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It seems that it could be yet another day when absolutely nothing happens in the life of a Tottenham Hotspur fan...

Of course I could be wrong, in that we might sell Steven Pienaar to Everton. Our No14 to Madrid, Gallas to West Ham, Defoe to QPR. Alternatively, we might well secure Emanuel Adebayor, Lloris or whoever else in on AVB's radar, but why am I becoming so cynical in thinking that everything will fall into place once I head to the coast for a few days this Friday. Is it now Daniel Levys sole ambition to frustrate and punish me for past indiscretions? Perhaps it is something that YOU Said???

There seems a certain logic that we wouldnt sell Defoe and leave ourselves without a striker! Perhaps only bringing in Adebayor (which WILL happen by the way..) isnt enough tto allow Defoe to go. Of course we need at least one more to make it two. and that probably is one short.

You feel that Steven Pienaar to Everton is all done bar the official picture, but like with so many other deals, therer is sure to be a domino effect from either side and For Spurs to sell another player, there surely needs to be another to come in to balance things out. Question is who?

Perhaps we should make a predection of which deal happens first? Will Everton finally be able to break their Piggy Bank or find that last fiver down the side of the sofa to pay for Pienaar? Will City crumble and pay Adebayor £5m to leave? Will our Croatian decide that he actually likes Chicken or will Madrid pay the asking price?

You could always be clever and predict a sequence of transfers that allows for all to be completed in one. Spurs sell Defoe, but bring in Adebayor, Leandro and AN Other in to totally reshape the attack? Gomes returns to Brazil (or whoever) and we bring in Lloris or maybe we sell Gallas to West Ham, Caulker to Swansea on loan and bring in Carvalho to delight the fans.

There is always the possibility that AVD will be delighted with everyone at the club and has a secret play to turn our No14 into a false No9, whilst perhaps he was hinting in giving the shirt to Bale? Bentley and JJ could be our new dynamic midfield pairning and Gio, Gomes, Pienaar and god knows who else could be our future saviours....

Of course I could be wrong, in that we might sell Steven Pienaar to Everton. Our No14 to Madrid, Gallas to West Ham, Defoe to QPR. Alternatively, we might well secure Emanuel Adebayor, Lloris or whoever else in on AVB's radar, but why am I becoming so cynical in thinking that everything will fall into place once I head to the coast for a few days this Friday. Is it now Daniel Levys sole ambition to frustrate and punish me for past indiscretions? Perhaps it is something that YOU Said???

There seems a certain logic that we wouldnt sell Defoe and leave ourselves without a striker! Perhaps only bringing in Adebayor (which WILL happen by the way..) isnt enough tto allow Defoe to go. Of course we need at least one more to make it two. and that probably is one short.

You feel that Steven Pienaar to Everton is all done bar the official picture, but like with so many other deals, therer is sure to be a domino effect from either side and For Spurs to sell another player, there surely needs to be another to come in to balance things out. Question is who?

Perhaps we should make a predection of which deal happens first? Will Everton finally be able to break their Piggy Bank or find that last fiver down the side of the sofa to pay for Pienaar? Will City crumble and pay Adebayor £5m to leave? Will our Croatian decide that he actually likes Chicken or will Madrid pay the asking price?

You could always be clever and predict a sequence of transfers that allows for all to be completed in one. Spurs sell Defoe, but bring in Adebayor, Leandro and AN Other in to totally reshape the attack? Gomes returns to Brazil (or whoever) and we bring in Lloris or maybe we sell Gallas to West Ham, Caulker to Swansea on loan and bring in Carvalho to delight the fans.

There is always the possibility that AVD will be delighted with everyone at the club and has a secret play to turn our No14 into a false No9, whilst perhaps he was hinting in giving the shirt to Bale? Bentley and JJ could be our new dynamic midfield pairning and Gio, Gomes, Pienaar and god knows who else could be our future saviours....

