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The next 10 games!

I think that by New Year most clubs would agree they can generally see the way their season is heading.

Therefore I decided to take a look at our next 10 games, as well as our closest rivals to see how it could pan out. Potentially Spurs have the easiest next ten games. West Brom, the surprise of the season in 4th, also play some relatively easy teams, but also face Arsenal and United away. Also, only 4 of the 10 games are at home.

Everton in 5th perhaps have a tough test. They have successive games against Arsenal (h), City (a), Spurs (h) and Stoke (a), as well as matches against Chelsea (h) and Newcastle (a). Arsenal arguably have the easiest of the fixtures on paper, with successive away games next against Villa and Everton. Their final game of the 10 is City (h), although that is followed immediately by Chelsea and Liverpool. Liverpool themselves are moving up the table but face Spurs (a), Stoke (a) and United (a) in that time. They also play 6 of the 10 away from home.

West Ham have by far the toughest games. The face successive away games against Spurs and United, followed by matches against Chelsea (h), Liverpool (a), West Brom (a), Everton (h) and Arsenal (a). I can see them sinking fast. Newcastle also face 6 away games out of 10, including trips to Stoke, United and Arsenal as well as a strong-at-home Norwich.

Spurs meanwhile have the opportunity to get quickly back on track. Successive home wins against West Ham and Liverpool could see us nearer fourth than mid-table. We then have away games against Fulham and Everton, which could be tricky, but I for one will be hoping to at least see some injury affected players coming back around then. We then face Swansea and Stoke, both at home, before Xmas, followed by trips to Villa and Sunderland. New Years day sees Reading at home, with QPR away two weeks later. I really do believe we can still be in the hunt for 4th, if not 4th itself, at the turn of the year.

It is a crunch time for AVB, and I would go so far as to say that if he were to lose against Lazio, West Ham and Liverpool then he could be out of a job. But I don't think that will happen. In fact it could just be that with a little luck, the return of Dembele and Parker, and YOUR SUPPORT AT THE LANE, that we could go on a little run of wins that sets us up nicely for the transfer window in January.

Written by sebbaspurs

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The journalist

Writer: sebbaspurs Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday November 20 2012

