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Calm down dear, its just a derby.

Calm down dear, its just a derby.

We just lost 5-2 to our North London rivals, but at least its an improvement on last season's 5-2 loss! 

There are two parts to the analysis of a football match. One is the performance, and the other is the result. The result sucks, its incredibly frustrating that the headline will read 5-2 (thanks for giving them the last goal Jan! I still love you though). The performance however did not suck. I hate 4-4-2, but I must admit that for 17 minutes, it was working very well. 

Arsenal looked like rabbits in headlights and we could of been two up before Ade got sent off. After the red card we didn't do so well, and that tells me we lacked a leader on the pitch, and a playmaker to take care of the ball and relive pressure. At half time we got a glimpse at the depth of tactical knowledge that AVB possesses. His switch to 3-4-1-1 was wonderful, and for 15 mins of the 2nd half, Arsenal looked pretty clueless. 

In the end, the movement and skill of Walcott and Cazorla won Arsenal the game. But our 2nd half performance gave me great hope. This is, after all, a Tottenham team missing Kaboul, BAE, Parker and Dembele, but could of easily been just 4-3 down had Bale not contracted the same disease of selfishness that afflicts Defoe! 

When you win, you celebrate. When you lose, you learn. I have learned a lot from this loss. The players gave their all in the 2nd half, which tells me they are buying into the managers ideas. Arsenal have a fully fit squad compared to our mini injury crisis, and needed a red card to beat us at their home, which tells me we have a better team than theirs. 

AVB knows his stuff, which means we finally have a manager who can spell tactics, let alone change them! The future is bright, the future is Carroll.

Written by Tactically Challenge

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Writer:Tactically Challenge
Date:Sunday November 18 2012
Time: 11:11AM


It was nice to see AVB react and change tactics at half time. Question: Can Ade play in the Europa League this Thursday?
18/11/2012 11:19:00
A positive article, my thanks TC, can't wait to see who the blaim boys decide to go after this time....By the way? Did anyone else get a flash back to Gascoine losing the plot in the FA cup when they saw Ady's challenge?
18/11/2012 11:20:00
Thought it was funny watching Defoe react after Bale didn't square it. What goes around comes around Defoe.
18/11/2012 11:22:00
Liked AVB's aproach a lot. (sorry Raging) Did not like watching Bale carry on like a spolit brat at half time and getting right up the refs face, bloody stupid thing to do and what exactly did he think it was going to achieve?
18/11/2012 11:37:00
Lets not fall into the excuse blame game. We got spanked, end of story. Granted, until the 41st minute we were hanging in there and I agree with you, in that a leader was needed. (But those two goals before halftime, ended the match). The leader is definately not Defoe, watching the game again as I type and his commitment is woeful. If he attacks the ball maybe he gets on the end of Bales attempted shot. At least Bale tried to attack them and take them on, why was Defoe so timid and gutless? IMO, the weakness is again in the middle of the park, Sandro is playing his part as the enforcer, but Hudd is the weakness time and time again. How many times does he lose his player when defending, how many times does he go missing when we need some movement to relieve the pressure and keep possesion. He is a static player with lovely passing skills, but these pros are outweighed by his cons. Carroll over Hudd anyday for me.
18/11/2012 11:37:00
good article
18/11/2012 11:46:00
ledders77, I thought that was funny as well both bale and defoe are extremely gready players and if they have even the slightest sniff of a goal they will take it without looking for the better option, although that chance cost us a goal and maybe even the game bcause we would have been back in it at 4-3. In regards to the game, over all it is yet again another match you cannot blame AVB for since you cant get a player sent off in an important derby and not expect the other team to respond. I will say this i am fed up with Gallas constantly making mistakes, cost us a goal which put the game out of reach - when you think about it at least two of the goals were avoidable, even if we are one man down that doesnt excuse us of not defending from corners. Time for a shake up in defence, Naughton has proved he is as error prone as gomes so should be gotten rid of, I for one cannot wait until Kaboul and BAE get back from injury. I will only start judging AVB when we actually get our full team back from injury, which seems to be in December/January - even still the next ten games (except at Everton) are alll winable so no more excuses this time!
18/11/2012 11:48:00
am amazed by how much you lot defend the clown avb, yet when anybody did that to HR last year they were scum of the earth. I am fans of neither but i am fascinated by the two faced approach of it all. Amazing.
18/11/2012 11:59:00
looking at the replays I have a feeling that Lloris shuld have saved a couple of those goals. and bale's right foot looks better and better on that goal replay
18/11/2012 12:01:00
jimmy-yid. Harry did a great job for 4 years. But in the ned he had run out of ideas. It was refreshing to see AVB go to 3 at the back with 10 men and attack Arsenal. Very different managers. Since you like neither, who would you like as manager of Spurs?
Tactically Challenge
18/11/2012 12:13:00
jimmy - Care to elaborate on what AVB did wrong yesterday? Or are you just full of mindless waffle?
18/11/2012 12:17:00
Levy gave Harry nearly £50million in the January transfer window in the infamous 2 points 8 games season (Harry conveniently always left that out )
AVB needs the same because between Levy & Harry our squad was left in a mess .
Sigurdsson & Dempsey shockingly bad buys , even though i`m surprised by how poor Dempsey is ,Siggy was predictable .

