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Same old Spurs! Thankfully...

As this morning we read the we are still haggling over deals for Hugo Lloris, Emmanuel Adebayor and of course are holding firm on our valuation of Luka Modric, it is the same old hard bargaining Spurs...

Talk of massive takeovers, huge wage increases and box office signings seem to have slipped from the main topics of conversation, as real or unreal news of who is or isn't joining also seems to have dried up, but is that really a problem, just a case of same old, same old Tottenham, trying to screw every last penny from every deal. But somehow I find that quite reassuring.

Perhaps the idea of having hundreds of millions remains a very nice dream, but equally so does having owners that still know the price of everything and also its value. Daniel Levy is a man who I believe will hold out for what he believes if the right thing for Tottenham, whether he has buy a 30m striker or the tea bags in the staff canteen. That is his way of doing business and though at times it may frustrate, you assume it is done with the best intentions to do what is right for the club.

Of course it is very easy for fans to demand he pays that extra million or two, to secure his player, but if he knows the deal is there to be done and he is in a strong position, is there a logic in holding firm, after all how often do you just pay the easing price, before the spending gets out of control? Perhaps if the government ran the country as Levy runs Tottenham Hotspur, we would all be far better off today.

When I look at the position that supposedly oil rich Malaga find themselves in, I also have to wonder if having that mega rich Sugar Daddy is really all it is cracked up to be. Having the ability to out bid City or Chelsea has genuine appeal, but how long is it before football becomes a different game, and winning becomes the demanded norm, as opposed to the hoped for one? I imagine seeing my team copy United or Barca and win two or three trophies a year, but do their fans still have tears rolling down their cheeks when the win a CARLING CUP? I don't think so somehow.

As frustrating as it may be sometimes, I actually like the 'will we/won't we' transfer drama and living on the edge of greatness and mediocrity, That is what being a fan of football is all about for me. We love the good times, but probably get more out of the bad in some sick way. Sites like this are far busier when the wheels are falling off than when the ride is smooth. Perhaps Daniel Levy is a master tactician in keeping interest in his club alive for longer than any other team in English football. After all football is still an entertainment business...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 20 2012

Time: 9:07AM

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same old spurs....have a make do striker come 31st aug...
I think Ade deal is now done according to ITK.
Get the deals done
Tony b Liar and the last gov't ran the country like Leeds united...levy reminds me of John Major, under appreciated yet doing a good job whilst never quite doing enough....
Good read OX, unfortunately these sugar daddy's are not running a business like Levy is. Citeh, Chelski, PSG et al are just toys to very, very wealthy men. It has ruined the game too. I'm reading this morning that Modric is refusing to train, basically throwing his toys out the pram to demand a move to Madrid. If I was Levy I fine him 1 weeks wages per incident. If he want to go to Madrid then he need to tell them to find the 35m fee or find it himself, otherwise do one!
we really need more up front than just Ade and Defoe though...that will see us in a worse position than last year....
I'd feel much happier knowing what we have to work with next season rather than waiting until 31st August and having already play a few games before settling on the final squad. Preparation is key to any project, therefore get your resources together before you start to work. I feel some Brazilian input will be coming only this means we'll have to wait until after the Olympics before we see anything happen!
@ yiddyboy, haven't heard anything, not that I particularly expect to on Modric, but I think we need to consider where this deal is at before having a go at the player. perhaps AVB would also prefer he doesn't train or go on the US tour if a deal is close or it is accepted that he will move. maybe AVB privately is happy to have the money to invest in his own targets as opposed to having a player that even iof he were to stay would be doing so under sufferance
I just don't want Modric's departure to get messy - just read that he refused to train yesterday.
@ shedboy2, lets have some faith, if we know we are short on strikers, so do the club.
OK, Yiddy just beat me to it. Also just read that Ox!
That makes the coalition Mick McCarthy then Sheboy2
@ox - I'm sure they do but we had faith before and they don't deliver....trouble with not delivering the signings is eventually people stop believing you're even trying to sign anyone of note...they can talk about tevez or Rossi before or Higuain etc but it's all BS we've made a small offer on Leandro of late but way below market value....taking a punt is not the same as trying to sign....
