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When people think about what is the best run club in the world, most would probably think of Barcelona and they are probably right.

But for me, if you want to be successful and have sustained success, Ajax are the perfect role models. Lets start with the way their team plays. Its quite simply sensational. They work together to win the ball back in numbers, but also keep possession and control of the ball in numbers, with often having three or four players in a relatively tight space to draw the opposition in, play around them, and then pop the ball off into space. Barcelona anyone?? But okay that's all well and good I hear you say, I can think of many teams that play that way, what's so special about the way Ajax do it? Well its because its been a tradition of theirs for years on end, and they make sure all of their teams and age groups play to this way.

Now it may surprise you how little this happens in football. For a team to have prolonged success, this simply has to happen. Look at Real Madrid, they are arguably the biggest club in the world, but when was the last time they won the Champions League? It's due to a lack of continuity, not just the manager in charge, but throughout the way their teams play. Ajax have a footballing legend in charge of their club, who has long been closely associated with them and has a huge say in the way the football club is run. This is vital. Guardiola, Wenger, and Fergie anyone??

I also have huge admiration at how they only buy players who fit into the system, not the other way round, and how little they spend on bringing players in, more focussing on bringing players through the ranks. This is perhaps where they edge ahead over Barcelona in how a football club should be run. Barcelona produce world class youngsters, but they also spend huge amounts of money as well. However, Ajax are able to field a full team of players that have come through their ranks, and some of them are different gravy as well.

Due to the league they are in, when these players become well known they sell them on for huge profit often, bring through another youngster in that position and the cycle goes on. Admirable. All players at Ajax have to be comfortable on the ball, including the goalkeeper. Dutch legend Cruyff has a big part in this tradition, and the work he has done has been magnificent. So if you want to look at the way a club should be run, look no further than Ajax.

Written by BrooksySpurs

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The journalist

Writer: BrooksySpurs Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday November 7 2012

Time: 11:15AM

Your Comments

Ajax have been very poor over the last few years and their football poor.
And they're a selling Club.
2-0 up then draw 2-2 looks like we are following there path on the pitch.could not resist lol.
When was the last time Ajax won the European Cup?
Apologies, off topic, but I see the Society of Black Lawyers and the proposed Black Players Association are trying to get the term Yid outlawed. Or, at least that's what I'm reading into their 'plan.'
Just looked it up, Ajax last won it in 94/95, Real Madrid last won it in 2001/02
Hot_Spur - given that Holland have a smaller population than London, their success is remarkable. 1995. Success ebbs and flows...perhaps they are on their way back.
As for the article, take your point. But would rather take Frank de Boer. I posted in the summer that he would be my first choice as manager and I haven't changed my mind.
TonyRich - I don't disagree with you but that's another issue. The author is bigging up Ajax and at the same time says "When did RM last win the EC" as if Ajax have been more successful. My point is that Ajax haven't been more recently successful.
Tony - Yes Holland have a small population but not all the Ajax academy players are Dutch, Belgians and Germans also attend.
Barcelona are heavily in debt are they not?
Metal Spurs
it is widely accepted that ajax have possibly the best academy system in the world, that said we must remember that the dutch league isn't much better than the spl, and in order for clubs to survive they have to sell their best players. but they produce those players not buy them in and improve them, i think that is the real point of this article.
think the point of the article was more the ethos of how to develop a club as opposed to anything. if we look at the size of Real, Barca and a few more, it is expected that they will or should dominate the game, but to see smaller clubs, even if they are big nationally sucgh as Ajax, Porto and similar achieve what they do is a testiment to a good structure, not mega money
The basis of what you say is true. But to better link your points, I should point out that Barcelona based their whole system on Ajax. When Cryuff arrived as a player, and then manager at Barca he initiated an institutional shift in the football club to mirror what had been a hugely successful system at Ajax. The main distinction between the two clubs in the modern era is that Barca don't need to sell players, as where Ajax do. You should read Graham Hunters book on the history of Barca, its pretty much a blueprint for what you say. I personally believe that Barca's system is more effective, mixing the absolute cream of the academy with world class talent is the key to success. Comparing Barca and Ajax is like comparing Chelsea to Man City, its a distinction without a real difference.
Tactically Challenge
would love to debate this but no time,off to work,but i will say: cruyff (johan not jordi) played and managed ajax then barcelona respectively.....coincidence?
g. roberts testes
I posted this on a previous article ParkLaneBB:

