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Has our midfield created our striking problems?

Looking at our chances for next season and the depth of our squad makes you question what went wrong last season, and why did everyone have such a downer on the team`s performance last time out?

Our revolving defensive issues and list of injuries in the early part of the season was somewhat of a nightmare for the stability of the team to get us started, and this can't have been helped by the huge amount of pre-season friendlies and CL early start to the season that we had. (Suspect something to do with Levy's money spinning road show in US before CL?) Never the less, looking at our chances last year and squad compared to the rest of our rivals it would suggest that with the likes of Modric, Bale, Huddlestone, Pienaar, Kranjcar, Jenas, Lennon, Sandro, Rose, Townsend, O`Hara, Bentley, Dos Santos and Van der Vaart might have created the problem for Harry last time out?

We have the best midfield squad in the Premiership, and Harry didn't know what to do with them all except drop a striker? It was the first time in a good few years that our strike force hadn't clocked around 100 goals between them, but we generally look stronger defensively. The team reminds me of Chelski a few years back with the appearance of Drogba, and the strong 5 in midfield.

I think that strong front man who can push defenders around will be our defining difference next time out. (Last season unfortunately this was Crouchie?) V.Vaart was our Lamps, Sandro = Makalele, and Modric = Deco, Hudd's = Essien, and even the inconsistent Lennon = Cole?

I'm not so sure that Aguero would do the job, but a strong physical and intelligent player. Possibly a Llorente, Hulk, Eto, Milito or even Drogba himself would make us contenders for a top three rather than a top five. I don't enjoy comparing us to Chelski by the way, but do see striking similarities to that team that became very successful in our current squad. Hopefully the signing of our marquee, tough nut and intelligent striker, along with rotating the squad will bring a smile back to our faces next time out!

Written by aspurnorthernboy

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The journalist

Writer: aspurnorthernboy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday June 23 2011

Time: 2:00PM

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first !
Good question yes there is a problem MF and ST...
Block D Spurs
seems to me MF has been instructed to play the wide ball... not enough through balls to strikers run onto... only one is pav, who does link with modders well. Harry has to wake up to tactical and movements... and Defoe to remain onside FFS!!!
Block D Spurs
There are many strikers who would just love to play in a team with Lennon, Modders, Bale, VDV, Hudd etc. You are correct that a strong aerial presence (i.e. not Crouch) up front would have capitalised & scored plenty last year
The midfield isn't the problem, harry's lack af ability in formations and squad rotation is the problem. The fact of the matter is that at home we should be playing two strikers and not five midfielders, especially against so many of the smaller teams we dropped points against. Oh and get rid of Ferdinand - he was rubbish for us as a player and he's now doing the double as a "coach".
100 goals a season? The whole team averages only about 65 in the league.
aspurnorthernboy - Cheers for the article. I think what you're getting at is that our strikers scored less goals because didnt have 2 of them on the pitch. It's an fair point and it's entirely possible that was the case. However, your point is lost somewhere among the mad comparisons with Chelsea, claiming that our strikers usually score 100 (I dont belive I've ever seen a Spurs strikeforce score 100 goals between them), claiming that Harry didnt know what do with all of our midfielders (although you might gain a few fans for saying that, it is effectively nonsense) and the idea that what really caused the slump was because Drogba (i.e. the big tall bossy guy) wasnt playing for us. I absolutely agree that what we need next season is a huge front man to push opposing defenders around. In the mould of the likes of Drogba or a young Adriano.
4 4 2 is pretty much what got us to the champions league in the prem playing a 4 4 1 1 system does not really work with what we had with rafa in the side. I may get slated for this but would like to see bale playing on the left with rafa. Bale at left back making big runs with rafa shipping the ball to him on the overlap at full pace. The nice thing about Rafa is aswell as that he has a great pass on him.
No. If a striker does not score that is his problem. Our strikers had the chances they didn't put them away, it is as simple as that. You and many others are trying to read too much into this.
the way the team was set-up didn't help the strikers none of whom are a lone man striker...was that the fault of midfield or the manager?
How does a midfield or formation prevent you from kicking the ball in the net. There was a statistic brought up by the BBC when Luka said he wanted to leave. Modric has created 66 goal-scoring chances this season, one less than VDV who has created 67 chances. That's 133 opportunities to score a goal created by two players, now that doesn't even include Bale and Lennon who are sure to have an oil tanker full of those numbers too. We have also broken premier league records with our ability to take sooo many shots and fail to score. Nowhere in the stats does it suggest, 'If Harry played 4-4-2 those chances would become goals'. Admittedly not all those chances are created for the strikers but the games against Blackpool, West Ham and West Brom had more than enough chances for the strikers to score from 6 yards out and they didn't. The strikers incompetencies are due to the strikers, not whether they have another striker stood next to them or not.
we keep mentioning the drogbas and the others... now Villas-Boas has arrived at Chelski.. he wil bring one of the strikers with him im guessing.. why dont we sign ANELKA... hes an all round better striker than most and can play the lone striker role... his record over the past few years has showed it..
The problem of goals last season was not about midfield. There were hundreds of chances created that went unscored because the strikers were simply not putting the ball in the net. Chance after chance went begging for someone to poke the ball in the goal. Pav, Crouch and Defoe - none of them can hold the ball up and keep posession - and how often do they get the ball and simply and easily give it away to the opposition. Not good enough, simple as that!
with u on that YIDBUR.. starting 11 for next season.. Gomez-Walker-Gallas/King-Dawson/Cahill-Bale-VDV-MOdders-Hudd-Lennon-Anelka-Leandro/Hulk
Markoose16, great response. You can float around all the stats and maths you want - of course the strikers will score more if we play two vs. one. But that is irrelevant. I SAW THE GAMES and our strikers were bad this year. Pav's an enigma, and Defoe and Crouch had poor seasons (especially Defoe, who was either injured or awful all year). For half the seasons were were putting the opponents under heavy pressure, literally for 70-80 minutes of a game, and not getting goals (or getting an early one, shipping a bad goal, and then creating 57 chances and no goals for the rest of the game). Sorry, I'll take Modric, Lennon, Bale, VDV, Huddlestone, and Sandro as my midfield any day. If Pav, Defoe, and Crouch are still our strikers on 1 Sept., I am going to struggle to get through the games without throwing a pint glass. Case closed.
