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Young Ones The Answer?

it's transfer season, and rumours of players comings and goings are well under way. 

Tottenham clearly need a striker or two to help us push for a top four finish in the Premier League again this coming season and therefore have been linked with multiple players such as; Forlan, Leandro and Falcao. However, due to the high number of squad members we already have Levy and the board of directors have insisted we sell first ( which in all honesty is a slow and painful policy) So it seems that even if we do sell the likes of Keane, Hutton, Bassong, Jenas, Bentley and Kranjcar we still wont have enough money to buy a £30-40 million worth striker that can score 30+ goals a season like we (and every other team) need so desperately. 

So this is where the idea of looking at young prospects come into play... Yes we need to finish in the top four this season and need world class players but surely we should be looking to the future at the same time? Firstly, we HAVE to keep Gio (especially if the Lennon rumours come true) as I'm sure I'm not the only supporter that believes if he received more game time we could start to see spectacular things. 

Next, we use the money we recieve from selling the likes of Kranjcar, Bentley and Palacios ( others may be used in Cahill trade *fingers crossed*) to fund buying players such as Leandro and Oxlade-Chamberlain that are showing they can change games and are still very young. Then, start using our own youth! We have so much talent in our youth but because of our high expectation to do well in Europe via the Champions League and therefore the Premier League, we find that these players don't get used at all and are loaned out time and time again suceeding for other clubs. 

Here are two great examples from this season: Walker at Aston Villa became the most entertaining attacking right back in England and at one point wanted to stay at Villa due to the fact that he knows when he returns to White Hart Lane he wont be getting game time. He also played superbly in Englands U-21 short tournament campaign this summer. HE DESERVES TO BE OUR FIRST TEAM RIGHT BACK!!! 

O'Hara at Wolves proved to be a solid central midfielder able to hold the game and get forward and score goals saving them from relegation. Now he's a permanent Wolves player and is sure to be one of the best youngsters in the Premier League next season. 

As an English club I believe it is our duty to start playing young English talent like Walker, Rose, Townsend, Caulker, Mason, Parrett, Bostock, Naughton and Obika. Even if it is in cup games and the odd Premier League game. 

Last year I watched our pre-season tourn' in the US and our young guns were GREAT to watch and looked incredibly promising. The new season came along and I dont think I saw any of them mentioned again? Can we afford the likes of Arsenal and Man Utd to be showing us how it's done by giving players like Wilshere, Rafael and Oberton a chance and watching them shine? 

written by shanepjd

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The journalist

Writer: shanepjd Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday June 29 2011

Time: 11:52AM

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first ..
razoredge spur
Agree with Walker comment. Disagree on O'Hara.
Until Harry leaves it will never happen
Until Harry leaves it will never happen
Obertan? he's been released for a loss hasnt he?
Are you forgetting that we have money stashed in the bank that was available to us in january! We have money, we just have to trim our squad for new arrivals to fit in. What ever we make from those Fringe players will surely be added to our warchest. I agree that townsend, rose, bostock and walker need to be promoted to the first team.
What is it with managers when everyone else can pinpoint the problems but the man at the helm cant! Like the England manager, the whole country agrees to players that should be playing and systems etc, but whoever takes the job becomes a b3llend and does the opposite!
Walker must IMO be in the squad as competition for Charlie this season, he is ready, stop playing Kaboul @ RB. If Harry doesnt play him I will be miffed he's shown his talent at AV this season.
Agree with Walker, we should have kept Naughton too, he was great, Rose isn't a left back either so it will be either that and out of position or no game unless he can shift lennon and play a left footed rigt winger like johnson at city? Gio is definately worth keeping, plays both wings and AMC or even striker at a push, saw him last pre-season (as this is the only time he seems to play for us) and he was amazing, just like world cup! i think there are a couple of really good youngsters at our club but again stupid management wont use them.........oh i forgot townsend another great player as well.
J spurs4life
You had me until the last line... Oberton has certainly not come close to shinning. But other than that I agree with you.
Personally, I agree with your general philosophy, however lets also be realistic with our selections of first team football, especially with the current management set up. Walker still needs to work on his defensive skills, however I am hoping he will continue to progress and become the complete RB. As for Gio, I am a huge fan, but I also understand where others are coming from when they question his commitment and if his heart is not at WHL, is it best for both parties to move on. With the massive schedule we have infront of us this season, I am hoping our squad rotation policy might change this time around, as I'm sure many a Spurs fan will be intrigued to see our younger squad players given a start from time to time.
J spurs4life - Have you not seen Rose play at left back mate? For once i agree with Harry when he said thats his position. Great competition for Ekotto. Should be given a role to play in the CC and europa.
Surely the surge on getting rid of surplus players is due to the 25 rule, but is now also important to free up the funds for modric's new salary. We must have the money for the striker/s saved from the last couple of transfer windows. Walker to defo come in and challenge charlie. Lets make him feel like a yid and fall in love with the club. REmember he hasn't been at the club long and has been on loan for most of that time
hang on . . .where is the money ??? champs league and other stuff ??? how are we skint ???
basil ramjet
Nice article but I dont persoanlly agree. For example if you think Giovani Dos Santos is going to come in and replace Lennon next season then your on the glue i'm afraid. As I said in another article, Giovani is not only arrogant and uncommited...he's nowhere near as good as all you dreamers think he is. Yes he plays well for Mexico but Robbie Keane is one the best International Strikers in the world...Pavlyuchenko always does the business for Russia and Crouch has an incredible record for England. Yet I think you'll agree when I say they're pish at club level. This "we should play our kids" idea bugs me. Yes, if they're good enough, absolutely play them but unfortunately the stardard of kids we currently have at the club are not that good outside of Sandro, Walker, Rose and possibly Caulker.
