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With the revelation that Nuri Sahin to move on loan to the Premiership next week, the question is now where?

Of course it wasn't so long ago that the players was linked to Tottenham as part of the deal for our No14, but that wasn't something he appeared to welcome. Perhaps that was as much about his joining a club that wasn't his ideal destination on a permanent deal, and I suppose to cannot really blame him and I certainly wouldn't take that initial reaction as a snub, should he arrive on our doorstep a couple of weeks later.

I can imagine the idea of being told your club have agreed to swap you for another player is never something that makes a player feel good, and being effectively told where they want you to go, must make you want to stick two fingers in the air and tell them where to go, and perhaps this was something that Sahin did, at least until the deal was made more to his liking and more on his terms.

Perhaps the idea of playing in England for an ambitious team for one year isn't quite so hard to take. It offers him the opportunity for regular football once again, whilst also perhaps making Real Madrid look again at his talents, should he excel. Should Villas-Boas feel he is a worthy short term replacement for our departing playmaker, it may suit everyone, perhaps allowing Spurs another shot at Moutinho or whoever, next summer at a time when Porto might be more receptive to selling. Of course it also gives AVB more time to evaluate his squad and perhaps develop one or two youngsters for next summer.

There seems a login in linking sahib to Spurs with Niko's mate moving the other way, though he has also been strongly linked with our beloved neighbours and Man United, though perhaps with Fergie already securing Shinji Kagawa, perhaps a move to North London looks the most likely, though whether it will be the red or white side, we should no in the next seven days...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 27 2012

Time: 4:48PM

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My god! The articles are coming thick & fast today!

Can't see this happening really as he's only interested in a lone deal & I can't see Levy accepting that as part of a package taking Modric to Madrid.

If its Loan to buy then okay we'll give him a lash but how does giving us a player for twelve months equate to a reduction in the sale price of our prize asset?
Slurms McKenzie
This is 5!!! No Ox, this post is not an entry to the "game"!

The comments are coming fast from thicks aswell Spuds:-)
Slurms McKenzie
Sure that wasn't yesterday as well Slurms & are you lobbing me into that category too? looking back, I wouldn't blame you if you did mate!

Loans are fine up to a point, but at least with a loan, if the guy bombs you can send him back. Frazier Campbell anyone?

