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The best so far?

I know its early in the season, but as we are on an international break and we have played the first ten games, I thought I would ask which player has impressed you most?

I think we have had several outstanding and consistent performers this season, but I have narrowed it down to six names that I feel have contributed to both the team and as individuals so far, though feel free to add others or dispute my picks based on your own observations and reasons.

First up, I have opted for Brad Friedel. Perhaps this wont be a name that many will agree with, but not only has he played consistently well, but he has also raised his game with the increased competition, which is why I have been so impressed. We can all debate whether he was at fault for this or that goal or individual likes and dislikes, but surely we want all of our players to show the fight for their place that Brad has since the arrival of Lloris, and that alone shows what a shining example he is to everyone, as well as still being an excellent keeper.

Replacing Ledley King was seen as an almost impossible task, but in the signing of Jan Vertonghen, we have done pretty well. Technically excellent, strong and a good leader and talker for someone that has only just joined the club and is in a new country. Add to the fact that he has not only looked outstanding at centre back, but also left back as well, and we can see what a great and versatile player he is and what a valuable one he will become. It will be interesting where AVB plays him, once we see BAE return to full fitness, though in the long term I feel he will be our left sided CB, and a very good one at that.

Sticking with defence, I have gone with Steven Caulker. In six appearances so far, we can already see what a great player he can become. I have been championing Caulker for some time, and for those who doubted his ability to step up, I'm sure you are now converted to thinking he can be an outstanding player for club and country. A giant at the back and also in the opposing area, it could become a very nice headache to have Caulker, Gallas, Kaboul and Vertonghen after Christmas, and his form also adds to the feeling that we can sell Michael Dawson and have a players that is already at his level and can get much better, and that isn't written with disrespect to Dawson.

Sandro has fast approaching the player we hoped he would be. He has always had huge potential, but has now matured that bit more and his decision making has improved massively, perhaps with age, games and that bit of confidence of knowing he is a first choice starter. The injury to Scott Parker, has perhaps been a blessing to Sandro in allowing him to start as the first choice DCM, whilst partnering him with a player that has creativity and the ability to cover, has also allowed Sandro a greater freedom to extras himself in a way that he never seemed able to do when playing with Parker or Livermore. A lesson learned that we perhaps can't play two naturally defensive midfielders together, but I also feel that with increased confidence, we will see our Brazilian enforcer become so much more.

If we are looking at a player that has improved us as a team, then the vote has to go with Moussa Dembele. before he signed, we looked flat and devoid of ideas. Both Sandro and Livermore struggled to express themselves either as a pair or individually and only the drive and creative spark of Dembele has sparked our midfield and made us look three dimensional as a team. Moussa rarely loses possession and offers a support to the attack that no other central player can consistently offer. His partnership with Sandro has been devastating, but such is his quality and impact, I have no doubt that the same would have happened if he was playing alongside Parker or Livermore.

A couple of months ago, I don't think there would have been anyone that would have believed that Jermain Defoe could have played as a lone striker, but his form for club and country this season has killed any doubters stone dead. Without question Jermain has worked hard on his game and that perhaps belies the accusers that he doesn't play with intelligence. Six goals in twelve games, is a great return and though we have always accepted he is a player that if played regularly would score goals, I believe his work-rate and general team play has been exceptional, especially when we consider that is terms of his size, he will always struggle in certain situations when played on his own, but his willingness to run all game and chase lose causes, has impressed me greatly.

So there are my six candidates, and I feel that though we have seen several other highly impressive performances, they have been six of the best and are all worthy of consideration and debate as to who has been our outstanding starter to the season. Personally, I find it very difficult to pick one winner from the six...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday October 10 2012

