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Tottenham Hotspur vs. NK Maribor.

Three games and three draws are hardly the European statement that AVB was hoping to make, but though tonight isn't win or bust, it isn't too far away.

Spurs wont want to go into the final game against Panathinaikos needing three points to get out of the group, but you feel that they have to win this one or beat Lazio in Rome to be confident of making the knock out games, and though many of us don't particularly like the Europa league or its format, we don't want to exit the competition with our tail between our legs, especially when we have usually gone in with strong teams instead of kids or supposed deadbeats.

AVB's team selection is hampered yet again by a long list of key players, and tonight yet again see's Sandro, Dembele, Parker, Kaboul, BAE and possibly Gallas and Livermore unfit. the latter two may well just make it, though apparently Jake is training but isn't 100% and Gallas probably would have been rested anyway, but a hamstring pull may not make him worth the risk either way.

I suppose we will see Hugo Lloris tease the French nation with an all too brief appearance, but in defence, we again might only have five defenders for four places and it will be interesting to again see who AVB rests from Walker, Caulker, Dawson, Vertonghen or Naughton, assuming Gallas is rested or not fit.

Personally, I am hopping that Jake Livermore is fit to partner Tom Huddlestone, as we need his bite in the middle without Parker or Sandro, who will hopefully be back for Man City on Sunday. Huddlestone works better with a high energy player alongside him and also should we not have Jake fit, I have serious reservations about who else we could put in and see us have any effective bite.

Some will opt for Vertonghen, but with so few fit defenders, can we afford to move him forward? others like Carroll and Sigurdsson lack the qualities we need for the position when playing alongside Hudd and I have also mentioned the idea of promoting someone like Dean Parrett into the starting XI, because he has the quality and also might well be a better positional selection than several others.

I would expect Emmanuel Adebayor to get his long awaited first start of the season, and as I wrote earlier in the week, I would hope this is the start of a run of games, that include his former clubs of City and Arsenal. what better games to make a statement and also make Jermain sweat for his place or perhaps even see the two paired together in preference to the so far misfiring Dempsey and Sigurdsson.

Another name I hope to see get a start is Iago Falque, who has impressed greatly in the few chances he has had and I feel he must surely deserve a start after his great display against Norwich last week. Whether this is to replace one of Lennon or Bale, or perhaps even make up a three with those two in place of one of our struggling new boys, time will tell.

Though I am not exactly bursting with confidence at winning this game, I do feel we have the quality to do so, if only we apply ourselves and play how we can. it seems that I am saying something very similar before every game, but until we get to a stage where we see some positive consistency, I feel I might be saying it for some time longer...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday November 8 2012

