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2nd chance, anyone?

For so long we have boasted about the quality in reserve at WHL and with a new manager on the horizon, what better time to try to gain a second chance.

Niko Kranjcar has already gone, and it appears likely that fellow countryman Vedran Corluka will soon follow of the squad players, but what of the rest? Heurelho Gomes, has today hinted that he will perhaps stay and see what pans out under a new manager, after previously looking certain to leave, but will there be any other players feeling happier or at least more optimistic of getting another chance at Spurs.

Giovani dos Santos, David Bentley, Jermaine Jenas, Jermain Defoe, Sebastien Bassong, Steven Pienaar, Danny Rose and a few others might also be looking to see what happens before making a decision that they ultimately might regret, whilst also the club is sure to hold fire on allowing too many ins or outs until they have shaken hands on a deal with the next manager, if of course he is to have any say in the moving of players.

You would assume that the club may already at least have a type of manager they want and have perhaps already established a few ideas with one or two major targets, and perhaps the likes of Corluka, doesn`t really fit in with any of the coaches ideas, even if decisions are currently being made by a committee including Sherwood, Levy and whoever else fancies chipping in their opinion.

Of those mentioned above, you could imagine that AVB, if he gets the job, might consider the pace of Bassong and Rose as useful qualities, should he still be looking to play a high defensive line, whilst could the ability to keep the ball moving of Jermaine Jenas, the work-rate and all round quality of Pienaar or the vision of Bentley or Gio be positive additions, rather than obvious departures or in reality are they already considered surplus to requirements due to past failings or indiscretions?

Looking at the list, I don`t see too many players that could be considered as absolute must not sell players, even though I would definitely want to keep Pienaar if possible, and would perhaps prefer to loan as opposed to sell Danny Rose, but will their staying or going depend on who comes in or whether they and others have already set their sights elsewhere.

Of the emerging kids, could we see Caulker, Naughton, Townsend, Smith, Parrett, Kane or anyone else make the step up to becoming regular first team squad members, in what could well become part of the new managers objective in blooding and developing younger players over buying big money ones, though in either case, you hope it will be a building upon what is already in place over a ripping up of what we have and effectively starting again, which would be totally the wrong move...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday June 20 2012

Time: 3:21PM

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has he done it??

yeees get in my first first :), now to read the article
That will be down to the ne manager - but itis clear that the likes of Pienaar, Sandro & GDS have not had enough chances at WHL so far. I feel GDS should be sold & looks like Corluka is going. Also hope Gomes is given away quickly, but clearly rate Sandro highly and feel that Pienaar is a good player, had that fight we needed in our slump or at least get a good transfer fee for him. Sessegnon for iko isa grat deal - hope it happens.
What is it with my typing - Sessegnon for Niko is a great deal - hopefully.
i think some players will def stay an get chances under our new manager. i can still see pienaar being a success at tottenham an defoe wont leave seeing as in he is our only striker. for me personally id simply get rid of the rest to cut down the squad an give the manager funds to build his own team.
Aha! Then technically I'm 1st Brooksy because I read the article before posting!

Keep Giovani dos Santos, defo and Rose as they all have the potential to fit into AVBs tactic system of fast wing backs, a forward that scores goals and wingers that can shoot.
All the rest SELL SELL SELL
Er, actually, no, I didn't.

Quelle Horreur!
by all the rest I mean jenas, bentley and co not Modric, Bale etc. lol
ARGGH I posted on an ealrier post about Charlie, so here goes again....... having spent all moring and ten afternoon driving up to Runcorn and back I have not been able to keep abreast of any rumours and non-sensical jibberish about my beloved club. Are there any further developments re new manager? and Spuds I mentioned it on the other post "Spuds you clever cheeky thing, how do you get thise gif's???"
Whitehart Lad
I think he'll review the fringe players and will decide who to keep. It would be great if we can see one or two or these guys being reborn having been shunned during the Harry era. GDS looks like the best candidate and could well be the hidden gem some of you have been going on about here for so long. Still think Peanut will be shipped back to Everton though. He returned there on loan and became quite a game changer. Wished he was given enough of a chance to do that at Spurs.
See the Charlie article Whitehart, I've posted it there mate.

