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Daniel Levy vs Harry Redknapp, The Feud!

OK, so the transfer window has come to a close for us long suffering fans of THFC, it is a divisive opinion amongst several judging from the posts i've read, however it seems to have bought to attention a rift between Mssrs Levy and Redknapp that, on the surface at least, seems to be widening. 

Now i'm trying to write this in a neutral fashion, and just putting forward the facts (or as close too the facts available via whatever means possible) for consideration as they are appearing. Now we have gone through a few transfer windows since the appointment of one Mr Harry Redkanpp, the self appointed and media darling 'wheeler dealer', and I think it fair to say with this in mind we all expected big things in the transfer market, but this hasn't been the case has it? 

Daniel Levy backed Harry in the first instance with his dealings over Keane, Defoe, Kaboul etc, last January apparently Levy told Harry to buy in a big name striker, Suarez was linked (and we all know HR's thought's and excuses on that), Benzema, Hulk, Huntelaar.........the list seemed endless, result? A deadline deal for a midfielder, Charlie Adam, that failed to materialise due to a Blackpool director not signing a legal document. 

Daniel Levy was seen to bring in VDV and Sandro, without, on the face of it, Harry being kept up to speed on the deals, is he also behind bringing in Adebayor? Harry has put forward names such as Beckham, Neville, Rio Ferdinand, Cole, players all in the twilight of their careers, as possible acquisitions, he also in many opinions, failed to rotate the squad both effectively and tactically, also he was reluctant to play some of our young talent. 

Peter Crouch said (referring to HR) on his transfer to Stoke, and I quote, 'He has brought in players and would have been difficult for me to get a game, and I know he rates me and he has always looked after me btu it is time to move on'', but i think everyone knows about Harry & Crouch, according to other sources Levy forced him to leave by telling him he wouldn't be named in the 25 man squad for the EPL this season, so again, on the face of it, Levy has taken the bull by the horns and gone about his business possibly against Harry's wishes. 

Then we have the Modric saga, with Harry changing tack at every opportunity, if it is to be believed he threatened to resign if Modric was sold, was this before or after he stated that if he was sold we could get in one or two other players and therefore make the team stronger? Levy was seen to make a stand, was seen to back his manager/trainer, but Harry seemingly intent in contradicting both himself and Levy. So what is to be made of this? Has Levy finally taken the task on himself of pushing Harry to make way for the youngsters? Was it he that finally decided on clearing out the deadwood? 

Was the apparent dilly dallying from Harry on transfer targets, his seeming uncertainty as to who would fit into the squad, the final straw for Levy? As I said in the beginning, I've tried to write this in a neutral manner and present the facts as they appear, as to the solution, well, there can only be one can't there? Harry, one way or another, whether it be prison or the England job, is surely on his last legs at this club.

Written by jabbatheyid

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The journalist

Writer: jabbatheyid Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday September 1 2011

