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Strikers - fantasy vs. reality

As with many recent articles, the subject of this one is based largely on speculation. And there can be little doubt that we would benefit from strengthening our squad in many areas.

Of course at this time of the year, every club in the world is the subject of tranfer rumours and media gossip. Certainly none more so than our beloved Spurs. But now, as in the last few transfer windows, surely our focus has to be on strengthening our front-line. Now, is it seems to have been taken as read that we will favour a 4-3-3 formation under AVB. This is probable, if by no means certain. And of course all coaches and teams have to be adaptable to various formations and shapes. Come what may, we are woefully short of striking options.

I have, in other articles, voiced my doubts over Harry Kane. Nothin would please me more than to have the next 'bright new thing' to have emerged from or ranks and take the league by storm. Sadly, and I hope I'm proved wrong, I just don't see it being Kane. He looks flat-footed, short of pace, and shows no sign of having the tactical nous or ability to see and make runs that are essential in a modern striker. In a Premier league squad, he is nowhere near good enough to be a starter (yet).

So with the working assumption that a squad should have a minimum of 4 strikers, I would prefer to give Coulibaly a squad number and have him as 4th choice. I have Defoe down as no better than a 3rd choice striker in the modern Premier League. His career record is patchy at best, and at the age where he will be losing maybe a yard of pace it would be dangerous to rely too much on him as a starter. This is lousy timing of course to be having a dig at JD, and I'm sure I have the support of everyone on here when I send him all my sympathy and condolences.

This is all a long winded way of posing a question on here. I'm sure most of you have guessed by now what that question is: Realistically, bearing in mind we do not have unlimited spending power, that we are not in Europes elite competition, and that we would appear to be a minor gamble for a major player, who should we be bidding for? Who is a realistic option? And who would YOU sign if you were in the hotseat?

I don't want this to come across as a 'fantasy league' rip-off. But on most articles on here, the posts eventually centre on transfers and our own targets, strikers especially. So I though it would be a good idea to have a dedicated article to get all the views and ideas on one page. Over to you Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!

Written by LilyWhiteHart

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The journalist

Writer: LilyWhiteHart Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 27 2012

Time: 4:29PM

Your Comments

Anyone as long as we actually have 1 striker.
Demba Ba can lead the line on his own and link up play
Slurms McKenzie
What a fall from grace for Kane this time last year I remember rednapp beign barrated for not including him in the premiership team he was that good! He play a couple of times in Europa League and now he is being dropped? How old is this kid and he has peaked already?
Slurms McKenzie
So Ade, Demba ba, Defoe and Coulibaly/kane I reackon 14million would complete our forward selection.
Slurms McKenzie
If the money's available, Carroll could be worth a shout as his $h1t stinks at the bindippers!

Yes, I am serious.

