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Champions league or the FA Cup?

With only days to go before Tottenham make the short trip to Wembley, all talk remains on our CL position and how rubbish Harry Redknapp is...

I received some criticism a few months ago for claiming that the FA cup was now a minor event and I went as far as to say I had little or no interest in the competition, but judging by the obvious lack of fervour from our fans, I have to assume that my opinion is shared by the majority and it was only a small percentage that truly value what was once a wonderful competition.

Of course I want Spurs to win the FA Cup and will be overjoyed if we were to beat Chelsea and one of the Merseyside teams because there remains the romantic in me that believes that winning matches and silverware is still what the vast majority of fans and players want, but let`s not kid ourselves into thinking that this is a competition that holds anything like the kudos of my youth.

I can genuinely understand the argument that people won`t remember who came third or fourth in the Premiership in a few years, whilst winning a cup is something that is embossed on your teams history, but equally football has now become all about those top four places and if you are not in the CL, you are regarded as 2nd rate and the FA Cup is now very much a second rate competition too everyone but those to take part in the final and judging by the fans reactions this year, I have to wonder how seriously we take a rare chance of silverware?

So I ask you, not what would please you more, but what would disappoint you more, losing an FA Cup semi final or final or missing out on a top four place?

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday April 12 2012

Time: 11:23AM

Your Comments

Either or both would disappoint me most Ox! From the way this season was looking in early February anything less than getting to the FA Cup final and qualifying for the CL next season should be classied as a massive failure.
By the way I see Damien Comoli has been sacked by Liverpool this morning. I'd happily have him back at Spurs. Anyone else agree?
Can't we have both, CL and FA Cup trophy. Given the opportunity in front of us, anything else would have to be failure this season. And with 5 games to go in the league I still believe if we fail to qualify for CL HR will be under a lot of pressure and not just from us idiotic fans.
Absolutely, either one would disappoint me massively, and both balls HAVE to be on the table now for every single league and cup game. There is no such thing as holding back now, we play every game like it's our last. Hope that Ledley talk will have the effect we're looking for!
The target is to achieve both surely.
I was one of the romantics who actually still want to see silverware. I guess it depends on what era you were brought up in. For me, growing up the Cup Final was the 'be all and end all' of football and watched the world over. For me nothing will ever come near being at Wembley when Ricky Villa scored that wonder goal to bring back the Cup (especially after Arse had been there 3 years running before that!). I do realise that for the clubs (the owners, the players), its all about money now, being in those select band of teams who can rake in the CL revenue without ever having to actually worry about winning anything. But that is a sad, sad reflection on where the game has gone. I'm a realist and realise the game has changed, but as a fan, to simply say in years to come 'i was there' when Ledley holds aloft the Cup in his final game simply cannot be beaten.
Aim has to be to win every game thats put in front of us. Do that and the rest takes care of itself....hopefully
If I have to choose and if I was thinking of just glory, it will be the FA Cup all the way. The real question is, will the likes of Bale, Modric et al. leave because they are not playing Champs League next season or stay because they have won something with Spurs...
I must admitt though... failing on both fronts will be a lesson learned. Levy may reconsider his faith in Harry and may also decide the team needs more investment that he originally thought. Harry may learn that he and the team need to be at their best throughout the whole season rather than when it looks like a given. The dissapointment shared by the players may Spur them on to work harder more consistantly thoughout the 2012-2013 season.
DAMIAN COMOLLI ??????? you arent being serious surely?? Oh how short our fans are. Incredible.
Dude...Comolli was sacked for a reason!!!!! Mick McCarthy was sacked, would you want him to be our next manager? 20m on Henderson. 20m on Downing. We do not even go up to 20m on any player! Why did Arsenal get rid? Why did we get rid? Ultimately it is tied to results on the pitch, and his reign coincided with Liverpool's highly disappointing season (barring a league cup), and coincided with our 2 points from 1st 8 games of a season a few years ago. If you want a DoF, then say so, but why go back to him? There are others around you know....
Comolli was lucky enough to stumble across some of our best talent however...
i am desperate for us to win the FA cup. I am young and have not yet seen us win it in my lifetime. if we missed CL I would be bitterly disapointed, but the joy of winning the FA cup could possibly outweigh that.
Top four all the way (if for some reason it was an either-or case). Top four is how you measure your progression as a club. If you remain in the top four, you get richer, stronger, more famous, more attractive to top players, managers and coaches....and potentially buyers. A cup and a 5th, 6th place would only be a consolation. That fact is that both are in our hands. Newcastle surely could not possibly keep up that run of wins.... But we have to fix up quickly.
wiltshirespur - you make us all feel very ancient now... You must have witnessed the league cup win a few years back... What is the difference between that and the FA Cup?
