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New Players or NPD?

Joe Lewis our venerable owner and owner of the Tavistock Group describes Spurs in its investment portfolio as: 'One of the oldest clubs in the English Premier League.

Tottenham Hotspur has won its share of glory since the club was formed in London's Park Lane in 1882. History-making accomplishments over the last six decades combined with a fan base of 20 million worldwide, a growing roster of international stars, and a significant television presence have made Tottenham Hotspur a global force on soccer's international stage.'

ENIC and Levy took over Tottenham Hotspur in 2001 and over the next few years slowly Lewis and Levy invested in Tottenham FC whilst disposing of their stakes in other football clubs as well as media and entertainment businesses to fund the purchase of Alan Sugar's remaining shares in 2007. ENIC continues to build up its stake and currently holds 85% of the club.

Lewis and Levy obviously recognised Spurs as having the most potential for success of all of their clubs that Lewis owned. Joe Lewis himself is currently listed by Forbes as the 290th richest person in the world and is 7th in the UK list with a net worth of $3.8 Billion. He spends a couple of months a year working from his yacht, the Aviva III, and has a vast art collection including works by; Picasso, Matisse, Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon.

As a Spurs fan I have grown used to experiencing the highs and the lows but I don't quite remember a time when I have felt so confused about my club. Neither are we getting consistent results, nor are we getting consistent performances. We don't mind winning ugly it's when we lose ugly that's when it really hurts.

Under Harry we went from bottom of the pile, struggling to get a win, to playing in the quarter finals of the Champions League. We were told that Daniel Levy wanted to take our club in a 'different direction' to the one that Harry would take us. Much talk was made about a new man who could 'take us to the next level'. Enter AVB!

There is a problem though, and it shows every time you read an article on VS or look at any of the Spurs blogs or stroll into the pubs around N17. What is the root cause for a lot of Spurs fans frustrations on the terraces and outside of White Hart Lane? Its two things: We have had a taste of the big time and we really liked it and we want more.

We have a new Manager who we now expect to take us to the next level. We also expected a cheque book to come with him. Instead, the start of the season saw us balancing the books. VDV and Modric gone and Siggy, Dempsey, Lloris and Dembele in instead! Last January it all kicked off when Danny wanted to get the Olympic Stadium as our new home. The NPD was going to cost too much. Now the OS is out of reach because our Daniel got up too many political noses. So here we are with the NPD as our new home.

I have to ask the question? $3.8bn, 7th richest fat cat in the country! What Mr Lewis and Mr Levy are you going to do in January to help your new Manager? The Fans want to know if the NPD and our New Training Centre has killed any chance of AVB strengthening the squad? If Joe value's a Matisse or a Picasso more than he does a new player then that his prerogative but you won't mind then if we ask you to give us back our club so we can find an investor who would like to take our club to the next level.

So, in January, will it be a case of 'give yer' man the tools and he will finish the job'? or is it 'put up or shut up cos' we can't afford the New Training Ground and the NPD and get expensive new players as well'?

Written by OyVeh Maria

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The journalist

Writer: OyVeh Maria Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday November 21 2012

Time: 9:00AM

Your Comments

It's been going on for years, it won't change
The Hudd
Goodbye RDM...
Levy must have something up his sleeve, other wise the appointment of AVB wouldnt make sense. If levy knows he's not going to have any money to spend for x amount of years you need a manager that can utilise the resources he been given, perfect candidate Harry redknapp!
Pep for the Chelsea job then?
I hope a new rule is implemented whereby you cannot sack a manager during the season. This way the media and fans we channel their views on other matters. AVB will come good if given the tools and time to prove himself. Rome wasn't built in a day! Yes, Levy, ENIC or Lewis need to back him but they shouldn't interfere with the selecting of the players only the negotiations. My real worry is certain pockets of fans won't give AVB this time, they are all stuck in the Harry days where we played attractive football ONLY. No prizes!! The saddest thing about supporting Spurs is WE, US FANS are our own worst enemy. Harry got QF in the champions league once and now we all expect it every year. If we apply this logic then historically Utd, Citeh, Arsenal, Chelski and even Liverpool have more right to play in the CL than we do. Imagine going to work every day and your colleagues are ar5ehole5, how would you feel? Now get behind the players and the manager and you'll be surprised what effect YOU can have on YOUR football club.
I think u already know the answer OM. The club will never be run like Chelscum, City and in a way United. It's first and foremost a business... That said how was AVB supposed to try his new sqaud and automatically buy 50 mil worth of talent? Paitence im afraid.
Nothing will happen as usual but maybe the odd pathetic bargains Levy is addicted to. I do adore our chairmen but sometimes he has to stick his hand a little deeper in his pocket and sign a REAL talant (moutinho). Show Dempsey, Friedel, Bentley and jenas the door in January.
A creative midfielder to work with Sandro and Dembele would be nice, so give him the tools. COYS.
How cynical, short-sighted and stupid do Chelsea look ONCE AGAIN! Surely we don't want our club looked upon in the same way? It's time for ENIC and us the fans to get behind AVB so he can prove he is the right man for the mighty Spurs.
Aussie Yiddo- I was joking with Redknapp. But my point still stands.
Nice article Oh Veh. My perspective is that I always look at the size of the squad as the biggest inhibitor to our progress, not the available transfer kitty. When you consider we have the current senior squad that AVB uses plus Jenas, Bentley, Khumalo, Rose, Dawkins, Obika etc. Unlike Harry, AVB would have also checked some dates of birth and noticed that Caulker, Townsend, Smith, Parrett and Mason will all need to be registered as senior players next season.