Some very interesting comments too.
Yid army is all i want to say ha
to be successful and have sustained success you have to compete to win and keep investing and moving forward, playing styles will come and go. No team will be able to maintain their time at the top by purely bringing through their own talent...if they could that it would answer the age old Nature v Nuture argument....we can just teach our local kids and they'll be world always we need a balance so rather than look to Spain who copied Barca, who developed total football from Ajax who copied OUR very own push and run we need to keep true to our own beliefs and success will follow rather than try and copy the latest fad...
Tim Sherwood should be encouraged by Spurs to use his influence with the juniors, youth, under 21's through to the first team in a similar way to Cruyff. Should be known as The Tottenham Way.
On Ajax specifically. Ajax academy is a place of extreme discipline and insanely high standards. They get kids in from 7-8 years old, then discard them at 10 if they aren't meeting both footballing and academic targets. This is why you only hear faint notes of support from former players like VDV, Davids, Snjeider etc. They saw many young boys discarded by Ajax, and this approach did not foster loyalty from the ones who made it. But it did make them some of the most gifted players of their generations. Ajax produces men like Vertonghen. Not boys like Carroll, Townsend, Kane and the rest, they will never make it, they haven't been taught to seek responsibility.
Tactically Challenge
Graham Hunter's book explains how Cryuff took the Ajax system to Barca. This is common knowledge chaps.
Tactically Challenge
man city whats the story (no) morning glory "do not look back in anger" i just hope the chairman will still "stand by me" i just hope i dont get that "sunday morning call" "some might say" "stop crying your heart out" you just gotta "roll with it" "hello" "hey now" "gas panic"
Kelly Brook, Lisa Snowden, Cheryl Cole, my three across the middle
spu 4 life
If only. I would LOVE to put in place a proper long-term Ajax type structure. If we kept properly to the plan, in 10 years time we would be dominating the English game. Unfortunately the game is so ridiculously short-termist now. Everyone wants it all, like yesterday. Look at the mindless fervour created around our club after one bad week, its ridiculous but its symptomatic of the world we live in, not just football. In a world of internet and 24 hour media coverage and sensationalism, people just want instant gratification.
ParkLaneBB - The official website of the United Kingdom Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, also hold dinners, garden parties, trips, musical evenings and are often seen at white hart lane, nice. YIDS, YIDS, YIDS.
spu 4 life
Without wanting to go back to yesterdays debates, anyone with a brain can see that our new 'project' is GOING TO TAKE TIME (player turnover, injuries, new manager/system etc). But people don't have any patience any more. They want perfect winning football NOW. That is the world we live in now unfortunately. I would give AVB 3 years minimum to develop his own squad and revamp the club's whole youth structure so its aligned for success. Fat chance, he'll probably be given until Xmas!
SRV- again without going over old ground...what is our new projects aims and purpose? is it the same as Juande Ramos and Commoli's? or Jol's? or Arry's? are we trying to play pretty football? are we trying to break into the elite? or just stay in the prem and milk the supporters and TV money?...I suspect that the reason for this thread is people don't know and are casting around for a model to copy...albeit the Ajax/Barca model is actually our very own push and run...
Spud-u-like, cheers. Very interesting and good comments. The BBC article and comments are worth looking at too. Is this Peter Herbert a goon? A self-seeking opportunist, at least. So we have until 20/11 to stop, do we?
love it..lo...123 spurs............... Just nice to see that football is football..i.e..unpredictable..and that Money doesn't always buy you the best Team in the world. Best run club in the world ?.....we'll never know !
That he is ParkLaneBB, & he has the neck to think he knows better than the UK Association of Jewish Lawyers what is offensive from a jewish point of view.