Time: 7:10PM

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noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Damn you Brispur!!!
Harry will be gone, its on the cards!
best case scenario, harry is gone by january. new man can come and in spend some cash. harry clearly hasn't been allowed to thankfully. as per the excellent article posted by what-sux: harry needs to go and just as importantly we must sort out our medical team and put a stop to these crazy injury figures.
i can only hope so. he is NOT a spurs type manager, in fact he doesnt manage at all by what he seems to tell players about tactics. ie just go out and play your game. thats ok for intelligent players (vdv etc) not the others (hudd etc).
No...Best case scenario he's gone in three games.....albeit crappy spurs performances.....
i personally think that the main reason for not achieving champions league football last season was poor rotation of the squad, i also worried at the names Redknapp quoted as possible transfer targets
if only dcruzer if only.
You blokes think Leandro D being in London now be an opportunity to somehow finalize the deal for January......
Good article, Jabba. Be feud or contradiction, I just hope that we all see a better outcome this season vs the last. In the same train of thought, the fact that GDS is still not sold may mean Harry may be 'compelled' give him the opportunity.... (given his way, he would have shipped the Mexican out).....
Good article, Jabba. Be feud or contradiction, I just hope that we all see a better outcome this season vs the last. In the same train of thought, the fact that GDS is still not sold may mean Harry may be 'compelled' give him the opportunity.... (given his way, he would have shipped the Mexican out).....
There's that game Brazil v Ghana at Craven Cottage on Sep. 6...
Concerning GDS...well he should be pumped to perform better....being in his position I most certainly like to prove myself through hard work that I could be as good as others like me....specifically GDS knows now he can shine as Javier Hernandez has.....GDS is more technically gifted/has contrast Hernandez is just a pea who knows where to be at the right time and is a bit quick...that's all....basically, GDS must be like..."if he can do it..I can too"....
yer dcruzer except i bet the pea dont p**s it up at a nightclub every night.
If Harry goes soon then it could be very disruptive for us. Ideally, I would like him to see out the season and hope his pride will spur him on to achieve 4th. If he does go, then exactly who is there to replace him? I don't want another caretaker manager / sherwood/allen combo until the end of the season. I think it is now obvious to everyone that Levy just does not want Harry to do any damage to the club. If he had free reign, we would have have beckham, neville and a host of old, over the hill players. Levy needs to make sure his next appointment is the right one.
ALL GDS needs is to play more (no even first team games) and see how he can improve his spacial awareness relative to his team mates leading him to grant his team with more possession and enable him to provide incredible passes......also gain a tad more muscle....HE HAS IT ALL.....IF that doesn't work then career as a footballer is practically done....
it is a feud but, with a first team squad before yesterday of 29/30 the numbers didn't stack up. Selling Modric would not have solved the problem, but shifting out Hutton, Jenas, Crouch, Bentley and Palacios (plus PSB and O'Hara) most certainly has. We have also raised c.£25-28 million and shifted about £15m off the wage bill. Even Harry must have understoof this and, yes, it would have been nice to have done the deals earlier, but frankly the aforementioned bunch were always likely to be last minute car boot sale jobs. It would have been lovely to have signed Cahill, ideally with bassong going the other way, but it was not to be. We now have a squad of 25 which is relatively well balanced, albeit a little light up front. However, if we learn from Citeh and plant Sandro & Scottie Parker in front of the back four, this will stiffen us defensively as well as providing a platform for a front four which will probably be Lennon, Bale, Modric & Adebayor in the first instance. Pavlova will read the runes and hopefully go in January, at which point it would be great to go out and grab Leandro. IMO it has been a pretty good window - just a shame we couldn't get Jenas & Bentley out on permanent deals and have bought Cahill. In Levy I trust. Harry, not so sure. We need to start planning for next season by lining up Moyes, Coyle or possibly Gus Poyet. COYS
At least we've got what we wanted now, all the players standing in the way of the youth have now gone, it's up to the younger players to come through and shine. GDS being a good example, as dcruzer has said above. Maybe he'll knuckle-down now that he actually has a chance of making the 1st team, having a smaller squad should increase the motivation of the players.
hes a**** head end of, so was i at his age. but then again i wasnt a pro footballer.
Levy's nature of being overly cautious in spending has made us slow in progression....but on the bright side there are advantages to every long as he has a plan.....Levy may have the NP ready soon...have set up Harry to fail and have a reason to ditch him...get a replacement slowing and ready to get him on board......ALL IS WELL (F@CK U HARRY) as long as this slowness by Levy lead somewhere brighter......ONWARDS YOU SPURS!!!!
Levy and Harry will be fine now the window is closed. Harry's mouth runs away with him from time to time, but thats no different from the last 25 years and it aint gonna change. This squad is better than Arsenal (and I have a few Gooners at woek that agree with that statement) This squad is also better than Liverpool but they have a fight and spirit from King Kenny that will make them over achieve possibly. I see Chavs becomming more and more mechanical, the prssure is already building for Torres and they will wain. Mancs 1 and 2, 3 and 4 is up for grabs but my bet is Chavs and us with Arsenal 5 and Liverpool 6
what a load of *****, so many on here make so many assumptions about stuff. How does anyone no theres a fued, whos ever said there is?? Your just making stuff up, its boring, Ive had enough, see ya later vitalspurs!
I'm going to swim in lake you, eat some you pie and then make a call to Paddy for Spurs to finish 3rd!!! Then there will be no worries with Harry and Danny!
thats my prediction as well michael.
Romario was famous for loving the girls, the booze and the nightlife, his status in that respect was legendary. One of his manager's (might have even been Sir Bobby) said that regardless of whether he had been out late the night before, he had to pick him because he knew he'd score goals on the pitch. I'm not comparing Gio to Romario, but you can be a good player and still perform even if you have off-field activities. We're taking Harry's word about Gio, yeah he's had to be carried out of a couple of clubs, we've all got too drunk before. Berbatov smokes like a trooper, he's done alright in his career.
you tell that to a certain mr j greaves
But whom to take over? I for one would love to see Leandro at the lane we have severely lacked some firepower and for lack of a better word some confidence! COYS
Lets not be in any doubt if they could have shifted Gio then Crouch would have stayed.
Haven“t had the chance to read all the threads but Harry was good for us when he arrived - in fact he was the perfecy solution at that time. In exactly the same way that Jenas, Bentley, Hutton, Palacios to name but a few were also perfect at the time they joined. The problem is that the club has progressed and got better while the manager and certain players have stagnated. We have got rid of the players - now its time to go to the next level.
Graeme in Spain
I just think that the mercurial players are getting squeezed out of the Premiership. It's all very well being able to run around for 90 mins (Jenas) but there has to be talent to back that up, otherwise you are just an athlete. I want to see flair and style when I watch football, that's how it should be with our tradition, and Gio fits into that category. I'm not lording him, just think that he has the talent and technique to do alright, he needs to mature but I'd hate to see him go elsewhere and do well. The Prem has become too much about running, and not enough about technique.
Levy looks at Spurs and the game from the business point of you. In business success means profit. In football success means winning titles and trophies and participating regularly in international competitions. I agree that Harry isn't the manager to bring Spurs forward. It is also obvious that Levy doesn't have any concrete plan on how Spurs can move forward under the current budget and salary cap.
Ioan X
i agree on that point chrissy, just think gio is sticking his fingers up at arry. mind you so do
harry has done pretty well for spurs. spurs fans are the single most fickle bunch out of any other club. its a shame.
Graeme in Spain I don't think we have staganated. We scraped 4th when Liverpool had an off year so we took their place. Man City are now out of reach. Our goal is 4th, it is acheivable when you compare our best eleven against Arsenal and Liverpool.
tombale123, is your real name jamie rednapp?
I think that the reason we didn't spend is that we have something lined up in january. Cahill and Leandro.