Can't see Sahin coming to us. Would welcome him screaming though!
No thanks, he is basically Huddlestone without the physical presence!
Tactically Challenge
Present company excluded Spuds;-) Yea the loan does give you a good look at a player but with no option at the end we may just be putting him in the window for Chelski or City
Slurms McKenzie
If we get him I'd be more than happy, if not then lets get Moutinho.
Spurs Allday
hewill go to arsenal, mark my words.
I suppose with a lone, it gives him a chance to impress Real or any other potential suitor in 12 mths time. also if we assume that Spurs remains a good place to play and have a happy dressing room, could he actually want to stay beyond this one season loan? We only have to look at Adebayor to realise that it is possible
Well ESPN are reporting a new bid is coming from Madrid so maybe this has something to do with it.
Spurs Allday
ESPN saying RM offered £33 million & also quoting Wenger as saying 'not close to signing anyone'.
Well if RM are offering around £33 million and sahin on loan for 12 months with them paying his wages that equates to over £35 million which is getting close to what we appear to be asking. Throw in an option to buy for a sensible sum on the off chance he works out and wants to stay then I think that would be worth doing business at.
take the money and get a couple of strikers ffs
Sahin on loan would be good, it leaves us more money for a striker and we can either buy him after the loan or try Moutinho again next year when Porto maybe more inclined to sell
Not needed at Spurs as he's more a ball winning midfielder to which we have Parker and Sandro
Sahin has actually got a very good goals to game ratio for a supposedly defensive midfielder.
Loan to buy sounds plausible. If we don't like him, we can return him and get the rest of the cash for Modric next year. Surely a decent deal if this actually is going to happen?
sahin to replace luka means we will use the 33m to get we can dream surely...coys
£33 Million and Sahin on loan, I would deal. Seen quite a bit of him in the bundesleague and he is a really good player and I think he would fit in nicely in a 433 or 4231. This would then allow us to concentrate our money on a couple of strikers and a new keeper. Then as others have said buy either him our Moutinho outright next season
For those who have missed this....
If only these lads could have what it take to play for us every game...
Sahin is no Modric but to say that we don't need him because of Huddlestone is a joke. Huddlestone is not a top player! He is a good player and a good option but he isn't a first 11 player week in and out. Sahin would be a good slide in the 433 midfield as well. He is far better than Parker and would compliment Sandro and VdV/Siggy. Still a downgrade to Modric but in the short term 12 months it gives us options to keep looking for a player or to try and buy after the season if it comes to being successful. If Modric is getting ready to go to Madrid there is no room for Sahin.
I thought it was reported that he did not want to come to Spurs. Why would that have changed? Him going to Arsenal would not make me happy, but then, if combined with the seemingly imminent sale of Kaka, PSG stating they will pay 40M, it seems to me RM are setting up their final push. I hope Levy has given them a drop dead date, informed them that the valuation (as confirmed by PSG) is 40M and told Modric, if RM don't want to stump the cash, you may leave for PSG or remain at Spurs. Table set, mood music is playing, I can smell the appetizers, let's just get the food served. COYS
Dc, these guys are just a bunch of ball jugglers. They possess skills which have no use in a real game of soccer. Not looking forward to the next part when they unveil the disgustingly loud third kit. Expect to see onlookers in shock or s*******ing at the sight.
What PSG are offering makes no relevance because he isn't being sold to PSG. Even if on the table which I doubt PSG has tabled that bid Modric will refuse a move to France. It has to be a side that Modric is willing to sign for. Are we really going to go another year with an unhappy player? I doubt it and if Kaka is sold RM will up there bid but not to 40m probably around 35m...
Juggling may seemingly have no real usefulness to the game....but, that's if you don't want it to. In South America that's what players (amature or pros) always incorporate to their game whenever possible and that's makes for a fantastic game of flair football...
Raging, the PSG valuation does matter. It confirms his value on the open market, further confirming Chelsea's valuation that we refused a year ago. Do I want this to drag on? Heck no. Then again I stated last summer that if Chelsea or anyone offered 40M we should just take the money and run. Levy made a stand (I wouldn't have) and he's sticking by his guns (that I would do). We aren't going to give him away, and as many have said, he is not replaceable like for like. I'm sure if RM offer 37M it'l be a done deal, but they aren't going to get him for 35M Euros. COYS
