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In Summary...

It was great to see a result from our boys. Don't get me wrong glad to see us score and win. I think the atmosphere in the Park Lane end was shocking. I could hear the guy talking about his marriage problems 5 rows up. The boo boys weren't there and we actually got behind Naughton for the silly back pass. However there seemed to be a stadium full of spectators and not fans. My throat is still hurting, so much for single handily lifting the place, I only managed to get a few around me to join in. Respect to the Shelf who sang throughout, Well Done Lads.

So players in summary:

Hugo: Calm and collective in goal, quick distribution and was quick off the line to collect the ball. Was out of position for the goal and maybe could have done better however I feel it was merely a mistake by Naughton. I was pleased with him in goal and I felt a little easier with him in goal than Brad. (who may not have done anything wrong but presence the Latter brings)

Naughton: Supported Bale well, worked hard and made an excellent slide tackle to save a goal in the second half. School boy error with a silly pass back to Hugo but otherwise linked well with Jan.

Super Jan: Solid as a rock, not very vocal however he oozes class with or without the ball. His distribution and positioning is excellent and hardly stepped out of place.

Dawson: Won some commanding headers, did a job for us however you could see why AVB doesn't rate him. He was slow, out of position at times and with the ball at times seemed to be clueless. Could be he is lacking game time however I feel he is out of his depth with the new regime and playing style.

Walker: There is signs of improvement, linking up with Lennon was better, pushing forward was great, however there were times a long ball was shot across to his side and he was simply out of position and Lennon had to save him a few types.

Huddlestone: If this guy had the legs of Usain Bolt he would be world class, frustrates me as a fan as he pings a perfect ball however to slow for our pace at times. He did well to dictate our flow yesterday and got stuck in but clearly not mobile at times. Best I ever saw of him was under Ramos in terms of conditioning. Big game for him Sunday, hope he picks the pace up for that one.

Carrol: Very impressed by this young man. He got involved, got stuck in, played some amazing passes and did not seem out of his depth at all. Hope to see more of him and believe he could have a big career if he can turn out like that against the big boys.

Bale: Man of the match for me, ran his socks off, made plenty of space, tracked back and played in some beautiful balls. Had some world class moments and had us on our feet every time he was on the ball.

Lennon: Also had a good game, tracked well and offered plenty of link up with players around him. Hustled for the ball and even won the odd header or two. Has been a stand out performer this season. Would like to see him cut in a shoot as I think he has that in the locker.

Adebayor: Was the difference for me, he linked with midfield, opened up the opposition and played in bale for Defoes goal. His work rate and presence was refreshing and you could see what we clearly missed. Glad to have you back Ade.

Defoe: Can't fault the little man for the hat-trick however both Bale and Ade in front of us had a go at him to get near post whilst Ade covers back post and in turn he eventually got the first goal from it. Do feel at times he positioning is totally off. With the service Bale puts in surprised he doesn't get many more goals from it.

Well done to the boys to pick themselves up and get the result. I am just being fussy and couldn't really fault the team performance as a whole as they started show signs of a unit and not 11 players kicking a ball. I am still surprised that we at 2-1 still could not find the vocal chords to get behind our team. I have never seen White Hart Lane like this. What is going on, can someone tell me if all the faithful been priced out of tickets or something as I can't put my finger on it.

Anyway now to City and I will be sure to make myself heard there. COYS!!!!!!

written by G Star

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The journalist

Writer: G Star Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday November 9 2012