We'd have nothing to moan about if we started to consistently win trophies year in year out, or wed find new things to moan about I guess. I can't ever imagine being annoyed that we'd only won the one trophy as apposed to the usual 2 ort 3. Part of being a Spurs fan for me is experiencing the high's and lows season on season. Although saying that I'd like to see us have a few years of success just to see what it's all about. It would be nice to walk about in my Spurs shirt all smug knowing wed won everything looking down my nose at Man City and Chelsea fans due to the ineptitude of their current teams lack of silverware as the mighty Spurs had cleaned up yet again. Make mine a treble next season then :)
35m or Modric stays at the lane, simply! Perez trying to play hardball with Levy. Now thats a "fly on the wall" situation I'd love to see!
It is about getting a balance between prudence (bean-counting) and taking calculated business risks (being an entrepreneur). Yes, we maybe able to extract another 2m out of Madrid by playing hardball right up to the bitter end. But if i was AVB i would take that 2m hit now, if it meant having a full pre-season with the finalised squad + 2 or 3 new quality signings fully embedded in, with the Modric money. So we can hit the season running which can bring untold financial benefits as a result. Instead, AVB will have the rug pulled from under his feet on Aug 31st - for an extra 2m. Great.
Faith - belief that is not based on proof...sorry OX I need something real....
I am pretty confident we will sign 2 strikers and one will be Adebayor. As for as Modric, I dont mind the longer it takes to happen. If we hold firm that we will sell him to non-PL clubs, then I dont have any problem if he is sold on Aug 31 night and we get couple of extra millions. I believe we will have a replacement lined up. Replacement may not be there for preseason tour, but will be there when we kick off against Newcastle. Levy being a shrewd business man will have learnt from Berbatov mistake. I will not get panicky and I am ready to show patience with Levy in transfer window.
By the way, I am still hoping that Van Persie leaves the library ASAP.
I'd take 27m for Modric BUT they would have to include Alvaro Morata....he would be good for us....
I have a strong feeling that we will fall short of Moutinho deal and end up holding out for Modric = 30m pounds + Sahin loan. I really can see that happening.
modric not training is no different to him not playing last year (head not right) just he is trying his tactic for a move earlier this year maybe he felt he almost got it last year .. but sad to see a player of that standard go but in the same breath glad to see the rat face to go as its getting tedious .. said this year that we're willing to accept offers that meet our valuation so he need to get on with his contracted job and wait for the offer to come in . not throw his toys out and force our hand to sell which im guessing is only going to make DL stance stronger and his potential move might not happen
Problem with Modric deal is, it seems ,we still have to pay Dynamo Zagreb some cut in the sell money. That is where I guess the haggling is-just like Vertonghen -Ajax standoff.
LOL Syd, that made me laugh. You started off on the 'In Levy I Trust' nonsense i.e Levy's a shrewd business man, he won't make the Berbatov mistake again. But then proceeded to explain that that is exactly what we will do again with Modric!! And you say we have learned! Levy should impose his own deadline of July 31st to get all transfers done and then AVB be allowed to get on with it - lets not have him moulding the team in the first 2 months of the actual season:- goodbye 40m CL money if thats the case because you can be sure Chelsea et al will be firing on all cylinders from the off, we don't have the luxury of the other Top 4 being in disarray next season like last.
Torres 50mill, Carrol 35mill, Bentley 16mill and I reckon some of the other deals being done right now will show how spending big bucks guarantees nothing. The right players is what is needed at Spurs; for the right price and sensible contracts that don't leave us with a lot of unsaleable deadweight...we have enough of that
Forever Spurs
sydqcb5 - You say the replacement will be in for the Newcastle game and in the same comment you are happy to wait until 31st August to sell Modric for an extra 2m. I'm only guessing now, but I am assuming the funds from Modric will be used to buy the replacement, if that is the case then the replacement will be purchased on the 31st August too, meaning they will miss Newcastle, West Brom and potentially Norwich if paperwork isn't completed in time!
Downing for 20m has to be the worst...