The main three would have prem experience so a lot less bedding in time and would allow No. 4 to be blood as well
Slurms McKenzie
No need to panic about this situation. The US tour and the Olympics are holding up transfers. I'm sure AVB will get who he needs for his system. Maybe he's toying with the idea of us playing like Spain with six midfielders taking turns going forward! ;-)
Sorry but paying more then the reported 20 million that Newcastle have offered is just grotesque for a player who performed like Carrol did last year.
Slurms McKenzie
Looked that way the other night with Bale playing in an advanced position and scoring. Siggy seemed to be the left winger for that move.
ITK Bollox: Akqayid: The Duty Free in New York has been purchased now. Collect the item on the journey home. And give the present when landing. #SCITK Then he posted.............. @Akqayid Aftershave is good. The bid cuddly smiling bear just a tad longer. Might make the flight. Matrix then asked...........Id suppose this would be Ade and the earlier lloris? Akqayid then said..............yeah your right. So the Duty Free is about Lloris and the smile part Adebayor
chelski don't seem to be affected by the Olympics when it comes to signing players!
Slurms McKenzie
But we'ed have to retain the ball lilke Spain do aswell Zombie-greasvsie and as good as parker is he's no Iniesta...
Slurms McKenzie
Remy, Leandro and Ade, Defoe as 4th striker. Cheaper option- Jelavic from Everton looked pretty good end of last season and knows what the back of the net looks like.
van der haart lane
AVB has said that he wants no more than three strikers as we only have room in the starting 11 for one. Rossi is a realistic target as he's available for less than 10m but is unavailable until September at the earliest. Other than him and Adebayor who is realistic? Given the bids we are reported to have made for players and the haggling we've done can we even spend 15m on a striker? If not then Adebayor with Rossi coming into the fold once he's recovered could be our only option. Far easier to answer these questions once our spending has properly got underway so we can see exactly how much we have at our disposal.
Spurs Allday
I am really hoping for Damiao but I think that's a bit out of Levy's budget for a striker. What I would really like is for us to take a flyer on Jordan Rhodes of Huddersfield. I'm sure we could get him for under 7m. I suspect he's the next top British striker. Also expect Ade to be here by next Friday.
Usa tour and the Olympics- is the excuse now being trotted out to explain our season on season delay with getting business done nice and early?
van der haart lane
Demba Ba? Release clause of 7m. He knows where the back of the net is.
Good point Slurms, but don't forget we can't spend what we want to get things done quickly like the chavs. AVB is probably assessing the fringe players on this tour in order to decide who is worth keeping . Levy has other more pressing matters to attend to. I'm sure AVB has other options besides Oscar on his list. I'm not worried at all, not worried in the slightest.
Big C don't get me wrong I'd prefer Remy and Damiao but that's a combined 40m do you honestly see that sort of layout? Take into account that we're unwilling to pay 18m for the world class Lloris and you'll see why I have doubts.
Spurs Allday
BC, Ba was hampered by the arrival of Cisse who took his spot in the centre. Ba was then relegated to the wing and a support role. Don't take away his excellence as a front man. If Cisse wasn't there those goals would have been put in by Ba (except the #2 goal of the year...what a beauty).
spurboy61 I'm with you Demba Ba but some may point out on here that a rotten onion knows where the back of the net is too...
Slurms McKenzie
IF, the mooted 'war chest' Levy gave to AVB on arrival as reported is true, then we needn't worry I guess, its just seems we are cutting it fine with only a few weeks to go. I dread another charlie adams last minute deal offer
van der haart lane
Demba Ba is a realistic choice, although I think if he'd wanted to come here we would've already signed him. Ade of course, but now it seems we cannot afford his wages. Damiao is too expensive for us. Remy, Dembele (is he a striker?), Carroll would be a good choice in my opinion if we could get him for 17-20M.
@ big cockerel, In fairness to Ba, he was effectively pushed out to a wide position after the addition of Cisse and the form of Ben Arfa, so he wasn't playing to anything king his ideal position. I think he could be quite effective in a central role once again, but clearly I can't see us bringing in two African based strikers with the African cup of nations in the new year, which would leave us with nothing if we had Ade and Ba and both their countries qualified
Jables I don't think Ba wants to leave Newcastle. Everyday there's a new quote from him declaring he's staying put. I've read somewhere that Pardew is intending to play him more centrally again this season which will no doubt please him further, besides if we wanted him we'd have met that clause by now.
Spurs Allday
is luuk de jong still available.if ade deal has fallen through, we are fecked.i expect owen and heskey.War chest"my arse"
So none of you are buying this dodgy knee thing that Ba is supposed to have? That is enough to put me off. If we let Hoilett go somewhere else, then I suspect we have things in the pipeline.
topspur53 I think de Jong joined Gladbach for around 17m
Spurs Allday
The problem with the question is it assumes strikers are more or less interchangeable. If AVB is serious about playing with only one striker, which makes sense if you have goalscoring midfield players like Bale and VDV, then he needs to be a player that can lead the line, a target man who can hold the ball and bring others into play. Defoe isn't that kind of player, nor is Kane who looks like someone who will score goals as a second striker but can't play as a lone front man. That means we are looking for a minimum of two genuine centre forwards before the end of the transfer window.I have no idea where we get them from.
Article says exactly my point in an earlier post today - would be happy with Couilibaly as number 4 and if he were to stay, Defoe as number 3. However, we HAVE to get number 1 and 2 strikers in asap. Realistically, we could look at Adebayor, Berbatov, Dempsey, Ba who would all improve us. Doumbia would also be more possible than the likes of Cavani, Hulk and even others such as Damiao who we would all like I'm sure. Maybe a cheaper option, but proven PL scorers such as a Berbatov, Ba or Dempsey could be brought in and a younger Damiao or Remy to give them time. Doumbia would be my preference & Dempsey, but all mentioned would improve us.
Jod ...that's right. Two is a minimum. My heart goes out to Defoe and all, but he needs team built around him.....Which we should not do.
another one we have missed then SA. frank is right same old same old.
As someone said earlier - maybe worth pushing Everton to deal on Jelavich for Pienaar ?
Ade and Damiao or Ade and Cisse P. I think Ade is good for next week. Getting the second striker is my concern. You are right, has to be a good hold up man but also needs speed to get ahead of Bale and Lennon on counters. Berbatov can hold and score but not known for pace and bad Karma with us. Maybe we could approach United for Chicharito! LOL!
Liking the sound of Dempsey. Good, strong, passionate player with never say die attitude. Can hold the ball well and knows how to score. Can play up front and behind main striker. Could easily rotate with VDV and Siggy in the 4211 or 4231 formations and rotate as the central striker in a 433. Yes I like that suggestion. I'll have a word with Daniel tonight!
I love Dempsey, but the age is an issue. He does seem to be getting better as he gets on though... Jelavic looks good but Everton would be mad to let him go. Too late. Coulibaly IS fantasy. The guy is 17 and Has onlybeen in the country a year. This kid needs a loan to learn English Football.
If AVB only wants 3 strikers than if Ade is coming I suspect that will be it for strikers. Ade, Defoe and he my see VDV as a striker or even call up Caulibay.

Do we need any more? He may think for the first part of the season we will be covered and see how they do before splasing out.

May priority will be selling Modric and replacing him and getting cover for Lennon/Bale imo to keep width.

Possibly a GK needs sorting for long term.

