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Watford vs. Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs return to Blighty to continue their pre season preparations and I hope to see continued development and understanding of the AVB way of playing.

Officially this is part of a testimonial day for Watford's Lloyd Doyley, which also includes a legends game between the sides prior to the current sides facing off. This is of course the start of a Watford revolution as well as at Spurs. New managers Villas-Boas and Zola are sure to be eager to stamp their ideas on their players, and there will be genuine hope that they have leaned much from suggested past failures to forge a real success in their new roles.

Though I expect AVB to look towards a more stable starting eleven, it will still almost certainly be a game where there will be plenty of substitutions and even though it will be a celebration of a long serving player, it will have a greater emphasis on looking at player and team cohesion, as you imagine that fitness is getting somewhere near opening day requirements and most of the hard work is hopefully nearly all done.

Again the result isn't really the issue here, but it will be important to see the players understanding of the 4-2-3-1 formation and the high line that still causes an increase in my blood pressure, but I do also see it improving, as players gain confidence and in the case of Vertonghen, he learns to play and communicate with his new team-mate.

Hopefully Jermain Defoe is able to return to the side following the death of his cousin, which without any other experienced striker, will hopefully allow us to play Bale wider in the supporting three, perhaps with Rafael Van der Vaart also fit to return following his early withdrawal against LA Galaxy.