Good article ox. People criticising Levy for playing hardball need a reality check. Reports today are that Real are only offering 27million plus add ons. So its understandable that we have a standoff, seen as though we rejected 40m last summer. Or should we panic and sell him on the cheap to buy us a month and then watch Porto fleece us for 30m in august anyway for Moutinho???
StillRickyVilla, I am happy to see Modric deal dragging to last day, but said Levy will get the deal done with us getting replacement, may not by preseason ,but by Newcastle game, which is well before Aug31. Pls dont misquaote.
yiddyboy, What I am happy with is different from what I believe will happen.
Syd, but the point is Modric is a world-class pivotal player for us. Simply throwing in a replacement at the last minute who will, in all probability, be a completely different type of player to Modric, is football suicide. The coach needs time to blend the team and intergrate the new players. This isn't FIFA 13!
shedboy2 that was neat...31st august..lo......4am here so just browsing....good read ox...thats what keeps us perked up
Huddersfield, agreed if Madrid don't come up with the readies we don't sell. But we need to impose a deadline of July 31st for it either to be done, or not done. Not drag it out to the last minute, completely de-railing AVB's pre-season. I mean Harry went on and on last summer about it was his worst pre-season ever because of the Modric affair and we got thrashed in our first 2 games! We only recovered because Modric stayed in the end. What if he had left? We never learn and just parrot the tired 'In Levy we Trust' line and watch him make the same mistakes over and over!
StillRickyVilla, agreed. All I said was what could happen. Any way, I dont know what future holds, will just have to wait & watch.
Feck me StillRickyVilla, get out of the wrong side of bed this morning mate? You're really sticking the knife in today to the point I'm starting to wonder if you're jimmy yid's brother! Man you're in a mood.

The Modric situation is fast becoming another Blubbertov, so feck it, leave him hanging. Better that, than taking a financial hit just to get rid which could mean accepting second best in the replacement stakes, in fact, we can probably get by initially. He's not that crucial & he is certainly not the future of Spurs. I just wish people would take the long view.

Its just a bloody farce. Madrid say they wont pay over that case just shut the door on Madrid, openly say we will not be discussing any transfers with Madrid this year. Case closed. There are apparently 2 teams still interested, set a one week deadline to agree the fee, as soon as its over then thats it. He stays, reserves or wherever but he stays. Im so sick of this bloody story. Its exactly the same as the last few years, haggling over every penny (Lloris / Damaio), leaving it late. I thought this summer was gonna be different.
AVB says Modric wants to leave BUT that he fully respects the club's standpoint on his value and that the club can't sell its best assets cheaply. It is very reasonable and I can accept that too. When one sees the prices being quoted to us for players who are not as good as Modric it must be entirely understandable that we can't simply let him go for the fee that the prospective buyers say they want to pay. Put up or shut up is a very reasonable request.
3 weeks before the season starts. We have 1 striker on our books and our best player wanting out. Our captain and best defender has just retired, replaced by a guy unproven in the PL. If i was AVB be wanting to know when i have a final squad to work with. Di Matteo is currently intergrating a string of 25m+ world class new signings into his Chelsea team in friendlies ready for the off in August. And AVB will get pelters or even fired if we don't finish 4th above Chelsea? Talk about life being unfair!
Levy is annoying me again. SRV saya it all, three weeks before the season and no where ner ready.
I want to add that I believe we should set a timeous deadline for a Modric transfer. It would be impossible if he was transferred on the last day of the window and we don't have a replacement.
TBh modric's replacement won't be as good as the man himself so I'm not too worried about who it may be or when it might long as we are prepared from day one with the midfielders we have understanding their main concern is the lack of strikers and crucially the fact they will not have any settling in time....we had Ade for a'd think we would know what it takes to sign him...but it's criminal we're in this mess with strikers in the first place....I'd take starting the season with Keane, Berbatov, Bent and defoe now...even if keane is shot and Berba getting fact Bent would be very good for an AVB system....shame he wasn't better than Sandra....
I can feel all the early optimism draining away.....just hope we don't have a Ramos on our coach, no strikers...oh wait that's what did for Jol....
To be fair its not levys fault. Modric is worth 35M so we should get it. I agree with the deadline, tell both Madrid and Modric 31st July no deal by then, then tough titties.