Time: 10:37AM

Your Comments

31 Premier League games for Spurs to go.
And verts seems like he's been here foreverrrr absolute quality! Caulker too has done well but I like the look of dembele the most. Jury is still out on clit dempski and Sigy for me I hope they prove me wrong.... Still wishing we kept niko and or vdv
Caulker, Vertonghen, Dembele.
Vertonghen & Dembele are both quality. However, alot of us need to calm down a bit. bar Man U, we haven't played anybody yet and as usual our expectations are getting above ourselves again. the next game should give us a better idea of where we are at, manage to avoid losing and we are looking ok, although we do struggle to break down defensive teams.
Sandro quality too. I love that kind of player one who sticks the boot in. If we can keep hold of what we have buy 3 more players if we can keep every1 fit I really feel we have a chance nxt season to push the manchesters a lot closer. A cracking forward some1 for competition with bale and Lennon and an attacking mid for competition with Sigy and clit. But who can also cover dembele.i feel we will struggle if we lose moussa he is different gravy to anyone else we have
It's a tough call. Vertonghen has been versatile as a centre-back and a left-back, seeming to relish either role equally. He's a monster. Dembele is very important to us, and indeed, Defoe has been playing out of his skin, not just scoring. Friedel often tends to be overlooked because he's just so bloody steady and NEVER makes a mistake, which is what I want most in a keeper. If I have to choose I'd go with Jan the Man!
I have to agree with RealDanger.
Oh and I forgot Sandro.
think when pushed I would go with dembele, as he has improved the way the whole team plays. would we be worse with Parker in the middle, Adebayor in attack or Kaboul or BAE in defence? probably much the same in terms of overall performance, but dembele is that unique addition to the squad and it is the only real worry I have at what we would do if and when he is unavailable
There is no need to think long on this .... Verts, without a doubt! New article please!
I really like Verts and Dembele. Absolute class. ALso I don't feel our backline is weak, so that must mean Caulker has been doing a decent job as well!
spurring you on
Vents for me although I believe Lennon deserves a shout
Verts , Djembele, and Sandro are three top quality players we need around for many seasons. JD I am afraid is not and Ade should now start in front of him 90% of the time. JD has an awful scoring record against the better teams. It is pointless having two wingers in Bale and lennon whipping their balls in ( swoons) and having shortare in the centre. We really need a top quality striker in Jan and that should be our number 1 priority.
Horny Helen
Agree with your choices and rationale Ox, though would be interesting to pick the worst (least effective) players! Still, worth waiting 'til x-mas to pick the stand-out candidates.
It's obviously either Dembele or Vertonghen. I would shade it to Dembele because as a direct replacement for Jake, he literally transformed the team. And yes Ox, he is the one we would miss the most. I would have included Gareth in the short list though as we would definitely miss him too.
Love totty
Dembele is class and will prove as good if not better than Modric for us in the long term. But Verts is outstanding for his ability to play centrally or left back. He is also great carrying the ball out and is a real goal scoring threat. Future captain? Kaiser? Blanchflower? I've gone too far too soon but you know what I mean. Striker please!
We musn't take Gareth for granted, he is by far our biggest threat going forward even when not at his very best. The lad took a deserved pasting on here for his cheating at worst and wussiness (new word for the lexicon) at best, but he is still our numero uno.
Love totty
Friedel has been his usual self, the media hype about Lloris not starting has made the saves Brad has made better than they actually were and the mistakes worse than they actuall were. So he gets a steady 7 from me....Walker looks like he needs a kick up the backside and has been poor he gets a 4.....Gallas despite his obvious lack of pace he has been stalwart for us so far 8....Caulker slotted in seamlessly and given us a set piece scoring option, Kaboul got job on his hands to get back in 7.....Vertonghen he has been immense and will be one of the best if not the best in the Prem 9....Lennon looks injury free, settled happy and as long as he stays injury free he will deliver consistantly 7.....Bale does not look him self yet and seems to be in 3rd gear but will come good 6....Sandro the doggs b0ll0x is running tings 8.....Dembelle another settled in and making the team tick 7.....Dempsey will get better but at the mo 6.....Defoe either playing above himself or has been taught new tricks and now implenting them in loan role other than still missing one to many has been in fine form overall Verts been the best so far COYMFS!!!
We have a problem with Vertonghen. He is just too good. I would love to see him stay at left back as we look more secure than with Benny. However the position I want to see him play is next Sandro, he would be perfect to bring the ball out, link the midfield and attack. Then play Dembele, lennon and bale as the attacking 3.
