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Will Spurs go back for Beckham?

With his contract due to expire in November, talk in bound to increase that Spurs will again try to sign David Beckham, over the coming weeks.

Dismiss this at your peril, because I have a strong feeling this could happen and will do so with the combined blessing of both Redknapp and Levy who will both see sense in bringing back Becks, even at the ripe old age of 36.

It would appear that QPR will be looking to sign the player, for much the same reasons as Spurs and perhaps several others, but you get the feeling that short of a last ditch offer from Old Trafford, the Beckham`s would prefer London to anywhere else and lets be honest, money isn`t likely to be the issue that swings the deal is it.

Many will claim (perhaps rightly) that Becks is too old and won`t get a game with Spurs, but if he was available today, would you see Harry starting him on the right with Aaron Lennon injured? Should we be considering altering our formation, Beckham has looked very impressive in the deep lying play-maker role as he has become less able to play wide, so could he be an option there?

Others will of course talk of his comments that he won`t return to England, because of his great love for Man United, but if an offer were attractive enough at this time, and he looked keen enough to join us a few months ago...

Sure Beckham may not appear as a shoe-in for our best XI, but Harry and the players will surely be better judges of his ability to compete and perform after his time training with the team, so perhaps we should let them judge his ability, whilst no doubt Daniel Levy is drooling at the prospect of selling BECKHAM 5(?) on the back of a few shirts.

As a free agent, Beckham will be free to sign for any club he wishes, and it wouldn`t seem too difficult for Spurs to move on Ben Alnwick to conveniently make room for a former England captain, especially one that adds experience, glamour and a few zillion shirt sales to boot...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday September 8 2011