Time: 7:00AM

Your Comments

Walker - Caulker - Vertonghen - Naughton
Livermore/U21 - Carroll
Townsend/Falque - Mason - Bale
Another game where we struggle, although I hope we rape them to pieces.
We can easily win if we play our youths... They have the energy and freshness to give us that spark! Play Pritchard who has been in very good form lately and the likes of Falque and Carroll. With Lloris in goal and Ade up front, should be hard to lose this unless we do something stupid like play a defensive formation at home...
spurring you on
Getting a bit desperate are we madabout. I know the feeling. It would be nice just for once to have a game sown up before the final ten minutes. I see we are on ITV4 again
The 1882 movement will be there tonight, so watch out for the positive support in The Shelf. So, no matter who's picked, get behind the team, and by that I don't mean clapping and cheering for no reason, I mean start encouraging the lads, even if things start slowly! COYS
Hi Mad.. I will say some loud cheering of COYS..for you at the game.. :-)..
Block D Spurs
Thanks Block D, have a great day out. Hope the boys put on a good show for you.
''Nothing is easy in Football'' but sometimes you can make things easy for yourself, with this game, Panathinaikos also at home and Lazio away, winning all three would take us to the top of our group, that alone has to be the objective, for one it helps us avoid that 3rd placed team coming out of the champions league groups and the knock out stages don't start until the new year, giving us breathing space to have our long term injured players back, giving us a full fit squad again, i hope. What team will AVB put out, i feel a pretty strong one; Lloris has to start, but then he should also start vs Man City, Walker, Dawson, Caulker, Vertonghen, Lennon has been captain in this, so he will most likely start on the right, Bale on the left, he missed the away game, due to his wife giving birth, the tricky part is the central midfield, perm any two from 4, you would think, Sandro, but is he fit, Livemore, Huddlestone, Siggy our very own Faith, Hope and Charity, who fit's what, you can decide, on the egde is Thomas Carroll and Ryan Mason, but i would go with both Dempsey and Ade, both can inter change positions, Ade holds the ball up better and brings more team mates into the game, plus it would be interesting to see how this works, Defoe on the bench for me.
spu 4 life
Personally i would play everyone who isn't going to start on Sunday. The Europa league, whilst still a good competition, shouldn't be our priority. We have three hard games coming up in the league and we need at least 5 points form those games to keep in touching distance of 4th. All it needs is an injury to Bale or Verts and that is us pretty much buggered!!! Give all the kids a run out!! I have a three and a six year old that could both play. The six year old is taller than Defoe anyway!!
The injuries we have at the moment have really cocked this up for AVB in terms on rotation. This is the team I would like to see tonight: Lloris, Naughton, Caulker, Dawson, Townsend Lennon, Huddlestone, Carrol/Livermore, Falque, Adebayor, Defoe and this team for Sunday: Lloris Walker, Caulker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Lennon, Sandro, Huddlestone, Bale, Adebayor, Defoe
Play Brad for god’s sake, let Lloris play in the big game at the weekend. I don’t see why he can’t have a chance against Man City? It will be a tough game with either of the two, so it will be a good test for him as it’s a good team. I know I’m talking to a brick wall when I say that but it’s my opinion. Ade has to be in there tonight as well. Short of a late injury, I will be scratching my head as what he needs to do to get a start. Wouldn’t it be sweet if the big man goes out there, plays his socks off and bags a few goals for his efforts? Working hard for the team and showing he is hungry is more important to me thou. Vital minutes, match sharpness is all good and will give our coach something to take note off. AVB stick to your guns and play a few youngsters that others have mentioned. We will still have a chance to qualify, even if the EL is not my cup of tea. Good luck guys! COYBLFS.
I predict 90 mins of "YID ARMY!!!!"

Oh, and a win 2-0.

woodyn17 - Pretty much agree but it would be good to have Verts and Bale on the bench along with a few others if needs be. I'm sure the lads can get a result with them watching from the side.
We have to win, no excuses, no reasons... simple 3 points that is it... to help the players we all need to cheer them on, I hope we can go on a wining run from here to well into the new year... COYS
Block D Spurs
Nice one, Spuds-u-like. I hope so. Plus 'You can stick yer Peter Herbert up yer,,,,'
Nice one, Spuds-u-like. I hope so. Plus 'You can stick yer Peter Herbert up yer,,,,'
If AVB is taking this seriously then he would need to start with something like Lloris - Walker, Dawson, Caulker, Vertonghen - Hudd, Siggy - Bale, Dempsey, Lennon - Adebayor. I have a feeling though he will swap 2 or 3 out with players like Carroll and Falque.
i think lloris must start, and then he must start against city on the weekend and then so on and so on. I think a team of Lloris,walker, gallas, dawson, naughton - Hudd, Livermore, Carroll - Falque, Ade, Townsend... rest key players, give other players much needed game time with a good mix of youth and experience... hopefully (if they do play), gallas, livermore and walker step it up... and the whole of tottenham steps it up after that awful display vs wigan... and by tottenham i mean the players/manager/staff and fans etc.
rahn DMC
Now, now ParkLaneBB, you said that, not me mate! ;-)

The longer he makes himself look like a proper herbet, the better.

