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Dos Santos proves his worth (again) for Mexico.

Mexico has continued with the fine form they displayed at the World Cup last year, by winning the CONCACAF Gold Cup this summer.

Their style of play is quick penetrating football, very exciting to watch! Giovani Dos Santos was Man-of-the-Match, in their final game vs. USA. He capped a brilliant tournament with a jaw-dropping goal, the kind of goal that you only see from a Lionel Messi or Zidane.

Poor Tim Howard was left pounding his fists on the ground. Who is Giovani Dos Santos? You might ask - because Harry Redknapp has not selected the young international for Tottenham Hotspur. No, Giovani has been sent out on loan three times, since arriving at White Hart Lane, in 2008. He has played in all of 10 matches for Spurs.

The only criticism that I recall from Redknapp: that Giovani was spending too much time out, at the clubs, arriving late for training. Certainly this is something that can be remedied? I mean, to play regularly as a starter for your country, one must have a certain level of maturity??

My fear is that many clubs, having witnessed the recent Mexico performance, will be making offers for Dos Santos. He is young and supremely gifted. I would love to see him stay at Spurs - and given a proper chance to break into our starting XI.

Surely, he would be an awesome 'impact sub' with his blazing speed and finesse. I can still remember the pre-season under Ramos, when our squad was firing on all cylinders - playing the kind of football that originally attracted me to Spurs. And Dos Santos was one of the shining stand-out players in those matches.

Written by canadaspurssupport

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The journalist

Writer: canadaspurssupport Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday June 26 2011