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 31 2012

Time: 11:43AM

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I think Ox really needs that break!
Slurms McKenzie
2 articles for the price of one?
I'm hoping for a suprise in the starting line up where we see Ade up front and Lloris in goal.
Can't see anyone arriving until the team are back in Engerland. Pienaar is gone, mod will go but only when the replacement can be revealed on the same day and I like the look of Ade and Lloris deals I expect these to be completed first.
Slurms McKenzie
I just want to clarify thats an eye not a one - cheeky RAPM
Slurms McKenzie
The game is on tonight....last one before the trip back to the UK. So you can look forward to that!! We are still missing players who are off on Duty and they could be gone until 10th/11th of August?? (Olympic final). That would mean the full squad could be back together for the First time....After our last friendly warm up game (9th August). There is always something in the damn way of our preparations.... We then have literally 9-10 days to train, and Hopefully fill gaps in the squad...... Personally I can see Ade joining before then, possibly Lloris if the rumors were actually true. The Luka deal is taking an age... Madrid have a friendly booked for the 11th and i would think they would want their new man (if he goes) in place before then....again they will have 9 or so days after that before the start of their own season. We need to wrap that one up and get in the replacement pretty much at the same time...this means a lot of work. But IMO i predict a busy next 2 weeks approaching with some Keep the faith Ox. COYS.
Off topic but is the game at midnight tonight? And I know it's on ESPN but is it on Spurs TV too? Thanks for the help if anyone knows
By the sounds of it we'll probably spend the whole 70million budget over the weekend. Its like when the kids do exams is the only time the sun shines likewise when Ox goes on holidays all the transfers happen...
Slurms McKenzie
This was a bit repetitive. Any truth in the rumours that City are happy to let Ade go for nothing? Shame to lose Pienaar before we offload Jenas and Bentley. Do we need Thudd, Livermore, Sandro AND Parker? overloaded DM for me but we're reluctant to move any on because they're all good.
Samparadise I agree with your assessment of the DM's Parker must be the one closest to the door but with Sandro's, and Thudd's recent injury record I'd be reluctant to let any of them go this season.
Slurms McKenzie
Damn It I should have opened with the comment "You can say that again OX"...
Slurms McKenzie
Adebayor (which WILL happen by the way..) omg NO! please NO! Carvalho to delight the fans. No delight from me Ones a Gooner and the other ones an old man. no on both counts
fonekit one hates the gooners more than we do and did good things on the whole last year....the other i would only go for if we sell Gallas....we will need and experienced head aswell
fonekit I think Ade has already demonstrated how much of a Gooner he is. The Carvalho comment was a wee bit sarcastic (I hope)...
Slurms McKenzie
who would you suggest up front for the overall money fonekit? Genuine question because I think Ade done very well for us last year and would suit our new system. Big wages but levels out due to cheap (for a player of his quality) buying price...Damioao etc would cost a lot more and more of a risk - Still would want him over Ade but he is a lot more
Agree on Carvalho, would prefer to keep Caulker
Yeah strange one from you today Ox, bar the editing craziness. ITK on ade and then a strong opinion on carvalho? Not your usual careful "neutrality". Nowt wrong with it mind, i guess you are getting demob happy.....
Demba Ba MrPaddytheYid would be the perfect foil for Ade and Spurs and both could be bought for less then 10 million!
Slurms McKenzie
MrPaddytgheyid - Yeah its on Spurs TV online....
Definitely do not need Carvalho: 1. Kaboul 2. Vertonghen 3. Caulker plus: Dawson, Gallas, Bassong. Six CB's is more than enough FFS. Reassured by previous GOSSIP which reported that AVB did not want any players in the Modric deal - just cash. Agree with SAMParadise - Pienaar will be done, but a shame as would prefer him as back up instead of Bentley, JJ etc. Still - hoping that a few more out = some IN's (on the basis that nothing has changed and we still aim to make a surplus from our transfers). Next two weeks is very important for us to catch up & strengthen.
After that early flurry of activity, it was always going to slow down as Levy gets into his normal rhythm!
Tactically Challenge
I will sa this if AVB thinks Kane is ready to be a main ST thuis season then he has loist the plot already. Kane may be a good prospect but I just dont think he is ready to be part of the first team and an excuse for us to not go out and buy more experienced players which at this point in time is what we require. Proven goal scorers with proven ability. Yes blood the kid in to the EL or other cups but seriously we need to invest in some goalscoring talent and with 18 days to go and pre season fast coming to an end it remains to be seen if we are likely to add anyone other than the protracted transfer of Ade.
Whitehart Lad
Thisnk is I'm not almost 100% sure that none of these players are AVB signings. Vert, Sigi and Ade have all been signed before he joint - maybe he had some input but I doubt if these wree is target players. I'd like to see him put his stamp on the team really and see players come in that are his. Damiao again is a Spurs target not a AVB target - who is he looking at and wanting to sign???? All we know about are the same old players from last year - Mouthinho might be is preference which woudl be nice. To be honest I'd love to seea real curve ball signing - someone that we haven't already discussed or mentioned
So bored of this summer now. Was hoping we had seen a new Levy with that early activity. But here we are, less than a month to go and alarm bells are getting ready to ring.
Tottenham Hotcore
Whitehart Lad - Yeah I'm with you on the 'curve ball' signing.....a winger or striker would suit me. AVB's choice completely....obviously he has worked with the squad now and it would be great for him to surprise us with some real talent.
Sorry that was a reply for mattspurs. Agree on Kane though...he should be given his chance but we need some quality in depth
fonekit, I believe in redemption. Gallas, for example, was a Gooner, but gave decent service at WHL. If you remove the stench of the red and white and the arrogance of Highgate/Emirates, some of them could find redemption. What isn't tolerable is moving in the opposite direction like an unmentionable defender who called himself with the latin word for sun.
Total knobhead
lol no worries SpursOne2
Whitehart Lad
If Adebayor's our top striker target then there's no real need to panic about the time it's taking, he's played here last year so knows the team and will slot in without the bedding in period. I'm quite confident that we'll line up in good shape against Newcastle.

Whitehart Lad It's not AVB's choosing as such. Part of the job he was given was to bring development squad players into our first team. He has to be seen to be giving Kane and co. a chance. Think about the major positives of this "new direction" Jenas out, Carroll in! Bentley out, Townsend in! It's brightened my day already :)
Spurs Allday
I guess quiet due to Levy also being in America, so maybe when the team returns we will start to see a little more action, also AVB will have had a little look at players like JJ, Bentley etc and will tell Levy if he wants to keep them, I'm guessing it will be a NO Thanks, GDS will come back after Olympics and need a rest so AVB may not be able to decide to keep or sell him in tme for the close of the transfer window. I still think GDS has something to offer and with the right Manager i.e. AVB will bring out the best in him and get him performing for us!!
Whitehart Lad
worst article i've ever read
I'd like to see carrol get his chance - From what I have seen of him he could grow in to that "modric" type of player. If we surround him with protection from Sandro and parker it could leave him free to develop, however do you build a team around him - maybe not just yet. He may well benefit from a good loan at a decent PL club and come back like Walker did!!
Yeah Spurs Allday I agree but we cant let that have to much of a negative impact on the team, I know and appreciate they are all young and hungry and keen to prove themselves but wwe also need the experience to keep us moving forward. I think it wont be to long before Townsend and Co are regular starters and yeah I agree its good to see them finally getting their chances and I would love to see Kane step up to the challenge and prove to eveyone that he is ready, I hope we get to see more of him tonight, against Liverpool he only really had 1 good chance although his positional play was good
Whitehart Lad
I was about to phone the optician to get new glasses as a result of a sudden bout of double vision, until I realised Ive only just got me new specs & in fact the article was a double post! looks like al the recent crap has taken its toll on our moderator.