Time: 9:53AM

Your Comments

Final line sums it up for me Ox. I remember we had this discussion only a couple of weeks back. From a marketing perspective this is nothing short of enourmous. Beckham finally returns home to where it all started. As a player, I watched the LA galaxy last away game, where they won 2-1. His set piece delivery has not changed, it is still world class. Therefore, I'm actually all for this cameo appearance.
Question is how much will levy spend to get him into the club?
Sorry, that didn't really make sense. I watched the game on TV, not on the field as a player.
m talking bout his wages by the way
Great for merchandising only. Otherwise forget it.
Not that I want it to happen but If we lose Modric in January, I think playing 2 holding midfielders and then playing through Beckham is not as stupid as it sounds. We of course have VDV and Kranjcar who can play there. Thenuge is also right. We already know that none of the Euro 2012 squad will feature in the Olympics and the UK team can have 3 over age players. With Olympic fever hitting the UK and one of the biggest Olympic ambassadors in our squad, this could be a money spinner. Becks will also be training like crazy to have his swan-song in the Olympics.
Agreed with Spurious (unusual for me). Funny how ppl keep sayin Harry loves old players and we shld give youth a chance, then ppl sayin we should get Beckham??? Dont think he has the legs to play in the EPL, especially not for a top 6 team.
One season. The odd cameo appearance. Shift A LOT of merchandise. Raise the profile of the club globally. Can't be a bad piece of business, surely.
Cape Town Spurs
Its high time some of our supportes got their heads on the right way round , Beckham is still a quality player a mite slower and a mite older addmittingly ! but look at Corluka slow as treacle but can still turn in a good performace he brings on to the pitch good vision good tactics and great passing i for one hope Harry and Levy can pull it off .
No thanks. Another one of Harrys old targets. Levy hurry up and sack the *****.
Who would I rather have as our 25th squad member? Alnwick or Becks? When you put it like this, it's a no brainer. However, if we could bring in Damaio, Cahill or Diarra then it's a different conversation.
NO! I wouldnt even take this rumour seriously if it wasnt for the fact that our manager is Harry "cant get out of thr 90's" Redknapp.
Baca is going for Leandro Damiao !!
Becks will raise our global profile, and merchandising by a huge amount. So yes sign him, and he can play in MF alongside modric or inplace of in some games. His influence on our squad / young players will be highly beneficial as well. His dead ball kicks are way better then VDV, or anyone else we have!! COYS
Block D Spurs
Block D 4real Modric and Becks in CM?? we saw what happened when we had Krank and Modric in the centre against City.....
no beckham, no redcrap, says it all, we dont want either
Come On You Spurs! Come On You Spurs! Come On You spurs! Yid Army! Yid Army! Yid Army!
The way to get him is to offer a coaching /player role. Don't think he would play against Manchester though. Can see his future in america though, again as a coach/player
From what i understand and he did mention this, David has his sights set on being part of Team GB in the 2012 Olympics, that could be the end and retire after it? He is very fit and will wish to maintain his fitness, he trained with us before, at the time, we tried to get some sort of deal done, but that never happened, should we decide to try and sign him, IMO he has many positives, which far outway the negatives, his a top top guy, give it a go Mr Levy, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
spu 4 life
hopefully muttley we will get all 3, and to replace Pav, GDS and Alnwick, then our 25 man squad would really look good.
Singspurs - are they not also looking at Neymar, we have a good understanding with Leandro's club side, maybe Levy has already got it done, one never know's with him, just keeping it hush hush?
spu 4 life
NO CAN'T BE THE SAME !! Jenas: Looked 'electric' in his first training session, "Jermaine Jenas is a dynamic midfielder," McLeish said in the Daily Mirror. A 13amp fuse is pretty useful as well, that just's sit's in a socket for any given time, until it blows.
spu 4 life
Becks has been a LEGEND theres no denying... HAS BEEN being the point though! Of course id rather see his name in our 25th squad number over Alnwick but oinly if we had another manager. With Harry he would pick him EVERY WEEK, we know he has names that he puts down automatically (IE Crouch, Dawson, VDV) - Beckham would be another... Speed of Lennon or skills of Gio (Or new spanish winger) for me please.... Its a shame, like I say with any other manager I think having Becks for a season would be great! :-(
Little point having numerous goal-keepers in squad. However, id rather see youth being given a regular chance than a player past his best. I also cant believe that he would fit-in on our restricted wage limit. If this was the case - why did we make so much fuss about Modric wanting to be paid his worth?
i go to the Galaxy regularly, he's certainly still got the delivery but not the pace, and the MLS doesn't require that - much easier to spray it around on a balmy evening when not harrassed by man city or newcastle DM, and Landon Donovan not marked by the Chelsea back 4. he's the opposite of the quicksilver we need and aspire to. plus anyway, i always feel it's about Beckham himself and his own wish to create his mythology; and not about the job at hand. his latter performances for england showed he had run out of steam. so it's a no from me.
Get him if he is available and if he is agreeable. He will add experience and instill a sense of determination that is sometimes lacking. Also, Beckham is a brand in itself and will significantly raise the profile of our already great club.
Becks will do 3 things, give us more and more publicity and actually might help with other players wanting to join. Thirdly, he will have a positive influence on the youngsters at the club and if he helps improve their training and development, then it will be beneficial to the club. As for on the pitch, I am not sure what he can do. Will he still have the energy for the prem league. Would be great if like NFL, every time we get a set piece, we could bring him on. Joking aside, would probably bring more off the field than on, so I would not be against him joining. As for money, if he did join, I am sure Levy would make sure it is worth making before offering it to him. Also, I am sure if he got a few games, he would be willing to take a big pay cut to join as I cannot see him joining the likes of Stoke, etc. QPR maybe as it is in London. But are they high profile enough for him?
phew thank heavens for that!!
was referring to Coopsie post
For a whole host of reasons, some logically some less so, i would LOVE sir becks donning a spurs shirt! For what he would bring in terms of media coverage and increasing our worldwide reputation, no one can questions his value. In playing terms he would be a luxury who the majority of the time we couldn’t afford - but he would be a great option off the bench and squad player – far better option than what we had last year! Finally, i would be the first of many to go and get my shirt with his name on it! get it done danny!
regarding coopsie's post: ancelotti would be the most capable of winning things in the short term... but doesn't seem like a long term kind of deal... moyes would be my favourite choice because he could be the next sir alex... he could stay at the club for the next 20-30 years, build and build and build and eventually win, win, win. in my mind it would be the perfect marriage: spurs & moyes revolution :)
coops - I interpret those odds as the bookies thinking we will have a caretaker boss at some stage this season. Clearly Ancelotti and Moyes would be obvious choices if we were in a summer window. Right now though, Hughes is out a job and Harry has a court case looming and the FA monitoring his availability. It makes sense why he's favourite.
Coopsie, I agree Hiddink is the man to get if only we could. He took South Korea and Australia very far into the tournament in successive World Cups. That guy can work some magic and I'd rate him on par with Mourinho whom I am a big fan of.
alnwick is in the 25 for a reason.....levy has someone to replace him in january or whenever......who is anybodys guess
I think a deal has already been done behind the scenes for him to join us in November, its why we have Alnwick in the 25 man squad keeping his spot warm. This signing would do more for us off the pitch than it but dont discount the effect of having him on the training pitch amongst our young squad.
Audere est Facere
coops id like didier deschamps or owen coyle as my picks
Audere est Facere
is this why levy was in america in the summer window?hmmmmmmm
Beckham will join us in November if his olympic squad place is not already garanteed. Also i can not believe Jose Mourinho has not been mentioned as a possible manager to take over from Rednapp. Mourinho has made it clear he intends to return to the premiership in the near future. I can not see Man U, Man C, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool showing any interest as they seem happy with there management choices, Spurs on the other hand would appeal to him as we are not that dar away from being regarded as a top team. Mourinho enjoys his rep as being known as the special one. Lets face it if he managed to take Spurs into the big time no one could really deny him his clain as being the special one. I hope it happens anyway.
Sandro has signed a new 5 year contract
Spurs Allday
Beckham ?? Not exactly "only for maketing reasons", but 75% for mkt reasons and the remaining 25% for the football reasons. I“m not sure he can cope with Premier League pace nowadays, but could come as an impact subs when we need a mix of class + experience on the pitch. In any case, I hope Beckham does not turn to be Spurs“ focus on next transfer window. Leandro Damićo is scoring every single match and we should have sealed this deal by now.
i'm not so sure. didn't he join us in jauary for a couple of weeks and since then we've been *****e??????
Damn you Spurs Allday, you've made my contribution officially worthless lol.
Great new on Sandro signing a new 5 year contract. Damiao will also join spurs in January on a 5 year deal.
NEW DEAL FOR SANDRO!!! Bbbbbbrrrrrpppppp!!!
Two years ago I was against such nonsense. Not so much now. First off, from a merchandising perspective, it is a no-brainer. New Kit sponsor as of next season with the most marketable footballer in the world. All of the extra exposure will increase the pressures on Spurs to get going with the new stadium and Beckham and his associates will no doubt be interested in naming rights. Off the pitch, brilliant.

