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No rift or unrest for Lloris!

Hugo Lloris has dismissed any suggestion that he is unhappy at Spurs and that he doesn't get on with AVB.

Lloris who is currently with the French squad for their upcoming games against Japan and Spain, insists he is happy with his move and though he understandably wants to play, he is happy with how things are going so far, as he told L'Equipe: 'About (the) rumours and what happens inside the club, everything has gone off smoothly.

'There are four keepers at a high level, the coach makes his choices, I have just been hired as part of the future project, but that project starts now. The relationship with Brad Friedel, the keepers' coach and manger are very good.

'I have not signed at Tottenham to play that [substitute] role, but I am at the disposal of the team, I respect everyone, but I came to play.

'Do I have guarantees for the future? No, I have not. The coach will make his choices. I just came into a new club so I am not here to create trouble, but rather to bring solutions.'

Not content with just looking to stir unrest, the media have also hinted that Lloris wasn't wanted by Vilas-Boas and was a pick of Daniel Levy, hence the preference for Friedel over the Frenchman, but Lloris was also quick to rubbish that suggestion as he said: 'Rumours that I am the choice of the chairman not the coach? I talked with the coach and there is no ambiguity. He told me everyone at Tottenham wanted me to come, and in England the manager has a power on that kind of things.

'It is just like when I read I should not have joined Tottenham. That never-ending football-fiction that has set around me is annoying to me. You have to put things into perspective: I just spent four weeks with Spurs and just missed three matches.'

Of course players, managers and even fans forum readers and writers lie occasionally, but after making two first team starts in a row, you would be amazed to hear anything different from Lloris, and it would be common sense to think that he and AVB are in regular (ish) discussion over his development and short to medium term career path at WHL...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday October 11 2012

Time: 2:54PM

Your Comments

want to be the FIRST to say this is good news. excellent keeper
media mongers getting desperate ... surely AVB's man management cannot be better the Harry's, surely? Haha!
I blame the media for all the negativity that took place recently with Lloris. I'm sure as a professional he did not expect to just jump straight into the PL and knows that he was bought with the future in mind.
The witch hunt continues, but with no defeat in ages it goes back to player unrest blah blah blah!!! The squad looks settled and aware of the project at the Club. Must say Dembele looks proper class. Want him to move the ball a bit quicker, but he has fantastic talent. Onwards and upwards. COYS!
Screwed it up did you OX?

