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'If It's Football, It's Vital'

Andre Villas Bonaparte, and the Spurs revolution.

At the moment I am watching my favourite hobby, favourite team, and highlight of the weekend being destroyed. Every game feels like forever, and if somehow there is a victory carved out, it feels bittersweet.

A lot of people use the Man Utd game as some kind of defence for AVB, talking about how he masterminded a win at the Old Trafford. Maybe he did, but everybody who saw that game knows that it was not a deserved result, and at least not a result worthy of the Tottenham way. When we had our amazing march in the Champions league it was with pride, it was fun to watch, and the whole of Europe were talking about our achivements and style of play. It wasn't total football, neither tiki taki, it was the Tottenham way. Winning with flourish, winning with pride, it was about the glory of the game. So after around 5 months after Harry what do we have now? Not much, but what we do have is a very high backline limiting our wingers freedom and space. We have a terrified Kyle Walker, unable to get forward with any flair or creativity. Poor boy.

We have a defence with William Gallas in the middle of it, letting everybody run through with his strange positioning, clearing every ball to the penalty spot, while captaining the side. We have no desire to score more than one goal, and we are definitely not keeping possession of the ball anymore. Lack of creativity and ability to keep hold of the ball is the new norm for our beloved Spurs. We also play every game with ten players, as I am yet to see anybody play in the hole after VDV left. We have a great defender in Dawson not playing, but that's probably due to the high back-line situation, so Gallas pace must of course not be overlooked. We have one of the world's best goalkeepers more often than not sitting on the bench, only playing Europa league, waiting for old Brad to step down, or maybe leave the line once in a while from his precious goal. Well, maybe next year when Loris has left us and promising uncle Brad has retired, we could bring Robert Green to the club.

It's all about age and experience. For Pete's sake don't care about players captaining France at 25 years of age. Well, at least we still have the strange tactical substitutions. It annoys me that people still defend AVB, when there is nothing indicating a plan, tactical brilliance, or respect for tradition. I would easily switch into a situation where we were sitting 10th in the league, but playing some great stuff, showing some potential. I don't think for a minute that once Kaboul, BAE, Dembele, and Parker comes back we will suddenly change to some exiting flamboyant football, chasing that goal number two. It will be the same.

He's got his philosophy, and is sticking to it no matter what, and is taking himself and Spurs with him down. People call the season a transition season. I don't agree, Harry's first half season where a transition season, when he inherited a squad with 2 points after 8 games. AVB inherited a top four squad, and should be looking to build on it, not revolution it. He's the same as university principals always having to build a new building in their period, or Presidents of the United States always having to mark their tenure with their own war. Progress was made, so build on it and make it better.

To say Tottenham now suddenly have a bad squad just because Modric, King, and VDV is gone is not fair. He still got two of the best fullbacks in the PL, with okay backup in Naughton. He's got an amazing player in Vertonghen, a great talent in Caulker, and in time the great Kaboul back. He's got Bale and Lennon providing amazing width, and the beast in the middle breaking play up like nobody else in the PL, and Parker on the way back. He's got two great goal scorers in Ade and Defoe, and Dembele looking to become a great deep lying playmaker combined with his physique and ability to travel into channels, never loosing the ball. And at last but not least, four PL standard goalkeepers.

Some positives will be the use of Caulker, and our set pieces, and ability to take the lead, in addition to the flourish of Sandro. But that's all. While we wait on our absentees why not try out Tom Carroll, instead of Dempsey. He looks a great prospect in the Europa League, and maybe he's our Sterling this year. It can't be worse. As a last thought, what about the possibility, when we have Dembele back, of playing Thudd of the striker while we wait for January. He's big, not slower than VDV, can hold on to the ball, great crosser and passer of the ball, and got a fierce shot on him. Remember a commentator many years ago comment his touch as the best in the PL since Glenn Hoddle. Pardon my Norwegian English, and fingers crossed for AVB to come good. Peace

Written by Big Old Ulven

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The journalist

Writer: Big Old Ulven Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday November 20 2012

Time: 8:51AM

Your Comments

I nearly stopped reading when I read "Dawson" and "great defender" in the same sentence :-)

Agree about Carroll be given more playing time and on THudd, I think why not give a might work with Ade upfront alone...

Lord give me strength. Think i last the 1st paragraph. Anyway, does anyone know where the Spurs fans are meeting to drink and sing in Rome? I have scoured Spurs forums and can only find people asking the same question.