@ OX, You're back on top form Mate, good article, nice to have you back.
I think a lot of players our previous manager through out to the Sahara, deserve a second chance (but not jenas). Def keep Peanut and Rose. Gomes, i used to love this guy, again i dont think he is a bad keeper, he lost his mojo, with our previous manager slagging him any chance he got. well it is up to the players now really, they all have a chance to prove to AVB (yes i think it's a cert) that they have what it takes, so interesting times ahaead for the forgotton souls.
lol I'm following you around Spuds but seem to be on a different forum, thansk for the heads up I'll go take another look, also anyone know how to put pictures here which I have seen before i.e. Modric on ebay lol
Whitehart Lad
lol I'm following you around Spuds but seem to be on a different forum, thansk for the heads up I'll go take another look, also anyone know how to put pictures here which I have seen before i.e. Modric on ebay lol
Whitehart Lad
I'd imagine its virtually the same method as with gifs Whitehart. The guy you need to talk to is what_sux really, now there's a guy who knows his HTML inside out!

If memory serves right, Cameron Lancaster had a great debut. I liked his movement and I was positively surprised that he managed a goal threatening pass and a shot into the side netting. I think he could very well make the step up.
luxembourg spur
Ok thanks Spuds, and sod the giff's you may as well have responded in French for all the understanding I had on how to do it lol!!!!! I'll leave it to you tech boys lol!!
Whitehart Lad
I'm not a techie Whitehart, well not a computing one, but you're dead right mate, if you're not confident, better to leave it to others. Its taken me quite a while to get the basics & as others will readily testify, coops in particular, I've made a lot of mistakes on her & still do occasionally. If you are still interested, I'll put up a link to some HTML lessons which I've found useful.

Absolutely NOT! Ok, he didn’t get a fair crack under harry, but since he went back to Everton he has done nothing but insult and criticise Spurs. Wasn’t he one of the “ones” who was cheering Chelsea on in the CL final! Sorry but no, he’s not good enough and not the sort of attitude I want at spurs. As for some of the others, maybe Gio and Gomes might get half a season so the Manager can have a look at them. Bassong will never be good enough for spurs.
I'm dying to see this Coulibally kid, I know he is young but when we brought him in and he was involved with some of the other reserve team / youth team he looked impressive, reading the games he had played in scoring a fair few goals. I really think he can be fast tracked into playing more in cup games. He is the one youngster that gets me excited (NO!!!!) not in an Arsene Wenger kinf od excited way!!! excited as in he looks a very decent prospect, full of potential so I'm hoping TS will give him a chance
Whitehart Lad
Any pics yet of AVB being shown around Tottenham training ground as Chris Perry had predicted earlier today....?
Gio's in talks with Ath Madrid apparently so I guess we'll never know with him. Pienaar can go he seems about as keen on returning as Corluka did and like Corluka he's not a key player so I'd sooner offload an unhappy squad player than keep them around.
Spurs Allday
Lanchaster looked solid enough, you'd never know. Mayber AVB will see untapped potential in our players whether they be established, fringe, or up and coming. After all, he was a scout as well as a coach, studying players' technique all his life.
Honestly, should we wait until a new manager is in place before the club decides who should go and who should come in? Or at least be talking to the prospective new managers about these things before personnel changes are made? What if AVB, for example, wants to keep Dos Santos and Levy sells his contract? Of what if some striker is brought in that AVB, for example, wouldn't want? I hope we have a manager in place in a few days. It isn't all that long to wait, is it?
Total knobhead
Seeing as AVB has popped into the conversation again, here's a couple of articles, one posted earlier by tengboon.

Both are very interesting, so give them a go.

