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Dembele out of NLD!

Mousa Dembele will miss this weekends North London derby as he has still not recovered from the hip problem that has caused him to miss the last eight games.

Spurs have never lost with Dembele in the side, which perhaps illustrates his importance to the teams shape and creativity and the fact that AVB has no similar type of player or even one that comes close to what we need, has been a huge loss to the team in recent weeks, though the problem is often conveniently ignored by those who prefer to attack the manager instead of looking at what he has had to contend with.

To his credit Tom Huddlestone has done well and has worked pretty well with Sandro, but we still lack Dembele's unique brand of drive and ball retention which is something that few could replace like for like. It is suggested that Mousa could return against Lazio in a weeks time, but at the moment he is 50/50, which perhaps makes him too big a risk too me, unless we see a big improvement.

With additional injuries to Jermain Defoe, Aaron Lennon and Kyle Walker, AVB certainly has a problem with squad numbers, If we potentially add those four, to Parker, Kaboul and BAE, it is easy to see the difficulty that we face, with a squad that is perhaps two or three experienced players short of what is ideal to challenge in four competitions, in my opinion.

Potentially, Spurs could look to bring Kyle Naughton in for Walker, Adebayor can play as a lone striker and two of Sigurdsson, Dempsey, Falque or Townsend could step in for Lennon and support Adebayor, though I feel that both Walker and Lennon would offer a huge threat to the hapless Andre Santos, should he start at left back...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday November 15 2012