The best so far? Having taken a lot of interest over last season and trying to watch as many of his games as possible and watching him in team GB, he finds himself stuck in the middle with the experience of Gallas to the right and the pure class of Vertonghen to the left, Steven Caulker (a defender) under natural progression, really does impress me every time i watch him play, his cool under pressure, quick, great in the air, a very good passing, footballing centre half and when required will put it in row Z, he could in time become one of the best centre halfs we have had at this club, a lot about him reminds me of Mike England who was also very good. I think, but can not be sure, his won every header his gone for from our corners to date and his goal ruled out vs Lazio was a joke, he was in the right place on sunday to back heel, Defoe's pass, getting his first goal in the prem, more will follow, that i'm sure of. We have so many very, very good players, my vote would go to VERTONGHEN, strange you may think, having just praised Steven Caulker, but Vertonghen is class, when we first became interested in him i watched on you tube and they all look good on that, as we know, but it was a game for Ajax against Man Utd at Old Trafford and that did it for me, we have to get this guy, the rest is history.
spu 4 life
Seems like the general view is Vertonghen, Dembele and Sandro in that order and I will not disagree. Vertonghen has been superb in defence and springing forward to lead attacks. New dimension to our game. Dembele has the same presence as Modric, tricky, gets a yard of space easily, quick and good in the tackle. Sandro recently has been cleaning up the midfield and works great with Dembele. A real beast. Good spine in the team now. We haven't missed Modric or Ledley as much as I thought we would and that is a great testament to Verts and Dembele.
Our change of fortunes came as soon as we moved into the NEW training facility. Anyone think this is a coincidence ? Feeling is better in newer surroundings, new workplace etc.....
In answer to the question, it has to be Vertonghen. Sandro and Dembele are the glue that hold the team together at the moment. I note your point COYSRUS, the new facilities have to make a difference and I hope it continues!
vertonghen for me, settled brilliantly, showed he is a fantastic defender, great going forward, combines well with bale, versatile as we see with his left back performances, put in the best goal saving tackle I have seen in a long time against Hoillett and scored two goals already. more than anything he has a fantastic winners mentality and is a natural leader. I am still pinching myself that this immense talent insisted on only moving to spurs :) He has filled one of the two huge voids left over the summer. The modric void has also been filled by the new partnership of sandro and dembele. What makes this so effective is that they can interchange roles which makes it so much harder for teams to deal with. Last season if you stopped modric you neutralised us, while that was not easy to do and modric is in many ways irreplaceable, try neutralising sandro and dembele :) they are monstrous :))
good article whatsux and it does make you think AVB was not really given a propert chance at Chelsea!
Ox - do you have access to the MOM polls for the last six PL games in which they all played? It would be interesting to take a weighted average.
Love totty
Love totty, good point re.Bale. Its funny how the newbies like Verts, Dembele get all the plaudits and the old guard get taken for granted. I'm just as guilty as i automatically thought Verts/Dembele - but really Bale and Lennon are so so important to us from an attacking point of view and both (whilst not at their best) have been excellent.
vertonghen is one of the signings of the season imo, composure, ball playing ability, speed and strength make him an almost perfect defender. Already a Spurs legend. I think its almost easier to do this by stating who has not played well! bale had an indifferent start to the season but is growing into it, walkers been flat and uninspiring, as well as possibly suspect defensively, sigs hasn't had his sights on goal yet which is his bloody role as a goal scoring midfielder which i find ridiculous and dempsey looks solid but uninspiring. Other than that its all good!
For me I go with superJan, he's been consistant and lets face it he had one hell of a pair of shoe to fill. Dembele and Sandro compliment each other very well. Can't believe Defoe makes the short list, he has bagged 4 goals but given his chances to a work class striker then it would probably read 8 goals and 4 more points. The return of Ade is wonderful news, not because h'es more prolific than Defoe but he's a team player which in turn will bring goals from himself, Dempsey and the midfield.
In order: Vertonghen, Friedel, Dembele. A mention goes out to Caulker for the step up. Sandro has been patchy (good defensively, not good passing wise), and must do more to help the midfield to improve performance and not get dominated at home by Norwich, QPR etc...
Jan the man gets my vote. he's exceeded all expectations and let's be honest they were high after all the hype but he hasn't let us down. what epitomizes his class imo is when he scored and reacted like superman. class. composed and demonstrates he's aware of what's going on around him as heard the fans. I would also add a shout for the gaffer. alot of pressure on the man and despite a slow 1st few games has done very very well coping with it all whilst getting results. long may it continue. COYS
if the cost is considered, Sandro and Caulker must be top two.
Vertonghen by a landslide. Dembele next in line, followed by Sandro and close behind him Caulker.