Why do people think that Rose has got it. He can't tackle without fouling. His positional play is suspect. The only thing he has is speed but not with the ball. IMO he's in the next seller plate... Same with Gio who flatters to deceive.....good with Mexico and not so good with Spurs. Bassong is well good season and that's that. Bt the way I forgot to say that Rose can cross a ball. I think once the new guy comes in a surprise 'For Sale' sign will be put on Lennon!!!
Harrys Longface
Hope Defoe stays until end of career. If he'd started more games,or even replaced VDV earlier in more games,we would be talking about how we would fare in the CL next season. Harry definatley had a blind spot there. Caulker should stay to partner Daws in our second string,as back up for Kaboul and Vertonghen(please dont mess it up Daniel). The kids from last seasons UEFA squad all deserve a chance with a new man,but personally,I dont think Bassong,GDS or Rover, sorry Bentley will ever make it with Spurs. Maybe they will be great somewhere else,as Bentley was, but thats a chance I'd take.
Two very interesting articles Spuds-U-Like. Now I understand how my beloved Republic were well beaten by the Croatians and totally annihilated by the Tiki Takars. Even the Italians copied elements of this pressing style. In all three games it was a case of Irish players being forced into route one or passing back to Given to do the honour. The Spanish excelled at this corralling us like cattle for the entire ninety minutes.
That was when we had possession.
As I said earlier let's see what AVB thinks off our current batch. It's good to know Vertonghen with his pace and attacking ability will excel in his system. Check out the articles, great read.
we have to sell Pienaar...he's 30, on a long contract and one of our higher earners...we simply must get the cash back. Not to mention he wants to play for Everton not us!
I just hope we don't get AVB....and I'd have taken him before he went to Chelsea but as much as people would like to dismiss his time there it has made him damaged goods....he needs to go elsewhere and build up some credibility.
Spuds-U-Like - Yeah I read the eplindex article earlier. Very well written informative piece.
On topic, of the young 'uns listed I can see Caulker being used in certain competitions this season. He is definitely one who will make step up and is an able deputy along with Dawson for Kaboul and Vertonghen (assuming we sign him). Naughton I think will be sold, as Adam Smith has more potential and will be back up to Walker. Jury is out on Townsend for me. In regards, Kane, he had good spell at Millwall and would like to see him loaned to PL team this season (Wigan?) to see if makes the grade - same goes with Tom Carroll. I'd also like to see Coulibaly loaned to a team in League 2.

