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AVB's No 2?

Now perhaps I am lacking imagination, but I am really struggling to think of a credible assistant manager to Andre Villas-Boas.

When AVB was first linked to the position, I felt that Tim Sherwood would be an excellent choice, especially if the policy was to go with youth, because Tim appears to have built up a real understanding with the young players, whilst also having spent time with the club, which perhaps just counters his lack of experience in the role, but he does appear to be well thought of and seems a quick learner.

Many fans in the forum have suggested Ray Wilkins, but as much as I like him as a person. Is he too Chelsea Blue to ever be a Lillywhite? If I were to look at my perfect partner for Andre, I would consider a man with age and experience, but is that really important, as long as the individual has the respect of the players? I suppose it is also essential that both manager and assistant have chemistry and can work together regardless of age. finally does the No2 have to be English or have a good understanding of the Premiership?

Another former Chelsea man, Ricardo Carvalho has been suggested by some, I suppose following his link as part of a deal to take Luka Modric to Real Madrid. Again, there are the positives of Carvalho having the experience of playing in England and being fluent in the language, but we are back to someone with no coaching experience.

To be honest, I am totally clueless as to not only who the club are targeting, but also who would be interested or available. Judging by the suggestions across the web, it seems I am not alone in my lack of ideas. It has crossed my mind that perhaps we could tempt someone like Charlton manager Chris Powell. A Spurs fan and someone who has a proven managerial record as well as being a recently retired player. Others like Kenny Jacket or Dougie Freedman have good credentials, but would they be interested in swapping a Championship No1 for Premiership No2?

It has been hinted that there will be back-room appointments in the very near future and you would assume that this will be important based on the start of pre season and only having Tony Parks and Clive Allen from the last regime, and beyond the next few weeks, who knows what the future holds for them...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 6 2012

Time: 3:04PM

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Has Clive Allen been retained then?
Metal Spurs
Has to be Sherwood IMO..
Block D Spurs
am I no 2?
I think so, metal spurs... as my ITK said to me on Tuesday... before AVB announced.
Block D Spurs
Yep, I've taken the reigns as No1!
Metal Spurs
tim sherwood. so if AVB does another chelski. he can act as temp.lolthen ancelotti
Someone told me it was Ricardo Rocha. I think they was trying to wind me up though.
We should have signed Steve Clark when liverpool sacked him.
Can't see why a current No.1 would want to come to Spurs as a No.2. Much as I like what Chris Powell has done at Charlton, I think he'll want to give the Championship a crack next season. As for Former players, how about Graham Roberts? Currently managing the Nepal national side, but managed Yeovil & Clyde. Just a thought & he's Spurs through & through.