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 5 2012

Time: 10:43AM

Your Comments

Dont think any channel telecasts this game.
Its lashing it down in town at the mo. Hope its not this bad in watford. Frustrated. Laptop issues mean i haven't seen any matches so far. Now i got laptop back and noone showing it
More annoyingly, redknapps ugly mug is all over this site now!!!!
I think spurstv is showing the game?!
Nope. No links I know of. A shame 'cos I'd have liked to have watched it. Didn't watch any of the US games due to liking to sleep in the middle of the night
Cape Town Spurs
Someone tell Redknapp to keep his beak out of it !! You had your chance to give a **** but was more worried about being England manager so now it's f all to do with you
SUper Yido
I am really starting to dislike Redknapp... He's nothing to do with the club anymore but still he can't keep his mouth shut.
Cape Town Spurs
You can check it out here before match starts
personally i no longer fear he will leave, i just want him to go so we can move on
Cape Town Spurs
micyid - It's your fault then, no coverage of the game, the ''curse of the lap top'' is back, 13 days until the real action starts and we have one striker, with experience, Harry is all over the place, his told us in the papers to prepare for ''Modric Exit'' really, how did he work that one out, oh the chairman said, ''give us one more season and if real madrid come in for you, i won't stand in your way'' But what he missed out was, but i will find another way of blocking your second dream move, like pay the asking price.
spu 4 life
i understood it was on spurstv as well ,on their web the other day but going anyway and its not raining in Watford buy the way cape town you have starting to dislike im i have hated him for 4yrs coys!!
@spur1950... I was trying to be nice! truth be told the man is like a hemmaroid. Enjoy the game spur1950.
Cape Town Spurs
Spurs1950...its coming :-)
You can't so much follow it on twitter as get three updates per half, generally coming thru twenty mins after the event. If thats what twitter is generally like, i'm not sure why its so popular. Its like reading the news in the metro newspaper. you heard it all the morning before
i'm going to the game. Looking forward to the burgeoning kaboul/Vertonghen partnership. It's the real deal. follow footballombudsman for regular updates. Which watering hole are the spurs boys going to incidentally?
Seems like theres no tv coverage for this one. This site is a gem when searching games online:
Team would be: Friedel, Walker, Kaboul, Vertonghen, BAE, Huddlestone, Jenas, Lennon, Siggy, Bale, Defoe is he's back. just want another look at jenas, I think he could be useful this season..and face it, there aren't going to be any links for the game so just follow the official site's commentary.
Hope watford beat us and Avb gets the sacks thought we would of had some more signings by now get your check book out levy. What's happened to fryers thought he signed for us I'm losing patience with this rubbish
rockerty rock8
jenas useful ? haha thought we were better than that.ILIDT
Good positivity there robertyrock - we need to back avb in the transfer Market now, otherwise he is on a hiding to nothing I fear.
wonder if modric is going to feature..
Hope modric does play, hope he stays and hope we add a top keeper and two top strikers. All uncertain and some unlikely, but still hope and then, along with avb, sigh and jan, great improvements for this season. If not, fearful of an average season and endless negativity on here and press going on about Harry this etc. Come on levy, back your decision - now. Coys
Lots of good rumour and itk discussion over on spurs community. Supposedly respected itk's saying we are working very hard on falcao, with Porto keen to cash in and athletic also owed money and desperate. A levy type opportunity that. Others saying we are negotiating for: falcao, damiao and llorente, but only one will come. One of those would do, falcao for me, but damiao also a kleenex signing. Looks like we are not the only ones who know a striker is needed. Go Danny.
The team according to Watford Observer Friedel; Naughton, Kaboul, Gallas, Assou-Ekotto; Jenas, Livermore; Carroll, Lennon, Bale; Defoe.
BBC London on line giving live commentary
Come on we need to get some new players in now not on transfer deadline day hope we are only getting lorais if modric goes what's that all about and where is this fryers dude we have supposed to have got
rockerty rock8
Isn't Murray doing well. What a match so far unlike what twitter is saying about the Watford game
Big Ron
defoe 1-0 our striker problems are solved
Big C.......+1
kane on for Defoe if he scores we really are sorted..............hmmmmmmmmmmm
Bentley's on we are all saved, only needs Chirpy now for a nap hand.
Funny Cheshireyid! Haven't been able to see or hear anything on the game other than the score. Looking forward to some indepth reports. Also very disappointed with Ade's attitude. I suppose he may be upset with MC undervaluing his worth and thus "cheating" him out of £1.6m of loyalty playoffs if they had sold him for £20m!! You never know what drives people to do what they do. I'm just glad that these big spenders get these problems every once in a while and it should send signals to some posters here of what can happen if you try to spend big without the real resources behind you.
jvd, go to spurs official page via the web site.
twitter page!!!!!! I believe Chirpy is doing them all
That's it folks, now for Valencia on Thursday.
AVB still unbeaten! Yay! Levy probably thinks now that we don't need new strikers.
Everton lost to Bpool and MU drew with some Swedish or Norwegian are those two teams ever in serious trouble this season, they look set to finish mid table or worst!! LOL!
Haha JVD, nice. Did Siggy play today?
Interesting substitutions, giving us an idea of who's backing up who in AVB's squad. And Defoe with the header, off a Walker cross! Nice
Must have been a by low cross!
Very low cross!
Haha, apparently he was unmarked in the box... yeah, had to have been low :)
Is David Bentley playing?
Tell us something new Big C. We should be prepared for a season of HR quotes! If we do well it will be cause of the squad he assembled and if we do poorly, it will be versus his having us poised to win the league! We cannot win with HR and his crony journalist friends.
jvd - trust me we wont do well this season so get ready for the "why did we sack him" headlines.
Harry and his rabid dogs in the press a salivating at the savaging they have in store for us.
Pleased for Defoe - he made a decent contribution last season and we will need him to do the same this. Also glad to see Lennon complete a full match. AVB is definitely keeping us guessing on who's going to be in the 1st team.
So its ok when AVB talks about the Modric situation because some of you believe that we should know the truth but than when HR tells the actual truth to everything that is going on in the Modric saga he is in the wrong? Please do tell me for all of those that want to know that truth what is wrong with what HR said then...I told you that the truth will eventually come out slowly from those close to the situation and at first it was Kranjcar and now Harry. Levy is a number of things but you will see how much harm his idiocy will do us. He didn't make tottenham nor did modric or hr or any of these people we the fans make the club. You think there is a difference if Levy sells for 30m or 40m because us fans wont see any of that. We are taking no steps forward just because we parted ways with HR because tehre is more people that need to go before that.
Have a goodnight Levy and AVB fan boys.
Raging - I am pretty positive that the one thing levy never said to modric was, one more season and then you can go. More likely, give us this season and if you still want to go and we get a very good offer for spurs, then you can go. Harry is just *****stirring, strangely eh.