I wouldn't be quite so quick to dismiss Rose from the left back position.. he is clearly a very talented player and, as Harry has said, he isnt fast enough to be a winger. Left back could well be perfect for him. hes a good passer of the ball and is actually very strong considering his size... same can be said for BAE...
1st things 1st, we DO need to trim the Squad & also wage bill. 2nd I cant see us swapping 4 relatively high earners for 1 (Cahill) as it would cripple the receiving Clubs pocket. 3rd Harry doesn't take risks, well not in Youth. He obviously doesn't mind signing injury prone Players as they have experience. Well I also have experience, I've been in & out of either hospital or the doctors surgery for the past 10 years, just like Harry's "targets" yet as far as Im aware my agent hasn't informed me of a move to WHL... Im 30 so surely Im PERFECT for Harry's plans ??? Lets just hope (& pray) that Mr Levy has negotiated a deal for Damiao, Park & set up transfers for Keane, 2MP, Sarge, Bassong, Niko, Bentley & maybe JJ. Does any1 know anything of this French Striking sensation we're apparently in for, who's costing 8M Euros ? I do hope the youth & Khumalo either get EPL loans this coming season OR are selected for all 3 cups next season. The kids are the future BUT will our kids be the future for Spurs OR for others (again) ???? COYS
True Spurs Supporter
Kierzo Nail. On. Head
Sorry but "the fact that he knows when he returns to White Hart Lane he wont be getting game time." Bull****, it's not a fact is it? Unless of course you're a time traveller, then you can tell me the Euromillions numbers for Friday. And you believe it's our priority to play the likes of Rose, Townsend, Caulker, etc whilst I agree with the sentiment that English players should be given more opportunities, results have to come first in my opinion so sadly the kids shouldn't be played, except in the cups we don't want to win. The only reason why players like Wilshere and Rafael are given the opportunities is because they are exceptionally talented. Harry has said Walker will be coming back from his loan and used because he is very talented. Also isn't it better for them to be out on loan playing competitive football week in, week out rather than twiddling their thumbs in the training ground.
Lets remember that its Levy who runs the football club and if he tells harry "listen i need you to send 10 players out on loan to save on wages , you decide which ones".I believe this is what happened and in all honesty harry did a good job and i dont believe that apart from gds any of the players we sent out on loan would of made a difference. we are too big to give youth a chance until they are tried and tested with a premiership club and we are not big enough to attract the biggest stars
disagree shane. thenuge is right in that Walker is not defensively ready yet. It is all very well saying that we should introduce the young players, but are you prepared to drop the points that are likely to result? The Walker loan was perfect. He gained points for Villa, he lost points for Villa - but he gained Premiership experience without us risking points. He is more ready, but must be eased in. Why are you saying that we must keep Gio when it is obvious that if he hasn't made the team in 4 seasons, he'll never make it. He must go. Even Lennon goes, then Gio still must go because right wing is never Gio's position anyway. He needs to play as a forward, but as Gio won't score many, he needs to be in a team that is not short on goals from forwards to make up for that.... That is not Spurs.
Should we be looking to youth? Of course we should. Will we under Harry? Not a chance. For a player to get called up to the England team while out on loan because he's not good enough demonstrates clearly Harry and the coaching staff haven't a clue about talent. Rose preferred to a third keeper on the nen h and then to 2 injured players. Gio outscores both Crouch and Drfoe at Racing in 900 minutes. He'd take Parker over O'Hara any day despite O'Hara being statistically better in every regard. Get rid of the manager and perhaps the kids will get a chance. Presently they all have to hope guys get injured and Harry has no choice. Kranjcar is unlucky. Only to have Harry as coach. 1 win in 13. COYS
peterballb, it was O'Haras choice to leave.. he wanted to play more games and with Modric and Huddlestone ahead of him he didnt really stand much chance. Plus we havent actually signed Scotty Parker so a bit premature there. If we did infeact get rid of Harry then who exactly would you like to get in who would be capable of hitting the ground running come september?
TallaghtSpurs - the young players are loaned out to gain experience, not to save money. The likes of Keane, Bentley are loaned out to be in the shop window, and not to vegetate ... and save some wasted money on wages. Markoose16 is also right that the comparison to Wilshere is ridiculous. Wilshire is one of those that demand to be played, and do not need to get experience. The likes of Rose, Townsend, Obika, Parret, Livermore are not in the same league right now. Look how many Utd and Arsenal youngsters that DO NOT make it. You are simply mentioning 1 out of a crop of 30. We have less youngsters around.
Total crap Peter, Walker out on loan was the best thing that happend to the lad to date.
peterballb - yeah but 2 of the best 3 Premier league finishes in the last 2 decades = good job.
