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Rossi and Llorente back on our list?

After it was confirmed that Barcelona won`t make a move to sign Giuseppe Rossi, Spurs are straight away linked with trying to sign him.

Despite failing to get the striker in January, Spurs might be tempted to try again, should they receive any encouragement from the player and his agent, but I still wonder of this will be another disappointment as the player might either prefer to move elsewhere, with Italy being a previously stated option or he might decide to stay where he is for a season in the hope that Barca call again next season, when they have more money to spend.

Perhaps with Llorente, it will be down to whether the player pushes for a move, because the indications are that Bilbao don`t have to sell due to financial restrictions, but have they promised the player a move in the past? Initially there were rumours of his moving to someone like Real Madrid, but they seem to have several other targets ahead of him and with the reality that the biggest clubs may now not want him, could a new challenge in the Premiership appeal?

We have all dreamt of such a big striker signing, but are we going to again get excited over a rumour with no deal at the end of it all? My personal feeling with both of these players is that they would prefer other moves over Spurs, and might only look upon us, only as a means to get away from their current clubs and possibly enhance their reputations with a successful move to the Prem. But as both are still young enough to stick around for another window or two, I can see them either waiting for a possible late bid from a box office side or simply waiting for another 12 months, in the hope that another great season will be enough to finally tempt someone into giving them their dream move...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 1 2011