Time: 12:34PM

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1st up we actually need to do some business in the transfer window, good business, not some half fit aging old crock at the 11thhour
Cape Town Spurs
Shorten our sick list and we'll climb the table.
My 2nd point is that whilst me have an on paper easy run of games, let's face it, we've been pretty cack all season so far, with one two great displays amongst dire rubbish performances. Our squad is so thredbare that if we play a full strength team against Lazio we will again be so knackered for W. Ham that we may well see another lethargic performance where we throw away a lead in the last minutes to loose the game
Cape Town Spurs
My 3rd & final point, which would have been relevant were it not for Spudman gate crashing my party, is yes, I agree, loose against Lazio & Wet Spam & Liverpool I think he would be on the ropes with his hopes of manging another EPL side in tatters
Cape Town Spurs
AVB is a good Manager but needs better players than Levy currently giving him, I mean Gallas as a starting CB is laughable @ best, he's more prone to err than benefit. Your squad depth also too thin as seen by the injury to Dembele that has derailed your season. You need more depth
we all agree Mq, but we can't have squad depth or quality players as that would mean spending money and we are not the yids for nothing.
Cape Town Spurs
If we have a cuck season we will struggle to hold onto Bale, Sandro, Vertonghen & Lloris and will not attract any quality to bolster the ranks or replace. Result, mid table mediocrity (again). This whole situation was avoidable, tut imo Levy phecked it up well and proper is 75% responsible for what is happening row OSF 20% and AVB 5%
Cape Town Spurs
I'm torn between wanting us to put together a run of wins between now and January and hoping that we continue to struggle. I know it sounds stupid but I'm really torn. If we put together a run of victories, move up the table and get some players returning from injury we all know that Levy will use that as the perfect excuse to keep his wallet clamped shut in January. However if we continue to struggle and Levy doesn't invest significantly and properly in January then it should be him and ENIC that get the bullet and not AVB.
lets us pray:dear god/Jehovah/allah/budda/vishna/simon cowell/whoever you choose to worship.....please let defoe remain fit til after the african nations cup otherwise we are well and truly foo-ked!and if you could see your way clear to get levy to buys us a decent right-back,striker and creative mid fielder in january that would be great,hollow be thy name etc.mazel tov and ahmen!(worth a try).
g. roberts testes
"I think that by New Year most clubs would agree they can generally see the way their season is heading".............................................. Now turn the clock back to January 2012 and read the above opening line again!!!
Cape Town Spurs i would say its 70% Media and 30% fickle and impatient fans responsible for whats happening at Spurs. New management/team/injuries/ideas etc require time and patience. The pressure the media and impatient fans are putting on the team and AVB is ridiculous. If it was March 2013 then yes i could kinda understand it, but for facks sake it November and we are a few points off top 4! Get a grip people as a spurs fan who surely want the best for the club why not discuss how well our under 21s are playing rather than talking about what Adrain durham or the the daily mail are reporting COYMFS!!!
Its all about the players. If Kaboul, parker and Dembele come back from injury then we are favourites for top 4. The others are not going to last and I'm not impressed with Arsenal.
Tactically Challenge
Cape Town Spurs. How much do you think it would cost clubs to buy Bale, Sandro, Vertonghen & Lloris from Levy. About £110M and thats a conservative estimate. I doubt we will be selling anyone other than Bale.
Tactically Challenge
g. roberts testes- you forgot Father Christmas....! OX on the poll shouldn't it be I'm jewish and offended by the use of the yid term...? either way it looks as though the trolls are out...
first of all Levy can't not get rid of AVB cos if he did he would bring into question his own judgement...remember that Levy has got previous, doing it once is bad enough but bringing in your own man only to give him the heave ho is going to make even Mr Joe Lewis to start looking down his glasses. Especially as Levy himself has said AVB is a long term project. I want to see what AVB can do when he has his strongest team...can he get a string of results and improve our home form? I dont just want to see results I want to see performnaces as well, and not just against the clubs of the second half of the division, I want to see us play Chelski at the Bridge, Manure at WHL, Scum in particular at the Lane and Citeh at the Lane. I dont just want a win I want to see that AVB can make us tick....I m sure he has the nounce but until I can come out of the ground without a brick still in the pit of my stomach I wont be happy because, as clever as AVB may be, I need to see the people skills come through. I still aint convinced he has the dressing room and I can see first hand the arguments on the pitch especially between Walker and Lennon and Bale and Defoe and Gallas and Walker.....Dempsey isnt just lost he is invisible...Thudd does not understand his defensive duties...Gallas is just a liability and Siggy? Why did we buy him?.....I want what is supposed to be our full first team squad back and then AVB has no excuses....were 6 points off 4th we have to be in 4th by the end of January and this time AVB has to make sure we finish strongly from end of January onwards rather than are habitual capitulation in the last quarter
OyVeh Maria
The next 10 games are about a) Halting run of defeats, b) getting some level of performance together - second half of Arsenal game was showing signs, c) minimise the loss of Ade, d) sort out the Lloris debacle, e) get out of Europa group - otherwise we may have well have played young'uns, f) AVB to prove himself in England. Yiddyboy - On Jan 1st, we were third - only 3 points ahead of 4th. We finished 4th. So the statement is reasonably accurate isn't it?
OyVeh - Levy has previous, but Ramos had 2 points from 8 games and Jol had 7 points from 10 games and were in bottom 3. It hasn't been great this season, but it is no way near sacking levels. (This season AVB had 14 from 8 games and 17 from 10 as a comparison...)
TC - Ekotto has been missed more than Kaboul. Who is to say that Kaboul won't get injury again - last season was his only injury free season - he is injury prone. We cannot be favourites for top four when we perform so poorly at home - injuries or not. Everton or Arsenal will finish above us I think...sadly.