Your English is fine mate....and I agree with your sentiment. Spurs fans are getting a siege mentality about AVB. Some feel that he is being attacked before he has had a chance. Perhaps there was a degree of truth in that - BUT we knew that when we took him on. It was part of his package. We knew he is incredibly inexperienced, and whilst there is a chance that he may have something, it is probably likely that he doesn't have much to him. You just don't know with a manager with a single full season of football management, and not even a career as a pro footballer. If some feel that he was being criticised too it isn't too early. Ignore the Arsenal defeat - that one was not AVB's fault in any way - and we approached it right I feel. 5 wins, 5 defeats. Only the bottom 2 have conceded more than us. Almost all games had at least poor half of football by us. Generally outplayed at home. I am not convinced thus far, but we will have to see at the end of the season what he achieves. Even then he should not be sacked unless relegation trouble is involved. We made our bed, so we will lie in it - we should give the guy every chance to make it.

Firstly, I find it amazing that 'Big Old Ulven' is a Spurs fan. I can only assume that you are about 16 or you have no idea about the game of football? What exactly did Harry do for Spurs, let me remind you! He got into the Champions League once with the best squad we've had since the 60's, that same squad he failed to hold onto a 13 point lead to guarantee further exploits in the CL which in turn would have attracted players like Hazard, but no this godly figure had his head turned to the position of England coach, he totally forgot about his current job and then ended up with f*** all. As Muttley points out long punt Dawson and great defender!! I suggest you finish school first and apply for a job on TalkSport as the crap above is very much on a par with their standard. Us fans need to get behind the manager, team, each other etc... Why do we want to shoot ourselves down!!!

yiddyboy - what did Harry do for us? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Forget your hatred of the man. You cannot deny what he did. Before he joined. a) Spurs hadn't finished above 4th, and he did it twice, b) Spurs hadn't been in CL, and he got to the Quarters, beating Milan and Inter (CL champs) along the way, c) Last season we played the most attractive football that we have seen in ages, 4) Harry did get to a cup final, however lost it to Man U. 5) Last season Harry achieved the best start to a Spurs season for many decades....on a total budget of 5 MILLION - that all went on Scott Parker. 6) Plus the obvious - when he joined, we had 2 points and were certain to go down. 7) All this talk of give AVB time, well how much time did Harry need? It was mid-season. Feel free to dislike Harry, his tactics, his signings whatever, but do not deny what he did for us. He is gone now, so let it go mate.

Not an AVB fan, but even i'm starting to get frustrated with the same arguments being re-visited day after day, how long are we going to continue going over the same points. I think Levy will give him a season at least, because if we are out of the race for 4th and Europa league by Xmas, theres not much point sacking him unless there is an absolute proven manager coming in. You may as well stick with him and give him time to turn it around.

had to laugh when i read tony rich's post, talking about avb, quote, "and not even a career as a pro footballer", unquote! ffs! did mourinho? did wenger? saf played in the sfa ffs! get real you mug, and people wonder why so many people are leaving this forum? why don't you have a go at being a trainer tony? after all you seem to think you have all the answers! beginning to wonder if some posters on here have a clue about football, let alone football integrated with big life one love THFC!!! this will be my last post on here as well, it's turning into an old ladies forum

I agree with your general tone, though some assessments (great goalscorers like Defoe and Adebayor) make me wince. The bottom line, though, is that I don't think AVB is the answer. We haven't played at all well this season, even when we have won. I know he's going to be fired sooner or later, probably later when we have no choice but to write off the season. I supported the firing of Harry Redknapp, not for purely footballing reasons but because, despite our loyalty to him during his personal crisis, he showed no respect for the club or supporters and because he let our expectations fall continuously throughout the season, from title contention to eventually not even making the CL. We'll be needing a new manager. I want to put forward the name of Chris Hughton. He is a Spurs man through and through and his sides always play good football. He did good work at Newcastle and he's now doing th same at Norwich.

Shannon- You honestly beleive Hughton would be the man to take us forward?

Jabba - mate you misread my post! The combination of having virtually no experience as a Manager AND a none as a Footballer. At least Mourinho, proved himself. And you completely embarrassed yourself by showing your complete ignorance of football by disregarding Wenger's TWELVE YEAR PLAYING CAREER. I love Spurs mate. All I am doing is being realistic. No matter what you think of AVB, you cannot deny that his complete lack of experience was a gamble. Even Mourinho was a gamble by Chelsea. It was one that paid off. But Chelsea were happy to sack and fire managers at will. But for us, hiring and firing cripples us....and sets us back.