Windle...doubtful! I find it highly doubtful that a player is refusing to play because he wasn't promised something. Levy is scum and the players closest to situation and media is now finding the full story. It doesn't matter what you think! Its bad media and its going to have a bad aftertaste for others. This is as ugly of a saga as it could be and thank Levy for that. He is a liar...We saw Modric give us that 1 season and ironically went on strike afterwards and there is nothing but truth behind this story. Take those covers off your ears and just accept what the truth is because you are doing yourself no good being so delueded as a fan of Levy cant do any wrong.
Hurrah, raging is here with his tell-it-how-it-is opinions. Yawn. "So its ok when AVB talks about modric......harry...etc." Yeah the reason its ok for AVB to talk about it is because he's our manager. And harry ain't. Get over it. Move on. Get behind the current establishment.
I find it hard to believe that Levy is this honest nice man just as hard as I find it Modric to be a perfect footballer but Levy did lie! Your refusal to believe what former players and coaches are now saying is your issue! That is the truth coming out finally and you are refusing to believe it? Fine! I never trusted Levy to much but he is a dirty scum****!
RagingSpur - I'm not Levy's biggest fan but your comments are harsh to say the least. Rather than having a pop at the Chairman you should look at the player who refuses to play despite signing a contract. If Levy promised Modric something and then changed his opinion so be it, why should Tottenham as a football club let any one player dictate what happens in the future?
We r still a pile of crap
rockerty rock8
Same old boring comments
rockerty rock8 - its all relative mate - you could support West Ham!!!! then you really would know the meaning of crap.
Well said T10!
raging spur = keyboard warrior
Raging Spur...calm down...when Modric asks for a transfer (formally) he will go to Madrid. He will lose some money, but hey hoh I am sure he can afford it, and it will help bridge the difference in valuations. Up to him now.
Ragingspur I feel absolutely sure that HR is not providing us with the truth but with his opinion of what was said. DL is not a fool and would never make a statement which put him in a poor bargaining position. Of that I am certain. To the guy who suggested that I should trust him that we wouldn't do well this season let me just say that you should have a more positive outlook at life. You might very well end up being disappointed but at least you would have had a bit of happiness. I feel we will do very well, thanks. Negativity gains nothing, benefits no one!
40m isn't realistic. What are we going to do with an unhappy player? What are we going do if we sell last second like Berba. Short term memories some choose to have as we have enough money to spend and still dont have a striker or a goalie. You want to trust Levy? He doesn't care if we are moving forward or not he cares about profits! Another typical Spurs window of no improvements and an awful coaching change.
Please dont make me laugh if you think Vert, Siggy, Naughton, Hudd, and co are the difference in this team moving forward. We lose Ade, King, and Modric add a little youth and we are no better than 5th by best option. The best Spurs years in decades are gone because of arrogance towards our past manager and thinking we are better than we are and sacking him. There will be big trouble because of this and you will want AVB and Levy out by end of season
Raging we have a player in Modric who is leaving the club, with around about 40million coming in as payment and you feel we should train him up and have him match fit? Let him play in friendlies / pre-season games when he won't be here to contribute to the squad and risk getting injuried so he can't be transfered? Last summer Harry told everyone he could that he didn't know anything about the modric deal as the chairman deals with those issues now that he is no longer employed by the club he suddeny has the inside scoop? Come on Raging I don't object to your point of view, just the lack of logic to your arguement.
Slurms McKenzie
@raging 40 million isn't realistic, because of what city and chelsea have done we now live in a world wher 40 million is the bare minimun we should expect, when henderson and downing cost more than 20 million each i expect double for a player who is twice as good as those clowns put together!!!! 35 million for carrol? after half a good season in the premier league? 50 million for torres who had been of form for over a year? over 20 million for hit and miss young who only had a year left on his contract? i could go on but im starting bore myself now, how short is your memory raging? man u tapped berbatov up and then didn't bid over 20 million untill he was sent on a plane to man city!! yes thats right man city and fergie hi jacked him from the airport and paid what we asked for all along!!Anyone who think we should be bullied into selling a player cheap because he is pouting is delluded, what precident do you think that sets when barca come knocking for bale with a 20 mil bid or utd for walker with a 10 mil bid? levy is stuck between a rock and a hard place sell cheap look weak, hold out and risk beng left short
Verts and Siggy are an improvement over Bassong, jenas and bentley and have the potential to become even better. Raging are you saying these were bad signings? Verts solved a problem that was there last transfer window when we needed a proper CB as opposed to having to rely on King's knees and Gallas's battered body. Siggy solves the problem of VDV legs. Yes we still need strikers but these other issues also existed and neeed to be addressed. If we had signed two strikers already Raging you'd be bitching and moaning about lack of cover in Cb and MF. Yes you don't like Levy as he is the root of all evil and you won't give him any credit for providing you with "The best Spurs years in decades"! Apply logic to your arguement. AVB has played five pre-season games, Spurs have yet to kick a ball in anger and you have written them off. You seem to think that football clubs have a mint in the changing rooms where they can print unlimited sums of money to keep countless players on the books and amass more without any consequence? Our senior squad currently consists of 27 players the limit is 25 when we add the 2 strikers you want we will have 29 senior players, will you cry like a lttle girl then that Levy mis-managed the squad and allowed to many senior players to be signed?
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms - spot on. Harry contradicting himself through the media yet again. To jacobslad great point, Modric hasn't even put in a transfer request so he clearly hasn't got a major issue with Levy's "agreement" to help him leave. Let's also remember that Chelsea's £40m bid wasn't in at this point last summer. What we need is a 2nd club to put in an offer that counters RM's.
Besides Defoe is banging them in with his head now and everything....
Slurms McKenzie
Raging - You have stated categorically that Levy has lied. You must therefore have inside knowledge to be able to state that so definitely. Please tell us therefore, SPECIFICALLY and CLEARLY, EXACTLY what was said and how Levy has lied.
Let's also remember that when we were flying last season, we could all name the line-up as Friedel, Walker, Kaboul, King, Ekotto, Lennon, Modric, Parker, Bale, VDV, Adebayor. Other key contributions when we amassed 31 out of 33 points were Defoe, and Kranjcar with Livermore helping us to close out games. Modric will be a loss, so will King and we need to find a replacement for Adebayor. We have Sandro getting better and better as well. We could easily get stronger in the next 3 weeks and I fully expect it although Modric will be a loss. We will also have formations and tactics and will get away from Harry's flawed 4-4-2. I'm actually quite optimistic about this season.
Raging clarified that Levy was "economical with the truth" which really isn't news, Mr Levy is economical with everything...
Slurms McKenzie
lol @ slurms, fair play fella love the name and witty banter