In my opinion, Levy now just treats Harry as a 1st team coach and manages the rest of running the club himself or via the rest of his management team. It shows that he gave Harry the opportunity to stretch himself but the guy is out of his depth. He's too long in the tooth to change and hasn't got the credentials to run the whole football side. The great thing is that Levy knows it. He knows that he doesn't need to make a knee-jerk reaction and fire Harry. Instead he is using this summer and January to rationalise the squad leaving the good players only. He's seen the OPEX go from £97m to a projected >£120m due to Harry's stockpiling and he's now building a cash cow for the next manager. Hopefully, there will be some compensation from the FA thrown in as well at some stage. What he has to do in the mean time is keep Harry's reputation intact so England want him. He'll then focus on the new stadium and will treat this season as transitional. Because Harry is a decent coach it's absolutely the right policy.
agree with what you said to a point muttley, i hope it is levy holding back the dosh for another manager, not coach. i disagree that harry is a decent coach in the premiership. championship maybe.
Oldtimeyid Harry does have some bad points eg. nothing ever being his fault, squad rotation but you simply cannot knock his Spurs record compared with any of our former Spurs premier league managers. I think we will regret not supporting him more when he is gone.
Its just a matter of WHEN! rather than IF, hope its A.S.A.P!
Certainly was an objective piece of writing if you happen to be Levy in disguise. Why not suggest the old ducking stool method of deciding if Harry is to blame for everything? If he drowns, he wasn't to blame and if he survives obviously he was.Just so much cr*p being written about Harry and even more about Levy the GOD.
I prefer to think of the relationship as creative tension. Harry has strenghts and weaknesses, he is able to handle pressure, but can set the team up too 'open' and gamble on scoring first. Portsmouth tactics?. How JJ played ahead of a Palacious type is an example. Agree GDS is a prospect. The decks are now clear so off we go again. It might all come together.
How ironic that I agree with Liam, and off he goes. Oh well. I don't buy the feud thing. I merely believe that Levy does not gI've in to as many requests as he did when he first came. It's part of the beauty of the DOF, Head Scout system. It provides a buffer. Managers always provide lists and ownership decides yeah or nay based on loads of factors. Ideally, a DOF walks the line with both but allows this sort of nonsense to not fester. It allows coaches to coach and boards to sort out stadiae and sponsorships etc. Make no mistake, Pienaar and Parker are Harry targets. My concern with Harry stems from his lack of appreciation of other markets. It's appropriate then that he wants to manage England. it's what he believes he knows. I prefer the DOF system, but no system works unless all in it are on the same page and that is where our biggest issue is. Different song books. The right DOF might just be able to reconcile the two. COYS
i did support him when he first came in, i thought he was going to be the one. when it went t*ts up for me was when he told ME, a fan for over 55years i was an idiot and if i didnt like it i could go and follow another club. i hope im not the only one that thinks that. if i am i will give up football altogether.
More and more Spurs supporters are waking up to the fact that there is nothing cuddley about Uncle Harry after all!, the mans a Mercenary out for what he can get, nothing more!
Ah, GDS...all he needs is to play more many of the tactical geniuses on here said the same thing about Krank, and when called upon for 90 minutes he just proved what Harry and most people knew, he just hasn't got what it takes. Maybe if GDS stopped the partying he might make a player, maybe we will see this season, maybe City will get relegated.
agreed peter about the dof but again it has to be one to suit the coach and the board, commoli wasnt that but they are out there. i think liam is picking his toys up as we speak. lol.
oldtimeyid - for me, the final straw was making his "yes man" Dawson captain. Here's a guy who cannot communicate across the back four let alone the rest of the team. He has no positional sense or reading of the game and yet is now "first pick". I knew at that stage that we'd never be a great side as great sides are built from the back. Ironically, just before that Harry had appointed Gallas as captain who did a superb job. As I've said above, it's not the right tome to remove Harry now and we simply have to leverage his coaching skills for a while. We may be able to ride through the second half of the season with an interim coach but removing Harry and his entire management team now is not really an option when all the best managers are in a job. We therefore have to leverage his decent coaching skills (ok - half decent) for a while yet.
If HR couldn't see that we needed to break the bank for a CD this transfer window then he is as useful as a one legged man at an arse kicking contest!!
harry-kari, i was trying to be objective with the article, and i tried to present it without bias, to read what others opinions are, having read it here i believe i've managed to do that, but as i said, i presented the facts(?) as they are presented to us via a medium, if it does seem bias towards levy then what can i say? i'm not saying there is a feud, just writing what it appears to be, in my defence, perhaps i should've put a question mark instead of an exclamation, for that i apologise, after all it is my first article ;-).
Harry Kari, if we stay in the 4-5-1 and put Kranjcar in for VDD with Adebayor up top, I reckon most might be saying it's nice we have cover for Niko. Niko has been played everywhere, but in position. Same can be said for Gio. Kranjcar is far better at set pieces than VDV, scores at the same rate. They are 2 different players but they play the same position. Kranjcar would never drop as deep as VDV, so he's a more foresees threat. They are both poor defensively. Neither is fleet of foot. VDV is technically better, but Niko is not far behind. Niko is better at utilizing strikers, which IMO, is VDV's biggest weakness. But for his 2 goals last season, which were brilliant, we'd have had to play games in July. Play players in position before deciding how they are. None of Modric, Hudd, Sandro, Parker, Livermore, Pienaar, Kranjcar, VDV, Gio are wingers. Why would we play any of them there? Why would we play AMF as DMF? Defies logic and the results generally follow. COYS
i come second in that woodyn17. its not easy you and muttley. your right we let him stay until someone else is in place. god forbid bond takes the reigns. or sherwood, although at least he has the nous to become a good coach. sherwood that is.
As a Spurs Supporter living in Bournemouth area, and remembering him signing for our local team for 30 Grand in 1972 as an over-rated, ordinary Right-Winger ( How apt...) I have taken more interest than most in his career since then. He also lives a couple of miles up the road , and I pass his modest 10 Million Quid shack most days, so feel like I almost know the bloke. ( More like a bad Uncle than a mate...) I was GUTTED when he came to Spurs. GUTTED....Please don't lump me in with those who are now starting to see the bad side of him. I knew what was coming. How he has the Red-Faced Cheek to question the morality and loyalty of any Players is incredible. This is a bloke who shafted his mate Billy Bonds at West Ham, and hopped between Portsmouth and Southampton , then kept a strange silence while he was being touted as a possible Chelsea Manager.....His loyalty begins and stops with his own Bank Account. Bournemouth has a reputation as being a town for Old Fogeys....Maybe Redknapp has lived here for two long....If Levy didn't constantly intervene, Spurs would now be playing with a team of over 30's.....
HR did select a centre back. Levy would not break the bank for him.
....and don't forget...Kevin Bond was a failure as a manager at 3rd Division Bournemouth.....
The point is on overall analysis of games managed, Redknapp has only accrued 4 more points than Ramos did with the same number of games. So if we are not say Ramos wasn't a good manager, 4 extra points hardly makes Redknapp a good one. He is basically a fan of acute short termism which is no way to develop continued success at the club. His famed man management seems to only bring 50/50 results, whilst his continued media whoring in what must be considered his second job of media pundit - or does he consider it his No1 role, and his criminal lack of tactical awareness, means the sooner he is out the better. Coyle, Moyes, Hughton would all make strong successors.
Sweeney, that is the problem. Harry identifies the player he wants. Not any of these 10 CB's, but Cahill, or Neville, or Pienaar, or Parker, or Ferdinand. That's fine as Plan A, but surely we should have had someone else lined up. Chelsea wanted Modric. They explored plan B, Plan C and did Plan D when it was clear Modric wasn't going to come. They still filled the hole. We don't get our target and have no other ideas. I presume a DOF would ask Harry, what holes do we need to fill. Harry would say CB. DOF would say who do you want? Harry would say Cahill. The DOF would try to get it done but when it didn't work would have the position filled by seone Cahill-esque. A four year deal has to be viable for 4 years and the player must be movable. What if the next manager doesn't want Pienaar and or Parker? How many teams can afford those wages? Basically only the top 6. So who is going to take them off of our hands if we don't need them any more? IMO, no one. COYS