No the statement shows that we will be worse of come the end of the season (if Harry is incharge) so all AVB has to do is come higher than the position on 1st January and he's a success!!!!
Oh and TonyRich, whilst you are on your high horse go and have a look at the table dated 2nd February 2012. Please do let me know your feedback?
the next 10 games will be key...despite the happy clappers and the 2 years at least statements if we're playing terribly the boo's will ring out louder and louder and no amount of spin, attacking of other fans or the dreaded vote of confidence will stop it....the brand will start being damaged (yes brand) and AVB will be gone....the worst thing all sides can do is dig their heels in, that's the way of blackburn rovers and is devisive and damaging (steve Kean a young hungry manager)....if the performances improve great, if AVB turns out to be a dud remove him like a plaster...quickly.
Given our injury list, our home form, Adebayor's suspension and AVB's deluded state of mind (claiming we were in control from start to finish against Arsenal), and given West Ham and Liverpool's current form, I think we'll be lucky to get 2 points from our two consecutive home games.
shedboy2 - At what point do we decide on whether AVB is a dud or not?
its really frightening to me that even though we have lost the last 3 and our midfield (currently) is that of a lower/mid table team, our manager picks Gallas and destroys Lloris with every game and we are sliding down the table, even though all this our fans still seem to think " oh its only west ham and liverpool at home, thats 6 points then " Incredible !!! Wigan, Norwich, West Brom at home, thats 9 points then is it ???? The sheer arrogance of the average spurs fans is depressing and astonishing. Its this type of fan that heaps the pressure on the players when after 20 mins in these games we aren't winning or performing to their expectations. Reality needs to bite our fanbase hard because this is getting out of control. No wonder other teams hate us so much.
hiano, unfortunately I support your pessimism. We seriously need players back from injury. I'm hoping that AVB will continue with Lloris now and put Friedel on the bench just for consistency at the back and in the long term I think Lloris will be a major asset. Also I'd like to play Dawson instead of Gallas, at least for a couple of games to see if he's back to his best. Start Carroll on Thursday and see how he plays. If he's impressive start him instead of Hudd at the weekend.
C'mon Jimmy-Yid, we beat Utd away. Surely that means we'll win every game until SAF retires ;-)
The next 10 games are not going to be easy at all. It doesn't mean we can form a winning run and start to creep back up the table. Anything is possible with some hard work. Liverpool and Everton will be tricky games. AVB I'm sure can turn this around, we have a talented side and players coming back from injury. Of course top 4 is still a possibility, and will stay that way until mathematically impossible :-). COYS.
Jimmy you are a ******** idiot
Talk of the next ten games, News coming out of white hart lane, is that sundays match balls have been locked away in a dark room and are receiving regular pain killers, ready for the kicking they will get from wet spam. If we play Dawson, it will be the only like for like player we have, by-passing the midfield.
spu 4 life
yiddyboy- That's the question and it's the timing that I think divides most people...I would say by then he will have had 1 transfer window, a full pre-season and half a season...the key for me is how the players are responding to him...if he has total support of the dressing, the results and performances are not embarrasing the fans then he'll get more time....if stories of player unrest are coming out (no player will publicy criticise their boss) and the performances are poor then get rid....we don't want to sell off Daws, Bale, Sandro, Lennon, Lloris etc in the summer and then need to be buying them/replacements back to save our necks the following January...
shedboy - Agree although I'g rip the hand off of Mourinho is he offers £50m for Bale, as long as AVB can use it on his own players. IMHO Gallas, Friedel and potentially Cudicini will retire at the end of this season. Dawson, Lennon, Defoe, Thudd, Demsep and Siggy are easily replaceable. This will mean up to 8 spaces in the squad, plus Bale can go for the right money too. Give all proceeds to AVB and let him get the players HE wants. No f*****g around at the 11th hour, Do it early so you have all January or summer to work with the new players....
News today is that Boris and Co. will plug in another 190 million pound into the olympic stadium in Stratford! That will include retractable seats and a new roof. All this to suit West Ham F.C., who don´t even have to pay for the managment costs. Are these gentlemen in bed with the porn directors of W. H., or what is going on? Our bid must have been much better for the tax payers and for the future of the stadium.
Just read the title, but eg for us last season at Xmas it seemed 3rd place was guaranteed and we were going for the Prem. Turns out we ended up just holding onto 4th in the end!
El Jefe
Lets not beat around the bush. The atmosphere at the games and the general ambience is flat. It is mirroring the Chavs season last year. Good squad that is under acheiving. I will give AVB support but I am worried that he will not buck the whole place up. As for predicting the next ten games it is impossible. I predict a Martin jol scenario where the no2 is promoted and is a sucsess. Freund!!!!
I believe the most important thing that needs to happen is the mood and positivity of the fanbase has to be picked up. We all have a part in that. Reading comments where "supporters" want Levy, ENIC, AVB and others to fail just so it will force some kind of regenesis is ridiculous. AVB has not had the full support of the Spurs fanbase since before he was hired. We all need to be better from top to bottom. Norwich and Wigan were two of the worst matches I have seen a Spurs team play in decades. God awful stuff. The pressure and negativity of the fan base was palpable at the Lane for the WBA and Norwich games. This needs to change. WHL needs to be a fortress. We have done fairly well on the road but the pressure on the players and manager at WHL is debilitating. Whether AVB is the right guy for the job can only be determined over time. Like Ramos, he can be sent off by the fanbase before he even gets a chance to do anything. I like a lot of what I see. I still believe this squad is capable of top 4 THIS SEASON. The fanbase will have to do their part though. Criticism is fine. Just please fellow Spurs fans, don't stop believing. We're better than this. COYS
AVB chooses to play Gallas ahead of Dawson, or even Vert & Calker with Naughton at LB ( however Naughton was dire at the weekend!)

