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What next?

This week see's increasing speculation over January moves for Spurs and several other clubs, as they look to build on or panic buy their ways to a better season.

This morning I read that we are again looking to sign Willian from Shakhtar, but are supposedly still millions apart on valuation and also maintain an interest in Malaga playmaker Isco, who apparently isn't that bothered about joining us. Add Moutinho and Damiao, who are sure to be linked with us again and we are probably halfway there to knowing the main suggested winter targets for AVB.

It seems clear, based on the summer chat, that we are seriously looking at a player that can offer creativity and an ability to play either wide or central behind a striker. I also wonder how happy AVB has been with Dempsey and Sigurdsson in the role behind the main striker, where neither appear to have truly convinced, but is that down to them or the way we are currently playing? We still lack that killer ball from deep, which may also take us back to Porto for Moutinho, but do they need to sell and does the player still have as strong a desire to come?

Our defence looks pretty good, when everyone is fit, but will we again see talk of Michael Dawson leaving and if he goes, do we need an instant replacement or do we simply wait to replace Gallas, and be happy with four central defenders? In attack, we will hopefully have Defoe, Adebayor and Dempsey all capable of playing on their own, so is there a need to bring in a 4th striker, when we tent to play with only one? If we can get someone such as Llorente in for a vastly reduced fee, as he will be in the final six months of his contract, I would argue that it was a no brainer, but surely the bidding will be fierce from elsewhere.

Perhaps a new central defender, should Dawson leave. A play-maker and an attacking midfielder, that is happy either playing through the middle or wide, will be out main targets, but firstly is their any real urgency to get players in and if so, who should we go for and for how much???