GDS wont even get a game in the europa league i dont spec, what with the two new Xbarca kiddies!! Is he even fit? i have not seen him all pre seaon, He will be loned out in january i guarantee! hard to believe he is still at the club, oh and wheres bostok??
Spot on , Kernowboy....West Country Spurs know their stuff..!!
Somerset Yid - Gio was on international duty with Mexico during Copa America. Bostock is injured.
I still think spurs need a football man as a director of football. Levy does not have a clue when it comes to signing players and only thinks like a business man. If Harry is not trusted then bring in someone to work with him and the chairman. Levy is in the press, miles too much for my liking. Do not see it with any other club. Not sure who but someone who will get the job done and is not looking to score points for themselves.
I wouldn't know about a feud but levy will be thinking ahead he's slimmed the wage bill and got some cash stockpiled from sales I'm hoping when harry does go we get ancelotti or oneill
Peter I cannot see what else Spurs could have done in this window. We loaned a forward that is experienced in premier league. Cannot see many fans against this. We have bought a talented youth player that could be the next Bale and this was mixed with a player of the year who although has no resale value, over his 4 year contract he should prove valuable to us. Centreback issue not solved but why go for 2nd or 3rd choice just for the sake of it.
It's not about breaking the bank - the fact is we had to trim an overstuffed squad. If we had been sure that Modric was staying we would probably have sold Niko, raised £6-8m and then purchased a better player. Ditto Bassong for Cahill. We are not Citeh, we cannot have highly paid senior players sitting outside the 25 man squad. And do you know what, that is a GOOD thing. We are not the exception, Citeh are. I bet United don't have any over 21's sitting outside the named squad tomorrow. If we hadn't flogged the dead wood yesterday (plus PSB) we would have had about SIX. It's the way it is supposed to work in the real world - sell to buy and then boost the squad with talented youngsters coming through the ranks. That is why the rules are there. And back to the original issue, the rules actually support Levy's view and gives him the perfect reason for reining Harry in. It's not about money-grabbing, or business before football, it's common sense! COYS.
def not oniell, hes got no bottle for the fight and hes never had money to play with like alan curbishley didnt know what to do with it when he got it.
would,nt it be ironic if harry was sacked after eight games with a total of two points
Moyes willcome in Summer, Harry will stay til then unless the old bill turn up for him. Harry cansod off til England, hopefully in order to impress the FA he will be driven to get us as high a finish as possible. Moyes is finished at Everton, thatclubis dead until Kenwright leaves as the pursestrings are held too tightly, and I reckon losing Arteta will be the final straw for him. Levy was right not to pay over the odds and is probably saving the funds for a new manager, I truly reckon Moyes.
I still think it was a mistake letting Comolli go - look at what he's done at Liverpool.
ps lets not tempt fate Fatlad!!
@ KingGlenn, i couldn't agree more with you. I worry about whether 'Arry can get the tactics right. I just woory about 'Arry period. However, we do have a squad to compete for fourth and if 'Arry can find a way to turn things around who knows. I think 'Arry needs to start out by making us hard to beat. We need to stick two holding midfielders in the team and let the attacking for have some freedom. 4-2-3-1. I just don't know if 'Arry will do anything other than a 4-4-2 or 4-5-1.
I think we're all hoping that Spurs finances are still solid. Anyone else notice that after a season of Champs Leagues revenues, a lack of huge transfers we still chose to put the O'Hara transfer through on 21st June? Why would we take a clear £5m profit that side of our financial year end? Answers on a postcard.
We are well rid of Comolli and Liverpool were in an awful state when he arrived so it didn't take a genius to get in a few better players TSB
flakey yid
How long is Parker's contract? Did someone say 4 years? He's already 30, if that is true then oh my days.
By the way, if at all possible, the player to seriously look at in January if we are challenging for fourth is Mario Goatze. We certainly have the money for him. I doubt the player would come but if we are in 4th place in January, who knows. Goetze and Dimiao is all we need.
@Muttley, I have been wondering for a while now, if our club is being prepared for a big take over.
i know falmouth, it surely couldnt happen, i ****in hope not
fatlad15 which case not selling Modric would make sense.
An alright piece but I think anyone can see you didn't try and be neutral. At the very least you tried to be neutral but gave up a quarter of the way through and tried to build the argument against Harry. I'm not going to take sides but I will offer my opinion on what I think was wrong with what you wrote. The 'last January Levy told Harry to buy a big name striker' well if you remember back to before the world cup, Harry said he wanted a marquee signing, so I believe both of them have wanted a striker for long enough, not just Levy. The whole Suarez thing, Harry said he was too similar to VDV not that he was too small as some people believe (he actually tried to pass the blame and said his head scout told him that). "Harry has put forward names such as " He also said he wanted Phil Jones, Ashley Young, Stewart Downing etc but a lot of people on here feel that if it's a player they'd like, Harry is lying, if it's a player they don't want it must be true. Which I don't think is fair, I try to ignore what he says now, the media try to spin it a lot too like with the Joe Cole thing. Levy telling Crouch he wouldn't be in the 25 man squad, for a start we're under the limit for the squad now so it wouldn't be true anyway and Harry is the one who chooses who's in the squad anyway so if Levy told Crouch that, then it would have come from Harry. The Modric thing, I don't think Harry and Levy differed on this as Harry would clearly want Modric to stay but I definitely think he was doing his best to make sure no blame could be placed on him if Modric left, i.e. "the chairman said..." etc. "Dilly-dallying and uncertainty on who would be in the squad" I don't think that's right to be honest, Harry has said all summer he wanted 3 players to take us to the next level so he must have had targets in mind. I don't think there's a feud between them, I think a lot of the time Harry just tries to make sure he can't be blamed for anything going wrong. He'll be gone next year anyway and hopefully this season won't go horribly wrong so we can still keep and get better players.
@muttley I think the finances are just fine mate, the squad is now streamlined and in Crouch, Woodgate and Keane we have lost 3 of our highest earners. People think that we made £30m profit from the Champions League, however with bonuses, VDV and Gallas signing etc, I'm sure we didn't make anywhere near £30m. Bit of streamlining before we start work on the new stadium was not only essential, but is also a good thing. We sold or loaned everyone that people on here wanted to leave, maybe Levy is Cockeril or Horny Helen in disguise and has been reading Vital. We can but dream.
Moyes won't take the club forward, he doesn't have the name or the profile. At least Ancelotti would have a better chance of making big-name signings, and is far far more respected across europe and the world. I'd be disappointed if it was Moyes.
Don't understand all the Harry hate on here. I mean the man took us to the holy grail of 4th place. Who would you want to replace him? I can't think of anyone available, who would do a better job, or many out there better, besides people like Fergie and Mourinho, who would ever take the Spurs job.
asher - quite a few of us are thinking like that. Levy is driving to get planning permission for NDP in place just to make the club attractive to buyers. If he is, fair play because if he can't finance it then he's still moving the club forward by doing the grunt work up front. Might be wrong though.
A serious point that I don't think has ever been raised before is Harry's daily commute from Sandbanks in Dorset - it is around 130 miles each way. How is it that certain clubs make an issue of players living within a required distance of their training ground and our manager faces a 250 mile round trip every day? I used to drive to work 100 miles away on a daily basis when I was in my 20's. Some days I would arrive at work or home and not remember the journey; I did it for 4 years and it absolutely knackered me out. Harry is in his 60's so god knows how much it takes out of him after almost 3 years in the job, whether he is aware of it or not. I'm not sure how much Kevin Bond earns but wouldn't it be cheaper for the club to hire him a chaffeur, Harry could sleep in the car and we could get a very average coach off the wage bill? In reference to the original post I can't see Harry being here next season for one of two obvious reasons. David Moyes would be fantastic imo, failing that I'd go for Martin O'Neill both of them would not tolerate the lazy self centred nature of today's modern footballers.