Good grief! A weeks transfer inactivity & people are starting to panic. Come on guys, have a little patience. Its not that critical to get the final squad fully assembled before the pre-season friendlies start in earnest.

If levy and AVB get it wrong this time...I think we'll see the mood amongst fans start to turn ugly...there are a lot that didn't understand the Arry sacking...and if we have poor results Levy's backside will be on the line and we will have damaged the brand and all the good work in building a global fanbase becuase we are not cemented in foriegn lands as top club yet.....and that is where the money brand!
agree 100% with stillricky-put a deadline or dont sell. same old spurs. arsenal now going for liorente. still owen is still available at the moment we have needed a couple of strikers for feck knows how long.You can only keep faith for so long.Hudderspur and shedboy2, spot on comments aswell.where is this so called war chest. how long did it take la arse to get giroud ffs.can just see the last couple of windows repeating themselves, even without the "harry" factor.kept faith last year, and we ended up with saha and nelsen.
Anyone remember the Vert deal that didn't happen over night. The sum of money being discussed is massive surely signing club has to ensure its finances are in place (i.e. transfers out) Prehaps players have been offeredin part exchange then Spurs would have to decide if they wanted them, negotiate with them and still the offered player may not want to move to us so the deal would have to re-start.
Slurms McKenzie
Its a case of Real want him as cheap as possible, we should do what Fergie done to them with Ronaldo, that is give them a completion date if they dont come up with the right wonga by then tell them there is no deal. Modric wants to go but dos'nt want to hand in a transfer because he will lose his bonus from us. With Ade if we cant afford the wages he wants we should look elsewhere, it is clear he wants a massive payday from us. Is he really the kind of player we need here?? After all the big wages Citeh payed him did he actually work any harder for them because of it??
Spuds, we still have time, but history has shown us how Levy operates and that doesn't bode well. It will be such a shame if AVB is not even given a chance to start well. I think he is a great long-term prospect for a manager and i like all the noises about the vision for the club. But i worry about getting off to a disasterous start, the media having a field-day and the fans getting on his back. All those best laid long-term plans will count for nothing if the media smell blood. I was hopeful that Levy had learned and would fully support the manager to get everything in place early. But you are right, we shouldn't be quite at panic stations just yet.
spuds- look at last seasons start, the two defeats. we have had patience waiting for a striker since we last made the CL, so please forgive my concerns. just going on our recent history. i cant see spurs buying two 20mil players even if we sell modric.madric wont be any hurry. this buy before we sell has been shown not to work very well. look at arsenal.buying quick and early.
yeah we have 3 weeks plenty of time....we've had two years!!! and still the best we get is a Man Citeh mercenary on loan....we should have bought our own striker last year rather than just storing up trouble....which is what we seem to like to do....
I'd now accept 27mill' for modric from real madrid. He has been great for us and madrid did us a favour with van der vaart. I think it better that football is the winner. let's get on and seal the adebayor transfer and probably another young striker.
we have never bought a player at 18m so let's not pretend we're going to start buying any superstars soon....although I'm surprised we haven't gone in for Ba he's in the aisle for bargain basement deals, sell by dates and managers specials....
I have a car, I want to sell it, it works fine I can still drive it up until the day I sell it. I want 35 thousand for it, I need this much so i can purchase the new car I want. This spanish bloke has offered me 27 thousand for my car. Some of my mates thnk I should take the deal because even though I won't be able to buy the car i want I can buy A car and they''ll get a spin in it and enjoy the new car smell for a few weeks - but when the problems start my mates will then whinge at me cause I didn't buy the good car I wanted originally. So I'll hold out for 35 thousand and if I don't get it at least I know I still own a top quality car.
Slurms McKenzie
82spursdebut I dont think Madrid done us any favours with VdV we done them one by buying him last minute!! 27m-35m is a massive difference in price. Madrid and Barca do this to everyone unsettle players then try and buy them cheaply. Modric will have to ask for a transfer to make up some of the shortfall if he wants to go there so badly!!
82spursdebut- take the 27m but get them to throw in Alvaro Morata ...he fits the bill as a young striker....If they want something we've got then lets take something they have otherwise forget Luka let him do a Tevez and go and have a holiday for 6mths without getting paid....we'll save on his wages and still be able to sell him for 27m next year....