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday October 11 2012

Time: 10:15AM

Your Comments

isco for me is a must. that one creative player that will drop off to pick up the ball from midfield an bring forward be it through a pass or driving on himself. ive heard good things about him. other than that i think we are fine for jan.
would agree with you regarding the type of player we need, though I havent really seen enough of Isco to comment on his ability to make that difference to us
Striker. That is all we need really. If there are doubts about Townsend's ability to cover Lennon, then RM backup / young prospect. Would rather get a striker who is up and coming.
Isco has been better at malaga than Cazorla was, so lets get him! Then watch him tear Arsenal a new one!
Tactically Challenge
if we get a striker, we need to bring in someone who is clearly better than we have. I see little point in just bringing in a player to compete for a starting place, but one who has the quality to be nailed on as the NO9. alternatively we could consider a younger striker, who would be happy to get occasional game time and perhaps continue to learn his trade in the U21 games. However would this effectively freeze out the likes of Kane (I will ignore a 17 yr old Coulibaly at this time)
If either Dembele, Bale or Lennon are injured/knackered we don't have adequate replacements. And all 3 are vital to the team. So i would go for an attacking midfielder to cover/replace Dembele and an attacking forward/wide man to cover/replace Bale/Lennon.
I was just reading on another site, that Bale has a heel injury and may not be fit for the wales/scotland game, that's good news if he misses this, he could do with a rest, same goes for any other spurs players who don't feature, i can't see any tears being shed over this one, during international week. Spurs to splash the cash in January, oh that old chestnut, who would like to keep a log of the players we get linked with, i bet it's more than the christmas cards i get around this time of year, so whilst packing away the decorations in the loft, don't try this at home if you live in a flat, it pi$$es off the people above you; Questions will be asked Dawson to QPR could be one rumour, i can see that coming, because unless ''Sparky'' get's his act together you know who will be in, then he can quote 2 from 8 again, as he hangs out of his car window, last seen at McDonalds drive through. On the spurs web site and i never realised so few, but since March 2006 vs Birmingham, his first goal to October 2012 vs Aston Villa, Aaron Lennon has only scored 26 goals in 4 years, 6.5% per yr; that is shocking, amazing record, i don't think so, so we might be out looking for a right sided wide player who can score goals.
spu 4 life
Fullbacks, Centre backs, GK, defensive midfielders and upfront we have more than adequate quality and cover. Unless of course we can bring in better than we have in one of those positions at a reasonable cost.
Ox. Freeze out Kane or throw the gauntlet down at him? The guy has a chance at Norwich, although injured right now. Kane has a long way to go, and he is clearly someone who would benefit from a loan move rather than the Spurs bench. Even from the Norwich bench he will get more mins. Defoe is 30, and we must beyond him. Big striker signings belong in summer for me. I could name numerous big January striker signings who did not get going until the following start of season.
Three for the list again quoted; Damio Leandro; Eriksen; Willian; all three would be good.
spu 4 life
spu 4 life - So Lennon got 6 goals a year. I could also say that Defoe has only scored 87 premier league goals in the last 8 years....and he is a striker....
TonyRich - yeah and this is the best defoe has looked in a long time, i said way back on a post, Defoe is 30yrs old, will he improve, no what you see is what you get, I just glad Ade is on the mend and he played well, when he came on. Leandro would be the answer, full stop i just wish we could get him i really do, Christian Eriksen, the Danish playmaker who is such an influential figure for Ajax, x Vertonghen team mate, he would be a excellent signing.
spu 4 life Christian Eriksen sign here. looks like a young Gazza, skill wise.
spu 4 life
Seeing how it is fairly quiet, I came across this link recently. You need a good 20 minutes, but this is a brilliant read about FFP. Gives a good understanding of where we as a club stand as well.
Yep, and Defoe is our 9th highest goal-scorer of all-times. Not bad for someone who has been so utterly rubbish for us.
And looking at the all-time charts, JD needs 16 more goals this season to jump to our 5th highest goal-scorer of all-times. Donkey.
spu 4 life the only way we'd get Eriksen is if he absolutely loves vertonghen (they're friends, but is that enough?). Champions league would help and he is a very very special player but I can only see him going to a bigger club than us.
I have been saying this for 3 years now and still believe it, We should Get Damiao! We could have got him for 10m then and it looks closer to 30 now but I think he would fit into the premier league fine, Quick and strong, him and Sandro would be a beastly pair
first priority would be isco for me. I think you cannot fairly judge either dempsey or siggy until they have played behind adebayor up front. VDV wasn't great behind defoe either. I would be happy to bring in cover for the wings, although I am not overly enthusiastic about willian, I would prefer the versatility of dzagoev or remy. A new striker only makes sense if we upgrade. I would certainly replace defoe with leandro if given the chance. Of course there is a risk in replacing a proven PL goalscorer with an unproven one, however, defoe is 30 so the chances to get decent money for him are quickly diminishing. I don't think we will ever get a better price for him than right now, when he is considered hot and plenty of struggling teams would pay a large premium to get him mid-season. Leandro is most likely to make a move in a january window and we are quickly losing the possiblity to sign him before bigger clubs do, if we haven't already. He could be the perfect number 9 for us and the sort of player who will have a massive sell on value but whose wages are still within our capabilities. if dawson leaves we need a young replacement
We need either a top class striker (like Damaio) who will convert more of the chances currently offered, make intelligent runs on and off the ball which creates more space for those behind him. Or a top class attacking forward to play behind our current crop, but can create more through the middle (by dribbling defenders) and also bag a lot of goals (a Messi/Ronaldo/Hazzard type). We also urgently need cover for Dembele. Maybe if we get Moutinho, Dembele can be pushed into that attacking forward position??? I would keep all 5 CBs until at least next sumer. Cover for Lennon could be Dempsey and Townsend looks one for the future, plus Falque - so not too worried about that position.
Bajan Spur
Its all about competition for places. Definitely need someone to push Lennon imo. Whenever he gets injured it really shows how much we rely on his pace down that side. A proven premiership player is a must. I know Bajan just mentioned Dempsey and Townsend as cover, but Dempsey is far better in the middle (just look at games from few years back where he played wide left for Fulham), and Townsend while a decent player, I'm not 100% convinced. For me it would definitely be Hatem Ben Arfa. Would be brilliant having a player with some trickery and a cracking shot down the right as well as one with lightning pace who goes straight for the by line. I just dont see Dempsey and Townsend as genuine competition for his position.