Also glad that Tommy Hudd stayed at WHL. AVB would've missed a trick by loaning him out. Still not fully fit / sharp, but one of very few players that can make a proper cross field pass.
@Spuds-U-Like - was thinking the same (with the font, right?) I'm sure Ox said there would be a consequence to anyone that screwed up the site ;-)
The simplest thing would be to just play Lloris in league from now on. Friedel did nothing wrong, and it sends out the wrong message to the squad, but it is done now....
As far as I know, nobody forced him to join Tottenham. I doubt, given the statements he has made since, that AVB promised him an automatic No.1 spot, if in fact he was an AVB signing in the first place. Brad Friedel was playing well, but at 41 is obviously on his way out, and Lloris will obviously become our unchallenged No.1, if he lives up to the hype surrounding him as France No.1 etc. I think the "fall out" rumours are probably "red top" bull *****, but in fairness he will have to train well, take the chances he gets to shine, and wait his turn. That's how life is at a top 5 PL club, and how it should be, competition for places, without the guy who is not in, throwing his toys out of the pram.
Basically AVB should NOT have publicly stated Lloris's situation. It fanned the flames and it was a mistake. Tell it to Lloris in person, yes....and come up with a diplomatic statement for the press. AVB brought this onto himself, now deal with it by consigning Friedel to the back. Mancini had the same thing with Hart taking over from Given. Just do it, and the fuss dies down...
the french can't deal with the fact that their no1 is not the obvious best in spurs... lol
I feel that Vilas-Boas has made his decision on the goalkeeper situation with his choice for the Villa game, that is his number one is now Loris. Friedel has had his day, his record of appearances is now over and come to an end. I believe Friedel will now be the League cup keeper only and Loris will play in goal for all the other games unless he loses form. On a personal note, I feel it would good if members stopped using this "AVB" rubbish in posts on this site, the man's name is Vilas-Boas, I think the AVB name was used at Chelsea with the "JT", "Lamps" and other such names, lets be better than them, give the man his proper name please.
Ox Yid
Lol @ Ox Yid. Yes sir!
lol Oxford Yiddish :)
I agree. No more AVB. Please from now on use his full name of Luis Andre de Pina Cabral e Villas-Boas.
Ox, I suspect that Friedel will be in net for Chelsea. Lloris is on international duty, Friedel is not. Friedel was between the sticks against United and, in a meritocracy, that has to count for something. Personally, I believe every goal conceded this season was saveable with the Ba one being the toughest. I have seen Gomes make such saves for Spurs, so I have no doubt in my mind. Villa was comfortable because lloris comes out and gets to balls. It is a huge relief to the defence and much like when Ade came on for Defoe, Lloris brings a calmness and competence to the squad that is palpable. AVB should be commended for his squad usage and for making certain that the Lloris/Friedel situation did not have 2 weeks to fester. It is a non-issue because he played against Villa. Regardless of who starts against Chelsea, the decision is supportable and understandable. With the way Hazard goes to ground and plays the penalty, I'd prefer a keeper who has saved PK's recently to one that has not done so in the past 18. My view. I also think Friedel will not steal a game and both Lloris and Gomes are capable of doing so. All that said, whichever way AVB goes, I will not be able to argue, even if it is not what I would have done. Lloris is the best keeper we have. Chelsea is top of the League. COYS
big cockeral, please accept my humble apologises. I shall now go and have 1000 lashes
lol @ correcting people on his name and then getting it wrong yourself Ox Yid, sorry if peoples' lives are busy enough that they don't have time to post his full name AT ALL TIMES. If you're gonna be an acronym ombudsman then maybe you should just stick to youtube with all the pretty sights and sounds to keep you amused.
Sorry, I wrote 'gonna' because I was in a rush, meant to say 'going to'.
Ooops, I used the wrong punctuation, my massive apologies to the whole forum, meant to put some "s where the 's are.
Oh, and why we're here, you're using a politically incorrect name, what if people are more offended by that than by an abbreviation?
And yes, I am a pedantic tw*t.
Ox Yid, do you really expect people to stop using the acronym "AVB" because you say so? Whats your problem with it anyway?
ox yid- are you going to chance your name to oxford jewish person then. ha ha.
shut up and respect the manager's decision brad is no1 at mo, the prem is a diff ball ball game, im quite happy for him to bide hes time to get used to the prem. he nearly cost us agains villa with a poor decision. COYS
Turns out we can't call "Ade" by that name anymore because they used that name for him at Man City and Arsenal.
lol Crissy. Ooops, meaning "I laughed out loud" though not literally, was more of a chuckle...
Its really ironic that a dude with an acronym for a name "Ox Yid" takes offence at us calling Andre Villas-Boas "AVB." That really sucks nuts.
Red top BS indeed and also French press hubris.
I hope Lloris keeps costing us with clean sheets. He gets to balls Friedel never even ventures for. Other keepers like Casillas, Reina, Buffon, Cech all come for these balls. All of them make mistakes. All of them relieve tons of pressure off their defences which is why they get clean sheets. Not a single goal scored against us this season has been unsavable. lloris will bide his time. Fair enough. But don't doubt for a second who the better keeper is. Top 5 in the world versus not even top 5 in the US. Yeah, it's really debateable. COYS
Basically AVB should NOT have publicly stated Lloris's situation. It fanned the flames and it was a mistake. Tell it to Lloris in person, yes....and come up with a diplomatic statement for the press. AVB brought this onto himself, now deal with it by consigning Friedel to the back. Mancini had the same thing with Hart taking over from Given. Just do it, and the fuss dies down... TonyRich ....couldn't have said it better why try..;)
Ox yid, I will never use the acronyms like HR, DL, AB...instead use Recaro, Danny boy and Andre thingy...!

On a more serious note however, I'd prefer Lloris between the sticks against Chelski, purely on the merits of agility/monility, i.e., less for the defence to take care of should there be bombardment at our end when we are defending a lead in the 2nd half!!

This rift and unrest bit is getting on my wick. I wished all parties concerned just get on with what they are good at. Stop falling for this media bait. Just keep performing and these vultures will have to find another scapegoat.....try Mark Hughes and return of HR!
should read Mobility!
LMAO Critical, Recaro and Danny boy made me chuckle.
AVB (sorry peeps) was asked about the goalkeeping situation and answered it. There isn't a problem that wasn't entirely fabricated, so why are a minority on here making it a problem? peter, I think you're being a bit harsh on Friedel by saying none of the goals conceded were unsavable, he hasn't been at fault for every goal like is made out, blame Walker for a few of them, his positioning has been far from Premiership quality recently. To suggest none of the goals were unsavable is the equivalent of saying Hart, Lloris or whoever would have conceded no goals at all this season, something I find hard to believe.
Crissybwoy, 'why are minority making a problem'. Not strictly so Crissy, The media are still questioning it. Now we have the French press asking the same while Lloris is on int'l duty. So much so that it is re-raised by Ox by writing this article!!!. It ain't gonna go away for a while. (Ox yid, sorry for abbreviating international!! - hope you can handle banter mate).
Critical, it's obviously a complete fabrication with no substance, and yet posters like TonyRich find reason to criticise AVB for talking about it in public. The article is a good article, where Lloris talks candidly about all the bullcr*p written, yet that isn't enough for some posters. TonyRich can barely make a post without aiming sly barbed comments at AVB, we get it, he doesn't like him, sadly he's doing alright atm and all the thick-as-$h*t fans from our club and others who said he'll be gone by Christmas must be gutted at how chump-like they are being made to look.
ah, sorry Crissy, I had the wrong handle on your post!...will go sit in the corner for a while. :0) I personally think AVB handles the media absolutely brilliantly and liked the way he put that journo in his place when asked about Lloris! Just wait until after the Chelski game. Another positive result and the media will be hailing the bloke. AVB is doing just fine seeing he is a 24 year who never played the game and was deemed a failure in the PL!
Oops!, another typo...should read 34 year old!
And for the sake of clarification, According to Wikipedia, it's OK to use AVB!