Well put slurms... couldn't agree more!
how is Hazard who hasn't proven himself at international or prem level yet worth 32m but luka who has and is a consistent player with a long contract worth 5m less....?
everything in life detiriates in time.few weeks back i said to my son (also a spurs fan)i'd accept 30mill from a foreign side and 35mill' from a english side. I just would like to see it all being resolved quickly and everyone move on. I keep asking my son to find us a age 20 to 24 year old 6.3" on says "bale".
Vagaries of the market Shedboy?
Slurms McKenzie
82spursdebut- 19year old, 6.3" 1in2 striker....Alavaro Morata....on Real's books just making the step up to the first team....could run the channels as well...
I'm glad we agree on something StillRicky! :-)
We fundamentally disagree about Levy, so I'm not touchung that one again. I do understand your & topspur's concerns about a disastrous start, but we can only hope for a good start & hope its not disastrous, seeing as the Club seems to be doing a complete re-structuring of the football management, not simply getting in a new manager & staff. Its difficult, but we need to keep our expectations in check & provided we do reasonably well this season, things will improve. We must ditch AVB's history with the Chavs from our thought processes, its irrelevant now, so please, lets try to get into the mindset of "The Future's Bright, the Future's Lillywhite!" & leave the doom & gloom until it really is (.)(.)s up!

Hoillet is free and Chelsea want ot pay 10 million for Victor Moses what Chelsea are willing to pay should not be the benchmark to determine every other players worth! They are Imbeciles!
Slurms McKenzie
slurms- I think it depends on who's negotiating... if it were the other way round Levy would have offered 5m and Jenas and then said 'we tried to buy modric'...
Maybe Shedboy but I reckon that Levy would then threaten to take Jenas off the table and Real would panic and agree the deal then repent at their leisure!
Slurms McKenzie
yes, this morata looks good potential. I'm thinking Real think the same.
Cheers Glenn BTW
Slurms McKenzie
What i dont facking understand is that we have now openly stated he for sale and that Luka has a price on his head if met he can go. So y not make it public and put a deadline on this like Lyon have with Lloris and Hoffenheim did with Siggy and say July 31st if price not matched then Luka staying end of. It was different last year as we said he not for sale therefore rumours dragged until 31st august as expected. Luka has become stale smell around the club, the sort of whiff you have in your underwear after a 6day coke bender with bird! 35mil take it or leave it no haggling/discusions/rumours end of for facks sake COYMFS!!!
JattYid 6day coke bender! that much sugar would play havock with my bowels, not to mention the bubbles, surely Modric doesn't stink that bad!
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms I wonder if we have tried to offer JJ as well to sweeten the deal....35m for Luka and JJ Hoilett will have a fee attached by tribunal likely to be between 5-7m....
I know compo will be due but still thats narly half the price of Moses
Slurms McKenzie
I would sell the idiot to Chelsea for 40m. We can get Lloris for 16m , offer 40m joint bid for Oscar and Damaio. Net spend of 16m with cash to come in from GDS sale and a few others. People will say that will be making Chelsea stronger? Bloody hell they have mata Marin Hazzard and probably hulk on the way. Can't get much stronger! And I feel those 3 will make us stronger overall compared with them getting modric
Essex spur
82spursdebut 7m discount for potential is fair and they get a top class Mid for 27m....a midfielder who could comfortably fit into a Barca fact this time next year if Luka has had a holiday but still on our books I expect that Barca will want him....
In general in life, if you do the same things the same way every time, then you always get the same results. This looks as if we continuing to do just that. Someone above said that Modric is worth 35 mill so it's not Levy's fault if no-one offers that. Unfortunately, in any true market, commodoties are only worth what someone else is prepared to pay at the time you want to sell, and that value tends to depreciate the closer you get to the point where you have to sell. I think it also come back to Levy's "New Direction" which has little to do with buying top-quality players and much more to do with building from the youth teams. leaving money to pay for the stadium. For me, we have a couple of cracking young players, one of whom, Tom Carroll, could step into the role of Modric if push comes to shove. He is more like a Carrick from the little I saw of him last season in the Europa's but his reading of the game and eye for a pass were exceptional, far better than Livermore for me. Personally, I think that is where we are headed in the medium-term anyway, and if this window does not deliver the strikers that we have needed for 2 years now then it will be obvious that the appointment of AVB is seen by Levy as a way of optimising the resources that we do have in a longer-term project to develop our own star of the future. If that is the case, then once again we will have taken a couple of steps backwards when positioned to leap forward.
