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All Hail the KING!

In the last few moments, It has been confirmed that Ledley King is to retire from the game, but remain in an ambassadorial capacity at the club.

Legendary and world class status is given all too freely in this or perhaps any generation, but for me and I assume the vast majority of Tottenham fans, Ledley King is (can't yet use the term was) of that quality, and in my opinion is a player that can rightly be put amongst the greatest ever Tottenham players and probably into the greatest ever team.

21 full England caps bare no insight into his quality, and perhaps if it had another fifty or even a hundred appearances on top, we would be nearer the mark Bet for me he will always be a Tottenham legend and a player I admire hugely and have loved to watch play, it is such a shame and almost a crime that such an outstanding footballer has struggled for so long.

I have been hoping that Ledley would retire for around two years now, and have always felt guilty in asking this question. It was in part about his in/out appearances, destabilising a defensive unit, but so much more about a man I value so highly and his own wellbeing. The last thing I wanted was to see him struggle to compete or suffer in his later years as a result of pushing himself too far.

It seems that Ledley will work for the club and the Tottenham community, and no doubt be looked upon as a mentor for so many of the young players at the club who are sure to look up to the great man. I have always felt this was a better direction for Ledley than hitting the training ground, as somehow it always seemed a better fit, from what little snippets I have seem of the great man, when interviewed, but what is now important is that he enjoys a long career and continued association with the club and community, and I hope he easily comes to terms with his premature retirement...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 19 2012