Haven't really seen the guy play but I'd take the 33m plus the player on loan sans wages to make up the 2 million we won't have to pay Modric. So effectively we get 35m plus a decent player. Cannot go wrong with that deal. That allows us to buy a decent striker or two. Put it to bed Daniel!
Off topic, but just back from the practice session in Baltimore. Much as I would like to pull a Paddyspur and give you a full report, I can’t say there was much of real interest to share with you all. I would classify the practice as fairly light which was understandable given that it was over 90F in the stadium! As others have noted the drills almost always involved ball play. Everyone was there except JD. VDV and Walker spent most of the session jogging around the pitch though Walker later did some sprint work. Couldn’t say whether they will play tomorrow but would have to think it’s doubtful. Lads all looked pretty relaxed esp Bentley in his ridiculous shorts. Vert in particular impressed with his quiet professionalism. It was also interesting to see him play the high line even when they were practicing in just one third of the pitch! Afterwards AVB and players came over to meet us/sign shirts etc. I have to say all were very friendly and engaging. I asked AVB when the new strikers were coming in and he laughed and said “Day after tomorrow.” Other interactions: Harry Kane understands that he will have a major opportunity to impress tomorrow, Hudd said his ankle was doing really well, Carroll blushed about No 14 having his name on it, Gomes particularly friendly with everyone.
PB Spur
All my numbers are £ not €..... Need at least £35m
Peter, last summer his price tag was met and he would have agreed to a move to Chelsea we said no. Now PSG would offer that but we have no chance of collecting 40m for him because he won't move to PSG therefore its irrelevant. He is only worth what another team will pay for him and the only teams that matter are the ones that he will actually sign for and PSG isn't in the running! We didn't want 40m for a PL move but now we can get around 33m and outside of PL...take it
I've never said sell on the first bid but I am saying sell! A player can only be worth what is being offered by a team that he will sign for. Man City can come in with 60m but that does not make his value 60m if he won't go there. Sure, we can hold on to the player and if he wants out he will never be the same player for us. We are already doubling what we got him for so lets part ways so we are both happy and have time to improve. If we keep him what good is it doing us? We are going to have an unhappy player when we can already make a good profit and find ways to improve. I am glad we are trying to get a good price for him but not if it turns out to be a Berba style sale because Levy only ****s us again with no time to try and buy/loan. I already believe the plan is to hold out and sell last second and I do believe that Siggy was brought in to be the replacement sadly. I don't see much activity happening in the midfield outside of maybe a goalie or striker being brought in. Its just how we do business...history shows.
Without Modric we stand no chance of finishing in the top 4 - and that is coming from someone who thinks we should sell the the little rat.
the PSG offer, if true, is still relevant. It places more pressure on madrid, both in terms of establishing a market value and because it is obviously better for us and worse for madrid if another team starts bidding. Yes, madrid is modric's preferred destination but if it doesn't happen he might still prefer CL with PSG, a team with the cash to really build something, than staying with spurs. If no other team made any offers than madrid and modric could conspire to lake things very difficult for spurs and the pressure wouls have been on us for pricing him out of a move by asking an unrealistic fee. As it is, it is now madrid who have the pressure and our valuation, even if too high for Madrid, is now justifiable. I would certainly prefer this situation with many clubs bidding 40 million even if modric refuses to move anywhere else, then it's his choice
Thanks for the clip dcruzer:-)
@big cockeral. A lot of people watch South American football. It's def a national event for almost everybody in the big cities...Reason why players leave is cause European have more money to offer and have big prestige to them (Europe! oh wow!, say the sheep) so that's irresistible to them...but deep inside they would prefer to stay home...big S. America players like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cafu, and others.
Can't wait for Thudd to be back. Don't need Sahin, defo not as a loan. Need to sort out a striker sharpish. Need to sort out another striker, just as sharpish. Wan't modric gone even sharperish.