I do. Why not? He understands the culture of the club through many years at WHL as a player and a (deputy) coach. He brought Newcastle up from the Championship with a record tally of points, and playing very attractive stuff, and he was doing fine with them in the PL when their owner seemed to take a dislike to him. Many of their fans are still grateful to him. He understandably started a bit slowly with Norwich but he's got them playing really well now, ask Manchester United! And we haven't been able to get the better of his side in two attempts this season, even his second 11 knocked us out of the Capital One Cup.

My Chavski mate (yes I know) warned me that by Chrsitmas the optimism will start to fade and the realisation that AVB - the tactical genuis, the young "special one", will again be found out to be nothing more then a decent manager in Portugal. He went through the exact same thing. happy to see this entusiastic manager talk about how great is ideas are and how perfect his team will be, but ulitmately deliver nothing.

I do also believe that player power at Chavski was the deciding factor, but AVB didnt help himself, much like he is doing now.

I pride myself as being one of those faithful Spurs fans, who no matter what will always give my 100% support to every manager and every player, but......and there has to be a but...What is happening now at my club is really hurting me, I feel dread when the final scores are coming in, I'm looking to see a big result and at the moment it seems to be unacheivable, we are not even dying for the cause. too many late goals (again this problem), too many defensive changes trying to secure a point in the 60th minute, the high line, the lack of creativeness and endevour from our midfeild. How can a team go from being as beautiful as we were to so cosmetically ugly in 5 months. We are a patch work team, sewn together with unwanted threads and bits of disgarded material at the moment again. It makes a picture and looks like it should be something better, but the truth is this team are again another fix-me-up. Its needs to be taken apart and re-worked and maybe if AVB can get his own way the new pieces will fit perfectly together and make something beautiful again

Time and faith are running out for AVB even from the totally faithful and committed Spurs fan. the team and traditions are our main focus and I just really hobe AVB finds his grove and pleayers find their Mojo again.......quickly.

Common guys if everytime we need to give more chances to every new manager when do you think we can get a good result? Honestly am totally dissapointed when we need to defence a goal lead for nearly 45 min and let the opposition run the game. Dempsey totally can't fit with avb system and we keep playing him...Gallas and Brad shud be on the bench instead. Levy need to buy in Jan and if not we will hear the same reason again if our key player injured..

Shannon- Pretty much agree with most of what you posted, BUT expierience in my opinion out ways most of his positive attributes, when we were middle-low table finishers he might be in with shout, but with the current set of players we we should really be thinking higher profile, i dont mean mouriniho or Ferguson level, but someone with expierince managing numerous clubs at the highest levels across Europe, i still favour Rafa Benetez (cue abuse)

I hear you, Coys. Yes, it would be a bit of a gamble - but only a bit. Hughton is seriously cutting his teeth in management now and the signs are good. We've had the Juande Ramos-type of man who didn't work out. PL experience seems to have worked best for us.

If Harry's first half a season was his transition, then what was his last half a season? After 4 years in charge the team looked way more clueless than they do now and that was with Modric, VDV etc. The hard facts are that under Harry our wage bill went from £67m to £92m on an annual basis. Levy backed him by allowing the club to spend more than they were earning after the champs league season and he had half the squad ostracised. The results on the field were shocking at the end and he left us with 35 players when we can register 25. Let's not glorify the guy. Everything he built was short termistic and built on sand. What we have now is solid but not yet spectacular. AVB is having to work on a lower wage bill. He is still working to get rid of Harry's deadwood and in no way can we yet call it HIS squad. Let's stop being a bunch of pessimists and start judging him over the long haul. If you can't do that, then please go and support Man Utd for a year and come back next season.

Its one of those things, I want to see young english players, managers, coaches get a shot, but i dont want the club to take massive risks with doing it, in other words. I woul dlove Chris to eventually return to Spurs, if he can prove his mangerial ability at the highest level somewhere else, I believe the Spurs hot seat should be one of the most desirable positions in the league and should now be looking at finished articles as managers, coaches. Thus revealing my discontent at the AVB appointment. But still, all the best to Hughton, at this rate Norwich may have a better season than Spurs. lol

I do find it amazing how many us the so called fans have memories the size of peas. If we compare the last 13 league games of Harry's time against the first 13 of AVB..................................................... Harry. Won 4, Drew 4, Lost 5 - Total Points 16................................ AVB, Won 5, Drew 2, Lost 5 - Total Points 17 (One game in hand).... Therefore AVB is actually doing a better job the Harry, who had Modric, VDV, Kaboul, BAE, Parker, Ade (fit). So PLEASE get off of AVB's back and support the club you all claim you love!!!