I get your point TonyRich however I think Comolli also found Bale and Berbatov for us (to name but two).
This seriously should not be one or the other. It will be a bitter pill to swallow if we drop out of the top 4 having been there for most of the season, even 4th is hard to comprehend given the lead we had over Arsenal. The FA Cup should be ours but that will all depend on team selection, tactics and which Spurs turns up! Looking at the last few games I am not confident at the moment.
SpuriousLife - I think he stumbled across Lennon and Huddleston and Modric too? Not 100% sure.
RyanHotSpur - but he spent a fortune doing it at both Spurs AND Liverpool. Without the results to match. It was lucky that we managed to get Harry when we did otherwise Comolli could have relegated us. I could not believe when Liverpool hired him! History has repeated itself. The guy at Newcastle is finding top talent, and not spending a fortune doing it. Finding Ben Arfa, Cisse and Cabaye and Tiote.
TonyRich - The FA cup has a bit more traditional value behind it than the league cup. No one apart from Liverpool bothers to field a first team in the league cup either. Admittedly the FA cup isn't going to win you Europian recognition but it's an achievement we could do with none the less.
Tony - I totally agree with you. I wouldn't want him back at Spurs. As for the talent Newcastle have found of late, i'm both shocked and impressed.
At the momment unless Spurs sort it the **** out we dont deserve top 4 this season period. A mate of mine just pointed out that from the gooners last 10 games they have taken 27 points from a possible 30!!!! They are rightly there in 3rd for that. Newcastle are showing the type of grit, fight and spirt it takes to get there to 4th....and that is a massive possibility. So at the momment Spurs have to show they want this, that they are willing to all bust a nut to get 3 points in our next game..or it could be gone for this season. Im not gonna single out any gonna cheer my arse off and do my part but i would like the team to show this spirit. So right answer the question....FA CUP all the way...its a great day out to the semi's which i cant wait for..and as StillRickyVilla said...should we get to the final.... i could actually go and be there for a chance to see our captain lift the cup. I would be disapointed if we miss out. And another point...the media will lay into the gooners that we won a trophy while they still havnt after 7 or so years...that would make me smile a bit. We can still turn this around chaps...and we need to find our bottle quick! COYS.
We do not have a problem with the prospective signings like Walker, Lennon, Bale, Hudd etc.. We have a problem with the readymade, expensive signings - and Comolli is now proven to be terrible at that. Bentley, Bent, Carroll, Downing. I give him Modric and Berba - but teams in the Premiership were avoiding those 2 because they thought that they could not hack the Premiership - and were expensive.
It is just too painful for me to contemplate letting one go at present:-(
RyanHotSpur - I know that the FA Cup has a tradition, but at the end of the day, both cups are now equal in stature. The FA Cup is now not even the last domestic game like it used to be - and second tier teams get to the final nowadays.
Ox, I actually read your article and more importantly the last sentence and I'll be more disappointed if we didn't claim a CL spot. Especially considering the league position we were in.
Maybe it's our chance to catch up on the amount of trophies we've bagged then?
I for one am still optimistic. Newcastle have done great, but most people would say that we deserve it. But we must prove it. Sometimes you need a kick up the backside and some pressure to produce your best. Harry was very open are the Norwich game, and admitted that he cocked up the formation (about 3 months too late, but anyway). Let's hope that he does not get tempted again, because when Spurs have a soft centre, we get trampled on. Our run-in is favourable.
tonyrich its a good question, but one that, as someone whos been brought up learning but not experiencing spurs' glorious history, is easily answered. For me, at least, spurs' history is built around the FA cup (minus 51 and 61). for me, specifically in reference to the league cup and our league position, it is not our league cup wins or whenever we reached third in the league that is universally known and celebrated, but that of the great FA cup wins and of the players that won them. maybe i do not study spurs' history enough but i do not even know the years that we have won the league cup previous to my lifetime. i know the years we have won the FA cup off by heart, however, and i know many other fans are the same.
TonyRich - It just feels like the players don't have that fire in their belly like most teams have. We can outclass a team all day long but if Spurs don't feel like getting down and dirty we lose out.
The champs league wins hands down which is a sad thing to say but the truth ,more money in the pot ,more chance of keeping our better players and more chance of buying better players .I really love the F.A cup and when i was young it rocked but things have so changed ,when we did qualify that was a great year to be a Spurs fan playing exciting football in Italy etc ,,a day at wembley playing Everton doesnt come close . Playing the semi at Wembley sort of Fecks it up from the start and should be changed !! If we dont get 4th i am going to be so gutted and it will be one stressy strange summer at White Hart Lane .
Edinburgh Spur
3rd place has gone and considering the position we was in it's just not good enough,if we do not get 4th which dont mean we are actually in the champions league because of a possible difficult qualifier it would be a complete disaster.Finishing 5th and winning the f.a cup i dont think i will even be happy,so only a 4th place finish and winning the f.a cup would be good season for me.