Time: 4:22PM

Your Comments

Either would be great! Llorente would suit our 4-4-1-1 formation the best though!
I'd take them both... cool
is Llorente THAT good? No idea.
I'll eat my hat if we sign a Spanish striker, or even a non-Spanish striker from a Spanish club. Just cannot see it. Too expensive and not worth it. Have Spanish strikers succeeded in the Premiership? Torres did, but Morientes, Luque failed badly. The best ones will see no need to move from Spain. The others will move purely for money. Don't want that.
If i had to choose i would take Llorente over Rossi, he's more of a spurs type of player.
Llorente a big yes, Rossi, no no no no. Just what we need, another diddy man up front. Jesus no.
this whole thing of not being able to attract the top players annoys me. There are so many exceptional top class players in the world to go around. yes we wont sign messi but we can get quality.Quality is crap if they dont fit the team.Tarrabt for example.all the names that are linked with us are obvious and are down to lazy journalism if you ask me. when we signed modric not many people saw that coming, van de vart- nobody saw that coming.klinsmann, eh did anybody see that one. There are players and they are out there , we just have to find them. and i dont believe that for one second Levy and harry are just waiting for somebody to call them up and ask them "hey ive a good player that i dont want, do you want him". we are a very organised , well run club with a few quid to spend. turn on sky news on the last day and you will find out we pulled off a major coup.
Interesting on the Llorente front that we announced a friendly with Athletico Bilbao
SUper Yido
Ideally getting rid of Pav and Keane and getting these 2 in would be perfect but very unlikely to happen - especially Rossi. I can see Llorente joining as he would fit in perfect ......
SUper Yido
I have been in Greece for 10 days and have not looked at any news hoping that when I got back there would be loads of transfer news - but none !!! Awesome ...... good to see some players are moving on. Woodgate and O'hara gone Palacios and Keane on the verge of leaving - wish we would start getting some players in .... but I will have to carry on this suspense until the 31st August typical Spurs stylee
SUper Yido
jimmy-yid, I don't know why you're ruling out Rossi he is an extremely clinical finisher something which we lacked. While I would accept either of these two, Rossi seems more like a DIY striker, not relying as much on those around him for goals. Brilliant little goal I saw him score once----------
Spurs999 - becuase we need a bit of presence up front. Rossi does not give you that sense of presence. Defences can truly put their feet up against Defoe, Crouch, Pav, Keane - too easy. Rossi may well be clinical, but I do not sense that he would disturb defences. Pav is an extremely clinical finisher - we haven't lacked that.
Llorente is an awesome player. Can lead a line he's physical, but he's mobile as well. He is only young so will only get better. The guy who asked if he's any good. He is. I've watched him a lot due to the fact the Spanish football always being on sky! He'd work well with rafa or Rossi playing off of him. But realistically it would be one or the other. I can't see us splashing around £50m for both of them. It's unlike spurs. Rossi is a finisher. A 20/20 man. Both score goals. But I can't see defoe getting a look in if you sign Rossi. And crouch will be embarrassed by llorente cos he can actually head a ball. So keane, crouch and defoe maybe out. Or at least keane and crouch. And then have one of the youngsters whether that be Kane, pedroza or niang (altho niang will probably be loaned back to them). It's looking better tho! These two are the people we should be after.
Rossi is brilliant, Llorente is technical and lethal in the air, I want them both. Agree with Spurs999, why people are so dead against Rossi, he's clever, he links the play well and has a great finish at the end of it. This is the year where we need to spend big to keep up. Still have most of the CL money plus general reinvestment, and albeit we're not in the CL this year, but we have Europa money which is still a decent amount, bonuses from sponsors and player sales. I'd be happy with those two as a pairing, decent combination of skills.
I want a striker in the style of Llorente, who is a great target man and can play upfront on his own very well. Llorente is getting better every year, last season was his most prolific getting 18 goals and 14 goals the two seasons before that. He would be one of the strikers top of my list and maybe the friendly against them is to see how good he is up close. I like Rossi as he is a clinical striker, the kind of player that Defoe should be but Villareal want 30 million or more and that is far too much for us to spend sadly.
Howellyido - 26 is not "young", but it isn't old either I guess...
dont think we're in a position to be overly choosy,everyone wants champs league...both these strikers are good and its down to the manager how he sets out the team with them.....harry should be taking a tactical course with the army or whoever for the coming season