Makes sense... Not much to answer to tho... Agree!! Trim midfield and upgrade the strikers options.... You've solved it!! lol
Just to add I agree with the last two paragraphs in the article ASNB. I also see similarities between us and a few other teams. A 4-2-3-1 (which is pretty much a 4-4-1-1 anyway) would suit us well and to be honest, would be easier to implement if Modric left. i.e. Gomes; Walker, Daws, Gallas, BAE; Sandro, Hudd; Lennon, VDV, Bale; Super-awesome world-class striker. Sandro winning the ball like Makelele, Hudd with similar passing range to Xabi Alonso, VDV like Gerrard/Lampard etc. We just need that striker.
Spurscy- wheres Sandro in that team you mentioned. Him and modders should be automatic starters.
aguero Llorente, Hulk, Eto, Milito or even Drogba?? you might as well add Messi and Ronaldo to that list cos we have as much chance of getting them as this lot.Seriously i love the optimism of our fans in getting the best but im afraid it will more than likely be an Odemwingie ,Forlan or Gyan.The "world class players" we have ,Modric,Bale,VDV at a push were either unproven when they joined us or came as a last resort to get games,We are not going to attract the top top players so have to settle for a hungry young guy wanting to prove himself,personally i would go all out to get Sturridge he shows a great work ethic and knows where the goal is.
Spursgator - you are right about that midfield - Bale/Lennon on the wings, Sandro/Hudd dominating the centre and Modric/VDV floating around behind the striker - fecking awesome midfield and there is no equal in the PL! Its unbelieveable when Harry comes out with stuff that we can't compete when we have players like that! Add to that the excellent BAE and Walker as fullbacks and Gallas/Daws at CB we are hardly far off! If Levy could just push the boat out for 1 world class, fast, strong, goal-scoring centre forward in the Drogba mould we should, on paper, be pushing for the title!
Dare I question the problem being vdv this season? We brought in a player that did not fit our system, and he is the real reason we had to play 1 up front.
Matty J
I do wonder whether our striking problems last season had a lot to do with trying to accomodate VDV into the team. Great player that he is, maybe getting him so late didn't give H much of a chance to come up with a formation that worked properly, leaving him to experiment as we went along. Unfortunately, for me, the VDVCrouch pairing seemed to work too quickly, possibly lulling H into a false sense of security & it didn't take teams too long to work out how to deal with it. Once that happened, the rot had set in & continuity of the strike force was lost.
Med1 - Probably the most sense I've seen on this site for many a year.
1st the problem with our formation last year was it was always 4 4 1 1 thats never really going to work because it isolates the stiker 2 often and this is where i disagree with markoose we need to play 4 3 3 which is the barcelona and chelsea way. the way we played was bale and lennon were glued to their wing constantly attacking the full back, if the formation is to be succesful they need to be coming inside a lot more supporting the lone striker up front very similar to how barcelona deploy their 4 3 3
I think our strikers are a bit 1-dimensional and none of them seem to be able to play up top alone. They seem to rely on partnerships like the Crouch/Defoe partnership for instance. And we can't rely on Harry to sort it out, he'll just say 'go out and play'. We are so close its untrue - one great striker in front of that midfield is all we need. We should push the boat out this time as its such a crucial transfer window, and it really is the last piece in the jigsaw. However penny-pinching Levy is more likely to get 49-goal a season Clive Allen off the bench like when he played in front of Waddle/Hoddle/Ardiles/Hodge/Allen!
Last summer everyone was pining for 5-4-1. I.e ONE striker. So when we get less goals from not playing 2 strikers, these same people are moaning! You asked for it. If you hadn't noticed, Lampard plays midfield, and Van der Vaart never played centre midfield for us - he was mostly a forward - in a similar position that Rooney was playing last season. So in reality you should not count most of Vdv's goals as midfield goals (he did score some from the right of midfield). But Vdv did create many issues, as well as he did solve many.
*clap* *clap* *clap* TonyRich - You the man!!
Lunacy to suggest that HR was at fault for lack of goals or midfield for that matter. I watched over 80% of our games and I would need a calculator to count the number of chances Defoe/Pav/Crouch absolutely fluffed or outright missed or weren't in position to tap in a cross or head one in. They had absolutely no anticipation and on many occasions couldn't keep up with Bale on the wing to get to a cross. How many through balls was Defoe offsides on. In one game alone he was offsides 4 times on through passes. For goodness sakes does he not have any peripheral vision????
i agree to an extent tonyrich but we were also pinning for a striker 2 if you told us the 1 up front would have been crouch all season i may have topped myself
I disagree. I believe our problem is in Midfield. Sorry but too lightweight and defense too easily exposed. This is usually evident especially away from home where we are easily pushed around and technical teams give us the runaround. Until we sort it out, we will always be a hovering below the very best.
...I sometimes think we could have done better playing 4-4-2 with taarabt and kranjcar up front, what I would have liked but never know ...hope we rotate use all 25 squad expecting to see 4-4-1-1 or lennon dropped to accomodate rafa vdv hmm ? my picks would be hulk, adebeyor and leandro to lead line next campaign c`mon!
true jvd. if we attack down the middle defoe will end the move by being offside, down the wings and the strikers fluff the chances or simply don't get in the right positions. AFter the first couple of months into last season i saw a stat that bale had delivered more good crosses into the box then any other PL player up to that point - it was a very high number but can't remember what. how many of these had been converted by our strike force? none. I won't blame harry for how bad they were, but will blame him if i see crouch or defore starting as the lone stiker with VDV. it doesn't work so change it. if harry is so stubborn that he wants to keep defoe and crouch then sell VDV, otherwise bring in the new blood. it doesn't have to be a superstar signing, he just needs the right physical attributes, speed, strength and height. otherwise, spurticus87 is right, bale and lennon need to move in more, preferably after beating their man
freddya - "I believe our problem is in Midfield. Sorry but too lightweight and defense too easily exposed" Completely disagree with that. If this was the case...why then did we have a better first half of the season with a less defensive Huddlestone playing the holding role than the 2nd half of the season with the more defensive Sandro playing the defensive role?
freddya im going to assume you don't rate our strikerforce because if you do then i firmly believe that you've stumbled onto vitalfootball in your 30 minutes weekly internet usage allowed for good behaviour in a residence for the criminally insane, so you don't rate our midfield and believe our defence is too easily expossed? so what your basically saying is our entire team is *****e?? thanks for that i feel so much better about the up and coming season lol
outlaws - "I sometimes think we could have done better playing 4-4-2 with taarabt and kranjcar up front" Jebus mate, you need to lay off the glue! What happen to your crazy, no frills, straight to point posts? I loved them!! lol
The main reasons for our striking problems last season were primary the incapability of our strikers to score (non of them is a player who uses his brains to score and has a winner's mentality) and secondly the lack of a sufficient number of assists. When the so called (by the mass) best player of the team who is responsible in the midfield to create such assists has produced only 2 in 38 PL games (see, then you can't ask for more. Only the individual performance of Bale and VDV in a number of games has rescue Spurs last season. The end product of the other players of the squad was insufficient.