AVB was a huge punt, a gamble....why we took it? only Levy knows. I think we'll know by January if he's worth continuing with - if he has the players confidence, if he has them performing and if the results are just about acceptable then sure back him in January and see what he does with the second half of the season....BUT if he doesn't have the players confidence get rid ASAP otherwise we'll lose Bale, Sandro, Daws, pos. lloris and make it harder to attract new players. In one full season it could mean we don't see CL footy again for a decade maybe even longer if the stadium debt isn't managed properly....all those saying give him 2 years no matter what are recklessly gambling the future of the club...on a man who's NEVER BUILT A TEAM....

I think a lot of the critisim for AVB is based on current performances, as although even if we were sitting 4th with better results he would still be receiving critisim for the way we've been playing, if it isnt, then the critisism would surely be based on the BELIEF that he will fail, but I dont think we can do that while the original season goals are still in play. Maybe we've become great finishers as apposed to good starters?

in the league that is...

Tony Rich - The game is about glory, winning trophies not cameo appearances of attractive football with no end product. You mention Mourinho in your earlier post, this guy is renowned for playing unattractive yet effective football. The guy is 'The Special One' and is arguably the best manager about along with SAF. So go away and ask yourself what you really want? Is it attractive football but ultimately disappointment and no trophies or would you prefer a history where the new stadium had to be bigger to accommodate all the trophies we would win? Maybe AVB isn't the guy who will bring this but at least give the guy time to install his ideas and shape the team to how HE wants it. I have a good memory and SAF was 1 game away from the sack, luckily he picked up the FA cup with a replay win against Crystal Palace. SAF has a lot of thanks to Lee Martin!!! I wonder how many TONY RICH'S were voicing their "SAF Out campaign!" all those years ago???

yiddyboy- but SAF was managing the richest club in the country....and was a success at his previous club....there really is no comparison between AVB and SAF....

Shedboy2 - That's where I disagree with you. AVB was a success at Porto, he then went to Chelsea and did nothing (albeit wasn't there that long) SAF went from Aberdeen to Scotland (did nothing, albeit wasn't there that long). SAF was a young talented manager that did at Aberdeen what AVB did at Porto. SAF won his first title 5 years after joining Utd, I'd love to give AVB 5 years and see what he can do.

Oh and Shedboy2 there's no way I'm comparing SAF and AVB. I'm only wondering what the general feeling about SAF was 2 years after he arrived at Utd???

yiddyboy- I think 2 years in there was mixed emotion about SAF but he'd managed for what 14 years by then? are you infering that just because you give a manager time they will be successful? what about that Owen Coyle? Bolton stuck with their young manager...worked out a treat...;)

bottom line is, AVB should be given the season. Our season is a mess already and will only get worse in my opinion so what is the point of changing now? We wont get relegated so there is no danger there. Once the season is done we can see how bad we are and all these moronic fans of avb might have changed their mind by then. My problem is that this was all so forseeable. We were a laughing stock when we hired him, but you lot thought he was a genius. How the hell does that work??? Even now, he hasn't done one thing that would convince me he knows what he is doing. The treatment of Lloris has drained all confidence in the man, he continually picks Gallas who is dreadful yet he pushes Dawson out the door. I am baffled by him and baffled by our fans. Moyes is the only man who can turn this ship around but despite Levy being great for our club he sadly cant pick a manager to save his life.

Would anyone of us on this site turn down the chance, that for every game we play, we win 1-0? Or would you rather we play open fast attacking football and lose 4-5 everyweek? Now i know the club has the ''tradition'' of playing open attacking football, it all started when Arthur Rowe was in charge and manager, but then you need the players to carry this off. Without sitting down and talking to AVB i have no idea what his policy is, how he views his tactics and playing out each game, what his view is on the current squad players. We have been saying for years, well ever since i started on this Vital Spurs site, we need a striker who can score goals, we have a striker who can score goals, Defoe. But he can only score a certain type of goal based on the play of others, how many others score goals, Bale, to date on a regular basis, Ade got his first on saturday, ok we all know what happened next, that was his second full start, 2 games, 1 goal, now he has to miss the next three, that's the same as having a player injured, Parker, Kaboul, Dembele, BAE, all out now Ade, that's 5 top players, who i would start in everygame, i only have to find another 6, i don't know if AVB is the answer to what we all want, what do we all want? SAF nearly got the sack at man u in his early days, but it suddenly turned around and the rest is history, who's to say the same won't happen with us, maybe it will not, but when you look at the league table, we have not done so bad, with what we have had to pick from, if and a big IF, we could go on a run of winning the next 5 games, things will look a lot different, forget The No hopa cup, i don't care if we get knocked out, it may be a blessing long term, but one thing, we have to beat wet spam this sunday, A WIN is the least i expect.
spu 4 life

jimmy-yid- you did argue hard against AVB for Moyes, my preference was for Laurent Blanc....but if AVB is creating a mess and doesn't look good by January...why would you give him another half season to compound the problems?