Having only been in the champions league once, it's the financial draw that comes with it, would be the chairman's quote, but is it that special, because Le arse have been in it for however many years and has it done them any good on a financial front, look at the players they have sold since the move to the new stadium, to pay the mortgage. most likely, like me, we thought it would attract some top players around the world, did it hell. Someone once said ''what you never had, your never miss'' I was at wembley with my Dad in 1967 aged 13, when we beat chelsea 2-1, but i had no idea i was going to the final, until my Dad came home from work with two tickets on the friday night, care of a friend of Syd Wale a spurs director at the time, who later became Chairman. That was one of the greatest days of my life, being at the lane the night we won against Anderlech on pen's, the place rocked that night, winning the league never entered my head, it was winning cups that made everything so special, as we have done since those days, so I would take winning the CUP over CL anyday.
spu 4 life
It's such a hard split. The FA cup is the elite domestic cup, proving you were the best team in a knockout tournament. I think winning the FA Cup should see you automatically qualify for Chapions League and 4th spot is relegated. That would surely spark interest again?
I'm sorry but I don't think we are being stubborn for thinking we want both, especially how the season has gone. We should of sealed CL football by now but we've been pretty poor as of late. FA cup win is a must but so is CL. No two ways about it that if we don't achieve both I personally will be distraught!!! COYS don't let me down xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
It's possible the FA semi is proving a distraction (along with the Harry/England saga, etc). However, winning such a big game on Sunday could reinstall some belief in the squad. FA glory or Champions league and maybe keeping the stars? - I want both! COYS!!!!
When I was a kid (around the era of the double team) if you asked a manager or player whether they would rather win the Cup or the league a lot of them would have thought hard before answering, that's how big the FA Cup was. But that was then. Now I suspect all would rather finish 4th in the PL and play in the CL than win the FA Cup. The fact is that the Cup is now the primary target for clubs that have little or no chance of CL qualification. Much as I would like us to win the FAC, I'd rather see the club in next year's CL.
Or you could go with the old classic from , I think, Hunter Davies...who said he always took it to mean "oh dear, it's *****ed." Probably applies even more!
oops...sorry, wrong article!
The Champions League was invented simply to create a cartel for the top Euro clubs to earn themselves as much money as possible. Thats not football, its brand marketing. But i guess as long as the modern fans around the world pay their Sky subscriptions and buy those replica shirts on the back of it, who are we to argue? Sad stuff really.
Unfortunately Ox, the current form of the team, and the current run of results, strongly suggests we will achieve neither, rather than either, or both. Of course CL qualification should be the priority, due to financial income generated, and calibre of players likely to be kept, or attracted, whereas an FA Cup win is a nice bonus if enjoyed with other triumphs, as in a double season, or as well as a CL place. As an instead of, to CL qualification, then I think it would amount to a dissappointing season, particularly after a 10 point lead over 4th, and a 13 point lead over 5th, being thrown away, a situation that Redknapp must not be forgiven for.
I am one of the lucky ones in that I remember Spurs winning the cup in 1961 plus the other 5 times since then, however in the modern game I would have to say missing out on CL would be more dissapointing particularly as a whole seasons work leaves you with Europa League which can be gained by winning one of the cups or via fair play league.
We mustn't do a Liverpool, excuse a poor league campaign by winning a pot, or in their case possibly two. A cup win is a nice day out, and generates some memorable pictures in the Monday morning "red tops", and is a quiz question in 10-20 years time, but a top four place is a sign of joining the elite, and a chance to play Europe's best.
Or in other words Frank, joining Europe's brand marketing money-making cartel. Having said all that, i think the way it is going is European 'elite' CL football is turning into an NFL style competition with the CL final being our version of the Superbowl. The FA cup is becoming some sort of local state cup. I guess it is better to be in it than not, despite how abhorrant the motives of the club's owners.
I will be disapointed more if we dont show the same fight and spirit that we did to qualify for the CL the first time around....let alone actually get 4th. QPR had a good win yesturday and we need to find some form against them for starters. If we can show fight and spirt after the cup game...then sure, we are starting to show we deserve to be there.
Sorry, but i truly believe the season is over. We will fail to put in a performance against Chelsea and we will slowly and painfully crumble to 5th or 6th position in the league. A long, hard, bitter summer is all that awaits us, where our talent will disappear, and we will end up bringing Efan Ekoku and Robbie Earl back from apt that a season that we worked on for the best part of 6 months, comes crashing down like a house of cards when we get battered against arsenal...pathetic, absolutely pathetic.
We shouldn't even have to answer this question. It should not be either or, because one should already be sewn up. #just win every game we've got left & we've got our answer, BOTH!!.