Time: 12:46PM

Your Comments

I don't think Hudd has been that good. Who plays when Dembele and Parker both back?
Metal Spurs
We're *****ed! :(
gothic spur
Its a big loss and has dampened my confidence, but if Bale steps up we got our match winner. Sandro needs to play like last week. Hopefully Santos and Mertasaker will play. If we play as we can im going for a hefty 4 v 2 win COYMFS!!!
Metal Spurs. Sandro and Dembele are ahead of Hudd and Parker.
Tactically Challenge
Metal Spurs I know thud isn't fast or tricky, BUT he can send the killer pass for players to break through the defences and score. I think he is a must against Le Arse. I actually rate him, if he could just get that extra yard of pace on his game he would be even better for us.
I am starting to think that in the end he will need the surgery and will be away for a long time. With @gothic spur's words: we're ****ed!
Both or all three Metal Spurs
Time for the young Carroll to step up Hudd will be outpaced by Arteta ! Hope AVB plays Falque on the right if Lennon isn't fit.
Dembele out of NLD! HIP HIP Booooo.... That means we will have to do our best without him, no shi7 sherlock. That's not aimed at anyone, ''he had this problem at fulham'' well his got it here and if and when he returns, what if it happens again and then he needs an opperation and his out for the rest of the season? To late but i wish we had signed Moutinho and not Dempsey and Lloris, he must be over the moon he signed for us (Lloris) and just to sit on his arse most weeks, Dempsey might start to come to life soon, ok his put a couple of chances away, but his overall play is poor at times, we will just have to be patient and ride out the storm, it's not my problem, so be it.
spu 4 life
we knew he would be out, so its hardly shocking news is it. our midfield without him and bar sandro is thread bare. think a draw is best we can hope for on saturday, we just aint good enough.
spu 4 life Lloris is NOT pleased with the situation. I just read a bit of an interview he gave in a French paper. He said he is not pleased with him being number 2 'keeper and that he does his best in training and that he is being professional about the situation. The problems will really come to a head when and I mean WHEN he gets dropped by France for not having enough game time.
Maybe Dembele wasn't the great buy we all thought he was if he is going to be plagued with this injury and be out more often than not. A second Ledders in the making as far as the injury stakes go. Ledders his knee, Dembele his hip..
Lets just hoe Verts doesn't get injured otherwise we can kiss goodbye to ANY success we may have had, and then the boo boys will be out in force with knives sharpened.
jimmy-yid By we just aint good enough, do you mean in general that we are basically $hit or do you mean that we don't have enough depth in squad, because you come on here making sweeping generalised statements without clarifying or justifying what you mean. To say we just aint good enough just aint good enough for me.
hope falque and sigurdsson play, and do well. draw away would be fine.
Dembele is irreplaceable in our current squad, he has the ability to get the ball, create space by beating his marker and then either run at the defence or play the defence splitting pass. Comparing Hudd to him is almost ludicrous. I haven't seen Tom play a "killer pass" all season. The reason is pretty obvious, anyone as slow as Hudd needs to be given time and space, something that just doesn't happen in the premier league. We badly need an understudy to Dembele, Carroll has potential but he's more of a Modric type of player.
I can hear tumble weed and church bells chrishovel123....
chrishove123 - a little bit premature isn't it to condemn Dembele as a sick note? He has barely been here 2 months! You could easily say that about Kaboul or Sandro who have had terrible injury records thus far.
jod - Hudd is off the pace from being injured for so long. Hudd HAS proven himself Premiership quality by finishing 4th with Spurs' record 70 points a few seasons back. Since then it has been injury hell. He may never get it back, but he is all we've got right now...
another dig at other Spurs Ox I thought you were above that!....the old PR dept. must be working for Dembele he will be missed, it's amazing how much we've come to rely on this guy and he's been here a month less than our manager! Ox you told me Walker and Lennon should be we have a bit of the old kid-ology going on? perhaps AVB is playing games with Arsene, perhaps we'll see Moussa, Lennon and Walker if AVB is doing that he'll have gone up in my estimation!!
TonyRich I wasn't condemning him for being a sick note, I was just asking, (as Devils Advocate) what IF. Sorry if it came across somewhat differently, but as an old fart I sometimes forget the subtleties and nuances of spoken word sometimes don;t come across that well when written on a computer screen. LOL. I do think there is a need to think in that way so that IF he is, then we have a backup plan, I feel that by doing this we are actually one jump ahead of a potential problem. Any doubts, identify your potential target/targets and work out the finances. For so many years we've relied on, most of the time, second pickings because we deal with the problem AFTER it has happened. Retro thinking, working on the back foot. By thinking about the "possibility" of him being injury prone, or even out for the rest of the season, we are working on the front foot and the problem is already part way dealt with.
Considering the predicament we are now in, I would be more than happy with a 0 -0 draw. I f we can get that out of it, AVB, will, in my estimation, go up a notch or two higher.