On the pitch, this is not a Harry's old boy situation. This is an Edgar Davidson situation. He will not be coming on a 4 or 5 year deal and he is not coming in as a starter. He is far superior over a dead ball than anyone in the squad. He knows and feels the game and is plenty quick enough to do a job. He was never quick. I am no defender of MLS but they do way more running than most professional sides do. Beckham is a winner and on a 2 year deal, makes sense to me, on and off the pitch. Who knows, it might even take some of the spotlight away from Harry. That too would be brilliant. COYS
After Modric Saga, I really hope that Sandro (and any other player who signs a long-term contract) knows what it means to put pen on paper under these terms with Daniel Levy.
Alex, they all know. Good luck to Levy in the future when looking to get top young talent on long term deals. The agents and the players are well aware. This has all been poorly handled and I expect we have made a point with Modric and players will now make points with Spurs. COYS
I dont care how good he was 5-10 seasons ago, I regard a 36 year old as deadwood. why should we sign another overthehill onceuponatime football great when we just offloaded a bunch of unwanted players? what message will that send to our young players? And I dont buy the whole crap about him teaching the youngsters all his skills, giving them advice and *****e like that. It would be different if he made his name at spurs but he is ex mancs so phuck him
Peter, yes, maybe one of the good outcomes from Modric Soap Opera. Now, we“ll have to see how Luka is going to perform next saturday. I don“t expect the same player who scored that cracker for Croatia showing no passion for Tottenham Hotspur.
Aaaah and I have just purchased my new Sandro shirt! It's a sign :)
well beck does have a pretty face to sell our jersey..... unlike our current models.... whom look a bit........ alien... ^_^
I meant, good luck getting young talent on long term deals without an exit clause. Fingers faster than brain and that's shocking. COYS
01 where did you hear we will sign Damiao will sign a 5 year deal with us in January??
Peter you wants us to sign a 36year old on a 2 year contract?? that's surprises me
AVB says Chelski interest in Modric is over.