I'd rather spend 12m on Adebayor to be honest. Just the thought of him scoring against Arsenal makes my b*lls tingle. He is a proven goalscorer in the premier league. instead of spending 25m for Llorente we could go and sign Ade, Leandro and that mexican kid for the same price. Job done. As for rossi....30+ million...No thanks. Gio can be our rossi.
Rossi is quality, he's a technical striker that can dribble and finish. he got pace, can create chances and can play in the vdv position too. he's something that defoe can only dream of. Llorente is also quality, he may be older than Rossi, but at 26, he's a proven scorer for Athletic Bilbao and is the top scorer for the past few season. If we can get both of them, i would sell Keane, Crouch and Defoe and use their wages for Rossi and Llorente. if we cannot get Rossi, go for Aguero then, a more explosive striker, wonderkid and proven scorer.
Llorente looks like Morientes to me. I loved Morientes. There's more legs in his rumour than most. Rossi won't come to Spurs. He blatantly doesn't want to and to be honest if a player is being courted by Barcelona he isn't going to be satisfied with Spurs. That's just the reality of it.
llorente and vdv wud be sumthin special alright...we had a great run in chmps lge last year and just missed out on 4th...we have great players like modric and bale...why wud players like this think they are above us...levy needs to grow a set and pull players in like llorente and assure them of our ambitions
That's strange to me, a lot of people seem against the idea of signing Rossi and yet YiDan is right, Barcelona have been interested haha.
bernio3000 - Rossi is a class player but his price is ridiculous. Everyones warming to the idea of Llorente but what about Adebayor? 12m for a guy who has proved his worth in the premierleague and has gained some La Liga experience with Madrid.
llorente's a beast, he eats people like Crouch for breakfast. Only problem with signing a player like him is that, Harry may not be able to resist over using the long ball tactic..
Yes please for Llorente, Rossi, at that price, no thanks. we need to learn where we are in life. Llorente may well join us, the same way Luka did, THEN we need to prove to him we're good enough to keep him!! Llorente and vdv, with Modders and Sandro behind, Bale and Lennon on the wings, we'd be as good as anyone. but PLEASE get the business done, stop the endless waiting, stop giving chances to our rivals to sign him, make a decision and make a signing!!!
The Horses Mouth
The two obvious stumbling blocks are whether or not City would sell him to us and whether or not Adebayor would take such a hit on wages. Otherwise yes, but I'd still like a Rossi figure, a small, unselfish striker who can get goals and assists. van der Vaart can to an extent, but he'll never be a striker.
Llorente's biggest strength is that despite his height, he can finish very well, better than Crouch+Defoe. maybe we can get Llorente and Iker Munian from Athletic Bilbao as a package?
An Olympic Park Legacy Company director has been suspended after re vealing she had been working as a paid consultant for West Ham.
gio to manu.....thats a nice one coops.....that would show harry how limited his skills are in getting the best out of players
Off topic but just met a director at Swansea. Seems Stevie is in good hands :)
Hello, Folks. Brazilian press states Tottenham is making another bid for Leandro Damićo (around 17 million euros). Internacional chairman is said to be changing his speech from "We won“t sell Damićo this year" to "If there“s a reasonable bid for Damićo, we can sell him now as we think it“s a better window to make business than january window". I for one would like to have this young striker playing for us next august.
soumds good alexspur...but its this august not next
coops dos santos should be kept until january and given a chance when we are comfortable ,if not up to scratch then sell him...simple
coopsie, if we do sell gio to manu, we better have to add a 50% next transfer clause, because if it turns out that sir alex bring the best out of gio, we can get 50% of 80 million, that sounds fantastic!
Like my car this morning, after picking up an unsuitable young lady last night, this is all very ho hum.
rovinella62spurs, yes this august (2011). My mistake.
Wouldn't be that sure that SAF would play Gio. Would he start ahead of Young, Giggs, Nani, Valencia, Anderson, Carrick, Fletcher, Park ? I'm not so sure so all he would end up being is a bit part player like he is at the Lane. Its the same old story on here, our players that are not regular starters turn into world beaters when they are not in the team. Krank, Pav, Gio, Kaboul. Gio is not good enough for Utd, thats why SAF bought Young, a class proven PL player. SAF is also interested in Nasri and Modders so why would they be interested in Gio ?
We're The Shelf Side