Time: 10:08AM

Your Comments

Dawson as outstanding. Did everything that Gallas can't do.
You could see the difference using 442 much more fluid. AVB right it wont work every game, but at home hopefully this will be used a lot more.
I also agree with your comment about Hudd, if this guy had pace he would be outstanding. The guy is however, a unit.
Great game, great performance, great atmosphere, felt like the old Spurs had returned, only downside is coming into VS and still after the performance and still reading certain players getting criticized.
Can we really say that Hudd is fat anymore, because to me he looks a lean as he is going to get, problem is that he doesnt have the natural pace or mobility he needs in a congested space and also likes to take his time. neither are ideal for the modern game, particularly in England
Sorry G Star I feel you've got a few wrong there.... Firstly Dawson never looked uncomfortable for a second, and played some very good passes as well as look more relaxed than Super Jan at the back. Huddlestone ran the show, what is it with everyone NEEDING pace? They don't, if we're being honest, Huddlestones had a good 2 years out, I think he's come in very well this year so far. Carroll was sublime, get him on the weights and protein shakes and he's a definite world beater, tremendous technical ability...
@ Ossie, sadly I think some people will never be happy. Personally, though we can always look for better, I felt it was a pretty decent performance and aside from the occasional mistake and out team drop n form and focus for the last 10-15 mins of the first half, I felt all was pretty pleasing.
carroll was absolutely outstanding, first time I've ever seen have proper license to have space and time and he seriously impressed, especially with his pass for the second goal. I would seriously like to see him contending for a starting place in the centre by the end of this season, although I realise that the time and space he got against Maribor may not be extended towards him in the English, and specifically, premier league games. However, the ability is certainly there, and I believe we've found our long term replacement for modric from our own back yard! I'm genuinely really excited about the talent coming through now, perhaps more so than our first team players! Townsend, Mason, Carroll, Pritchard, Coulibaly, Mckevoy and Coulthirst etc. are all players who could make it into our first team within the next five years. Thats a seriously strong position to be in!
Jim agree about Carroll, kid has a bright future ahead but needs to get stronger, and Ox agree 100%!!!
enjoyed the fact i could relax and enjoy the last 20mins rather than sit there shating meself. Even Daws 60yard crossfield balls all came off too not that i wanting him attempting that when we have our first choice CM's are playing though! Caroll looks tidy, Bale was a beast and Defoe and Ade played well up top. Would like to see Ade and Defoe continue however we may need to sacrifice a Lennon type though as 442 against an inform top side we would get undressed. If defoe and Ade are fit i would like to see some rotation between them two and Lennon COYMFS!!!
Didnt read to much negativity in the article anyway, very mild in comparison to some posts. One of the best performances of the season IMO. Bring on city!!!
I was in the shelf close to the Park Lane and I thought the atmosphere was great. Singing throughout the match and I was sure there was some good singing coming from sections of Park Lane too, so surprised to hear that it wasn't good for you. I thought the nonsense in the media from Peter Herbert and his cronies helped to galvanise the support and especially enjoyed "we'll sing what we want". COY Yid Army!
good to hear the atmosphere was better last night too! hope that continues so we can welcome the spammers in a few weeks to show them what proper support (involving more than one song) is!
forget to mention Muamba at half time. It was great to see him at the Lane again. Well done to everyone to be upstanding and applauding him.
G Star
Dont get me worng i am happy with the performance and the players. I was sat behind goal so i was seeing things in one dimension lol, had i seen it on the box things may have been different. I can only comment on what i could see. I was pleased with the whole perfromance however the atomsphere was still suspect and reserved at times. I was venting my fustrations to that and may have come across as I werent happy with players.
G Star
Guys it was just a opinon on how players faired in my eyes. I couldnt give every player a glowing review. Might as well close up shop and say they all were world class. You think AVB wrote the same notes in his little black book. Its to spark and debate. Im pretty sure i didnt slate any player for any perfromance. I was impressed so not sure where the negative vibes comes from. I was doing these summarys earlier on in the season and at during pre season. Is it me or are we as fans going through some sort of phase at constantly digging at each other as i remember be slated before but with reason. Its just one mans opinon. There is no right or wrong. Just a perspective. What you call excellent might be pants by my standards or vice versa. Take a chill pill we scored more than one goal and felt like there was some unity on the pitch. Relax people its friday. Damn............. i will learn to keep my gob shut in future.
G Star
Just a note on the 'tactical mishaps' of AVB.....Has everyone forgotten that VDV (Who I think we're missing more than Modric btw) was played RW half of last year where he consistently (& understandably) played terrible? Yet AVB is tactically inept because he goes with 4 main attackers with 2 sitting behind them? People calling for 4-4-2 are thick people who just want to see JD get a flick off an Ade header and sprint to the goal and score, Id' rather see a well worked goal....
G Star, I appreciate what your saying but the point is, it is so easy for one of our players to read this and think thats what the fans think, if you know you have very limited information with which to judge a player then don't judge them, you could have just as easily picked out just your special mentions? I understand where your coming from though, the most frustrating is criticism, which this is not, it is constructive, granted.
The difference between this game and the game away, was simple, we scored enough goals and most likely can do the same vs Pan'ikos, to progress and win the group we need to beat Lazio away. Now i'm not knocking last night, but really was it that good, yes a win, is a win and you can only beat what is put in front of you? When they (Maribor) did cross the half way line, they created chances, only they are a poor side in terms of what we all see in the prem, most of our sides would beat them at home and most likely away, i would class them as a relegation candidate in the english prem league, Huddlestone ran the midfield, well yes he did but Glenn Hoddle could have run the midfield last night, they never pressed him on the ball, he had time and space to burn, Thomas Carroll played very well and has great control of a football, but both him and Hudd, had time and space, you don't get that in the premier league, it's all hustle and bustle, Dawson never had a forward to mark half the time and was able to ping balls over his usual distance of ground, they get pressed harder in a training match in enfield, It was a much needed confidence booster for both players, staff and supporters, but we have a long road ahead of us and no doubt this post we upset a few people, but take a reality check, look back over the game, as i said it was the same pattern just as the away match was.
spu 4 life
"People calling for 4-4-2 are thick people who just want to see JD get a flick off an Ade header and sprint to the goal and score" 4-4-2 looks like our most coherant structure, plays to our stregths, how good did bale look simply attacking the full back yesterday. I dislike "barcelona" possesion style football its bores the tears out of me after you've seen it once
Seems ANY criticism, no matter how mild, against just about ANY player, is getting jumped on by those who like the player thats being criticised.