Isco will be fantastic, trust me. But with freebies like Llorente, Huntelaar and Dzagoev available I hope we can try our very best to land them.
Firstly, let's not bother listening to any ITK's Secondly, if we seriously want to challenge not only the top four but Europe as well then Defoe isn't the man to lead us there. 87 goals in 8 years in the Prem or avg 10 per season. Sorry, but that is not prolific enough. Bench-warmer at best. Oh and Guernman, Paul Robinson and Brad Friedel have also scored when playing in goal, does that make them proven goalscorers?
Isco, Eriksen, Maher, Dzagoevski... one of those would make me grin like a moron. I think that Isco can play in the wings too, not sure about this though. We need more competition for Bale and Lennon. A young CF would be nice too since Defoe and Ade are bot near their thirties.
I really don't expect to see any marquee signings in January. It's highly unlikely that we will be nailed on for a CL spot though I hope we are still in the running. Who will then take the risk? Not the better players and certainly not Levy who won't want the cost without the revenue guaranteed. I'd settle for a couple of good prospects that crisis clubs are looking to sell.
Love totty
yiddyboy, i get that Defoe can be frustrating, misses chances, gets caught offside too much, is not your perfect all-round team player, Ade is the better striker and we need better if we want to challenge for the highest honours. I get all that. What i don't get is hating on one of our greatest ever goal-scorers. Who is likely to be in the Top 4 or 5 goalscorers for Spurs of all times. And that is despite having to play 2nd fiddle to Berbs/Keane and then Crouch/VDV for large chunks of his career at Spurs. He is a goalscorer. Not the best in the world, but widely accepted as the best finisher in England currently. And he is a crowd favourite at WHL with his own chant to boot. Can't we just celebrate him for what he is and acknowledge his many strengths - instead of criticising him at every opportunity for not being something he is not.
Well said, SRV. If you don't like a player, blame the coach for picking him. When he's on the pitch he's a Spur, get behind hiim.
Love totty
The Nuge - thanks for the link. Excellent stuff.
Love totty
yiddyboy, lol, you're accusing me of overrating defoe ?!? did you read my post or any of my posts on the subject? the fact that i acknowledged him as proven PL goalscorer (which he is) within the context of saying we should sell him at the next available opportunity might have made you realise that we seem to be on the same page with this one
Tony, I agree on Kane that he probably isnt ready yet and perhaps he will never be good enough, but is he worthy of having a go as a 4th choice pick? that is hardly a ringing endorsement, but he has time on his side, whilst remaining a free pick squad selection for a couple more seasons. obviously we need to see him produce something when on loan to justify any retention, but I have hopes, if not blind confidence
We are starting early even by Spurs standards to speculate on possible Jan signigs. Unless we are nailed on for a top 4 spot by then or in the middle of a horrendous injury crisis as the window opens I dont see high profile signings in he mid season window. As soebody says above, Levy won't spend unless he sees a strong possibility of increased revenue, or another profit making window, as we had this summer.
Cover/competition needed for Walker at RB and for Benny at LB. I knowthat Kaboul can play RB and Verts can play LB, but I'd rather have direct competition. Replacement for Daws if he goes, as Gallas is getting on. Also, someone who can provide cover/competition for both wings. Sorted.
Oh, and someone who can score 35 goals a season for 2 million max.
I would like to see how Ade is going to play for us first. If he is at his best I don't see the need for another striker, (with Defoe and Dempsey available), instead, a replacement for Modric. Some would like both, but I don't want to break the bank, were are not United etc. When we get a new stadium and regular CL then we will have a choice of players and afford the wages.
Nice to see that AVB is learning from SAF re players turning up for internationals "injured" and "doubtful", they miss the game, make a miraculous recovery, and play their next PL game. Sincerely hope this is the case with Bale. We don't need him playing against the likes of Charlie Adam and Co, getting lumps kicked out of him, and for what Wales are a waste of time in the WC anyway. He gets paid his high wages to play for Spurs, sod Wales, we need him fit.
we need a striker, cover on the wings and creativity through the middle...Defoe and Ade are not young and despite defoe being a good player he's not ideal for our system and limits options....dempsey isn't a striker and is also in the 'long in the tooth' category...we had a chance on leandro that ship may have now sailed and I just can't see us spending money, we had a chance when we qualified for the CL, we had a chance in the summer to back AVB but we just make a profit on player sales so unless Bale is going I can't see us spending...but January would be an ideal time to buy as TR points out it usually takes time for a striker to settle so whoever it is would be set for next season....
spurboy61- cover/competition for Benny and walker...we already have- Naughton!
nuge...after looking at the article I'm quite pleased with my previous post! Didn't read every word but got the jist!
Bloody internationals. I should be starting to get a shiver of anticipation for the weekend game. Instead I'm just shivering.
Love totty
StillRickyVilla, it is a worry that Defoe could be in the top 5 all time goalscorers, but you need to have a relative look at it. Compare him against others on goals/game ratio. Clive Allen almost got half of Defoe's total in one season!!! The way I look at it, he's been a Spur player twice and the biggest club to steal him away from us was Portsmouth. Other quality strikers unfortunately haven't stayed long enough to put a challenge on the top 10, ala Berbatov, Keane, Linekar as they are all better strikers hence big clubs wanted to buy them. Nobody except Arry at Portsmouth has ever wanted him because his too selfish and needs 10 chances to score 1 goal. I want success at the lane and with Defoe leading the line will not bring it. Harsh maybe, but that's the reality of it!
Talking of internationals, we musn't forget that the African jamboree is being held in January. What's the status of Togo and Adebayor? That could influence the buying strategy.
Love totty
Love Totty, I think Togo have a 2nd leg to play against Gabon on the 14th Oct. If they come through and win then Ade will be gone in Jan. 1st leg was 1-1, thus an away goal for Togo. I'm sure you'll be like me and a true Gabon fan this weekend ;-)
I thought that Adebayor had given Togo the hard word.
I think they've kissed and made up Frank
Love totty
He'd miss the MU return game......
Love totty
First off, we need a quality up top lone striker. Leandro, for me, is the best one out there. Falcao would be nice but will be really expensive. Let's also stop all this garbage about we could have had Leandro for 10M or 20M. It's just not so. Internationale and Leandro have not been prepared to do the deal. Period. Barca, RM, ManU, AC Milan and a bunch of other teams have made inquiries. No bites even for clubs that will pay much more than we will.

