrass us, I am snowed under with work last few days because I am going away in 2 days. So, I just want to say that in the last 4 games, I hope the boys give a good account of themselves and at least win a couple of games. COME ON YOU SPURS

See you all at WHL in the afternoon 22/5/11. I'm either going to wear my Bale long sleeve or VDV short sleeve white Autonomy shirt, depending on how warm it is. Say hello if you see a Chinese dude wearing that outfit. Could be me. jackstan, if you are secretly there watching our games, because you love us so much, say hello and I'll give you a big man hug ;-)
Syd, a 30M player comes with commensurate wages. You are right, we can afford the transfer but not the wages. The point is we shouldn't pay that amount of transfer either. Gameiro, Gervinho, Arnautovic, Leandro, Demba Ba, Obinna, Lukaku, Mandzukic and 100's more will not cost large on wages. In there are the next Suarez, Falcao, Drogba, Berbatov etc. Go out and get them. Before you do though, you might want to find a manager that will play them. How much of a savings is it if Obika is quality? He, along with Pav, were far and away the best strikers in the preseason. Reward, Pav gets to sit and Obika gets sent out on loan to a team that has 2 of their own strikers and a more experienced striker on loan from Everton. Yeah, he got a shot. Right between the eyes. The treatment of Rose and Obika, who were deemed to be in the last chance saloon, was nothing short of irresponsible. But then this is a manager who would rather have two keepers on the bench than dress Kranjcar or Rose. For shame. COYS
Mad, you are class. Enjoy the trip with the mrs and I hope you manage to get ducats for the Birmingham game. COYS
City and all their money have proven only that chemistry is much more important that how much you spend. We got 4th, not because we spent more, but because we had a squad that was all pulling together. This year, 1/3 want out and it is no surprise that guys play like they couldn't give a toss. Basic human nature. Crap on guys enough, and it'll come back and bite you. COYS
Redknapp is not correct. He is just unable to manage a squad of players and certainly has no time for the kids. He is the problem. When someone decides to make him accountable, perhaps we can move forward. COYS
Aguero, Llorente and Rossi didn't refuse to come because of wages. They didn't want to come. Forlan and Fabbiano have both twice said no. Cole, Harry's buddy, and another who supposedly owes everything he has ever done in football to Harry, didn't want to come. When is it going to hit some on here, that it's not our players that are the problem. COYS
Harry is right when he said it's not the lure of European football that attracts a player to a club; it's the wages. By that token, if Chelsea offers to double Bale's wages AND give him Champions League football next season where do you think he'll play? Ditto Modric. The players who will come to us (notwithstanding that we are not in Europe) are those who will get better wages than what they are getting at the moment BUT who are not wanted by the likes of Chelsea, MU or M City. That's the harsh reality of having a 35,000 seater stadium with a fan base that would support 60,000.
Peterball, firstly i think every post you make speaks of complete sense and is always backed up with good reason. I'm just interested in which players want out. I know Kranjkar for sure, which for me is a crying shame and in a way sums up Redcrapp and all his failings. I find myself getting excited at ideas you and others post on here with regards to new signings and what not, but then I remember that good old Harry is in charge and all the perfectly good, common sense ideas go out the window. I just can't muster up hope for our future whilst he's in charge and looking at players who are A) 30+ and B) have prem experience. I really see Klinsmann as the answer now. Having read up on his management career, although short he has promise and believes in youth.
Tottenham Hotcore
peterbalb, can we even remember the last time bale was a world beater at LW? i mean course we can but its been a while hasnt it, teams have largely found him out. so if its not working why not move him to LB, he did very well there last season, after all it was his performances there that allowed him to stay in the side. course krank cant get a game on the left with harrys philosophy so it would be questionable whether marin could...
PeterBalb - I completely agree with all your comments and posts. So much so that i have nothing to add really! Very frustrating, such a wasted opportunity to build a dynasty and unfortunately all so predictable with Redknapp in charge. Funny how all the delusional HR lovers have gone quiet. Lets hope we only get one more year of HR at the most and in that time he doesn't destroy the best young squad of players we have since the PL began. Next man in someone like Coyle (Bolton could still over-take us - can you believe that?!) with a quality DoF to build on what we have and a dynasty over next 5-10 years. Would Jol/Arnesen be completely out of question?! Success now and in the future. Perhaps stadium decision will be sorted next summer too. COYS.
this is for jackstan, our resident closet SPURS supporter. I am going to be travelling half way around the world to get to WHL, so please don't call me plastic again, ok ;-) For that matter, don't call anyone plastic, 'cause we won't be posting here all the time if we were. COME ON YOU SPURS.