I hope we get a DOF back personally .Our transfer windows need improving
big cockeral
18/11/2012 12:28:00
17mins of great stuff...

fecking togalese lanky streak of *****ssss
18/11/2012 12:46:00
big c - agree, because DoF's actually sell players and we need to sell another boat load. AVB has one hand tied behind his back because we still have a massive squad with the likes of Jenas, Bentley, Khumalo, Dawkins and Rose out on loan. We also have a new crop of 21 year olds in Caulker, Townsend, Smith, Mason and Parrett who will need to be registered next season. AVB just needs to get the squad numbers down to 25 or below so he can manoeuvre in the transfer market. In my opinion we have so much to be positive about with a great group of core players. We just need 2 or 3 more and a fit squad to make it a really competitive unit.
18/11/2012 12:54:00
Personally i cannot wait till our team reads - Lloris. Walker, Verts Kaboul, Benni, Lennon, Parker, Sandro, Bale, Dembele, Ade. That 11 could beat anyone in the league with ease. PLus 2-3 signings in the january transfer window. THings are indeed bright, Things are AVB. p.s If we lose Bale in the summer and re-invest, i would have no problem because as of late, including yesterday (good goal granted), he has not been up to much this season!!!! COYS!!!!
18/11/2012 12:56:00
Totally agree mutley. Also, a couple of my gooner mates have stated that they believe without the sending off yesterday they were in for a hiding and think we will get 4th. They are die-hard fans and season ticket holders. They said that all around them yesterday thought it was a hollow victory, but didn't stop the scum form cheering!!!
18/11/2012 12:59:00
I think we can take some positives out of the performance yesterday and AVB got the tactics right imo, so credit where credit's due. The pressure will grow if we don't start winning so he needs to show he can motivate and be prepared to drop people...(Gallas I'm looking at you!) after all if management were just about tactics Harry would have got us relegated....
18/11/2012 13:29:00
ledders77 - yes, ade can play on thursday
18/11/2012 13:34:00
good article TC and I hope you are right about Carroll. He looked good yesterday and seems to be a footballer with a brain! If he had been on for 90 minutes he may have got MOTM in my opinion
18/11/2012 13:41:00
and I agree with you guys on the 4-4-2, teams just don't know what to do with it. For the 20 minutes both defoe and ade were on the pitch together yesterday, arsenal looked clueless at the back when they were up against these two. Same with the ade and saha partnership, we tore newcastle to shreds at WHL last season. And also last season against WBA and Fulham that partnership had succesful results...except last season we couldnt really use that partnership due to vdV, he was just too good to leave out.
18/11/2012 13:44:00
This is what makes football and supporting spurs fun, we keep looking over our shoulder, Harry this and Harry that, we miss Modric, we miss VDV, get over it they have gone, part of the history of the club, what matters most is learning from yesterday, did we learn anything? Well i think we did Hugo Lloris is a very good goal keeper, Thomas Carroll never looked out of place, if he was the size of Hudd and had the pace of Bale, what a player he would turn out to be, but his not, his little and lightweight and i mean that in a nice way, his got a lot about him, you can see his class, Dembele is all left foot, so is Messi, i think we have room for Carroll in the starting x1. We talk about Gallas, playing a high line, you need defenders with pace, Kaboul, Caulker, Vertonghen, BAE, Walker, all have it, Gallas will be off to the USA or retire, same goes for Friedel at the end of this season, that i truly believe will be the case, so Hugo in phase out Friedel, Kaboul back phase out Gallas, building for the future is always being quoted, building a back line of 5 is the future, i think AVB is a very good coach, his passion you can not fault, he made changes yesterday to have a go at it, he deserves credit for that, had Ade not been sent off, i think we would have won or a least drawn, looking at the league table, a run off games, winning them keeps us in the hunt for 4th or best, west ham, west brom, everton, don't have a squad anything like ours, but then we have suffered injuries to a lot of first choice players, so we have had to paper over the cracks, when they get hit with injuries and they will, your see a big difference. The sooner everyone is back, the better things will be, that's just my take on it.
spu 4 life
18/11/2012 13:45:00
2-4 at home against Chelsea. 5-2 against Arsenal. Last season 1-5 at Wembley against Chelsea. 5-2 against Arsenal. I hope you will get off your farking high horses and realise that you are indeed the laughing stock of London now. Let the big boys challenge for the honours. Always in our shadows. Always.
18/11/2012 13:50:00
Lamp lighter, thank you for your input, you forgot to add WBA 2 Chelski 1.
spu 4 life
18/11/2012 13:55:00