Ioan X
I still believe that Huddlestone under achieves. I want to see a ball winner/stopper who can give the ball to creative players. Too many times opponents breeze past the midfield. I would give Defoe another season as he has pace. Crouch is a bench player for when something different needs to be done. I would go for Van Nistleroy is he still has any pace left as he know where the goal is.
keep pav. Sell the rest. Sorry to repeat but please no more midfielders!
Matty J
Markoose pretty spot on fella. Our Midfield created well in excess of 200 opportunities (half we're created by Bale) now even a 1 in 4 Striker would've been nice ! 2MP did a job last season but it wasn't the right job. Now HAD he scored as well as setting VDV up so much then yes he would've. But sadly he didn't & we dropped far too many points. Also Gomes (despite our SEVERE lack of goals) literally threw away 15pts all on his own, that's not to mention the confidence it gave ANY opposition. No matter if we out classed any1 they always knew they had a chance, sk why not try. Often they did .& Gomes obliged ! So frustrating hey. With Sandro, Modric, VDV , Bale & Lennon we have the BEST MF in the League ALL we need is 2 Strikers good enough to hold their own up top. VDV & Bale will easily provide 10+ each, Lennon is capable of 10 if he believes in himself & STOPS playing how Crappello wants him too. Both Sandro & Modric have a fair few to offer in the goal scoring dept. Let's hope we sigh Damiao & Forlan. Both are realistic & affordable options also 1s starting & the others finishing his career. The perfect blend & that leave JD & Pav, what a lovely balanced Attack to match the rest of the Team. COYS
Tot-Nam Vet
Ioan x how on earth is modders meant to play crouch in? the guy has no strength or pace, im going to put it very simply to everyone on the debate peter crouch is in my opinion without one shadow of a doubt in my mind one of, if not the worst footballer ever to grace the premier league let alone spurs. he has no pace, no strength, no ariel ability he has the coordination of a parapalegic mongoose, the shot of a 6 yr old girl (i apologise to any 6 yr old girls i may offend who do strike the ball harder that crouch) he completely destroys the way in which we play the game and turns us into a route one long ball team! don't ask me why but i believe dawson has ocd becuase every time he see's crouch its like he is compelled to hoof it aimlessley at him! he can't tackle i actually can't find a single possitive to say about him he is useless in every aspect and dimension of the word!!!!!! and yet even after 1 goal in 23 games harry insists on starting him and when people try to buy him off us harry insists he is not for sale and i don't want to hear about him being an option in europe because one hatrick against a team the calibre of young boys does not make you a good option......and that game against ac milan ive said it before ill say it again the amount of times we lobbed the ball into him we never once threatened the goal not once if it wasn't for gomes heroics and lennons dazzlingg run set of by a brilliant pass from modders we would have lost the game after dominating it!!! to sum it up nicely if crouch plays we will fail because there are only so many times the rest of the team can make up for incompetance he must never play in a white shirt again
That actually made me laugh spurticus. Poor old crouch gets all the stick.
cheers spursone2 he actually comes across as a nice chap i just cant tolerate watching him play for us anymore
spurticus87 There it is again!! hehe Sorry mate.
BC - That's twoce in two posts that you've pit Crouch and competant together in the same sentance!! lol
van der Vaart should be used at particular times. Unfortunately Real Madrid had the same problem, couldn't quite squeeze him in. For me we have to judge van der Vaart like he was another striker, because he's taking the position of a striker up. He started well, but I think he only scored one or two goals from intricate build up play, the rest came from Crouch nod downs (which after a few weeks died down) or from the penalty spot. I like van der Vaart and he's put in some genuinely good performances, but I don't think we should struggle to fit him into the side. He either has to slot in nicely or not at all. Of course I'm sure he'd be aided by playing up front with someone that has a shred of ability. Wouldn't mind signing a striker (like Gervinho, duhhhh) who has the ability to play as a winger, too. Chelsea, when they've been successful, have had goals from a supporting striker (Lampard), their centre forward (Drogba) and their wingers chipping in, whether it be Anelka, Kalou, Cole, Robben, Malouda.
Gomes did not throw away 15 points. He saves more than most and although he had a couple if howlers he saved 3 penalties and made saves most games that guys like Friedel just don't stop. All is confirmed in the stats. Crouch who I am loathe to defend was doing as instructed. the system was the problem. We have a team built for 4-4-2 and we played 4-5-1. everything catered towards VDV and hid goals per minutes scored was not even better than Pav's. The fix is the same as it has been for 3 consecutive windows, we need a young top CB and 2 top strikers. Harry felt last summer that our strikers were better than what was out there. He was wrong. He then exacerbated the situation to playing a style that suits none of them. Sure get Forlan on his last big contract. It's what Harry has wanted all along. It'll be fun watching him and VDV dropping all the way back with no one on top. Bale and Lennon can just do it all themselves. Suarez not good enough but Forlan is. Someone is taking too many happy pills. COYS
harry is the rotation or differant ideas...i also get the feeling he doesnt really give much of a ****, we shud have got villas boas in there straight away
Last season the team looked so so predictable. wings wings wings and wings. Lets see what happens this time around
Gomes saved 3 penalties. I'm willing to assume he gave away at least one of them. As for making saves other keepers don't make, it's such BS, and it's one of those things that people say to pave over the cracks. Friedel has made unbelievable saves this season. I wouldn't have necessarily signed him because of his age, but I hate it when people make out that no other keeper can do what Gomes does. Gomes has made 5,6,7 high profile errors, and remember that doesn't take into account the errors he gets away with, parrying comfortable shots into danger, missing crosses etc. He gets the fundamentals wrong on a regular basis. No excuse for that.
Firts time poster here so bare with me. sell crouch, defoe and keane buy a quality striker and give super pav a chance to play more than a bit part off the bench role at least the guy scores when he gets on and if funds allow a younger striker possibly sturridge.