As we move through this season, AVB knows that we're on a trajectory of 35 players vying for 25 places. Hopefully that will be softened a little if we let Gallas, Friedel and Cudicini go without extending their contracts. That in itself is his inhibitor to moving the squad forward as without doubt he will also want to bring in players from outside the club. He'll be keen to shift more than he buys in January.

As for whether there is money there or not, I think there is as long as the risk is managed. Levy worked hard over last summer to get the balance sheet right-sized after we had gone into overspend mode without Champs League football. Levy will buy big as long as it's a younger player that he can amortise over a minimum 5 year term. Let's not pretend though that Lewis will start chucking money at the club though in the same way other billionaires do. It's just not gonna happen. We are run as a business.
I support the team and have joined the 1882 movement to support the NextGen series but the first team appears to have no passion. Ok we tried to take it to Arsenal on the weekend but in previous games at the lane we have been very poor.

I have no idea what to suggest and will obviously keep supporting our team, cheering not jeering ( maybe a frustrated groan every now and again! )

I think the NPD and formerly the OS are going to be a burden and a strain on the team. With most money coming from TV rights nowadays I would have tried to increase capacity at Spurs rather than a complete rebuild, not sure if that is viable though. COYS
I posted this the other day, but its probably more relevant to this thread. I don't necessarily agree all the sentiment in this Indy article, but the financial stats make interesting reading if you have the time to glance through it:
Good article...I think there is a divergence of interest between the fans/success on the pitch and the owners and their need to make a profit...the NDP will saddle us with a debt which no-one has explained how long will take to repay? We should all know that gate receipts are a fraction of the overall income of a club the real money is in TV and commercial revenue that can be maximised by on-field success, we reached the promised land of the CL- by investing the profit in a couple of players we could have started the virtuous cycle and then after a couple of years CL money and tthe ability to attract players we could have started the new stadium...if one were needed. But instead it looks like we have opted for a vanity training center and a new stadium that will increase the clubs value but not bring us the financial muscle to compete with the big boys...the chink of light is that our owner is a foriegn based billionaire....
muttley...I didn't know all those players were still ours! You make a very good observation and a big shake up is necessary. Presumably Carroll will still be a freebee to the squad next year. I think he is aged 20 now.
ghulamville- I wrote an article about that before AVB's appointment, he was the logical choice for me also, sadly not many on VS agree.
I thought it was the Northumberland Development Project (NDP) we were talking about???
NLD THEN players. It is that simple. We already spent more money this season on players than Harry was given in the last few windows put together. Yet still it hasn't made the difference. AVB easily has a good enough squad to get 4th, but I do not see him being able to do it playing his high line tactics, playing Gallas, messing up Lloris, and sticking with Defoe.
I don t think the chav fans will like that ha. They were singing 'we dont we dont want rafa' when they sacked AVB
muttley -I'm not too worried about the size of our squad as you point out we will lose Gallas, Brad, Carlo at the end of the season...I believe JJ is out of contract as well. Khumalo is playing very well in greece and won't be a problem to sell at a profit, Rose I would think will also go. The only difficult one might be Bentley! As for those coming through only 2 or 3 will make first team the others will probably be loaned....
has to be new the stadium. This season is well and truly gone already so forget it, let avb finish the year then we can judge him. Currently I have seen nothing in this man that we couldn't have got by picking ANY lower league manager. But thats another arguement. The stadium is more important so we can generate the revenue to pay the wages nesscesary. Without that we shall just continue to buy the level of player we are now. Good players but not great players. So continually buying the smae class of player is pointless. We need the stadium NOW !!!
shedboy2 - Arsenal's new stadium means they bring in twice the match day revenue we do. How exactly does that "not bring us the financial muscle to compete with the big boys" ?
will somone please explain how long it will take the extra 16k seats at home games to pay off the £250-450 million cost of building a stadium? And how during that time we will fund our transfers?
Mix26 - United is not run like Man City and Chelsea, in fact its the complete opposite. Abramovitch and the Arabs pump vast sums of money into their clubs, The Glazers take money out. United only keeps going because it generates so much cash itself.
shedboy its the corporate areas and better concourse mate :( sad as it is thats what makes money on matchday these days :(
jod- they have been lucky with may have noticed they have spent the least amount of new money on players in the PL and maintained CL status for the past 10 odd years...are you willing to wait 15 years possibly more just to get back into the CL??
and Manu generate that cash because they are the biggest global brand...built by their success on the pitch!!!
"Tottenham's latest accounts (2010-11) revealed a wage bill of £91m. But turnover was up to £163m enabling Levy to turn a £32m profit before spending £20m net on players. However, that included Champions League income. Spurs normally turn over around £120m. Arsenal's income since moving to the Emirates has averaged around £225m."
shedboy2 - I just bought a house, and I am not saddled with debt - even though I owe thousands and thousands of pounds. Over the years, the house pays for itself. I pay a little bit of interest for the pleasure. A no brainer. It does not affect my ability to spend money on other things. The same with NDP - it will pay for itself. The finance for the NDP will not eat into transfer budgets. Besides, the squad should pay for itself too. We have a lot of money invested in the squad. When he eventually leaves, selling Bale should raise funds for 2 players at least. The gate-receipts plus cash raised from match day advertising, refreshments, hospitality all go up and this will fund a higher wage bill. THEN we can attract guys like Suarez and co, who are on salaries that we cannot afford right now. There is no point in going for short-term solutions like splash now, invest later - because Leeds tried that as an example, and went from potential CL regular to Lower leagues. Given that we just had our best 7-8 year patch in the EPL, why do people think that we are going about this the wrong way?
jacobs - yeah, I think Carroll might be a free pick for one more year. Clearly Jenas and Bentley would be the biggest drain on the wage-bill if we ended up with them back at the club. It also scares me to think how much we're wasting on the combined salaries of Lloris, Friedel, Cuducini and Gomes. That lot probably earn £10-15m a year between them and 2 just sit around doing nothing. Levy and AVB have to fix that soon and re-invest that money.
to be honest, WHL has become so stale and poisonous this season that I feel it will almost be a relief to put it out of its misery and move to the shiny, soulless, comfortable, atmosphereless arena that many of our fans seem to crave :'(
wiltshirespur- I know and can sometimes be found in those areas....but how long will the home games take to pay off that huge sum???? I don't think AVB is a patch on Arsen and I can't think of another coach that could keep his team in CL given the amount he's spent...not SAF, Jose or Moyes....I do not want a new stadium if it means that we stop challenging for the next 20 which time the demagraphics will have changed and we won't be able to fill it....we could do a Wolves!!!
Definitely we need to back AVB in teh transfer market and gicve him a chance. Though reports that are saying he will get a 20m "warchest" in Jan while maintianing interst in Moutinho and needing a new striker seem ridiculous. I'd like to see how 20m is going to buy a player we agreed 20m plus for only a few months back plus a decent striker. If thats the sort of funding we're talking about then he needs backing both in Jan and the Summer before he can be truely judged.