Time: 11:51AM

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Retire 26
Wilts Spurs
If ever a player deserves a TESTIMONIAL Ledley King does, I hope the club take note, who has Daniel Levy's email....?
spu 4 life
The Legend The King...has left the building ;(....i salute u Sir COYMFS!!!
its on the Spurs Website, Testimonial at end of the season.
Manx Yid
I am 4 years older than The King and have been a spurs fan my whole life. However I always played Rugby as a sport and despite regular trips to the Lane and the 91 Cup semi at Wembley I didn't start showing a keen interest until King started playing regularly. He was always immense and a role model, despite injury managed to be world class. I thank him for showing me what this club means and long may his influence continue. Long live The King.
Wilts Spurs
agree on the testimonial. think this will certainly happen as long as he is happy for it to happen.
Sad day for reflection! Best player of his generation
Tactically Challenge
A great defender...The only english defender that is in par with terry....He might have being better than terry,respect to the true legend
Thought I would post this from one of our members, Dans neighbour, who suggested this as an article, just as I was posting this one: "I've only recently enjoyed my first post on Vital Spurs, never mind an article, but I've rarely been so moved as when I read just a few moments ago that our beloved Ledley has finally agreed to call it a day, something that those who respect and admire him have been suggesting for some time now. It's great to see that he will maintain his Spurs links and we have already seen the sort of ambassadorial role he can play in the local community. Ledley is exactly the sort of representative that the game needs - an honest professional who has never failed to give his all, even when chronic injuries prevented him from training. His induction into the Tottenham Hall of Fame is a foregone conclusion. I only hope that he serves as an inspiration and an outstanding example to the group of young professionals who are coming through the White Hart Lane ranks. God bless King Ledley, thank you for your 16 years of loyalty, dedication and some of the best defending this contributor has ever seen - on any pitch. You'll be much missed."
|I'm pretty upset, despite the sense it makes. Also, we all seem to quickly forget what a difference he makes when he's on the pitch. We all breathed a sigh of relief and got a wave of optomism when we saw his name on the team sheet. Legend.
Thank you very much for the services to our club, Mr Ledley King.
A true Spurs legend. Ledely you'll be missed.
Apologises for the typo - What I meant was *Ledley. One of the pitfalls of using the internet at work when your boss is about :(
spu 4 life
Sorry to see him go, especially with Caulker coming through and missing the chance to learn from the great man - just ask Dawson and Kaboul. I am glad he has done it now though, rather than after further deterioration in form.
Bajan Spur
sad but correct decision will be greatly missed on the pitch...
I think we all agree on his retirement, but if we are honest, hoped for one more appearance and then another, but time gentlemen please has finally been called at the bar, thanks for the info on the Testimonial, i never got that far to look, it's bloody hard with a tear in your eye, his name will live on forever, shame ratman does not see it.
spu 4 life
I'm geniunely upset about this, the guy's an absolute legend. If it wasnt for his knee he'd have been the best defender in England...if not the world. :(
saddening I grew up watching spurs with king in the squad, it wont be the same with his name no longer in the team sheet hopefully caulker can fill his boots. Would love King to coach the youth team we need more players in the first team that have come through our youth squad
Barring injuries he could have played for anyone at the highest level. We all know, however, that the talent and professionalism this man possesses are only surpassed by his loyalty. One club man. The King of White Hart Lane.
Absolute legend, a loyal distinguished player who was the best defender imo to grace the premier league.
Thanks Ledley - truly world class
Calm and class. I hope he can pass his playing knowledge on to the youngsters at the club.
The man only ever received 8 yellow cards. Unbelievable for a Centre Back. Will always wonder just how great he could have been.
Just to add to my last post, this speaks for itself,
So, so talented and truly a LEGEND... Long live the King!
World class defender ruined by injury. Spurs legend and model pro too, will be sorely missed..... Im still shocked how good someone can be without actually training for years. Legend
@ Dan, Next time if you could send it 10 mins earlier, it would have saved me a job.. :-)
Ledley King = LEGEND. Thanks for the services! ;-)
Cometh a time a King must step down from his throne, God Bless the mighty King, for his mighty reign has been served as a mighty leader. Through the dark days he has been our strength and vocal leader. Thou shall not fear as a time has come to pass, and our Beloved Leader steps down from the throne, have pride as he title was not overtaken but left vacant at his own choice for a promising prince to make his own. Whats that we hear, one final order from our King.............."Go Marching on....." he roars to the mighty Spurs! Forever a legend, thou shall not be forgotten. King of Kings live forver!!!!!!!!!
Just to record my admiration. Others here have been more articulate, but while it is the right decision I feel genuinely choked up. I look forward to seeing "Ledders" associated with the club and it's community projects for many years to come!
One of the very best I have seen and if he had spent his career at one of the elite clubs, would probably have been compared to the likes of Maldini and Baresi. Will always remember his performace for England against France in the Euro's, Henry, Zidane and co did not get a kick!
Paul - THFC Forever
A sad day but understandably nuff respect Ledley King!!!
Absolute class. Up there with the very best defenders of all time. Favourite Spurs player... thank you Ledders!!! Keep on doing your bit around Tottenham, ur a legend.
Such a shame to see what could've been one of the best centre backs in the history of football robbed of his chance to showcase his talent. Much respect to him, he's a true model professional, a dying breed nowadays. Best of luck to him. So frustrating though to see players like Hargreaves and King forced out of the game due to injuries despite being such humble, hardworking and honest professionals whilst cheats who dive and feign injury continue playing, just another example of how unfair life can be i suppose.
All Hail The 'KING'!!! Say no more!!!! Legend!! I've even called my cat Ledley... and i LOVE my cat!!! A sad day.....
One of the best ball-playing centre halfs to grace the White Hart Lane (and Wembley) turf. Looking forward to his testimonial match (apparently TBA at the end of the coming serason). Born was the King of White Hart Lane!
Ledley was with absolutely no
Eexception the Best.
Godlike with his brain and feet!
Exactly why the
Number 26 should be retired!
Dared to do AND DID!!!