Perhaps if we just became proficient at free kicks and corners we'd be in the CL and looking forward to just replacing Keane. But then that would take lots of practice and we have no time fir that. COYS
Bernio, we'll see this season, won't we? Stats say otherwise. COYS
We are a team of loose fundamentals. Gomes fits in perfectly with that. COYS
Let's take our 2010-2011 season games first, How many clean sheets did we keep last season? How many times did the visiting goalkeeper, go away as man of the match? Clean sheets from 38 prem league games; we had a total of 8 clean sheets, from that 4 finished 0-0 Man City/Utd; West Ham; Wigan; 4 wins two of them we finished the game with ten men; in the remaining 30 games we conceeded goals in every game; out of 30 only 4 games did we not score, So is the problem the strikers or is the real problem, our defensive play; Object number one is to stop them scoring vs XYZ, then if we can nick a goal or two, job done. If and a big IF, we go through the season, any season with 38 1-0 wins, i would be very happy, more chance of winning the lottery, we can score, but we also conceed; The Answer is simple or NOT, we have to out score the opposition in pretty much every game. So until we stop leaking goals, will the results go more in our favour. IMO
spu 4 life
Welcome gavspur67, I don't think Pav necessarily needs more time on the pitch, I think the amount of time he got on the pitch with 10 league goals was decent. If that was combined with the main striker (whoever we hopefully sign) and they could get 20 league goals, plus another 10-15 from van der Vaart, plus a youngster chipping in with 5 or so then we're talking! At the minute we don't have the combination of ability and hunger up front. We don't have a youngster to come on and throw caution to the wind, someone who really wants to grow as a player. We have a bunch of guys 28 and over, very set in their ways and very happy with their contributions.
Just heard we have lost the juducial review for the OS,chapter over now lets seriously look at where we go from here
our application for a judicial review on the OS has been denied. looks like DL will have to concentrate on the NDP or other options available to us.
crouch wouldn't play football if he's shorter. - FACT
I pay very little attention to stats if I'm honest peter, I look at football as an art rather than a science. As for being a team of loose fundamentals, absolutely correct, which is why we're not happy with our misfiring strikers, or the fact that we're rubbish at set pieces.
im just loving some of the comments on here today spu4life has come up to the solution of all our problems and it was o so simple lol all we have to do is score more goals than they do its genius.......if only harry had thought of that
On the back of my post, Freidel replacing Gomes, should be a plus, Walker in at RB, will also be a plus, if we could sign Gary Cahill another plus, the defence needs improving, but i have to agree on many counts, we need a x two class forwards bringing in, Sandro will be ready for the start, i hope for the coming season, we have to stop conceeding goals.
spu 4 life
and if we go the entire season without conceeding a goal and winning every game you'd be happy, i'd be delighted mate lol ;)
what_sux, absolutely, I don't like it when pundits say "Crouch's technique is decent for a big man". That's all well and good, Stevie Wonder might be a great driver as far as blind people go, but like ***** would I ask him for a lift.
spurticus87 - got it in one, the defence is $hi7 and so our the strikers, in fact the whole set up at times is $hi7..........How do we go forward? because that's pretty much what our game plan is based on, all out attack, Arry's view is that simple, lol...we have to score more than they do, that's his game plan and always will be, 4-3 or 3-4, not the system 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1, many times last season we had points in the bag, but still we gallop forward, like headless chickens; why has he never ever gone and make changes to hold onto what we have, by going with 3 CB's, Push the two FB onto the wide players and have two sitting in front of the 3 CB's? Take the pi$$ all you like, does it bother me, NO...only i can see it why can't he?
spu 4 life
Bernio, I do both. In my experience over many years and many sports it is rare that when all the stats are looked at (not cherry picking) they reflect what I see on the field of play. Some players defy stats and fundamentals, but it is rare. Grobelaar was very hard on the eyes and hardly without his moments of madness, but he was a great shot stopper. Liverpool just got good solid defenders and played them in front of him. If King and Gallas had played 20 games together last season we'd be in the CL. We need a stable defense pairing and that's not Dawson and Gallas because both are right sided players. We need a solid left sided CB to play whenever King cannot. COYS
OS Plans busted -
peter, we can try sakho from psg, young international player and captain of club. good defender with strong physical presence, left footed centre back, but can play left back when needed.
peter, but could you not see the knock on effect of Gomes' errors? Our centre backs throw themselves in front of attacking players like they're protecting their loved ones. They are shaky because they don't trust who they have behind them, and it leads to more goals being conceded. I think you're underestimating how much of a good shot stopper Friedel is, or perhaps overestimating how much better a shot stopper Gomes is. I think Gomes edges him, but in terms of presence, keeping a calm head and reassuring his defence, Friedel wins hands down for me.
Spu4life, that was epitomized in the two matches against City. Mancini set his team up not to lose. Harry set us up to go all out. They got 4 of 6 points playing not to lose and we got 1 trying to win. Teams that park the bus do the same. We have no plan to break them down. It's like tic-tac-toe. Play to not lose and you won't but you may win. Play all out and you just might make a mistake that costs you the game. Mancini learned from his mistake from the previous year. Harry didn't. ManU are hard to beat because Fergie plays not to lose while believing his guys and his subs will have that little bit extra to get the win. Ancelotti and Wenger just played their own style and don't worry so much about the opposition. They believe they will win because they are better. That's why we succeeded. They didn't try to stop us. ManU never looked like they thought we would score because they had it covered. Chelsea now have a manager who prepares every bit as much as Jose. They will still attack, but not conceding and thwarting the plan of the opponent will be the main focus now. I believe City, ManU and Chelsea will now start to open a chasm between them and the rest. Arsenal is now who we must overtake while making sure that Liverpool don't go past us. COYS
I agree with your comment spurticus87. I just wanted Modric to produce a better end product specially what assists concerns. Also he has to improve his shooting ability. It is a matter of extra special training. He has played much better towards the end of the competition. But as we can see there are a number of issues associated with the scoring problem. I believe that we need a couple of new strikers (Leandro etc) and a midfielder with a leader's capacity and able to produce a number of assists and if possible to score a number of goals each season (specially from set pieces).
Ioan X
i believe %100 if we were to go all out for eto'o and give him a £15million signing on fee to compensate for lost wages aswell as bringing in that left sided regular center back your talking about (even though we have bassong and i'd take him over dawson every day of the week but harry doesn't like him so tough) we could challenge for the league let alone the last cl spot and the increased shirt sales from eto'o aswell as increased prize money he would pay for himself, i believe we have been very well run and sensible in our approach but now is the time to gamble and eto'o would be the man to gamble on, imagine the pace we would have on the counter with eto'o lennon and bale. it would strike fear into any team in the world
peterballb-that seems so true. Arsenal are the ones that seem to be flailing about and are vulnerable (we would have passed them if we had one three or four more games assuming everything else went the same way). Beyond that, the upper 3 are going to be supremely hard to overcome.