shedboy2, I hope so, wouldn't that be great. HA HA HA.
Just have a stab at AVB now shedboy2 because hes injured and wont play.
If Lloris was happy with the situation as it stood I don't think I'd want him in the team, Any player should be unhappy in with that situation, I was, and so would you be,. As he said he is being professional and trying his hardest in training, as any real professional would. He hasn't criticised AVB, or said he should be played, or done a Balotelli and thrown his toys out of the pram. HA HA. He's just got his head down and done the work. I think with that sort of attitude he IS the future as our number one. He said you'd have to ask AVB. Lloris I suspect, obviously knows why, but he also knows that if he says why, then the press will just say that he iIS complaining. I think that sort of thinking is what AVB seem to be good at, he's protecting his players as well as himself.The deeper I look into this AVB thing the longer time we give AVB we could build something really special here. I get the feeling that he is still a bit shell shocked from the whole chav episode and is taking things overly cautiously. Give him and the team time, and with the addition of two maybe three class players and we'll se him really come to life. He is either going to be GREAT and I mean GREAT for us, if we go with him, OR he will be given the push and end up being great at Le Arse or something hideous like that as his revenge on us.
"Spurs have never lost with Dembele in the side". You know what? Sometimes I'm baffled by your choise of words. Never lost with Dembele? Yes. But that's only because he played what..4 games for us? Mostly against inferior opposition? You make it sound as if he's been on the run similar to the opposite of Gareth Bale. Moussa IS an important player for us but not because we NEVER lost with him being in the squad.
Choise=choice btw.
the lloris situation is truly absurd now. he simply must start as no.1. as for dembele he is a huge loss right now.
We all knew Dembele wasnt fit didn't we? I think our key injury problem is Lennon. Despite what I wrote yesterday, I'm tempted into a 4-5-1 now which moulds into a 4-3-3 with Bale, Adebayor and Lennon/Falque up front. We have to have three in midfield though - otherwise Cazorla, Wilshere and Arteta will run rings wound Hudd and Sandro. Give Carrol and Falque a game a let's see what they're made of.
We've lost 4 of the last 5 with Thudd playing : (
"Give Carrol and Falque a game a let's see what they're made of" That what any reasonable mind would decide. Unfortunately AVB is not one. Wait and see his rigid (the same) formation yet again.
Terrible news that Dembele is still out. Sorry to say this, but I just cannot bear to watch us with Hudd in midfield. He can't defend, tackle, run with the ball or turn. All he can do is pass, and he even misplaces simple passes. The opposition bypass our midfield as though he isn't even there. He doesn't block shots and most of the time he passes backwards or sideways. He's just useless in my opinion. Maybe he can prove me wrong but I doubt it.
The worst thing is everything is in place for them to roll over us. Deep inside we all expect this yet hope it won't happen. For no reason at all. I mean we do believe in miracles and then get frustrated when they don't happen. Well guys, it wasn't supposed to happen in a first place! The worst feeling is to get exactly what you expect. I know it's a difficult ask to just accept the fate. But what else can we do? Be true to yourselves, embrace the inevitable and move forward. Still plenty to play for. Our time will come!
mosocovite why would avb start the unproven carroll and falque against a top team like city
Moscovite - Really? So we haven't seen Falque, Carrol play at all this year?? Well we have, so he is able to do such a thing and has tried players out. It seems to me he is keen to play young talent and in some cases has too at the moment. Its the reason why we have been privilege to see what these 2 players can actually do this year, so far. So your wrong with your assessment.
Moscovite I agree on that one, give both of them a start. Loris in goal with Ade and Bale up front, Walker as DMF because of his pace Dempsey, Falque, Thud, Daws, Verts, Caulker and Coulibaly playing between Bale and Ade, Young Steve is still going to be on a high, so I think we may see something special from him this weekend. He could end up as our saving grace on Saturday. I'd also have Verts as centre half
Believe it or not some of the gooners I've been talking too expect us to roll over them.It is gonna be a tough game. But any side can win on the day, and that isn't blind faith. Its true. COYS.
Lets face it. We have no chance against Arsenal..We hate teams that pass and move and have good angles to their passing as we are not the best at tackling and collectively closing down space. This has always been a problem for a while now and with so many players missing tomorrow I can see our midfielders running round like headless chickens trying to put tackles in and getting nowhere.Please , please I hope I am proved wrong but our side is built for the likes of a passing side like Arsenal , out of form or not. Once they restrict our wingers, we are done. We lack any drive from the middle of the park and I can see us being camped in our half for long periods.. Injuries aside AVB really needs to bring some attacking flair to the team. We are too predictable with everything going through the wings. For me this season is almost a write-off and and it all stems from Harry messing up CL for us last season. Unfortunately, the squad never progressed and we arguably have a weaker squad than that which blew a 13pt lead last season.