Your question is not the easiest really Ox mate, because it sort of asks 2 different questions. Losing in a Semi is no reason to be disappointed, in my opinion. But to lose in the final is gutting. I bet you that if we are able to get a manager within the next 2 years that brings us consistent CL football, I will not be able to remember the year (this year) that we didn't qualify for it. However, ask me if I remember losing any cup finals, and you'll hear a massive YES, especially the 87 cup final. Then of course there are the league cup final defeats in 2002 (to Balckburn FFS) and in 09 against United on penalties. These are days & moments that a supporter doesn't forget, ever!!

coopsieyid - I don't believe in fate therefore we do need to answer the question because it is put upon us. We wasn't guarenteed anything and just like a gambler always thinks his bet is a sure thing, it's never the case. I should have won the lottory the other night but i never :(

Please don't think i'm being disrespectful because it's far from the case, but i just want to see us looking forward rather than back. The Spurs mentality is so flawed. We're always looking back and feeling sorry for ourselves. We need to have a bit more faith in ourselves as a club and believe we can still achieve both champions league football and win the FA cup and if not we'll try harder next year. I'll be giving them more support and trying to adapt that Gallas winning mentality. Never say die, never lose hope.
Just a question to those going on about the guy at Newcastle spotting talent. Are you not aware that EVERY player you're waxing lyrical about was known about long before they made their move to Newcastle? Ben Arfa made his International debut FIVE YEARS ago, and around the same time (before going from Lyon to Marseille), I believe we were linked with him, as were Man Utd & Arseanal (I think). So he was hardly 'discovered lol.. Pap!ss Cisse has been spoken about on here for at least the last 4 transfer windows (mainly by what_sux & me) but spoken about nonetheless, as his record in Germany was pretty damn good. Ba? well no point going into that one because I wrote an article on him whilst he was still a Spammer (I'm sure a few will remember it), and was told he was a 1 season wonder, had no knees, I'm a deluded plank etc etc. Cabaye = An already established CL/Europa League regular, International etc etc, so again not really much of a 'discovery', especially considering he's in his mid 20s too.. Tiote though, well I'll give you that one, not a bloody clue where he came from lol