deano, it's not just on here, if you were at The Lane last weekend you would have heard the Spurs fans in the ground singing 'Harry for England'. He needs some good results very VERY quickly, lose to Wolves and the bin-dippers and we're in serious trouble, he might go for that. 4th place isn't a holy grail if you then recede into mediocrity again.
tombale123... I said it yesterday and I'll say it today, you're a turd.
Cape Town Spurs
Markoose - agree, just paper talk about the squad numbers and Crouch as if we exclude Alnwick we have 24. My theory is that Harry wanted to keep him but lose Pav. The offers never came in for the lazy Russian so Crouch was pushed. Crouch knew it.
finally people are waking up to the fact that redknapp's regime is a total jolly-up... no discipline throughtout the club, poor tactical awareness and blind loyalty to players who arent good enough. Redknapp is a mercenary and solely concerned about himself. He always jumps ship at clubs before it sinks like he did at west ham, southampton, portsmouth etc... he will not be the manager next season that hopefully for certain. We need a manager who can motivate players against lesser clubs and actually organises a team tactically. Ancellotti would be my pick if we could get him.
@Muttley, if you cannot beat them, then you have to join them. I agree, i don't think we can really go much further than we have. We cannot compete with Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool, Citeh, and even Arsenal with there stadium, in the future. Levy and the board must know that our fans will never be pleased with a top 4 finish every ten years and that the club will probably never be much bigger than we already are until some one comes in with endless amounts of money. Enic has taken us to the pinnacle and i hope they plan to sell for not only there own pockets, but for well being of our tremendous club.
Chrissybwoy, I understand, but very tough games to start the season with, I think we need to give him 8 to 10 games at least before we can see where this season is headed.
"Levy told Crouch he wasn't going to be picked in the 25" Is this Daniel Levy or Vladimir Romanov? I strongly doubt Levy picks the squad, Crouch got sold because no one came in for Pav simples
Spurs Allday
Sweeney, Kjaer, Howedes, Tasci and dozens more. Marin, Turan, Perisic, Obinna, Ruiz et al. Mueller, RVN, Demba Ba, Kroos to name but a few. Not taking a shot here, there are always options if your eyes are open. To say nothing else could have been done is Harry talk. As I said, Chelsea had a need, wanted Modric as Plan A, tried for Plan B (Schneijder), no dice, moved on to Plan C (name escapes me) and settled on Meireles when Modric was surely not coming. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. We do the former. As a result next game, if King is not fit, our best left-sided CB is Bassong. He won't play because he is out of favour with Harry. So we'll play someone out if position instead. Like VDV over Lennon at RW, naive at best, irresponsible at worst. COYS
Spurs Allday, i agree, from what was said by 'Arry, because he likes to tell the world about our business, Crouch was the only striker that anyone was really interested in.
BTW, our potential with a super rich sugar daddy is far greater than Chelsea and Citeh as we all know. We would sore to the top with the right owners. Our fan base is already bigger than Chelsea even with there recent success.
Yes, Crouch was pushed. Yes he was threatened that he'd potentially be left without a place in the squad. I'm sure the same was communicated to Bentley, Jenas and Pav. The thing is, with Pav, he'd probably have said, that's fine. His market value would be zero and it's a complete loss. Perhaps this way he gets some games and some goals and we get 7-8M. If they had all said no, there would be at least 3 with no place in the squad. COYS
asherthesmasher yeah I saw that interview, you could tell from Arry's voice that it was killing him inside selling his best buddy. If a half decent offer for Pav came in he'd have been off without doubt. The "rift" between Arry and Levy is all media gossip due to Levy not spending loads of cash but coopsie made a good point on another article that this could be due to him wanting to keep some cash set aside for the stadium so that we don't incur too much debt which makes a lot more sense then Levy deciding Arry's not the man but not sacking him due to wanting to save compensation. I wouldn't believe for a second that Levy would put the club on hold for a year on the off chance Arry might get the England job. I might not think of Levy as some sort of messiah but I do respect him as a business man, he's no fool he'd act decisively if he felt a new boss was what was needed.
Spurs Allday
Asher, you may be correct, but it's not a sugar daddy we need. Just someone who gets audere est facere. We don't need huge wages to get CL (could have finished 2nd the past two seasons IMO). what we need is people who have a plan and execute it. Honestly, 6 windows to find the next Berbatov. Unacceptable. COYS
Well he needed pushing out the door! why would he want to voluntary go when he had it so cushy here ? dont matter if you dont score, Harry will still pick you for next game, and getting 60/70 K a week for doing sod all, it must have been heart breaking for Crouch to leave, probably had to crowbar his fingers away from the exit door!
adebayor got number 10??
Holy Grail of 4th. Therein lies the problem. COYS
Has Parker got 8? Personally I think we should retire the no.8 shirt as no one will ever truly fill Jenas' shoes ;-)
Spurs Allday
i am all for getting redknapp out, i started doubting him last season when the news came to me from a vdv interview that he doesnt do tactics, when he didn't rotate the squad, when he spouted to the media etc etc. i gave him the summer to see if he brought in some decent players and fixed issues we needed fixing, he did to an extent (but not enough). i am still in two minds whether i want him out now/at jan/ or next summer... i just hope that levy has some targets lined up... moyes,ancellotti, mourinho (doubt it)...
rahn DMC
@Asherthesmasher,u can dream all u want but chelsea is way over ur head.
I may be wrong but did,nt Levy STOP the sale of Pav for 10 mil, ??? not sure who the interested party was, but pretty sure Levy knew who was the right one to shift!
Peterb these are players you would buy but as Arry is boss he chooses, and rightly or wrongly he either is ignorant to them or simply does not think they are an upgrade on what we already have. We are essentially between 2 standards of player. Average premier league no good to us eg Crouch Jenas Hutton. Top class are out of our transfer budget and wage structure. Thus whoever manages Spurs is at best going to acheive 4th and at worst 5th. As for a suger daddy we have no chance with our stadium. Man City have free stadium so all investment is on players. Chelsea the same. We are same as Liverpool, £400,000,000 for stadium then invest in playing squad. Very long term.
peterballb- we proved you don't need huge wages to get CL. To maintain CL every year though, surly that is pretty much impossible for us. There must be a reason why we have not spent any money. Either we cannot afford to, we are saving for the new manager, we are setting the club up for a taker, we are saving for the stadium, who know. BUT, there is a reason. I have a lot of faith in Levy and not a lot in 'Arry. I trust that there will be better things to come for the future under Levy, just not immediate. You cannot say would do not have the squad to compete for top four. Its all up to 'Arry now.
Crouch/Defoe and Pav all stated they had no intention of leaving. A push was necessary and it was never going to be Defoe. It came down to who was worth more and who would be most accommodating. Crouch won, hands down. Would you take a flyer on Pav with the effort he hasn't shown since January? I wouldn't. And I have often defended him. COYS
Lets get one thing straight! Levy was in charge of who was in or out of the club,,,he even let Harry go home 2 hours before the window shut, now,, does that sound like a manager who was on the ball, searching out possible last minute buisness ? NO he was home in doors having his cocoa before the window closed!!!
B&BS I doubt we received any solid bid for Pav in this window his contract is up in the summer if we'd been offered 10m I think Levy would have driven him away personally
Spurs Allday
Sweeney, Modric and Berbatov and Bale and Sandro and VDV were all affordable. There are lots of options. The rest is just excuses. I don't accept them. Suarez not good enough. Gervinho not better than what we have. Etc Come on. COYS
You must be a new Chelsea fan Nightinggalle. I am glad my post interested you though.
How much business did we do after Harry went home though B&BS? None, the day was finished no more business was going to be done the Cahill/Bassong deals were off and we'd trimmed the squad down to the 25 so there was nothing else to do
Spurs Allday
Fair play Peter about Pav, but when push came to shove, literately for Crouch lol, I would sooner Pav be here than him, he does after all manage a better goals to game ratio, as you are well aware, christ just think, Daws can start hoofing the ball up to Bale now!
we can recal khumalo from Reading in january if were really up against it and dont want to Harry many more funds before he leaves... obviously if he's playing well!!
Although my own opinion is the Manager and Chairman should both have stayed until the deadline. If not to do any more deals then to discuss the next window as we need to have a clear plan of action next time and not be rushing around on the last day