Can't believe 23% think Vertonghen should be Cpt without kicking a ball in anger for the club and Bale! seriously?
Sahin is the captain for the Dortmund team that led to their first titles in years. Loan? I prefer a part exchange, loan is like we are not benefitting much to be honest, unless is 40 million plus this loan. 35 million and Sahin permanently is good to be honest.
if jordan henderson is worth 20 million, then yes, modric is worth 40 million but sahin must be worth a hell of a lot more than 5 million! a loan with an option to buy would be great
if jordan henderson is worth 20 million, then yes, modric is worth 40 million but sahin must be worth a hell of a lot more than 5 million! a loan with an option to buy would be great
Off topic-Under the breaking league news banner:
Hoilett to QPR-???? I thought we were interested? or was that all just media talk.
Last time we were given a player on loan from a club that just took one of ours did not go to well, Campbell....
30M and Sahin for keeps and they can have Golum.
I don't think it was media talk that we wanted Hoillet. I think it was VS talk. Lot's of folk here were saying enthusiastic things about him.
Total knobhead
Off topic.....Wow what a Olympic opening ceremony... 3hrs 45 mins. incredibile production...ended with Paul McCartney singing Hey Jude...
Block D Spurs
Block D, pity about Stell McCartney's GB team Goldfinga shellsuit design. I nearly puked my guts up when I saw it!
i would accept a loan for sahin, that leaves more money for the strikers..
Fryers played for our development side against Boro, so we'll probably get some form of announcement on him and Hall soon.
Spurs Allday
Zombi.. all part of the show mate!! The "queen and James Bond" leaping out of the helicopter..... Mr Bean in the orchestra.... The history of UK, industrial revolution etc... Kids & NHS staff Gt Ormond St. Hospital...great. There was a budget of £27m.. and 15,000 people involved..
Block D Spurs
What good are loan deals with regards to building a settled competitive squad. As we have discovered to our cost with the Adebayor situation, all that loans achieve is to postpone the problem for the period of the loan, thy don't solve aything. Then you have to start chasing around to either renew, or consolidate the loan into a transfer, or go shopping to look for a replacement sometimes in a hurry. Loans are meant to help out those struggling to purchase players, often the club is struggling in a mid to lower league position and strapped for funds. Clubs that aspire to be top 4 or 5 should be signing and owning players, not borrowing them.
How can almost 1/4 of us think we should give the captain's armband to a newbie I have no idea. It's gotta be Dawson based on seniority and he is deserving. I know he may not be in our first 11.
I quick comment on the Olympic ceremony from Pernambuco, Brasil, before I'm heading out for the weekend. The Brazilian friends with whom I watched most of the opening ceremony were quite puzzled by much of it. Some really thought the Queen jumped out of a helicopter and thought it utterly mad for an old woman. The sheep and sheep dogs seemed utterly strange for such a spectacle, and the part on the NHS was beyond grasp. "What a strange place that Britain is," one said. Completely different from the usual view of Britain, which is about predatory bankers and a toady for the Americans. Oh, and about football devoid of individual skill and creativity, but everyone admires the PL. Left people scratching their heads, this opening ceremony. But everyone recognized Mr. Bean, perhaps the most universally known oddball Englishman in the world. (You don't need to understand English to enjoy his tellie shows. I've watched it in several countries, and everyone loves him.) I'm afraid I'm going to miss the Bin Dipper match later today. Write lots on the site for me to catch up when I'm back on Sunday night or Monday morning. Tchauzinho, gente. (bye bye, lads.)
Total knobhead
Madaboutspurs jan vertonghen has captaincy experience , He is leader strong defensive creative skills helped keep the ball rolling for his side and he can score goals,Jan Vertonghen picked up the Dutch Footballer of the Year award and Ajax player of the year and defensive midfielder,He is good in the air, takes command at the back, likes to play out of defence, has a thunderous left foot strike and possesses the ability to score goals with his head. so you can't compare Jan and Dawson
Sorry for more off tocpic, but I agree with TK re olympic ceremony. It was great (an unerstatement) from a british perspective, however, as for any foreign viewer, it would've been a little confusng and a strange mixture acts. I suppose it was depicting British history and a quick lesson on what Britain is all about......if a viewer from Togo or one of unprounceable islands was watching it, not sure what they would've made of it!!