Time: 4:36PM

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there are two big "ifs" with Gio, and they are A) does he really want to stay at Spurs and B) what formation are we looking to play next season? if we are looking for an attacking player to come in from wide to support one striker, in a 4-2-3-1 or similar formation, Gio would be perfect and probably better than someone like Lennon who is still not happy cutting inside from the right side and also isnt as good with his finsihing as Gio.
good player, if played in the right system and giving time whiuch he has not have, need game time, maybe good player with the wrong club
Great Article. A player we must keep hold of. I honestly believe he could be our Rossi. I hope with all my heart he gets given a chance to play a lone role upfront with VDV in the hole. he is a fantastic finisher and would offer us to much.
Not saying Gio isnt a good player, but that CONCACAF tournament was a joke, the standard was embarrassing. Mexico playing in it, is the equivalent of Barcelona going into a cup where their only opposition were clubs from league 2.
i hope he's given a chance to prove his worth, clearly our stupid manager thinks gio is a midfielder when he is a winger/second striker or striker with his blazing pace, dribbling skills and lovely finish. i bet crouch will not score better in his career than the goal gio scored in the gold cup final.
Guyver: true enough, but Mexico was one of the better sides, last year in South Africa, I thought. The U.S. squad is not bad, but Mexico - with their speed and commitment - made them look average.
USA had a bad tournament and were playing average throughout, how they went 2-0 up is beyond me because Mexico were battering them.
what_sux - I totaly agree with you mate. should definately be given the chance to play as a striker alonside VDV. He (Gio) could be the the missing piece to the puzzle. Get leandro in, give gio his chance and im sure the majority of us would be very happy.
What is the point of keeping him if he does not get on the pitch? So, allegedly his attitude is p1ss poor, well I bet if he was at man utd, fergie would have sorted him out by now. Fergie and wenger, 2 managers who know to get the best out of their players. Maybe his attitude is a result of how he feels he has been treated. There is no doubt he is a superbly talented footballer, then again so is Taraabt.
we wouldn't have to spend a fortune if playing Gio up top turns out to be very good. The money made from selling our fringe players could be invested in some youth (thiago, Javi martinez) or put aside for our new stadium.
and so is Kranjcar vicspur, seems if Harry doesnt like you personally for whatever reason you've no chance. Mancini and Tevez constantly fell out last season, but Mancini made him captain!
I have been saying all along, that we have the nucleus of a Barca-style squad. Gio fits into that picture beautifully, as well as all three Croatians. As manager, this would be my guiding principle: those who can play intuitive one-touch possession football stay, the others go! Bye-bye Peter Crouch and Robbie Keane, Palacios, Hutton ...
Like I've said in many a previous post when Gio is mentioned we should keep him, I think he had bags of potential and I van see Jim 4 or 5 years being very highly rated talent, I just dont understand why Harry doesn't like him, if its his attitude then surly this can be worked on, Keep the lag at spurs and give him a gair crack at the whip!!!!!
Whitehart Lad
His goal was a thing of pure beauty. Don't forget his dad was Brazilian. This was a goal at the best style of a Brazilian forward. A thing of beauty indeed.
Total knobhead
He's gonna go, can't really comment on his abilities haven't enough of him. Harry obviously don't want him in the 25 so please sell with a good sell on clause! COYS!
Rotate between him and VdV (Or Niko0 if he stays). Will be useful to use in Europa, maybe give him a chance or two in the prem.
what a goal it was! if lennon goes which he won't i'd like to see gio given a vote of confidence for 5-10 games..lets face it if we sell people like lennon we might as well start looking at the sandra redknapps of this world.. i know one man who rates her over a 24m pound england striker...
Easy solution really. Lone him out to a premier league club. Im sure he will prove his worth like walker and show Harry that he is good enough to play for us
So if he can play for Mexico he must be able to play in the Premier League ? Its not great logic. There have been plenty of players who have been successful for their country and been able to cut it in other European leagues but haven't been able to do it in ours. One question, if he's that great why aren't there a host of clubs banging on our door trying to sign him ? Ferguson didn't hesitate over Hernandez, he's not interested in Gio. He's another of those players who fans want to succeed so pretend he's better than he really is.
F**K IT, I'll kick-off the arguing. Come on MJB, get stuck in mate ;-). Gio is too good for any team Harry Redknapp's. He will NEVER be appreciated by Harry Redknapp. And WHY the fack would he want to play for the guy anyway?. If only he could get pi$$ed as well as Peter facking Crouch, and Ledley King. I'm sure he'd be perfect then. good luck to you Gio. You go where you're appreciated fella. And while you're at it, take Niko and Aaron with you. I'm sure they'd quite like to be appreciated too!!
canadaspurssupport, THANKYOU for a great article. It's just such a facking shame that it's pointless!!
Jod - you can't really say that because the guy hasn't had a clear run in the team. Harry stupid Redknapp gives all his attention to his bum boy Crouch instead of opening his eyes and spotting the real talent at the lane.