Essex isn't Oscar already gone to Chelski? They really are taking the Spanish national team approach to a new level. Instead of playing with no strikers they are going to field a team of just attacking midfielders! RDM must be one hell of a man-manager if he can keep all that talent happy and still play big JT!
Slurms McKenzie
shedboy....i'd go with that........hoilett for the wing and then maybe bale can do the adebayor role occaisionally when out injured.....i.e..hoilett and lennon for the wings with townsend and another as back up.
82spursdebut - I wouldn;t have Bale as a striker...he just needs to focus on doing what he does best on the left....Harry-Kari I fear you may be right and we are about to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory again....this obsession with chasing a new stadium and sacrificing the next 15 years so that perhaps we may be able to compete then just strikes me as folly...for a little tweaking we could have been in the CL 3 years in a row and started building into an elite club....instead we'll throw it all away just so we can have a stadium the size of newcastle....that other elite club...
i'd like to see modric playing footy..for whoever (except a english side). Hope levy and modric are football fans. Plus real madrid are my fav' foreign side...cos' of bernabeau
i wouldn't want bale as our main no.1 striker either.......except occaisionally.....time will change things. But here and now...bale would be a good back up to adebayor...and siggurdson back up to vdv. Bale can stay on the left...when adebayor in the side and hoilett would either be on the bench or in lennons place on the right.
I like the way DL is treating this mater. If we give in - what's going to happen with Bale if we once again are outside the CL? Truth is - I don't want the money. I want Modric to stay. If this article in todays Marca is anywhere near the truth, then Modric is leaving for the US today - with the spurs. It won't surprise me if AVB gives him the armband and convinces him to choose the proper team in white.
Adds pay for the site Edinburgh. As the Yorkshire saying goes "you get nowt for nowt these days"!
82 - "bale would be a good back up to adebayor".....mate seriously what the F have you been smoking!!?? Bales is wing back or an attacking wingerat a push. He is no more a front / Lone striker than Dawson!
The thing is we do not NEED to sell modric, he has 3-4 yrs left on his contract and we have offered to improve his salary which he has rejected. If we get offers below what he is worth just keep him like last year and he will play well enough for us. This doesn't alter the fact that I do not believe AVB would have signed if he wasn't promised money for 2 strikers. Gylfi and JV deals were already in progress as Levy buys so money must be there for strikers. We have sold/released 7 players already.
Wilts Spurs
"An attacking Wingerat" is that like a violent pigeon Hudderspur?
Slurms McKenzie
mabbutt once played ....only once...played striker and scored two goals, to win the game. Archibald was unwell. mabbutt then returned to midfield for the next game. Think i just prefer.......bale as back up to adebayor until we find a good striker youngish striker for 7 to 8 mill'. In mean time hoilett would be a good buy for 7 / 8 mill. Saturday, bale said..he loves scoring goals. Oh....bale and kaboul could play anywhere.
Here is a novel idea. Tell Real to to deal with Porto and Zagreb re Moutino and Modric sell on clause. We will have nothing to do with it. The add on clauses will be ours, Real sort out a fee with Porto and pay off Zagreb for Modric sell on clause. We get Moutino + Sahin( or a suitable Real player on a loan deal, paid for by Real) + Modric add ons. Real get Modric, and we don't get any financial mess from any of it. I wonder if this will be
Yea 82 not everyone can be a Gary Doherty, imperious in every position on the pitch...
Slurms McKenzie
Oh my God, shedboy2, DK reminds you of John Major? Shush you mouth now. You'll have us slitting our wrists. Actually, if he reminds of any UK PM of recent vintage (or of any vintage) move along quickly in silence, please. Not a pretty site to be mentioning. Children might look at this site occasionally.