The "Tottenham Way" is not winning the league in 50 years, whatever the way forward is its not that.

Well said 'Spu 4 life'. I don't think many of the fans really know what they want apart from instant success! AVB has the spine out of his best team out injured/suspended. Give him some slack and judge when he has the full team available. And Shedboy2, I'm not saying AVB will be the next SAF but how bad will Chelsea fell if he is and he's at the lane!!!!!!!

anybody who watched the first half of the united match knows that we deserved the two-goal lead and then defended it doggedly against a resurgent United in the second. Yes we have a lack of creativity! what do you expect!?!? our main creative player is injured ffs! I agree give carroll a go, but a few weeks ago I was slated for saying exdactly that as he 'definitely wasn't good enough' on THIS VERY SITE and did I get any support? nope. Nothing indicating a respect for our traditions? did you not watch the game on saturday? AVB showed how tactically astute he was by changing it up with 10 men on the field and taking the game to arsenal. I'm sorry, but that is the 'spurs way' that you are on about, the game is about glory, and he gave it a go despite knowing how he would be criticised for doing so and the risk of shipping more goals. That was a brave decision and made me respect AVB all the more for it, which, I admit, I had been losing faith in slightly beforethe game.

yiddyboy I would love it if AVB went on to great things whilst Chelsea fell far though they just went on to win the CL with the team he took to 6th....not encouraging. As for the spine of our team out, I think they become better players the longer they are away and the worse we perform....Kaboul immense but we do have 4 other CB's the oldest leftsided CB however is picked to play the right side...Verts played well at LB for most of the time and I seem to recall Benny attracting critiscism for always giving away a chance, Parker and Sandro haven't played well together so would we be that much better with 2 DM's now? Dembele has only played a few games for us, granted he looked v good and the one most likely to restore balance but too early to tell...all teams get injuries we're quite lucky they have been at the back where we have cover...imagine if JD was badly injured? Ade suspended then off to ACN....we really lack firpower...

wiltshirespur- I got canned for suggesting that Carroll will be better than Cleverly (who I don't rate), I'll agree first half of united game 2nd was was more dodgy than dogged though...;)....and for me AVB's change in 2nd half at Arse showed that he might just have the quality needed...but he needs to start producing, starting at Spam....for me Lazio has moved right down the list of priorites....

it seems that we are fans divided.lets be honest and realistic.harry was dealt a much better hand than AVB but he was short-sighted and delusional.i feel that after last season we would have been in the same position we are in now or even worse if harry stayed.some people are saying that you can't compere SAF to AVB but there are loads of comparisons if you care to look closer.i won't go into them as i've done this already on a previous subject.harry was good for us in many ways but let us and himself down.(i think that redknapp snr is responsible for the total break down of scott parker as he played him into the ground)........we need to give avb the benefit of the doubt this season and see what happens next season.its not a 'ramos situation' where we are in the relegation places.the key to this season is levy and whether he dips his hand into joe lewis's pocket and buys some decent players,as we are crying out for a modric question: who is buying our players?who are our scouts? word:it was AVB who brought mata and ramires to chelsea and i wouldn't be surprised if he earmarked oscar and hazard before he left.can't be that bad can he?
g. roberts testes

g.roberts testes - You are absolutely right. The current Chelsea team ia actually AVB's team and would be if he was still there. He bought Mata and ramires and also earmarked Oscar and Hazard but was sacked before they were bought. AVB deserves the credit for putting that team together, nobody else. The AVB knockers on here are short sighted idiots who ignore any facts that oppose their agenda.