I don't believe we will get in any of the players we've been drooling over, namely Leandro, Hulk, Moutinho or Lloris. We're more likely to get Ade Dempsey & Butland. Sorry boys, but I don't think we're going to get any stellar signings. hope I'm wrong & you lot will surely give me a kicking if I do! Bring it on, it'll be worth the pain. :-)

*Ade, Dempsey & Butland* Sorry for the missing comma.

Whitehart Lad Hopefully it'll be a touch cooler tonight as well. Don't think that sort of heat helps a striker much. From the way Freund was apparently raving about Coulibaly last night there's a chance we may see him involved in the first team this season. I wouldn't want or expect any of the young guys to be given too much responsibility in the team this year but they all need a bit of game time here and there.
Spurs Allday
Hey Ox I see AVB has now become AVD. Will he gradually become AVZ, then AZZ then ZZZ.....
Forever Spurs
Spuds-U-Like - At least we would have a choice between Ade/VDV/ Dempsey/Defoe/Kane...Friedel/Gomes/Butland/Cudicini with those signings! A bit of Depth at least....take them away and we are in the crapper.
Would like to see us go for Allen, Vorm/Krul, Dembele and Demba Ba. All premiership proven.
This summer was always going to be about quality in over quantity out. After Adebayor finished his loan spell with us and Harry left we were left with 35 players all vying for 25 squad places this coming season. So far we've let Corluka, Kranjcar, Nelsen, Saha, Alnwick and Jansson leave permanently. King's retired and Dawkins and Khumalo are out on loan. With Vertonghen and Siggy joining we're now at a much healthier 28 players now. That will come down by one if Modric and Pienaar leave and Ade joins. We could quite easily sell or loan out more to create space for new signings. Quite honestly, if we can change the management team, offload 10-12 players and bring in 5 quality additions in one summer that would spectacular. We just need to show some patience in this quiet period which is easier said than done!!!
muttley I agree 100%. There was a fair bit of work to do sorting out the numbers but we've made a promising start and now AVB's had a chance to look at the group for a couple of weeks he can make informed decisions on those that he feels should be cut. We need to sell three more over 21's than we sign so I'd happily take three in, six out. That to me would be an excellent window with a view to really strengthening in January.
Spurs Allday
Can't take away what we haven't got yet SO2 mate! Unless you meant take away the 3 I mentioned & yes, we will be in the crapper if we don't fill those positions this summer. Just hate to think that we might get desperate on the 31st August & sign anyone who's available. A last minute VDV type of signing happens very rarely.

Spuds - Yep well we are used to waiting till the last minute...but as long as deals get done. Was just thinking as well...if the lads return from the Olympics after the final..then they will probably be given a break as well? Meaning even less time with our squad.....its scary how close the new season is away from us. Pretty hyped as well thou! COYS.
Brain Fart!!
Looking in the mirror are we andyraa?

Sorry, couldn't resist that one, unless, as I haven't seen you on here before, you're a troll of course! If thats the case, I withdraw the apology.