Modric delivers the pass that leads to the assist. Look at his other stats. Touches, % of completed passes etc. He is up there with the best. If we went back to 4-4-2 with Modric more forward, his numbers will get better. If he takes free kicks and corners (either he or Hudd should be) his numbers will look much better much like Bale and Lennons will the second we are not throwing a cross in for Crouch to nod down to VDV. Our system caters to one person and unless he is going to score 20 from open play and add 20 assists not from set pieces, then it's kind of counter-productive. COYS
It would have been interesting if we still had Bent and had played 4-4-1-1 with him up front, I suspect we would have got a lot more goals. No matter how you try and twist it our strikers were poor last season, Defoe dreadful, Crouch little better except in Europe and Pav (the best of a bad bunch) erratic. The only problem with our midfield was Bale's loss of form and injuries in the second half of the season. When he or Lennon is injured we lose pace out wide. You have to set up your formation to suit the players you have. When we had the Keane/Berbatov combination 4-4-2 was a given. With the strikers we have now playing two of them at the expense of a midfield player would be insane.
Agree Gomes makes the defense nervy. Just look at Daws, he is like a kamaze pilot diving in and risking penalties every game. Gallas running back into goal to cover Gomes.. So if our new keeper Brad & Carlos can stop this then well done Harry.... Now about LB.. Rose has to be the understudy to BAE and Bale, no doubt.
Block D Spurs
Spurticus, your description of 2mp is very good.. lol... I have said last season he looks like a demented spider running across the carpet late at night!!
Block D Spurs
No- the strikers we have don't offer any form of presence- the best for presence is Crouch & he isn't as good for his height. Nor were they as a unit willing to put in shifts that showed they were up for a fight. Too many games tackles came in & the front pairing hid. The opposing teams defenders must have thought they were on holiday- having to play against Defoe or Pav & even Crouch. We need to ship 3 strikers out & bring in 2. Anyone with height & presence can come in for Crouch- since it wouldn't be hard not to better his goals per game ratio.
BlockD, I won't argue that Gomes doesn't command the box because he clearly doesn't. Dawson, however, has always been prone to go to ground. Nothing to do with Gomes IMO. King rarely goes to ground because he reads the game better and proacts. Dawson reacts which often unsighted the keeper as we saw at least 3 or 4 times where the ball wound up in the back of the net. Either block it or leave it. No grey. COYS
er!! Have I missed owt while I,ve been away ???
OFF TOPIC,,,,W T F!!!!! what a god awful kit for next season, and whats with the Chelsea blue away kit ???????
So true. Apparently Crouch, Defoe and Pav have been telling everyone that the reason they're so dreadful is because of our midfield. It's got nothing to do with them, of course...
Tony Rocky Horror
Your a harsh critic Peter!! I would argue that Harry just believes in playing his own style regardless of the oppositon much like Wenger and Ancelotti you quote. And regardless of what anyone says, I've thoroughly enjoyed the way we've played our football for the last two seasons, it's the Tottenham way and was good enough for us to get into the CL, get us to the the last 8 CL and 5th this year, just a shame we didn't have anyone consistent enough to finish off the great attacking play.
Paul - THFC Forever
Paul, you are correct. That is exactly how Harry plays, irrespective of results in a results based league. If you're outscoring the opposition, I'm all for it, but when that isn't working there has to be something else. It's called coaching and fundamentals. We are short on both and it's why we don't have CL. Harsh it may be, but true it also is. We finished 5th because the other 4 teams were better managed. We are every bit as good as those that finished ahead of us. COYS
I think that's Puma's best selection of Spurs kits if I'm honest B&BSpur. The yellow lines of horror I'll be forever fond of because it was a wonderful season, but in truth it's an awful kit, last seasons was fairly classy but the shirt for me was too busy with the big blue thing across the shoulder and the sponsor. Nice, plain white with a collar. I heard a rumour ages ago we'd be getting a purple kit and I dreaded it, but it actually looks great, again, nice and plain with white trim round the neck and sleeves. Might have to get more than one shirt this season because I'm not sure which one I like most.
I have never put as much thought into a team and what direction it should go in than this Spurs team right now......i find myself trying not to think about it and there i am sitting at the table with the Mrs. and randomly ill think to myself, what does this team need to take the next step and i just cant come up with a clear answer. Some days i think its Harry, other days i think its the lack of strikers, other days i come on here and see 50 different opinions about the team we love........All i know is we gained a ton of revenue last year from our glorious CL campaign and The Lane sells out every game.....we might not have the chance to make big money moves like this again for years, so please Harry and Daniel, meld your heads together like some siamese twins and get some things done. Make us proud. Give us a reason to be even more excited about finally being a concrete contender in this league and in Europe. We all have our fingers crossed, i miss football. COYS.
Actually ThaiSpursMan it was when we stopped going down the wings, wings, wings that we started to go down hill. It was because Bale got injured and was never the same when he did come back. We lost that speed and accuracy of cross down the left side. I don't think ALennon ever really got going on the right.
Bit arsh to include Niko in the list, 'arry didn't play him anyway? Pinnear and sandro were fairly mid seasons aquitions and our problem has been all season long. I actually worry that the midfield may be the reason for the lack of clean sheets. also agree to many good chances went untaken last season for the attack to blame anyone.
Spu4Life...I'm not sure what games you guys watch but the ones I did and where we lost close ones was because most of the time the players went into a defensive mode to try to hold on to a 1 goal lead. Time after time it happened, score 1 and all of a sudden we stop our attack. I always preferred seeing us play when the score was tied. Especially in the second half of the season
good article and comments very much enjoyed reading them, i think the majority of people agree that crouch jd keane and the rest of the deadwood have to be shipped out asap so a quality striker(s) can be brought in but who??? thats the eternal question most of if not all the quality strikers we desperatly need are way out of our price range so is damaio and forlan the answer...i really dont think so as damaio is young and will take at least a season to settle and forlan has maybe only 1/2 seasons left in him!!!! or is it Gyan and obewinge??god i hope not mind you i would swap crotch for gyan having said that i would welcome carlton palmer instead of him!!!!!!