if thats true alexspur, ill put ur balls in my mouth and hum till the cows come home, what a treat, chuffin great!!!!!
I think we lack a really good scouting set up to be honest. You dont have to look at just house hold names (although i'd be happy with either of the 2 mentioned in the post) to find a potential star. Asamoah Gyan, Demba Ba and Javier Hernandez were hardly household names but did well in their first PL seasons. I think Harry lacks the nouse for a really good player in the transfer market so therefore sticks with tried and trusted PL players that are usually past their sell by date. I honestly think him and Levy sit on google sometimes looking for clues on who to buy. Damien Comolli wasn't everyones cup of tea but he was responsible for scouting Kolo Toure, Eboue and Clichy for the scum as well as Bale, Gio, Berbatov, Modders, Gomes, BAE,. Now working with Liverpool he was instrumental in bringing in Carroll, Suarez and Henderson. I for one would welcome somebody like Comolli working as a director of football at spurs.
We're The Shelf Side
Lets punt fifty million on both of them, and get shot of Pav and defoe and if it doesn't work (like it hasn't with Pav and Defoe) where will we go then? We have two big target men at the club already in crouch and Pav and playing one of them up front has not led to the promised land of Champs League. So why would changing out the player make that much of a difference? This system simpling isn't working for us in league. We've all seen games where crouch has been removed from the pitch the long ball stops and we start spraying passes around the pitch and look like world beaters. If we sign both of them play both of them together!!!!! But by the sounds of the rumours we are going to sign these two plus our young boy from brazil and a french wonder kid.... guess thats all our strikers out the door (including the incredible amazing, stupidly talented Gio Dos Santos - world beater everytime he takes to the field but no tin a spurs jersey) So new season then and brand new strike force. How long will we fans let them settle in? after how many games will we start bitching about Harry getting rid of our established players and not intergrating new ones effectively (despite everyone here saying we should be rid of all them twelve months ago)? Fans Huh who'd be a footballer?
Slurms McKenzie
Shelf Side - I never liked comoli to be honest but I do see the advantages of having a DOF. The important thing is that the manager and the DOF share the same goal and get along.
Coopsie, Fergie plays all of his guys. So if he brought in Gio it would be to play him. If it didn't work out he'd be sold, but then ManU buy guys they believe will work and intend to invest in. Same as Arsenal, Pool etc. We buy guys to put them in the pantry. We look 4 years later and they have all expired. You've got to wonder who is minding the shop. The plan needs work. COYS
They say, Always look on the brightside,, but we never signed the quality that we all craved when we could offer the lure of CL, so WHY ? do we all feel it will happen this window!!!!
Mr Spurs, getting along is a nice bonus, but it is not required. DOF doesn't have to like the coach and the coach doesn't have to like the players and vice versa. They just all have to get their jobs done. Spurs has become a country club. Entitlement rules and it's not even based on talent, it's based on whether you are liked. What a way to run an operation. If you're liked, you play regardless. If not, you are frozen out regardless. Probably the worst man-manager I have ever seen. COYS
Shelf Side, i think that our scouting is decent, but the reason for missing out all the cheap quality star is that our manager won't take the risk. he would rather keep crouch then buy 40 million for a world class striker. i will be okay if a DOF comes, i will also be okay if DOF don't come, but the fact is, our manager MUST learn to trust the scouts and not buy players like parker just because he's a good guy and watch him play billion of times.
Slurms, I go to every spurs home game and a lot away, ive seen Gio play lots of times and I can assure you he isn't a world beater evertime he takes to the field as your deluded comment states. You describe him as a stupidly talented world beater !!!! do me a favour mate, that description is acurate for the little argentinian guy at barcelona. Dont let the you tube clips of his mexico goals cloud your judgement. If he was that good big teams would be queing up for him and they are not.
We're The Shelf Side
BABS, absolutely. If Rossi or Llorente sign for Spurs it will be end of August and it will be because there are no CL teams interested. Madrid wanted Llorente, Rossi wanted to go to Italy. I have not seen one compelling thing that makes me believe they will sign with us. COYS
dont think harry has the nuts to change the whole striker lineup, wish he did, but not ideal mckenzie, it wud unsettle the whole team imo, cant see it happening, too much of a risk, like the haze of a stella hangover, that last rip in bed before you jump up and check!!!!! you guys have been there you know what i mean