Where was this £50M that Levy allegedly spent in the Jan window when HR came in. That is perhaps what he told the tax man, or what the cooked books said, but just a point why did we make a bee line to sign 3 former, and recently "sold", Spurs players in Keane, Defoe, andd Kaboul. Answer because there were still massive proportions of the fees left unpaid, so they were re-possesions by consent, rather than purchases, so the £50M like so much that Levy says, is either economical with the truth, or more often a down right lie, or to be kinder if we must, creative accounting.
18/11/2012 13:58:00
And Chelsea are the laughing stock of Norwich
18/11/2012 14:00:00
oops, typo, Chelsea are the laughing stock of West brom
18/11/2012 14:03:00
I am not sure that having had a man sent off that automatically means it was understandable we lost 5-2 after being 1-0 up ! Some encouraging signs of more positive AVB tactics but I am getting concerned. Another big pay-off comeng AVBs way if this continues but fortunately it will not be my money
18/11/2012 14:04:00
On the back of Lamp lighters post, comes news that Levy is planning for us to play our home games at the Apollo Hammersmith, not certain about that one being true, but then chelski fans know everything.
spu 4 life
18/11/2012 14:05:00
cynicspur - You are right, there was no need to lose 5-2, same old problem with our leaky defence. However, AVB can'r be blamed for that, he can only use what he has available. Things will improve, give him time.
18/11/2012 14:10:00
Lamp's have QPR moved to the north of england? Surely the time has come for Harry Redknapp to take over, your 4 from 12, not the 2 from 8 he likes more, but it's a talking point, the star of david has more points. spu 4 life Read more:
spu 4 life
18/11/2012 14:13:00
That 20 mins given to Carroll was a major achievement.He passes,makes himself available for the pass. The future is bright! Sad for me,I have bet a fortune with my gooner frn that we gonna overtake them in the League this year!
18/11/2012 14:43:00
Just read that Bendtner is open about a move to spurs! How many of You would welcome him to the team?Just curious!
18/11/2012 14:49:00
Just read that Bendtner is open about a move to spurs! How many of You would welcome him to the team?Just curious!
18/11/2012 14:50:00
can't wait for this Ade-Defoe 'upfront' pairing to take off after Ade returns.... the synergies flowing to all the players are all too strong to ignore anymore.... if we can keep them in team together, 4th should be reached with a few games in hand. Arse players always raise their game against Spuds (but even then looked the lesser team against 11 men). they will go back to their stupor soon enough, bank on it
18/11/2012 15:32:00
Why is AVB getting credit for his tactics. It took half an hour and three goals before he did anything. Agree about Tom Carroll. He must start against West Ham. Hope we don't have to strong a team on Thursday. We will need everyone fresh and up for it against an in form West Ham
18/11/2012 15:55:00
Yep, you forgot to add West Brom 2-1 Chelsea. I also forgot to add Spurs 0-1 Mighty Wigan and Spurs 1-1 West Brom.
18/11/2012 16:14:00
jonathon01, first of all AVB got his initial tactics spot on and we were the better team while it was 11v11. It is perfectly reasonable to wait things out and try and get to the break before implementing a completely different system so you have 15 minutes to make sure that the players know exactly what is expected of them. We were close to holding on and if we had come in at 1-1 who knows what would have happened. In any case, AVBs tactics for the second half were also spot on and it turned what I expected to be the worst half of a football match I would ever have to endure into a genuine contest, which under the circumstances is very worthy of credit
18/11/2012 16:45:00
I'm fed up with the stick already....we better beat Spam!!! no if's but's or maybe's - no excuses!
18/11/2012 16:47:00
SilwalYid- Bendter? really? that would really show how far we've fallen...
18/11/2012 17:03:00
I like AVB,he just needs a chairman ready to move up to next level.Levy could have bought Suarez,Cazorla,Ruiz etc and for reasonable money.But he didn't.With those 3 we'd be nailed on certainties for champion league.You don't make the top table with second raters like Dempsey & Siggy.
18/11/2012 17:14:00
Guernman, I still think he waited for far too long. If we had gone in 1:1 or even 2:1 down he probably wouldn't have changed anything. The second half tactics we born out of desperation. I will despair if he puts a full team out on Thursday and leaves them knackerred for West Ham
18/11/2012 17:26:00
I disagree jonathon01, but of course we will never know. I think that he wanted the break to go through the untried system of three at the back to ensure that the players knew exactly what was expected of them, if he had just made the changes in the first half it might have been chaotic. I think he would certainly have implemented the changes had we gone into the break 1-1 or 2-1
18/11/2012 18:18:00
@FrLamp what are you doing up so late on a school night? come on lad, get with the programme....!
18/11/2012 18:39:00
AVB problem is that he has inherited average players and old players and lost our best players.