p.s. who wants to take the Chelsea approach though and boot him out now. They are a fecking disgrace but those calling for AVBs head already are no better.
shedboy I what tonyrich says is true, it sets us up for the future while simultaneously paying for itself
Maybe some of these other amazing fans that will join those at already at WHL will help lift the roof.......
shedboy2 - If you read Arsenal fans moans they are mainly about the fact that the club has money in the bank they are not spending. They got past the cashflow problems from the construction a few years ago. Your comments about the extra 16k seating are slightly missing the point. With the Emirates Arsenal were able to obtain a big boost in corporate hospitality income, something Levy will no doubt replicate. This means that the income went up by more than the capacity. As far as financing goes the Emirates already seems to show the long term benefits far outweigh any short term pain. The point is that without a new stadium we cannot compete, its that simple. A team has to be rebuilt every few years, a stadium lasts a hundred years.
Aussie Yiddo - Got our money back on Chimbonda, Palacios saved us from relegation and then we sold him on for 6m - got our use form him. Got our money back on Crouch. Keane re-signed, so a deal that suited us more than what was your point? I wouldn't trust Harry with the purse strings either, but he finished 4th, spending 5m all season whilst Liverpool spent 20m on Downing alone.
TR- I get the mortgage comparison....but at the moment we don't have a mortgage...that's why we've just had 7 years of good lets bulldoze your house make a slightly larger one but you'll have to get a tennant and stop going out to pay for it....As for it not eating into the transfer budget, why? that's what Arse board said to....but they have spent the least amount on players in the prem. and financed their stadium and new players through player sales....I admire what they have done but to expect to be able to copy in a million.
i have never understood this resentment that joe lewis doesn't simply throw money at the club like abramovich etc. why the ***** should he? i believe that a club should be self sufficient and financially viable and sustainable. levy has done a great job balancing the books and that is extremely important. do we really want to buy a title and then collapse into oblivion like blackburn or leeds. Why should lewis be vilified because he choses to run the club as a business? Is he keeping out hoards of billionaires vying to throw away hundreds of millions in a futile spending war with chelsea and city? i for one am proud that spurs operate a true sustainable financial model and i feel that the irresponsible abberations at city and chelsea will destroy the game we love. this notion that harry was fired and AVB brought in because levy and co felt that harrys results were not good enough and therefore that AVB should certainly finish at least fourth are equally flawed. harrys approach was not sustainable, thats the point. the wage bill more than doubled under harry, meanwhile more than half the squad were completely alienated and drained value. the preferred transfer targets of high earning oldies with no sell on value is hardly sustainable either. the club couldn't afford to continue with harry no matter where he finished. AVB is not here to better harrys results, he is here to manage the club in a sustainable way, bringing through the youth players (carroll and caulker have certainly benefited) and managing the whole squad (we have fielded more squad members than any other team so far). if fans started adjusting their expectations a little to conform to the reality of the PL as it is today and actually supported this manager he may yet show that he can also better harry in the results business too
TonyRich - after that though, the annual wage bill went from £67m to £91m in one season and a 1/3 of the squad was ostracised. It's easy to talk transfer fees only but we also have to look at size of squads, wage bills etc. Our balance sheet has been sub-optimal for the last 2-3 years but Levy is now pulling it back into shape. We need a smaller squad, higher salaries and every player contributing to the balance sheet. Last summer made huge inroads into that strategy as we had a major haircut. We're not there yet but getting close to every playing member contributing to the balance sheet.
MJB Spur. I agree what you say re AVB and Chelsea. According to some media today DiMatteo, the great saviour, may be on his way already.
As for spending money, people need to look at 4th place and 20th place. QPR have invested heavily in manager and players, yet scraped survival last season due to results elsewhere, and this season are rock bottom, winless, and in trouble. West Brom on the other hand are a team built on a shoe string budget. None of their players cost much at all. I would easily take Shane Long off their hands to play in the hole, and he cost merely 4-6m. I would take Mulumbu too, and he cost 175k. You do not need to splash 20m on players in order to get good ones.
Can we have RDM as AVB's number 2 now? :-)
muttley - the squad should be used in a way that maximises points. It is as simple as that. If someone is not playing, you do not play him just to justify his salary! If he is not playing, then you sell him, loan him out, or whatever. That's what we have done with Bentley, Jenas etc... Our squad IS now smaller. It must not get any smaller - apart from shedding the immense duplication in GK and CB. We MUST NOT have higher salaries until revenue goes up, and that is when the stadium arrives.
jacobslad- I read that report before, it seemed to contradict other figures I've seen, so I'd take it all with a pinch of salt...the bottom line is we don't really know what our finances are like....we de-listed for a reason.
