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With the transfer window as quiet, I was wondering if some answers may lie amongst our very talented younger players.

John Bostock, who has been around for almost an eternity. John joined Spurs in July 2008 from Crystal Palace and has not yet been able to make an impression on the first team. He has had various loans and as far as I can remember has not really set any fires. Could this be is season - I very much doubt it.Another loan move seems likely

Thomas Carroll. Signed his professional contract at Spurs in June 2010. He has since made various first team appearances although only in the Europa league and Carling Cup. For me I have seen enough of this player to know he has ability and will go on to be a great player. He seems to be very comfortable on the ball and never shy's away from the responsibility. He can also find a pass and interlinks the play very well.

Christian Cebellos. The youngster we grabbed from Barcelona. He has yet to make his first team debut, but has performed consistently for the club in the youth ranks. I remember thinking this was a bit of a masterstroke at the time, but have not seen anything of him to make and informed comment on his ability. Can we see our own Cebellos make an impact this season - maybe next year. Would like to see him get a decent loan and then make a judgement

Yago Falque - Joined on loan initially from Juventus, after they signed him from the Barcelona B squad. This player has got it I think and I feel next season will be a very big one for him. I see his as a AVB type of player too. Quick, attacking got some skill, an eye for goal. I'm sure AVB will be looking at him very closely for this season.

Andros Townsend. Again a bit like Yago. I see him as a AVB type of player and again think he can step up to first team action. He has played a handful of games under Harry and from what I saw I liked. He has got bags of pace, he can cross the ball as well. I would not be uncomfortable to see him come on as sub or even start a game for us.

Harry Kane. Too early for me. I don't like to play down our youth players, in fact this article is to build them up a bit, but I feel in this case the hype caused around him has probably added to my opinion (that's all this is) that he does not have much of a future at Spurs. I hope I'm wrong, but he seems to be out the game too much. He can shoot and he can score, but at the levels we would need I'm not sure. Maybe another season out on loan will do him good and he will come back and be the player we all hope it will. Nothing would please me more then to see the young promising player become a great player for our club. Maybe I will reserve judgement for another season.

Soueleymane Coulibaly. This kid has got it. The baby Drogba, The next Ivorian star. Thatis some of the comments I have read about this player, but regretfully I have never seen him play. Is he really that good that he could become a star for Spurs, a la Owen at Liverpool all those years ago? The saying goes. If you're good enough your good enough - age shouldn't be an issue.

We have also seen our very own Steffan Freund talk this player up. I would love to see him get a chance this pre season. I'd love to see him bag a couple of goals and see how AVB reacts to the player. Is he good enough to play first team football this season.......he deserves a change as his record shows he knows where the goal is!!

There are plenty more to mention but then I feel most of you may have already started to switch of. But I would still like to mention the likes of Adam Smith, Alex Pritchard, Ryan Mason all very talented young professionals at our club. Maybe the player we need is right under our nose.

Written by mattspurs

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The journalist

Writer: mattspurs Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday August 3 2012

Time: 6:27PM

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yes you can
Falque is 22 years old and was playing with the youth whilst others were in US. He would need registered to be one of the 25 man squad so it's a little confusing why he's out in the cold. My guess is he'll be out on loan.
Carroll and Coulibaly for me are showing the most promise, Townsend with good coaching will also develop. Hopefully the right emphasis will now be given to coaching and technique development. You have to admire how the Arsenal kids slot effortlessly in their style of play, all down to decent coaching.
Summed up perfectly. I could not agree more.
agreed ItalianYiddo.... Carroll and Couiblay in the squad for this season....
Not this year.
Carroll looks the best bet at the moment to step up. He looks confident and has an air of responsibility about him already. Coulibaly needs another season at least away from the first team. Townsend definitely requires technical coaching in improving his judgement and final ball. Himself and Kane will probably be loaned out to Premier League teams this season. Bostock is a goner imho.
We are competing in a u21 premier league announced on our offical sie looks briliant prospect for our youngstrs t gain some expereince and game time COYS
Can we quit with the 'baby Drogba' name for Coulibaly. The lad is nothing like Drogba, totally different build/physique. He's more of a baby Doumbia if you want to be accurate about it.
Baby Salomon Kalou
Good point, Crissybwoy.
This is all very well, but will any of these players be ready for Newcastle in a fortnights time. By the way Bostock is a waste of space, he should be outed, waste of wages. His head is nearly as big as Malin Head.
What ever happened to Jon Obika i thought he had potential
Gomes, Friedel, Cudicini, Walker, Naughton, Caulker, Vertonghen, Kaboul, Gallas, Dawson, Bassong, BAE, Hudd, Parker, Modric, Jenas, Livermore, Rose, Bale, Lennon, Sigurdsson, VDV, Gio, Bentley, Defoe, Falque. As it stands, those 26 have to be registered. Only 25 positions. Clearly a couple of strikers have to come in which means at least three players have to go along with another one for every player who comes in (I reckon 2 strikers, a winger and a Modric replacement). It's a tough market. Euros, now Olympics, teams living way beyond their means, players wanting too much, no CL. It's not easy. I do hope that Levy and AVB have at least determined the futures of Bassong, Bentley and Jenas. Let's get this party started. COYS
Mattspurs, great Tribe Called Quest shout, and Yidchina with the 1st response, respect!