Come on guys, this is a debating forum for the expression of opinions, thats all. Defend your player & opinion by all means, but please, can we be a bit more adult & not shoot the messenger so to speak, it just degenerates into personal abuse. It got really bad in the summer.

G Star you should whopped out the Dhol, sure that would created an atmosphere lol
Firstly well done thfc'. I feel avb and co' should have learned a lot from this game. 50/50 for the lloris /naughton mistake. I.e.....lloris should not have been passing to naughton at that time. But he learnt from it and spread the ball well, after. it's not naughton's fault that he was playing out of position. Weak opposition..but pleasing to see we put them to the sword. carroll did well...better than at norwich recently cos' he forward and sideways passed more quickly. Helped by the fact he had more choices up front. Biggest difference for me, from previous, as said above too..........Adebayor. Plus...defoe getting on the end of bales crosses !!!....good to see. vs that will be a whole new ball Just hope sandro is back and avb continues with adebayor and defoe.
Anyone know how long the African Nations for and what games Ade/Benni miss??
4,4,1,1.......was used last night...i.e..adebayor kept dropping back. IMO..this is the way to go...IMO ..the best footballing system.
Best moment has to be AVB pushing that staff member off the screen facking carry on comedy at its best as you dont know if he fell went flying or what lololol
It is not "criticizing" players so much, it is "assessing" the players' performances. There is nothing wrong with that is it? I did not see the match, so I rely on peoples' opinions to fill in my impression on how things went.
As for the formation, I was surprised. But I think for the next game only, we should stick with it. After that, AVB should return to what he is comfortable with. But I doubt that Defoe would get on the end of Bale crosses vs Citeh.
the BIGGEST MISTAKE any football supporter, pundit or any other 'expert will make this season is thinking that Defoe & Ade in the team equates to a 4-4-2 formation..... Ade has a free-role behind Defoe and instantly transforms from the '5th midfielder' to a full-blown striker within 5-6 glorious strides.... this is a 4-4-1-1 that allows us to get 2 forwards in the box when in possession and gives us 5 midfielders when out of possession, while allowing the wingers to do what they do best: stay wide and attack at pace..... Ade is the key to this, if we regress and play either Sigggy or Demps behind tDefoe again, we will deserve what will inevitably follow.. take heed AVB, youve stumbled upon gold, dont walk away from it.
exactly tell em !! But ..i do feel siggy and dempsey can play the supporting role (to the main striker)...but Not as good as Adebayor. The adebayor /defoe partnership could be mouthwatering ...or scary !!
tony rich....are you summizing defoe will not get on the end of bales crosses vs city, cos' of past history !?
Exactly Tony.
Viyyash-Ramosh, I second that completely. Ade spent a lot of time last night linking up with Carroll, Hudd and Bale. Carroll imo is every bit as good as a Wilshere and the only difference between them is the amount of games they've played in the league. Carroll looks like a fearless kid and if he manages to get himself some minutes in the league, I see him progressing rather quickly. Good luck to him.
BlackStar Spur
The crowd (helped by 1882 in the Shelf) made a big difference. Great atmosphere from the off created the early drive and urgency. Bale different class. 3 great finishes from Defoe, worked well in tandem with Ade. Defoe is not perfect but he will score one in two if he plays. Yes, i like Carroll.
AVB was very sneaky last night - that was not 4-4-2 in its classic sense or in most ways you could describe. Ade was the link-up guy between the midfield, defoe and the wings, while he wandered about a bit and might have got in the box slightly more than a classic AM, thats what I would have described him as. It was the same formation pretty much, just playing adebayor in the AM position and getting the wingers to stay on the wings!
Gstar when I mentioned criticising players, I wasn't referring to your article, which I thought was an honest assessment of what you saw, I was referring to some of the posters on the game bad
too difficult to compare wilshire to carroll, at the min' carroll has only played a few times and against weak opposition. But all spurs players are better than arsenal players....just my opinion, of