No he's just thinking out his arse spuds-U-like:-)
Slurms McKenzie
Peinaar having medical at Everton according to Sky Sports
Slurms McKenzie
BREAKING NEWS: Tottenham have sold; Bentley, Jenas, Bassong, Peinarr, Defo, Rose, Gomes, Cudi and Bought; Lloris, Ade, Mouhrinto, Leandro, Hulk..... and then I woke up.
I think Levy is also i the US right? Now I know they work from there too, but I somehow reckon we will start to see the wheels go into motion when avb, levy and the playing squad get back. At that point, hopefully avb also has a better idea on who he likes, and who is wants to get rid off. The reality, unfortunately is that this is, yet again, another transition season. How quickly avb can get a team playing the way he wants and the right people is going to be critical. Hopefully it will be fast, and the team already understands the style of play etc. Otherwise we end up with Ramos who had no idea on what system he wanted to play, and who would play where.
Sounds like Harry Rednapps idea of a nightmare Rapm
Slurms McKenzie
Yea spurs_sa I think we won't see any movement in, until the squad, AVB and Levy are wheels down in Blighty
Slurms McKenzie
MrPaddytheyid Ade did fine last season in many ways, but I DO think he may or should’ve had closer to 25 goals, not 17 That would probably given us 3rd spot last season CL Qualification for sure. The problem is apart from Bale, JD and Ade! We don’t get enough goals from elsewhere Frustrating Already Got loads of CBs imo Ade Wage demands outrageous Total knobhead Gallas Decent but now maybe had his time Slurms McKenzie Carvalho sarcastic (yes) but has not played many games in the last two years, can’t stay fit seen better days. Need a GK - Lloris Forward - Damioao worth a punt we will have the Luca money soon.
Spurs_Sa i said the same mate, while away in America it makes thinks a bit trickier to do any deals due to the massive time difference etc. Spurs ALLday Coulibaly is the one youth player I am really looking forward to seeing in action and I'm glad Freund has noted the lad, I really do think he is going to be a massive hot for us and we will have every man and his dog trying to sign him from us, so if I was Levy offer him a new deal with a release clause of £100m :0) Didn't he come on against Steveage for a bit and looked a real threat so get him blooded in with the first team, I think he has a good head for a kid his age and would relish the opportunity ;)
Whitehart Lad
I am also growing frustrated by the lack of anything happening
Oh yeah did i read somewhere that Bale dosen't want number 3 next season?? I will be well pi$$ed ff as I just got my away shirt with 3 BALE on the back!!! fancy selling tops and not confirming squad numbers until a week before the season, I know he is No.9 at mo which I know wont be his number but even still I will be a little bit cheesed off seeing at it was 1 of the squad number options on the Spurs site when I ordered my Shirt~
Whitehart Lad
no no i'm no troll i just thought it was fairer than damning the article offence meant it IMO seemed a bit like if this happens and that happens then this could happen then that could happen etc etc maybe if maybe when..i didn't see the actual POINT of the article..which would be my own personal brain farting i guess :) COYS!
So am I spurticus87 this article has been up here for most of the day and we have barely hit 60 comments...
Slurms McKenzie
i believe what andyraa is driving at is that "There are known knowns; there are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns; that is to say there are things that, we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns – there are things we do not know, we don't know"
Slurms McKenzie
top post muttley agree with that entirely. I think Levy realy owes the fans something special and just maybe he will buy a big name striker :-)
WHitehart Lad. Fancy getting a name printed on your shirt, especially when the numbers are to be confirmed, as was already communicated by the club.
Slurms-it Just shows everyone is sick of discussing nothing. Apart from Pienaar having a medical (big wow!) there is no news whatsoever. Two and a half weeks to go and no striker.....unacceptable.
I'm sorry hudderspur I'll try and do better...
Slurms McKenzie
But yes I agree that we seem to be in the doldrums at the momment but to be fair most other clubs are in a similar predictament. Spurs have money to spend this is also a problem as it means prices increase as a result. If only it was like FIFA just type in the criteria in to the search engine and then offer two million over the asking price and any player is yours!
Slurms McKenzie
Imho were screwed. All the excitement of the first week of AVB in charge has vanished. I bought into the thought of getting rid of Harry was the best way forward, and that Levy was going to go all out and support AVB, and in turn he was going to attract the calibre of player Harry couldn't. There was talk of takeover or foreigne money but nothing has materialised. It seems that Harry being in charge had nothing to do with us not spending, and this stadium really does mean we are watching the pennies. My biggest concern is Harry has worked wonders with little funds over the last few years, and I don't AVB will match it. There were two choices for me, get rid of Harry and spend it up or keep the purse strings tight and keep him. It looks as though our only 3 signings, Ade, Van, Sig were all Harry targets anyway, so so much for revolution!
hudderspur as frustrating as it is there's no need to be panicking over our striker situation. Adebayor is going to be our No1 striker next season and he already knows the players and our style so he doesn't need a pre-season to adapt. So as long as he's here before the Newcastle game there's zero reason to be so on edge over our strikers.
Spurs Allday
All true. Anything involving a player at another club could happen at any time that interests Tottenham, or could be proposed to Tottenham, or catches the eye of someone who either coaches, manages or runs Spurs or who used to. And will the club the player plays for at the moment be in Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Germany or Spain, or somewhere else entirely, somewhere like Africa? Who knows if the player turns out to be a striker or a goalie, or could strengthen the Spurs' defence, if he got signed. All the same you have to wonder, don't you?
Gomes, Walker, BAE, Kaboul, Vertonghen; Sandro, new No14, Sig; Lennon, Bale, Ade all drilled in set pieces, all rotated with what is still a squad full of internationals will not fall down the table, no need to panic.
Spurs Allday
yes lads i think it is fair to say that i'm bored of what i do know and bored of speculating on what we dont know..WE WILL SIGN A STRIKER..avb and dl didnt go to bed and wake up idiots did they? We WILL SIGN Adebayor 100% no doubt in my mind.DL is happy keeping the fans waiting and not paying his extortionate wages until he absolutely needs to and the hold up if all speculation is to be believed is at the City end of things NOT OURS! We are NOT 100% certain ratface will leave the club but as and when we are expect the money to be put back into the first team squad and all the other work our negotiators have been doing to come to light.. AVB needed time to assess the whole squad and has now pretty much done that..expect sales and signings upon their return. DL has had a shed load to deal with in terms of his personal life and with ratface talking in the press whilst DL was at his mothers funeral I would suggest that deal was put back a week just to let the player know who is boss and who he has a contract with. DL is not to be messed with and every chance he gets to air that stance he will and rightly so. Lets face it half of the players we have been linked to are either not going to improve us or are at the opposite end of the spectrum and are unrealistic. I trust the new team to take us forward the same way as DL has been moving us on since his arrival. When you consider the other teams competing around us both in our own country and also in Europe then is it any great surprise that transfer windows are long, drawn out and akin to a game of chess? I'd love to play poker with some Spurs fans as you sound like you'd throw all your money into anything that felt like a good bet..this is not is not a is the club DL actually supports and he has our very very best interests at heart. Chill out people it will all happen when we return from the States and we will be given great reason to be optimistic and hopeful instead of bored and speculative. Its pre season. We are not super rich. We are doing what we need to do to progress in a calculated fashion. Patience is a virtue!! COYS :)
at the time I didnt know that and why then are the club selling shirts with squad name and number options as usual!!! Surely they would not have them available for selection!!!
Whitehart Lad
Liamyid, I make you right man, this is actually the first season is so long when Im not looking forward to this season, Im not convinced yet with AVB, not feeling his high defensive line, not feeling the lack of signings. But we will jst have to wait and see what happens between now and the end of the transfer window.
I have a four and nine andyraa they are both red so I'm all in...
Slurms McKenzie
One question for all the doubters, how many of our "targets" have been signed by other clubs? Just because they haven't arrived yet doesn't mean they aren't going to. Consider also that Lloris and Moutinho played in the euros so would only be linking up with the squad this week anyway and the fact that Ade is just *****ing off city for $hits and giggles then maybe we shouldn't be reaching for the panic button just yet?
Slurms McKenzie
*pi$$ing off, don't know what the extra * is for
Slurms McKenzie
As to the repeditive nature of some articles just have a read of the last twenty or so posts on The Modric Millions to understand the need for fresh articles even if they just rehash the same old same old...yes Total Knobhead I'm looking at you and your cheese!
Slurms McKenzie
It has rained here everyday more or less for the last four months but every night I go to bed hoping the Sun will shine tomorrow, usually it doesn't but I don't stop believing and hoping, yesterday the sun did shine - and it was glorious. It is raining today but I hope tomorrow the sun will shine again. Do you know what I mean?
Slurms McKenzie
Thanks once again Slurms for today's smile! And the bonus was your answer to the lad who asked you to be serious. Precious. I for one am highly motivated, simply because I understand how difficult it is for a deal to actually happen. There are 3 parties involved (one receiving advice from an agent [read self interest]). All have to happy with the transaction. Not an easy task. Ade is the classic. On the surface a simple deal but I'd Spurs are offering him £120k a week then he stands to lose £5m over the next 2 years in wages. Look at Jenas and Bentley, the only reason they are still at Spurs is that they won't take a pay cut to move either. How about Moutinho, he'd like to come, we'd like to have him, but his club want "their" value (ref Modric, same thing). What makes these deals happen is the deadline. As We get closer the pressure builds and negotiation positions change. Sometimes the deals get done and sometimes they don't. But in the end if you don't overpay for 3 players by £2m each that's 6 million saved and if you get an extra £4m for a couple of players, you've made £10m for the club. Most people won't understand the importance of that in the survival of the club but that's what a good Chairman does and if you can also manage to get CL appearance or a CC/FA cup you would have had a great season.
never vote on anything red Slurms it just dont feel right ya know? ;)
that it raining again Slurms....?
Sometimes you just something to kick it off ,in this instance it`s the Luka Modric transfer .
The ugly little elf is set to finalise the deal at the weekend & then expect a flurry of activity .
big cockeral
I stand corrected andyraa, no offence taken mate & I'm glad to see a name I haven't seen before, so its either a "welcome to the madhouse" or a "sorry, I am too blind to have spotted you before now"!