Jod, it maybe the case that it's not great logic to suggest that he can play for Mexico, so can play in the Premiership. But it's also not great logic to suggest that he can't play in the Premiership when he's NEVER been provided with the opportunity to show otherwise. Works both ways fella.
Very good player. Will never get a chance under Harry. Should have been sold after the the latest COYS
For Mexico I always thought Gio and Hernandez were about on par, Hernandez the better finisher, Gio more guile and talent. Of course if Hernandex had come to us he would have spent last season playing for Ipswich.
matt hoten
He has never had a chance with us due to injury and team selection. He may be ready now for a run in the team. What do we have to loose, he knows the surrundings. His reported behavior which may improve with maturity is no worse than some other top players. Does his face not fit for some reason?. Give him a chance.
sorry guys but gio only turns up for mexico hes got a masive big time charlie attitude and for a change im with arry hes right not to play him why do you think barca off loaded him it wasnt because hes a poor player its all about his attitude
jljyid, barca does not offloaded him, it's because he want first team football and few years ago, messi is way ahead of him in team selection. somemore if harry the stupid manager says he got that attitude would you believe? i don't trust his words, furthermore, as long as he's professional, come to training and end training on time, i'm fine with him. he's not given chances on his appropriate position, oh ya the blind loyalty to defoe and crouch is there when gio can score a wonder goal out of nothing when crouch and defoe can't get more than 10 in a season. joke!
Guyver I can assure you that England would not have made it to the finals my friend. You're dead wrong about the quality of the football. Maybe 10 years ago but not today.
Guyver I'm not picking on you but when you compare Mancini/Tevez to HR/Kranc you are kidding right? Tevez is the best player on ManC whilst Kranc is a sub at best. Get real.
Sorry but I'm about to go and do a tour of my 'itk bollox' sites. Apologies in advance for the littering of this article. Gio, you're a little gem!!
Even though you look like Cathy Freeman!!,r:22,s:50&biw=1366&bih=599
jvd - That's a bloody unfair statement about Kranjcar mate. That "sub at best" was a MASSIVE part of our most succesful season since the Premier League began (as in CL qualification). Though he may not be an automatic starter, he's a bloody good alternative to either of Modric or VDV.
Gio did have a run of games under Ramos at the start of the "bad" year and he produced nothing under a manager who spoke fluently with him. Yeah he was a youngster and I don't slate him for that. But did any of you HR bashers think that what HR's done is send him out to get some playing time and some maturity? Course not because he's brilliant, Messi in disguise. C'mon he's young and needs seasoning/playing time. The loan has kept him in the game instead of on a bench or in the stands. All this HR bashing for goodness sakes, there's only 14 players per game. If the young guys are to have some playing time to keep them motivated and getting game time, this is how it's done. Maybe just maybe HR will incorporate him this season. And if he is sold I'm sure we'll at least get our money back!
Good game for Mexico, good goal for Mexico, great, sell him quick his a world beater, everyone will be ringing Danny Boy on monday to buy him or will he go on loan again, get shot of him, he will never have the physical strength for the prem league, can't play when your pi$$ed up from a night out..........
spu 4 life
26 Jun 2011 09:13:33 tottenham hotspur have agreed in principal a deal for west ham midfielder Pablo Barrera, the price is 3million. Will be concluded when the player returns from intenational duty.
Sorry Coopsie - "not an automatic starter", "good alternative to Mod/VDV". You just called him a sub also. So which is it? Just taking the mickey out of you. I like Kranc a lot but I was referring to the way Guyver was comparing him to Tevez and he definitely isn't in the same league.
gio should stay, its plain obvious he has talent he just needs guidance as do pretty much every footballer out there. i find it beyond belief that redknapp seems to choose his team on who's a "top bloke"/ who he gets along with. if you had given gio the same amount of games as crouch this season (or any other of our strikers for that matter) and compared the goal tally/assists/ general play and creation etc then gio would be ahead by a country mile.
arraza the yid
Far better player than Gareth Bale on the left wing. The problem with the player is that he needs to 'grow up' and take his life in England seriously. Id definately hang on to him.
I watched the game live and actually became frustrated at watching him play. Frustrated and annoyed that this talent is not getting a chance at WHL. How many times did we dominate the game last season, but could not find that cutting edge to break open the defence. His first touch is world class, and the opportunities he provides for other players is sublime. With players like Modric, VDV, Sandro and Bale around him he would shine. Gutted, disappointed and rather *****ed off that he'll be shown the door by our clueless management team.
26 Jun 2011 09:37:11 Martin Jol will kick off a spending spree at Fulham this week with the signing of Joe Cole from Liverpool. Other signings planned by Jol include Peter Crouch, Shaun Wright Phillips and Stephen Ireland with Jol also hoping that Daniel Sturridge will join on a season long loan deal!!

