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Simulation: Time to take action

One of the hottest topics of the last week has been that of diving, with Luis Suarez and Gareth Bale taking centre stage.

Pundits and players alike are joining the growing clamour of disapproval for what were blatant acts of cheating on the football field. It feels so much worse when it's one of our own doing it; the only good thing this week is that the Spurs community is pretty much united in its disapproval of Bale's act. Diving isn't new but it's not going away. The yellow card that should be given to the diving player is often not given. The idea of retrospectively punishing players for diving has been mooted, and this makes a lot of sense - it is often difficult for referees to be sure if contact was made, if the player dived or was fouled, but with the aid of video evidence after the match it would be much easier to make a decision on this.

A retrospective one or two match ban for diving would surely make players think twice about doing it. In addition, I am also pretty sick of seeing players rolling around on the floor after challenges, in an attempt either to run down the clock or to get the opposition player booked. Didier Drogba provides an excellent example of this: A man who stands at 6 feet 2 inches and 14 stone, it would usually take some amount of machinery to knock him over. Put him in a Chelsea shirt and a strong breeze will do it. Our very own Gareth Bale has also made an unfortunate name for himself in this regard - how often do we see him in the fetal position, rolling around and punching the ground in anguish after a heavier than usual contact?

It's cheating and it's not acceptable, and yet it's now pretty much accepted as part of the game. It's sad really. I would like to see the FA introduce an injury bin to football matches. If a player is rolling around on the floor the clock should be stopped and the player should be stretchered off and remain off the pitch for a minimum of five minutes to receive the treatment that they apparently need. No booking, just off the pitch for that time. The innocent, that is, those who actually are injured, would be unaffected, as they would have to leave the pitch anyway. Imagine a team, a goal up with 10 minutes to play but under the cosh - currently this would be prime time for a spot of play acting to waste a minute or two.

It would be far less likely to happen if the players knew that their team would be down to ten men for much of the rest of the match, managers and team mates alike would not stand for it, especially if goals were conceded as a result. This would be a good time to take action on diving and play acting, as they are very much in the limelight. The question is, will the FA bite the bullet?

Written by Yorkspur

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The journalist

Writer: Yorkspur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday October 13 2012

Time: 1:08PM

Your Comments

but it is funny
BS Baffles Brains
Yellow cards can easily lead to red cards which ruin the game as spectacle. It is too harsh a punishment to give during a game especially when the risk of error is so high. Too many post match reviews also undermine the referees authority so my suggestion that a lesser punishment of a recorded warning is given during a game which can aggregate into league points deduction is the answer to this and other misdemeanours like swearing or unsportmanlike behaviour. The 4th official could be notified by radio of these warnings without stopping the game flowing.
Love totty
The referees are often too quick to blow their whistle, if there is a hint of 'contact'. Players know if they go to ground, 9 times out of 10, they gonna get a free-kick. Its getting like basketball.
I like the idea of 'citing' a player after the game, for diving or foul play unseen by the ref or linesmen. It works in rugby. Maybe a few players getting banned for a few games would encourage fair play.
as much as I also abhor diving, this time in Bales case I can understnad why he did this. He so the challange coming in and he realised that if the player had gone through with it he could have been seriously hurt, so it was as much as an avoidnace stratedgy as simulation. However, he should have refused the free kick
Horny Helen
I certainly appreciate that point of view HH. I mean look at Walcott last night. A reckless GK charging out at speed could put you out for months. I'd rather Bale get out of the way of challenges like that - rather than our best player get his head taken off.
Whilst we're at it lets also have a retroactive citation for shirt pulling which isn't called during a game. That's the infraction which really gets me upset as it is almost always used on free kicks and corners and never called by the refs. If you want to call something cheating that's a big one in my book.
Havnt seen the highlights but from last nights Wales Vs Scotland Match "Bale goes down in the box and wins a penalty! Looked like there was no contact from Maloney!"
Maloney has publicly stated that there was contact and Bale didn't dive.
Definatley not a dive against Scotland. You could argue that he tripped over himself, but because its Bale he must of dived acoording to many. ridiculous
I think we need new rules in the game similar to rugby. Technology and take a dive 15 mins in sin bin or some immediate punishment.

They also need to sort out this hand ball thing - ball to hand or just hand ball or depends on where you hand is or how close you are - it's a mine field. personally some hand balls are unavoidable and get punished and some are deliberate and don't get punished. Same with shoulder barging, obstructions, holding shirts etc etc

The game stinks and with technology and immediate punishment and long term punishment with some clarity of rules regarding above mentioned the game would improve.

However, in all honesty players and managers don't really want any of it to go ahead because a lot of them like to cheat - it's reflection of life in many ways.

When I played footy I NEVER cheated in fact I did everything to stay on my feet and I got battered but had a good reputation and respect and that is what was more important to me. Now days players get a slight knock and they roll around no way does it hurt it didn't hurt me and I took a lot harder knocks - whimps and they say it's a man's game - don't make me laugh.

Stop this cheating and we would see better footy imo players will express themselves and we will see better score lines and games. Plus stopped paying them so much and sort out this contract stuff - do they not know the meaning of the word LOYALTY.
thfc1882whl - I care if a player is sent off harshly. The problem for refs is that some players are so good at simulation that mistakes will be made for which there is no redress during the game if it leads to red cards. Thud was a good example. At least with warnings they can be voided or levied after the game with the benefit of video evidence. Validated warnings must though have real consequences which is why I favour points deduction so the whole team suffers.
Love totty
Bale has been injured a lot in his short careerr, Suarez is very cynical, but teams like Chel$ki and Man U have a team tactic of flopping over, especially when they reach the area. Both are on 3 penalties each, in the league, while Spurs & Liverpool have none. While the refs are rewarding the rich clubs for diving, this will never stop. The top clubs are always the worst offenders and know the refs are more likely to reward them with a soft decision, rather than punish them. Clamp down on them and the rest of the league won't be a problem. If people see them getting decisions by play-acting, it will only spread through football. We'll be seeing one of the worst examples of simulation next weekend when the serial flopover merchants visit the Lane.
Maloney has come out and admitted that he made contact on Bale, putting the diving allegation freely alleged by the sensationalist TV commenators, to bed. The replays had suggested the contact had taken place. You don't have to be cut down, if there is contact, especially when a player is moving at high speed, he is perfectly entitled to go down, forcing a decision from the referee. All of the officials in this game were abysmal, this was the third penalty Wales should have had, as well as Scotland being robbed of a perfectly good goal.
United fan in peace. My personal opinion regarding diving is if a player goes down theatrically then play should resume no matter even if there was contact. Players would soon realise that diving is pointless and stay on their feet unless they're truly knocked off 'em. With regards to the handball ball to hand argument I reckon it should be handball everytime. When defending defenders should have their hands behind their back at all times or by their sides if slide tackling. If catches their arm when their arm is behind their back then it's ball-to-hand as the player evidently isn't trying to block the shot in an unsportsmanlike manner and it was truly just an accident.
thfc1882whl, at least it would reward those wanting and trying to play football, and possibly penalise those following the famous Jack Charlton quote "I can't play, but I am bloody good at stopping them that can", and probably the best consequence may be that it would see Pullis and his anti-football Stoke City side relegated back to where they belong, the championship. Some say there is more than one way of playing the game, there are, "the right way" and the "wrong way".
Suares version 2
Luis Suares version 2
Stayed on his feet pretty much tonight

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