"Luís André de Pina Cabral e Villas-Boas (Portuguese pronunciation: [luˈiʃ ɐ̃ˈdɾɛ dɨ ˈpinɐ kɐˈbɾaɫ i ˈviɫɐʒ ˈboɐʃ]) (born 17 October 1977), known as André Villas-Boas and commonly referred to as AVB, is the Portuguese football manager of Tottenham Hotspur."
Daily fail say we are in talks with FA to rent Wembley when we build the new stadium to save a year. Hope its true , which means we reduce cost and also could boost up gate fee allowing 50k + fans. FA's part they get revenue for their unused stadium for 30+ games. Win - Win
Ox Yid, I can't believe U want AVB 2 B replaced by his full name, R U 4 real? Wot kinda day R U avin?
It only took SS 17 or so stories to get it right. I think news must be light so they will probably play the oki coki with this some more soon, yawn. Andre in my book should have played Lloris against Reading. But I'm Happy he has decided to wait as it payed off well. He gained some minutes and pluses in the second tier European cup and a clean sheet against Villa. The players are all showing him respect off their own back so he must be getting something right! I hope it continues. I wonder how much time Gomes gets when he is fit? COYS.
"Daily Fail say we are in talks with FA to rent Wembley....."

Olympic Stadium actually.

He calls himself AVB by the way ha. He wears it on some of his Spurs tops loud and proud. I also hated that abbreviation to start with...which was probably because of the smurfs as well.
This is good news for the area
Interesting that the Media are still on AVB's back almost like they feel he is a self fulfilling prophecy....mind you, statisically, when ever a change of manager is made at a club the initial good results improve and then the club reverts back to the form it had when it sacked the old manager Quote "The results from England suggested that a club’s short-term performance increases when a new manager is appointed which may explain the rationale behind relegation-threatened sides changing their manager towards the end of the season" Unfortunatley AVB has to rebuild his credentials and credibility..he is seen as vulnerable by the press and the press love a fall guy ...AVB also has to live with the knowledge that he left Chelsea for £11m severance payment from Chelsea combine this with the £13.3m the club paid FC Porto in compensation for his services and the £5m Levy has paid and you can see the press are just waiting to see if AVB becomes the most highly paid failure in the Premier League's history
OyVeh Maria
Crissybwoy, my comment was not a slight. Brad gets every shot that every keeper at this level ought to get. The one ManU goal was, IMO, a mistake on his part. That said, I have seen Hart make saves this year that were better than anything required to save all of the shots that have eluded our keepers. It's hardly an unfair statement. Brad could play for 10 years more. he does not come off his line. he will continue to save all that are savable by any without throwing the ball in to his own net. He's a steady hand who is 5 or so years beyond his best. I know, unfair. It's how I see it though. We need a keeper who can save the odd penalty and who can steal some games. Gomes used to do that. It got us CL in a season with Dawson and Bassong in front of him. lloris is better than Gomes was that season. Just saying. COYS
peterballb Nice to see someone singing from the same song   sheet as I am about the major differences about Lloris and    Friedel's abilities. At least YOU can see  how much pressure BF puts us under by not collecting the ball when  he should and  how much  it  helps when H G does by taking pressure off the defence. It also means that  he can slow the game down      when needed unlike BF.
TonyRich Why do you put AVB down so much, were you one of those   who wanted Rodgers in? If so look at where we are and  how well we are doing compared with the bindippers. That should  be enough of an argument FOR AVB not against  him. please get off  his back and enjoy the great Spurs revolution that is   in progress.
mm only the first line of my posts are showing up odd.
Do I care how we call our manager or GK. No - not bothered how we spell their names or abbreviate them get over it.

As for Lloris article I am not bothered at all I just think the media likes to create a story. Even if Lloris was or is unhappy who cares? Stop treating players like Gods - if players are not happy so what they can leave there are many other players available. However, if he says there is no problem then that is fine. He will be our future GK so non of it matters.
It's nice that Gomes and Cuddicini parents are voting on the vita spurs poll on who starts against the Chavs.
He was world class tonight we have a great Keeper first world class one since Clemence
Check out the double save he makes against the French.

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