Yeah, right! Lets see come January.

Ossie - The deal was done a long time ago. internacional didn't want to let him go till january because it would have put more pressure on Jo. Thats why we signed Adebayor only on loan.
If ade's loan spell is a success we'll sign him at the end of the season on a 70-80k contract. Adebayor knows himself that wherever he goes, no club is going to pay those wages.
Ossie, this is a big picture issue. If it were merely for football reasons, I wouldn't even consider it. The off-pitch issues are so persuasive it cannot be rejected. He would becan impact sub in games where the other team parks the buss and one dead ball delivery could be the difference between 1 point and 3. Beckh on 2 years is less of a risk than either Pienaar or Parker. COYS
Sorry peterbalb, there is absolutely no comparison between Beckham, Pienaar & Parker regarding "risks". Can't see what point you're trying to make fella.

Each have their own individual benefits that differ entirely with the others, & the contrast between them are marked in that respect. In fact I'd go as far as to say that they are all entirely different types of player, so how can you judge which 1 is more of a "risk" than either the other 2?

01 that's the first I've heard of it, where did you get this information from?? I do hope it's true and not from the 'ITK's.
Spuds, both Pienaar and Parker are on starter wages and are unmovable (owing to the quantum of wages) and are ours for 4 more years. They will be no more willing to take a cut in pay than Keane, Defoe, Pav and Crouch who we had to give money for him to agree to go. Neither Parker nor Pienaar have any value on the bench, which is where they should be if all are healthy, whereas Beckham has he value, even as a bit player. Whether Parker or Pienaar take up squad places in 2 years or not doesn't matter as the wages count against profits. Beckham makes the LA Galaxy far more than they pay him. He is an asset whether he plays or not. Pienaar and Parker are assets only if they are playing and if they are starting for Slurs in 2 years, we will not be worried about 4 competitions. Both are paid better than Modric. Both are unmovable and both are inflationary. COYS
Ah, NOW I know where you're coming from!

Can't argue with you there fella.

Agree with your last point Peter, the signing of Becks makes sense off the field. But again we dont know how much any player gets paid, so we can't say this player gets paid more than Modric. As for all we know Modric might have got a pay increase when he had a meeting with the Chairman over the Chelsea interest.
Peter, who on earth is Edgar Davidson?
Edgar Davids, Dutch player?
Yeah I figured luffy, just made me lol.
Ossie, we do not know any of the numbers for certain, but, we know Harry said Luka would need to meet with the Chairman after the close of the window to discuss wages. We know Harry and others said Chelsea were going to treble the wages. We know Parker was reportedly on 70k at West Ham. Pienaar wad looking for 70k from Everton. Reports were he signed for 65-70k per week depending on the source. Parker and Pienaar are on their last big contracts. They are both outs for 4 years more. I'm presuming that Parker and Pienaar got more or less what they wanted and that Chelsea were not going to be paying Modric over 200k per week. I am connecting some dots, but the picture is fairly clear. I'd like to see wages published. COYS
But Peter we don't know what wages Parker or Pienaar was on and Spammers, Everton or with Spurs, we don't know if in Modric's new contract that his wages are in line with the top earners of the club, so I disagree on that point that the picture isn't and has never been clear. Yes when and if wages are published we can have this conversation, until then it's purely speculation.
Very strange my response disappeared ??? Anyway signing Becks would be superb on many different levels. I guess the preliminary work was done last time around, so all being well Becks will join in November. He may bring added media coverage but it can also deflect from the press banging on about Modders all the time. Nice 8^D
True Spurs Supporter
Well said Ossie, I'm bored of people talking about wages when they haven't a clue. Robbie Keane was quoted to be on, by different sources this summer £60k, £65k and £70k. The press have no idea what players earn, and yet some fans seem to know everything. We've had this chat too many times and it's getting tedious. Stop writing off Pienaar before he has barely played for us, pi$$ing me right off with it. Players aren't fu(king queueing up to come to Spurs, this is a fact that we know to be true. Get behind the new signings for the love of Christ. We hound people out of our club without giving them a chance and then wonder where it all went wrong. It actually beggars belief.
Peter, who on earth is Edgar Davidson? Chrissybwoy Peter know's something we don't, maybe he means Edgar David's son?
spu 4 life
Stupid piece of business. Will he improve our starting 11 - imo NO. Would this deal happen strictly cause of glamour and shirt-sales - imo YES. Why not get an elephant and a monkey to entertain after the first half too? Would get us some money right? NO to Beckham.
Hahaha spu 4 life.
Ossie, the press can not just publish what they wish. You can connect the dots to a degree, and it all does matter. At the end of 2013/2014 we cannot afford players because we are not in Europe and have bench players earning too much and thus can't sign anyone, you'll care. The total wages for e dry club are published in the annual reports. It is all relevant if you care about the financial shape of your squad. If only more Pompey fans had spoken out? Do I really know how much each Pompey player earned? Nope. Just know the numbers bandied about were unsustainable. We do know that LA Galaxy matched Keanes wages (they have to publish) and oddly the press speculation was spot on. If the press reported that Crouch was paid off 2M to go to stoke by Spurs, he was, or there is a lawsuit ongoing.