Not having a pop, just don't see how it's that amazing that somebody has 'spotted' established International/CL/EL regulars?.
The same will n doubt be said when one of the 'big boys' takes a plump on the likes of Giroud or Doumbia. They're out there, playing unbelievable football & scoring for fun, but some gem of a scout is going to be credited with 'discovering' this talent.
Surely we're already experiencing how it feels to miss out on the CL?. I think I am anyway. We had it, qualification was ours, and automatic qualification at that, not this play-off bollox. Honestly, I already feel we've missed out on CL, and that's exactly what's been the crux of my even stronger anger towards Recaro Redknapp for the last 5 or 6 weeks.
Ryan - It's a bit harsh to relegate someone just for finishing 4th isn't it mate ;-)
coopsieyid - I don't think it is. I think both winning the Champions League and the FA cup deserve to knock 3rd and 4th place off their perch should it need be. That way you're looking at reviving the glory that once was the FA cup?
Ryan I agree, absolutely 100%, because then there would at least be some form of 'Champion' playing in the CL.. I was taking the pi$$, saying it would be harsh to actually relegate somebody for finishing 4th, as in relegate them to the Championship.
Both. But champions league.
Redknapp constantly gives us the option to discuss how rubbish he is, that is why we constantly discuss it. For me I would take CL ove FA cup, sadly footie has moved forward and to be with the elite you need CL and not FA Cups ideally both
coopsieyid - We might aswell be relegated to the championship. Might win something there ;)
Gotta be top-four, if only for the progression of the club, the game is apparently no longer about glory, so glory can blow-me. Ryan, I disagree about handing the winners of the FA Cup a place in the Champs League. There's been teams that have reached the final whilst only playing one Premier League side on the way, that's hardly a credential to be playing in the worlds premier club competition. Unless we want someone rubbish in there that'll decrease our co-efficient by going out in the qualifiers, in which case it's a very good idea mate.
Yes crissy no way does the FA cup get you into the CL.
Crissybwoy - But ideally winning the FA Cup would mean you've played the best or play a team that has beaten the best. There is no point in the FA cup anymore because there is no glory. Give teams a reason to play it and i guarentee you teams like Millwall and Portsmouth will never make a final again. Even if they do if they win the final then why do they not deserve to play Champions league football?
and lest not forget the Champions League is more similary likened to the FA cup than the premier league... as the format is knockouts after group stage.
I am sad to say but CL all the way. As someone said earlier it shows progression and will enable us to fund the future staying at the top and attracting (and keeping) the best players. That's why it is just to heartbreaking that it looks like we have messed it up. Let's face it, we have hardly had the toughest cup run and we have not played very well throughout the competition. I remember a team winning the cup a few years ago (I think it was the chavs) and they hardly played anyone of real quality throughout and I remember saying that it was the luck of the draw that won them the cup so it really didn't feel merited. Ours has been tougher as we are playing a top 6 team on Sunday but the same nearly applies.
Pride 1882
Ryan no way would a championship club or lower deserve CL football it would make a farce of the competition. You were joking? Or is this one of those silly no win arguments about to fester for days. I do however feel that the winner of the jon stones paint van thing should get you in the world cup.
Disappointed if we dont get BOTH. When we were so far ahead in 3rd, it would of been either 3rd place or 4th place and FAcup. So now it Has to be both or this season has ended worse than I thought possible.
Ryan, it just wouldn't work, and no winning the cup doesn't mean you have beaten the best in the slightest. I understand about the prestige and all that, but the only way you could feasibly increase the prestige of the FA Cup is to increase the prize-money massively. What I wrote about the co-efficient is the bottom-line in my eyes, if we want four Champs League places and want to continue with that then the best teams from our league should be in it. What's to say all the big-guns couldn't get drawn against each other in the earlier rounds of the FA Cup and we end-up with a Fulham v Bolton final or something similar. Porstmouth won the FA Cup, beating Cardiff. If you think either of those teams should have been in the Champs League then sorry but I think you're wrong. When Cardiff got to the final they beat:- Chasetown, Hereford, Wolves, Middlesbrough and Barnsley. You think that's a great achievement do you, beating all the top teams on the way? Behave mate.
topho, agreed about the world-cup sentiments. Can you imagine Fleetwood Town v Brazil? It's got me drooling already just thinking about it mate.
Ryan give up on this one mate, White is White? Or shall we debate that for a week?
Winning the F.A CUP should be a ticket to the Champions league anyway .
The cup has lost it`s prestige & is now looked at being about a good day out & trophy to dust in the cabinet .
It`s more about what makes the club more money that is more important ,more money ,more abilty to compete .The FA CUP doesn`t give you that