StillRickyVilla, You may agree with Peterbalbs football posts, but all his posts are totally contradicted by his total belief in Levy/Lewis/Enic. He believes they are the best thing for Tottenham even though they brought him Harry, Crouch, an empty trophy cabinet, no new stadium, 11 seasons of frustration, under achievment and failure! He continues to talk about all that is wrong on the pitch, but he continues to state what a wonderful job Levy has done for Tottenham. He supports 100% the losers who run Tottenham and yet he contradicts him self time and time again when he writes literally 100's of posts slagging off the players and the coach who were appointed by his hero's Levy/Lewis. Levy has used all his 3 DOF's and 7 coaches as scape goats for his failings, and now the fans are turning on Harry! To attack Harry is a total waste of time and energy because he did not appoint him self! Levy and his board put him there and they are ultimately responsible! We must vent are frustrations in the right direction! There will be no success at THFC whilst Levy runs the club on behalf of Joe Lewis. The only way forward now is new owners. History will prove me 100% correct. We have already had 11 season of evidence and no Champions League going into season 12... I asked Peter a direct question recently. I asked him how many more seasons he would give ENIC before he calls time on them? Silence???
geoff stern
Well said, Madaboutspurs! I'm a plastic spurs fan too, just like Jack off! I doesn't bother me in the slightest, only our confused friend who types the word 'delusional' a lot. He should get a dictionary as he is using the wrong word to describe spurs fans' goals, methinks the more accurate word would be 'aspirational'. There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be the best, especially when it's going to be down to hard graft and not huge wads of Russian cash.
Taarabt is a showpony. He was always going to leave, players with the attitude like him and Boateng and Dos Santos dont deserve to play for us. I won't lose any sleep over them.
Mix, all I am saying,like him or not , he cant be sold at 1m.
Harry and Kevin went to see Pablo Osvaldo against Athletico Bilbao in which Espanyol won. I think the scouting staff are on the right track watching players like this. He's scored 11 goals in 20 games in La Liga. There are still better options, but I'm glad that most of our time won't be wasted on trying to sign Aguero for 40 million, which will never happen. Hoping for some news on Marin, Hulk and Lukaku at the moment. Some sources are saying Hulk will go for just 10 million - find that hard to believe.
Hello All. Regarding Neymar, I take it as a very unlikely sigining to happen as Tottenham Hotspur is not perceived in Brazil as a big club as others are. Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and United if we are talking England alone are the clubs one can easily buy merchandise in local stores, all courtesy of their regular CL incarnations. Therefore, its nearly a "no-go" to me; plus agents want to secure their lion share when it comes to selling their players to Europe. The idea of trying "weaker leagues" but un-tested PL players seems to be the logical path to follow as one clear disadvantage Spurs will probaly face when trying to sign new strikers is too much talk about it in the last few months. Any selling club will want to take advantage of it and that will inflate prices...twice if the player is a big name. I for all, dont think its worth breaking the bank to secure a CL spot again just to go into financial darkness for several following years. Judging by the type of people Modric and Bale look like, they wont leave WHL right now. Just a hunch, nothing more. VdV should consider staying with Spurs as he yet has to prove a lot of issues that colud easily make Real Madrid real fools.
Geoff, you may as well acknowledge all the great things that Levy/ENIC/Lewis have done. All the players on the squad are down to him/them. I think our squad is decent, if not very good. I actually reckon we are no worse than 3rd best squad in the PL and have greatly closed the gap (truth be told they have come back to us) with ManU and Chelsea. We all believed we had a shot at the title this season, did we not? When was the last time you could say that. We get more in sponsorship than ever before. Have a new kit deal that will put us front and centre of an international brand. The only thing we have not done is live up to it on the pitch and get the new stadium going. There is blame. There should also be kudos. As I have responded, time and again, Levy and his fellow bean counters at ENIC are clearly increasing the total value of the brand. With a stadium, that will be better, but it can't be done at gunpoint. It must, however get done. Chelsea only have 6k more seats than do we. If we take our capacity to 61k, we will then have 25k more than them, and SO LONG AS WE ARE NOT SADDLED WITH DEBT, we will be able to continue to grow the brand. All but the stadium is in place. Yes Levy and the board hired Redknapp. They also hired Ramos (who did win something) and Jol (who allowed most of our kids to develop). There is good and bad. Nowhere near as much bad as you keep suggesting with Levy/Lewis/ENIC/the board. They are all doing fine or Lewis would have sold or fired the lot of them. COYS