AVB may bring the youngsters through in his first season.
Condolences to JD. However I don't see him fitting into our plans this year. If we get Ade and A. N. Other (hear he's really a triffic lad) then I see selling JD to a mid table team (Stoke, Sunderland, Wigan) and maybe bringing in a youngster like Rhodes. Beginning to get very excited! What's that Frank? Yeah I know buddy, just wishes, same old, same old, eh?
I watched Harry Kane against LA and he certainly did not look flat footed to me. He made a couple of decent runs, a good cross and did a bunch of unheralded link-up play. He will probably get a great platform these next two games, so it's there for him to grab it by the scruff of the neck. That said, we still need Ade on board and a couple of strikers. Sooner, rather than later, though I still believe the Modric cloud is the biggest issue we have. COYS
Agreed Peter, this is the best opportunity for Kane to make an impression.
Halt everything! and sign Doumbia...
Ade, Castaignos, Ba (20 M), sell Defoe, add proceeds from Pav, net gain. Add Remy and Perisic as winger/strikers, sell Pienaar, GDS, Jenas, Bentley and add the money for Kranjcar, and we're likely breaking even. If Lloris or any other keeper comes in, we'll get funds for whomever goes out. Modric leaves, Moutinho in, we're likely up a couple of quid. It's not all bad, we just need ducks to get in line. For me, Kaka to Inter is the first shoe that must drop. COYS

ADE (Striker 1)
FALCAO or HULK (push the boat out for one of them)
REMY (Striker 3, also can be used on the wing)
DEFOE (Striker 4)
COULIBALY (Striker 5 - free squad pick due to age, i think?)
JOE ALLEN (possible playmaker)
BENAT EXTEBARRIA (my personal choice as playmaker)
FERNANDINHO (offers pace and striking abilty)
GASTON RAMIREZ (winger that attacks and shoots)
MATEO KOVACIC (big prospect, a future Ratface)
LUIS SUAREZ (offer the bin-dippers 35m and tap him up)
BERBATOV (still has goals left in those boots for 5m)
M'BAYE NIANG (one for the future, one to look out for)
LEWANDOWSKI (proven scorer, but can he do it in the PL?)
GUISEPPE ROSSI (sounds like he's available)
DAMAIO (looks unlikely, but pure class in front of goal)

My staring XI for the upcoming season (4-1-2-3)
Walker Verts Kaboom BAE
Mountinho/VDV Siggy/Benat
Hulk Ade Bale
Like the kaboom yidmarks.
Rossi is very realistic and can play the lone striker role if needed. He's injured at the moment but should be ready in a couple of months. He is a class striker and is only 25. We can snap him up for a sub 5m
People need to stop banging on about Leandro. The kid isn't coming!!!! He has said it himself and so has his club. Rant over... Move on!!!
So, Rossi, Castaignos, Ba and Ade for less than Leandro would cost. Sounds good to me. All quality and Ade gives Kane and Coulilaby time to mature and get experience on loan. Next week some of the pieces need to fall in to place. COYS
I think a striker that would do well for spurs and this might come as a surprise to a few is Steve Fletcher of wolves u think he could score 15 goals for them imaigian what he could for us with the right service
rockerty rock8
Rockerty rock - plaudits for thinking out of the leandro-hulk-Rossi box that everyone's needle is stuck on... Fletcher has been quoted at an inflated price however, and he does not come across as an Avb type player.... But most of his goals are headed....imagine how many Bale crosses he could get onto.... I agree that Leandro ain't I could name eight Brazilian strikers that failed in Epl, and none that even did so much as average.
Lets please forget about Carroll once and for all, he should be ignored for exactly the reason that Rdgers wants rid, he can't fit in if you want to play football, he is a lump. We should have been scouting France, Germany, Holland, and Eastern Europe etc. rather than Spain and Italy for the medium priced types like Cisse, Ba, Jelavic, De Jong etc.etc. we should also have competed for Hoilet and Moses. It is always better to scout players live than rely on The Sun, The Mirror and the Daily Star or U tube. We should forget about the Rossis, Llorientes etc of this world, stick to those we are willing to afford, and who would actully consider coming to Spurs. Whatever we do we need to be sharp about it, with 3 weeks to go until Newcastle away, and no decent PL quality striker currently in the squad.
Cheers for the responses, and apologies that I've not been back to add my own two penneth. For what it's worth, I honestly don't see us breaking 20 million for one player, striker or otherwise. Which would rule out an awful lot of the usual suspects mentioned both here and elsewhere. My own preference would be 2 new strikers as I mentioned in the article. Ba at 7 million to me is a no-brainer. Good EPL pedigree over one and a half seasons, manageable fee and wages, and a step-up on what we already have. I don't think we'll get Adebayor, and in all honesty that wouldn't upset me that much. I'd much rather make a statement of intent and make concrete bids for either/both of Lewandowski and Doumbia. Whichever gets the most posotive feedback, pull out all the stops and get him in. I'd be reasonably confident starting the season with the midfield and defence we have, although I'd obviously welcome reinforcements. Two strikers and a 'keeper are now a necessity, plain and very simple. Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!

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