We have too many players and that's a fact we cannot escape. It's hard for any manager to play youth when they have 600 senior players all knocking on his door, all wanting more games. We need to get rid of our average players in the next couple of windows and stop buying players because they'd be "okay squad players". It's nonsense. I used to be sucked in by it, I was all up for signing Joe Cole, Scott Parker (last summer), Steven Pienaar etc, because I thought to myself "yeah, they're not bad players to have as backup". In truth though it stunts the growth of any younger player trying to get into the side. When we've had King, Woodgate (albeit crocked), Gallas, Dawson, Kaboul, Bassong, Khumalo, how in the frig is Caulker meant to get a look in? Yeah, rotation is one thing, but when people talk about a centre half pairing they talk about it needing to be "settled", so do you rotate every other week and unsettle the pairing, or do you stick with a partnership and have a string of unhappy players. Whether we rotate or not there's no time for youth players when there's 7 seniors in front of you. Centre mid's the same, we've had Modric, Huddlestone, Sandro, Palacios, Jenas, O'Hara all wanting to be in the first team every week before you get to Livermore (who's not even that young any more), Parrett and Bostock. So, in all, I'm 100% for playing the youth, but we can't keep padding out our squad. As lovely as it is on paper to have such experienced back up, it doesn't work in practice. Surely when you look at the successful clubs here and abroad it tells you something. Do you not think Man Utd couldn't have our squad if they wanted to? They've chosen to not have 'strength' in depth because it doesn't work and it jeopardises the progress of younger players.
I am afraid that we have to wait and see what will happen during this transfer period. If the club wont be able to offload the deadwood and buy new proper players or use some of its younger players, then we all will know for sure that the current president-manager combination and the system upon it is based the transfer policy can't help Spurs move forward. Because it isn't only a matter of a bigger stadium and a different salary structure but mainly it is a matter of a proper and in time planned transfer policy and of having the appropriate for that purpose staff.
Ioan X
KierzoSBC - since you put it that way, i have to agree with you. P.S your forgetting Townsend. This guy is gonna shine next season.
SpursOne2 - exactly. Walker was not loaned out because "he wasn't good enough", he was loaned out because he wasn't experienced enough. Prior to last season, Walker had just 30-40 apps of lower level football.
Again, I don't know where this reputation for Harry signing 30+ players has come from. We've been linked to loads, we've bid for a few, we've signed a couple. Just because we've bid for Parker, Neville and Beckham in the last couple of years doesn't mean Harry wants all of them. At Portsmouth he did extremely well to sign young players who weren't getting much of a chance elsewhere, namely Johnson and Diarra. I wrote a massive list of players he signed for Pompey, and the vast majority were 25 and under, and most of them were around 22. Even for Spurs, he's permanently signed 3 players over 30, 2 of them being goalkeepers, the other being Gallas.
Tony - Yeah mate, not trying to get drawn into another pro/anti harry debate but that move was spot on. He went to a premiership club, first team, they were up there with us not so long ago, got experience and has emerged as a great prospect. That was 'not having a clue' about talent. I dont think so.
bernio3000 Harry has said a large squad is required for all the competions. I dont know what Man U, Liverpool has. Centre mids Sandro, Huddlestone and Palacios. Palacios is just the experienced player we require to shore up the defensive midfield. He proved this in his first year with us.
Walker is a bad defender, he kept giving the ball away in his own half for England and was beaten by balls in behind him. Yes he is good going forward but the first job of a defender is to defend. We are trying for top 4, if Walker plays forget it, he will weaken us defensively. He needs to go on loan to gain experienced then we can play the finished article. It is amazing how people are seduced by one or two goals in a very disappointing career for Gio, amazing how everyone is prepared to accept him not turning up for training and being late, amazing how they accept him flying off to go to bars in Spain for the weekend when he is not playing. The guy has done nothing at club level, why is nobody wants to buy him if he is so essential? We have been trying to sell him for an eternity but no takers.
We need to start integrating young players into our squad. This is a gradual process. We may have missed out with the likes of O'hara and Taraabt. In terms of the current crop I think Walker deserves a shout. I like Kaboul since returning to us but not at right back - he is the worst crosser of the ball in the prem! Charlie is our first choice, but Kyle should push him this season. I'm not sure if any of the others are of sufficient quality. Completely disagree that we "HAVE" to keep Dos Santos, rather we have to sell him.
Matty J
[Sorry how you can say O'hara is young and up and coming, FFS he is near on 25 hitting his peak at 27 if he was 20/21 then yeah he had his chances at spurs but not good enough for us nowhere the standard of huddlestone, who in turn is miles behind modric .... Sandor 21 by far a better player now then O'hara ever will be.
[Sorry how you can say O'hara is young and up and coming, FFS he is near on 25 hitting his peak at 27 if he was 20/21 then yeah he had his chances at spurs but not good enough for us nowhere the standard of huddlestone, who in turn is miles behind modric .... Sandor 21 by far a better player now then O'hara ever will be.
Walker and Rose will be in the squad next season - The rest are not up to PL standard "yet" - We need men not boys if we are going to get up there and challenge!
Could people stop going on about Taarabt like he is something special? I have seen about the same amount of football from Townsend as I have Taarabt (even live), and I have already seen more promise and application and worth from Townsend (at 19 years old) than from Taarabt who is 21 years old. I know which one I would rather have. Townsend needs perhaps a loan move to Swansea or Norwich, and we could have something pretty tasty.
Looks like your article has received a bit of a beat down. Everything I wanted to say has been said by Kierzo, Markoose, Peterballb, etc but I'd just like to add, I'd like this expectation of a 30+ goal striker to stop. You're setting yourself up for massive disappointment. There's only a handful of strikers that can pull that off in any league on any given season at any one time. Let's be realistic, let's hope as well that we kind find a striker that helps bring the rest of the team in for more goals as well, i.e. Pav, Mod, Lennon, VDV, Bale, etc.