It has to be the Champions league ,FA CUP final is one day ,the CL puts you with the cream of the crop .The CL is where the best clubs & players want to be ,gone from being a want to a need for some .FA Cup is just a bonus now
big cockeral
2 SEMI FINAL TICKETS FOR SALE-i have 2 semi final tickets for sale in the tottenham end-will sell as a pair or singles-if interested contact-
You have to win FA Cup and fight for Premiership. The problem with the article, but also with many people here, is that they settle for something but never aim at everything> When we played Europa Cup or Champions League we used as an excuse for not performing in the league. Sounds like Harry? Yeah, he used the same excuse last year but I am not sure what will he come up with this time. Perhaps "one of those seasons" kind of thing BS. I bet he tells the players the same thing and make them feel good about losing. You have to go for everything and there is NO excuse not to win it considering we have two games and both teams are beatable.
Without sounding harsh, gsmith, and not questioning your integrity in the slightest mate, but someone on here was moaning about four years ago about how someone scammed them out of money for tickets. I'm sure that's not the case here, but you should be aware that people got their fingers burnt a while back, so if there are few takers then you'll know why chap.
For the love of the club FA cup but for the immediate future of the club CL but for the love and future of the club CL & FA cup please.
Crissybwoy i thought that too & sure he`s the same poster
big cockeral
Crissy - I remember that scamming basterd. We went on every forum & named & shamed the basterd. Can I remember his name though? Can I fu**. Something boy??
BEWARE -as crissybwoy has pointed out ''2 SEMI FINAL TICKETS FOR SALE'' in the tottenham end, so his not a spurs fan then, because i would have said ''our end'' also i have never seen him post on here before and with only two days for the post to arrive, even if they go recorded delivery, they have to go out on friday, KEEP WELL AWAY IS MY ADVICE, SOUNDS LIKE A TYPICAL SCAM.
spu 4 life
Gary smith give us your address and I will have somebody pop round and collect them.
I bet his real name is YifhatBazded Yifharted
big cockeral
BigC - You may well be right mate, re being the same scanning basterd poster. If only we could remember who it was that got ripped off by him. I'm certain he was/is a quality poster & valuable member of the site. You're also probably right about the scamming basterds real name too ;-)
Say his name in an irish accent "YifhatBazded Yifharted"
big cockeral
I say focus on CL. FA is just for sentimental value. Good or bad, its importance pales in comparison to the CL. As you yourselves have said, missing out on CL may mean you losing some key players, don't think the FA cup will keep them around.
Rachel Wyse on SSN is looking sensational tonight!! But if you can't be arsed to take a peak at SSN to see her mahoosive jubblies.....
Gunnerfan - No disrespect fella but it may well have helped you keep a few of your players around? You've been a constant in the CL for over a decade now (I think?), but your best have all gone off looking for some form of silverware mate. Not being a dick, you made a very polite post, and I'm hopefully responding in an open manner..
First of all... levy will not hire Comolli as he did hold him responsible for employing Ramos. Remember Levy's ststement that Ramos was the choice of Comolli and if things went wrong it was him to be accountable. Also Levy was not at the photo / media presentation when Ramos was presented, like all chairmen do, and Levy himself has done, BMJ ,Harry etc.