muttley did you just advocate getting rid of stephan freund as no. 2? because that is akin to treason imo.
Buying a piece of art is not the same as buying a footballer. Art's value appreciates over time, footballers value depreciates. You can enjoy a piece of art for the rest of your life, footballers only last 10 years at most. Its not comparable to compare owning art to buying footballers.
Tactically Challenge
It's been 13 seasons now since Sir Sugar sold on our club to his ENIC Mafia mates. He stayed on for half of those empty trophy cabinet years as a director keeping an eye on his apprentice loser Danny Boy, until he got the big pay off. which totaled a reported 75 million. A 75 million profit for Sir Sugar, for 1 league Cup and Danny Boy loser Levy! Thanks Sir Amstrad Sugar! Sir Sugar can still be seen up there in the ENIC directors box (in Joe Lewis's absence) scoffing on smoke salmon bagels that the fans are paying for, whilst his clueless apprentice, Danny Boy watches on, deciding how long his latest 'scapegoat' coach will be given before he gets out his famous little ENIC back stabbing dagger, yet again... Meanwhile last seasons highly entertaining football team that finished in an official Champions League qualifying position in 2 out of the last 3 seasons has all but disintegrated. The sweet on the floor passing football has disappeared, along with the clubs 2 star players. The new 'scapegoat' coach has not been backed in the transfer market and already fans and media are predicting how long AVB will be given? Who will be Danny Boys next 'scapegoat' coach be? 'Scapegoat' coach number 9? And who will that clueless fool of a Fantasy Football chairman buy for us in the Jan transfer window? And who will he sale to make more big profits for our scrooge of a triple billionaire sugar daddy owner at the expense of our football team??? As for the new stadium, well it's all gone very, very ENIC quite. Can you hear the ENIC sing???
Guernman and Muttley. Great to hear 2 people who actually get it. Under Harry in terms of sustainability we were heading the same way as Pompey. Sure he won them the FA Cup but at what cost? AVB is here to build a long lasting challenge not provide a quick fix. You only have to look at the performances that our youth sides are turning in and the clubs those young players are being linked with (3 linked with RM and Barca of late) to see the foundations are in place for our future. AVB has been brought in cause he is interested in the long term and developing those areas of the club aposed to Harry who was only interested in short term fixes with one eye on his next job. We will have to be patient and I know that isn't something most spurs fans are capable of but we have to think long term for once not short term. Hare and the Tortoise and all that!
....if course the alternative is getting a billionaire chairmen in who will splash the cash but I'd wager most fans who moan about AvB are the same fans that want to keep the soul of the club and be run viably.
TR - from April to August is a 1/3 of the financial year and we've ended up for the last 3 years haemorrhaging millions on players salaries who have no material value to the first team. That's not including the devaluation of players because they're sitting around kicking their heals. We've ended up loaning out over 25's as the only means to recovering cost and we're still doing it. To compete in all competitions we probably need the 22-25 senior players plus free picks. However, our squad today has about 30 senior guys in it and the loan systems is damage limitation. I don't want to leave AVB with less players to work with on a weekly basis. I just want shot of the deadwood once and for all so he can manoeuvre in the transfer market.
pelebro - ENIC have obviously been a success, and anyone who does not think this is either a) completely ignoring the facts, b) have an irrational hatred of those guys. I can accept arguments that perhaps they will not be the best to take us forward from this point on. But from my viewpoint, they took over from Spurs' worst time in EPL, and the went on to oversee our best time in EPL.
wiltshire - OK, RDM can be Freund's No 2 :-)
You people do realise the whole Levy loves a bargain thing only came about with Redknapp in charge don't you? Yes, he has always been a tough negotiator (no bad thing in my books), but before that we had the aim of targeting Europe's top young talents, i.e. Bale, Modric, Kevin Prince-Boateng, Taarabt, Bent, Berbatov, etc. With Redknapp our targets were changed to those with experience in the Premier League, i.e. Crouch, Palacios, Saha, etc.
MJBSpur- I agree Harry was unsustainable, i also get the reasoning behind the appointment of AVB and hope he can start laying some foundations for a longterm future BUT reality is managers get an average of 14 months in their role before either being fired or if AVB is not fired chances are he'll be head-hunted by one of the big boys that we can't compete with...ideal scenario is he does well, gets all the fans on his side and feels so loyal that he stays like Arsene has when the big boys come calling....didn't do that at Porto though...:(
Well said TonyRich! People do seem to forget the position we were in before ENIC and DL took over. They rave about our recent years under Harry as if they weren't responsible for it. Laughable really. They also overlook the fact that Harry not only threw away 4th the season before last but also 3rd last season. If they want to point fingers at why we have tasted CL but not progressed they aught to reassess the facts cause by my reckoning we should of played CL for the last 3 years and the blame for that lays with Mr Bull*****ter Reknapp.
I've decided to put my name forward for the vacant Chelsea manager job. I thought to myself, why not? I'm not doing anything over the next few weeks.