Lol. You're right, Spus-U-like, gotta be careful in these litigious days.
coopsieyid - I hear you, some others it seems feels the same. I believe Brad will still have a big part to play this season as we have seen so far. He might need a lift himself! You guys are probably correct but i still thing Bard should get this nod this time, want him to keep a clean sheet and be ready for his next game. Hugo to start against Man city like you say, and i can see him having to dive all around like a cat! It will be a good test. COYS.
Bard ha. You know what i meant
Team wise , could be quite tricky, for me it's hard to take all competitions seriously with the lack of depth we have, after selling so many players in the summer, this really is a must win game, but no more important than Sundays game, the only plus is we at home. I just hope we put a decent performance so we gain some kinda confidence, for both players and fans.
CoopsieYid never thought i be so happy to see your name here again this site been so drab since you went that i started doing "work" at work than read Vital lol....What we need 2nite is what we have waited for all season come out the blocks from the whistle and just throw the kitchen sink at them. That has been the case at the Lane for the past couple of years, couple of early goals get the YID crowd behind the team and lets pummel Malibor COYMFS!!!
Lloris,Walker Caulker Dawson Vert,Hudd Siggi,Falque Dempsey Bale, Ade Subs Lennon Defoe Townsend as the game changers COYMFS!!! Rather have Siggi in middle than Livermore
Coops - AVB has a plan, I can’t see it all, as no one can. I thought Lloris would be eased into the PL games fairly quickly, Brad making way...this isn't the case. They are both No1 atm with Brad still favoured for the PL. Ade over Defoe is probably a common one we are all getting wrong as well. These are a few of the reasons why some are getting their knickers in a twist. It seems all 4 players will be used a lot this term, so we need to keep them All fresh. I don't see a problem with Lloris starting tonight, but very much doubt he will play the Man city game regardless of how well he does. And I prefer him for that one! I’m resigned to the fact that AVB needs some time, at least a year and that we aren’t going to be clear about all of his ideas strait away. He is a top coach so want him to do well. I’m just hoping for a good run and a string of results to be fair but understand the sit with injuries etc. Top 4 is still very much on my mind thou, so a kick up the arse every now and again won’t go amiss.
Im no1s fan mate, just Spurs and im one of those optimistic look on the bright side of life fans so if i feel someone dissing the club or its players unjustly i will counter it, likewise if someone is talking postive about the club i will back them COYMFS!!!
Or you just dont read those post and articles and save having to reason with d1cks and read someone who talks common sence like SRV
I'd like to see a very strong team sent out, to gain confidence and for me to see where we are in comparison to others. Lloris walker,dawson,caulker,vertonghen lennon, livermore(falque),huddlestone, bale adebayor defoe subs..friedel,naughton,gallas,falque(cellabos) townsend,dempsey,siggurdsen should be winning this game comfortably....i'll pred' 4-0. "come on you spurs"
i'd consider o'bika for townsend on the subs bench.
SpursEagle and Block D Good one. I can't make it but I will be shouting and cheering like a maniac at the computer screen tonight probably loud enough for the whole village to be able to hear me. Both of you give a shout for me tonight.
Coops not so sure about Gallas due to his hamstring pull on the weekend, it may be an idea to rest him. Getting very unsure about who to play between the sticks as well now. Lloris hasn't hit the ground running, but does need the game time so I'd probs go with him to see how he does and IF he plays a blinder then I'd give him the nod for citeh. All you boo boys please stay in the pubs or at home, we don't need that $hiot yet again, we need SUPPORT of the positive kind. So COME ON THE YID ARMY AND GET BEHIND THE TEAM BECAUSE WE ARE THE SPURS.
Coops not so sure about Gallas due to his hamstring pull on the weekend, it may be an idea to rest him. Getting very unsure about who to play between the sticks as well now. Lloris hasn't hit the ground running, but does need the game time so I'd probs go with him to see how he does and IF he plays a blinder then I'd give him the nod for citeh. All you boo boys please stay in the pubs or at home, we don't need that $hiot yet again, we need SUPPORT of the positive kind. So COME ON THE YID ARMY AND GET BEHIND THE TEAM BECAUSE WE ARE THE SPURS.
Sorry about the double post, no idea how that happened. I'll blame the site the interwebthingermybob or the keyboard
Well done Caulker, he is taking leaps and bounds!
Whatever players make the team, we're not putting out a strong force, but to me for me the big question is why have we constantly got so many injured players. Isn't it time the powers that be looked into the training or physio to keep our players on the pitch?
SPUDMAN I thoiught AVB had brought his own physio team with him, sure I read that some where early on when he joined us. because they are supposed to be one of the best teams in Europe, there was a lot of noise about how quickly they can turn injured players around. Some things never seem to change though do they, we seem to have been plagued with injury problems for i can't remember how many years now.
A mixture of youth and experience should bode us well for this evening. If i were AVB (and how i would love to be), I would opt for this 'immense' starting line-up: Lloris (who NOW is number one for the foreseeable future) Naughton, Caulker, Dawson, Verts, Thudd, Carroll, Falque, Siggy, Bale, Adebayor. Yes I appreciate it is a strong side but feel it is important to give the likes of Siggy a spell behind Adebayor as I feel that partnership could blossom. The likes of Townsend, Livermore to come off the bench or worst case scenario Lennon and Defoe. Got to have one eye on Sunday after last weeks debacle against Wigan!!
Totally forgot about Carroll in my team above 1984Spurs, i take that team tonight too COYMFS
Back at the Lane tonight, I'v missed the last two games, looking forward to the game. This is my team: Lloris, Naughton, Walker, Caulker, Vertonghen, Huddlestone, Carroll, Falque, Lennon, Siggurdson, Adebayor. Whatever happens if I hear any boos around me fists will be flying. COYS.
I honestly don't care who's in goal tonight but I would like to see Falque or Ceballos get a run out, perhaps townsend to get some minutes as well and Ade to get some game time to sharpen him up...we need to start banging in some goals so I want us to go for the throat the whole game, moving the ball quickly and being incisive, relentless...COYS time to make it happen.
shedboy2 said you would be watching on your computer screen, but if it helps its on ITV4 if you've got it.
The most important thing for me is that the team really go for it tonight and that the fans stay with the team to the end. I totally agree with Coopsie that we need Vertonghen and Caulker at centre back at the weekend so it has to be Dawson & Gallas tonight. Congratulations to Stephen Caulker, a well deserved call up. Great to see a home grown player making it.
jacobslad Oh we threw the telly out a few years ago, so i have to use the computer now. LOL
Hi Coops sorry I didn't know he was available, otherwise I would have said play him.