Are u Wenger in disguise? Dont agree with anything you have written TBH. Utter garbage infact, lets look at the current First team, Charlie 25 Dawson 26 BAE 27, Luka 25, Lennon 24, Thudd 24, Sandro 22, Bale 21, VDV 28. Def, Pav and 2MP can suck my left nut... We have a team that could play for the next 10 years there??? Players should be groomed to play in the PL. There is one or two gifted youngsters who could do it ala Hernandez and Wilshire and probly Sturridge, but no way in hell can we afford to play youngsters week in week out.
And of the players u mentioned under English Talent only 2 of them were in the U21 tourney. Rose who Harry played and did a sterling job at LB and Walker who had to go on loan due to our massive team of RB players...
tengboon - yes I was going to make the same point but was distracted. 30+? Drogba got 30+ 2 seasons ago, and then followed it with 11. A bit of realism please. With any new striker that we sign, we should be chuffed with anything over 13 league goals in first season. And expecting a bit more afterwards. We were chuffed with Berbatov weren't we? He got 12 league goals in his first season, then got 15 in the second. What is this 30+ nonesense?
Mix26 - nicely put - (apart from the Pav and Crouch bit - which I exclude myself from).
Superb Mix. Superb.
@KierzoSBC. Firstly I always respect your opinion on matters and generally find them to be informative and quite accurate. I think you are being a little harsh on GDS though. Why do you assume he is arrogant and uncommitted? The fact remains, than Mexico took apart a USA team, the same USA team that easily held their own against England. To claim that he is "pish at club level", is neither right nor wrong, because it has not been proved in the premier league.
off topic, but it seems levy and co have acted on their right to appeal and have a oral hearing for the olypic stadium stuff, another distraction, fantastic!
Good morning Spurs. Glad to see your transfer thread..... there has been a fair amount of talk of Wolves making a move to sign Bassong. What are the chances of Harry letting him go? How much is he worth? And how highly do you rate him? Cheers, and greatly looking forward to some more great football games against you next season. Our 3-3 draw last season was the best game of football I have seen in some time. All the best.
New York City Wolf
I agree with TonyRich, this "30 goals/season striker" business is pure fantasy, nobody has one who achieves this consistently. The goals that matter are the PL goals, they are the bread and butter, the rest are bonus. If a stiker achieves 15+ Pl goals a season consistently he is doing well. Ironically in his infinite wisdom Redknapp, with his allegedly legendry transfer skills, blew out one of the few strikers in the country, who is a nailed on certainty to achieve that every season, with whoever he plays.
Talksport are running with the story that we have agreed to sell Pav to Anzhi Makhachkala for £13 mil
Regarding GDS, Kierzo's right in that this article very wrongly suggested he could somehow fill in for Lennon. But I agree with Nuge, I think these accusations of arrogance, out clubbing too much, etc are dated at least 2 years prior, since then the lad has shown marked physical fitness improvement and two massive performances in both CONCAF and World Cup. He's not the same lad he was even 10 months ago, even an armchair pseudo-fan like me can see that. But as Peterballb would say, as long as Harry runs tings, ain't gonna happen innit.
NYC Wolf, very likely to let him go. He had a promising enough first season, can be pretty clumsy at times and this showed through a bit more last season. To be fair though he had limited chances due to the arrival of Gallas. I can see him going back to France rather than moving to the midlands though, he's stated that he'd love to one day play for PSG and they seem to be signing a million players this summer.
Frank you're referring to Bent obviously, and in hindsight, how Harry wish he had kept him as he can play the lone striker better than the four we have. Surprised to see a Wolves fan from NYC... How much did we pay Newcastle for Bassong again? Doubt Wolves could come up with the same amount, in which case, Levy probably won't let him go
Bernio, cracking post earlier regarding Harry actually signing 30+ age players. I think some of the knee-jerk signings he's made when he first came in, i.e. Keane, Crouch, have come back to haunt him a bit. The only two mysteries to me which renders me absolutely befuddled: A) why not play Krancjar when given the chance B) why sign Pienaar. How I would love to see a one-on-one with Harry to get those two jaw-droppers explained
Tony Rich asked: It is all very well saying that we should introduce the young players, but are you prepared to drop the points that are likely to result? Was there a team that belonged in the top four last season that dropped points more than the Spurs under Harry? Dropping points, especially against relegation level teams, is not more likely to happen with Rose and Walker etc., than it did last season without them playing.
Total knobhead
Lets get the situation with our young players into some semblance of prospective. While it is obvious, or we hope it is, with Redknapp one never knows, that his performances with both QPR and Villa, and with the U21s, that Walker is probably the best RB on Spurs books, and must play, and that Rose, again an U21 international has shown distinct promise when given limited opportunity. With regards to the rest, with the possible exceptions of Caulker who has been a stand out performer whilst on loan, and Naughton, who has done OK, what suggests that Townsend, Mason, Parrett, Bostock in particular, Obika are ready to contribute to Spurs given their chequered performances with lower championship, and Div 1 clubs. It is a wonderfully romantic proposition that we can go onward and upward with our "English" youngsters but unrealistic. We are attempting, or so we the fans believe, to challenge for a top 4 finish and CL football, against clubs who contain a nucleus of quality world class players, so are the aformentioned the right players with which to mount our challenge, I think not. It has also been claimed we could play them in cups, with which I wouldn't dissagree, and in "some PL games". Which games would these be, as it is a cold hard fact that due to us being unable to pick up points from relegated clubs this season, we threw away our 4th place, and CL football, playing our current much vaunted squad. Surely these are the games that would have been targeted if we were promoting these young players. It was also mentioned in the atricle that as an "English club" we a "duty" to promote young English players, this of course is not true. It is the duty of the club to it's fans, shareholders, and sponcers etc. to put the strongest possible team on the pitch in every match, to win football matches, and therefore trophies. Unfortunately this seems to have been lost as a prime objective by many including our esteemed chairman.