Spu4life, all I can say is damned autocorrect. If you need a good laugh, there are all sorts of examples of autocorrects that have been posted. DYAC has some hilarious examples. Whether real or made up, some had me in tears. Davids is what I typed. COYS
Ossie, I told you us agreeing was an anomaly. COYS
tired old man hasnt aged well over the hill wife looks insane
@peter, the comment "the press can not just publish what they wish" is one of the most ridiculous statements in the history of everything. Do you even read British papers or know of the press culture in this country mate?
Chrissy, almost as ridiculous as the amount of corresponding lawsuits and apologies. The only defense at law is truth. No need to condescend. I am married with children, I can get that elsewhere. COYS
lol Peter i know but it's all good
I wasn't being condescending peter, apologies if it came across that way. I was asking a valid question. The press write what they want to write. The press claim 9/11 was caused by a man in a cave thousands of miles away, however they don't explain how they found nano-thermite in the pulverised dust of the WTC, which is a military explosive in case you weren't aware. Where are the lawyers on this one then chap? Like I say, they write what they want to write, where do you think "never let the truth get in the way of a good story" comes from?
Please 'Arry.....
Beckham No! please No -
Why oh why would anyone want Beckham on their shirt his appeal has past him bye! surely - A Very Good at his peak. but for me STILL VERY VERY OVERATED a one trick pony.
You guys are all missing the point. The reason Mr Beckham will come to Spurs is that they have cleared the No5 shirt for him. He now knows that is his REAL shirt no. The reasoning is NOT simple so bear with me. He used to think 7 was his number (it kinda was for a while) but after he got nutted by SAF he realised it was time to go. In Spain Figo had the 7 shirt so he took his mates no 23. This made him even more famous. Someone pointed out it was the number 2 plus 3. Check it out on google its a crazy number. when he trained at spurs he wore 77 WHY? Two lucky 7's, AND 7+7=14. 1=4=5. Once they took the 5 from David Bentley. I knew it was nailed on . Its written large in the stars. He will sign for us and probably coach. But then everyone will want to join us. Its not necessarily Becks himself, its who HE can attract and both Danny and Arry know it. So do you now, OR maybe I've been living in India for too long. I expext tons of abuse, bring it on CODB. COYS
That's a very big LOL for you there hotspur58
Thanks MadaboutSpurs, I've seen your posts I think we probably have similar views. For my next trick I hope Danny can induce/produce the special one from his hat. NOW that would really give an added bit of Spice against Chelski next season who will still be smarting as Luka posts a hat-trick against them. Not sure what i'm smoking out here but my dreams are all coming true. COYS
hotspur58, have you been talking to a guru out there in India?? as I hear they are very good at predictions for people...
Block D Spurs
1st to 100 posts!!... lol
Block D Spurs
The sooner Harry Redknapp F**KS OFF, the sooner all these nonsense about Becks will **** off too. Harry Redknapp really does my head in, these days. As for the next manager, rumour has it that Guardiola is keen on a new challenge, in a country other than Spain. With the plans for the new stadia, and our determination to keep our best players, now, I'm sure Levy can pull off a good spiel to Guardiola to see WHL as a realistic challenge.
At least if Becks comes back he won't be taking Posh up the Arsenal

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