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We've got Soul!

I know he is not 18 until December, and it's all too easy to get carried away. But with nothing else to discuss...

Though I'm currently in a 'sunny' Devon, the news that our future world-beating striker Souleymane Coulibaly scored twice in a Spurs XI game this afternoon against Northampton Town.

In truth I don't want to lead the chants to get the boy to become our No9 this season, but when the weather is shite, the news in rightly dominated by the Olympics and we have yet to being in striker to excite us all. What better time is there to big up a lad who given time, could become a Spurs legend. Or at least let's enjoy the dream, just for a few hours...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday August 4 2012

Time: 5:56PM

Your Comments

Let me be the first-to say, I think GDS is up for it after the goals he has made in the Olympics.
It would have been nice for you to mention John Bostock who scored the first goal!
Two goals from Coulibaly and the opener from John Bostock sealed the 3-1 win, but apparently Jordan Archer had yet another great game in goal
If had more fitness he'd be as good as Marin or Hazard...
A good PS Oxford.
I think that The Soul Man should be give a chance this season, I can see him doing well and I rate him better than Kane(IMO). Especially as we don't seem to be making any headway for a striker. Also got to agree with dcruzer, GDS is showing his class for Mexico. Goes to show that with confidence and a few games in a row what he can do.
Well it looks like Adebayor is willing to ruin his move to Spurs by being greedy and even if he compromises he will probably resent us. Perhaps there is a role for Coulibaly as 3rd or 4th choice. I've been impressed with Leandro Damiao today though. The more I think of it, the more I believe it's not that big a gamble spending big on him.
GDS is currently playing U-23 level football for Mexico. Let's not forget that. Coulibaly needs loan move to learn first.
re Adebayor, I think everyone's trying to get the most out of the deal as possible. If a transfer is finalised at all, it will probably be on the final day of the transfer window when someone will be forced to budge from their current position unless they want to maintain this stalemate until the January window.
why isn't sandro playing?
I agree with TonyRich in that it would be extremely optimistic to expect anything from Gio or Coulibaly based on what we have seen and what we know.
Here we go again, you all did this with Kane. He won't be ready for a few years of ever.
Tony rich, yeah quite often young players do better gaining experience from loan moves, but sometimes very young players become ready than older ones. Remember Rooney with Everton, how old was he, 16? Coulibaly isn't very tall, but he's very powerful.
My Heart Is White
but sometimes very young players become ready quicker than older ones. Sorry!
My Heart Is White
i say... throw Coulibaly in at the deep end.. the only way of knowing whether he can play in the first X1 is to try him...
Is it me or has Bale been given the number9 shirt.
Yeah bale is gonna be wearing 9 this season and number 3 will go to how new left back
rockerty rock8
GDS should be given a fair chance and I suspect he will. Been watching him in the Olympics, his movement off the ball is very intelligent, very often TOO intelligent for his team mates. Another guy we could use is Mousa Konate of Senegal, only 19 and what a player. very skill full and deadly in the box. The Senegal left winger was good also, would be excellent cover for Bale
Just read that Malaga have OFFICIALLY announced that Rondon is in talks with representatives regarding a transfer. However they haven't said whether it's spurs or the Russians he's been linked with.
I'm from northampton and gutted really would have to loved to have seen Coulibaly play, as most will know he is the one player that excites me the most
Whitehart Lad
micyid, Sandro got an early yellow and he was subbed.
Souleymane Coulibaly - this is the guy who according to Robert Easton on The Spurs Show runs around like a headless chicken.
Hi first time posting. Am from the Philippines and been a supporter of Spurs for the last 32 years or so. Hope you guys don't slaughter me right away. LoL. I just wanted to say that I really hope GDS puts on a good show for Spurs when he gets back. The other thing (off topic) about our strikers (lack off that is), I just think that AVB and Levy have someone or maybe two ironed out already and might just be waiting for the right time to announce him / them. Help me out here, but traditionally, the new signing is showed off at WHL with either the Manager or Chairman right? And I believe both of them are not back in England yet?
Hopefully Phil!
agree with calling it quits on Ade... if money (whatever his pay cut it'll still be huge) is such a problem that he'd rather not play just to earn the extra bucks then the guy is a prize A tool.
Cape Town Spurs
Phil-Spurs - welcome to the site. On GDS i personally think he is massively overrated. Its all very well having ability but it means nothing unless you produce it when it matters. Maybe he's suited to warmer climates, maybe he's suited to a slower game i.e. the Spanish league, maybe he is more interested in the nightclubs rather that the training ground... whatever it is he constantly underachieves at Spurs and yes I'm sure he scores great goals for Mexcio and in the Olympics but that doesnt help Tottenham. If we receive a bid of 5million for him - take it!!
Well now Butland that would not be tolerated in a Spurs jersey but because i'm up for the Koreans i'll just enjoy the goal.
And the arsenal prat scores.
My Heart Is White - the difference between Coulibaly and Rooney is that a) Rooney is a freak of nature, b) Rooney broke through into a struggling EPL side NOT a top 4/5 side in Spurs, c) Rooney grew up in English football, playing it throughout his school years. Coulibaly has been here one year, and has had to adjust to language, culture, climate, and most importantly the style of football here. We all would love Coulibaly to be the next Rooney, but in all likelihood he is not. Best to see what he can do playing competitive matches first.
And the arsenal prat misses.
Thanks MrSpurs. I am just hoping GDS pulls something out of the bag / puts in an extra effort. When he first signed for us, I just felt he would be the player to light up Spurs (more like burned a hole in the pocket) but here's still hoping. COYS!!!!
thfc1882whl, exactly, as regards GDS. If he is in AVB's plans and will sign a new contract, great, he'll finally get his chance. If not, his Olympics run has no doubt increased his value. Either way, it's good for us though I'd rather keep him.