MrSpurs, I didnt like him much either but that was more a personality thing and the things we heard about him. Looking at the players I listed above that he is responsible for scouting then i'd take them all day long over the like of Crouch, Defoe and Pienaar. And then Harry wanting Parker and Neville. Give me a DOF anytime.
We're The Shelf Side
Why will VDV work well with Llorente? How many of Crouch's 4 brilliant goals were from through balls or link up with VDV? VDV did nothing to make any of our strikers look like strikers and almost all of our striker goals came in 4-4-2, and if you consider the Crouch nod down to VDV as 4-4-2 (which it is), virtually nothing was provided by VDV but outlets to Lennon and Bale. Yes, Llorente, or Carroll or any other true big striker will get on the end of more balls from the wingers, but where exactly does that bring VDV in? People keep saying that all of these strikers will be great with VDV, but even Huntelaar is generally not on the pitch for Holland when VDV is, because it just doesn't work. It's not just our guys. Findng a strike partner for VDv will be miles more difficult than finding one for Berbatov. For VDV, a Rooney type player is needed. There aren't many of them in world football. Our system does not flatter any of the current strikers, so why we aren't selling the four, I have no idea. COYS
agree what_sux, harry needs to grow a set and let his merkin down, take levy up on his offer of spending the odd 30mill on a top player and stop *****tin it that his reputation as a gud wheeler dealer is goin down the u-bend! all jobbies smell of roses once you spray the scent of ahhhhhh job well down, can see better now, another clean shirt will do ya. levy get it done, harry senokot
what_sux, i'd have to disagree with you that our scouting is decent. We dont have a DOF like a Comolli bringing in players with real quality. A decent scouting system wouldn't mean our chairman calling the manager with a couple of hours to go of the transfer window and saying "Harry do you like VDV ? Harry responds "yes he ok" Levy says "ok ill buy him for you". Thats how Harry describes the VDV transfer. Yes it turned out to be an amazing signing but Its all a bit desperate for my liking.
We're The Shelf Side
peterballb id love for us to get rid of all four, they were a shower of *****e last year,and i really hate to admit it but selling vdv is a more plausable solution, square pegs in round holes and all that, hes a top top player but does having him in our team cause more problems than its worth, is he that good we need to sell four once regarded top international strikers all because vdv mite hav a clause in his contract that states if fit must play
Shelf Side, you can't compare with the vdv signing, cause nobody expects vdv to be available at bargain price, even the top quality scouts. note that i use decent, there are many clubs that have good, very good, excellent scouting, to be honest decent is the best word i can use to describe it. the fact is, no matter how good out scouts will be, our manager has THE FINAL SAY. so even we sign rossi and aguero, if our manager say no, we still stick with crouch. future seems bright ya?
As long as Keane and Crouch are on their way, I,d keep Pav and Defoe for now, bring in a top striker and give Obika a chance to show his worth.
baby seal walked into a club
The DOF provides stabililty but it is important that they listen to the manager which Comoli failed to do with Jol. There is not point buying 2 right wingers i.e. Lennon and Bentley when there were other areas of the pitch which were in bad need of attention (I think back then we had the terrible Stalteri at right back). Now we have Bentley on the books earning £60k a week and no chance of getting the £15 mil back that we paid for him. Yes we have Bale as an example of how it can work but even with Comoli it didnt seem like the transfers were structured around what the team needed, instead it felt like a scatter gun approach.
Well if we are putting entitlement clauses in our contracts, it's done before it starts. There is no point. No motivation. The option is to play guys out of position rather than the position player. I do believe Crouch had an appearances clause which is why Harry played him 53 consecutive PL games. 1 goal in 21 is a CB, not a striker. It doesn't matter who we bring in, selection, fundamentals, preparation focus, these are our issues. None of our strikers are as poor as they looked last season. So blame them or blame the system. I can't blame VDV, because like Crouch, he doesn't make the lineup card. I don't blame Dawson for long balls to Crouch, because clearly that is what is being asked. Our game changes completely when Crouch goes out or comes in. It's by design. This is the plan. Nod down to VDV, is the plan. Sadly for Birmingham Crouch had to go off and Pav scored a brace. Otherwise they'd still be in the PL. COYS
N.I.R.Yid, hey I'm Canadian, I take offense. Oh wait, we don't take offense to anyone.