AVB's No.2-that's a headline i'd like to see at the end of the season ;) with some silverware to boot!
Cannot wait until the 12th with the release of the new kits and a parade of new signings.
I wonder if UnderArmor are working on a Inspector Gadget style raincoat for the Gaffer?
All this movement so early and the swirling rumours have me as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve.
Vicspur you are so right, Sreve Clarke is an outstanding coach, but might have different philosophies and football beliefs to AVB. In the interests of continuity then perhaps Sherwood, although there seems to be different duties in line for him. I can understand Parks being retained as GK ing coach, but given the managerial change, what the hell would Clive Allen do in the new regime.
Who does AVB want has his #2?
Total knobhead
Does a manager need a #2?
AVB doesn't strike me as the sort of personality that wants a "Number 2" seemed to be his way or the highway at Chelsea but unfortunately for him he forgot we drive on the left. It looks like he will have all the administrative back-up he needs from Sherwood and Levy so is a No.2 really necessary?
Frank-wow! second time agreeing with you, I must be coming down with something...
I don't understand the Clive Allen retention either, first thought was that it was because he is a Spurs legend but then thought of Hoddle and Ossie getting canned so that can't be it. Then thought we kept him as a striker coach but after the last couple of years (Ade the exception) our Striker's performances have been woeful so that can't be it either. Does anyone have a clue as to why he was retained? Answers on a postcard please......
yes there needs to be an no 2; personally I think the guy should be English or a good communicator, spurs through and through and know the players well & have their respect. Allen might not be a bad choice- because his main role would be to help players implement AVB's ideas. And I figure we will go from hardly any tactics to so much tactics under AVB. The no 2 must ensure the players, on board with AVB's style of football and philosophy. I would have Mabbutt, presuming he has coaching badge, to be No. 2.
Pep Guardiola.
I still get the feeling that BAE is ging to have to accept a backup role and Bale will be our LB next year this will enable us to play Parker, Modric, Siggy and VDV in the same team with either lennon or sandro joining them or a 2nd striker
Audere est Facere
All this talk about a number 2 is making need a tommy!
big cockeral - Well said pal. Forget yesterday and look forward. AVB is the new man in charge. Give him a season before passing any sort of judgement.
Gary Neville. Would have the respect of the players and would be ideal to take over the reigns in 15 years time when AVB has had enough of winning the league year in year out.
RHS-Or in the case of Levy,at least 8 games ;)
miamispur - At least eight games yes lol
skins - I hate the guy. Can't stand him. I also think he talks utter bolox when he is doing the half time tactic nonsense on sky, so with that in mind i'm assuming he'd make an even worse coach. I'm all for Ray Wilkins. Show Chelsea why they shouldn't have got shot of two fantastic members of management.
Gary Neville?? Fack that yes he seems like a good coach but with AVB having no previous association with Spurs any no 2 should know the club top to bottom.....Teddy maybe, King would be perfect but prob too inexperienced for that yet
JattYid - Gus Poyet maybe if we're following your preference?
Modric reported to have agreed personal terms with RM
Where is coopsie?? Was he really HR in disguise???
When Gary Neville started with Sky I thought it was an idiot, but he pretty much nailed Harry's tactical ineptitude during his analysis. I realise he is not a spur and doesnt have much coaching experience, but 20 years working with red nose has to stand for something. Cant stand Ray Wilkins and his mad starey eyes. Would prefer a manc over a chav any day.
So Modric has agreed terms. Can someone explain me this.... How can a player agree terms with a club when the sale price hasn't been negotiated? I'm a little unaware in this department but, surely Spurs must give permission for Modric to leave first (transfer request initially) unless we want to sell (which i assume we dont). Then Spurs agree a fee with Madrid before allowing them to speak to Modric regarding personal terms? I mean i wouldn't let a club talk to my player unless they were willing to pay the asking price. I don't get it...
Modric going apparently. Personal terms agreed with RM. Not worried at all. By the end of this season we will be chanting someone elses name - could be Oscar, could be Moutinho, could be Ganzo who ever it is Modric will not be missed.
mattspurs - Ofcourse he will be missed. The team is better with him than without him. Hopefully we can bring in the type of player that will make it seem as if it's not such a huge loss. Who knows, maybe sigurdson can build on last seasons performance and impress a few pundits.
Ryan My feeling is we must be very close to agreement with them so have allowed him to speak to them. It's probably just down t fine details.

Forlan has gone to Internacional and apparently they're close to agreeing a deal for Nilmar. Those two deals are supposedly going to give our moves for Oscar and Damiao the green light.... Would like Ganso too(being greedy)
Spurs Allday
I'd have Cabaye over Moutinho.
Ryan i used to love Gus at Spurs but after reading an article in 442 while back he was asked a question about spurs and chelski and he implyed he wished he didnt sign for spurs as it ruined his relationship with the chelski fans...fair enough at that time of interview he prob had a chip on his shoulder about being sacked with ramos!
Spurs Allday - I've only seen a few clips of Damaio and i've never even heard of the other two. Damaio didn't look like a world beater but none-the-less we're in dire need of a striker. Hopefully they're more than just potential buys and can make an immediate impact at Spurs. The Luka loss is going to hit the players confidence pretty hard i think.
Fryers Agrees move...
TopSpur13 - They're both very good players. Moutinho will suit AVB's plans better. The relationship between the two would help. Another player i'd like to see come to spurs is ben arfa. Fantastic young talent.

JattYid - I can see why he said that but as long as he does a job i'm not fussed by his feelings on past decisions. Tim Sherwood seems the best bet for me. Move him up and put Ledley King in charge of the youth.
Ben arfa oh yes that is one player i would love to see if VDV is going....propa "spurs" player! Enjoy ur weekends yall, hopefully come monday we will have few more additions to our squad :) COYMFS!!!
Ryan the team right now is, we dont know what the team is goingto be came the start of the season. Modders was a great player to watch and his style was superb, but 3 golas and 5 assists all season is not good enough. I hate to say it but modders was not a game winner. He was always involved and dictated the pace but his finishing was dire.

