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Adebayor deal moves closer?

According to the media, Spurs and Man City are close to concluding a deal over the purchase of Emmanuel Adebayor, and it could be completed in the next few days.

Depending what source you trust, the deal is rumoured to be for either a £5m or £8m payment to City, with a one off payment of £5m to the player, no doubt to close the discrepancy between his massive City wages and the 'pittance' he will now get at White Hart Lane.

Ever since it was first discussed, fans and media have written this deal off as a non starter because the gulf in wages was simply too high. But the idea of receiving a hefty lump sum, no doubt paid into a Monaco account named Adeb84, and negotiated by Jimmy Carr's accountant (Note to Mr Adebayor: If your lawyers are reading, I am only joking...), there is perhaps some balance between his City and Spurs wages that are believed to be well over the so called wage ceiling of around £70,000 a week, as are Gareth Bale's if we believe all we read.

The reality is that Adebayor remains a very good player and one that in a normal transfer deal would probably expect to be valued at around £20m, so it isn't difficult for Daniel Levy to justify the outlay, especially as the club and players have had a season to get to know him and vice versa. You get the impression that for all of his reputation for being difficult, Emmanuel has been all sweetness and light with Spurs. Some cynics will of course claim it is still a honeymoon period, but I genuinely feel it is all about his feeling wanted, enjoying his football and also perhaps maturing as a person.

Spurs of course desperately need strikers, and in securing a player that averages around a goal every other game and already knows the Premiership, club set up and players, make this a no brainer of a deal, as far as I can see. Things might be different under AVB, but you hope that nothing will change in terms of the players attitude to their work and the club, and based on this, we will see Adebayor continue to score and contribute as a team player, once a deal can be concluded...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 9 2012

Time: 9:36AM

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Well Done LOcE1980
This is TRUE, did i win !!
Third time in a row?
Lets hope we wrap this one up today. He might not be everybody's cup of tea but Spurs with Adebayor is stronger than Spurs without.
Spurs Allday
Leandro and Oscar next please Mr. Levy.
Anyway I hope he signs did great for us and would be an improvement on what we have but yet again that wouldn't be difficult would it ??? :)
A vewry good player for us at a snip of a price. As you say Ox a no brainer!
I like him and think he will be a good addition to the squad, but there is something miss with Ade, like the wonder goals he used to score against us. Also there was no problem last season as he was number 1 striker, what would he be like if he was on the bench for a few weeks? Good news, good deal but need one more big name upfront.
Ade seems to have enjoyed the Spurs' camaraderie last season so things can only get better. Hopefully AVB's tactical know how and his ability to improve players performance through studying extensive observational data on each player will get the best out of him. Harry style man-management can only go so far.
I must admit I will be excited if this deal comes off. He did great for us last season and we looked a lot more efficient with him up top. He links play and scores goals. We are still short of another up top though so another striker is priority.
LOL.. three trying to claim 1st post... Anyway, ade should be ok with AVB as his manager, providing he accepts the new way of doing things. Ade and Bale on the left worked a lot of games, so a continuation of this. Just need to get 1 or 2 strikesrs, (if defoe goes?) Modric replacement as well. Also goalkeeper position to sort out.
Block D Spurs
This is a great deal- now we need to add another quality striker & keep Defoe & bring Kane to the fore. We also need to sort out King, Modric, VDV, as well as a goalie. And finally getting rid of the players not needed: Jenas, Santos, Bentley, Naughton. Gallas & Friedel should be kept for experience sake.
I think this is more of a Levy signing than an AVB signings TBH.
Morning Guys. Another week eh, donít you just fekin love Monday mornings lol Im not too sure what I think about Ade to be honest, he had some great games last year and you cant really argue with his goals / assist ratio, I just cant help but think it might have been a one off season. I would be a lot happier if I knew Defoe was on his way out and we were going to sign two additional strikers as well as Ade. Im very surprised AVB has said he wants to keep Defoe. I suppose heís well within his rights to judge him for himself but lets be fair, Defoe has been very average for a very long time