In terms of reserve players, only GDS I would keep and perhaps Rose. The others are not good enough to deputise for our 1st team. GDS with a new manager will hopefully be given chance and can start fulfilling potential. In a 4-3-3 he will make a very good alternative to Lennon if required. We had been linked to Hoilett, in my opinion in terms of potential there is nothing between them. So we may as well save money and keep GDS. Other players, Levy should bite bullet and take whatever money is offered for them and put it towards the signings we need - GK, 2 x Strikers and a pacey attacking midfielder.
Off topic, if as expected Modric leaves and if as expected he is sold abroad then am sure Levy will be playing some games with Madrid. Considering PSG have bid £36m for a CB I am sure Levy will offer the Modric, PSG would be willing to pay £50m. That puts Madrid in difficult position as no chance they would pay that, £35m max I'd imagine. So if Madrid really want him they would have to offer £35m + a player (Sahin). Therefore giving us good replacement for Modric and the money to add another as competition to Sahin (Cabaye or Eriksen) and still have 15m left to add to kitty for the 2 x Strikers.
If the Yilmaz rumours are true, it could be a Graham Carr style work of genius considering the price of £7m being touted. Hopefully we sign a big money CF as well but he will add a great alternative.
We are still linked with POSSIBLE PLAYERS by the media and we don't even have a manager, let alone one to decide who stays and who goes, if we are interested in Blanc, we have to wait until france go out of the Euro's, then it's a case of, is he interested in the job? This could drag on and on, today is the longest day, being a SPURS FAN, they all are!!!!
spu 4 life
Seen earlier that Gomes wanted to leave but said he'd wait now and see if he's in the new managers plans.. probably the majority of these fringe players are going to do this. Can't see any transfer activity (incomings) happening until Levy gets a manager in place. Waiting Game.
I am so glad that Gomes has said that. Before anyone says anything I really do not give two figs about what you say about him or about me for fighting his corner because unlike people who have never played in goal and haven't got a clue i know real class when I see it and if he is treated the right way he WILL be a worthy successor to the last brilliant 'keeper we had, the one and only, great, Pat Jennings. Just remember who it was who got us that record amount of clean sheets and who was in goal when we got into the Cl, also who was in goal afterwards when we didn't.
drogba gone to china...wenger wagers chocolate bar van persie wont go to juve and we have no manager.....all official
Spu - am certain that whoever is manager (players were apparently told today ..) has been involved with player purchases and that he had been met a long time before Harry went. They have known since January for sure and the new manager is saying vertonghen yes, Saha/nelson no, seaway on yes, Niko no etc etc. I might be wrong, but levy is supremely professional and would not act without new guys input.
Chris - friedel kept 14 clean sheets this season, the best since ray clemency in 86/87. Not saying friedel is the future or should even be the now, but think you know my views that Gomes definitely shouldn't be. Btw - Gomes has no choice but to wait as I do not believe anyone is seriously interested in him. I can't understand why ?
Feel quite queasy at the sight of Capello's odds to be next manager shortening....
Cgan - am pretty sure levy is keen on a younger manager, hope so anyway.
Harrys longface,how you can make any difinative assesment of either GDS or Rose is beyond me,niether has been given any substantial run in the side,especially GDS,Rose had a run at L/B end of season 2 yrs ago out of position and done fine ,only recall i mistake that came to any thing,scored a wonder goal ,played solid then but has hardly been seen since,and dont suggest that Walkers delivery is any better,the guys like a 10yr driving a ferrari,all power and speed but bugger all control.As for GDS the technical ability is there,i'll save my assesment of his ability to play in the EPL till he has had a decent continuous run in the first team in a position that suits his style of play.Very few players can come into a team intermittantly off the training park and no game time and be expected to hit the ground running and be up to pace and have the touch required at this level.Just my opinion.
Chrishove123,well said ,agree with every single word regarding Gomes.
Good ITK this one lads!!! Spurs Rumours 20 Jun 2012 22:42:17 Daniel Levy has told real madrid that he will only sell Luka Modric for a cut price fee of £23.5m..if they will loan higuain to tottenham for 18 months and pay 75% of his wages!..the manager situation at tottenham looks likely to be addressed as early as next tuesday,the board and the owner see laurent blanc as the ideal replacement for harry redknapp.
Oh dear not a very good article about AVB on guardian at the moment. Not quotes tho so it could all be speculation?
Windlespur, how many of tbose clean sheets had King in the lineup. I watched every Spurs game and can recall less than achandfull of great saves made by Friedel. Sure he's consistent. Gets what he should. But then rarely gets the ones he shouldn't. Hasn't saved a penalty in over three years and is about as poor going for corners as Gomes. He also slows the transition down as he is so deliberate. Had a couple of howlers himself and was very average down the stretch. Yes, Gomes, over three years had a half dozen howlers and was on pace until Feb of the CL qualification year to concede fewer goals than any other Spurs team and that was with Dawson and Bassong in front of him. One of his howlers has still not crossed the line and other was a dead ball. Gomes is a better shot stopper than most and I'd play him long before Friedel who was done 5 years ago. IMO, of course. COYS
woodyn17 - Whilst that does sound good, I mean I would love Higuain at Spurs, would be a dream signing. Considering PSG would pay £50m (They just bid £36m for a CB) for Modric aren't we in theory paying Madrid £26.5m to have Higuian for just 18months? To be honest I think we should use the fact that PSG will outbid Madrid to make Madrid offer us £35m + Sahin.
As to 2nd chances, we need to see who of the starting XI and subs remain. Looks like Ade deal is a long way off which leaves Defoe. If Modric goes and the new manager sees anything but a starter role for VDV, what are the odds he doesn't want out, even moreso if Bale and Modric go. Hudd, Parker, Sandro and Livermore is pretty good. Jenas has to go. Kranjcar gone is a shame. Bentley mist go. Bassong wants to play. If we get Vertonghen, Bassong must go as Kaboul, Dawson, Vertonghen and Caulker is not bad (assuming King is gone). Will Gallas return? Walker, Rose, Naughton, BAE is not bad wingback cover. It's a shame about Corluka as he really did offer lots of options. Lennon may be our only winger which makes Poenaar much more valuable. If we add a young keeper, an established winger, a young winger and at least 2 strikers, we should be good. COYS
AVB shows a LACK OF MATURITY and threatens to pull out of talks because we are talking to other managers. At a time when he was supposed to be acting like he'd learnt, he shows an inflated ego and behaves like a brat. I doubt this will impress Levy
Who pablo Date 20th June Site COYS Jan will be at spurs tomorrow..not signed and sealed yet..but there Scutch, Yesterday at 6:14 PM #1
KB71 - Surely you are not believing what you read. The guy is in Fiji, I doubt he has actually even had any talks in person yet. There are no quotes in that article. It simply says he has been telling associates. Its a nonsense piece.
Definately not a second chance at qualifying for Champions League without Modric.
Well since Pienaar made the cover pic, let's start with him... He's true blue, sell back to the Toffees for anything more than the £3 mill we paid. Corluka same, no need with Naughton having matured to PL level. By the way, has Hoilett def gone to ze Germans, or is he still available? If not, Sessegnon would be a great acquisition if the rumours are true.

Spuds-U-Like, thanks for the shout and the re-post!
I have to agree with Peterballb on Gomes, really encouraged by reports that say he'd be willing to fight for 1st team under the next gaff. He's a game-saving goalkeeper, world-class. Friedel has his record run, time to play second fiddle now, or move to Reading or West Ham just to keep his run going
2nd chance, everyone!!! IMHO
Apparently Vertonghen wil be in London today to finalize the deal(Isn't he on holiday in Barcelona?) Athletico Madrid have said they're not in the race for Yilmaz which leaves it between us and Lazio and all things point to us winning, so two signings in two days, now all we need(if they happen) is a new gaffer....