I actually believe Lennon and Defoe despite criticism have been instrumental thus far. Performances from Bale, Walker and Sigurdson are definitely in question. I'd quite like to see more of Naughton in the future whenever Walker hits a bad note, and Caroll/Pritchard fight for a place in that CM role.

Adebayor, Parker and BAE yet to play a string of games. I'm starting to believe the hype the pundits spray when they say "Spurs have a very strong squad".
the best team is coming and its chelsea . Chelsea will win
lennon definitely getting back to his best and will really improve under AVB IMO. When he was given the armband, which was a nice touch, he obviously felt that he should pass rather than shoot when in the box, however it was clear that he was told to be more direct and shoot after that game. he showed that intent against united and that one run he made past 4 players was great even if his shot was blocked. You could see the united defence just shat themselves. the goal against villa was coming and i think if he stays fit we will see him hit a personal best tally this season. He has always taken his goals very well, usually placing his shots accurately in the corners. more than anything it looks like lennon has his mojo back
Agree with Ox & most posters - clearly Verts, Dembele & Caulker have been great additions. Whilst not setting the team alight, I also like the work ethic Siggurdson and Dempsey have brought to this team. However, the biggest PLUS so far (& yes, early doors) is that we look like we have GOALS from Everywhere - Caulker & Verts dangerous, Subs such as Sigg, townsend, Dempsey look capable of scoring & obviously dembele, lennon, defoe, Benny etc already on score sheet. Adebajor to come. All the best teams have both a regular goalscorer and goals throughout the team.
Guernman - that Lennon effort vs Man U was on target for far corner too. The guy has an accurate shot - just not the power, nor repertoire.... But the goal vs Villa gets better each time I see it. Excellent finish. Plus we have never lost when he scores. He'd better score more often!
Hopefully Neville will give Walker a good talking-to while off with the England squad...
BS Baffles Brains
Habbo - please do not besmirch our site with that name. They used to called that before being taken over by a gangster who has all but destroyed our national game with ridiculous financial practices, and attracted opportunistic supporters with more money than sense. As for embarassing the nation with those spoiling performances in the CL.......Chavski they are and will remain so.
Love totty
Freidel, Verts and Defoe have been our best 3 players so far. All 3 have had shaky moments but have never the less been brilliant generally. Dembele looks a player though, expect him to make the list at the end of the season. COYS
How about AVB for providing all these guys with an environment in which they can thrive. We have lost 1 game all season. 24 players have featured in the PL so far and 18 different players have started. How about Levy for getting the guys in while also managing to get the squad down to a managable size with only Bentley and Jenas still to find new pastures. Both are on loan and, if all goes well, by year's end, only Bentley will be surplus to requirements. How about the coaching staff for the new ethos wherein every game in all competitions matter and where merit can see a player like Mason make the bench for a PL match. How about better execution of free kicks and corners. How about the obvious confidence that has been instilled in some of the senior players.