Striker will be incredibly difficult to fill as we will probably be outbid. A better course would be to land Dzagoev, Remy or Affelay, all of whom could play up top but can also provide wing cover/competition. In that regard, and counter to my desire to go younger rather than pay for "senior" talent, I would also not mind Srna (though I doubt Harry's treatment of the Croatians has any of them thinking we are a good idea). He would provide both wing and RB cover and would add a level of experience that would be very valuable in a young club.

Could we sign Moutinho? Sure. Do we need him? I would suggest, at that price, no. If we did, Parker would have to go and same could be said for Hudd. There just would not be enough minutes. I also think such a signing would negatively impact the progress of players like Mason, Carroll, Pritchard who I believe will all need more time on the pitch.

Lastly, the matter of keeper of the future should be addressed. We don't really need anyone now but in a couple of years there has to be someone to share time and be able to cover Lloris. Buttland would be a great signing. Loan him straight back. Gomes needs to go in January for his own good. Friedel, if he came back next year, would be a fabulous number 2. Bringing in a few decent additions would also permit players like Smith, Livermore and Townsend to be sent out on beneficial loans. Rose has done really well so far. 400 minutes on the pitch and the team are 2W-2D-1L so far and he was removed in the City game because he was carrying a knock and not because he was doing poorly. If he continues to impress and Naughton continues to look the better player than Walker, Walker could be in a spot of bother.