We have to get both FA Cup & PL 4th place, after the season's 3rd spot for so long. Harry and team of coaches have to get all squad players sorted and motivated from now to end of season.
Block D Spurs
Ok, some of them that were sold were past their best like Henry, Vieira... Some others, like Ade have not really been missed at all, so it's not really a loss. At the same time, we've got players like Vermaelen, Koscielny, Arteta... in. On Fab, he was bound to go back to Barca, even if we had won the CL, that doesn't come as a surprise to anyone. Clichy and Nasri were sold to City for money and supposedly to "win". It seems as if they're ending the season empty handed, and besides, with them in the side we finished 4th last time, this season, we're in 3rd with a 5 point cushion with 5 games remaining. So I would say that the team as a whole has progressed. So, I don't think that Arsenal have missed them. And, it already seems that the Podolski and Vertonghen situations are near completion. Now, do you still contest the point that the CL is more important than the FA?
Tophobunty-only if you send your mrs round to collect them
Never said you'd missed them fella, just that they (some of them) left seeking silverware. Your boys even went balls deep to win the League Cup last season, God bless Obafemi Martins ;-)

Sorry couldn't resist that last part lol
And YES, personally I would prefer silverware to not winning anything at all. I know football is no longer about football, but it SHOULD still ultimately be about winning, and not building up profiles or bank accounts. I'm just old fashioned in that respect I guess.
GSMITH84 - Are you the same scamming basterd that was on here a few years ago ripping off one of OUR supporters? Funny how you've been accused but declined to respond to any of the accusations?????????
Just got back. Someone replied to my post, so this is my response again. What I will say is that any team will sell their players, be it United selling CR7 or you selling Berbatov or Pool selling Torres... What I would say matters is what condition your team is in after those transactions have taken place. I'm Off again.
coopsieyid-no i am not a scam artist hopefully when i meet the person to sell the tickets tomorrow he will put up gsmith84 is a lovely bloke lol.No seriously not ripping anyone off just want to sell the tickets.
spu 4 life- i am not ripping anyone off just want to sell the tickets and i am not sending the tickets by post i am meeting them,and i have posted on here before.So stop making accusations i have been a season ticket holder in the west stand lower for 17 years
So who on here is buying them, no reason not to be open about that if you are honest....
Surely every Spurs fan wants their team to beat their London neighbours in the dress rehearsal at Wembley on sunday, then once having a taste of Wembley get back there in May and complete the job,,,,,as well as fighting for every last scrap of a point in the league, I cant imagine how gutting it will be if we miss out on CL place, surely the players will start showing some mettle now!!!!!!!
Why either or when we should be getting both. Seriously I do not think we can win Chelsea on our form and even if we win, we surely cannot win against Pool or Everton considering our choking ability of late.
It took a while but I have finally decided. This is our best team for years so I want them to win me (a fan) the FA Cup as a trophy. It will make this team go down in history as a winner. City managed 4th and FA cup last year so why can't we. Gutted about recent form but if we win the cup at least Bale and/or modric can leave having repaid the fans with a trophy.
Wilts Spurs
tophobunty - Stop being a gimp. You're constantly saying peoples opinions are pointless arguments when you disagree. The only thing pointless about my opinion is that it will have no effect on what happens, quite similarly to yours.

In my honest opinion if the FA Cup won you a champions league spot then the big guns would take it more seriously because of the money they'd earn by qualifying for it. You wouldn't have seen Portsmouth win the competition. Now there is simply no glory in the FA cup, so i think to myself... scrap it... or give it a meaning.
Feel sorry for all our young Spurs supporters, after all anyone under mid twenties to thirties cannot remember FA Cup win. Time for whole club management, players & supporters to come together as one, and remember the famous quote of the father of this great club Bill Nicholson who said " We have set our sights so high that even failure has an element of glory about it"
TonyRich second tier clubs have always been there or thereabouts in th finals and some have even won it. Remember Sunderland V Leeds and Southampton V manure Leicester V Spurs? to name just a very few, So just because a top flight club doesn't win it every year doesn't mean it is second rate. I would rather have both but if i had to choose I think it would have to be the FA Cup. Just because of the tradition and romanticism that goes with it and for the fact that I reckon a lot of our younger supporters would rather see that as well. To me the FA Cup is still something special. Maybe it's because I'm an old fogey. HA HA

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