Spurs Allday
asherthemasher what ******** fan base in which part of the continent? did u get to watch chelsea pre season in asia with 84 thousand fans coming to watch torres.only torres i guess the entire spud fans apart from those in white hunk lane isn't up to that fu*ker
Yes I agree Spurs Allday, BUT it was Levy who gave him an early night! if Harry was in charge I would have expected him to be around for last minute deals,,,you know! like Wenger and Chavski were!
Peter I agree but it is hard to get it right all the time. All those players you mentioned were very risky purchases. Modric first few months I thought there was no way he would hack premier league he was so ineffective. Berba and Van der Vart temperement issues. Sandro still to really prove himself and we all know Bales first 12 months at Spurs. Any one or all of these could have been a Rebrov or a Postiga.
I am not a big fan of Daws, the only reason i wanted Cayhill so much is in the hope we didn't have to see Daws so much. However, i am sure under 'Arry, Daws would still have made the starting line-up.
Let's us just concentrate on what happens on the pitch from now, the window is shut Levy should be pushed to the back of our minds. Articles should now focus on the players we have, who should be in the 25 man squad etc. While I mention that who reckons Soulyman Couliblay should be given a shot, after all what age is too young when the player is that strong, Rooney did it, why not Solly.
sunnymakres- p*ss off back to ur library of a site:)
Slyspur good point mate whats done is done. On Coulibaly I fully expect him to get his chance in the UEFA cup. I think with some of the young talent we have blended with some of the squad players we'll have a decent tournament
Spurs Allday
I,m afraid only Harry can answer your question on Solly Slyspur, after all if the face fits and all that!
We could have a very good season,,IF Harry is prepared to use the whole squad, and mix and match them in different permatations regarding who we play, and dont be afraid to throw the youngsters in the mix, you never know, they just might start to swim. C.O.Y.S
Sweeney, audere est facere. Yes, every signing is a risk. How's Pienaar look so far? They get the big bucks to make such decisions. Educated, well informed guesses is the best you can do. Of the kids we just signed, only 1 or 2 will likely make it. We can afford those risks. We can't afford a 30M Rossi boo boo. Modric was a risk as was Berbatov. Bentley was less of a risk. You will never win them all, but sure as heck you have to try. No striker in January cost is CL. I expect better. This is not a crap squad. A few choice pieces and we're in like Flynn. To do nothing? There aren't words. COYS
anyone read the story that we rejected the 30 mil plus alex for modric deal because we were sure of securing cahill and would have taken it had we known cahill would fall through?
analysed and watched this situation for a long time now,a lot of quotes read etc.other than harry looking to buy older feud,to many players near sorted good, just to late. the wages is the main problem to get the right players in to make the step up to try and stay there and run the club on the stadium as to be levy's complete goal now.harry to England.looks like it is just steady the ship time and hopefully the stadium gets sorted so we can dig deeper for the players.not to depressing i hope.Coy's.
its pretty obvious, levy is a sneaky rat, its always the same anti harry crap in the articles on here(whats up with that) levy already has another manager lined up id say...would anyone on here honestly tust levy...look at the treatment jol got. its just business eh??? i am really disappointed we didnt get a CB in the window as thats where we look to be at a loss. i hope our fortunes turn for the remainder of the season, lets get behind them.COYS by the way must be joking
So was the rumor that Pav was about to leave for 10 mil to Porto true? That would of been a smashing step towards Hulk..
HAH! so it was Porto who made the bid! thanks dcruzer, thought I,d imagined it mate!!!
It is good to have debate on here!! I just think for all his faults Arry deserves the season to see where he can take us. First 2 games and I think we are only 1 point behind where we expect to be. To be fair to him he said when he first came to Spurs do we want to do something now or plan for the future and he openly said his policy was to buy for the present. Get some succces straight away and this would breed a winning mentality through the club.
Here it is....sorry to disappoint..its tribalf....
GDS is ready to go and prove himself I think...Hope you all blokes watch him on Friday in Mexico's game against Poland.....He was great when paired with Hernandez the Pea in the Gold Cup....but was a fluke in the Copa America.....but to be positive, it was all due to him lacking a partner....he is the fancy flair bloke and provider and needs someone like the Pea to finish it much like VDV....He has so much potential....he just needs chances to get the hang of it....Like the odd saying goes..."You learn by f@cking it up first"...or something like that...
smokin' It was ever thus. Al l the way back to Burkinshaw's day and perhaps beyond. Interfering chairman. Levy will want to pick the team next! Just as Irwin Scholer used to try it on with Keith, so Levy does with Harry. Then as now, and in between, when Martin Jol was building a great side, just as it looks as though Spurs are about to become a world force; only for the the kosher nostra put personal financial gain and ego before the club.
Hotspur 1882
As K. B. said upon leaving,"there used to be a football club over there".
Hotspur 1882
sweeneyspurs he will take us nowhere, he should've got 4th last year and now with Liverpool and City improved staff wise it will be 5th at best again possibly lower.
NO game this weekend !!, Not happy ;-(
Yeah, it's annoying Madabout. After the first two games, we just want to get on the pitch again and right our ruins. Suppose it gives us time to get some of our players fit.
Pride 1882
Hello Pride 1882. Hope the players/coaches really knuckle down and work hard next few days, and not sit on a couch watching TV and eating doughnuts like Hudd would.
just saw another article interesting:
GDS playing for Mexico in game against Poland.....Tomorrow at 7pm.....Here's hoping he's on fire and scores.....COYS!
for those who say booo why we sell crouch?? because he had to go!!!! ive always been anti crouch and look at his recent runs, own goaled against city, got sent off against real, goes down way to easy and never gets the foul, misses goals often - look at the man city game. i EXPECT him to score that. yeah pav is un-enthusiastic, but he can strike a ball wayyyyy better than crouch. yes we didnt get the monster striker we were all wanting but its paved the way for january to be a good one. hopefully we can get some action going our way. against man u in the 1st half basically all our passes were mud and were constantly intercepted. then man c we didnt take our chances and they took off with it, also defending was a little mud. just need some disicpline and hunger to win. thats why i cannot wait for sandro who i think i awesome. he gives everything when he plays. in summary YAY!!!!! crouch is gone this fan from NZ is very happy
We need a DoF who hires the manager so that the two make a management team. DL is not a football man, so he shouldn't be the one to make decisions about whom to sign, etc. He should be running the business end of the business, a DoF should be running the football side, which includes finding and recommending players, finding a manager who will work within the football philosophy of the DoF. Have a DoF and a manager who work at cross purposes is a disaster.
Total knobhead are not telling the truth...about Modric.....The reason why Modric...did not go to Chelsea...was....because.....your were protecting your nephew Lampard....... !!!!!!!!! your are not a stupid will never keep an unhappy player....but don't worry...I understand....FAMILY COMES FIRST......TOTTENHAM SECOND....LOL
Levy is happy to toss Tottenham's heritage into the bin and move the club to another part of London. And THIS is a man you trust? Laughable. At any other club, the supporters would rise as one in protest. Levy would be happy to see Spurs become the latest version of Wimbledon. Perhaps Spurs fans would then set up their own non-League version of the club, like loyal Wimbledon fans did? I doubt it. They have not the backbone.
Sir Cecil
spursallday. hilarious comment about retiring the number 8 jersey as noone could fill jenas's shoes. Well done. I laughed very heartily.
stupid article.
GDS is only here still because no club wants the boozed up plastic playboy.................FACT lets hope we can ship him out to Russia or somewhere else the vodka is cheap for him!! Next one facing the Bullet will be Defoe if he dont buck up his ideas. The next window he will be of to Sunderland if he continues on his downward spiral.....COYS
Due to us dilly-dallying during the transfer window, once again we have lost out on players who could have bolstered us (Cahill, Samba, Luiz, Hulk etc). Hopefully now Modric will get his game back on and do a good job for us - although I fear it will only be temporary as I think we'll lose him in January. Harry has to name a 25 man squad to the FA by 5pm today(September 2nd), as I see it that squad can only now be as follows ; Freidel, Gomes, Cudicini, Bale, Kaboul, Gallas, Dawson, Corluka, King, Walker, Assou-Ekotto, Huddlestone, Lennon, Van Der Vaart, Modric, Krancjar, Pienaar, Parker, Livermore, Sandro, Rose, Adebayor, Defoe, Pavlyuchenko, Dos Santos.(Although I'd also like to see Ceballos, Carroll, Kane, Townsend, Fredericks getting more 1st team opportunities - maybe Harry will use the europa league as a springboard for those guys, If he's still with us of course !! Time will tell.