AVB interview after Watford game....

i got the impression that Modric is more likely to be playing for us next season..
Spurs are looking for a big player... he said that other teams are trying to hold onto there best players... i think thats a reference to Moutinho...time will tell..

AVB keeps mentioning that we are in the look for ONE STRIKER... this is the second time he has said this in the past few weeks... is he being serious? is Ade already done and he means one more after that....

its plain to see we are TWO STRIKERS short of a strong squad.... DOES HE NOT SEE THIS...

i hope its a media ploy and hes in for 2... lets hope
Looking for one striker is code for "Ade is a done deal but it's being kept quiet so that City pay his wages for the next 3 weeks" that sounds like a Levy stunt.
I hope we are in for Leandro Damaio... and that Ade is a done deal..

I hope we are in for Moutinho, Kaka or Sahin if our No14 actually gets sold...

I think we should loan Affelay from Barca with an option to buy...

I would like to think we could be in for Sturridge but i think the Chavs would refuse to to business. <

regardless to the outcome of replacing/keeping our No14.... i think we should be in for Dembele at 10m... massive option with the arrival of Siggy, and already having the options of VDV and Hudd...

get rid of Bassong, Gallas, Jenas, Bentley and Kane (loan).... and replace with Leandro, Affelay, Sturridge, Ade, and Fryers..