As matters stand, things look good and we still have players that have not yet been able to be in full contention (parker, Ade) and have Kaboul, BAE and Naughton to come back from injury. It is a very good squad. If it can be made better in January and fit within the budget and the plans, of course we will. That said, I see no urgent must-fixes at this time. COYS
I also meant to say, Isco is the best young influential player out there. I don't think he's interested and i know we were interested in the summer. He will have every major club out there vying for him. Christian Erikson is probably the second best young influential player out there and that's where I'd put my efforts. COYS
If we could get Damiao and Moutinho in January, that would set us up for a top four finish guaranteed. But, since they seem unlikely as usual, Isco and Eriksen in January is then bare minimum IMHO. They won't make the guaranteed effect we want, but at least they would provide proper cover for our attacking front. Isco would be cover for CF and LW (Defoe, or Bale); and Eriksen would cover CM, or AM (Dembele).
I'm guessing, Isco for 15M and Eriksen for around 11M .
Due to the financial issues at Malaga the line of clubs sniffing round Issco will be huge.
We won't spend any money this Jan.
peterballb- disagree...we could have up'd the offer for leandro....who NEVER said he wouldn't come to Spurs...the offer was not deemed enough by Inter and Leandro towed the party whether we they would have sold for 20m when we offered 14m is conjucture but the mood music was a definate go...since then there has been a lot of muddying the water by interested parties...
shedboy2, ironic that you use the phrase "conjecture" in your post and then go on to fill it full of said phrase.
Shedboy, International president has made it clear for 2 seasons he had no intention of selling Damiao for any figure but something which would be daft. He knows he's sitting on a gold mine and he's waiting for Barca/RM to pay 60 Million for the boy. IMHO we should forget him altogether and go after Liorente and Moutinho.
I cannot see any level-changing signings in January for 2 reasons. Firstly, I doubt very much we will be in a CL qualification position then and secondly I'm sure Levy will not want to spend any real money on players. Any signings in January are a risk anyway as they take time to settle in and can disrupt any flow that we may have developed. In any event, whether it be January or the Summer we are not currently attractive enough to top players or those who attract the attention of the real big-spenders and performers. Chelsea are currently playing some good football with two of our rumoured targets, Hazard and Oscar. Moutinho would rather stay in Porto and play in the CL while waiting for RM or Barca (and who can blame him?). We either have to bring our talented youngsters through or find 2nd or 3rd level players like Sigurdsson and Dempsey and hope that they move-up a notch. I don't see the situation changing even if we qualify for the CL this season although a 3rd-place finish and automatic qualification for the Group Stages would help a bit. Until we can compete in the CL regularly and pay higher wages we will be very dependent upon AVB's coaching skills to keep us in the race.
I do think we need a striker. Defoe has done well but his chance conversion rate is not good enough. A creative player is a big must as stated. We just don't have anyone and it's why I think the sale of VdV wasn't necessarily a good move.
I think this is a prime time to raid the Brazilian league, as it is the end of their domestic season. I'd expect clubs to be more willing to sell when they have a few months to rebuild a team rather than in the middle of a season, especially if it's a key player. It's now or never for Damiao.
I'll add Marco Reus to my wishlist.
We need wing cover not convinced Townsend is ready or good enough.

I'm concerned how Dempsey and Siggy have not made that spot there own I think in both cases it is more to do with being at a bigger club syndrome than ability so they may come good but do we have time.

Dembele is doing well but we still miss that edge in midfield that Modric gave us however bring in another and then Parker Hudd will get less time and also I guess Sandro if Dembele is first choice. Maybe a striker would be better in January becuase Defoe will not be enough for all season and has limitations and relying upon Ade who hasn't been part of the set up yet is a gamble imo.

Attacking forward than can play on the wings would be sensible and most needed imo.

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