I donít know what to make of the whole Damaio and Oscar links, both have admitted we are approached their agents but both seem to have knocked us back. I donít think thereís anything in the Leaowndowski (or however its spelt) rumour. Look at the bright side guys, at least the rags have stopped linking us with the Phil Nevilleís lol Anyone heard anything on the Keeper situation? Surely it cant be Gomes. The guys cool as phuck but he is a terrible goalkeeper!
luis martins appointed 1st team coach?
not avb s new number 2 though
T-spurs I would keep Kyle Naughton and play him to give Walker a rest as Redknapp played him in nearly every game and he became exhuasted thats why he's injured at the moment!!
I think this is good news as he is familiar with the club and premier league. As the last manager left us with all sorts of issues throughout the squad we need to be careful that we don't try to rebuild everything at once as this could end up with a bigger mess. I'm fully aware that we need to strengthen just remember "Rome wasn't built in a day" Vertonghen is a great signing, Ade will be although it will feel less like a new signing if you know what I mean. Siggy will hopefully prove good too. I think we now need another striker as priority. If Modric goes just reuse the funds to replace him. Moutinho for me. I'm aware that the GK situation is a worry but I think between Gomes and Friedel we can survive until January at least. With Cudicini a a backup.
Such a good signing if we pull it off. Like some one said he is £20M player. If he keeps his head right and plays like he did last season it will be great. Another striker is a must tho, we cant rely on Him and Defoe all season.
We have a new first team coach
If he could get back to the Ade of old that could hit a ball from outside the area.... note the goal he scored against us playing for the scum... he could be the perfect striker... hes a big lump... with a long foot... just need to surround him with skill and speed.. recipe for success... and the new team coach is the man... he was at the Sporting Lisbon Academy if im not mistaken... he has nurtured alot of boys... wehhey..
Fingers crossed he stays happy as he made a real difference last year.
Yes and he has worked with Moutinho can we read anything into that???
i beleive we now need the likes of Loic Remy in our team... playing in Lennons position or as a 2nd striker.. Ade, Remy and Defoe.. with Coulibaly & Kane as free pics...
Cmon Ade get the deal done. Obviously no grudge if it doesn't happen. COYS.
I'm not Adebayor's greatest fan. I think his first touch - and the other touches! - is appalling. But I wouldn't argue with his 18 goals and 12 assists. That's fairly good.
do you think we will have a mega news conferrence at anytime
is Louis Martins a dutch guy? seem to remember something about him? We are making good progress in getting quality manager / coaches / players in to replace Harry's regime !! looking good for all of us, long suffering fans. COYS
Block D Spurs
Don't know if anyone has seen this but there are some comments from Sherwood on his new role...
It seems very strange why they include the Moutinho reference. Ronaldo becuase he's a superstar, Nani because he plays in the prem for Man U, but Moutinho??? I think there may be something in that.
Would welcome Ade back at WHL as he held the ball up well and will allow the high back line to push up, pushing the midfield to support. Ade, Defoe, VDV + 1 would be enough up top. Kane is not going to cut it in the PL for me. Coulibaly has more chance but is still too young at 17. Be interesting to see who is in for training today. The Euro's players will not but lets see who is now fit or still injured outside of that.
Players back in training today. My guess is the first few days are all about fitness work so AVB still has time to get the remainder of his coaching staff in place. This Luis Martins seems to have a decent CV especially working with young players, good luck and welcome aboard to him. Freund being linked would be a very popular appointment and he's also been working successfully with young players but I get the feeling the new no2 will be Portuguese, maybe Carvalho.
Spurs Allday
I thought Moutinho was off to United..
Would love to see David Ginola as no2 even if he knows sod all.
I hope we do get him back here, we were a much better team with him in the side for all his faults he done a decent job upfront holding the line for us. Yes he misses a few but thats a good thing is'nt it? it proves he creates alot of chances for himself with his play. We really need someone who can play up front with ihm with Defoe as cover on the bench.
As a Man City fan I can heartily recommend Ade as a great team player with a good attitude and a consistent hard worker.... Snap him up ..... Please!,
Who the feck is Luis Martins. When I try wiki, it says Luis Martins is Portugal U20 player. Seeing AVB'sage, I wouldnt be surprised is his assistant is 20 years old !!
syd - follow this as something i managed to find on him - not much to go on and he looks ancient LOL but still quite worthwhile - he knows his $hit!

Under Harry I would have said no as he seemed reluctant to drop him when his form dipped. His record speaks for itself, but he did have some dry patches where hopefully AvB will drop him and hopefully we will have some of quality to step up and really push him.
Tottenham Hotcore
would be the best signing for us so far imo.
I love the way everybody dismisses the wages issue as if it wasn't a problem. It doesn't matter how you dress it up, if you pay Ade a huge amount of cash then the agent of every player at the club will be hammering on Levy's door looking for a pay rise. The dissent this could cause would probably any benefit.
YT_Boy - That's document contains tactics, I'm worried now for the old guard as they won't know whats hit them after 3.5 years of just turning up and playing.
I must be going mad, but i have come to welcome if it happens, the leaving of Modric and VDV, maybe that was because, under harry i was scared of what he might bring in as replacements, now i really don't care, AVB has more connections then 118 118 switch board,
spu 4 life
I expect some of you might have already seen this, but if true, makes for a very interesting season indeed.

Knowing our luck its probably just ITK crap.