Great article, I'm particularly curious about Falque, I agree with the article, I think AVB has time for him and may see something. I wanna say Bostock should be unloaded, but some players find their groove at 23 when no one saw it coming. Coulibaly's just a baby, give him time.
Peterballb, aren't a few of those 26 U21's?
Many say our academy, which includes the Obika's, Carrol's and Coulibaly's, is one of if not the strongest in the PL. You know what it's like with loans, they don't happen til the end of the transfer window. I reckon I'm gonna chill by the pool til Monday, and then I expect AVB to get busy with the wheeling dealing.
coulibaly over kane any day of the week for me
I love this U21 league they've organised, seems they are trying desperately to justify teams that still hold a reserve squad, I think we did the right thing by dumping out of that into loans instead. Still, the FA is showing some urgency at developing English youth for a change
Interesting article. Sturridge could be one of the sneaky signings next week. Makes absolute sense, AVB loves him, his contract is almost up, and would be way cheaper than say a Remy or a similar leading/wide right striker.
Carroll = pure class! Going to be better than Wilshere.
Tactically Challenge
He was talented for us in early round Euros last year, but still needed a bit of strength and muscle on him. Would love to see how he's developed over the last year, there's no denying his skill
Mattspurs, reading back through your article, Townsend seems the odd one out, because in my opinion, he's already showed 1st squad potential. Plus he's under 21, so reserves a free place. He has pace for days, showed alot of skill in preseason, I reckon he'll be kept in the squad, well, unless Team GB keeps Rose occupied, leaving AVB not alot of time to choose between the 2
I don't think Townsend is good enough. He could become so, though I doubt it. He is one of those where the body works much quicker than the mind. The NY Red Bulls game was the perfect example. Closing seconds. 2 on 1. Simply draw the defender to you and slot to the open man to go in on goal alone and he put the ball way too far in front of him and handed over possession. It's just like the way he tries to beat defenders to the inside all the time playing the ball through them rather than going wide and getting the cross in. He may learn, but will have to either spped up the decision making or slow down the play. He's quick enough. I think he's trying to be too much like Bale and he just does not have that in him.

Falque, I never understood Harry buying him. That said, he does have lots in his locker. Can he bring it 9 times out of 10? I'm not so sure.