With you CGan1 on those AVB reports. Yet again the press talks unsubstantiated $hit about him just because he doesn't do the best pals act with them. I quite like the anti-Harry and after the last bloke I don't really want another media lover in charge.
Spurs Allday
Like the bit in that article where AVB is "unimpressed with Levy" yet the pair as far as I'm aware haven't yet met face to face or even spoken directly with each other lol Wasn't yesterday supposed to be their first direct contact over the managerial position? Of course they fell out on first sight lol AVB appointed withing a week, if they've even met if not then Levy's obviously more interested in Blanc and is too serious a businessman to waste AVB's good time.
Spurs Allday
Right so lets understand this. You PRAISE THE GUARDIAN saying how much more reliable it is than the redtops, when it says something you like such as AVB about to appointed, yet the GUARDIAN IS RUBBISHED, when it says something you don't like AVB reportedly sulking. Too much a businessman to waste AVB's good time? What good time? He's unemployed and doing feck all. Levy has a responsibility to interview all he thinks might do a good job, and if AVB is laying down demands (because of fear of Blanc?), I bet it just reinforces the view of those on the board have of his inexperience.
Considering AVB has missed out on the major Euro jobs this year - Inter, Roma, Valencia etc - despite being the next Mourinho, I can understand why he's desperate not to miss out on Spurs and maybe is unable to handle the heat of competition
Gomes should stay, yes he can be erratic, yet brilliant... He needs better coaching than Tony Parks, and a run in the team.. Then we will see a more confident and clean sheets goalie.. He did get us into CL, with main defence of Charlie, Daws, Bass, BAE. Now we have walker, Kabul, hopefully Vert. BAE better quality, with Caulker & Daws as back up. Gallas & King as well allowing for their injuries, but King if not back up to the speed of foot needed, retire to coaching, also Gallas can retire to USA.
Block D Spurs
Plagiarism isn't my bag tengboon, credit where its due mate.

Off the subject does anyone else get a long blank (white) box appear across the bottom of the page when they log into our forum. It has a small x at the end which I have to press to get rid of it. It looks like it is one of those boxes you get for advertising but noting showing in the box. Its annoying any suggestions please.
thfan...I get it but with advertising in it. Another annoying advert it's getting hard to view the site
Forever Spurs
spurs allday, seems wet spam are only club to trigger 5 m£ release clause of Yilmaz . I guess we will know tomorrow
Rumours were that AVB has been insisting on a clause preventing anyone from sacking him before he had enough time. No idea if this is true but I heard he wanted 3-4 yrs but no way anyone is going to give him that and that itself is a stumbling block
Forever Spurs
such quiet morning really hope we get avb today please levy lets get cracking on
Kernow you make a good point about how people only believe the positive articles about Spurs. However the second article is written like the journalist has had an interview with AVB and he's actually said all these things yet there are no quotes. The article written before was just stating advanced talks were taking place between AVB and Spurs. The Modric stuff is just pure speculation.
please please not crapello, whoever the new manager is he must speak perfect english!
guernman, Harry talked too much , so some didn't like him. Capello talks less and u don't want him. This shouldnt be thecriteria. Most of our players are from different countries with different languages.Capello won in Italy & Spain with players all over the world. So I don't see the problem. Who cares how he talks to media. All I care about whether manager is good enough and capello won league with every club he worked with. That's good enough for me.
The only thing I would say was against Capello is his age, but from purely a professional football point of view the man is one of THE most highely regarded coaches in the world. Some say his defensive Italian style of football is not for us but we are set up all over as an attacking team you cant not attack with the players we have. So I would not be against him as manager thats for sure. He is certainly not one for the future lol and not my favourite but he would safely have us competing for Top4 regularly. He has one thing that a lot of the other contenders dont have and that is knowledge of winning Top leagues.
Of those listed, I dont see any staying really. Well, maybe Defoe depending on how our search for a strickeforce goes. Pienaar, arguably the higher quality of the list clearly wants to move back to Everton and if they're willing to pay a decent fee, the 30 year old will be gone. Giovani is all but an Athletico Madrid player if reports are to be believed and Corluka, while still remaining a very talented right back, will never see game time as long as Kyle Walker is fit. The rest: Bassong, Bentley, Jenas, Rose etc simply arent good enough to play for our club, regardless of the manager.
sydqcb5, I don't care how he talks to the media, I just don't want a repeat of ramos. I think ramos was a good manager, but he couldn't communicate with the players and thats a big problem. capello is the same and that showed with england IMO. He is also too old. If there is any truth to the AVB rumours of his throwing a strop that should absolutely disqualify him from contention. If he cannot cope with the pressure of being a part of a competitive process than he certainly won't cope with what the press would have in store for him if he took the job. Blanc firmly becoming my preferred choice
This is an interesting, but slightly sobering read:

The ad box you're getting thfan is from a site called

Go into your security software & create a block on it, that should cure the problem for you.