VDV caused us a problem as we struggled to adapt from a 4-4-2 to 4-5-1 / 4-3-3 (however you want to describe it). Personally I would play VDV every time because the guy is class. We just need that player who can handle being a lone Striker, I think Drogba is the type of player we need. I would sell Crouch, sell Pav and keep Defoe.
The strikers failed to convert fact. WE did in fact play 4-4-2 with VDV as the deeper striker (robbie keane plays this), He did ok with 14 goals in first season. No proper pre season and imjuries to boot. I too have witnessed so many amazing crosses across the 6 yard box on the floor and in the air, perfect crosses from bale and lennon, in the area that is no mans land. None of our forwards are brave, they don't throw themselves at crosses, or slide in, very little anticipation. A real hungry for goals good striker will launch himself with no fear at these perfect crosses and convert them our guys seem to dangle a leg and hope. Part of crouch's problem is he is ungainly and clumsy looking, lots of times defenders are holding him dragging him down to the floor and nothing is given. Now yes the ref is too blame as he should pick it up. As a striker, he should have the intelligence to realise the ref is not going to give anything and needs to alter his approach, his timing and angle in which he runs, jumps and attcks the ball. If the ref gives him the penalty then carry on but if he does not and it happens once or twice in a match, the he needs to change tact, umfortuanetly he is not a subtle enough player to alter his approach. I do believe we need at least 2 strikers. Dream land would be HULk, FALCAO, LLorentes, Rossi, Vuicinic. Would be happy with Leanardo, Obewinge, Podolski, and pull a rabbit from the hat. You cannot really blame HR that none of our strikers could hit a barn door. Pav is great when he is great but he is awful when he is not great. Crouch, is an option as 4th choice at best. Defoe, fed up with off side and his tunnel vision, he tends to get inside 25 yards from goal draw the defender beautifully towards him creatinG acres of space left or right for a rampaging lennon or bale or vdv or whoever and rather than slip them in he smashes straight at the defender closing him down. A premier league top 4 player should 95% of the time pick the right option. Thats what sets a good player apart from a great player. May have same technical ability but good player picks right option 3 in 10 a great player 9 in 10. Ronaldo when first went to utd was a good player but decision making was poor, as he developed he nearly always made right decision which has made him an amazing player. Defoe will never be any more than a good player as he has no awareness and his decision making is poor. This can be coached to an extent and then it is up to the player to learn and develop. Not HR's fault, I am sure he has given Levy a nice long list of who we want and I am sure if we are able DL will sign the players.
This is just the sort of hyperbolic nonsense that our impressionable poodle-faking midfielders love, and dine out on, while better players with more intensity and resolve and WINNING HABIT dismiss. We don't have the best midfield in the country. We have a collection of reasonable players, some good, some less than, who, as soon as they pull on the shirt, think...hey ho...that's it, where am I off to tonight, 'cos I play for Spurs...I must be good...instead of proving it every week, against all manner of opposition. There are far too many who believe their own publicity, and that was the key to Bill Nicholson's success. Even a world class player like Cliff Jones, who most of the current squad would not be fit to lace HIS boots, was given short shrift by Bill Nicholson, when he got a bit above himself. These players have done nothing, yet they think they are the dogs.... They ain't. The key to a winning formula is consistency and continual application, no matter how talented you are...or think you are. Until we have a team that does that, we'll still be dreaming of '61.
Hulk!!!!!!! we need to sign Hulk,proven quality, big can hold the ball up, lethal finisher, and yet still to reach his peak therefore not yet under the Hammer ofCheatski and Citeh's Pursestrings. plus come on, he is called Hulk!
coopsieyid - I agree mate we need a Drogba type player but my only worry is someone like that will attract the long ball game again and I would like us play through midfield and use Modric, VDV, Sandro... not see Dawson play those long balls from the back because against the better teams we lose the ball and just give away possession.
hulk is good but he is expensive and has a 80 million euros of release clause. falcao will be cheaper with a 30 million euros of release clause, only if we can convince him that here is better because he's seems to in great terms with AVB and seems intend to follow him. if falcao joins them, we might get daniel sturridge cheap, since they are overloading themselves at the strikeforce area.
I still think we need a GK as well. Let's bid for Maarten Stekelenburg.
These are the strikers that fired us into the champions league, so we kept faith in them last season. No one not even the fiercest cirtics would of after the season before expected them to fail as badly as they did. January was potentially the time correct this. But you pay over the odds (carroll) for a player who may not actually settle immediately (torres) and make the difference. Also many players don't like to move mid season.
january - our manager looking to buy neville and beckham to "strengthen" our squad, when we clearly needs a top striker. JOKE!
The strikers he signed stopped us getting relegated and got us champions league football. Yeah I too wanted to sign a major player last summer we got VDV who has done well. In january if we had signed carroll for 35 mil I would not of been impressed 1 bit. Crouch is weak and he does get pulled to the floor regularly, but he apporaches it all wrong getting in tussles with players, where as he should try to find space as opposed to fighting a losing battle. How many goals did we score in our champions league qualifying season? alot. strikers scored. This year they did not. Please dont turn it into another HR out campaign.
From my perspective, the reason I wanted a 4-5-1 last season is because we had strikers who all could do a job, but who could not partner each other and we had abundant talented MF who were sitting. 4-5-1 as I suggested on many occasions would have Eider/Modric/Gio/Kranjcar behind one of the strikers. At that point we were still playing Modric and Kranjcar out wide, where they always tended to the middle costing us width, where we had Eidur sitting on the bench and where the extent of Harry's tactics amounted to 4 months of lump the ball to Crouch to nod down to Defoe, before Pav was given a start. Until Pav came in and Palacios was removed in favour of Modric, we were devoid of any ideas. 4-5-1 made more sense than Crouch/Defoe in a 4-4-2 and no one believed Harry would play Pav. 4-5-1 made sense given the player we had that Harry was willing to play.

Ramos was changing our squad to a 4-5-1 as his purchases show. Harry quickly shifted us back to 4-4-2 by getting Keane and Defoe and then Crouch, whe offloading Bent, the one striker who could have succeeded in a 4-5-1 and now has switched us back without addressing one of the main needs of a 4-5-1, a striker who can play up top alone. COYS
I see we've lost the legal appeal to over turn the Olympic Stadium decision, i just hope that Levy now forgets the whole thing and starts looking at other sites.
No need to look for OTHER SITES, we have one already WHL lets get on with the proposed stadium rather than keep waiting letting building costs accumulate,,get it done and owe no b.ugger, just remember the lack of financial help when they come begging in the future.