For me though it was an amazing spectacle!
I cant believe the Looserpool bought lazy Caroll for 35 million, 8million more than the cost of Olympic Opening ceremony. One of the worst piece of business ever....
Transfer ITK ‏@ITK_TRANSFER It is my understanding that QPR have bid for Emmanuel Adebayor. Huge ambition shown by Hughes. #qpr #mcfc #thfc I'm Sorry but how the hell are QPR going to be able to afford Adebayor what a joke if spurs cannot afford him NEITHER can QPR Also there is talk of Kaka going to West Spam ?? Seriously what are these people smoking ??? Complete idiots that live in cloud-coo-co land if you ask me ?? Thoughts p.s it really is sillly-season ??
lol, Critical_Spur. People in those islands can pronounce them, but probably find the word "Tottenham" unpronounceable. As one of my Brazilian friends said to me last night after watching much of the opening ceremony, the British always were an odd lot. He used a slang term that might be translated as "quirky." That's what I've always liked best about the British half of my blood. Much more endearing than the straightforward blundering of Americans. As to the topic of Spurs, make sure to provide sufficient commentary on today's match so that I can catch up, as I'll be missing it. (Going out to a farm for the weekend, with some sheep and dogs, as it is. It's just after 9 a.m. and I'm off.) COYS, and embarrass the bin dipping scourers and their yachting American ownership.
Total knobhead
When I tell Brazilians that I support Tottenham Hotspurs, they never can pronounce the name of our club.
Total knobhead
Rumours I have heard ( although press are spouting soooo much bs at the moment) is that avb wants cash only (not a player) and that sahin is not keen. They would be my reservations and I like the idea of Joe Allen teaming up with sandro and siggurdsson.
1882, man you got that right. DL needs to get a wake up call from the Hammers! What a laugh. Maybe DL should arrange for Spurs to spend a season in the Championship so the "ILI don't T brigade" could get a wake up call. Really wish this transfer business was as simple as Football Manager! Just look at the Holiet business. Everybody wants him but do you see any big name teams running after him, no! Because most managers don't see anything special about him. Decent player on a bad team! But you guys; QPR shows ambition! Bull! They are buying the best they can afford! Now you're slating Levy because he was smart enough to actually replace a player who could hardly walk with a player of quality and suggesting that shows no ambition, no improvement. Siggy is 10 times the player Krancjar is, much smarter footballer and a lot more energy. Both signings so far have been improvements, lifted up the quality of the club! Get real.
Big C, haven't we told them the price? £40m. That's what we want. We have received one bid of £27m and no one else has lodged another formal bid. Yes ILIT to do what is right for the club, despite the gripers (not including you in that) moans. I believe we have another 2 weeks to run in this saga.
I can't see any top players going to France in much of a hurry because of the new government's income tax increases. 75% tax on earnings over £300k ? They'll be leaving in droves.
HY, is that a very recent tax increase? If so that might Spur Remy to make the move! Can't see that being sustainable for any one unless there are a lot of loopholes.
I'm thinking more along the lines of £35m Big C! That may be where the Sahin rumor has come from. The Special One might be trying to do a cash plus loan (sans wages) for Modric. £33m plus £2m in savings from Modric wages and getting a good player for free for 1 year. Everybody's trying to be creative so they dont get labelled as making a bad deal.
1882, what gets me is blaming people for things that haven't happened yet and for possible bad things that could happen if things that they may/should do haven't happened yet or in the time frame that you want them to happen. So we haven't done diddly squat in the last 7 windows and what happened (despite the wringing of hands and all the doom and gloom) we go 4-5-4 in the league. You have to realize we have a very good team. There is no reason to bring in 5 or 6 players today! Yes we need 2 strikers, you know that, I know that and I'm damn sure that Levy knows that. I'm pretty certain that Ade is ours by end of next week and the second striker will come, it's a must. May not be whom we want but we'll get a decent one. We don't need a GK immediately. Fridel for all the complaints is a very good GK and I think Gomes is an excellent GK. We can address that next year. The Modric saga is gonna play out and we will get the right price. We may not replace him in this window but again I don't think we have to. I alluded to why in a previous post.
JVD yep. The new government swept to power on that tax promise among other things.