Yilmaz is a great buy for 3rd striker hes hungry for goals always.........I would sell Modric to Madrid for Benzema + Sahin or 50million pounds.... Verts is on his way... Caulker needs to come back from loan... HUDD needs to get fit again, he was 50% of the midfield when we got CL qualification...i think we can tempt alot of quality players in if Blanc gets the job... i think its more likely him but we will know after France get knocked out.. We could possibly pull in Benzema(part of modric sale), Cabaye, Ben Arfa,... We are 3-4 players off being a great team...I am more for Demba Ba and Adebayor up front... big lumps causing problems... Coulibaly needs a chance in the first team or at least a good run out in the Europa... i think he has huge potential.. but we seriously need a top striker if not 2 and a seriously fast winger and an attacking midfielder...
Don't think Pienaar is looking for a 2nd chance at Spurs, from all accounts desperate to return to Everton, it really is his home where he feels comfortable, and that comfort shows on the pitch, think that was the best I have seen Pienaar play in an Everton shirt ever, absolutely brilliant. It may take some time due to our finances, but we will stump up the 4-5mil to sign him.
KB71 1) I never credited the Guardian previously 2) His good time, our good time it's all the same I'd certainly think Levy's a better businessman to wasting time talking to candidates that don't convince him, this matter is one of great urgency and I'd rather we we'rent giving 3-4 interviews(if we're now believing all reports) to a guy we don't want.
Spurs Allday
Also I personally wouldn't care what my personal working situation is, I still wouldn't want some prat messing me around over a position. Working or not there's still plenty more to do in life then just being led on by a Chairman. He's worth a lot of cash is Mr AVB if he wasn't getting messed around he could probably be spending his time enjoying his life and wealth. I know if I had that sort of money I'd call someone who gave me all the right signs and then dithers over it a time waster. There's a lot more I could be doing.
Spurs Allday
Either way none of us know how close or how far we are from appointing a new boss or even who the real candidates are. The press have to fill their pages even if nothing changes from day to day they still need to sell papers. For all we know no one's been interviewed or someone could be announced tomorrow, we don't know. Lets all be patient and wait and see who they guy is, and FFS whoever it is lets back them and not slag them.
Spurs Allday
Gomes is a great shot stopper, but he is a very nervy keeper when it comes to other parts of the game, i.e. collecting the ball in the air or kicking. Friedel is not as good a shot stopper, but he is reliable, not perfect, but reliable and I for one feel less nervous with him around than with Gomes between the sticks. Gomes consistently makes too many basic handling errors (granted not all are punished with goals), for his occassional brilliance to justify him being 1st choice.
Paul - THFC Forever
welcome gary megson. lol
topspur53 Okay maybe I won't back anyone lol
Spurs Allday
SA-hahahahahah sorry could not resist it.
So, kurgan klinsmann is this side of the Atlantic then. Mmmmm
What about Iago Falque and Christian Ceballos. I thought Falque had a decent game against PAOK in the EL. Haven't heard much about him after he was loaned to Southampton. And Ceballos - not a word on the youngster. Anyone know anything about their progress? I'd be happy to know.

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4. West Ham 17 9 4 4 10 31
5. Southampton 17 9 2 6 15 29
6. Arsenal 17 7 6 4 9 27
7. Spurs 17 8 3 6 -1 27
8. Swansea 17 7 4 6 3 25
9. Newcastle 17 6 5 6 -5 23
10. Liverpool 17 6 4 7 -3 22

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Spurs MOTM against Burnley?
Suggested By:  Vital Spurs
Lloris 18%
Walker 1%
Fazio 1%
Vertinghen 1%
Davies 1%
Bentaleb 0%
Mason 1%
Lamela 44%
Eriksen 22%
Chadli 1%
Kane 7%
Stambouli 1%
Soldado 1%
Rose 1%