If we don't look to move forward then I agree we will be looking and thinking about what if modders stayed, but this is anew Spurs and we are looking to move forward. If we sign a player that can contribute at least 10 league goals and 10 assist this season then I woudl take that over pretty passing.

We still have very exciting players at Spurs, Bale, Walker, Lennon, Sandro, and now add to that Siggy and who knows how many more. Modders will be missed because he was our play went through him, however a change in formation may mean that his talent wont be missed. We are bigger then him and we will move on. A new hero will be found to replace his chants at the lane.
Ryan I've seen more of Damiao than I have the other two and he does look the part. The others I'm more than willing to trust AVB on. He's personally been scouting them and he made his name as one of the most thorough scouts in football so we can trust him(I hope lol)
Spurs Allday
Don't get me wrong Big C. Moutinho impressed but 32 million being quoted is way too much. Cabaye would be a well cheaper option and is proven in our league.
Chris Hughton for me. Has been excellent in every role he has taken.

Modric was reported in Croatia to have agreed personal terms with RM a week ago. Stumbling block is the transfer fee. RM are reportedly at least 10-15M off our valuation. I really don't see that deal getting done unless RM start selling a bunch of guys. COYS
Does Anyone else think that Adrian Durham is a complete idiot when he says its been a bad week for spurs?? Because I for one couldn't agree more yes i know Modric is going to leave for Real Madrid but we have tied down Gareth Bale we have signed Sigurdsson we have tied up Walker, Caulker and other young players on long deals i think things are looking up and for one am looking forward to the future !!! Anyone Agree/Disagree Thoughts please???
Really doubt it'll be Hughton now peter haha.
redhotspur - This has been one of the best weeks I have experinecd fo Spurs. next week will be even better when Vert signs. Spurs are on the up mate and I for one am all in on this bet. It will pay off for us big time
redhotspur Never listen to that plank Durham he's a wind-up merchant. He only does it to get a reaction. It's been one of the best weeks in our recent transfer window history Bale, Walker, Caulker signed up till 2016, Sig and Fryers signed up, AVB as our new younger forward thinking coach. It's obvious we're on the up, Modric is a blow but there's bound to be a replacement be it Ganso, Oscar, Moutinho or Defour we're already linked with and I assume lining up replacements so screw what that mug says.
Spurs Allday
110% agree redhot. I listen to this muppet & his equally ignorant sidekick most afternoons until I can stand it no longer if I haven't already filtered their dross out. Somedays the ads are more interesting than those 2! Today he classified Sigurdsson as our Modric replacement FFS! Totally different players & I've emailed him to tell him he's a muppet if he thinks that. Bet it doesn't get read out. Somedays its difficult to remember that its his job to utter such crap just to fire up the listeners so they phone in. The guy thinks he knows football & he's a Peterborough fan, go figure.
Top London club this season, THFC!
Cape Town Spurs
Dont listen to Durham, hes well known for being a wind up. Its been a great week for Spurs whether people like it or not.
corluka that
Spurs Allday and mattspurs Totally Agree i think he needs to get out more LOL !!!
Man City 1st, again Utd runners up - Ferguson impales himself on a sharpened haggis in outrage Our lads run in 3rd Chavski 4th, with RDM gone by the New Year Arse-en-hole 5th Liverpiddle, 7th, Rodgers sacked
Cape Town Spurs
To be fair I don't think that Darren Gough is too bad too be honest at least he has performed at the highest level as he has played for England
Ryan I suspect it's just internet rumours as they can hardly have permission to talk to him, if Spurs haven't agreed to sell him.
@ Corluka, it has, and I like it!
Cape Town Spurs
Agree 100% Big C, except the bit about Modric being world-class, he can be world class, when he feels like it. you might say well isn't that the case with all of them, I just think Modric goes missing too much. don't get me wrong, he's a great player, guess I'm just a bit done with modric this and modric that again. as I write yesterday, if he feels he is better than the club then do we really need to have him around. sell him over-seas or if you can afford to, bench him like City did with Tevez.
Cape Town Spurs
Totally agree On Durham,guys a complete fool, but I have time for Goughie tho
Same Ossie Top cricketer for England and Essex so i am all for him says spurs is his second club and always tries to stick up for us LOL :)
Is Durham the one who affects a mockney tone on TalkMoron, and, counter-intuitively, is very thick?
Moutinho has to be the man. We stand to make a fortune on Modric and the money must go straight back into Moutinho, even f we have to use most of the money received for Modric. Neiher Modric or Moutinho are worth more than 25m, but the market is crazy.
Big C good post on Modric, definitely one of the better Spurs players in recent times.
Sorry boys, Darren Gough talks utter $h1te when it comes to football. Just because he failed to make the grade at Barnsley, he thinks he knows it all. I've never known anyone to argue his point by quoting in lists, like "he's an England international, he scores goals, good header of the ball, has a good left foot, good at free kicks, makes lots of assists......" & so on. He's semi-illiterate, out of his depth as a broadcaster & should stick to cricket & dancing.