If Spurs want to break the deadlock vis-a-vis Adebayor, they need to sign a striker or two now. Make City realize we are moving on one way or the other. That said, my understanding is that the deal is in place, but Adebayor wants City to give them the transfer money. Not cool, but hardly surprised. If City can't move him, they likely won't get RVP and will pay Adebayor another 3-4 M before the next window. He only wants to go one place (unless someone will give him more money) so he really does have them by the nads.

Didn't see the match but it seems as all of the reports suggest that Bostock was very good as was Archer. Coulibaly was very clinical and opportunistic, but it does not seem as he controlled the game. Whoever the number 3 and 4 strikers are must also be able to play the wing. We do not have the luxury to sit kids or waste money on strikers who can't contribute in other positions. Even our out and out strikers must have a passing game in their locker. Get Remy. Include Gio and if we get Adebayor, we're one striker from what we need. Perisic? Sinclair? COYS
Coulibaly, carried away is accurate in this case. You've only seen him plow them in at U18 level, he hasn't even been tested like Kane, Townsend, etc. Yes, we're all eager to have a young phenom on our hands, but let him develop for fecks sake, at a pace that our expert coaching staff deem fit!
If Adebayor is really holding out like that, the best thing we can do is sign a top striker now, call his bluff, make him think that even if he gets a contract with Spurs, his starting position is not guaranteed. What an a-hole.
I think Levy is sitting on the fence with Damiao, on one hand, he knows he's gonna be the next Messi or Ronaldo, of #9's, on the other hand, he can"t bring himself to spank out 25 mil. Even though he's easily a 70 mil player in 2-3 years. Anyone can see that. I know we're not gonna get him despite our so-called preferential relationship with Internacional, and I'll be gutted when he signs with whoever else, Milan, whoever. Gutted.
WAHEY! Hon the Koreans!
I think couillibally shows massive promise, but don't believe he should be thrown in as our main striker this season. A loan move at a Swansea or similar would introduce him to the pl and show us his progress. For me, gds and jd are excellent number three and four strikers, but we need two match winners. Maybe one a hard worker, pl experience and not too expensive such as Clinton Dempsey. The other needs to be Lacey and a match winner - doumbia. Those four will be great and allow Kane and couillibally to improve and proove themselves on loan in pl this season.
Cardoza from be Benfica is the latest rumour - a very good striker and yes, nice to be linked with a striker eh. Good stats too.
Teng - agree on couilibally. A real talent, but loan him out to get experience and toughen up.
Welcome to Devon Ox, shame you weren't down here a couple of weeks ago...... the weather was fantastic! :0)
In other news, our ex-striker Pav kicks the ball into his own goal for as Lokomotiv loose to a little known FC Krasnodar...
We have 27 days until the transfer window slams shut and can not really see us bringing anyone else in till then but I have this bad feeling that the window is gonna slam shut without any new additions.we need to get the modric situation sorted and let it drag on like the berba one did.I have also heard .ro
rockerty rock8
We have 27 days until transfer window slams shut and can not really see us bringing anyone else in till then but I have this bad feeling that the .tw is gonna slam shut without any new additions.we need to get modric situation sorted soon and don't let in drag on like berba did.I have heard that London is in Russia for talks so another that's got away
rockerty rock8
Damiao to Spurs is back , it seems. He has had 2 excellent seasons i Brazil. If we get him, we need oe mre decent forward.He could be a massive failure i PL, you never know or he could be the 20 goals a seas striker. Worth taking a gamble but we need to sign another forward just to minimise the risk.
Hunch,leandro diamaio starting to believe he is the main target.hopefully in the bag.allways hoping ! Avb hulk?
On coulibaly,good enough strong enough y not 5mins? Here and there?
No, London is in the United Kingdom :). I think we all want to see the "soul man" at some stage. Just keep on scoring goals son, your chance will come soon enough.
I think we have o remembe these young players are trying to break into a top four team not a midtable/lower table team.