I don't like to select one player because it is a team sport. What is in evidence again is the "team" atmosphere. For me, that is, far and away, the most significant contributor thus far. 1 loss in 10. The prospect of this "team" getting better is absolutely mouthwatering. Long may it continue. Good job to all. COYS
verts just over dembele and sandro
peterballb, having read your post you made me think. The one guy we have to thank for all this is Arry. If he had taken the contract offer from Levy and stuck two fingers up to the FA, he would still be here and this thread wouldn't even exist. Thank you Harry, for exposing yourself and letting us Spurs fans have AVB and the lilywhite future!
Well said PeterBallb!! COYS!! Pity about the International break, having to wait ages for the Chelsea game.
Verts for the new players closely followed by Dembele and I feel that Sandro is fast becoming the new Dave MacKay (paise indeed but Dave used to score now and again, so, get your shooting boots on Sandy!!!)
Vertonghen (future captain) and Dembele have impressed the most. Caulker has been great too, especially considering his age. Caulker is not that visible as Verts and Dembele, unless he makes a huge mistake which he has not.
Are any of these guys gonna get a rest through the international break? I think most of our team are playing for their National squads. Most of these will also be very competitive games as they are WC qualifers. Praying for an injury free Int'l perod.
Vertonghen, ive noted a couple of schoolboy defensive errors, but overall he's been class. On the ball he looks better than the likes of Jenas and Livermore, which is a great bonus for a central defender.
Vertonghen, a great defensive player who imo can get into any premier league starting xl. Dembele, strong physical presence, good dribbler, reminds me of a young Clarence Seedorf. Caulker and Sandro are also one of the best so far
bigc do you have 2 identities, like Batman, Superman etc...
peterbaulb...well said and so eloquently
peterballb, well said mate, but you must have your favourites who have excelled on the field?
What do you guys think about bidding for David Villa in January? He's out of favour at Barcelona at the moment. He'll be 31 in January, but I still think that he has 3 or 4 years of top quality football ahead of him. He wouldn't cost us much, and he's versatile as well.
I would like to think that the Sun and the Mail are the ones who have contributed most to our recent success...
Fanman, of course I do. For me though, it is the team, top to bottom that has impressed me. From our youth players right up to Levy. I still don't believe we have played our best XI players and subs in a game and I believe as Vertonghen, Dembele, Dempsey, Caulker, Naughton, Lloris, Lennon, Bale, Walker, Sandro, Sigurdsson, Kaboul have so much more to offer. That brings me so much optimism because, other than Dempsey, none are yet in their prime. Some are getting there but most of our club will continue to grow for the next 3-5 years. Lloris, Walker, 2 of Caulker, Vertonghen, Kaboul, Naughton, Sandro, Dembele, Bale, Sigurdsson, Lennon. Find a striker like Leandro and that is one heck of a young, talented core. That is why, for me, picking one player is such a tough exercise. COYS
Agreed Peter, we have some fine ingredients and IMO a masterchef to make a very palatable team. COYS.
So, how are you doing, ItalianYiddo? I told you ManU was a guaranteed win. COYS
Pretty good Peter, all baby talk at the moment. I was at a wedding at the the time of the Man U game, I was hoping to watch the recording without knowing the result, no chance, all the Spurs fans were on a high. Great result, about time. Can't wait for the Chelsea game, would have been brilliant for you to sample the experience for this one, it will be electric.
I'll be there in spirit. Funny the difference between here and there. I watched the game Monday night after work and had no idea what the result was. When Dempsey scored I almost went through the roof. The fans will need to be the difference in the Chelsea game. Ade will have to be huge as well. COYS
The crowd has been subdued this season a bit of apprehension because of the slow start and the uncertainty that comes with a new coach. We need a good game against Chelsea to lift the crowd, Ade was impressive when he came on against Villa, so confident and assure. What do you think of playing Ade behind Dempsey?
ItalianYiddo, that's actually my thought. Dempsey is not the quickest guy in the world but he does manage to get to the crosses and that is a must for whoever is up top. To have Bale and Lennon who are up near the top of the League in chances created and to have had almost all of them, but for a cutback go for naught is clearly an area we need to improve on. When Ade came on, there was a fluidity and control that has been missing all year. It was a night and day type difference. We need their goals and assists in the lineup and I believe, if played together, they will exceed their last year stats. I also think Defoe, coming on late, will exceed his stats from last season. Rarely have I believed Harry got one correct, but on that one, he was spot on. COYS
Vertonghen, (Simply the Best)Dembele,Sandro,Caulker,Loris,Gallas,Dempsey,Bale Defoe,Lennon,Walker. Seems as though the new boys have done good in my book. Five out of first seven.So c'mon Bale,Defoe,Lennon and Walker show us what you can do to. take us to the top..
mountainyid I can only assume Big C was so impressed with my post he re-posted it. I can assure you Big C and I are certainly not the same person!
Not on football - just on Cycling - Came to know that Lance Armstrong doped to win his tour de France. I feel cheated & fooled remembering those days when I used to watch the race waking up middle of the night. I am so so upset by this revelation.
Good article Ox and I would largely agree with your six candidates. As to who is the greatest influence, it is for me a dead heat between Dembele and Vertonghen who have both had a massive impact n the team performance for different reasons. Dembele is an outstanding all round MFer who has the ability, and the engine and crowd appeal to become a Spurs star. Vertonghen has been a revelation as both an accomplished CB, and a great replacement for BAE at LB, and he has scored a goal or two into the bargain. They have both slotted into our team and system seamlessly and will prove to be great signings, at what will prove to be bargain prices. Up until now I remain to be convinced re. Sigurdson, I hope Dempsey can make a spot for himself, and I look forward to seeing how AVB handles the fact that both Adebayor and Defoe are now fit, they can't realistically play together, so we will see.
In the first couple appearances I would have been hesitant to say Friedel but all up to his final game I have to say he saved us from dropping many points to start with. I thought he was tremendous. I'd have a hard time naming anyone in defense only for the fact that we saw points dropped in the final 15 minutes on multiple occasions due to sloppy defending and its only been 7 games in. That being said Verts been pretty consistent but will still need time but has some great features just needs to show the consistency now.
Don't get me wrong I think Sandro is probably along with Bale - our most promising and talented player. Yet i havent been that impressed by him this season give or take a couple of very good halfs. Performance wise (players playing as good as they can) then you have to look at Defoe. He's playing as good as ive seen him and about as good as he can. Freidel same. Verts looks quality but i think theres more to come. With regards to Dembele and Siggy i think theres much more to come, which is quite exciting tbh
I want to moan about the duplication of the golden cockerel images in two articles. This was a classic opportunity to use the picture of the bird with the boobs.
Big C, thanks for the compliment. No need to apologize
An interesting article regarding Sandro (and Dembele). I think if Parker gets back into the team we might see Sandro pushed forward. Anyway there's a long way to go....
Parker will have to get used to being a squad player IMO.

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