Personally, I hope he keeps this sort of crap up as eventually he's going to wind up looking the right Dick he is. He epitomises the adage that if you look hard enough for racism you will find it everywhere, even where it doesn't exist. He is doing a great disservice to the true fight against racism by trivialising it in this manner. He should be roundly chastised.

cheers 82 ;)
Shed, don't know mate. I had assumed that AVB was brought in to revamp the club over the long-term, make the most of the new training academy, work with a new DoF to bring on the very best of the world's young talent and get a process in place for long-term sustained success, with the new stadium on its way being part of the whole thing. Thats what should be the the plan anyway. Its why i get so frustrated with the minutae like Lloris v Friedal garbage, its not even a story, just a stick for the media to beat AVB with and fans go along with it as if its important. I'm hoping the big picture is bright. Although as i said, the world is so short-termist now, can't see the fans/media allowing us to carry out a long-term plan even if there was one.
Agree with you totally, Spuds-U-Like. I think he has miscalculated on this one. He is hoping to set up te Black Players Association and no doubt get a a well paid job out of it. Now that the legal aid money for Human Rights cases is drying up.
to avb and his coaches..........carroll needs to work on his right foot. corners and freekicks to swing inwards to wards goal. man on each post at corners...and man to man marking. Role models >...modric, norwich and wigan...martinez
coopsieyid - The Independent, i was going to get a copy to have a read, but when you said it was 7m, i did not have that in small change
spu 4 life
SRV I doubt spurs supporters concerns just come from the media, I think if we was playing well, there wouldn't be such a problem, remember how this forum was earlier in the summer, most were full of optimism when AVB was announced.

The Lloris/Freidal issue is always gonna be a issue with Spurs fans as long as he continues to pick Freidal ahead of Lloris.
ooohhh...bad news !! dembele and sandro for maribor. Not good
Ossie, as has been said until blue in the face. There are valid and well documented reasons why we haven't clicked yet. Just need to be patient. But as i said, that appears to be impossible these days. The Friedal and Lloris thing ISN'T a story, only in the eyes of the media and impatient fans. Unless you have been present at all training sessions, all meetings and discussions between AVB/Lloris/Friedal, are aware what has been agreed between them, are in the dressing room with them, and have read their contracts (i have a suspicion that Friedal's contract contains appearance clauses) if its ok with you i'll take yours and other fans views on the matter with a pinch of salt.
Or a truck load?
SRV there will always be a story with the keepers when fredial is no1 over loris, i dont think any other manager in the league would have that preference and i cant see there being appearance clauses either for the situation or loris wouldn't have signed..
flakey yid
*like = think :)
spurring you on
AVB probably wants to avoid another Hellsea situation so is giving Friedel time to play to slowly fade out.. same with Defoe I would imagine, as his storming off the pitch didn't seem to be in good nature. Certain players will simply ruin a good atmosphere and this is probably what AVB is sensitive to. Given a year or two, I'm sure the right players will have warmed up to AVB and he will also have a few more players in place to do his bidding.. things should be alright from there. The only question is whether or not fans and even the current players will be able to hold on until that happens, as poor chemistry= poor performances = AVB out chants etc... personally i want to see the extend of Levy's faith in AVB, I want to see AVB's true ability, and I want to see this club grow in stature. I'm willing to wait a year or two to see it happen, because I don't like AVB was successful at Porto and Academica for nothing. I wonder if we'll ever find out!
spurring you on
Dembele doesn't need an op & could be back for the NLD!

coopsie loris is french number 1 and captain so id expect him to handle what pressure there is playing for, de gea is young u say and loris has played in many bigger games so i hardly think he would be thrown to the wolves as u say
flakey yid
Your tongue Coops was so far into your cheek there, you probably looked like you were blowing AVB! :-0