No Big Cock- Re your best players on the last 10 years. They were part of that failure. Just because they regard themselves above their team-mates does not abrogate their responsibility. They are happy to take credit when things go well, and if there are any shortcomings, it is never anything to do with them and they want out. Well, like the Bulgarian sulker, Modric can feck off. Perhaps, in a few years, he'll be in the same position as Berba*****, with no takers, and another season on the bench.
Spuds- You've got to hand it to TalkMoron. To get all those inarticulate ex-footblahs is one thing, as they are fishing at a pretty small gene pool, but to find two of the thickest ex-cricketers really is some doing. Only Flintoff F. was missed by them.
4real Big C!!!!
agree LJ -- stand up and be counted -- you want to be paid then earn your money. player power is destroying the game. exhorbitant wages. meaningless contracts. these people are not God's, they're footballers. Screw them and their over inflated ego's.
Cape Town Spurs
The Fryers signing is fabulous. He looked really composed the few times I saw him last year.

LJ, I have to say there has been a complete lack of hatred for losing about Spurs since Berbatov left. Berbs and Keane hated losing and you knew on the pitch when they weren't happy. These past 2 seasons, only Gallas had the stones to say that the results were not acceptable. That's a winner. The balance are politically correct "whiners". We need everyone to hate losing. All starts with the manager. If AVB comes out and says he's happy for West Ham that they beat us, I'll have to fly over and bring a can of kickbutt with me. Accept that it is not always your day, but the second anyone at Spurs is not ticked that we lost, they should be on the next bus out.