Sadaq.. well put on Verts. captaincy, Just why I voted for him.. Daws is poss. vice captain, if injuries to Jan............. Madabout.. we need a captain who leads by example (like ledly) instills confidence in defensive players and team mates, is more experienced than daws. Dawson frightens a lot of fans in his lunges to tackle also terrifies Gallas walker Kabul, Brad for example in positoning sometimes.. Don't forget the long balls to target man / crouchie were 90% from Daws.... Jan is a better player.
Block D Spurs
Everton have agreed a fee for Pienaar
Spurs Allday
Rumor is the sale of Pienaar will be swiftly followed by the arrival of Adebayor.
Spurs Allday
Castaignos has joined Twente
Spurs Allday
Shane Long anyone ????
Personally I would prefer to see a captain in a person who is established, experenced, less injuy prone and knows each member of the team as well as leads by example. All the criteria can not be met by most members of our squad. The nearest for me would be Kaboul. I like the idea of Jan as the captain, but feel he needs to 1) get to know personalities in the team and more importantly, 2) adjust to the PL. Since he is still relatively young, certainly a future captain. A captain imo is (if ft) expected to play most games and as such I don't feel comfortable with Daws. Daws is a 'reasonable' defender IMO and NOT a technicaly great player. Kaboul for me has come leaps and bound and has been the rock over the past two seasons.
Big C i getting desperate for a striker :(
Hi people, any links for the liverpool game today??
Do anyone of you believe as strongly as I do that Siggy is the Modric replacement? After finding out that he is on 60k a week I would have to expect that now we are basically only holding out for the highest bid from Madrid and hoping to still get Ade and possibly Lloris(unlikely). I really find it hard to believe that Moutinho was ever on the cards outside of being in the papers. I guess thats what they think is more solid team than last year. I am really disappointed at the thought of that being the situation but I have a strong feeling it is.
Why will a player leave Real Madrid and come to a club that cannot pass the group stages of the Europa League?
@vicspur... links here mate!
vicspur vipbox/tv/ has a link to the game they are usually good the link s sowing ennis at moment so it works it will go to the match at ix.
I'd be tempted to take Joe Allen as the Modric replacement and use the 20M saved to get a winger or 2. Then again, for the Modric money we could probably buy Ba, Allen, and Remy. Pienaar pays for Adebayor, so striker would be settled as would wing cover for Lennon with a Modricish replacement in place. I like Moutinho, but feel the amounts quoted are way too high. Still like to see us get another left-sided attacking player like Perisic although Sigurdsson didn't look bad when switching with Bale. Awesome cross on Bale's goal. Looks like it's going to be a fruitful next week. COYS
Peter, I don't think Moutinho is worth the risk at 31m. At least with Modric it was half the price and it paid off to twice the pay off but with Moutinho we are already buying high and we are not looking to sell probably either down the road he would be for the long term but I just feel for that much its to high of a risk. Perisic should have been bought straight from Brugge but he isn't going to be available for at least another season since he just moved to Dortmund last season but would be a good buy at about 10m as he can play on both wings or in central attack. Remy and Ade would both be good buys but seriously WE NEED A STRIKER! I am worried we are going to make just the Ade move and sell Modric and that will be our summer activity...I will find it hard to finish 5th with that...
I highly worry about doing a Swansea sweep of players. I really worry about doing what Liverpool did under Danglish and signing very average players for a little bit more than they are worth. Sure, we would never be that stupid to spend those amounts but we don't need to load our squad with players who are simply good but not great. We are just once again building a big squad that we did have and filling the roles once again with the same players...we need quality before quantity. We have youth to fill those holes in those scenerios...
Evening lads, anyone got a link for the game? I don't have Spurs TV online...
HD Sopcast Super link !!! - sop://
Spurs vs Pool links I did not know Niko added to his name when he left spurs, did you? His known as Niko Kranjcar-Pistov
spu 4 life
I dont think any link can beat the sopcast link I pasted, enjoy - Hopefully we do well.
May be a repeat -- starting is Friedel; Assou-Ekotto, Gallas, Kaboul, Naughton; Jenas, Livermore; Bale, Sigurdsson, Lennon; Kane
spu 4 life
In my head, which is not always screwed on right, I feel we have an adequate back-up for every position, aside from striker. Sahin seems like surplus and just a rumour, I'm sure it will turn out to be.
Feckin Charlie Adam, its only a pre-season game FFS!!