Total knobhead
Oh my God, shedboy2, DK reminds you of John Major? Shush you mouth now. You'll have us slitting our wrists. Actually, if he reminds of any UK PM of recent vintage (or of any vintage) move along quickly in silence, please. Not a pretty site to be mentioning. Children might look at this site occasionally.
Total knobhead
I don't know how IT savvy you are Edinburgh, but if you right click the ad, you might get a source displayed for it & you can then block it in your security software. Another thing you should be aware of is the version of your browser. Make sure you've installed the latest version & that its fully updated.

When a club is run by a rich man like a toy, he's apt to discard the toy the way a three year old does. Don't want Spurs on the side of the road like a rag doll tossed from a moving limo. Of course, I think a different sort of play thing comes to mind. I don't want Spurs tossed to the side like yesterday's hooker, either.
Total knobhead
Slurms - Nah its what you get when you stick modders out wide right..
I would consider selling Modric to a PL club if there is opportunity to poach one of there better players in return. Modric to United Valencia to Spurs. Modric to Chelsea, Mata to Spurs? The extra 10 - 15 mil gained can be used to put towards Lloris or better yet a striker.
I'm not sure AVB would want to keep MoFo. As good as he is, does he have the pace to play high up on a pressing 4-3-3? His passing game from deep might be a step or two too lethargic for the style AVB wants us to be playing. But just because management wants to sell him on doesn't mean that they are desperate to do so. Let the little MoFo sweat a bit as he waits. But AVB and DL have to let him know if he refuses to train, that's it's his career that is on the line, and he can sit and rot on the reserves for a year. He's not bigger than the team. We forgot that when Barfatoss was refusing to play.
Total knobhead
Total knobhead - I believe when a "sugar daddy" takes over, the club loses all tradition. I don't think many Chelsea or City fans actually remember their history as most of their supporters have come out of the woodworks. I'm proud to be a spurs fan because of the heritage that goes with the club. No amount of trophies will ever tear me away from that, and no sugar daddy will ever have my backing if he wishes to destroy our footballing philosophies in the process.
Ox i agree in as much as we win all awards for exciting football and the emotions of being p1ssed off is all part of the journey. My problem is that the objective is to win tropheys, not to hold out for an extra few hundred grad or make Levy look a hard nosed negotiator. I really fear we will miss out by being a couple of players short in key positions rather than have a few millon less in the bank account
SRV good posts, agree 100%.
guys the other point is that how much does Levy really care of tradition. We sack a manager every couple of years in a fairly unsentimental way. we can only guess how much of a bluff it was whether we were going to move to stratford. Does ENIC really keep the club out of tradition or that it has been slow to develop the ground and will maximise value once a new stadium is built. For me our traditions were actually to buy the best players out there. when i was a kid it was us who were labled as a chequebook team
Somebody above has likened Levy to John Major, I am now eagerly awaiting the ITK story of a possible liason with Edwina Curry.
I have to agree with those expressing concerns that "Same old Spurs" may mean Modric going @ 23.15 on the 31st Aug, after we have finally screwed the last 500,000 out of Real Madrid or an alternative buyer, and the Adebayor deal collapsing at 21.00 so leaving us with a big pile of unspent money, no time to do anything and Danny Boy receiving a congratulatory e-mail from Joe Lewis, praising his "bean counting" ability.
Ade and his ''terms of agreement'' fall about 1million short according, to what you read, the fee is ok with both clubs 6million, of which Le Scum get a % from a sell on clause, it's the ''green gages'' he will get x per wk + a signing fee, I'm sure this will get done and dusted soon, his back training at Money City with the youth team. Hugo Lloris is another must needed player, class goalkeeper, reports say we are back in for 16m ? But for all that our great departing manager did for us 8th - 4th - 5th - 4th, leaving behind a good squad of players and the club in better shape, his words, not mine, his managed to leave us with Defoe, yes just one striker, Saha departs, after Fergie managed to trick Harry into playing him against Utd, telling the papers in his mind games, how much he feared Saha, ha ha more like it, nice work Fergie, Twitch fell for it. we have Kane who in my opinion will not make it at spurs and is a championship striker at best, Souley has potential, that's all we have, so well done, same old Tottenham, depends which way you look at it. Porto are a little pi$$ed off about AVB speaking to Hulk. Is Ratman going or staying, becaue i would rather have Moutinho IN, Ade IN, Lloris IN and one more ANOther striker, then i think we would be set. Fryers is all but done and dusted, subject to the fee, via tribunal. Then it's out some of the deadwood, IMO BENTLEY; JENAS; BASSONG; GIO; GOMES;
spu 4 life
Slurms McKenzie - What sort of car is it? It's in my price range..........