Modric is a very good footballer, and is, like for like, not replaceable, but there are plenty that will score more and be a little tougher in the tackle while contributing in their own way. 40M plus and I'd move him on to a non-PL team. 45M plus and I'd even entertain City, Chelsea and ManU. If he signs with City, someone else, different but equally good, will be sitting so there is no ne effect there. ManU will get Modric or Moutinho so they'll get someone. Chelsea have the money to match whatever anyone else offers so I would not be too sad to see him go. We would never pay 40M for such a player, so I'll gladly take it (would prefer he willingly stayed) for such a player. COYS
Big C I agree with you about Modric and Berbatov. two players worth going anywhere to watch. I m still hoping the really big news is that we are going to get a serious injection of investment that will propel us to another level and so enable us to keep and attract world class players.
Forever Spurs
Ezekiel Fryers CONFIRMED joined us after saying it on his twitter @EzekielFryers51: Joined for Tottenham, thank you for all the support.
As for Talkmoron that title, wisely given by someone, sums them up. There are a couple of shows that I listen to, Hawksbee and Jacobs plus I can't resist listening to Brazil from time to time. But I just switch off in the car when Durham and most of the others come on
Forever Spurs
Forever, it seems to me that we are being associated with a lot of top quality young players. That has been missing for a few years. I'd love to see us make some bold moves. Get Castaignos from Inter. Get Perisic in here. Get Lloris. Get Butland. Get Ba. Add them to Fryers, Vertonghen, Sigurdsson and AVB will have something to work with for some time. The signings of Walker, Caulker and Bale show me that Spurs is a place where players want to play and stay. If Modric wants out, it's his gain and his loss. We will have money to invest in players that will hopefully be the therapy needed to cope with the loss. I am truly excited about the coming season. COYS
PB-completely agree that the "oh well, we lost another one" mentality has to go. This pre dates Redknapp but his "just go run about and play your game" mentality did not help, although in fairness to him 2 seasons ago we did come back from losing situations quite a few times.
I think that is why Parker was taken-in by so many fans right away because of his never stop running attitude and even if he did look like a headless chicken at times he did not stop.
That Gallas mentality has been/is sadly missing and that is one thing that although I hate it I have to be honest and say that the *****e down the street do instill it into their teams.
Does anyone have any knowledge of AVB's Porto team and if they showed the desire to win even when losing?
miamispur - Can't really think of any games in particular where they came back from a losing position but they must have as they didn't lose a single game in the Portuguese league. I assume in some they were trailing at some point.
What seems to be often forgotten is that Levy had the balls to sign Modric and Berbatov, no reason whatsoever that the same quality can't be sourced. Both Modric and Berba gave great service to the club and a great profit too. If that profit can be re-invested in the next crop, what's the problem? Obviously someone has to source those players, they are out there, the Cavani, Lavezzi, Hamsic of this world were signed for little money.
Miami, the reason for the number of come from behind wins/draws was because the squad was never prepared. We seemed to be down a goal within ten minutes and still had not managed to get our feet underneath us. Look how poor we were prepared against Grasshoppers. We weren't ready for an artificial surface (who knew?) or their style of play. They did the same move three times before we caught on that that was what they were doing. I expect that level of complacency to be gone. Maybe that, in and of itself, will allow BAE to be as good as I believe he can be and to get Gomes back to number 1. As in golf, the six inches between the ears are often the furthest you are away from success. The talent is there/has been there. Let's win. COYS
On topic. Have no idea who assistant is going to be. It should be an ex-Tottenham player though definitely. My vote goes for Glen Hoddle.
As the article is about the No2 I would be happy to see Tim in that role, no way can Neville be approached, wasn't it AVB's player he said played like a computer game? As for Modric, let him go and AVB has my faith in what he does, if he believes one of the existing players can do then fine, although it is all a bit quiet as we must be tying up the replacement first! This is going to be a boring end of transfer window day, happy days!!!
Go on Modder's please agree to Real Madrid, how i would love to see Higuian included in the deal and some spare dosh towards signing Moutinho, who i feel we only have to bid for and the player will come because of AVB, his a very, very good player and we would not miss Modric by getting him involved, two for one deal, i thought you only got that in tesco's? Bargain.... No further news on Jan Vertonghen? The Brazil boys, nothing other then rumours, so i will leave that to the, lets wait and see chapter. As for a number two, no idea, the best i can come up with is a VINDALOO, that does the job. We can follow Barca and Spain, with a hint of adjustment, your keeper (1) then just have 2 centre backs (3), 2 defending and attacking wing backs (5) 1 sits in front of the 2 CB (6), With 5 across the middle (11) 2 of which are interchanging pulling the centre halfs about, long gone are the days of one big, one little guy, who's idea was that?
spu 4 life
Most youngsters going to the Olympics will wait until after to sign. If we sign Oscar, while I think he is very good, he will take some time to acclimatize. He is not the beast Sandro is. Ganso could probably step in. COYS
Never understood all the hoo-haa about Sherwood. Always regarded him as a pretty rum cove, exemplified by his touting his uber-chav mag with Redknapp Junior. 'Icon' I think is the humble title. For those with more money than taste. Pass the sick bag.
Get Coutinho
Chelsea Ladies 2 Arsenal Ladies 4, they win trophies RVP, have a sex change and play for them, your half way home, being a complete (unt................
spu 4 life
What does a number 2 do exactly. If it's just to make sure the manager's views get given to the players, surely the manager is the best person for that so as not to lose any subtle points. If it's to be a sounding board for ideas, don't you want a manager that knows what to do without asking someone. The only use I can see for a number 2 is to learn from the manager and to take over when he leaves. For that reason I'd go with Ledley, he can learn from AVB and then take over when AVB is bored of winning the league and champions league year in year out.
Looking within the club, you could promote Alex Inglethorpe to number 2. Been at the club for 6 years and done a superb job with the kids. He's got his badges and been a manager at Exeter before joining us and at 40 is at a decent age to get on a wavelength with AVB. He could quite easily be our Steve Clarke. The other option would be Friedel - hopefully he'll be sitting on the bench anyway and clearly has the respect of the players !!!
It's interesting that AVB named his head physio and head scout straight away, but no news on a number 2. Maybe part of the deal was to leave it up to Levy. Sherwood is an obvious choice, but our youth team is so crucial to the next few years, I'd rather leave him in charge of the future dynasty he's creating, let him get his deserved Next Gen trophy. Don't think we can convince Gus Poyet to give up his job at Brighton, so maybe AVB has someone in mind from Porto or Chelsea, that needs to unwind some contractual issues in order to bring in, I reckon Levy would give Sherwood an ok if he has someone of repute to take over that monumentally important task of our junior team. Ledley King??
Just read this about Modric agreed to terms. Complete rubbish. It's all English press spinnig this story, while in Spain there's been nothing about RM in for Modric. I think Modric is staying, and Moutinho will go to Man U
Good news??