That's the second time he's done in Bale!
Adam is a (unt... fecking w4nk3r!
Charlie Adam is a thug. How many times do you want to try and injure the same player.............(unt.
spurfect one
Adam meant that. Wouldn't surprise me if he tried to do him before the start of the season!!! Fecking jock (unt
Not sure how many are watching the game v Liverfools but I am highly concerned with our middle of the park. Jenas received 13 balls (half-time) and every single one played back to our defense. He just cant turn and always short of ideas, and skills too. Kaboul & Gallas are doing the passing for us. Livermore just mediocre together with Jenas. Considering that Parker & Sandro lack creativity in cm, we DESPERATELY need a maestro to replace Modric. Jenas is just not good enough for Spurs and I must say he should be sold.
If Jenas is even in the squad vs Newcastle i'll be worried. Spending most of this half hiding. Doesnt even make himself available to help the back 4 bring the ball out of defense.
Well, that was one boring first half of football. We started and finished the first half good, but in between Liverpool was slightly better. Bale had two good crosses and Lennon should have scored. I concur with KOSOVO_SPURS that Jenas is not good enough. Liverpool's high pressure made us pass the ball backwards. We seemed to lack the courage to make riskier passes.
Second half - Bale, Jenas, Kaboul, Gallas out .Hudd,Vertonghen, Dawson in. I really dont know who we have if we ve to take Bale out. May be Bentley. Its just preseason - dont want Bale to be injured.
I think we have a good squad this season, but we are going to miss Modric' creativity in the midfield.
We had a good half. It could ve been better had the pitch was better with less grass. At times we were playing one kick than one touch football.
I don't like this highline thing we're doing. All the clubs will know our weakness and play on the shoulder of our defenders.
Only preseason but it shows how critically vulnerable we are at the moment. People rightly talk about needing to sign right wingers, strikers and central midfielders, but what about left wing? Without Pienaar and Kranc we have no-one reliable and of a high standard who can cover for Bale.
Thanks for the links guys. Adam did the same in the last 2 games against us. There is no doubt he meant it. He cannot tackle, the guy is a moron.
Its not like EPL Lino's don't make mistakes!
Guyver, we have Townsend...
Guyver, I agree, we definately need to get into the market and bring in some quality cover.
The high line will be fine. We just need players in front of it who are able to spot a pass. A high line, if you keep playing backwards will always cause issues. Jenas is nowhere near good enough. He needs to be much further up the pitch. Get Hudd in along with Livermore and it will be better. Near the end, the defenders started anticipating passes and started sweeping as is required in this type of system. Our players are athletic and they'll be fine. Sigurdsson again has made good runs and a couple of great crosses. Lennon could have scored, but it was fairly tight. Great cross by Bale and Kane was pushed in the middle of the back which was why he did not get up high enough. No Ade, Parker, Sandro, Walker, VDV, so really can't be too concerned. COYS
Ive seen nothing from Townsend to suggest he can help us achieve top 4. He's a huge drop in quality compared to Bale.
Guyver, agreed re Townsend.
Townsend just made a good run actually.
Man, without Modric we don't have much creativity going forward. Hudd came on and gave us a bit more of an edge, but he's certainly no Modric.
Hudds has every ability to fill the gap left by Modric. He's why and how we got top 4 in 2010, and looks to have improved his fitness after all the injury time off. We haven't seen Sandro yet either, I believe he could be a nice centre-mid playmaker as well as a brutal defensive mid. Then there's Tom Carroll, who may not be ready for this level, just yet.
From what I had heard before I don't think we will get any exchange or loan from RM beyond Carvalho. Anyway do we want their the highest... choice midfield player?
Forever Spurs

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6. Jables 167
7. Greavswasthegreatest 165
8. Spurfect11 163
9. spursgirl_4_life 157
10. Big Chiv 139

League Results (view all)

Latest Results
Swansea 1 - 2 Spurs
Spurs 0 - 0 Crystal Palace
Chelsea 3 - 0 Spurs
Spurs 2 - 1 Everton
Hull City 1 - 2 Spurs
Spurs 1 - 2 Stoke

League Table (view table)

Team P W D L GD Pts
4. West Ham 16 8 4 4 8 28
5. Southampton 16 8 2 6 12 26
6. Arsenal 16 7 5 4 9 26
7. Spurs 16 7 3 6 -2 24
8. Newcastle 16 6 5 5 -4 23
9. Swansea 16 6 4 6 2 22
10. Everton 16 5 6 5 3 21

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Spurs MOTM against Newcastle?
Suggested By:  Vital Spurs
Vorm 13%
Chiriches 1%
Fazio 5%
Vertonghen 1%
Rose 1%
Stambouli 5%
Bentaleb 16%
Townsend 2%
Eriksen 44%
Chadli 1%
Kane 7%
Dembele 1%
Soldado 2%
Capoue 1%