Nice one knobhead! And as for the TalkSport thing on Pav, kind of scary, TalkSport for me is one of the sites that doesn't just make stuff up or jump on the bandwagon. Hope they're wrong, but if they're right, hope there's an ace in the hole for a surprise quality replacement!
Agreed Frank, and in response to the article suggesting Walker MUST start at RB... over Corluka, not a chance, and furthermore I see the same problems with Walker as I do with Hutton, especially with respect to leading Lennon into space and not over-running up the wing. We shall see.
Interesting Coops. You buying that ****? I'm not.
Does anybody not see that our widely publicised, and regularly quoted "we must sell before we buy" policy, plays right into the hands of our opposition. We, and they know, that the transfer window has a finite time scale, so any club fancying to buy one of our players, should bide their time as the window runs down, and presumably we get more desperate. By following this policy we will undoubtedly be left with very little, if any, time to recruit the players, that by common consent we are in desperate need of i.e. strikers. We have seen this in previous windows and are now witnessing a repeat. Of course a more sensible policy would be to "sell while we buy" by circulating clubs with a list of players for whom we are prepared to accept offers, if in fact we have properly assessed who they are, and then to get involved in sensible negotiations on price etc, whilst still pursueing the targets we need, if indeed we have any idea who they actually are, to fill the obviuos difficiencies in our squad, and enable us a) to placate the understandable concerns of Modric and Bale and possibly Sandro by striving to go forward and improve, and b) Show an honest desire to cure the ills of last season, and at least make a realistic challenge to regain our top 4 and CL place. I think the chances of being left with many of the fringe players are neglible, providing we are prepared to accept realistic offers, and to admit that these players have depreciatted in value considerably since joining the club, just as a second hand car or anything else does over time, particulally if it has not been working very well. If they were currently as valuable as when they joined the club, they surely would have been playing regularly, and not be for sale. Before all the "outraged of N17" comments start, this is not a show of "hatred" or any other emotion towards Messrs Levy and Redknapp, just surely a more rational way of looking at our current position, and solutions to it, rather than simply saying "you can't buy anyone untill you sell". You simply can't run a football club like that. Lastly how can we be "skint", when we have just grossed £40M+ from the CL and the considerable prize money from our 5th place PL finish. This money was earned on the pitch, and should be spent on the pitch.
Thank you everyone for sharing your views (: This article was merely to try and suggest that players like Rose and Walker get a bit more game time (even if just in the cup) and I am all for loans to help them gain experiance. The point I was making is that our youth seem uncertain with their future at this moment in time due to the constant loan after loan for years, for example: Jake Livermore has been loaned to Crewe, Derby, Peterborough, Ipswich and Leeds within the space of three years and is still yet to be used as a regular FA/Carling cup player. This applies to most of our youngsters. 'Arry's signings of 30 year old players is also growing tiresome which is why I suggested we start looking for young talent like Oxlade-Chamberlain. I am well aware that our main goal is to get points in the premier league next season and that our current team is by far the best Spurs team we've had in my life time at least and therefore the challenge for first team football is high but surely buying a few youngsters would help us in a year or two when the likes of gallas, king, crouch, defoe and possibly Modric are gone? As for the 30+ goalscorer complaint: I am well aware this is ambitious but it is what EVERY team looks for when they sign a 'world class' striker even if it is just for a season or two.
I also believe however that although Walker is a VERY strong contender for our right back position he is maybe half a season or a season short of practise and therefore would benefit from another few months on loan at a premier league side to improve his defence skills . After that he should be a regular or used in rotation with Corluka and no longer loaned but trained by our own coaching staff.
Agree about Walker, he was brilliant last season. Don't agree with O'Hara, he's distinctly average and will not set the prem alight. I also agree about giving the likes of Rose and Townsend a chance. I'd certainly prefer Townsend to play when Thudd gets injured instead of wilson. Haven't heard too much noise about what the others have been doing in the lower leagues.
shane sorry I knocked your article but what u state is the same for any young player looking to make it a t a top club. There is and always will be a select few players making it big, if u think hard we have 2 in Bale and Sandro that are magnificent players compared to Gio, Taarabt, Livermore,Bostock and even Rose and Walker? Im sorry but if the player has the ability he will shine and if he moves on to make it big in Spain then great for him. Please name me a player who turned out to be better than what we have?