That would seem to be the situation jvd and I agree with you completely, yet some people on here believe there is a queue of international stars hanging around Daniel Levy's door begging for a chance to play for us and the top teams are throwing players at us but Mr levy wants to save on the price of a fax so he only sends the paper work through at five to twelve on the 31 August
Slurms McKenzie
I know that andyraa - clearly its a losing hand!!!!
Slurms McKenzie
I'd like to second Spuds-U-Like in welcoming andyraa, you don't have to be crazy to post here but purple monkey dishwasher...
Slurms McKenzie
ha ha @Slurms like it!!! @Spuds-U-Like i have posted before but not very frequently..i like to follow all the blogs/twitter etc but find getting involved usually just reaffirms my thoughts on the regression of humanity and amongst fellow Spurs fans thats just too much for me to take..i will however make an effort to post more because out of all the forums around i think this has some of the best articles and because of that the best comments section. I'm sure my comments will be loved and hated in equal measure so until then i guess i just say a big 'HELLO' to everyone here and stick my oar in when i feel the need to :) COYS
Topspur13 the key to success is consistency....
Slurms McKenzie
Calm down everyone. LEVY'S WIFE IS DYING, or at least critically ill, and while I'm sure he's still got his phone on for urgent matters, he knows he still has plenty of time before the business end of the transfer window. AND I'm sure he has his team and scouts handling the bulk of the negotiations until it gets down to the real serious prospects and number-crunching with agents. Don't panic! And we've had two brilliant signings already, 3 including Fryers, very unlike Spurs to get that done before Aug. 1st!
I believe so too Slurms.
here here tengboon! A week of no activity and people forget we have signed the Ajax captain, one of the prems very best prospects from under the nose of Liverpool AND his ex manager..and a Man Utd player that Fergie was desperate to keep.. oh and we have a manager that moneybags paid £13 million to sign..only 3.5 mil less than our transfer record!! All doom and gloom innit.....
Thanks SpursOne2 I'll be watching it on there for sure.
Good shout Slurms McKenzie about Ba being cheap - I suppose there are reasons "Big" teams aren't in for them both (Ade - attitude, which I haven't seen at the Lane yet and wages. Ba - Could be out injured for a long time looking at his history).
There are more options in the continent it's just hard with us being in the States and Levy's situation. Does need to get sorted ASAP though and I'm sure it will or we have just shot ourselves in the foot
People need to relax maybe. Replacing Harry was always going to be like removing a band-aid. Prepare for the step back in order to go forward...we hope... But getting in a couple of strikers will make it a solitary step back rather than two... Ox..wishful thinking with Ade. I would rather we sign someone else....but better him than no one.... The wage is a massive obstacle that I doubt wevcan overcome.
For me the transfer window only starts when we see post up from people you know someone who claims they saw Messi or who ever at Spurs training ground. I just wish every day was like the last day of the window. Maybe they should change the rules that you could only sign one player a week for the duration of the window? Now that would be pretty traumatizing
Slurms McKenzie
Cheers Andyraa, and welcome to the slugfest we affectionately refer to as Vital Spurs!
Are people seeriously suggesting that they think Spurs will exit the transfer window and not have signed strikers? Really
Slurms McKenzie
I think there are some 'genuinely' realistic targets out there to improve us. Even if Adebayor comes in, would be great to see another. Of course, a Damiao, Tevez, Cavani or Doumbia would be absolutely fantastic, however, more realistically one of a Clint Dempsey, Demba Ba or Berbatov would equally improve us and IS needed. Adebayor, one new, Defoe & Ithink GDS will be a good front four. However, we need two of those & the other two are rumoured to want away - back to the 1,4,6,0 formation :)
Yeah I suppose I better calm down. After all it’s not like our first game is in two and a half weeks. Its not like we only have one striker on the books who couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo, oh and I almost forget that a man who only ever has one good season at a club is joining soon and we are delighted to make him our highest paid player. Our best player is leaving in a few days but its ok because we’ve got Tommy the Tugg boat fit and raring to go. And JJ of course, who is fully rested after playing a full 3 games last season