Roberto Di Matteo sacked by Chelsea. Apparently the decision was made after the team's failure to win Wimbledon, the Grand National and bring home any Gold medals from the Olympics.
Tottenham Hotcore
Muttley - you need a squad. A first XI, a backup XI - that is 22 already. You need a third keeper, you need at least 4 senior CBs in total. 3-4 strikers in total. It is a NECESSARY cost for a long hard season. We HAVE 28 senior players, yet you say we need 22-25. So basically you are making this fuss over 3 players. Just 3. We are not haemorrhaging millions because we do not get ripped off in salary negotiations like Liverpool and co do. The ones who are not likely to play are usually on lower salaries. The ones on good salaries and not playing are guys that we cannot shift - Bentley, Jenas etc... We need to get rid of those two, plus Khumalo and one of the keepers. Not a major problem as 3 are on loan right now.
With RDM Sacked, can we make a move for chelski's club doctor Eva Carneiro, at least it would brighten up match days.
spu 4 life
Jod yes that's correct hence I put in a way United, but they do have the spending power to compete and the attraction.
why are people shocked RDM has been sacked? RA didn't want him, he got to stay as they improved after AVB and won the CL. RDM got a new contract and has made money out of it....I thought RA wanted Pep so will be shocked if Rafa turns up there, who knows it could even be Arry!
It seems obvious to me that the board have been both prudent and ambitious. I understand that the Xbox managers are frustrated that their fantasies are not been fulfilled but the real life stakes are high. In Ramos, Rednap and now AVB, Levy has not bought cheaply and the player wage bill has been allowed to increase significantly too. The new training centre and stadium plans are also good investments. However, central to the plan was/is the virtuous circle of CL qualification followed by the attraction of marquee players. Rednap fell at the final hurdle two years in a row and now AVB is struggling to justify the faith placed in him to get the best out of a decent squad. Levy can't risk paying over the top for players until he is sure that the manager can get the payback and keep the overall strategy on course. That is where all the nervousness about AVB stems from.
Love totty
I thought RDM might survive until after the Man City game. There must be a replacement already lined up...could be HR?
TR - please stop twisting my words. Every time I chat with you it seems to happen. I say "we've ended up for the last 3 years haemorrhaging millions". You quote me as "we are not haemorrhaging millions". I never said we were NOW. I said our balance sheet has been sub-optimal for the last 3 years and it has taken it's toll. We have 29 senior pro's at the club and in my mind it is still carrying 6 too many (Cuducini or Gomes, Jenas, Bentley, Khumalo, Dawkins, Obika). We're no longer haemorrhaging but the bleeding hasn't stopped yet. Most people on here know I'm a fan of Levy but he did let things get out of control for a while. He let 13 senior pro's go in the summer and that helped enormously but it's still work in progress to get the squad right-sized. I'm not saying AVB doesn't need up to 25 players. I never have. In any season he needs to flex that based on the strength of the free-picks supporting the senior pro's.
1 League Cup in 12 seasons, the worst trophy per season percentage of any Tottenham owners in over half a century, despite being by far the wealthiest THFC owners in the clubs history! No new promised stadium in 13 seasons and counting... and the best football team in the ENIC era destroyed in one short summer by Danny Boy loser Levy, and yet you ENIC HOTSPUR FANS are still singing loser Levy's praises??? Harry was brought in to save Levy's arse from relegation and overachieved, it's that simple. But have no fear ENIC HOTSPUR FANS, normal ENIC HOTSPUR business has been resumed by your fantasy football hero, of a loser football chairman! LEVY/LEWIS/ENIC OUT!!!
Current capacity just over 36,000, new capacity anywhere from 56,000 - 60,000 (hopefully the latter) but lets take it at 56,000 so an extra 20,000 seats! If we charge an average of £50 (no doubt will be more but for argument's sake) thats an extra £1m per home game assuming it fills out. Thats an extra £20m roughly per Prem season not including cup games! Then there's all the non-football commercial stuff that will bring in extra revenue but thats not bein factored in. So taking it on just the extra numbers for hopefully sold out Prem games, over 25-30 years should bring in an absolute minimum of £500-600m extra revenue (and remember tickets prices tend to go up every year and I have not factored that in either)! That in itself should pay for the current costs of making the stadium and also a decent proportion of the interest that will be charged on the loan, all in IMHO of course!
El Jefe
El Jefe..according to some sources, Arsenal banked £5M for Saturdays game, and in the return match we will bank less than half of that.
i hope some of our fans now see the idiocy of firing a manager so early in the season.AVB would have been sacked by chelsea regardless of how well he did over the champs league,win the FA cup get sacked after 4 bad games......who wants/needs a sugar daddy owner now?mancini next......its not ALWAYS about spending big money,(torres anyone?),its about spotting/nurturing talent and spending wisely.......mata at spurs next season?haa-haa!(avb did bring him to chelsea,did he not?).
g. roberts testes
ej- thanks, that's what I was looking for BUT 25 to 30 years!!! That's why I think we'll have 10-15years in the wilderness....ENIC must have another plan for the stadium rather than just self financing...I wonder what it is?
Spu 4 life our injury list is big enough as it is without giving the players an added incentive to seek treatment! Lol
So, in January, will it be a case of 'give yer' man the tools and he will finish the job'? or is it 'put up or shut up cos' we can't afford the New Training Ground and the NPD and get expensive new players as well'? I think we all know the answer to that one Oy Veh... ENIC couldn't give a stuff, 7th richest is not enough for Joe, it's all about money. Someone should tell him you can't the it with you
Cape Town Spurs
AVB wanted Moutinho & Willian. Looking at form without Dembele & CL goals from Willian (v Lennon), you can clearly see a massive benefit & ongoing need. Sadly, we made a profit instead & targets should still be the same.
Re HR for Chelski...interesting that the day after Redknapp confirms negotiations are underway for the Ukraine job RDM is sacked! can't be 'arry!
sb2 its not that bad considering that is the general/average life of a morgage or used to be now it can be up2 40 years I think. I have taken prices at just £50, but sure there will be plenty of £100 seats there ad that will also rise no doubt. Then there's all the corporate and other non-football stuff I have not factored in that will bring in loads of revenue. Have not factored in season upon season rises in ticket prices. Have crucially not factored in selling the naming rights which will easily bring in £250/300m over the course of 25-30 years based on getting £10m per year and that again does not factor in rises per contract!
El Jefe
I've just posted this on the Chelski forum in response to their article on the scaking of RDM. It tells you where I'm coming from as far as ownership and investment are concerned. I'm not being funny Guys, but does it really matter who you get next? The evidence is clear from wherever you look at the super-financed clubs like yours. You can guarantee contention by filling the squad with expensive quality but only 11 can play at a time while the rest sulk. Even the special one couldn't win the CL. It's now just a rich man's lottery. Get rid and regain some self-respect.
Love totty
spurs are a well run club. New training ground....talented squad and many progressing young players. What spurs don't have is a world class stadium for the next generation. We also have two dour coaches in avb and freund.......time will tell if they can brighten the gloom. I have my doubts. lazio is not a must win game...but westham sunday, could well be.
82spursdebut the sack cos' he created history, the wrong kind of history. I.e..not qualifying out of their group. Mr abramovich clearly feels they should always be challenging for the No.1...euro title, from the position they have established over the last 10 seasons. Can't blame him for thinking that, after the amounts of money he has spent on the squad in the last 2 seasons. Some one forgot to tell him that "footballs a funny ole game" !!
RDM - if the owner doesn't rate you, it really doesn't matter what you have the talk is of Rafa as an interim manager...just keeping the seat warm for Pep??
Depending on the quality of Joe Lewis' Matisse,Picasso,Freud orBacon 's each one of those artists will fetch £20 million plus at auction.That's £80 million, which should be enough to sign Ronaldo.Either that or Joe should take all us long suffering Spurs fans for a cruise around the Caribbean on the Aviva 111 .Then ,like him, we won't give a s--- where Spurs are in the league!
I would like, in said order:

New Stadium
Champ leg Qualification
New players
League title
Joe Say Mourinho - sacking successful managers looks like the in thing
Champs league Trophy
Box at WHL


T.H.F.Chris....and a partridge in a pear tree?
g. roberts testes
I've just seen Harry at Southampton airport hanging out the cockpit window shouting "Chelsea are a t'riffic club"
And I bet Fat Frank will be over the moon with uncle Arry, he'll definitely get a new deal as he's a spring chicken at 34!!!
cockerel in a pear tree would be better please g.roberts.
Good article Oyveh Maria, and a fair summary of where we are , what needs to happen now, and the likelihood of messrs Levy and Lewis doing anything significant in terms of player investment. It has been perfectly obvious for several years now, that these two gentlemen have no interest in, and are not prepared to significantly invest in, the likelihood of success for THFC. Lewis's statement re. taking the club in a direction that HR couldn't, and taking it to the next level, is coming true. What we wrongly assumed and what his statement ommitted to say, was whether that next level was in fact upward, when in reality it is now becoming obvious that the "next level" is one level at least down from where we were in the heady days of CL QFs etc. To maintain that level and regular top 5 PL finishes is expensive, requires regular investment in expensive quality players. Far cheaper to settle into a comfortable mid table position, less stress, cheaper to run, and easier to administer, a far more desirable situation for two non football people, only interested in the club as a property, and business, sales potential, with a view towards a substantial profit. In answer to the question contained in the title of the article, the answer is probably neither under our current ownership.
See RDM sacked t Chelsea, bet Mark Hughes is worried now, what price RDM to be new favourite for QPR job, ahead of HR, he is half his age, and CL winning managers don't come onto the job market very often.
Should be Lev's tatement.......not Lewis's, he is never interested enough in the club to make a statement.
Just imagine where we would be if 10% of our owners fortune was directly invested in THFC. There is no real advantage in having a billionaire owner if he is a tght arsed iinterested bloke laying in the sun in the Bahamas who doesn't give a toss for the club.
Coys1717 - you have a point. Why sack HR knowing he didn't have to give too much money to him unless it was a matter of personal terms.