Tengboon, I believe all those on my list must be registered. COYS
I will not write Kane off, simple reason that he is not beig played in his best position - he is a number 10 and not 9. And to expect him to perform as No 9 is too much. He plays No 10 role for U20, where he has got I think 7 goals in 14 games and has been the creater in the final thrid. He also plays No 10 for Milwall and he was impressive there too. Infact he totally rejuvenated the championship end of season finishing 15th I gues when they were in possible relegation at Jan.
To write him off so early is ridiculous.
Tom Carroll - Really the best pick at the moment. He has put on some weight and seem to come out off his fragile figure from last year. Also, his decision making seems to ve improved from what we have seen him in preseason. He either has to go on a season loan loan to a PL side or has to be with the squad, playing in EL & cups ad slowly making his way into first team XI. I dont see much merit in sending him to Championship.
Coulibaly - raw talent. Dont think he still has turned professional. The kid is so good in front of the goal, but he needs to develop some strength. Thats his weakness now - not holding up the ball. With age he will improve. But at 17 it is too early to burden his shoulders. A second division loan may be useful.
Does Caulker still count as a youth prospect, I can see him being our fourth choice defender which is a big step up and probably 5-10 games this season. If he plays well he might get ahead of Daws.
Check that, Caulker is not and thus would not have to be registered. oops. In my defence, he plays way beyond his years. Then again, I also missed Sandro - the beast, so the numbers are still the same. COYS
syd, no one can be written off as players. That said, certain players just don't fit the style we will be playing. There was an article in that vein today about Andy Carroll. I believe in a 4-4-2 he could be brilliant. Just not in an AVB system. It is also grossly unfair to judge players in temperatures that they would never see in an EPL regular season game. All three venues in the US were blistering hot and the humidity levels in NY and Baltimore are often insane. Kane does still need seasoning though and needs to play. As 4th choice it's not going to be enough. He should be out on loan. COYS
Syd, you're right about Kane, but I'm trying to work out in my head if a #10 fits into a 4-3-3 at all, or even a 4-2-3-1... Sigurdsson is a no 10 that can play deeper or wide, same with VDV, but Kane?? 2 more years of loan for him. He should feel lucky he had the chance now while Spurs had no one but him to lead the line. I'm sure he's gutted he didn't net those couple chances he had. Just not ready.
French reports say we are interested in Yann M Villa. And also other reports say his agent met with Spurs yesterday, possibly a 10m bid
Giovani Dos Santos is the real wild card in all this. I have a feeling AVB is gonna give him every chance, and I think looking at how Mexico lines up, fits Gio to a tee. He wasn't Harry's signing, and therefore Harry was happy to discard him, to European or what have you. But GDS is all left foot no right, so does he fill in for Lennon as a cutting in while Sig cuts out? Sig cut in from the left to score off his right foot against NYRB, maybe that would be a pairing?
Syd, that would make no sense, the last thing we need is another defensive midfielder
I noticed GDS wears the #10 for Mexico. So he's their Rooney of sorts, can we find a place for him other than wide right under Harry?
Will someone like Lennon, and out-and-out winger, struggle under an AVB system? Or did he show enough last year switching with Bale? I remember a nifty goal from Lennon from the left side of the box last year
Peter, going back to your Townsend appraisal, I think a bit harsh for pre-season, everyone's trying to find their feet by attempting every trick in the book, so Townsend did but what a move vs Liverpool, beating their RB a few times. Same level as Danny Rose for me, bench/squad with loads of potential to improve
Happier to have gds as our fourth choice striker than Kane. However, as others have said, would probably prefer couilibally to get a chance, but as he has not appeared pre season ( when we had no strikers) unlikely to feature when we buy two world class strikers - wishful thinking eh. Bostock is a waste of talent and will not make it, Kane does not show enough, falcoa not much of an impact, Carroll is lightweight but may be great, just not this season, Townsend again attitude. So, only couilibally for this season and that as a fourth choice. Buy levy, buy FFs.
Team is back in London, next friendly vs Valencia on the 9th I think. Come Monday, there will be heavy transfer market action I reckon. Next week all the whingers and moaners will turn into cheerleaders as AVB puts the finishing touches on our team
tengboon, exactly. Would rather go for a Willian or Dzagoev. Moutinho would be ideal but I simply dont see Porto selling him for 20m.If we cant spend on Moutinho, personally would go after - Benat from Real Betis. There was some interest in him from us , would be a steal for a CM who is highly rated by Del Bosque to be next star in Spanish side.
Tengboon, as I recall he tried the same move 4 times, the first three he ran in to the defender and fell down, the fourth time he went outside and threw in an excellent cross. He needs to be dorect to succeed and he seems to prefer the cut inside. Not just this preseason. It's what he does. He needs to realize you can't just nutmeg PL defenders. They are too good. The locker has to have much more in it. I rate sinclair and Sturridge well ahead of him and would prefer Rose, who I believe is better than he gets credit for. It doesn't mean he can't succeed, it's just what I see right now in Routledge, not Lennon. COYS
Coulilibally has appeared pre season, he had some playing time against Stevenage. Didn't see the game so I don't know how he fared.
Thfc1882whl, I agree. Lennon needs to get back to using his pace to create dangerous crosses which will make defenders get too close which is where he is best. For some reason he lost the crosses for a while and defenders could then play off him a bit. He is a very dangerous RW when using all of his tools. The issue with Walker is tbat Walker only has afterburners. It's hard to link up with someone when they just fly by with no thought of a return pass. Walker also gets caught up pitch which makes Lennon spend too much time covering. I'd like to see Lennon with Naughton at RB. IMO, a much smarter player. Better crosser too. COYS

im bored... think il play football manager again!!!