Itís hard not to compare our old boss to the new one having tasted CL and become challengers for the top spots within Harrys reignÖ He did do a fantastic job for us with all that is mentioned in your article. AVB hasn't had as good a start but I feel he still needs a season to really get the picture. Loved the points you made about our style of play and I agree. With AVB I hope he can realize that is the way we play, but Add to the spurs way in a positive way. I mean thatís the idea, to take us to the next level. If it means we need to adapt in a way to achieve success then thatís how it has to be. Harry has set us up with some good experience, and has given us some good players from our youth to work with, plus the first teamers who were regulars not so long ago. AVB can bring the best out of others and will I hope give some more players the chances they deserve. Yes I'm calling for time but itís what AVB needs, plus our support. Keep the faith fellow yid, big thumbs up for the article... honest opinion echoed by others. AVB Iím sure will be spoke of in the same high regard that the Spurs faithful do about Harry given some time!. COYS.

shedboy2 - Now i'm getting really excited, if only Defoe was long term injured! g. roberts testes - Spot on mate, funny how Di Matteo isn't hounded in the press for not playing Lampard!!!!

Hot-Spur.....i'm not crying down any one opposed to AVB as its obvious he has to win certain fans round and it makes for good debates and opens up conversation.this is why we have forums but it seems like unless we win a cup or finish top 4 this season,regardless of the whats and where-fors,certain fans want him out.reality check:without certain players we probably won't finish top 4,we just about scraped it last season WITH certain why all the moaning?
g. roberts testes

g. roberts testes - it's like flogging a dead horse I'm afraid. I'm with you mate, hopefully some of the doubters will see the light soon enough!!

Great posts TonyRich

yiddyboy &Hot-spur......AVB=mission impossible (according to certain fans).
g. roberts testes

If anyone can't handle what TonyRich and Shedboy (those 2 in particular as they're as pragmatic as any) are saying, You've got issues. Chill out, there's plenty to criticize, so let people get stuff off their chests. I like to think that football should provide a form of release, but at the moment it feels like the opposite. If people need to vent their spleens, surely this is as good a place as anywhere, as long as it's done reasonably.

LizardSpur.....the pendulum swings both ways.which is why we are all agree to disagree is it not?or vice versa?
g. roberts testes

Do u even watch football BOU? Ox I think the VS virus has spread into core of the site... U are no supporter of thfc and should really look at finding a new team. The worst article ever on VS!

Lol and ur last paragraph is just the epitome of how should never speak about football again mate...

On another note u stick ur French Bonaparte headline where the sun don't shine!

I'm quite happy to seems some like to hurl abuse and insults which in the main I ignore, there are also some who lack comprehension and others who simply do not have the education or intellect to articulate their point....I get it this is a forum for everyone, young, old, smart and thick...

scott parker was carrying an injury before the euro's but he wanted to go. in was pretty obvious he was going to come back and need an operation.dont blame harry for that.

Agree with topspur53 re. Parker. We should of stood firm and refused to let him go to the Euros. Afterall we are paying his wages.

Not impressed with Ade though this season, he got his money but at a cost to our Spurs, just a mercenary.

Also, not really understanding the Loris situation, I would have played him a little more by now, if not in every Pl game. Coys

Same old, same old, apart from the tiny problem that we lost our two most influential players, VDV and Modric, the guy has been without half the first team missing. For the Chelsea game, both Dembele and Bale. We won at Old Trafford, minutes away from a point at City, the best team and winning till the sending off away at Arsenal. All without key players missing. Yes we have been poor at home, that's because we make the team nervous and tetchy. I despair at the negativity and drivel that's sprouted out on this site, opinions we are all entitled to but let's get real, would we have made it to fourth last season, without Ade, VDV, Modric, Parker, King, Kaboul and Ekotto? Stop reading the Sun and think about it. COYS.

Possibly one of the most pointless articles i have ever read!!!!!!!

Well, if you had written it in Norwegian we wouldnít had such a laugh. So Huddlestone is the new Glen Hoddle and should be played as a striker, he would be more useful as one of the goalposts. You say we should also be doing better because we have some great players who are injured. Hilarious.
matt hoten

HA HA HA Robby the Tomato, sacked. Well who would have thunk it eh? LOL


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Latest Results
Leicester City 1 - 2 Spurs
Spurs 2 - 1 Burnley
Swansea 1 - 2 Spurs
Spurs 0 - 0 Crystal Palace
Chelsea 3 - 0 Spurs
Spurs 2 - 1 Everton

League Table (view table)

Team P W D L GD Pts
4. Southampton 18 10 2 6 17 32
5. West Ham 18 9 4 5 8 31
6. Arsenal 18 8 6 4 10 30
7. Spurs 18 9 3 6 0 30
8. Swansea 18 8 4 6 4 28
9. Liverpool 18 7 4 7 -2 25
10. Newcastle 18 6 5 7 -7 23

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