yiddyboy - yep one qrt final CL doesn't mean we should expect it every year. Other clubs have made CL odd times, it means nothing.

muttley - I think similar we have to continue to trim the squad and I see Friedal, Cudducini, JJ and Bentley going this summer. Add a couple of others players I can't see making at Spurs such as Livermore, Rose, Dempsey and Townsend then I think AVB will have more room to bring in his own players. It takes time and we trimmed the squad last season but we also lost good players and yet to replace with quality players.

Unbelievable about Chelsea sacking their manager already, I really don't know who would want to manage Chelsea, you will get half dozen games in the PL and if you don't do well your out.
The difference in income between a normal season when we take some £120M, and the CL season's takings, when we managed £163M, suggests that the CL was worth some £40+M. This highlights the folly on Levy's part last January, when failing to spend to guarantee our CL qualification for the end of the season. It's hardly a punt to spend £20-30M to bring in £40M, it's a no brainer.
Hey Frank, there is also no point in supporting a club you hate everything about!! Why not change teams to Chelsea, they act exactly how you would like???????
If we don´t build the new stadium now, we will soon be watching W.H.F.C. playing in Stratford in a modified olympic arena with retractable seats and a new roof. And a much bigger capacity. All payed by the tax payers. That will make them very interesting for a rich buyer. The porn directors will make a big profit and sell asap! That is why Levy tried every trick in the book to stop West Ham`s so called bid. We don`t want that lot to overtake us, do we?
Frank - If there was a way to "guarrantee" Champions league football wouldn't every club do it ? Your £20-30m doesn't include wages, £100k a week is £5m a year remember. You could easily spend more than £40m getting your £40m, which of course is what City and Chelsea do. If your guarrantee turned out to be a dud you'd be £30-40m in debt at the year end with contracts you couldn't afford going forward. As yiddyboy said, support Chelsea or City if you want a club that spends more than it earns.
jod - interestingly, we did spend more than we earned for a short while. Levy allowed Harry to keep the wages at Champs League level last season to help him go for it again. We did finish 4th but didn't get it because of Chelsea. Only then did Levy bring it back down again for this season. Obviously, with some people Levy would get no credit for things like that :-)
muttley - Allowed is probably the wrong word. If you have signed contracts with players you have to pay them. If you can't sell them or they refuse to move you're basically screwed. We're still trying to sort out the squad in the aftermath of Harry's reign. I think Levy has learned hard lessons from Harry's eagerness to sign ageing players on long, lucrative contracts and won't let it happen again.
So which aging players are on lengthy contracts then? Gallas had an extension with his contract By Levy! and AVB is currently playing him. Other than that we have scott player of the year Parker and safe hands Brad Friedel. Well we need Parker and have Sandro and have just signed Lloris. This has ***** all to do with harry, but more to do with us not signing a replacement for Modric and VDV. I actually agree with Frank that we should have spent better in January...Harry's fault again? Nope.
jod - good point. I think some of it was allowed as we still brought in high earners like Friedel and Parker and loaned in Adebayor. He also kept Modric and upped his salary. It would have been easy for Levy to be hard nosed and stripped some of it out to look at it solely from a balance sheet perspective.
SpursOne2 - I suppose it depends on who Harry wanted in January and whether or not Levy had already thought about losing Harry to England? If the answer to the first part of the question was Cantona as he's proven premier league then I don't blame Levy not giving him the cash, were Saha and Nelson Levy's signings as to me they have Harry all over them?????
SpursOne2 - Parker will miss at least half a season of football, he was already struggling towards the back end of last season. He is a player who relies on a high level of fitness to be effective, is 31 years old and suffering from bad injuries. He may never get back to the level of fitness he needs to operate at the top level again. That's ignoring the fact Sandro may already have gone past him. It doesn't really matter, we'll pay him £75k a week for the next two seasons even if he never plays for the first team again. Ledley King was kept on at least one season longer than he should have been. Gallas was given a two year extension when he should have been on an annual contract. Every contract you sign with a player that doesn't perform costs you serious money when you are paying them millions. I don't see the point of replacing Modric (assuming you could) if we are going forward with a Dembele/Sandro combination, its a fundamentally different set up in central midfield. What we urgently need is an understudy to Dembele, someone who can beat players and carry the ball forward while also doing his stint in defence. We did sign replacements for VDV, Dempsey and Siggi were both effective in that attacking midfield/second striker role for their previous clubs. The question is why aren't they doing the same for us ?
SO2 - our over 30's now are Friedel, Cudicini, Gomes, Gallas, Defoe and Parker. Our next set are Dempsey, Ekotto and Dawson. Not sure I see much long term financial risk there. That list could easily be cut in half by the start of next season and we'll suddenly start looking a very young squad with only a couple of old boys.