.............................Sturridge /Dzagoev...........................

Moutinho (30m)... Sturridge (10m).... Dzagoev (15m)....

Affelay on loan
OR... spend less on a playmaker and go for Dembele as the man in the middle alongside Siggy/VDV............. I think Sturridge and Dzagoev could be big players for us... dont know if the Chavs would do business with us though...
Dzagoev up front Yid....?
Nice article Matt, really hoping that we see a couple of these young players become through. I really thought Bostock was going to be 'the one', but I guess he is lost in the matrix. Carroll for me shows the most promise. But he is very light and needs a good feed.
I watched Couliby v Stevenage, he has def got pace and technique but drastically lacks the power and strength at the moment, but that will come. Look at Defeo, he's a slight bloke but has worked hard on his strength and now can mix it with the big boys. That's what Couliby has to work to, and hopefully his talent shines through. I'm with on Kane, I'd like nothing better than him doing the business, but he looks like a league 1 player to me!
Peterbalb - you also missed Button who is 23 so we are at 27 players right now (29 if you include loanees Dawkins and Khumalo). We've done great though as we've shifted 8 seniors and only bought 2 so far. I'm feeling for the first time in about 3 years that our squad is coming closer to the right size. I would now like to see us cut even further by removing Cudicini, Bassong, Bentley and Jenas and with Modric also leaving that would be back to 22 players and a major dent in the wage bill. That really allows us to spend big on 2 or 3 players including the strikers we all crave for and space for our best youngsters to be involved.
Liam, how can Kane be League 1 quality when he had a successfulseason with Milwall given he is just 19 in his first 6 months in championship
Bringing through the youth is definately the way the club is going which will be great if we can bring them through carefully and mix them into the first team....if we try and bring through too many too quickly the whole club will suffer though....
interesting read matt, watching some of te preseason i'm sure these guys were given a genuine chance to impress, at least i hope so. i can't see how a player with potential can be written off at 19 willingness to learn is key to me
If money really is the issue, we could simply use our surplus and if modric has to leave to get in: dioumbia, Dempsey and Joe Allen ( a few years ahead of Carroll at moment and impressive - assuming we can not afford eriksen or moutinho). realistic targets, but those two up top give us goals, pace, fight, commitment and match winners. Allen gives us a similar style to modric. Come on Danny, two weeks left.
Why do supporters knock Kane. He is just turned 19 yrs. There are many less able players of the same age at the club who are not subject to this. Chelsea's Sturridge is very one footed (left) with an attitude problem so you cannnot expect much buying a Chelsea cast off.
With the recent sales of players and the lack of signings in recent transfer windows I still think the board need to back AVB and splash some cash. With ticket prices as high as they are now, I expect the owners to put back into this club now. If not we will be back into a mid table team. We need to spend big on at least one centre forward and I would like to see us bring in a top goalkeeper. A replacement for Modric is a most if he goes and if we blow a large portion of that on a replacement then this should make no difference to what AVB was promised in the first place. We need to show some ambition in the market now.
Peterb.. Lennon was at his best playing in front of Charlie.. they were good balance of attack and defense cover for each other. We got CL with that pairing.. So either walker has to adjust as RB or play naughton there and move walker into AMF with rotation of naughton (who can cover BAE as well)
Block D Spurs
Bostock has the biggest attitude problem in spurs playing staff, we don't need another one... with Gio close behind when Harry was here.
Block D Spurs
I can appreciate a player being better with one than another, but I don't understand how a professional footballer can afford to develop a reputation for being 'one-footed' and then years later still not have worked on the problem enough to be rid of it or at least to have become a more balanced player.
Airwave, really good point. These are professionals at the highest level. Even as a right footed right winger at the age of 12, I scored more goals with my left!
Saturday afternoon and no new threads today. Help us, please. We need a new thread. Please.
Total knobhead
Haha TK, go to the pub, or the pool man!!
Our kids are average.... if they were great they would be the first team. Real talent just appears on the scene and forces its way to the top... aka Rooney at Everton.