Hiano, you are referring to established world class players. They all come with big salaries to be sue. We do not, and should not go that route unless it is the final piece of the puzzle. As for Bale, if you think that RM, Barca, Juve, Inter, AC Chelsea and ManU have not already spoken to his agent and suggested that he'd be on at least 150k/week with their club and get trophies and CL, then you are being naive. Same happened to Keane and Berbatov. Tapping up happens every day. Thus if Bale, Modric, Lennon, Sandro, VDV all stay, it actually undoes your premise. Money is not everything, unless, like Pienaar, you are looking for one last team to give you that last big payday. We should not have let Harry get what Harry wanted. Terrible contract. COYS
TottenhamHotcore, the players who have suggested that they should play elsewhere unless starting at Spurs include: Gio, Pav, Kranjcar, Bassong, O'Hara, Keane, Bentley. Hutton has made his bed, I believe. corluka will not stay if Neville comes in. Defoe has said again he will not be 3rd choice, so if we sign a few real strikers add him. Palacios is obviously looking as there are many rumours out there. Obika and Rose were in the last chance (read no chance) saloon. Bostock, Parrett, Livermore all need to go to salvage anything from their career. Walker stated last week he expects to be startind somewhere in the PL next year. I have probably missed a few, but that's a lot of players wanting out. I can't ever say I have ever seen that many players wanting out of a top team. Even Juve kept the core of their players when they were dropped a division and penalized heavily (despite the fact that Roma, AC Milan and Inter were all as involved). Generally, you don't get rid of the squad, you change the manager. COYS
AlexSpur - your reply is exactly the sort of attitude tottenham should be taking over the summer regarding buying players that excel in their league, but are not necessarily big name players. Until Spurs have a new stadium and have 2-3 years of champs league footie in a row, we won't be signing the Ronaldos, Snjeiders and Eto's.
also, I got a lot of gyp for talking about Sturridge from that Jackstan guy, but i'm thinking, if Chelsea buy Neymar, and keep Torres with one of either Drogba or Anelka (maybe even both), then surely Sturridge will not be happy on the bench for 80% of the season. we should at least make an inquiry
Spurfect HAHAHA, Chelsea would never sell Sturridge, get real. Our front line will be Neymar, Torres and Sturridge!
Spurfect11, the only fly in the ointment is that Chelsdea, ManU, Pool, City, Arsenal are not going to sell us players unless they are nowhere near good enough. Any player with the potential of sinking them (Bellamy, Richards, Adebayor, Drogba, Sturridge) are not going to be sold to Spurs. I would also presume as Bolton will be given first dibbs and I think they like what they are building. Perhaps another year on loan, perhaps sold to another club, but certainly none of those that people expect to be fighting for CL spots next season. ManU will happily sell us Berbatov and Carrick, so long as Modric and Bale are going the other way. You just can't make your rivals stronger unless they are paying well above the odds. COYS
The only guy I regret we did not sign last time is Suarez. He proved me and many here I believe wrong. I wish we had signed him ;( COYS
Cheers Peter, dear god I hope Neville doesn't come, another oldie who will more than likely fail to play week in week out whilst claiming a nice fat pension off us.
Tottenham Hotcore
Peterbalb, it doesn't make you right because you speak the loudest!! Llorente, Aguero, Rossi, et all have never said that they wouldn't come to Spurs, they were never given the option as their clubs did not accept any bids for them. We have no idea what salary Pienaar is on, we only have what we read in papers and I can tell you from personal experience that 90% of salary and transfer figures quoted in papers are incorrect. Dependant on what paper you read today, Spurs top earners are on 80k, others state 65k. We are not a top club, Chelsea, Man U, Barca, Real, etc are top clubs and fringe players don't leave these teams because they are in a squad that generally wins trophies. Our fringe players (Bassong, Bentley, Gio, O'Hara) on the other hand are not good enough to fight for a regular place and therefore want to leave, but none of these players will end up at a top club. Therefore, I say to that so what, they haven't contributed much this season, so are unlikely to be missed. I for one would much rather they were moved on to reduce the wage burden and was replaced with one or two real qulaity signings (not 100kpw players, but top quality), which is what we need to push on past the Citeh's Arsenal's and co. I also do not see what is wrong in bringing in one or two experienced players to supplement what is a young, talented, but inexperienced squad at the highest levels. All the tops teams have players like these, with the exception of Arsenal and they've won nothing for six years!! I do have some sympathy for the youngsters, but when I look at the names mentioned, Rose, Townsend, Obika, Livermore, none of these are 1st team quality and this season was not the time to blood them, other than possibly the Carling Cup and as we saw Harry did use some of them and we ended up being slaughtered by Arsenal, which prompted much fan unrest, Even Walker was not ready at the beginning of this season, but by sending him out to QPR and now Villa he is learning and making mistakes at their expense, which will I believe will make him a better player for us next season, thereby freeing us the release the Hutton's of this world.
Paul - THFC Forever

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