26 Jun 2011 09:52:31 Swap deal connor wickham to spurs geovanni dos santos +3 and wickham back on a season long loan to Ipswich

26 Jun 2011 10:55:51 LFC will try and sign Aaron Lennon from spurs, after they have failed to sign s.Downing. It will be in the region of 15-20 million, plus comolli and dalglish Is a Huge admirer of Lennon.

26 Jun 2011 13:01:01 Aaron lennon hates liverpool, him and gareth bale were filmed (was on youtube) taking the p@ss out of liverpool. There is no way liverpool could attract a top player like lennon away from a top team like spurs. Sorry liverpool fans, time for a reality check, this is 2011 not the 1980s. Spurs guvnor

26 Jun 2011 13:13:55 Jelavic to Tottenham for 12m.

26 Jun 2011 14:36:00 Liverpool are very very busy and are set to offer Tottenham 12m + Joe Cole for Aaron Lennon

26 Jun 2011 14:49:27 Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp wishes to offload Wilson Palacios, Niko Kranjcar, David Bentley, Robbie Keane, Jermaine Defoe, Carlo Cudicini and Jake Livermore before beginning his summer spree with the capture of West Ham midfielder Scott Parker.

26 Jun 2011 15:42:31 aston villa to sign jenas from spurs 5mill and a bid has been put in for jarvis of wolves beleaved to be 5.5 million plus dunne
coops, you want i can hyperlink the itk, just give me the websites :D
26 Jun 2011 18:15:22 BREAKING NEWS, liverpool will sign jermaine jenas next week for 12mil. ITK

26 Jun 2011 19:26:41 Robbie Keane to QPR.

26 Jun 2011 19:57:39 Several Premier and SPL sides are on high alert, after Man City said they were desperate to offload players. Emmanuel Adebayor is wanted by Tottenham, and Harry Redknapp will offload Peter Crouch to Liverpool to make way for him. Robbie Keane will go to Newcastle or Celtic.

jvd, panama, el salvador, Guatemala, Grenada, Canada, Jamaica ect, I know England are going through tough times at the moment, but the situation isnt THAT bad! Only Mexico and USA would be competition and USA coasted to the final playing badly.

and you miss my point re Mancini/Tevez. Im just saying that Mancini doesnt seem to let personal opinions on a player cloud his judgement. He didnt have to make Tevez captain. Whether Kranc deserves to start games or not is irrelevant, Harry obviously has his favourites (more than most managers) and that can lead to some bizzare dicisions. eg starting Crouch 20+ times in a row times before finally realising after 1 single goal, that he needed to be dropped. Or dropping Kranc after he won us 2 games straight, (just before we went on our long winless run). Why does he give some players more chances to impress than others?
I'd love to have an opinion but thanks to Harry I have literally nothing to base my opinion on.
Tottenham Hotcore
what sux you will find that pep didnt want him because of his big time charlie attitude his demands for first team football were a symptom of this plus his drinking and off the field antics
QUOTE Scouts told me.. Modric going..adamant he's leaving and simply won't play..that badly he wants to go.. club already looking for a replacement.. and yeah he's also been told adebayor.. just passing on.." Scout former COYS poster
This is quite a quote.....

QUOTE Hold your horses, there.

I know I may be completely wrong on this, but at the moment, all we really have to go on is the Mail's article claiming to have direct quotes from him. They could have been very carefully edited and doctored to appear to be saying something other than what he said. h*ll, for all we know, he could have said nothing and this could all come from a Borabchian (sp?) stooge saying "yeah, heah, he did say all these things to me".

He has neither publicly retracted nor publicly confirmed any of this. Maybe that is because he is on his honeymoon and left instructions not to be disturbed.

The only facts, as I see them, are: That his agent, the one we do business with, has been adamant throughtout that he has a very good relationship with Levy (and we know this to be true), and that Modric is happy at WHL. That the article from the Mail doesn't actually accord with anything Modric has previously said, or anything we could discern about his character. And, finally, that Levy has specifically stated that Modric will not be sold, and anyone who still pursues this matter will face action.

Now, some unsubstantiated source has said something that, again, does not accord with anything Modric has said, and a fair proportion of Spurs fans are going balistic, and being abusive of the player. How many times did he say that he wouldn;t push things to the extent of handing in a transfer request, even in the Mail article (I believe), and now, all of a sudden, on one unsubstantiated source's say-so, folk are prepared to believe he is prepared to go on strike