Bale and Lennon never get injured and are always on fire, so we don’t need to waste any money on cover for them, again remember we have our record signing in Bentley sat on the edge of his seat waiting for the call. I was getting really worried about the GK situation but after watching Cudicini the other day all my fears have disappeared as fast as Gomes career. Long term…ha why bother. Brad will be 41 forever COYS
No news on Modric today & happy to hear no further news on the rumoured Lennon to Sunderland bid. We still have time, have made progress, BUT, others have improved more and we are about to lose our best player - so a Very Crucial two weeks to show our ambition.
nice one @tengboon @TonyRich the wages are not the sticking point and have been agreed for upwards of two and a half weeks now is Man City' failing to agree on a severance package with Ade, he stands to lose £5million over the next two seasons with Spurs (2 years being whats left of his current contract) and he simply wishes that the Manchester club pay this £5mil into his charities account. As the pressure from Mancini rises on the city board expect this to be wrapped up in an instant.. Gomes to be sold and Lloris to be our new number 1 within the next 10-12 days IMO. So apart from King, Nelsen,Niko and Saha whom are we missing from last season? nobody!!! Modric will obviously be on the departures list and even when you take the fees paid for lloris, siggy and verts we really have not spent anything major. These are very good prosperous times for the club, i wish we could ALL see it is such because these times happen once in a lifetime! Spurs on the rise i say! To Dare Is To Do i say! Come on you Spurs!
Andyraa finally someone with a bit of common sense and intelligence on this site love the positivity son! COYMFS!!!
hudderspur Not that I agree with your pessimism but the was a pretty funny post to be fair.
irish spurs101
irish spurs101
would love us to hijack the Santi Cazorla/ Nuri Sahin deals! those 2 and Radamel Falcao, that would be one hell of a sexy team. footbal wise obviously.
ATSU, No i've not got a cold, but his the latest in a long, very long list of ''rumour mill'' targets full name; Christian Atsu, Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas believed to be a huge admirer of the talented player who put up an eye catching display during Ghana’s opening 2014 World Cup qualifiers against Lesotho and Zambia last month. Is the New word on the street ''schoolboyish'' do we have to use this word in every post until the season starts? I can't see anything moving IN until the lads return from the USA, reports say Pienaar is having a medical, his had more medicals then games for spurs, buy for 3m - sell for 5m QUALITYYY....
spu 4 life
Andyraa - enjoyable post. Add the return of Caulker & Naughton to that positivity. However, still a very critical two weeks for us me thinks. COYS. HUDD - very funny re: Tommy the Tug Boat, sadly also true.
This is what I see happening. Adebayor deal falls through due to wage demand and joins some megabucks club in order to keep up his charity work. Defoe is denied a transfer request. Pienaar refused transfer request due to lack of forward options. Carvalho signed. End :(
andyraa - WELCOME ABOARD, Good Post, the long one, all makes a lot of sense, your not the new Coops are you? How are you Coops if your reading up your VITALS................
spu 4 life
Yeah spu, what's Coops up to these days? I know he's Marmite to some, but I miss his ITKs & fecking funny rants. Come on Coops mate, we don't smell that bad do we?

I'm sure he'll be back, we've lost others before who've come back months later, so no worries.