To be part of a top four tem with ambitions to challenge title you have to be very good, ready and have some experince imo.

I would rather see these youngstrs play at a PL team that is midtable ad see how they fair like Caulker did last season and he has come on loads.

You cant have yung players step up to a top our team without some PL experience imo it's too risky. However lon them out an if they step up then fair enough draft the in but don't rush them on seeing them at u21/u23 and in friendlies we need to assess them in the PL imo.
I think we should of gave A.V.B a 1 year contract as he gonna be out by Jan when we are in the bottom half of the table struggling again just because proxy Mr levy won't get hiis check book out and sign a striker or 2 just heard that we r waiting for modric monies so we can buy someone so what's happened to how monies then.also when are we buying fryears thought it would hsvr been annouced by now
rockerty rock8
The way the widow is panning out, we may well he happy and forced to play Coulibaly in the 1s team, he may be our only option. Incidently I find the article title amusing, but I would like to modify it slightly, to "we've got Arsesoul" no names no pack drill, but the man is follickly challenged, and has a very senior role within the club.
Agree big c - well fedup thought we had heard the last from him regarding any Spurs matters.

This statement about Levy saying he will nt stand in the wa if Madrid comes could make it difficult for us to et th amount we want as Mdid cannow sit tight knowing that Modric is there's.

I think Levy should come out now and make it clear that he will not stand in Modric's way IF and only IF thye valuation is mt ither by Madrid or any club otherwise Madrid now have the uppr hand thanks to HR.

HR needs to stay out of our business and concentrate on his so called blistering career where he thinks he has so many offers - funny how he is still ut of a job.

As for lack of transers give AVB time e needs to assess everyone and I for one feel will will get some strikers in - I'm sure AVB and Levy will have a deadline or Ade to mae up his mind and I'm sure if Ade is being greedy as the media say he is then Levy will pass him by and give money to AVB to find an alternative and I would be happy with that as Ade is no as hot as he thinks and this is a new Spurs look and imo Ade can easily be relaced.
time has run out on ade the greedy c*** levy wont pay the money for damiao so no strikers then.No ambition being shown here.Now redcrapp mouthing off again.
Enjoy Devon ox - I arrived just over the border in season, Cornwall yesterday. Today is very wet, so need some transfer announcement Danny. Coys
Didn't the papers report more or less the same nonsense with the Vert deal? Deal was off, player looking for a bigger pay off from his club wouldn't be moving till his contract expired and next thing you know he's being photographed with Siggy in a spurs shirt. No panic from us on the Ade deal we know what he can do, knows the squad let it happen at its own pace. in regards to Coulibaly folks on here who want to throw him "in at the deep end" are idiots! Twelve months ago we were reading the same articles about Kane and the same type of people were calling from him to be thrown in at the deep end, if your good enough blah blah. Kane gets hsi chance and is absolutely slated because he hasn't banged in 19 goals yet! These young players could be the backbone of our forward line for the next 10-15 years and we want have them at world class level now or run them out of town. Its like getting the star U-14s striker and putting him in your U-18s team and then saying hes useless after his first game. These guys need time to bed into the team and the league. Cop on you muppets and let their talents develop. And come on Levy sign a couple of strikers for the sake of the young players in our squad if nothing else!
Slurms McKenzie
The problem is Slurms that I don't think anybody is sugesting we"throw the youg uns in at the deep end", but as we stand today apart from Defoe (god help us) we have few options. I wish I shared your optomism re Levy signing any strikers before we go to Newcastle in a fortnight, but I dont. Although the window closes on the 31st, we may well have already P2 L2 by then, unless he gets is finger out.
Right Frank sounds like a wager is in the offing if we loose the first two games I will agree to becoming your personnel cheerleader on here for the month of September and will not post any optimistic comments. If however we do not loose both of our opening games then you become my flag waver and you can't post any negative comments for the month of september! Do we have a bet?
Slurms McKenzie
Yes sounds good to me Slurms, fair play to you.
Great Frank now I want the Season to start even more!
Slurms McKenzie
Coulibaly is a s**t quick winger come striker with trickery and confidence. It can be argued that this position is the easiest to integrate youngsters. As long as you're fast and fearless there's a chance you can make an impact off the bench. I think that's where we're at with Coulibaly. He still needs a firm eye watching him, but I don't think it's too much of a risk to give him a go off the bench in European and domestic cup competitions. Give him a taste of first team action to get him interested and to show us what he's capable of already, then send him out on loan for the second half of the season to give him the experience.
Bernio Villas-Spuras
How much Soul do you have?
G Star

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