Happy to pass this on from a suggestion by WindyCOYS: "I propose that as the clock turns to 26 minutes during every home game next season, we sing Ledley's name."
Call me a softie, I'm in RealDanger of crying here. Absolutely devastating, but completely sensible news.
Hopefully he'll still achieve many great things around tottenham off the field. Retire #26 Or even name a stand after him at the new stadium? Don't know what ppl think, I'd be pretty chuffed with that.
Messed up with the two E's there YT :-)
A sad day...great player....fairly clean living...came through at a tough time, glad he got to play whilst we had some relatively successful years...just hope we can bring through some more talented and loyal youngsters....but there will only be one LEDLEY KING....COYS
haha YidoDave... great name mate! think I might do the same when the time comes... (cat or dog)
Thanks for all the great apps King.
My idol when growing up was Hoddle. I've always thought him only getting 50 caps for his country was a waste of talent. It's unbelievable to think that King only got 21. I'm hopeful that he has had time to reflect on no longer playing the game. He clearly lost the banter on the training ground years ago as he trained mostly on his own. He now needs to give up the match day feeling as well. It won't be easy for him but chuffed to bits he's still a major part of our club. Absolute legend.
I am glad he has done the sensible thing, he knows Levy wont give him another contract and I don't want to see the guy end up on crutches. He is the one of the best players I have ever seen in a Spurs shirt in 30+ years of watching Spurs. I am glad he is staying at club in some role. A true legend.
Messed up with two E's... Those were the days @oxford!!
My first born is due on the 30th July. Not to keen on the name Ledley. king it is then.
Great idea put forward by WindyCOYS there Ox, would welcome that
its a sad day for spurs. I have never seen a CB of his quality even if i have only been around for 17 years. but i doubt there were many, if any, who could be 50% fit, play with one knee and still be the best player on the pitch. i would no doubt retire the 26 number. an the 26 min ledley song is a quality idea. such a nice guy having met him once when he was giving awards out at a school. i wasnt even collecting the awards but he still took the time out to get a photo and a signature with me and my mates. LEGEND!
Nice one ledders77.. ha ha
Never mind that OX, a truly excellent composition by Y_T nevertheless. Perfect Y_T mate, just perfect.

Haven't been this saddened since Cyril Knowles died. Ledley King, a Tottenhamite who could've been the love child of Dave Mackay & Steve Perryman if it were biologically possible! Great Player, great role model, great bloke. The Spurs foundation couldn't have a better champion, I know you'll do a great job Ledley.

We have to sing that at the Lane... That would be awesome, at every home game!!
Thanks TheFamousNo7, top post from a top bloke & an astute observation to boot. Well said mate.

"I don't like defenders who hold the shirts of other players. The only defender here who doesn't do that and sometimes still gets the ball off my feet easily is Ledley King. He is the only guy who doesn't hold players. He will get the ball off you without you even noticing. For me, that is a good defender.He plays without any contact yet is somehow still strong and gets the ball without doing any fouls." said our once arch nemesis Theirry Henry in 2006 to Independent.

Just says the kind of player we will be missing. But then, he was just more than a defender for us.

King - Irreplaceable in Spirit.
Ledley was a great centreback and I'm happy we will no longer, because of his injuries, be watching a shadow of the player he once was. Far better to remember a true legend in all his glory. Love you, Ledley. All the best.
Thanks for all ur memories ledley...wish u luck
Its not a sad day, its quite the opposite. It should be a day when we can all remember what Ledley has given to the club. His talent, Loyalty, spirit, leadership and being a darn right bloody good bloke will all be missed but never forgotten. Every good thing comes to an end, although im sure he will always remain a part of the Club. I hope the spurs players read these articles and will learn exactly what it takes to become a spurs ledgend, becuase it is so much more than a fancy trick or a flashy pair of boots. I for one im so glad he can retire with his head held high, there would be nothing worse than if he carried on through the pain untilhe either broke down or was no longer adored by the fans. As Andy Gray would say....Take a Bow son COLK!!
Totally Gutted. think the club should retire the 26 shirt for a year out of respect.

PL Games Played : 268

PL Minutes Played : 23102

Total Yellow Cards : 8 (WHF!)

Total Red Cards : 0 (WHF!!!)