And for all those fellow Canucks on here, Happy Canada Day. Maple Leaf Forever. Raise a wobbly pop or 10 to BBQ and fireworks. COYS
Who bought Sandro?
I cant help but wonder what Levy,s bargaining chip will be when he tries buttering up Modric come monday morning! I mean he must have an ace or two up his sleeve, right,,,,right ?? I wonder what worldwide names he has in store!!
comollis after niang now, hoped he was nearly ours for the future, any itk bolox coopsie, where are you when we need a fix
Did someone shout Parker and Adam,s !!
Maarten Stekelenburg is who we need and I think he's available.
sorry peterballb what offended you? im watching south park film terence and philip kick ass, canada rules
i think peterballb is angry because someone say Stalteri terrible, because Stalteri is a Canadian.
Yep Rossi will be down the lane next season and so will his mate Tonibell parked on the other corner! Choc ices, 99s, cornettos!!!
Mr. Spurs, the DOF does provide stability and all must work together, but they don't need to like each other. IMO, the DOF is key. Coaches come and go and it largely depends on the players you have. Benitez suits certain players and situations, Harry others. You are right, when Comolli undermined Jol, it was bad news. Just like when an owner meddles. Foisting Schevchenko on Mourinho was not exactly a great idea. It goes all the way up and all the way down. If everyone respects each other and does their own jobs, it usually works. But the coach should always be the expendable one in the chain. Look at Inter Milan if you need a good example. Basically a title and a manger every year for over 2 decades. The system has always been the same though and there has been a continuity of players. The coach is the final piece in the puzzle. Sure, some tinkering will need to be done yearly, but if you buy a team for a manager, you'd better be keeping that manager for decades, because the next guy in won't want those players. ManU was not Sir Alex's team for over a decade after he took the job. The board made decisions and he had to make them work, or he'd have been gone. If we are to build around Harry, I'd suggest giving him a 10 year deal. That's how long it will take to fix it all anyway, so in for a penny, in for a pound. I believe this is our transfer dilemma. It's a battle of wills and nothing seems to win out. We have needed a striker since December 2009. No doubt about it. Nothing has been done. COYS
Stalteri was *****. I remember against the gooners during the lasagne season we were rightly 1-0 up i think and Stalteri missed a tackle against that**** Henry and he scored from it. I only forgave him when he scored that 4-3 last minute winner against Wet Spam lol
I was referring to clubbing seals, and was, of course, joking. Staltieri, by Canadian standards is very good, but by world standards is average. HOWEVER, his heart is bigger than any I have seen in a Spurs kit since, and therein lies the problem. His goal against West Ham in the Berba-Tevez duel was what Canadian heart is all about. He is a really nice guy and worked really hard for everything he got. I have tons of time for him. Would I take him in the squad though? No way. There is better out there. Same goes for Hutton, Jenas, Crouch, Defoe, Pav, Bentley and others. Sentiment has no place in professional sports. COYS
MrSpurs, for all the reasons I just mentioned, I disagree with your last post. Henry beat him in the Arsenal game, and as I recall ran through the entire team. There were lots to blame in those days. We did not finish 5th because of one player, or dodgy lasagna. We were punching way above our weight. Now we punch below. COYS
peterballb - yeah we need someone on the board who has a long term vision both in terms of transfers and scouting. We also need someone dedicated to delivering a stadium. Levy needs to start getting things behind the scenes sorted. Levy might be a fan but he isnt a football man.
ok peterballb, canadians must have a weird sense of humour like us norn iron lads, the craics great here, not many seals, not a single maple leaf, ganja leafs maybe, red hands, union jacks, this is our time of year too peterballb, jaffas and lambeg drums everywhere, its great!
Hey peterballb, Happy Canada Day EH! And look after Kate & Wills while they're visiting your beautiful country EH. COYS
Pumphead Spur
hey you guys in canada, what exactly is canada day, what use celebrating?
and whats a wobbly pop, where im from its a drunk granda at a wedding, or a wasted **** take your pick, hope youse are enjoying your celebrations, ours start today for a couple of weeks, ending with a big ole bonefire with an ephogy of the pope on top, how draconian eh, sad!
the ann. on the spurs website about the new stadium, whats it all mean, anyone enlighten me?
N.IR YID, it's our celebration of confederation (1867). As one comedian put it, we're the only ones who asked if we could just leave and were allowed. A wobbly pop is a beer and clubbing of seals is greatly exaggerated (all the anti-fur people have a good run at barbarian Canada). Lamb is fabulous, though I'll take Ontario lamb over Aussie, Irish or New Zealand lamb any day. We are partial to the BBQ and there will be roasted marshmallows and smores for all the kids. Actually wet strawberry picking this morning so it's going to be a late night of Strawberry/Rhubarb jam making. And Pumpkinhead, I'm sure the Royals will love the trip. Canada has always been a great stop for them. Have received an award from Prince Phillip and the Duke and Dutchess of York opened our new City Hall here in Mississauga. Though we like to pretend we don't care, I suspect the opposite is true for most. COYS
BTW, just kidding about the lamblegs. I love the Irish music. just always use that one with my Irish mates. Makes me laugh every time. Slainte O m'anam. COYS
Joke of the day:- Conversation between my wife and elder son yesterday