Bilbao's manager Bielsea resigned as manager. Bilbao fire sale? Llorente? Muniain? Martinez?
tengboon - It is spin as RM will never pay anywhere near the transfer fee. You got it wrong way round though. Modric will go to Man U, Moutinho will come here. PB - Oscar is better than Ganso. Worth the 6months to acclimatise. Keep VDV and Oscar can gradually take over from him.
what_sux - Muniain would be a dream :-) Llorente I like but he doesn't strike me as a AVB type of striker. Hell of a lot of clubs will be bidding for those 3 in summer.
CGan1, Modric will not be sold to Man u unless they offer silly money and i dont think they will
Although would you sell for 20m plus Berb. cant say we dont need a striker
As some have said if getable would be Gary Neville for me.
Isn't Gary Neville part of the England staff. If he is I doubt he would want to give that up to come to us
It has to be someone who AVB trusts and has a good rapport. If there is no chemistry, then it is bound to fail. No point in suggesting ex-players, if they are not good enough.
You seen this guys?:,26691,12602_7874025,00.html

skip to 16mins in........on sky sports you can hear guy speaking, saying guy called Keith(?) has told him Modric is staying, VDV is staying and Adebayor is coming. Make what you wish of it. First I have heard that he is staying from anyone, media have seemed pretty convinced he is definitely gone.
Very curious to see what AVB plans to do with Kane and Coulibaly
News seems to be that Verts has agreed with Ajax and is going to sign a four yer deal for us. Reports of twitter action from Ajax fans thanking him and wishing him well at Spurs
Forever Spurs
I don't see any news on imminent signing of Modric in Spanish sports website They usually go crazy with such news. Couple of days back they were talking about what will be Modric shirt number but also mentioning that accountants have hard job to find the money. The delay is possibly due to lack of suitors for Kaka. And their priority seems to be Right back. If they can move Kaka then Modric deal is possible
I don't see any news on imminent signing of Modric in Spanish sports website They usually go crazy with such news. Couple of days back they were talking about what will be Modric shirt number but also mentioning that accountants have hard job to find the money. The delay is possibly due to lack of suitors for Kaka. And their priority seems to be Right back. If they can move Kaka then Modric deal is possible
I doubt the Modric thing but also it seems that RM are way off the fee DL wants and Levy never backs off first
Forever Spurs
By doubt the Modric thing I mean that he is staying. However the teams that want him don't have the money unless Chelski come back in but I think they see Mata as the playmaker for they have bought Hazard
Forever Spurs
I don't think we will hire a No.2. Seeing that AVB's title is Head Coach, I think we'll hire an offensive co-ordinator and a defensive co-ordintor. Ledley King can handle the latter position. As for the offensive co-ordinator, I'd be inclined too offer it to Diego Maradona :)
UPDATE: Vertonghen deal DONE reports De Telegraaf from Amsetrdam just 2 hrs back. After yestrday meeting, finally fee is agreed.
Following is the excerpts from the De Telegraaf

Nothing can stop the transfer of Jan Vertonghen to Tottenham Hotspur in the way. After a marathon session at the Amsterdam Arena were the interests of Ajax - agent Nakhli Mondial - and Amsterdam in broad agreement on the part of the transfer Vertonghen (9m Euro + 3m Euro variable) receives.