That is the current state of play, and yet, with the only substantial fact we know about a Modric transfer being that Chelsea offered a ridiculously low amount for no other purpose than to tell the media with the intention of usettling the player, it has already totally changed our perception of the player and the relationship we once had with him (and maybe that was the point). I have noticed, in typing this up, that I have gone from calling him Modders to calling him Modric. And there is no real basis for any of this but panic.
QUOTE Interest in Adebayor is there, City don't want to sell to us, we won't pay anything near his current wage. Also told that we are not the front runners to sign Forlan. It is believed that Newcastle have the greater interest.
jvd - You KNOW what i meant mate. EVERY player needs a rest. Maybe Kranjcar would be better against those teams that 'park the bus', than VDV or Modric appear to be?. I believe he came off the bench to do it last season? And then did the same in the following game (but from the start). It's all about 'alternatives'. There is NO 'alternative' with Harry. It's ALWAYS the same, no matter who the opposition. Why else do you propose we are so easy to stop from winning?. The amount of draws last season backs up my argument/stance. As do the games that niko came on to win for us, that VDV or Modric couldn't ;-)
jlj - May I enquire as to how you KNOW why Pep didn't want Gio?. surely you're not basing your opinion upon the same medium that we shouldn't pay attention to the Modric, Sandro and Lennon rumours?. just curious as to how you KNOW we'll "find pep didn't want him because of his big time charlie attitude"??
hyperlinks up on top! click on it yea! :)
what_sux... Sorry mate but I've got no idea what you're on about, what 'hyper link' is, or where I'm supposed to be looking for this 'hyper link'? lol.. Sorry mate
coops the hyperlink i made is just above for the green words for any other spurs fans interested, if they are interested in planet spurs, click on it and it will go straight there, LOL, just playing around haha. :)
Rumours are great....WE MUST sack redknapp,sell or give away jenas,sell keane,bentley,crouch,hutton,palacious,bassong...KEEP dos santos and then buy anyone that can actually score....not much to ask.
Lmfao! I bet Swansea would beat the USA! Primitive football with a few glimpses skill. How bout that Spain VS SUI goal. Gio Dos Santos!!! Lmfao!!!
I was waiting for our annual 'Gio should play more' article. I would like him stay and he always has a decent pre-season for us then disappears. Problem is I don't know who to drop for Gio, do we drop Lennon, Bale or VDV so Gio can start or who should we drop from the bench? I think Gio is at the club at the wrong time, I would like him to stay and be used more but I can't see it happening.
With all the talk of Gio's wonder goal, vs. USA, you may have overlooked his contribution to the tying 2nd goal: sublimely controlling the ball on the right wing, then cutting back into the box, onto his left foot for a quick low strike that made Guardado's finish easy. In case you have not seen the highlights:
Mix26: you are kidding, right? Even Lionel Messi has to take a bow to Gio - there has not been a goal as stunning this year: first timing an excellent run into the box, receiving the pass, cutting back with Howard desperately attempting to swat the ball away, expertly holding the ball in traffic, before lifting an inch-perfect lob over the head of the defender, into the top left corner of the net!!! Please enlighten us: where was there a better solo effort this year??
Messi's solo dribble through the Real Madrid defence in the Champions League semi was pretty good although I think Gio's finish was better but Messi's overall was better because of the quality he was up against.
Markoose16- he could possibly play that lone striker role. Has everything in his locker to make it work. Great finisher.
Markoose16: well to be compared with Lionel Messi is something, yes? Even to be mentioned in the same sentence ... Harry, Harry Redknapp: are you listening? Barca have conquered the entire football Universe, with Lionel Messi at the heart of their attack. Do you not think that Giovani is worth a go, playing for Spurs at WHL? I mean, if you are serious in your intent to revisit the Champion's League ... what Gio showed in this recent tournament is Messi-like skill. He can run like the wind, super quick, incredible balance and poise; he is an equally gifted passer and striker. Could well become an MVP, in a few years time ... COYS!!!