Take BAE injury AVB has tried Vertonghen at LB which although he did ok he was exposed, he is a CB and that also left us short in CB as Caulker is young and Gallas, well Gallas is hopeless and Dawson although I love and prefer to Gallas is fantastic technically and lacks pace just like Gallas.

Naughton hasn't took his chances made too many errors after starting ok.

Then Walker has been pants and what cover do we have? maybe it is time to try another youngster, Smith. basically we have no reliable cover for our full backs.

Now I think with Kabule and Vertonghen and Caulker we are fine at CB with Dawson for emergencies and cup games but CB has been weak because we have used Vertonghen at LB and we have had to play Gallas.

So we need full backs imo.

CM we lost our best player there and we brought in dembele who imo is not as good but he is better than others such as Hudd. However, with Dembele injured we have had to have Hudd and he is not good enough. He is a Dawson a squad player for the cups. sandro is improving and doing well but how long is it before we lose him with the amount of yellow cards or red waiting or fatigue as Parker has been a long term injury so Sandro gets no rest. livermore was used to cover but he is not good enough, again a cup player at best. So AVB has not got the midfield he needs so very difficult for him.

Up top two strikers is criminal and one of them was late coming. now Dempsey and Siggy brought in as players to play behind a lone striker and non of them have taken their chances. Siggy I think was too expensive, not as though he had a few good season in the PL and gained his reputation. he may well improve and it may be just a settling in but another problem for AVB. Dempsey absolutely woeful, against Arsenal he gave the ball away outside their area and he stood still and watched, did nothing to win it back. Shouldn't be in the team imo and a very poor buy, can't see AVB getting much out of him. So more problems for AVB and now with Ade suspended and going to Nations cup we are so short. Imo I would draft in a youngster, nothing to lose.

Back to midfield I actually think Carroll would be better than Hudd but AVB has to be careful not to throw too much at him too soon. Short stature means he will take time to develop, be older than the average footballer before we see the best of him but he is coming along nicely.

The wings, no cover for Lennon or Bale. Townsend showed us nothing when given the chance although falque may come good but is he good enough now.

This leave the GK we have more than enough but who is the best now? AVB has not got any players he wanted imo. I would rather carroll play in the middle and put Dembele behind the striker when he is back. I can't imagine AVB would have gone for any of these players his job has been made difficult.
18/11/2012 19:17:00
thfan- AVB inherited a team that finished fourth....we didn't 'lose' modric and VDV we sold them for £40 odd MILLION...he then presided over the purchase of Dempsey, Gylfi, Ade, Dembele and Lloris. You may not rate Daws or Thud but they were regulars in the team that qualified for the CL there is conjecture over which players are actually AVB players or not but he was in charge for most of the window and for someone so famed on detail he should know the squad he was getting and how to set them up...there were signs he's learning during the game at Arse so C'mon let's stop making excuses, we'll know if this guy is any good by January....
18/11/2012 19:37:00
Start Carroll against Lazio, AVB. And Give Falque a Lennon knows is has someone on his heels.
18/11/2012 21:45:00
Cheers Coys TSB, that's good news indeed.
19/11/2012 14:10:00
Who wrote this? Tactically challenge or mentally challenge? We needed Ade to be sent off to beat you? Funny we beat you a few months ago by the same score and you had 11 on the pitch. Is Cazorla still in Sandro's pocket mentally challenge? :-D
19/11/2012 14:26:00
The author asserts "Arsenal have a fully fit squad compared to our mini injury crisis, and needed a red card to beat us at their home, which tells me we have a better team than theirs." This is just the kind of logic defying sweeping generalisation that is associated with the tactically challenged.
20/11/2012 13:46:00
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