Kane wont make Prem grade IMO. Maybe league one is a bit harsh.
Gio is in mexico team at wembley starting now, playing senegal
Block D Spurs
Mark Clattenberg is the referee!! WTF is he doing there?
Block D Spurs
hello tengboon. I went to the garden and worked on the fruit trees. Some friends came over and we're heading to the beach to swim and be lazy for a few hours. If I were younger I'd kick a football about while there, but I'll do with watching women in bikinis. But still, where's my daily thread? Doesn't a man need his daily thread?
Total knobhead
Even though we live not by our daily thread alone. But give us this day our daily thread.
Total knobhead
Liverpool have joined Tottenham Hotspur in holding an interest in FC Porto winger-cum-striker Christian Atsu, according to Portuguese daily A Bola. Read more at
Total knobhead
is there any links for the spurs X1 match this afternoon
dos santos scores
Dos Santos IS our second striker.
spuradic - I defo think AVB needs to work with him but if he does he also needs to get him to sign a contract otherwise he goes free soon.>br>
I think he may actually do well under AVB
Yeah, thfan, I really hope he signs a new contract with us. If anyone can get the best out of him, AVB is the man.
What's really impressed me with Gio is his fitness... Been 115 minutes and he's still looking very energetic. If he can maintain that fitness (always been a problem for him with us) he could be like a 15M signing for us this season. I'm fully confident Andres can get the best out of him.
FYI, Chelsea is in total disarray and are obviously going down this season having just lost to Bright & Hove Albion in a preseason game! ;-)
Imagine Chel$hit's Marin, Hazard, Mata, and Oscar against Stoke....somethings gotta give, somethings gotta crack, somethings gotta break!
Gio has to maintain his attitude from playing in Mexico team to Spurs. Then AVB will bring out the player we signed years ago from Barca.. As I have said before, Gio has to be given a chance to play in a team that has tactical game plans, and rotation with a manager who can understand that coaching the basics and deadball kicks are vital.
Block D Spurs
Ade deal looks dead and buried......oh the greed....makes me MAD. Now - good strikers aint easy to find. We may possibly buy sturridge. However, I like the idea of bringing in a Kane etc but my proposal is to play bale as a central striker. I think clough turned Kenny Burns from a full back to a winger. Bales finishing is excellent - we could bring townsend in on the left. Am I mad?
Skempy - I won't call you mad because we're in desperate need of a striker but under no circumstances should Bale be played up front. The lad is one of the best left-sided players in the world. His pace and crosses are top notch and he should stay doing what got him noticed as one of the bests in the first place. Last season when he played inside it drove me loopy I couldn't comprehend what he was doing. He was anywhere near as effective or frightening as he was on the left. Ya, he got more of the ball but he didn't do half as much with it. Even the last night against the red bulls up front he was basically or striker and just brought nothing to the game. Scored alright but from a set-piece. For me, Bale has to be on the left.
Bale would probably take half the season getting to grips with the striker role, or it could be the case that he's just not able to adjust at all. On top of that risky experiment, we'd have a huge hole on our left because Townsend is a significant downgrade on Bale. Best option is to simply go & by a damn striker or two! Coming up to 13 days to go until our game vs Newcastle and Levy has us contemplating whether Bale should be played up front..
ok TopSpur13....I am officially mad!
Carroll is ready now to play a part in the first team. All the talk of bulking-up is nonsense as he has great football brain unlike many of his colleagues, reads the game exceptionally well and can actually pass forwards, you know towards the opposition goal, as opposed to sideways and backwards. Having seen more of Caulker in the GB team I'm afraid I think he has a way to go yet before we could rely on him. He gets turned too easily, lets opponents get on the ball and is not dominant in the air at set pieces. Obviously he has promise but imo he needs more coaching before he will be ready. And as for suggestions of Sturridge....ok so he has been ill and it is pre-season, but his goals dried up for Chelsea last season as defenders worked him out as he just doesn't seem to be able to bring other players into the game and is not strong enough to play lone striker...a sort of DeFoe on a bad day, but with more attitude.

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