Giovani Dos Santos
canadaspurssupport, like others on here, you're overrating him a little imo, if he was that good, clubs in Spain would be breaking the bank to sign him after his recent spell over there. He is decent, but not exactly irreplaceable.
New 4-3-3 formation Gomes; Corluka, Gallas, Dawson, BAE; Sandro, Modric, Bale; Lennon, Pav, Gio (Subs: VDV, Defoe, Kaboul, Hudd, Kranjcar, Rose, Walker)
Guyver: maybe Racing Satander did not utilize Giovani properly? He can only get better - like Pav, he needs a manager who can stand behind him, encourage him with regular starts. Why not emulate Barca in the Prem? Look what they did to United in the CL final! People say that their types of players are too small for English football ... and they humiliated Alex Ferguson.
He actually played quite well for Racing from what I hear, scored a few goals aswell, which in a way makes me more suspicious that nobody seems to be keen on him..
Guyver: after the CONCACAF tournament, I am sure there will be plenty of interest - hopefully most of it will come from our own coaching staff and board of directors!!! Gio (like Modric) is the kind of player around which a squad can be built - we have all the ingredients. We simply need some new direction, then we will be scoring more goals than any other team in the Prem! No more of these 1 - 0 and 2 - 1 matches! Spurs should have a + 40 goal differential easy!!!
Giovani compilation 10 exquisite goals. Check out goal #5, for Spurs in the League Cup ...
Personally I'd rather have a kid with huge upside potential on the bench that Parker but you know 'Arry.........
BTW this kid could sub in as an impact player for VDV, Lennon, Bale, Modric, ect. He has a huge talent and only needs 'Arry to give him a bl**y chance. Get rid of Palacios, Jennas, etc.a dn make a space on the roster from him!
now let me get this out the way first. I HATE the reliance on Crouch, but his record for England speaks for itself. Picking players on international form cannot be done. GDS' performances for Mexico, like Crouch's were against much weaker opposition (predominently) so you've got to be careful calling for a recognition of international performances. that being said i wouldnt mind seeing giovanni given an oppurtunity, especially if god-forbid Modric leaves, or as a alternative up front, especially with the current dross
If you buy the tabloids, you are responcible for the ****e they print. Simple. An independent study investigating the responsiveness of football fans to media hyped football roumors showed that THFC fans may be the most effective set of individuals to target. It has been said that the averarge spurs fan may buy up to 6 different daily papers, with the Daily Mirror, a notorious anti-Tottenham news-sheet possibly the most read. This situation, it has been reported, is now top of the agenda for some people associated with public relations in Tottenham and measures will be taken to combat the 'taking advantage of' by other London clubs.
He was brilliant the whole tournament. I watched several of Mexico's matches specifically to watch him play. He had the freedom to roam and played well with Chicharito. He's a true #10, not a midfielder like Lennon. He'd be a great strike partner with VdV or even Pav (whom I don't rate, but Pav needs help). Gio would not work well with Defoe or Keano. I agree. Let's stick him in some Europa Cup matches, then bring him into Prem matches later on. He can be a real solution to our striker problems.
Gio has matured an awful lot in the last 10 months it seems. He's physically much more fit, and all those rumours of him out on the ***** clubbing etc. are more than two years ago, so I don't think it's an issue now. Plus he's got something to prove with the success Hernandez has had at Man U. Let's see if Harry has a change of heart this year, maybe it was all part of the plan, I certainly hope so.
Gio is a very good player with a skill level few, if any, on the current Spurs roster have the ability to do what Gio did. Harry doesn't get it so the goal matters not. His partying didn't stop him scoring more goals at Racing in less than half a season than either Crouch or Defoe did in a full year last season, but Harry like the other 2 and not Gio and that's all there is to that.