I'm still here mate.

Coops, I despair of you sometimes buddy.

anyone else here have a spurs membership? (or spurs tv online)? Just watched a really interesting interview with Steffen Freund about the Maribor game, he said the usual about players training well and needing a good start and doing good shooting practice etc etc... but then he really emphasised how we need the crowd, and it looked like he really meant it. the crowd for the wigan game was disgraceful, i understand people should criticise but booing is not criticising, it's just detrimental slagging. If the fans got behind the team 100% for the whole game against Maribor we would see a completely different team. We should take note from German fans, whom i consider to be some of the best in the world... the amount of passion they have compared to English fans is incredible...
rahn DMC

I'm at a loss if this doesn't work.

Couldn't find the broken tag on page source view. Sorry.

Still, bold is better than a fecked up margin!
Where's the likes of mjspurs et al when you need them?

Big win,score in the first half,no sitting back,decent attacking performance.We are at home.No excuses.
rahn DMC I read the other day AVB saying pretty much the same thing, about how we need the supporters behind the team. I think it is a pretty fair comment from the pair of them. Hopefully it may motivate those certain people to be a bit more positive and actually get behind them and support the team tonight.

LOL coops! Don't know why but thats funny.

Spuds-U-Like - Look at the brackets around Naughton part on his post, there is an R missing on the second bracket page break, i cant fix sorry.

1984spurs - Agree about Siggurdsson behind Ade but he may have something else up his sleeve ha. Other than Lloris and Verts i agree with you lineup.

I'd like to see Siggy behind Defoe AND Ade.
Curses Coops you've sussed me out LOL
SO2, I've tried several end bold tags, but they don't seem to be working mate.

We must surely win and win well at home v Maribor, If we are honest they are hardly PL standard, time for a performance and an emphatic result, no excuse will hold water if we slip up against these.

I Give up.

I Tell you something regardless of any boo boys. I plan to single handly with my free loading mates to raise the roof. Im in area 35 and you wont be able to miss me. Time to take matters into my own hand and make a difference how i know best. I will be getting behind my team regardless of team we put out or the tempo we start off with. All this typing is getting be is getting me no where. Time to be vocal about it. I shall be singing loud and proud because I Love my team. And yes regardless of results, table position or abuse from other fans (or our fans) I LOVE OUR TEAM. Come on you SPurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G Star

Spuds what you done fella
G Star
G Star
Not touching it again, I never learn when to stop!!!

HA HA HA hunt the comments box.
Ox is gonna kill me! sorry fellas.

lol this is hilarious. sala panchod! lol
spurring you on
Lol Spuds not me dude I dont mess with the code, besides Ox is the law around here and i wouldnt want to upset him.
G Star
Bet this site ran perfectly until we came back Coops!



I think I know what's happened, it might be something to do with a "tr" tag. But I'm not experimenting any more otherwise Ox will force me to wear my barbed wire underpants again!