Ryan - Pienaar is there today & virtually done, can't see Carvalho myself (& hope not) as we have SIX CB's & at least three (Kaboul, Vert, Caulker) far better than him, you may be right on Defoe & maybe also Ade, although think it will happen - Levy just ensuring phenomenal deal i.e. £0 - £5 million. Coops will be back & nothing to do with site.
Welcome Andyraa! Thanks for bringing some much needed optimism to VitalSpurs. You didn't bring a jar of chill pills by any chance? Some of the lads here need to seriously relax the feckin' slacks. Things are quiet at the moment and everyone is panicking. AVB is currently assessing the present squat whilst in the states. We'll see movement soon enough guys.
*Squad not squat!
cheers @jattYid leave the marriage proposal on the doorstep i'll let the milkman bring it indoors ;) Cheers @Windlespur :) It is without doubt a very important two weeks and if we dont show our ambition then we should start to boo and hiss but this is what i think currently, we have dead wood that needs to be reinvigorated or moved on and AVB rightly has used the US tour to work with Freund and Co to work out who and what should come into or go out of the squad..YES time is pressing on but this was a VITAL task..HR was ignoring these issues and players OUTRIGHT and that is not helpful for the long term plan and certainly in terms of stringing out our budget to allow us to compete on the level us fans dream of. BE REALISTIC instead of taking a view after reading Skysports articles!! YES we wouyld all love a Falcao or a Moutinho but let us not forget that the very hero that leaves us HAD less of a name than these players when he joined us and as such a Joe Allen or a Moussa Dembele would both be IMO exquisite acquisitions to our ranks! We have only lost SAHA up front and as much as we would like a world beater it is these game changing players that come a the highest premiums! Hence BRAIN FART being my first comment..think before you fart fellow yids..YES hold Modric in the highest regartds but don't think we need to rape ourselves to get an unproven PL player in Moutinho when we could have both of Allen and Dembele for less money COMBINED! COYS!!
Exactly what i said, AVB would not be doing his job properly if he did not assess his squad as a new manager, as soon as they get back he will know who he wants and who he doesn't, he has to be seen to give everyone a chance to impress him. I for one am glad he didn't go in guns blazing and selling left right and centre, we forget sometimes as fans the players esp the English players have been at spurs a number of years now and are good friends, if AVB goes in and upsets the apple cart he could of had another player revolt on his hands, as soon as we land back at heathrow the movement will start. COYS
Still time for Berbatov to do a Sherringham and become the Spurs legend he onnce seemed destined to be?
Love totty
4.5 million for Pienaar is decent work.
Tottingham10 - AGREE why fans expect instant change I don't know. We were not far of challenging last year we have sold players that did no feature much and added two decents signings so in effect apart from Ade not cnfirmed we are still strong.

We don't need to rush and I believe AVB is assessing all players at all levels.

Im sure Ade is expected to be here and if he doesnt they will have someone else in mind.
br>Modric is same as last year and again if he goes we will have someone in mind to replace him but if fee not met he will have to roll up his sleeves and get on with it.

We are no worse of than last season other than a striker - ok Saha gone but Gio, or a youngster Kane etc is being looked at.

AVB knows what he is doing and I expect Ade to join if not we will get a striker to replace him and we may see another striker if AVB feels our younger strikers are not ready.

Modric sale or non sale is in our hands so why should Levy do a deal sooner raher than later and lose potentially 5 - 10 mil he is worth 40mil so Levy is right in staying strong.

I do feel there will be at least two younsters in our squad which will probably te places of those that will e shipped out after the US tournament probably Bassong and JJ/Bentley.

Everybody wants changes immediately and as you said it's better AVB is being thorough and taking his time.