Since people are slagging the quality of CONCACAF, I'd like to bring it home to Spurs. Friedel is no longer good enough to be keeper on the American Team. He's way down the talent list. This is why he retired from international football years ago. Both Howard and Hahnemann are rated better. He's our number 1. COYS
Ardone r u serious or taking the Michael ? What type of person would buy 1 let alone ALL the redtops EVERY day ? I Only buy the independent btw. I'm hardly a snob, but the LAST thing I ever do is buy 1 of those trashy papers. So Liverpool don't buy the Sun, how about NO YIDS BUY ANY TABLOIDS. They want to target Yids ? Well let's target their pockets !?? COYS
Tot-Nam Vet
peterballb - well said mate. Gio, if given the chance can become a top class player for us. Give him 5/6 games playing the lone role and watch the guy impress. reminds me of Rossi.
01tottenham & coopsieyid - you haven't actually answered my question. Hernandez had never played in the Premier League when Ferguson signed him, so why is no one interested in Gio ?
It's Harry's job to coach players, so coach him Harry. tell him to knuckle down, track back, whatever. He could be dynamite for us. Don't waste him like Taraabt, there are so few talents that are truly creative. We need this boy playing for Spurs. Look how we nearly lost Bale before he broke through.
Manx Yid
coopsie i watched an interview with guiem ballegue (spelling) he said both him and bojan were looking at getting into the first team but gio was going out drinking with ronaldinho and thinking he was established and a big time charlie. he wasnt putting the effort in in training and he was expecting to be picked. pep is now feeling the same about bojan which is why hes on his way to roma and just like gio barca have the first buy back option now fast forward to our situation its clear the lad is a talent but he doesnt want to put the effort in outside the actual game so he doesnt get picked. i would be happy to see him playing for us aslong as he puts the effort in both on and off the pitch
I only game i watched was the final, as good as Gio was and he was *****ing good, USA were truly shocking!! Mexico should have scored at least 10!
Oh my god just watched the goal! What a ******** goal!! This boy has to be given a chance at Tottenham! Perfect player as back up, or to rotate with VDV. But of course Danny Boy's dinosaur of a coach won't get it!
geoff stern
I Agree with vic... If Harry gave gio a proper chance, and played him as impact sub, then starter we would see a big improvement. As by playing regularly he will not be tempted by clubbing etc. due to the motivation of the need to keep fit and to play. Bale had similar problems until Harry had to put him into the team when BAE was injured, and the turnaround is legend. COYS
Block D Spurs
Hang on a sec, why not try playing Gio and VDV together? Sorry, got to excited for a second there! Forgot about Danny Boy's dinosaur of a coaches, dinosaur of a centre forward Peter Crouch!
geoff stern
Dos santos suits south american football, he struggked in turkey too. He also loved getting *****ed. Good talent, but he has had his chance with 3 managers and obviously didnt try hard enough to get a decent run, and when he did play, he looked good witghout ever doing anything amazing!
spot on liam its well documented the boy has his off field issues with the devils juice
he'll get the clubbing out of his system....he's still only 21....whilst booze is terrible for an athlete at his age it won't be as much of an effect and tbh if I were being paid a fortune at that age and left out of the team...I'd sooner get hammered and get a few women round....what's the point of maintaining peak physical condition if you don't get a game???
Wish we would give the kid a shot but have resigned myself to the fact that Harry won't play him so lets sell while his value is high.
I can't believe some people. Dos Santos gets *****ed at the team's holiday party alongside EVERY OTHER PLAYER ON THE TEAM and suddenly he's a drunk. Why is it that he never received that complaint when at Ipswich, Galatasaray or Racing. Those coaches all spoke of his dedication and professionalism. I don't think Rijkaard would've pushed hard for Galtasaray to take him on loan if he thought he'd waste his time drinking. GET OFF IT!! Seems like Harry should focus on putting down The Sun and see the quality player he's got in front of im.
@ liam If Racing had the money, they'd buy him. Thanks to him they avoided relegation. And at Ipswich the fans loved him for his never say die attitude, not to mention the fact that the coach wanted him back but Racing knicked him first. So, Liam, where do you check your facts? Same place as Harry?
I foresee Gio being on the team that eliminates Spurs from the Champions League next time they make it and scoring the goal that takes them out. If you look at the pictures at the holiday party, you'll see he wasn't the only one drunk. And for those who speak of his physicallity, he was able to run rings around EPL rated defenders playing for the US and Chicharito is no goliath either. but look where he's at.

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Sunderland 2 - 2 Spurs
Spurs 0 - 3 Liverpool
Spurs 4 - 0 Q.P.R.
West Ham 0 - 1 Spurs

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3. Swansea 4 3 0 1 3 9
4. Southampton 4 2 1 1 5 7
5. Man City 4 2 1 1 3 7
6. Spurs 4 2 1 1 2 7
7. Arsenal 4 1 3 0 1 6
8. Liverpool 4 2 0 2 1 6
9. Man Utd 4 1 2 1 3 5

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Southampton : 19/09/2014 16:34:00
Team News: Newcastle v Hull
Hull City : 19/09/2014 16:32:00
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Aston Villa : 19/09/2014 16:26:00
Pellegrini - We Have To Perform
Man City : 19/09/2014 16:22:00

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