By the John fecking Terry - 59 Yellow cards & 4 red cards in 373 PL games.
You can stick sol Campbell up your Arse. We got Ledley at the back..... Well HAD... Gutted true legend
kkspurs, for the person who asked for the email for DL. Write and ask that something special be done to recognize this extra special player.
Total knobhead
Great player, great servant but definitely the right choice. Thanks for all the memories Ledley! I wonder if his ex-teammate Freund will play in his testimonial and finally get that elusive first goal?
Spurs Allday
Propably the most talented defender of the last 20 years.
for me, i think the only people who can really tell how good a player is, is the opposition, and several players, namely darren bent and thierry henry have all claimed that he is the best defende they have ever played against. that speaks volumes about how good he was. comparing to someone like terry or even ferdinand does not do him nay justice in the slightest. ferdinand has had injury problems fir a few years now, the difference is, he has been terrible, and ledley was fantastic. and ferdinand had both of his knees!
Suggest for the testimonial at end of season Athelico Madrid as it will be 50 years since the ECWC win.
my fav ledley moment has got to be the unbelievable tackle on arjen robben. i dont need to say anymore, im sure you all kniw what im on about. whats ur fave ledley moment??
absolute legend, such a great person to have at the club and for so long - it would be great for him to be involved with the youth team in some way i think. one of the best players tottenham has had. thank you deadly ledley for the memories.
rahn DMC
Bow down to the King.
Might have to get
On the back of my shirt this year!
Cant put into words how much of an inspiration he has been at our club, fantastic character and as many players are tweeting - he made the game look easy (and that's with one knee!)
If it hasn't been posted yet - we are having a testimonial at the end of the season.
"Oh Ledley Ledley, He's only got one knee, He's better then Joh Terry, Oh Ledley Ledley"
What a legend! Always felt comfortable when his name was up on the team sheet.
Tank you for everything and we hope you can continue to have a long frutiful career with Tottenham.

Outstanding footballer and loyal person rarely found these days.

He still has a lot to offer Tottenham and the footballing world - look forward to seeing him in his new role.
Brooksy was thinking about that same thing! Even though if memory serves me right Makele scored from the corner straight after lol
yes bt we wont mention that jatt :P
I prefer to remember Lennons winner after Keano ripping up their full back
so do i hudd, what a game that was. probs not right to pick out one ledley moment. there were moments in nearly every game he played in that showed his class as a CB.
all i know is when i sit in paxton next year, on 26 mins i will be belting out the Ledley song, even if noone will join in and will continue to do so for that whole minute.
As an act of Honour , the Club should retire his Shirt number. Because no one now or in the future would be good enough to wear the fabled number 26 on their back. A quote from the Bard ''Alas, tis a sad day indeed methinks, as his like will ne'er be seen again ''
poor gary mabbutt looks like ledleys got his job
He will remain one of many favorites and I have the utmost respect for the fella. I am sad for his injuries because I know he was the best defender in the game!
And I agree that we should retire 26.
i know this isnt the appropriate article to talk about this bt i think its quite interesting nonetheless, and something dear ledley will be pleased about! i know this isnt a lot to go on but watching chelseas preseason highlights from their game against Seattle, i feel they will suffer from the very problems i was predicting and hoping they would. defensively they are a shambles as they have too many lightweight creative players who do not do the doggywork and therefore they often leave opposition players unmarked in dangerous areas, and also do not press the opposition team, leaving space and chances for their players to create. they are also way too high up the pitch, with noone in the modric mould to pick the ball up from the back, which is a big reason to ivanovic's mistake leading to Seattle's goal. also, due to their defensive frailties, it also hinders their attacking prospects, and also have many individuals in their team who will feel they are top dogs and want to do it themselves, therefore relying on their goals to come from mistakes from the opposition or individual moments of brilliance, which wont always happen. all these points were proven in their friendly against Seattle, judging from the highlights. not a lot to go on, but we can hope nonetheless. LEDLEY KING LEGEND!!
Which is y next year our Sandro will trample all over Chelski when we play them brooksy COYFS!!!
would be nice if all spurs fans kneeled before their KING at the testimonial, would be a great send off for him
Boom Boom Boom!
A great player and a great ambassador for our club.
Sorry, I don't believe in retiring shirt numbers. What purpose does it serve? I understand the sentiment behind the idea, but to me it makes a bit of a mockery of the squad number system in my out-of-step, old fashioned way of thinking.