spu 4 life
@ Raging Spurs... did you just mentioned Mata for Modric + cash....seriously you must be high on something. mata has been more instrumental with more goals and assist in one season than modric in probably 5 seasons. Yeah Yeah!!! i guess that old arguement of playing postion is welling up in your throat... but frankly i don't wanna hear/see it.... The way i smell this, Levy's insistence on selling abroad has place RM in a vantage point and levy must sell modders. keeping him against his wish for another year would solve nothing and his price then will probably be in the 15 -20m range. levy needs to wake up and smell the coffee, no club in their sane minds will offer 40m for modric again. better take what you get now. AVB is not a man manager like Harry who had modder's respect. i doubt with his atrocious man management skill he would be able to contain a modric blow -out in the dressing room. For all his bluster Levy would probably listen to our 36m offer now which unfortunately for him is no longer on the table. Although he can always put a call in to Roman and beg.
from the tone of the responses it looks like 'same old Spurs' but there's a real lack of thankfully...more much for the mystery investment or marquee signings....busness as usual sell before you buy and try, take a punt on few players and hope to get lucky....
If the government ran the country like Levy runs Spurs, we'd have a new prime minister every five minutes, we'd retain our position as one of the most expensive places to visit, GDP would be falling behind our closest rivals, and immigration would be nil as the country is at full capacity, despite us needing it to increase our GDP, and the government promising to deal with it for the last eleven years.
Very droll lordjohhny, but unfortnately also very true.
Frank, you seem to have a short memory. Chelsea tried putting in a late offer for Modric last season, it was turned down. The only time Levy was forced to sell late was berbatov, given the length of his contract there wasn't much choice with that one.
It's amazing how quickly the knives come out for Levy. What short memories some have for the way he dealt with the Russian last year.
Yes, I know the he still has the Berbatross around his neck but the way he handled the Modric affair last year shows the ambition he has for the club and that we are no longer a feeder for the Sky 4.
Those players who want to throw out the toys should be told travel or no pay, train or no pay, play or no pay, if we get our asking price then you can leave but until then shut the feck up. If you don't like Chicken Badge then you don't get Chicken pay.
Let them rot in the reserves and when they start to see their bonuses gone I think that they will balk. We own Modric for another 4 years, we get to say when he leaves and for how much.
'.....quickly the knives come out for Levy.' ? Are you sure miami? He's been in charge since 2001 and has got away with loads, and others less responsible have got more flack than he's ever received. Ambition, for the club that he is responsible for, includes maximising income, and he and ENIC have let us all down with that, which is why he scratches around for a few extra million in transfers to try and keep up with our supposed competitors.
Lordjohnny-I guess that you would have us return to the ways of Sugar or Scholar.
BC-I have heard of a double Oboe bt never a double Basson(G) ;-)
miamispur. alan sugar saved spurs from the same fate rangers are going through.check you history mate
At the present time, the unspent money from pav and sales of Niko and Charlie have not even been offset by the purchase of vert and sigh. So yes, at the moment, same old tottenham and a transfer profit made, plus wages from nelson, Saha, king etc. I trust levy, he runs a good business ship, but a big season to back avb and need him to invest.
Are they the only options the miami? I want someone who realises the ambition and pull of this club, and that amounts to more than a paltry 36,000 every home game. If you think that is acceptable, then you are another Levy and ENIC apologist. It is nothing short of a disgrace that our once BIG CLUB now has an attendance that is virtually on a par with clubs who, with respect, couldn't wipe our boots, or, more pertinently, match our 20,000 locked out, waving their cheque-books, while ENIC turns another blind eye for the 11th year in succession. In Levy we rust.
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