@COYS1717 - Considering Bales only role in a 4-2-3-1 is to attack the wing back, Im not convinced that the reason he ripped apart the INCREDIBLY slow right back for the SLOVENIAN champions was down to playing 4-4-2, especially considering it puts 50% more pressure on the wingers to track back....
Totally agree with you Viyyash-Ramosh, Ade is the man the knits everything together has to start on Sunday against Citeh!
No Prob Ossie i thought you were reffering to me lol @ Jattyid I just fell of my chair. I might even try the dhol thing that way everyone on Vital would know who i am lol. The crazy fool with the drum at the lane is G Star Balle balle hahahaa.
G Star
hope Maicon plays at weekend, i missed it live last time however im travelling sunday so would love to see Bale vc Maicon again. Anyone else travelling up?
G Star
First thing to say is its good to see AVB change the formation, knowing a win was required, that the opposition was weak and going for an all out attack. Bale was back to his best, helped by the reluctance of Maribor to really close mark him. I am not sure what Dawson is supposed to have done wrong, he defended well and the long diagonal passes to Bale were very effective. The difference between Carrroll and Hudd was striking. Carroll would pass and move, always in position for a return ball, always trying to close players down when we lost the ball. Hudd just passed. Even with his inexperience I would play Carroll ahead of Hudd at the moment. I would certainly not play the two of them on Sunday, against a premier league team it would be too lightweight for central midfield. Defoe did what Defoe does, missed some, scored some. Adebeyor in my book was drifting wide too often, the game was crying out for him to play more centrally and operate more as an orthodox centre forward, putting the central defenders under real physical pressure. I won't get too exited about the result but at least they knew what was required and did it.
Can't fault anything you said
Is AVB learning at last. He is the manager of Spurs, he needs to remember the footbal we are raised on and demand, what works best with the players we have, what our fans want to see, what gets results particularly at home, and when we score 1 goal we need to carry on for another not "shut up shop". I realise that last night our formation and attacking style was totally contrary to his philosophy and football beliefs, but it is what Spurs is about and was built upon, and it will out last him, particularly if he refuses to adapt.
People seem to have pretty different opinions of last night. I thought Thudd looked a bit off... he looked far more convincing in recent performances than last night. His distributing is everything and he made some bad balls that were out of character. Carroll has potential but he wasn't as outstanding as people were claiming. He panicked at times and made some wrong decisions. And Daws looked good defensively but I don't feel at all comfortable with him in possession. Compare his ability to Vert - worlds apart.
samparadise, when did tom carroll panic??? I don't remember him doing thart at all??? a couple of overly ambitious passes maybe but panicking? not at all! looked comfortable and composed and that pass to set up the second goal, as well as the balls out to bale and lennon were sensational. If a well known player like silva or modric or Xabi Alonso made those passes out wide or that assist everyone would be going on about it, why not for him? His constant movement was a key factor in our fluidity and he made 15 more passes than anyone else on the park, with a very decent percentage completion...
GStar - good opinions and well done for being a true fan - did you sing what you want, sing what you waaant :) One comment however is your Lloris blinkers. Now I think he will be our regular soon, but also think Brad has done well and think (unlike many on here) that AVB has been right to introduce him gently. Hence, mistakes like last night are not too shattering (unlike DeGea when thrown straight in). Do you honestly believe it was 'merely a mistake by naughton'. Silly back pass, but on his left and needed clearing. A mistake however you dress it up.
wiltshirespur...., the one up and coming you have missed out is Ceballos. Would like to see this young man make it for some games later in the season. Looks a young potential Messi. Maybe another Tarrabt/Zidane comment I know...... Coops... I think the Y word debate has sparked the crowd into action with the rendition of 'Were Tottenham Hospur, we'll sing what we want' followed by Yid Army and JD is a Yiddo for the goals. Hope we don't get as arrogant as ManUre fans coz it did get to sound a bit like that. Nice to see you are back... Can't get that Twitter lark so not following there.

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