Tedspur, we're not getting rid of Harry so my answer would be moot. But there are lots better. Yes, it was O'Hara's choice to leave a situation with a manager who will never play him. Wise boy that Jamie. Looking after his career. It has nothing to do with ability, everything to do with favouritism. Or lack thereof in his case. Hopefully, Gio, Kranjcar, Bassong, Palacios and others all get their wish to get out. What a culture we're building. If you're not the coach's BFF you want out. COYS
Spursone2, anywhere but sitting in the stands is better for the lad. Best would be to be featuring for us, but under Harry that won't happen. Loan him out again is what I expect to happen, Naughton to be sold. We'll se though, but those are the rumblings. COYS
YEs we need to play our youth more. We needa blend of youth and experience. YOung players pushing for spots can only help the team improve. What we cant to is focus solely on youth at the expense of winning. You can only play so many inexperienced players and expect to win games.
TonyRich, absolutely. And Harry managed all that with the best talented squad at Spurs in three decades. He got 4th. One place higher than Jol did twice with far inferior talent and a top 4 that was miles better than the rest. Should have finished 2nd the past two seasons. The talent was there both times even without the top striker which, if added, should mean we're in for the title, bit it'll not transpire so long as excuses and favoritism a d entitlement rule the roost. COYS
You are absolutely right Mix26, we have seen them come, and seen them go, but as you say how many of them have proved us wrong. I can remember people saying we would regret selling Lee Barnard and many like him. Before everybody starts banging on about Adel Taarabt lets wait and see after a full season in the PL rather than the season he has spent skinning defenders in the Championship in a side a class better than the opposition. When he and QPR emerge into the real world of struggle in the PL, as they undoubtedly will, we will see. Incidently he was also QPR's most subbed player last year. No Mix26 is right all these "worldbeater" youngsters that we turn away, we are yet to be embarrassed.
Bernio, the difference between Pompey's situation and ours is night and day. Pompey couldn't afford 15-20m for experienced PL rubbish, we can, thus that's where we're looking. At West Ham he had good young players but also brought in older players. Some worked, some didn't and some, like DiCanio, were a bit of both. What did wind up happening though, is the good youth went and the older crap stayed, much like with Pompey, who still have the unmovable ones. But now they, West Ham and Southampton can all race to see who joins Bournemouth first. COYS
thenuge - Sorry if I came across a little harsh. Although it has been well documented while under Ramos and Redknapp that GDS has preferred to enjoy a few tipples than get stuck into making use of the god given talent he's wasting. It was said when he left Barca that the coaching staff were worried about his commitment at at the same time it was mooted that the only reason he chose Spurs was because of night life in London. Whether that's true or not I dont know but it fits into what both Ramos and especially Redknapp has said about the player. The arrogance comes from his obvious belief that he can put in less effort than is required at training and instead save himself for nights on the town...while still believing that he should somehow be in the starting lineup for Tottenham Hotspur FC. As for his ability, he has had opportunities to show what he can do. Gio has featured for us no less than 20 times for Spurs since joining at the start of the 2008 campaign. Some might say that's not a lot...I would say that's more than he deserves given not only what i've already said but the fact that when he has taken to the pitch in a Spurs top, he's shown nothing like the form he has at International level. Also at club level, Dos Santos has had the chance to show what he can do at Galatasaray and Racing Santander. Both teams have been granted an option to buy the player at the end of their respective loans but neither have taken that option up...wonder why that might be. As for his undoubted quality at international level...everyone of Crouch, Keane and Pavlyuchenko have better records at international level than he has in terms of not only goals but overall performances!! If these 3 players arent good enough for us, what exactly makes you think that GDS is. I think it's time to get over the fact he once played for Barca and that he has a famous Da...Giovani Dos Santos is an anti-climax. A firework that fizzles and dies in disspointing cloud of smoke....
Not with our manager!
Tottenham Hotcore
You have hit several nails fairly and squarely on the head there KierzoSBC. Your mention of both Keane, and particularly Crouch, at international level, show the danger of using those stats in terms of likely club form over extended periods against consistent quality opposition. Dos Santos in fairness to him is not, and never will be, suited to the grind and physicallity of the PL, he would benefit greatly from a move back to Spain, particularly to a Sangria hot spot.
Townsend is not a great player... he will not make it in the premir league. Not slagging anyone off but he's not good enough... Rose IS a left back based on performances last season and a pretty good one at that!
Dan Mac
Frank and Mix, that is generally true. It will be rare that players, after spending 4 or 5 years in a system go elsewhere and succeed. The reason is that sometimes they just weren't good enough, but sometimes it's because they just never got a chance and their career passed them by. Obika has never had a chance. We can argue until we're blue in the face as to whether he's good enough but it's all opinion and not based on his performances. If Routledge, the better rated prospect were just given the RW job, perhaps Lennon would never have been given a chance. Fortunately, both were given the chance and Lennon won the spot. You're not going to get them all right but giving up on players like KPB, Taraabt, Gio etc is just plain stupid. We did not buy these prospects because we doubted their talent. It's there. Throw them in. The wheat will always separate itself from the chaff. I would rather try to fill from within before running to overpay for someone else's crap. Only when proven at the PL level that they don't cut it is it time to shake hands and move on. Rose, Townsend, Naughton, Walker, O'Hara, Obika, Kane, Gio, Taraabt etc don't need charity or a manager who is their BFF, they just need a fair chance. They were all bought for good reason. Let them at least prove the scouts wrong. COYS
DanMac, you can't know that until he plays. I have watched too many sports in my day and seen way too many guys who were rated "not good enough" who were plenty good enough. They just needed the chance. Players are investments. Throwing them away without seeing what they can offer in the real world dooms you to be a buyer/seller forever. You will never discover a diamond. You will always pay full price. COYS
We already have good young ones at the club give them a chance first before we bring anymore in. Dean parrett was also highly rated before he came to us, he was up there with the Rodwells Wilsheres etc. Imo if he was at any other prem club he would have more PL games under his belt. So for me our famed AC is failing some where Bostock has also gone off the radar. Kids are farmed out on loan to be put in the shop window as well as gaining experience.