“I know it's a difficult ask to just accept the fate. But what else can we do? Be true to yourselves, embrace the inevitable and move forward”

“Let’s face it. We have no chance against Arsenal..”

So shall we all just put paper bags on our head or something? Embrace the inevitable...Those gooners will not get such pleasure from me..I will support my team, sing and Spur them on. So ****ing what if your correct, we loose and I walk out of that hole upset and *****ed off……you take the ups and downs or you don’t watch the game? For you guys, same time next year… when we have a fully fit squad that suits your liking. COYBS.

I have to admit I'm struggling to see a win for us this weekend although I've always hopeful. I'd like to see Ade up top with Sigurdson supporting, he's been the biggest disappointment for me this season but I'd like to see what he is like playing off of Ade who will actually give him something to play off of rather then turn/shoot, turn/shoot. I think I'd go with Townsend wide if Lennon is out, I'm not his biggest fan as I think he can be a bit headless at times but I'm not sure Falque (who looks a great player) is a winger hes more of a VDV to me so if Siggy doesn't cut it first half I'd swap him in there. Walker being injured might be a blessing as he's been ***** poor this season so far and Naughton may shine on his prefered side. I'm almost on the verge of wanting to see Carrol get a start ahead of Huddlestone who has unfortunately proven that his is just too slow and imobile to cut it for us and Carrol looks a lively player with an eye for a pass. Only concern is he is still built like a 15 year old and although Modders was small he had a stong centre of gravity. Worry weekend I feel.
@ Fanman - I think Hudd particularly struggles at present because the 'highline' tackticks squeeze the midfield and require him to operate in a smaller space - this gives him less time on the ball - which is what he needs to pick his classic passes. It also means he has to operate quicker in closing down or in avoiding being tackled, so that counts against his lack of speed and acceleration. And as for him getting back quickly in enemy counter-attacks - well - we saw against Man city when the opposition moves the ball quickly in our defensice third. Tom's got real quality, but he's not what we need. As for Saturday's match - I'm with MJB - I think I'd def consider Carroll even if it's from after 45 mins, though I can't say I know much about his defensive qualities. He certainly seems to be full of running. Do others see any use for Ade and Defoe playing together - not in a strict 4-4-2, but with Ade playing deeper like he did against Citeh? I think he's got a better potential for adapting than Defoe and although his first touch is a bit off at times, the way he held it up and shared the ball against Citeh was pure class. As for Defoe, when he gets the chances, currently, he usually delivers. I like Dempsey, but he just isn't working in terms of passing at present. Same with Siggy. I hope Andre goes with his best players and adapts the system to suit - otherwise it could be a bit ***** this saturday. Whatever happens - I'm backing him come hell or high water til the end of the season - not least because he's been delt a ***** hand in terms of who came in, when they came in, and the ridiculous injury situation. COYS!
Hoping to see this team for the arse'...... friedel, walker,gallas,caulker,vertonghen, lennon, huddlestone, sandro,bale, adebayor, defoe. subs; lloris,naughton,dawson,livermore,caroll, falque,siggurdsen.
Some people compare Carroll to Modric. I'd compare him to this guy: Looks the same.... and the description might fit! If only...
DocHotspurs, I agree with you regarding AVB. He was certainly dealt a bad hand when joining us, and the injuries to the squad just made things worse for him. Although I do question his decision to play Friedel ahead of Lloris, but then he sees them in training everyday.
carroll like way. Carroll is too left footed. Lloris would probably be no.1. now...if he had grasped the ball with both hands !!
82Spurs..I am saying Carroll could become our new John White (if you check the link), and as coincidence would have it that great player was also left footed.
john white.....never saw him. But i take your word on it....i do realise he is a hero of ours. Think he was the one struck down by lightening at whitewebbs golf course...maybe wrong on that though. I'd like to see carroll work on his right foot....i'm surprised that that has not been happenend since i first saw him, at stoke last year. But he is young and may progress, we'll see.
Yes I saw John White on a few occasions. For me the build, the looks and style of play is quite uncanny. But the speed of the game and space available is so much different.
We will get turned over. How great it's the early kick off so my whole weekend can be ruined.
Tottenham Hotcore
Lol.....learnt not to put money on football, a long time Now, i just play fifa 13 and fantasy prem' league with me Thinking it's gonna be another rollercoaster...again starting with the team news. I'd like to see some of our young talent...but this game, i feel we need to "Man up".....and maybe after this game we will know where we are with avb. It'll be interesting....last two at arse'.....2 down and won 3-2.....2 up and lost 5-2. Who'd predict this one !?
El Jefe
Two things, 1) Why have we got a shallow squad, it's only less than a season ago we had one of the strongest benches in the PL, and a first Xl better than now. Answers on a post code, clue first name begins with "D" 2) Why is it that every injury we get seems to be a major problem, and why does there seem to be a reluctance to resort to surgery as an early option, rather than a last resort. Dembele has now missed 8 games, how many more, and how many would he have missed if he had gone straight to surgery, and come back fully fit. Dawson was the same last season, he was out for months, then he went for surgery. I think the number of injuries our players get, often not in actual games, and our injury recovery record, must be subjected to some scrutiny, and difficult questions asked of the coaches who organise training, and the medical team who supervise treatment and recovery, we just simply can't be that unlucky.
Frank - yes, been thinking the same thing about injuries - I remember a Chelski fan saying that the only good thing about AVB was how his training/medical regime minimised players being out through injury - our situation now seems as bad as ever.
We only start playing when were 1 or 2 goals down and the Arse seem to crumble when 1 or 2 up so strangely the Arse scoring first would be a good thing.
We don't have the players to play 4-5-1 so it should be 4-4-2 from the start. The only problem is that a 4-4-2 with Defoe and Ade is our plan A and I don't think we have a plan B if it weren't working.
TonyRich - I didn't say Hudd wasn't premiership quality - he's certainly good enough for QPR. The top teams are another story, none of them would touch him. What I was doing was comparing him to Dembele, he is several leagues below the Belgian. At least with Carroll there's the possibility of him getting better, Tom is at his peak. I really don't get why so many fans are prepared to give him such an easy ride while crucifying other players who don't measure up. The old Spurs tradition of playing favourites is alive and well.
Huddlestone cant tackle, isn't quick; doesn't score; doesn't show any passion; and isn't a leader hence why we tried to sell him to Stoke City (who decided not to take him). I would rather see Jenas play and no I'm not joking!
just saw joe hart against sweden, he should not be shay given another chance, world class my ass lol
the fact that we only signed dembele in august and he hasnt even played 15 games for us and we're missing him shows how good of a player he is. Big miss, my confidence has gone down, not expecting much for the game, I'd bite your hand off for a draw! If Fulham can do it, if Sunderland can do it, we can! 2-2 I reckon
What the heck I'm going to go for a Spurs win and to hell with the doubters. I dont mind people doing post mortems on this site but its a bit much when we don't even have a cadavar isnt it?
It's going to be hard to get a positive result this weekend but we do have match winners in our team. So , I am going for a 2-1 SPURS win. Here's to hoping. Have a great weekend everyone :-)
If we consider Hudd to normally be our 4th choice CM, I think he is fine. Is he that much worse that Obi Mikel, Carrick or Barry for example and they all play regularly for the top three sides
good article on lloris situation
Ox, Huddlestone can't hld a candle to Obi Mikel or Carrick, he is probably as good as Barry, but that's not saying much, as he also suffers Huddlesone's problems i.e. lacking pace and mobility, but Huddlestone has a better passing range, whereas unlike Huddlestone Barry can tackle, although his lack of pace means he is often late, and concedes lots of free kicks. In truth neither of them are much good.

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