Wife:Your dad and I are going to the movies tonight

Son:What Movie?

Wife: Xmen

Son: First Class

Wife: No, just normal seats.
She's not just a pretty face.... funny as well. lol
Why hasn't Podolski come up in any conversations, He is a great player who wouldn't cost much?
Sergio Kun Aguero just scored for Argentina, against Bolivia. a draw with the amount of talented strikers for Argentina, sigh.
Not sure if there are similar rules in the UK, but this is an interesting article pertaining to how sports franchise owners turn a profit on a franchise that loses money.
Coopsie my mate owns a popular restaurant and he knows Phuck all about footie, last night he told me about Stevie going to Swansea which I knew of course. Long story short Brian Katzen walks in an hour later and after a brief chat with my mate pops over to our table with shooters and a beer! In celebration of a big signing for them ( in his words) we drank and spoke footie for the rest of the evening... The wife was not too happy with him considering we were out on a date , but who cares...
I guess most of u have seen this. I just saw this now.
Vinciento, I had a look at the link.. (damn annoying pop up box!) it seems to me, as a non qualified accounts person, the formula is a depriciation / write off of assets purchases principle of accounting. American taxation is different to ours, but similar, if that makes sense!! So yes it can be a profit when showing a loss.
Block D Spurs
Do not want if we've got to pay £30m. We can be smarter than that, surely?
Vinciento - don't know the detail but the contentious issue that always comes up is footballers being classed as intangible fixed assets. That means we can spend big knowing that you amortise the value over the life of their contract. So buying a £20m player and putting them on a 3 year contract is different from a 5 year contract in the way we account for them even though the payment terms would still be the same. As you can probably tell, without an accounting qualification this is difficult for someone like me to understand. I was also surprised that last year the total value of our playing squad was only £116m. That's an average of £3-4m each for 30+ players.
So quiet here. I expected positive buzz here on the stadium news. Seems everyone is sleeping there.
tbh Rossi would be nice...but not the type of player we need at the moment and certainly not for the amount quoted...
i hope the NDP will get the go ahead, for no other reason then my mums house would go up in price :) i kid, i kid, finally some good news on spurs staying in the area, hopefully the goverment see this as a spend to save thing, as honestly i know as i lived there for 20 years the area is terrible for employment and really needs a private sector lift, but the goverment need to see that and add a helping hand, spurs as a club cant do it all.
On topic :) both strikers would be good, but 01tottenham to think GDS would be our Rossi is tosh, i am Italian so probably a little bias i will admit, but the difference between the two is application. Rossi is a professional, from his twitter posts and the way he carries himself you can see he lives football and has great team ethic and is not caught up in the trappings that many young footballers fall into, and maybe thats due in some fact to his time at Man U, he is a great player, worth £30mil, i am not sure anyone is, would he fit in at spurs, still not sure, but i would like to find out.
Dasher390 - 'Why hasn't Podolski come up in any conversations, He is a great player who wouldn't cost much?'...Podolski has come up on many a thread but sdaly he isn't a great player which is why he wouldn't cost a lot....LUCAS BARRIOS on the other hand never comes up....and would be perfect for us.
another pointless article...what makes vitals speculation based on hear say any better than the abt we write articles when the ink is dry???
i think you missing the point...
And as for missing out in January..whicj January was that? we've been craving the striker for what seems like years now...
shedboy2 If we could have a striker that scores goals like this every week, we would have been good.
These rumours are doing my head in.
Tottenham Hotcore
Would be lovely, wouldnt it.
Tot-Nam Vet
Here we go again fantasy football. We know Levy will not spend until we sell to fund incoming deals. Who have we managed to move out, answer Jamie O'Hara for £5M, that won't go far towards these two. Lets be honest we are more likely to sign "freebies" or £1-2M unknowns than marquee signings, those days appear to be over at Spurs.
Incidently where is the confirmation of the "Mexican gem" we are supposed to have unearthed, another load of bollox.
Why does Harry need to sell beofre he buys???? Where did all the money we had in January gone????????????
Coopsie, I accept what you say, but there are many players, Whittam was an example, that wouldn't need registering for 3 years as an 18 year old, and at £8M was a steal, and we were nowhere to be seen as he went to Sunderland. We may not have got him, but I'm sure we should have been showing an interest. To tell everybody that we "have to sell before we buy" is to invite them to wait until late August to buy any of ours, when it is too late for Spurs, a top 4 contender, to buy in what they need. It is playing into the hands of rival clubs.
Juicebanger, it's fairly simple. We need to make room in both the number of players we currently have and in the overall cost of our wage structure. We simply must get rid of the players who earn but don't play. There's about 10 of them and we need to move about 6-8. It doesn't mean we can't buy players right now and I'm certain DL/HR are doing the negotiations but bringing them in NOW does mean we lower our bargining power wrt selling our own players. If we can move Keane for 4M I think you'll see a Striker come in. Then we can clear out Hutton, Jenas, Bentley in quick fashion and bring in Striker # 2. After that it will be fun to see what happens with GDS, Palacious, Crouch and Defoe. I'm thinking Krancjar stays.
Llorente is just waht we need, fits into our current style playing as a lone striker, but can also play with a strike partner, has the physical build to suit the Prem and is a big name, without having to break the bank on fees and wages that would be paid to a marquee name. Sign him up, along with a top left sided centre half and we'll challenege this season for sure.
Paul - THFC Forever
Llorente for me is a much much better option than Rossi, Llorente is much more a British style player. Rossi is more technical and never set United alight when at United and his price has doubled in the last year. Alot to pay for a striker who has not proved himself in the Premiership.

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