Ledley the player that never got to his full potential but still looked better than most of the so called world class defenders when things were not to bad with the knees.the king of the lane good luck for the future.if he can give some of the young guys a little bit of what he as they will be better players for it.what a man and so glad he will still be mr Tottenham.
personally baz, i think he showed his potential on many a occasion bt he just couldnt play as often and show that potential or ability anywhere near as he, us, or undeoubtedly England would have liked. id like to think even if he didnt have his injury problems that hed still be a spurs boy through and through and not be bossing it for the likes of barca or real, whom he could have undoubtedly played for.
With you spuds - I would like to think that if asked Caulker would say he wanted no 26 out of respect for his idol. Wearing the number of your idol is part of the game and always has been. In many ways, I would still like the players to wear the numbers 1 to 11.
We just lost a world class player & am not talking about Modric.
Caulker, Kaboul, Vertonghen & Dawson have big job ahead.
Three clubs competing for Modric. If Manchester is one of them, would Valencia in exchange be viable?
imo without the injuries Ledley would have been recognised as the best CB in the world. Pace, strength, Good in the air, timing, positioning, could dribble and pass with both feet, rarely booked. He sets the standard that all future Spurs defenders will be compared to, Absolute legend.
To Sol Campbell, Dimitar Berbatov and soon-to-leave Luka Modric.. See how much the whole football world love our Ledley King.. See how much the whole football world sings non-stop praises, compliments and admiration for our Ledley King.. Now see how much you Sol, you Berba and you Modric will never EVER be half the man nor the gentleman that Ledley King IS no matter where you play/played your football, no matter how many trophies you win, no matter how many goals you score and no matter how much money you have in the bank. His loyalty and his never-ending desire to play for the shirt makes Ledley King the man that he is today.. a true hero and a gentleman both on and off the pitch and much loved and revered by all. And years from now.. we will be proud to remember and still sing his name.. we will remember and tell our children about him.. and we will remember how Ledley King played for just ONE club in his entire career and that club was Tottenham Hotspurs from 1999-2012. But most of all he will always be welcomed at the Lane for the rest of his life.
Gaan bruv, but never were our creation stepper!
OyVeh Maria
Ledley, you are proof there are decent blokes still left in football, the only regret I have is that my son will never get to get to see you play in the flesh, thank you Sir.
Exactly muttley. Considering some of the great players that have worn it, can you see the bindippers retiring their No. 7 shirt? Manure their No. 7? OK, its different I know, but you get my point.

A genuine legend at THFC. You will be missed as a player, but I'm sure your abilities can be used to coach the players of the future. Ledley, we salute you!!!
WOW.. Just can't believe it.. that King#26 will never be on the team sheet again. For ALL of us who grew up and watched him play from Day One for our beloved Spurs and also for England.. I just can't believe it that he has retired. Who could ever forget his first ever goal for Spurs in the 98/99 Season or the year after I think. Setting the fastest PL goal ever scored in just under 10 secs! Who could ever forget the sight of our Captain lifting the League Cup in 2008 after beating Chelsea in the Final. It isn't only the magical moments that we will remember him for but the way he lived his life as a professional, the way he carried himself on the pitch, the way he guided and inspired his fellow teammates playing alongside him but most all, for the decent man that he his in this world of money and greed and for the loyalty he showed to us all.
Complete defender, one time deadly, last season, not so much, it is the correct time! Never forgotten, to a man aptly named, true King of the Lane!
I can only echo what others have said so far. Some great comments posted and I'm not going to try and better any of the tributes. I'll simply say thankyou so much to a white hart lane legend.. truly one of the good guys. ALL HAIL THE KING!
Someone has polled a "no" on the current site poll!!!????

Get off our site you Gooner/Chav/ Spammer/ whoever!!!!

European football suffered because of his knees, not just Spurs so much talent to be constrained by injury but what commitment he has shown over the last three years. Will we ever see his likes again? A true legend, we wish you well Ledley.
Slurms McKenzie
A true Ledge and fantastic player! Id love to know in 20 years time whats more important the shiny trinkets a player has or the adulation and love he has from 10s of thousands of fans. Theres a perception that its all about medals at the end of your career and that people like Le Tissier etc are fools for not moving on while people like Sol Cambell made the correct decision. Having spoken to the great Cliff Jones he was adamant that the love and affection he still recieves is far more imporatnt than any trinket. True legendary status is greater than any medal!. The King will always have that at WHL till his dying day. Cheers Ledley!
Here is a nice little tribute to The King. ....................................
Who: Hertyid Where: COYS When: July 19 Adebayor is done. Contracts signed and paperwork sent off today. Berglad, 18 minutes ago #1
Itk bollox, blah, blah, blah. LONG LIVE THE KING!!!
He's only got one knee, he's better than John Terry. Spurs legend.
Ledley King is my hero, absolute legend despite what turned out to be a pretty tragic career in terms of wasted potential. He deserved everything the game offered by the way he lead the team and how he carried himself (and others) on the pitch. We're talking about a testimonial - well if testimonials were a true reflection of how much respect we have for the player, then we should have his testimonial in May 2014 when we reach the Champions League final ;).