BABS, that's just it. Because of the parasites the stadium and associated costs have ballooned to 450m and there will always be overruns. If they were moving heaven and earth for us and not limiting the stadium size etc, we'd be moving forward. We need partners in this. As much as we need them, they need us. COYS
Agree with you Peter, but we cant just sit back watching the costs snowballing .
Absolutely, something must be done to get things moving COYS
spurticus87, I have come here for a discussion and as a fellow spurs supporter really dont wish to be insulted. No wonder some of our fellow spurs supporters have a bad name given they start to insult their own!. You would have thought we'd won the league by your vitriolic response..It just a personal opinion based on my observations watching us especially away from home last season. Games away at Blackburn where we were battered and given the runround(yes we won!), wigan we struggled ,bolton etc. Am talking about performances here but am sorry they were poor. I just think physical wise opposing teams can easily pass around us and we dont close down space and teams who press tend to get the upperhand against us. Its so plainly obvious but it needs to be addressed by Harry and tone down his "We play open Football" style.
So cute, 123. Thanks for article aspurnorthernboy. I have not read through all the posts but what I've got to say I am sure is echoed by many others. Our striking problems are due to our current crop of strikers not striking....period!
freddya, I am with you there regarding us being bossed around. This is especially evident against the more physical teams such as Bolton, Wigan, Fulham etc. etc. wow too many to name where we have so much trouble when our opponents are attacking. We make all their lone strikers look like Drogba, how they freely hang on to the ball and distribute to their overlapping wingers attacking us causing all kinds of trouble.
Club Statement on OS Review Rejection :

The last line sounds to me like our intention to pursue further on OS is now over and we have started looking for alternatives. If that is the case, I guess everyone is happy.
all i'll say is that when we beat stoke 3-2, we looked the buisiness in their 18 yard box because we played two strikers ( and as a consequence VDV was on the right ). You can;t give gyp to any loner stikers because they dont get the support they need in final third.
Just saw this from a Croatian website.It seems Luka isn't getting an easy run over there either after his daily mail interview: Former Croatian international, Igor Štimac wasn't too impressed with Luka's comments: "Luka made a mistake by announcing that he wants to leave Tottenham but stay in London. This wasn't the right move by Luka as its not his place to talk about potential transfers. Now he must defend himself against Tottenham fans as he just extended his contract six months ago. It is dificult to say how much money Tottenham would want to let Luka go, as everything has its price. The president and managers will decide but Luka has to be smarter than that." He's been a silly boy.Reports are that he was offered $130 pound a week by Chelsea, which obviously would turn anyone's head.Time for him to put things right now
130 thousand pound a week I meant to say.Doh!
I'll play for 130 pounds per week for my beloved SPURS. Heck... I'll pay them to play. We'll lose for sure but I'll only come in as a sub in the last 5 minutes.....please :)
£130 a week! thats gotta be what Crouchs weekly wage should be!!
Peterb. Looking at your post about playing not to loose.. I agree that defensive "park the bus" method is effective against us... question is playing the spurs way, can Harry come up with an effective counter? I doubt it as he just has not got the ability, as shown last season...
Block D Spurs
Just catching up with earlier posts and saw this from Perterballb " We finished 5th because the other 4 teams were better managed. We are every bit as good as those that finished ahead of us". What a load of *****. The 4 teams above us are better teams. Our squad was considered one of the best but the 4 above us have better teams. Whats the point of these forums? We should have 2 topics. "I hate Harry" just for Peter & "I hate Levy" for Geoff Stern and let them both pour out their hatred. Its getting tiresome.
Madaboutspurs, Thats the point I am making..Away from home the opposition have too many chances for my liking..Its always we create 12 they create 15..But we score the winning goal our supporters go home happy. But Sorry the performance still lingers with me cause I know on a different day we easily could have lost that game. Am sick to death of making Wigan look like Brazil on their own patch. I remember watching Man city play away at West Ham. They dominated the game,closed down space, stopped west ham playing and came out easy winners. But what do we do...we go there and chances after chance go begging for both sides but they score the winner. The good teams concede fewer goals because they defend from the front, more compact and offcousre put the goals in at the right end. The midfield will probably remain the same going into the upcoming campaign I just feel even with a top goal scorer the same issues I have mentioned will still be there. We need someone to compliment Sandro in my opinion, a younger Parker I guess , great both offensively and defensively but thats my opinion and dont need abuse like I have had on my earlier post..And one other thing the reason we dont score goals is mainly because you have a midfield who generally dont score plenty goals and then upfront you pair VDV, another midfielder with some lump for knockdowns..If you play strikers Defoe and Pav I have no doubt goals will come..COYS!!
Morning: apologies on the inaccurate quote of 100 goals between our strikers, was meant to be the team scored 100 goals and our strikers contributed 62 - 68 of them. Was having a bit of a rant at the time. This did include cup competitions, before anyone mentions it. ;)
With many people on the Sturridge bit, read this morning that he Bolton put a bid of 6 million on the table for him? He was the only player who turned up for England U21 and had a good season with Bolton and when he was at City, until he shipped off to Chelski? Good option though.
Bernio / Block D - totally agree chaps about Gomes. Funny how those defending him say, but he saved 3 penalties & forgot the howlers, missed crosses, panic, penalties defenders concede because of him - oh & the penalties he concedes - Milan, Chelsea, Blackpool etc etc. Lets not defend our, admittedly lovable, but a Clown none the less.
asp - Agree. Sturridge would be a great acquisition for us - even at double that figure.