Kierzo if you substitute the name Crouch for Gio the argument is the same. He acknowledges he has never worked on headers because he was always taller and didn't have to. What a waste of God given height. The difference is one was given a chance. We let him go. QPR and then Pompey gave him a shot, threw the gangly giraffe in anyway and he earned it. But he had to be given the chance. Modric and Tevez shouldn't be able to hack it in England, but they do. I'll suggest Gio could as well. What Harry faults Gio for, others on Spurs are in the tabloids for every week. Not one of our strikers could have pulled that goal out of their lockers. Just don't have the ability. Skill works in every league in the world which is why Modric is a success. Gio could do and it is true he has to apply himself and take the chance, but the chance must be given. COYS
Kierzo, it should also be noted that Galatasaray took Gio on loan to cope with injuries to MF'ers, including Turan. He was in their long term plans only if Turan and others left, which they didn't so there was no need. As for Racing, they are skint. Their rich owner has all sorts of impropriety rumours about him and they have no money. Most, if not all, of the Spanish clubs are beholden to the state for propping up and the new FFPR will have huge affect there. Even PL clubs are all spending more than they make. City and Chelsea have average salaries above the highest earner at Spurs (for the moment anyway). Gio will have bids but will we accept. COYS
Simgee, o'Hara's stats are far superior to Parkers in every way if you base it on 90 minutes. He can play more positions competently, is better at free kicks and corners than anything we saw last season and is significantly cheaper and was ours (ie did not need to be bought). No he will not set games alight, but he will control them and he will work his socks off. He'd be in my team long before Jenas, Parker, Palacios, Pienaar. COYS
Mix Kierzo,Bernio and Tony Rich wicked posts!!! Frank no way is Walker the best RB at the club, he's great going forward but as a defender he has alot to learn, whereas Charlie is as slow as they come, but he's a defender first and foremost. U say Rose showed promise in the U21 but at the Euro he didnt play well at well, kinda making the decision to play him as aleft back an easy 1
I think the larger fundamental question that must be addressed is, is our youth development system working and is there a consistent plan in place? If you were a youth player, would you want to come to Spurs? I believe real harm is being done to the goodwill built up over the past decade. Currently youth get a chance only if there is no other choice. That's just wrong. And before anyone chimes in that guys like O'Hara just need to bide their time, just like Fletcher (as that is the oft cited comparison), let me just point out that Fletcher, by the age O'Hara is now, had 166 appearances for ManU all before becoming a regular. You see, there is a plan. Compare that to O'Hara's 51, of which just under half were before Harry, and you see what I mean. We really need someone to come in and sort this out. COYS
Ossie, I watched the England games and thought the entire team, as usual, flattered to deceive. That said, Rose had one outstanding game and provided a lot of very useful crosses. He also tracked back and defended well which is what I expect of all players when the offensive side isn't working. He's not Gareth Bale, but then he doesn't need to be. Walker's positioning does need work, but he uses his athleticism to get the ball back. If memory serves, he had 2 or 3 performances for Villa where he was poor. The rest he was plenty good enough. Hutton, defensively, is a disaster every time out, and were it not vfor Lennon, he'd have been way more exposed. I'll say it again, Lennon is hugely underrated. COYS
Peter I 2 watched it, not sure which game you felt Rose played well,i thought he looked vry average.
Our 10 year obsession with buying young has left us with no spine and no natural leaders on the pitch. Senior players Crouch, JJ, Defoe, Keane, Bentley etc are all man boys. We need to being in grizzled vets who have peaked at the club who are playing for their future. It's all a bit of a laugh to most of Spurs players.
dan mac - no offence but thats not the wisest comment to make. for starters how many games have you seen townsend play for us? not many is the answer. how many games has rose (to my understanding) played left back for us? 2 games, and one of those was blackpool (yes they gave us a hard time but they're in the championship now and they weren't that good). so how you can make an educated statement to say that townsend isn't good enough is bull***** tbh and to say that rose is now defiantly a LB is also bull***** (meant in the nicest possible way ;) ). you cannot base a player on what position he plays or how good he is on less than 5 games for our club.
arraza the yid
Ossie, can't recall the opposition (watching way too much international cootie ATM) but it was the one where he threw in the one cross that resulted in a goal and had 2 others where better finishing should have also resulted in goals. I thought he was bright, beat guys going forward and defended as well. Competent with end product is how I'd describe it. COYS
LOL! Well if O'Hara is good enough to play for Wolves midfield he must be good enough for us? Yep...that shows where some of your heads far up your @$$.
coopsieyid: We never give them a chance. Rose will be gone when Bale gets back. Young players rot at Spurs. GDS, KPB, Adel, O Hara, Kane, the two Kyles, Livermore, Bassong etc etc. Anyone remember Bostock?
O'Hara is worse than everyone on that list...can't agree with you here. Way to go and look good at Wolves...Palacios looked like a gem at Wigan...Pienaar at everton...Defore and Crouch at Portsmouth...Jenas was always crap...but O'Hara would just join the list of crap. People talk about him highly but ffs there is a reason he is on the wolves and its because he is %$$#
coopsie, agreed.