Liamyid & VEDRAN are spot on. This is just made up.
ohwellnextseason - thank you mate, I do try :-)
Spurs Allday
Seems a bit like Chelsea, Abromovich vs every appointed manager. I would like to know if these were Rednapp signings or levy ones? In fairness I believe Rednapp wanted the players and Levy negotiated on his behalf hence why Harry didnt know we signed Addy had signed before the hearts match. In relation to other signings you have to be realistic in who you sign Levy wants to ensure he gets a player that is youngish, performs and in the unfortunate case they dont at least have a decent resale value (in the case of Crouch). When Ramos was in charge he backed off a lot and allowed Comolli to sign anyone he pleased, which meant we ended up with players like Bentley and Bent that we didnt really need. There is no shame in being business orientated (Spurs are on the stock exchange after all) Levy does have the best wishes for the club at heart, people need to understand that we need greater revenues to make the more important transfers like City, Liverpool and Utd have done; If we splash out figures like £17 million on Cahill we set ourselves back considering we're in the process of planning for a new stadium.
I wish spurs supporters would stop talking crap about a feud,you are all getting on like newspaper journalists,we had to trim the wage bill,and done good buisness,we brought in a quality midfielder in scott parker,could have got cahill,only for bolton to change the goal posts,and we still have a squad with 2 players for every outfield position,so lets all settle down and get behind the team and harry,and lets look forward to next sat when the teamsheet should read 1.Friedel 2.Walker3.Dawson 4.Gallas/king 5.Ekotto6.Lennon.7.Modric.8.Parker.9.Bale.10.Defoe.11.Adebyour..and great back up on the bench.
lisburn spurs
Levy wants and needs a DOF as he doesn't trust Harry's judgement on playing personnel nor tactical approach. Effectively Levy is behaving as the DOF when it comes to transfers / purchases but he is trying hard not to interfer in the team's tactical approach. It's obvious Levy wants Harry out but he's willing to wait until England come calling as it'll save Levy having to pay HR any compensation.
Ioan X - If you actually know how we can "move forward" without going bust I'm sure Levy would be delighted to hear from you. I agree with nothappyharry, we've missed a DOF badly. Unfortunately it was a condition of Harry taking over that the post went, expect a new DOF when Harry goes. When Harry does go please lets get Moyes and build a squad with a bit more steel.
I think people are over valuing the contribution of Comolli at Liverpool - I don't think he has added anyone that Dalglish wasn't already after. No Director of Football is excellent IF the chairman has faith and confidence in the long term plan of the manager. Yet all Harry wanted has been veterans, and no youngsters whose contribution could come after he left.
Markoose, great post and totally agree!
Paul - THFC Forever
Peterbalb it's easy to throw names around on an internet forum, but a club the size of Spurs, will have a very established scouting network and would have considered all of those names you mention and a hell of a lot more! If they are not playing for Spurs, it is not because they are not wanted, or that they haven't tried for them, it is normally because, they won't come, they can't afford them, or the management don't rate them as an improvement on what we have. No-one here has more knowledge on those players than Harry will have!!
Paul - THFC Forever
loads of assumptions in that article and no way of knowing how close to the truth they are. For everyone wanting a DOF, how short your memories are, you were probably teh same people who wanted the job scrapped 3 years ago. Typical fickle football fans. The game is going down the pan.
The club was clearly stagnating due to the size of the squad and wage bill, with the added pressure of the 25 man squad rule it was essential to have a window like we have just had in order for the club to be able to regroup and move forward. I don't view that as a fued, I just see that as good housekeeping and a manager will always have a different view on how this is done to the chairman, it happens in every business. I'm sure there are those that think the club should continue to spend (audre est facere) just because they made £30m from CL, etc, but one £10m player on £50k a week for 4/5 years will quickly eat into that £30m, so you are not getting much for your money. This has been a sensible window, which has improved the 1st team and the quality of the squad overall, it's now up to Harry and the players to go and prove it.
Paul - THFC Forever
Some good posts from Liam, asher and Peter and I agree 100% with Spurs Allday, Markoose and Slyspur!!
mentioned by dcruzer - - Brazil v Ghana at Craven Cottage on Sep. 6...My Suggestion to Mr Levy is don't send along Arry to watch the game, go yourself with Sandro and get Sandro to speak to his club side, tell them your going and if you like what you see, get the chat going Danny Boy, Sandro can explain and get the deal sorted........
spu 4 life
Excellent post Paul!!
GDS needs to be played now he has not gone. Remember Harry in all his wisdom nearly let Bale leave for Forest and it would have happened if BAE did not get injured. As for Suarez what a rubbish piece of judgement and you get the feeling the same will be said about Ruiz! Our transfer targets have been woefull at best during his tenure. Cole and Bellamy would be absolutely no improvement on things. I am firmly in the camp he should see the season out as it will be too disruptive to get rid during the season. It also seems to me that Harry has no will or desire anymore, he hardly seems bothered like he did for the first season and a half! England or not this will be his last season for sure and let us all hope the next appointment is a step forwards and not backwards as usual!
Comolli hasn“t done anything special at liverpool! Suarez was a good buy but he could thank harry for passing on that one. I think he has spent a lot of money on average players. 20mil for henderson? come on. his passes are way off. then he let“s go of meireles who poses a threat and can pass the ball, to chelsea of all teams??? Comolli can have them back in financial trouble no matter who owns liverpool. 35mil for caroll? wow you guys really miss him??? He would have got cahill for harry but for let“s say 23mil and then what? Who do you think would have to pay for his dealings? Us the fans increased ticketprices and they are already high. doesn“t cost much to fly to london from gothenburg but if ticketprices went from £45-80 to 100-175 at WHL i would be sitting in front of my computer looking for LIVEstreaming video
Oldtime, I dont think Harry has been reading on here, so his comment was a general one and reading some of the *****e that we all sometimes write on here as banter, opinion etc, I would say there are some idiotic comments on here, so would agree with him, though his comment was probably out of context and a general frustration. Yes we missed out on 4th again last year because the strikers didnt hit the target and Harry didnt rotate enough so players ran out of puff at the end of the season. Harry is the current manager and we should try and get behind him. Is there a rift between manager and chairman - we dont really have any idea. However, Levy is probably the most astute chairman in the league and his remit is more than just spending on players chasing a dream of winning the league or trophies. We will soon open the new training facility - I think all bought and paid for, with Chigwell land to be sold on. We have the majority of land around WHL already in the bank, reducing the financing requirement for the new stadium. Much goes on behind the scenes, but as fans we just focus on the first team results at the weekend. When Harry spends so much time spouting off in the media, its easy to focus on that and not see the overall good position that our club is in right now. Daniel Levy is playing Harry well and will be in charge long after Harry and most of the current squad have retired. Take a look at the rest of the clubs in the premier league and ask yourself if Spurs are in a good place?
I would suggest it matters little whether Gio likes to party. Half the squad are less than poster boys for good behaviour. Start with King, work on down. It's not hard. Lots of examples. All that matters is what he does on the pitch. Stick him or Kranjcar tucked in behind Adebayor, and the results will come. His behaviour is no different than Crouch's. He's just not liked by Harry. He also, in 40% of a season at Seville outscored Crouch and Defoe, but then it's not about goals, it's about a story three years old about partying. Man management at it's best. COYS
We have only hearsay, rumour, and the looks Levy gives Redknapp on matchdays to go on, but if there is a feud there's only going to be one outcome. Shame there was no huge, irreconcilable falling out between them in May or June when there was time to sort out a new managerial structure. I'm still hoping there was something in the Levy/Bergenstein thing, but I think it's probably all too late.