If they seriously think £6M is going to do anything then wow ! I cant see Chelsea selling Sturridge & if they did then I couldn't see them parting with him for less than £15M. If there's even the slightest chance we should offer £15M for him. Also Freddya we do need to defend from the front but to say we NEED a younger version of Parker next to Sandro... Erm he & Modric create an AWESOME pairing & both protect the defence, what lets us down is VDV being played out of position. Whatever formation you want to call it VDV is a CAM, thats it. Therefore he needs 2 Strikers ahead of him. As it stands atm our strongest 1st Team is Freidel; Walker, Daws, Gallas, Kaboul(King if available), Bale(BAE if Bale tired or injured); Sandro, Modric; VDV; Pav, JD. Now obviously we need 2 new Strikers but like I say how our Team stands atm. A 5-3-2 or 3-5-2 or however you want to call it system is designed to Attack when we have the ball & defend when we don't its that simple. Neither Walker or Bale are the best at defending but Walkers definitely better then Lennon @ doing so & Bale well unless he's unable to play how could you not play him ? Now thats harsh on Benny, but we're blessed Benny is who he is are we not ! & you know Bale (if used correctly, I know !) will only play half the season & Benny is going to step up when drafted. I fail to understand why certain people on here think signing Forlan @ UNDER £15M is a mistake ? He has plenty to prove in this League, he's experienced, knows the League, desperate to prove a point in England to SAF, has a few years left in him, can score all types of goals, holds the ball up & can take a free-kick, so what have I missed ??? Anyway if we can I'll repeat myself I hope we signed Damiao, Forlan & if available Sturridge. Then we'll have a serious shout @ ALL we face next season. COYS
True Spurs Supporter
True Spur, agree with signing a W. Class striker would be bad but not 100% on his own week in week out in PL? Really suprised at how many people haven't put Bae in there 11? Class last season and really helped Bale put in a great season? Only reason I didn't put him in my 11 was because of the midfield issue again?
BlockD, not just last season but the last 2 seasons against many of the same teams with the same managers. Teams just play to frustrate us. That's where free kicks and corners and long throws come in. Both Kaboul and Bale can launch the ball on to the middle of the box. It's always difficult to deal with because the ball comes in flatter, often with much more precision than any cross. It lacks the power so you can't just nod it out. The offensive team knows where it's going and the defense can only react. Pav is fabulous on the volley and VDV has the skill and strength to hold off a defender while he shoots. You just have to have something in the back pocket for when the brilliant plan of lump it to Crouch stops working. Of course, all of that requires time on the practice pitch and our manager and players don't like to practice boring stuff. Makes me wonder why Modric would look at Chelsea or ManU. They do practice such nonsense, but then they are also too dumb to realize that a reserves squad is a waste. Maybe, just maybe they'll get it and then they could be as good as us. COYS
Aspurnorthernboy the ONLY reason I left him out is purely for the system. That being said Bale will only play half a season as he does SO much running each game. And the PERFECT replacement for Bale is Benny ! I honestly see if both play 50/50 a) Teams won't know what to expect & b) we keep BOTH fresh. Now sadly Harry doesn't do common sense, but if he did we'd "probably" win the League ! BAE was my (joint) Player of the season last season (Modric). And the season before he & Gomes were my Joint winners. He's VERY unsung & in the Top 5 LB's in the World, its just we also have Bale & VDV. Therefore VDV HAS to play CAM & Bale's only position available is LWB. This system will create a balance & a lethal combination of Attack & Defence. Of course that does require Walker being played @ RWB. Also why oh why do people STILL say we need cover for LB ? Nobody remember or see the great performances a certain Danny "boy" Rose put in ? Peterballb I like you, like MANY can't fathom this whole lack of practising ??? I can't believe its true, YET we do witness the most clueless bunch of individuals when we have a dead-ball situation be it Attacking 1 or Defending ! What gets me irate specifically with 2MP, when Attacking from a free-kick he needs to use the shoulders of the defender losing us possession & giving away a free-kick. WHY does he not have 2 Yids in front of him to BLOCK the defenders, use his TEAMMATES as leverage & then Attack the goal or setup VDV for said shot on target. And yes that means VDV aint taking the bloody free-kick (unless its just outside the area !). I've mentioned this a few times now, but I stick to my point, anyway here's hoping we don't have to deal with worrying about 2MP, who am I kidding Crouchie's never leaving us now ! COYS
True Spurs Supporter
TSS, Crouch shouldn't have to even do that. He has a huge height advantage and should win most balls, but the question must be, who winds up with possession? In one match he was brought on as a sub for Pav. We needed a goal. 8 times the ball was lumped to his head, 8 times he got head to ball and all 8 times we turned over possession. How can that be the plan? Keepers now tend to throw the ball forward now as opposed to the long kicks. Why? Because stats show that kicking the ball downfield winds up turning over possession 2 out of 3 times. Crouch has said he rarely practices headers because he has never had to. Rooney was an average header of the ball but spent an entire summer working on just that. Now he's better than average. Shame we just don't see the point. Crouch should be one of the best headers of the ball in the world. He's one of the worst I have seen from a striker. COYS
Peter I know he SHOULDN'T have to do that but it's what he does, so if it's what he does then surely it's the better option for him to do ! I'm appalled if 2MP said that, what an idiot ! I really think we DESPERATELY NEED Sheringham as our Striking Coach, if Teddy can't get Crouch or JD for that fact heading a ball accurately NO-ONE can ! That being said Peter I think Crouch only scored 2 Goals with his feet last season all the rest were headers ! I'm basing that on the video of all last seasons goals that 1 if not more of our fellow Yids posted on here.
Tot-Nam Vet
I like the essence of your idea about the midfield and strikers.I do think by the way that Defoe and Pav are both very mobile players and that a strong type striker is more important but there is also an issue with the style of Defoe and Pav. From what I can see they do better running onto a ball than being in traffic in the box but we have so many midfielders and wingers that there is no need for them to be playing so far outside the box but playing outside is where the room is they need is. The only solution for them to find some space is for them to pick up the ball draw a man and lay it off to a midfielder and find a forward position behind the defender that comes up to get to them. When Bale,VDV,Modric,Lennon,Hudd or anyone else brings the ball up there is no space for the likes of Defoe and Pav to move to or thay are not seeing it. This is the KEY point to the problem. Finding another striker is one thing but finding a startefgy for these strikers but be cheaper and better.
Big C is right: Crouch = incompetence, end of story. So first business should be ... offload Peter Crouch, except that our Manager does not see this as the essential business that it is! Last season, we scored 84 goals in all competitions - not enough clearly to win a trophy, but the quality was superb! I am convinced that Pav has what it takes, to be in the top 5 for Prem scoring next season ... if - and this is a BIG IF - HR shows humility and intelligence, to give the Russian the proper support needed: regular starts week to week, without substitution. Pav is fit - let him play for 90 minutes, Harry - he will get stronger this way. He is in his prime!!! One of my favourite goals was that screamer vs. Wolves. Pav hit the ball so sweetly with his left foot, like a rocket soared right over the keeper's head!!! COYS!!!! We can win the Prem, with better intelligent management.
Ronwol: I disagree with you, about Pav. True, Defoe is not effective in tight space, but Pav has proven more than once that he can create space for himself, with his mobility and strength and - most importantly lacking in all our other strikers - intelligence!!!

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