Wish fans would learn patience.
oh and Spu 4 life thanks for liking my long one its been a while since anyone showed me such affection!! ;) and sorry folks i am not coops but i do remember reading his posts and can see the similarities! If i could sell chill pills to everyone in a Spurs shirt that needed them i'd be rich enough to buy the club and make Modric sit on the bench for the remainder of his contract!! Thanks sincerely for the welcome gents and COYS.
I agree with Whitehard Lad.AVB will get more out of Dos Santos than Arry. AVB speaks better English for starters and understands the latin mentality as well.Bring it on.
I'm sure Dos Santos will feature in AVB's plans. The slate was wiped clean when he started and I'm sure he is not the type of man who will waste a talent that's already here.
Pienaar to Everton now confirmed, Oh good, I'm so pleased for them. To be honest I am past caring, we sell everybody we can get a decent price for i.e. Crouch, Pavyluchenco, Corluka, Kranjcar, and now Pienaar. Wouldn't it be nice just to reverse the trend and bring somebody in. We have so far signed Vertonghen and lost King and Nelson, so one in two out, signed Sigurdson and lost Kranjcar and Pienaar, one in two out, have Naughton back and have lost Corluka, so straight swop . We have never replaced Crouch and Pavyluchenco except with Saha, now gone together, and Adebayor on loan, now completed and not certain to re-sign, so we are left with Defoe and the two lads to play up front. We have Modric not wanting to play for us, but still here, and no really immenent signings to look forward to, and we go to Newcastle in a fortnight with a team devoid of forwards, we are weaker than at the end of last season. After last season's 4th place, and near CL qualification, who would have expected that we could make such a monumental pig's ear of this transfer window, we have decimated what was a half decent squad, that needed a couple of additions to be really competitive. AVB is on a hiding to nothing, he is setting off on his Spurs mission with half a side, and apparently no financial backing from his chairman. I suppose in reality we shouldn't be surprised, this is the 6th or 7th window on the bounce that we have been fed expectation, excuses, half truths and downright lies, and finished with little, or nothing, to show at the end of it. Having said that, this must be the weakest, and most unbalanced squad we have ever had, with just 2 weeks to sort it out before Newcastle (A), I personally fear the worst. The argument re AVB evaluating the squad before we go into the market. How does he evaluate the strikers, there aint none and hasn't been since the last day of last season two months ago, a blind man on a galloping horse can see we need, have needed, and continue to be desperate for a Striker or in fact 2, why the bloody delay. The excuses this time will surely make amusing reading. We have had "Redknapp couldn't be trusted to spend the money wisely" he has now gone, "there is major doubt re the future of the manager" he didn't get the job but was sacked anyway, "we must sell before we can buy", we have done. Where oh where is the "war chest", where has the Crouch, Pavyluchenco, Palacios money, plus that raised from Corluka, Kranjcar and noe Pienaar gone, why has it not been re-invested? Nothing has been held up by the Euros and the olympics as both Arsenal and Chelsea have shown, to allege this is just yet another excuse. Levy's script writer must run out of bollox sooner or later, probably later.
Jesus H Christ on a bike!! Frank sir let me put this to you. We have achieved SO much that you disregard or disagree with that i feel the need to enlighten you as to my view on what you have suggested in your post. Please note i'm not angrily snapping out thuds on the keyboard as i type but merely interested to share the exact opposite view on the events you mention. We were right to sell the players mentioned as they were neither playing for us regularly or likely to improve as players SIGNIFICANTLY. (pav being the possible exception good record when played) corluka has been replaced by Walker/Naughton now and scrapping head to head just like at their previous club and still SO young. Lower wages combined than Charlie. with Ade being involved in 46% of all spurs goals last term Saha's presence was barely felt on the pitch or the pocket so Kanes chance represents another chance to bring through a Ledley King type figure on minimum outgoings. talking of King type figures Caulker has returned! something you failed to mention and a real REAL coup for us SPURS FAMILY through and with Gallas Dawson Kaboul Verts and Bassong to shift the back four is a terrific mix of styles and ages likely to know each others games inside out for 5 years AT LEAST. Caulker if sold will be money in the bank at worst likely to the sum of £5-10mil minimum as and when we seek to part ways. Zeki fryers and BAE another great head to head..perfect ages to show their qualities in different respects and not on massive wages. If Lloris and Ade sign for a total £20m we have done INCREDIBLE business certainly when held against similar level teams such as Liverpool. Still have £20m left from the modric deal at my count..enough to add Dembele or Allen who again match the age of great prospects. If you add Livermore and Townsend to that mix we have swapped older players on the decline for youngsters on the up. GREAT NEWS! and cheaper on the pocket you say? AMAZING! Siggy will compete with VDV and that gives competition from back to front with not a single player 30 plus and money to burn. We should not however rape ourselves of funds as Livepool are doing ask any Glasgow Rangers fans which model they'd prefer to work to! in the next 12 months we may see the build up of cash see us sign a long term target such as Damiao, and as our profile is increased the likelihood of these signings increases. 10 years ago the names in our squad were dreams to me and i for one CANNOT be pessimistic in regards to Levys reign. Better team, lower wages, new stadium en route, new training ground on a par with the best ON THE PLANET!.so there is my view and their is yours, we are not Chelsea or Arsenal but we are following the steps to long term success without sugar daddy funding and attracting players THE RIGHT WAY. So to conclude. As i skipped through a bluebell wood whistling chas and dave dittys i spotted a B & Q with a special on lengths of rope! but that wouldn't interest any of you now would it?
Carroll,Smith,Lancaster,Coulibaly,Falque coming through and Jenas,Bentley,Huddlestones futures surely decided in the next 12 months guarantees a young vibrant squad and thats BEFORE squatty man AVB even raises an eyebrow to the transfer market. With the training facilities and stadium work guaranteed to reaffirm our status in the football world, progression will take place REGARDLESS of us spending outside of our means or not. DESPERATION makes for no fun as a supporter. REALISM makes for enjoyment of the journey.
Blimey Frank........and there was me thinking you were starting to sound a little bit optimistic! :0)
For years folk on this site have been complaining that we had too large a squad, which contained too many players who contributed too little. Too many Bentley types, for example. So, we now have a squad that is leaner and possibly meaner, and some are complaining that this is two steps backwards. Myself, I'm feeling more optimistic than I had in some time, and I'd like to see another two or three redundant players off, but we're moving in the right direction. New signings so far: good ones. Onward and upward for our club. We do need another three or so signings, and we probably do need a striking forward or two, although I'd go into the season happily with our squad with no bloody forwards at all (although that's another story for another day...). Mo, Larry, Cheese.
Total knobhead
4231 with bale at CF. Gomes.
Total knobhead
Andyraa, IF Ade signs IF Lloris signs, WHEN Kane and Livermore and Carroll and Townsend become PL players, if they ever do. The point is we are scheduled to start a new 38 game PL season in 2 weeks and a bits time, with Jermaine Defoe (who couldn't get a game last season), and 2 virtual apprentices available to play up front, with rat face, who may or may not get sold in time, and who would be as much use as an ash tray on a motor bike if still here, if we sell him have we got time to properly integrate any new player into the team/system to be of maximum use at Newcastle. Rather than ifs, buts, and maybees, we should after 2 months since the end of the season, be in a position to know exactly who will be playing in the game at Newcastle, and happy that the squad available is significantly stronger than it was last season, that's what tansfer windows are for. Even the most fervent ILWT merchants cannot hand on heart say that, as we stand currently. TQ2Spurs, yes I was enthusiastic and optomistic as we set off by signing AVB, followed by Sigurdson, and then Vertonghen (although that became a Levy marathon that sowed the seeds of doubt), but the optomism has been blunted as we have reverted to "same old, same old", gone back into our shell and done nothing AGAIN, except watch rivals strengthen. I suppose I fell into the trap of thinking that at last Levy was goig to behave more like the chairman of a successful football club, and less like a high street bank manager, silly me.
Total Knobhead you must be chuffed then at the moment, as today as we stand we have NO forwards, so your formation is a distinct possibility.
Has Walker been given the task of counting the blades of grass on the field, he hasn't lifted his head up once!
Yay for Bale!
So Bored :(
G Star

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