Agree with Spurious re. being torn! I too can see Levy keeping him wallet shut if we climb the table.

It is to early to sack AVB but it isn't to early to talk about it nor is it to early to look for "possible" replacements come 10 more games. I think the one thing that can keep AVBs job open is his fortune in Europa league and if he can take that but that being said his league form is huge too because in order to attract players you still need CL football and in order to keep your best players you still need CL football. AVB had tons of pressure on him before the season started and he still has pressure on himself today.
Peter, fans have the right not to have faith in AVB because the atmosphere that is created at WHL currently is the one that he has created and the one he has to work with. As bad as it is he has the power to bring the faith back in the fans and even people like me will gladly back him when some positives happen otherwise he once again will have the same issue he brought upon himself at Chelsea! I won't bring up HR days nor Ramos or even Jol because as of today the atmosphere is not to do with any of them anymore and simply all to do with AVB. I can tell you when I didn't support him 99.9% of people on here let me have it but now it's slowly turning into a divided fan base and I didn't change peoples minds but AVB himself did.
One game at a time for me. As for sacking avb. Managers should get one season contracts imo. What i'd like to see, in what is clearly going to be a rollercoaster season, is players , coaches learning...then we can go forward (progress). For me...naughton is not a left back cos' not strong enough on his left foot. My team for lazio...baring in mind we can afford to lose this one but better would be superb. LLoris,walker,dawson,caulker,vertonghen falque,huddlestone,livermore,townsend, siggurdsen,adebayor subs; cudicini,naughton,gallas,fredericks, bale,cellabos,mason.
I like how some have the nerve to go back and complain that we should have finished 3rd last year because we were there at Christmas time but then at the start of the season you would never have believed we would have been so close to being in 1st. Don't spoil yourself so hard! Sure, we had a great team and a team who was a top 4 team but we had an amazing start that nobody expected and a terrible ending that nobody expect! At the end of the year it leveled off and we finished around where we should have. We played beautifully and got results for part of the season and sometimes grinded some wins out and other times we looked awful and lost or outplayed the team and lost. 4th was fair by all means if you look at the entire season because its not a tale of two halves just 1 WHOLE! You can go dissect it into 1/3 or 1/4, 1/5th...ect but you can always find ares to pick at but if you want to look at it in the big picture the finish was fair by our goals at the start of the season and you feel robber because we overachieved for part of the season and underachieved the rest.
The reason AVB is getting put in a bad atmosphere at WHL is because he isn't winning. 99% of the fan base or as you like to call "arm chair managers" would tell you that vs mid table teams or worse you don't play with a single striker at home unless he is a monster. AVB has brought in his tactical style from Portugal and it doesn't apply here in the PL because he isn't getting the results and no matter how many times you choose that 4231 if you did it at home with only one true goal scorer and a midfield which doesn't have a goal scoring threat you will suffer bad results. I'm sure 99% of us on here know this because we have watched ourselves play more than AVB has in the past 5 years. Just as negative as the atmosphere is it will take a few results at home and on the road to change it right back for the positive. AVB makes his own success over the next 10 games not the fans. I didn't want him ever because of what I saw happen to Chelsea but I am not booing him nor our players even if I think they do suck but I'm not jumping around thrilled and acting like everyhthing is fine when its not. You instill faith in the fans by winning and its as simple as that.
Dembele declared fit by his physio. Scotty P back in training!! Good news!!
Great news woodyn17!
Facking hell!! Just seen this scam on Twitter & it ain't pretty:

Stay alert guys & stay safe. Pass it on, don't let the feckers benefit from this crap.

go on woodyn17 excellent news, even more good news so far in turin Juventus 2 chelsea 0 -- shaktar winning 4-2 the chelski troll, champions of europe not any phucking more, ITV 4 Thursday.. don't be late
spu 4 life
Eight Italians in the Juventus side tonight, when was the last time a top English side had that many English players in their side? No wonder team England struggles.
Spuds-U-Like, I know you were only trying to be helpful, but this is an old (and now defunct) scam, see link
Phucking Twitter!

Sebbaspurs. A good, well researched, and very optomistic and up beat article. One thing that surprises me is that you look at the home games against West Ham and Liverpool as likely wins, when currently we have only managed 8 points from 18 at home, whilst amassing 9 points away in the PL this seaon, but the away games at Fulham and Everton will be very difficult. I honestly think that the expectation of pushing for 4th by the turn of the year is optomistic, but I hope you are right. If results prove me wrong, then I will be the first to admit it and say so, but I feel we are destined to have a long hard season, unless of course we splash the cash in January, but that is doubtful, pigs might fly but they make unlikey birds.
If it's true that Boris and others are going out of their way to bung i £190M to help and accomadate West Ham, it makes one wonder that if we had had a less beligerent, gobby, dislikeable individual, carrying out our negotiations, whether we would have enjoyed greater success, an received a similar level of help and assistance.

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