Gave up on trying to sort it after the fourth correction ...
Who's mess up the site again!! "br" Tonight is a must win, I expect everyone to be in full support and no boo boys please!!
You ain't gonna stop the boo boys, depressingly. Lets just hope there's a bit of singing tonight. Tho on a thursday night in the Europa league there's bound to be empty seats and a very vocal away support drowning out the good will. On the flip side I'm looking forward to seeing the 1882 mob in action. Anyoen know if/where them boys will be drinking before the game?
Nice feed - D'OH. An interesting night tonight, but one I really hope we win, we rest a few and those coming in do the business. I would play Lloris and if he does well, keep him in for Sunday. I would also play Walker as probably feel Naughton should start Sunday. Concerned about Vert or Caulker injury, so Hope Gallas and Dawson start. Sigg needs confidence and a start - despite what BigC and others on here will tell you, he is a great talent, just needs a bit of time, confidence and SUPPORT. COYS.

? im just trying to help..
Agree - BOOOO boys out. Weekend got on my tits, yes we were rubbish, but 0-0 at half time. How dare Wigan not lay down and roll over eh. Support your team or stay away.
Might need a new article... and a perm ban on all html tags being used!!
Windlespur, Liverpool have a sign as the players enter the stadium saying "this is anfield". Perhaps we should have one saying "This is WHL, as a courtesy to your hosts, would all away teams kindly let the home side score at will. Thank you"
Hey Coopsie, at least it's all BOLD now....LOL
I quite like this new look forum, all of a sudden people are moaning about something else :-)
function closetags($html) { #put all opened tags into an array preg_match_all('#<([a-z]+)(?: .*)?(?#iU', $html, $result); $openedtags = $result[1]; #put all closed tags into an array preg_match_all('##iU', $html, $result); $closedtags = $result[1]; $len_opened = count($openedtags); # all tags are closed if (count($closedtags) == $len_opened) { return $html; } $openedtags = array_reverse($openedtags); # close tags for ($i=0; $i < $len_opened; $i++) { if (!in_array($openedtags[$i], $closedtags)){ $html .= ''; } else { unset($closedtags[array_search($openedtags[$i], $closedtags)]); } } return $html; }
I'm no html expert, but if you wanted to ban tags then the easiest way I can see is to do a quick search and replace on all comments when they are posted replacing all "<" with "-" or something similar
I think I agree with you Coopsie although without the paragraphs I'm finding it difficult to get the totally context ;-)
OX, please put up a new article. Title: "Mock Liverpool & chat about game". Not content required as posting will commence immediately
Sorry, this is not fixable atm..create another thread?
who is the 1882 mob??
G Star
Tottenham are unsure for how long they must cope without Mousa Dembélé. Spurs hope the Belgian will return from a hip injury within two weeks but he may still require surgery that would rule him out for longer. The £15m signing first incurred the problem when at Fulham last season and has not featured since suffering a recurrence while playing against Scotland on 16 October. The midfielder is one of several absentees. Sandro, who limped off in Saturday's defeat by Wigan, is not available but could be fit to face Manchester City on Sunday. The France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris will start as Tottenham again field a strong line-up. Provisional squad Lloris, Cudicini; Naughton, Walker, Caulker, Gallas, Dawson, Vertonghen; Livermore, Parrett, Huddlestone, Sigurdsson, Lennon, Bale, Mason, Carroll, Townsend, Falqué, Dempsey, Defoe.
Coopps That's what I thought No Ade, came from The Guardian so knowing the typo's in that particular rag you can take this with as huge a pinch of salt as you want. LOL
Mind you it does say provisional so .......
Cz he's got a screwed head now.
Coops If Audley Harrison and Kimbo Slice can obtain a professional boxing license, anyone can lol. As long as you have a big enough profile then money can be made and anything is possible. They'll put Flintoff in the ring with the same level of opponents Kimbo Slice fights, guys who are usually exhausted after the 1st round and have records like 1W 6L.
I'd piut him in with harrison myself LOL
I'd pay to watch that freak show chrishove123!!

Coopsie, stop beating yourself up buddy. The current feck up is all mine mate & don't you dare try to take the credit for my unbelievable talent ever again. :-)



The Met Police have backed Spurs & will not prosecute the Club for fans calling themselves Yids!


Feeling sick are you, you gurt great Herbert? You fecking well should be!

lets hope AVB and the team are as BOLD as this thread.
Ah, I see what you mean there coops, that 1 makes no sense to me either.
HAHA Chaos on vital LOL
spurfect one
LOL what has happened ?!

I guess at this stage this page is beyond repaid :(


Coopsie, nice to see you back. No idea how to fix this mess. Win is a must today. COYS

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