No Raging, O'Hara is off to Wolves to get his career back on track. He's far better than those other players mentioned. 3 goals 1 assist in 13 apps while getting stuck in, takes corners, free kicks, can play in the middle and anywhere on the left. He and Defoe had run ins and since he does speak his mind I don't doubt that he had run ins with HR. We'll all get to see, just as with Taraabt. COYS
If we offload Lennon for 20 million!! I would play Walker as right winger. He's better at putting the crosses in than Lennon, and can double up with Charlie or Kaboul?! The more I've seen of him, including U21's he been good, but would leave us too open at the back. Bale and Benny prove that this could work perfect!
I agree with your "OH GOD" coopsieyid... I really don't like any of those rumours on the itv rumour mill about us =S
I do think as a club we need to continue training and developing young English players but as a professional and competitive business we need to get the very best players, both young and older, that are available to us, whatever nationality they are.
People who always harp on and complain about youngsters not being given a chance always forget to mention players who have played or are playing regularly. KPB, good player but wanted too much too soon, which is why he made a step down before making a step up again. GDS I like as a player but he's done himself no favours with his p**shead antics. Taarabt like KPB wanted to be in the team every week, nothing wrong with that, but had delusions of grandeur, he always says Barcelona, Real Madrid are after him, he said he wished he joined Arsenal, he's just a little s**t. Again, good player, reiterate that a million times, but until he makes a step up and proves us wrong, ie signing for someone better than us I'm not too fussed. I personally think he'll never make the giant leap to a top four club or European giant because he's full of self importance and has a poor attitude. O'Hara wanted to play every week, not every 4 games so he said, so he went on two loan spells and the best team that went for him was Wolves. That's about his level in my opinion, to get regular first team football anyway.
Sign up the Mexico Kids, they know how to have a good time and score.........Brings a new meaning to; you have hooked one wide..when they miss from 3yds.......
spu 4 life
Bernio. That may well all be true, but I'm sure Sir Alex or even Jol would have found a way to get them in. They don't all expect to start. Like O'Hara they just expect to be a part of the team. By O'Hara's age Fletcher had already featured 166 times for ManU. It's all about being part of it. Same for Kranjcar, Bentley etc. COYS
If you were to go to the racing forums, you would see that they have nothing but nice things to say about Gio. The only reason why Racing didn't buy is because they don't have the money to afford him. Read through them, you might need to use Google translate because its all in Spanish. Had you seen the game against Atletico Madrid where Kun Aguero was overshadowed by Gio. Gio was named one of the best players in the last half of the liga. And I can easily remember 4 of the 10 games that gio played for spurs where he was a factor. Anyone remember Newcastle vs spurs? Where Gio came in as a second half substitute and teared the defense apart? "Que un chaval de esta calidad no juegue en un equipo Champions-Uefa me parece increíble, el segundo gol se lo inventa solo. El 80% de la salvación son Toño y él." translates into "A kid of this quality to not play in a team-Uefa Champions seems incredible, the second goal its all him making it up. 80% of salvation (from regulation) is thanks to Tono and him (Gio)
kilacuh read through them if you can. Another thing Galatasaray wanted Gio, Gio said himself he didn't want to stay in Turkey even though Spurs wanted him to go. Ive never seen Gio bitch to the media about not playing unlike other plays Cough cough Pav cough cough. Its beyond unbelievable that Gio cant get a game.
Agree 100% with Frank on the club's "we have to sell before we buy" statement! What message does this send out to potential buyers? Quite simple, it sends out the very clear message that 'Tottenham are desperate to sell off their players, so lets wait until the very last minute of the transfer window and then make them a very low last minute, take it or leave it offer'. This has happened in the last few transfer windows, and Levy at the very last minute has said no to these offers which has meant Tottenham have missed out on their transfer targets... THFC are the twelth richest club in the enitire world, but the way the board conduct their transfer dealings you would think they are Leeds United or Southampton... ENIC cant afford a new stadium, cant afford to compete with their competitors in the transfer market (my boy), and have decided to keep Harry 'cor blimey' Redknapp! Says it all!
geoff stern
Don't write off Wolves in the market! The club most likely has another 18-20 million to spend and we are desperate for two central defenders and a left back. Personally Bassong would be my choice ahead of the others we are being linked with but was hoping to hear maybe a valuation on the player? What do you reckon he is worth? Cheers
New York City Wolf
I just cant see why none of the youngsters are good enough. They are good enough for other clubs..... ie youngsters come through at Man U. Perhaps Spurs should replace their coaching staff if they are that bad?. There is no great science in modern day scouting - Brian Kidd recently told me all of Man Citys initial scouting is done by DVD!. What concerns me is that so called 'lesser' clubs seem to be able to uncover undiscovered stars that that blossom. Spurs have always had the habit of buying players for huge fees that under perform.
Our club is a graveyard for young talent now even more so with saggy chops at the helm. These boys need more than 1 or 2 fleeting appearences to make an impact. 1 game every 2 years or so is a joke............. These boys can only be judged after 20 or so games and that aint happening here.
Really good piece DS - puts it in excellent perspective - personally, I struggled with the decision at the time.I feel much better now even though it proves we never really had a chance - maybe you're right on the money and DL could get the loan to make him drop everything!

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