No brainer. Lots of PL experience, proven goal scorer, can play up front alone or with another, loads of assists last season, gelled well with team, wants the move. He will allow a new talent to get his feet wet by coming off the bench and starting alongside him in a few games.
Bajan Spur
One of the comments claims it's from last year, which could be possible. Again though it means nothing as it's just someone telling them what a friend of a friend said.
Tottenham Hotcore
T-Spurs why the heck would you want to get rid of Naughton? He played 1st team for Norwich in the PL all season at both RB and LB. He scored goal(s) and played very well. He gives us cover at both FB spots and is only around 21/22 years old! Why in heck would you want to let him go???
Remember Ade played under the HR regime. That meant a "good time" dressing room where you could envision a lot of banter and towel slapping pranks going on when the players were not running around on the field. AVB will bring a whole different attitude to the table. Chalk talks will replace some free time. Repetitious practice of set pieces and even walking build up plays. He will be serious about winning the title or cups! That gentlemen and ladies means WORK! Heads down and nose to the grindstone, we'll have fun at the end type of WORK! Just the kind of thing that might not sit well with Ade. Especially when the rotation starts to interfere with his exposure and playing time. I like the guy but in all honesty there could be better available to us. Either way it's going to be a fun season.
Presumably Ade will only be signed with the approval of AVB, and he would only give this approval if he thinks the player will suit his intended system, so I think worres on this score, by us, are groundless. I would welcome Ade to stay, as his goals/assists stats for last year compared favourably with most strikers in the PL. The advantage he has over some of the "fantasy football" signings, is that he has been there and bought the tee shirt in the PL. An established striker to go with him and JD, with the addition Kane and Souli as free picks, and we are OK up front.
Lets get this deal done. An absolute snip if £5m is the reported fee, and a £5m signing on fee well i'd rather it went to Adebayor and his causes than into the pockets of Sheikh Mansour
Much of last season, striker Adebayor played as though he was not a striker, as he drifted back into a midfield position--at times quite wide. Perhaps this was to accommodate Gareth Bale, whose agent told him to play more in the middle of the pitch than on the wing. (Perhaps the unmentionable manager also to Gareth this as well.) So Adebayor, in spite of his angular height that makes him appear a CF, can fit into the new Spurs 4-6-0 formation without much difficulty. (Don't start telling me we don't play like Spain, and Adebayor is no Xavi, etc. I know that. But if you read my posts last week you'd know what I'm talking about--a new, different, attacking 4-6-0--the formation of 2020 in the world of football.) Hozzanas to Ade and his flexibility. If it's true, welcome back, Ade.
Total knobhead
Perhaps the 'towel slapping pranks' could be part of a special clause in his contract? Or maybe he wants to leave Harry's tactical sessions behind him now?
Would also like a fast striker to make an impact in games or set up in a counter attacking formation for hard away games
what new spurs 4-6-0 formation??? I would suggest if wegoing to sign Ade we will not play no new 4-6-0, would make no sense to sign a striker who played well for us in the lone striker role to convert him to a midfielder. I do think you slighty obsessed with the 4-6-0 formation TK.
Oh Ossie, don't take things so seriously on a week when we are hearing of new signings one after another, and the future is bright. Being overly serious is for times when things are going badly. Writing about Adebayor playing in a 4-6-0 was meant to fit it with a lightened attitude as we move into optimism here. I have some obsessions possibly, but you've not identified one of them. Fique trio, amigo.
Total knobhead
I should have typed, pique frio. Damned auto correct doesn't do well with Poruguese words.
Total knobhead
again with the auto correct: FIQUE FRIO. There. Typing in caps seems to have stopped it in its tracks. It's Brazilian Portuguese for chill out, bro.
Total knobhead
Let's face it, in many way Adebayor did not play like a classical CF, and many people on VS complained about this last season. I thought it amusing to suggest that he could play as a midfielder in the 4-6-0 I wrote about a few days ago, but the suggestion was partially in jest because to the criticisms he received for slipping back into midfield more than many people wanted him to do. (I believe that one reason he did that was to avoid clogging up the middle of the pitch when Bale drifted inside.) But writing about Adebayor fitting into a 4-6-0 was intended as a humorous way to fit him into the topic I wrote about last week. Not everything has to be spoken of in totally serious tones as though we were planning the invasion of Normandy for D-day. As someone wrote here recently (Big C?), football is meant to be fun, it's not a matter for seriousness all the time. Aren't we supposed to be a bit goofy once in a while while making a point? (I do think my comments about a 4-6-0 ( was making a few days ago make sense, by the way.The future of the game will be in tactics that maximize tactical flexibility and in the disguise of tactical formations.)
Total knobhead
Undecided about Ade. Statistics show he scored some goals and had fair amount of assist but we have said it before statostics don't always give a fair reflection.

I am concerned about his lack of drive sometimes he had some average and poor games and yet he was undropable

Think it has been mentioned before how would Ade react if he was dropped or not number 1 striker?

Whilst I think he would be a good addition I don't necessarily think he is a sure started at whatever costs he like others need to know there is competition and I am praying AVB has the guts to drop underforming playerd and he doesn't get his favourites because that is the difference between a good manager and a great manager the latter being someone who has the BALLLLLs to drop players.

If AVB keeps Defoe then I guess he muct see something in Defoe that he can utilise but keeping Defoe happy is going to be hard and especially if we have Ade as well as they both want to be a starter.

I still think if we keep Defoe and sign Ade we need another quality striker.

Lets see but Ade if he comes does need to put more effort in and work on his touch and goal scoring.

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