Redknapp, the man who always made it clear how much he despises Spurs before he got the job as our manager, has done a great job of setting us back while making it look like he's done a good job. He must be very pleased with himself. And for those of you who want to cry "he saved us from relegation and got us into the top 4" I would ask you to open your eyes and look at the history and the facts. Redknapp hates Spurs,always has, and should never have been given the job in the first place. Levy's biggest mistake, and he's made a few. A few years ago I thought we might genuinely have a chance at breaking into the top Now we're back to the same old Spurs we've been for 25 years. Great work all concerned with running the club. Audere est facere. I always thought it really meant "to dare is to do", but (and I forget who said it first) it appears it really does mean "oh dear it's fecked".
Paul. You know the inner workings of clubs better than I ever will. That is true. Since Harry had never watched Sandro play prior to his signing (his words), I can safely say I was better informed. Yes his scouts would have watched him but not Harry. I will suggest to you that I have watched the likes of Castaignos, Perisic, et al more frequently than he has. He is manager of Spurs and I expect he is focusing on one thing. His scouts do another. For that matter I could lay a pretty safe bet to suggest I have watched more of Gio than he ever has. I suspect Spurs and their scouts don't watch very much CONCCAF. Just guessing. They no doubt get reports, but Mexico Canada in Edmonton is not very high on their list. I am a fan of football who happens to have been a fan of Spurs since sitting on Dad's lap (he is not a Spurs fan, played for Dumbarton but is a fan of football in general and the English game), so I'll suggest that they don't see it all. To not go in for Suarez was ridiculous, to not sign Castaignos for 5M euros is almost criminal considering he would have been considered homegrown by 21. They no doubt rejected him, but then we chase Rossi and Llorente. Completely unaffordable on the wage scale. Our development and scouting has been poor for 2 decades now. Having said that, there are glimmers of brilliance showing up. That's a good thing. At the senior level though, we are daft. COYS
Sweeney, dont watch that, you entitled to your opinion, as we never bought Cahill, NOONE knows whether or not he is the answer to our defensive problems, personally I dont think he would have but Harry does.
I can understand that Harry does have a few foibles, but I cannot, however, comprehend the vast array of abuse that is thrown at him. Statistically speaking, he has achieved the best results of any of our managers in the Premier League era, not to mention taking us to the quarter finals of the Champions League. What else can the man do? A ludicrous wage structure is really the only obstacle preventing us from achieving better than the last three seasons. If anything, that is what needs to be addressed.
I don't think that there is a feud between HR and DL, I think that this is conjecture spread by the media. I do however think that DL is taking steps now to prepare for life without HR. This window he has made a real effort to reorganise the squad and hasn't spent any big money on incoming players as DL knows that HR will be gone to either England or maybe the scrubs by the end of the season.
Cleveland ARTSPURS
RE the DOF role. I understand the arguments for a DOF in terms of long term club stability and it seems to work in Europe where managers are for the most part more short term than in the PL. I'm not totally in favour of it though as I would rather have a long term manager who has the "drive" to do the things like coaching, scouting etc etc. When we had Commoli it was in my mind fairly disastrous. he spent most of his time playing politics and undermining our then manager (Jol). We had very little squad stability and practically every summer transfer window we would be shipping out say 5 and another 6 in. As a consequence we nearly always had a slow start. We also didn't get the players that the manager wanted and Commoli would buy for positions that we didn't need. eg Bent when we already had Berba, Keane, and Defoe. Many people will say that he got us some real quality like Berba, Modric, Bale, but for every success we had a Gilberto, Rocha, Ghaly, Hutton, KPB, Bentley, Gunter etc etc. For me, if we do go down this route again I want somebody who has a clear brief of what type of player they are supposed to buy. eg are we investing in youth or do we want experience? Do we go for English talent or foreign? and to buy players for positions we actually need not as financial assets. So far at Liverpool, Commoli hasn't really impressed me much, he's over paid for some quite average players, however Kenny does seem to have enough influence in order to get the right players in the right positions. For me Kenny is the key to their "success" rather than Commoli.
Cleveland ARTSPURS
read about 100 of those posts and can take no more !!!! This Harry Hating is incredible !! the man who got us into the champions league !! and a 5th place finish last year ! im sure if we had of taken a point or 2 from our first 2 games there would have been articles about how great HARRY IS !!!! fickleness at its best from spurs fans ! in HARRY AND DANIEL we trust !!!!
South L/Derry Spurs
@jabbatheyid, sorry, don't want to discourage you from writing more articles, it's just that I'm sick of Levy being held-up as an icon of brilliant business management and Harry as a clown. The facts don't support either proposition.
@PeterB, re: Kranjar and 451, I don't see either him or VDV providing anything useful, but I grant you Krank is the more effective of the two. For me 451 is a nonsense in this day and age, and we have demonstrated for 2 season now that, for whatever reason, we cannot play it. For me, I don't want Adebayor being used to hold the ball up except when absolutely necessary, but I do want to see him playing as part of a unit of 6 that moves up and down the pitch together and interchanges position fluently. I personally don't believe that Krank or VDV have the engine to be able to do that, so for me thay are both surplus to requirements. Sandro, Modric, Parker, Lennon, Bale and even the new, re-energised DeFoe, all have the engine, I don't know about Adebayor but if any combination of the other 5 can provide him with chances, he will bury them.
Harry-Kari, you well know I favour a 4-4-2 given our squad players. Adebayor does not change that. I see a 4-5-1 as viable so long as the player behind the up top striker is playing as a striker (a la Berbatov) and not dropping deep like VDV.

The club's record over the last 19 games is 4 wins, 8 draws and 7 losses. That's pretty much relegation fodder. How can that be acceptable with this squad? As for Levy, he counts the beans well. Could beca lot worse, could be better. COYS
Here we go again, more bull*****.
@Hotspur 1882 "just as it looks as though Spurs are about to become a world force; only for the the kosher nostra put personal financial gain and ego before the club." Sounds like something an antisemite would say...
Lay off Harry the man who go us into the champions league for the first time ecever ! You all have short memories gets on my tits reading about inept tactics and all that This aint championship manager you mugs Only way we ll be challenging for the top four again is if we get brought by some arab , and i hope we don't coz at least we have an honest go at it Not buying titles a la Chavski and man s***ty Get behind the manager and the team and stop bitching and moaning all the tine , it's football enjoy it !!!! COYS
spurs fans should be grateful to this man...
Peterballb and Coopsie: some excellent posts there fellas, how people can still argue is beyond me. I have nothing to add to what you've said but I agree with you both totally.
Tottenham Hotcore

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