theres still some big players out there that would be worth a shout...
I was with you all the way Yidmarks, until I saw Victor Moses name in there...
Slurms McKenzie
A good negotiator needs to keep the cards close to his vest, so to speak. Wgen AVB or Levy say they need only one new striker, they may think they need two or three, but why say so when other clubs are listening? I'd want Levy or AVB out if they spoke too bluntly about how they perceive our clubs needs. Keep your thoughts to yourself, gentlemen, when you are involved in negotiations. Say what will throw the others off the track. Of course, those who want to beome siants should eschew running a football club. The very thought of doing so will compromise your soul.
Total knobhead
those who want to become saints, that is. Oh when the saints come matching in isn't quite the same as when the Spurs come matching in, is it? one requires guile, the other requires the opposite.
Total knobhead
Levy levy levy get your money out levy levy levy get your money out
rockerty rock8
olé, rockerty rock8. Never show your money during a negotiation. You'll end up spending for more of it than you need to. Hold your cards close to you vest, and never forget that some of the best business deals are those not done. If you show that you're anxious to make a deal, the other side will smell blood and eat you alive. That's a fact of doing business and a good negotiation will be aware of this going in. Always appear reluctant when buying or selling. It sets a better tone. Always look ready to walk away. Of course, one can overdo this and never pull the trigger on a deal. At some point to need to get it done. But never look to eager to do so. And don't let the supporters pressure you into making bad deals. That's when you should be let go.
Total knobhead
I don't know what was said by Levy to Modric. What I do know is that when they came out of the meeting Levy said, and Harry confirmed, that Modric was not for sale for any price. Luka was ticked and did not talk for some time. I do not recall Luka saying, well I can go but only if it's RM. I also recall Harry saying that a team like Spurs can never get ahead if they sell their best players. I strongly doubt Harry was in on any of the Levy/Modric meetings. I can also pretty much guarantee that Levy's position would have included something along the lines of, you can go anywhere except the EPL so long as the team you want will meet our valuation. It also seems as PSG have met the valuation. Modric doesn't want it. RM haven't met the valuation, and if reports are believed, want to pay over time. Levy is doing his job. The best Modric replacement is Modric. RM can stump it and if not Luka can lump it or he can learn to like baguettes. He has choices. So do Spurs. What does not seem to be in the cards is Modric going anywhere but RM and Spurs accepting less than 40M. SOOOOOO I guess he has 4 years left on his contract. That was also his choice. COYS
you'll end up spending far more than you need... good god, my typing is deteriorating. "your vest..." "a good negotiator..." sorry, mates.
Total knobhead
but you catch my drift, no?
Total knobhead
Total Knobhead wise words. Its a shame you and rockerty rock8 cant change usernames
Harry's big mouth is likely what cost him his job and his compulsion to talk continues even after. Harry, listen to yourself and you'll observe what cost you your job in large measure. DL knew you are a loose cannon and that's why he couldn't tolerate having you about. Learn a bit of discretion, although at our age, change is difficult. But it would be for your own good, Harry. so long as you continue to popl off at old employers, others will be reluctant to give you a new job. either pipe down, or go gently into the night.
Total knobhead
Huddersfield, never chose a username that too obviously captures your nature. lol. a wise man claims to be a fool, and a fool thinks he is wise. In part, of course, that captures Harry's problem. Why must he continue to intrude into our lives? Begone, wise man. (or is that wise guy?)
Total knobhead
TK, it's just Harry being Harry. He has something to say on everything and if no one wants him to coach then he'll be a pundit somewhere. He'll be asked to pick apart everything Spurs and he'll relish in doing it. He was never US. We were always THEM. Harry's thoughts don't worry me in the least. Whatever he said today, he'll contradict tomorrow. Old hat. Was always going to be so. What matters is Spurs now. He had his chance. COYS
A couple of very good posts from my mates peterbalb and TK. Thanks guys and I concur :-)
Listened to the AVB interview on Talk Sport. Very interesting that he said the words "chairman's valuation" and "re-integrate" when talking about Modric. He also mentioned getting him match fit. Not sure whether these were subtle words to Real Madrid or whether he meant it though and we'll see Modric brought back into the fold.
i have always had the feeling that he will still be with us come the new season... i would hope that he will see our intentions in the next few weeks and decide to respect his contract....

Adebayor... Leandro and one other in the next 10 days... u heard it here....
Im still 100% convinced Modric will leave. But it will be at the 11th hour and not a penny less than Levy wants. I just hope he releases funds before hand so we arent left up ***** creek
If Modric was really keen to leave he could negotiate his wages with RM and then say he would take a cut in wages over the term of the contract to equate to the difference. e.g a 5 year contract at 3m per yr rather than 5m per yr and we get 40m rather than 30m then all parties are happy. hat only applies if money is not his big thing
Big Ron
Modric is still a Spurs player, we pay his wages so he must be considered part of our squad. Whether he stays or goes depends on a lot of things as clearly negotiating for top players is a highly complex affair. Spurs are and have been negotiating hard for several top players and hopefully two or three will join...but nothing is guaranteed except that DL will continue to play his cards close to his chest. The general view appears to be that we need to panic sell Modric to fund other deals however I doubt this is the reality
Forever Spurs
If we don't get a good bid, keep our best player. Simple. Best for spurs, not modric.
Slurms McKenzie

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