YOU!!??? Sarcastic? Naah, never known it to be so mate.
Flakey,Coops, the bottom line is we don't know. There could be a myriad of reasons why one might be picked over another at any given time. We don't know. We don't have all the information. So why are we using this non-story to beat AVB over the head with? Yes, by all means pick your favourite, but criticising AVB for 'useless man-management' when none of us actually know any of the underlying facts is just stupid.
Being a resident in the Netherlands and a playing footballer albeit at an amateur level, it comes to me as no surprise on the conveyor belt of talent coming out of clubs like Ajax. The whole footballing structure is geared up to produce talent and to get the talent recognized as early as possible. Having grown up in a lowly village in England where there was 1 team, I now play for my town team in the Netherlands. This town has a population of 18K and only has 1 club but has junior, women, men and of course veterans (where I now play). I think we have about 30 teams in total. There are different levels to make it as fair as possible. However, if you are talented you will get fast tracked to the highest level. There are only two professional leagues in the Netherlands, so if you are good enough you will be exposed fairly quickly. Another point to mention is the way the locals play the game. I'm a typical Englishman when it comes to football, I'd describe myself as hard but fair. When I joined my first club here I was 'the English striker', the opposition could understand why I was trying to close down the GK or full back when they played it short, in England we never played it short and when you did it was a 'box them in' approach. Over here they like to play with the ball and most players are comfortable on the ball. I guess i'm trying to say the likes of Dawson or Carragher would not make professional footballers as the diehard attitude is not the essential ingredient but the composure with the ball is. Ajax started this and Cruyff took it , installed it and developed it at Barcalona. Now people refer to it as 'Perfect Football'.
coopsie mostly all good points there but loris is still a better keeper and should be able to acclimates after a few games, as for waiting til next season i hope that is not the case..
flakey yid
blimey! Coopsie's back - where have you been you old tart? How's the wife and kids, hopefully eveyone is fine down in Pastie munching land, we've missed our very own Wikopedia....I've really been enjoying the AVB revolution ! Wigan on Saturday was so good I had to take Viagra just to keep me eye lids open! Welcome back to Vital Sledging as it has now become! Apparenty I may have to change my name from OyVeh Maria to Oy You Maria as I may be guilty of racially abusing myself according to some herbert called Herbert.!...good to have you back!......
OyVeh Maria
itself !
The Society of Black Lawyers is involved in talks to create a Black Players’ Association with some professionals.

Is this not racist itsekf ?
Given is still at Villa Big C along with that other "great" Alan Hutton.

Double standards are getting out of hand in just about evry aspect of modern life.

Hypocrisy is rife Big C.

You really think the French international keeper coming for a huge fee to Spurs and then being benched is a non story???? Imagine Joe Hart being bought by Napoli and sat on the's a story alright.
wasn't a back hander coops, wasnt even a harry recarro brown envelope! just a genuine welcome back old son......!
OyVeh Maria
does Lloris have to speak english to speak to Gallas or Verts?? or BAE and Kaboul when they're back? Fluent english is essential for the manager and whilst it helps players, is not essential. They can't even hear each other most of the time....
PS I didn't even want lloris!!
Racism - Just off Role Models, they should have done more in the early days and made it clear then, it means we can no longer ''dig out'' Jenas for being ''crap'', from now on his phucking crap
spu 4 life
coopsieyid - Hugo Lloris speaks very good english, his watched every episode of ''Allo Allo'' learning from Officer Crabtree.
spu 4 life
The racism issue only came upCoops because those dicks at the Black Lawyers Asociation are trying to interfer with our beloved Spurs mate.

Coopsie, yep i was to talking to Shedboy, just copying you in! Welcome back. The site has gone right down hill since you left - Coopsie to the rescue!!
Coopsie I didnt say whether or not I wanted Lloris in goal, I was just saying that until Lloris is picked there will always be that issue with Spurs fans....but Im in full agreement about talking about race issues on here, am sure there are plenty other sites around for these kinda discussions
Have to say Coopsieyid i agree with pretty much everything you've said there
I've actually been away for a while and I've returned today of all days to discover big cockeral talking s**t about racism lol!! You actually have the audacity to say white people have been treated unfairly when on this very website you racially abused me. You are a total moron and I can't believe you're still here to be honest. You are a total disgrace to this great site and I'm sad that I have Spurs in common with a disgusting racist like you.
BlackStar Spur
I'm all for keeping things strictly THFC on here coops, I just felt that a couple of things needed to be addressed regarding my last encounter with him.
BlackStar Spur
Hey Coops and Blackspur ... don't know you guys as I'm a relative newbie here. Just wanna say what a shame it is that this topic, that does strictly relate to THFC, is better off not being discussed here. In my experience here so far, I totally understand why.
agree blackstar, but these days no matter where u go ,there is always one
On De Gea and AVB, On the future of THFC and beyond......

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