So long Ledley King.
Bernio Villas-Spuras
Gooner in peace. Respect for Ledley King. Dying breed of footballer who put loyalty before $$. Pretty sure he could have walked into any of the Premier league clubs. RvP please take note.
The fact that he hasn't been able to train for so many years might help him ease into retirement a little easier! Would love to know our win ratio when he was on the field to compared to when he didn't play! Made our entire defensive line far superior! Fav Lesley king moment was shortly after Gomes had taken out corluka he comes charging out of his box flys into the king only for Ledley to stand there shaking his head at Gomes lying on the floor looking confused
Cheers Sajit, you're a Gooner gent mate.

ledley and ambassador? didnt DL see the pictures over the last 18 months of ledley being soused and unable to stand? Great great player but ambassador? Entertainments host maybe .... Real shame about his injuries finally getting the better of him as he would easily have been England's best defender these past 10 years, Ledley was Rio and Terry in the same body when fit.
Audere est Facere
LEDLEY THE KING.... true gent amongst players who see the money first... will be missed on the pitch.... this says it all... true grit and determination..
An absolute LEGEND & true Gent. How cruel fate has been to give such NATURAL born talent, yet such weak knee's. Irony you are a bar-steward !

Ledley will always be a Hotspur thru & thru, long may he continue to work with us & guide many a young Hotspur thru the tough times of being a trainee all the way into the 1st Team as the great man achieved himself.

Thank-you Ledley for your great Leadership, sportsmanship, dedication & pure bloody brilliance. You will ALWAYS be 1 of the finest footballers to have graced the beautiful game, a true master of excellence. I agree that the No.26 shirt should be retired in his honor.

Long live the KING !
True Spurs Supporter
The best defender I've ever seen by a mile. To not train for 4 years but still perform to the level he did every game is nothing short of incredible. An absolute legend. And that tackle on Robben is the single greatest tackle I've ever seen.
Tottenham'till i die
ledley king , the best defender in the premiership by a mile .
Agree with most of the sentiments on here... I think without injuries he would've had over 100 caps, been England captain and compared to the Maldini's, Baresi's and any other CB including Bobby Moore!! Only name (other than my own) that I'd get on my shirt. True class as a player. 8 yellow cards is equivalent to Gary Lineker numbers. A loss for the current squad, but a gain for our Hall of Fame. Ledley "Legend" King!
I am happy that he has accepted the fact he has to retire. Watching him play the latter part of last season was making me cringe. You could see that his knees were gone and I didn't want to remember him that way. Too many compliments to pay the man, just a massive thank you for his work ethic and commitment to spurs. Will definitely be missed.
Ox, it would appear that the poll on the right was not necessary.
The King is dead; long live the king!
from the first 5 mins of his career when we realised we already had a better replacement than his predecessor Kings career has been a complete pleasure
This is a sad day for the club as we are saying goodbye to a true Spurs legend. We've all been privileged to have watched one of the best central defenders of his generation. Good luck to Ledley for his new role at the club and and for all that he does in the future.
Cleveland ARTSPURS
Brookyspurs,had that debate on here a few times.that we will never know.i personally would of betted on a stayer and deserves the status he is given.the best ever in my eyes.
Often it is the case that latter day players are given a disproportionate amount of credit over better players from the past who did not have the same exposure. Ledley King does not fall into this category. Over fifty years watching Spurs, I would contend, certainly from those I have seen, that he was the best in his position, and would make my best ever Spurs eleven. Unflappable, quick of feet and mind, and at least two moves ahead of those he was marking, he epitomised the Spurs way, and was a credit to himself and the club. A gent.

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