Late Friday night, the agreements were put on paper. Once that's done, put the Belgians in London signed a contract for four years with an option for another two seasons. That deal is still around, is a relief for Vertonghen, who yesterday left the training camp of Ajax. "The last days were not easy," he acknowledged in De Lutte(Ajax training camp).
Off topic....Did any of you notice yesterday... Portsmouth now in league 1, and with players still on Prem. League contracts, wages totalling 11m... one guy on 36k pwk. They have to sell, as cannot afford them... I will not mention who was manager at Pompey when they were in PL.....
Block D Spurs
@BigC, give it a rest will you? I wasn't having a pop at all, just saying what I observed. AVB comes across to me as a strong personality and as such I do not see that he will need a Number 2. He will have his own chosen coaches and as such I expect he will instruct them as to what he wants. Your single-minded attraction to suggesting that anyone who supported Harry during his time here is incapable of supporting Spurs going forward is pathetic. Some of us have a brain and can accept that where we are is the important thing, not where we were a few weeks ago and are quite comfortable with supporting the new manager. The comment about "he didn't realise we drove on the left" is simply a reference to the difference in understanding between cultures. I have actually worked in Portugal and Spain and the culture there is completely autocratic, no room for discussion or debate, you do as you are told. It's different in the UK and that is why I think AVB had trouble at Chelsea. He will have learned from that and will be far better equipped to take us forward. I am excited about our future and not interested in keep dragging up crap from the past.
News is Vertonghen will signing for us today (4 year deal + 2 year option)and join team for pre-season on monday
personally i have no trouble in ray wilkins being no2 , in his comentary when we were in cl he was well behind us. i also like the idea of few specic roles e.g tim as team development than a no2 as such . if you want a no2 Clive alan is the man for me
Caulker is gonna have a hell of a task if he aims to break into our 1st team. Our defensive line is looking very very strong now with Vertonghen on board.
Off topic ... Worth a look?:!
HAHA what_sux, that's beautiful coverage
Hate to say it guys but Vertonghen hasn't signed for us yet!! The talks broke down yesterday and it is no nearer conclusion than it was last week. All over the 15% owed to him from the sale. Got a feeling that this may not happen as neither party is willing to give in!!!
tweeted from official Ajax 3 hours ago : @ ajax1nl New on: FINAL: Vertonghen TO SPURS
followed up with this one: Congratulations on your beautiful transfer @ Jan_Vertonghen ! Good luck at Spurs! Once an Ajax, Ajax always! heres hoping its done COYS!!
If the sticking point is the 15% and we really want this guy, for Christ's sake put the bloody money in a brown envelope, bung it to him on the quiet, call it a signing on fee, and lets get it done. He would still be cheap for a player of his quality. For all the money we have thrown away on dross and crap in the past, whats another 1.5Mish in the grand scheme of things.
is your post from today, nomorewhlegends? Saturday, or from last night?
Cape Town Spurs
Frank your post makes sense, i only wish you could tell Levy this, it's the same fee we paid for Khumalo, Ajax are saying ''no agreement'' Jan is saying he has an agreement, if it was me, i would tell Ajax, stick the % then, lets get the papers signed, i want to go to SPURS (but then i am Spurs through and through) and we can move forward. -- Looks like we have made interest known in Hugo Lloris, we are being linked with some top class players, un-like the times gone by, well we got linked, but Phil Neville, Rio Ferdinand etc.........COYSPURS.......the boys from Brazil keep coming in and out of radar, depending on what you read, still think when Modder's goes, which i hope he does to RM, we move in for Moutinho, that stops manure getting him....
spu 4 life
News just in that Vertonghen deal is signed sealed and delivered. Not on official site yet though. If true....Yay!!!
Is any of this "Vertonghen has joined Spurs" concrete or from supposed ITK sites?? As until it is scrolling across the bottom of SSN or on the official site it is pure speculation!!!!
that was tweeted 3 hours ago at 10am uk so 7am uk time this morning which is I believe 8am in NL.
Sure David Pleat would be up for the job. ;P
Clarence seedorf

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