£17m for Bentley, £16.5m for Bent and you still have ole Frank saying "throw money away Mr Lewis, come on ole pal you've got plenty. What's £50m to you?"
Jod - I'm actually scratching my head at the figure you plucked there but ok...and are you saying Parker wasn't worth signing then? and is now just taking a wage? because i think that is a bit unfair. We can disagree on that but he did earn his Spurs last season, and is working himself from injury...i think we/AVB would have benefited with him available from the offset. Gallas signing on, was Levy and AVB must rate him for his experience alone, because he is being played. King is still working at the club and i agree about the last season he played with us…but he isn’t on a contract anymore? We still needed him at the time it proved and have since signed Jan Vertonghen (Levy). The formation has nothing to do with Levy but the coach, and we signed players before testing any new system. I do agree we need cover of Dembele. Dempsey is not a suitable replacement for VDV though imo, they are nothing alike. We needed a forward and ran out of time more like? He allegedly nearly went to Liverpool…. so was available, Levy got in there and took him. No offense to Dempsey but him and VDV are just different types of players. Sigurdsson I'm sure will come up trumps, i like him for some reason even though he has been frustrated in games, so I hope that answers your question. I suppose I’m just annoyed that we try and pin things on the last boss…even after we found out that Levy is pulling the strings on most signings. I actually am wondering how much freedom AVB will get to bring in new faces. He could suggest a player and end up with someone else for example?
Good atricle OM nice summary, Frank and TR good points.
I hear you on getting the correct balance muttley - We need some leaders and wise heads mixing with the youngsters. Big characters in the dressing room are very valuable as well. Going from one extreme to the other probably wont help much. AVB i hope gets a few of his men in and I'm not trying to slate Levy but he need to help him and take on board the type of players (and quality they bring) on board. Lloris, Dembele, Ade were cracking signings...add to that Sigurdsson who i like, but there are gaps that Levy fill by putting his hand in his pocket once again.
Yiddyboy – So because you don’t agree with Frank you start telling him to F off and support Chelsea??Yeah that’s very neighbourly! He raises some very good points. The fact is, it was blindingly obvious what would happen if we didn’t invest when we needed to. Not just last season, but the season before. We are STILL without a proper no9. How long have we being saying this!!! Just because Levy sanctioned some pi$$ poor buys in the past, that does not give him the right to tear up the cheque book and still expect the results. Yeah he will make a loss on Bentley but how many transfers has he cleared up on!!?? May I remind you that he in fact profited on the Bent sale! What’s done is done, im not gonna start the whole Levy / ENIC out speech, but if they are serious about taking THFC to the next level (upward I assume!!) they need to invest in the first team. We can’t hang around for the youth system (likes os carrol, coulthirst) to perform at the top level, they will need to be integrated WITH quality players. Two seasons in football can make or break a club. If we slip too far behind it could take years to get back to where we want to be. Too many years have gone by saying Levy balances the books well etc, yeah he does, but there are plenty of other business he could be involved with where balancing the books is all that counts. If you run a football club, the football counts just as much (IMO anyway)
Have you ever seen this?
spu 4 life
4real hudderspur!!
Just read that BAE is apparently free to sign a pre-contract in January if we do not hurry up and offer a new deal!
El Jefe
Absolutey right Hudderspur, and thanks for the support, although the day I start to worry about criticism from the likes of yiddyboy is a long long way away. I have supported Spurs since 1951-2 season, and will continue to do so, I have no quarrel or problems with the club, it is the current ownership and particularly Mr. Lewis's lacky our current chairman/DOF/ and any other job he thinks he is better at than the incument, one Daniel Levy, the hirer and firer of 8 managers, the bloke who has sickened off many clubs with his attitude and unrealistic expectations in transfer deals, both incoming and outgoing. The lack of his realistic investment at crucial times in the recent past, particularly after the CL season with an extra £40M in revenue to trouser, and in January when modest investment would have got us 3rd, an CL football again, and the apparently deliberate undermining of the success of the club, after the achievements of the last 4 seasons, after asset stripping the squad, and unbelievably making a profit in this summer's window with a new manager coming in. Sooner or later more will realise that Messrs Lewis and Levy don't consider THFC as a football club, but as a property and business investment, to be sold sooner or later at a profit, so it is run at minimum cost, irrespective of football considerations. This is fine for them, but will ultimately prove detremental to the football club.
Frank - but you surely have to acknowledge that moving the wage bill from £67m to £91m is £24m of incremental investment Levy made in that season? He also carried it through the next season. I wish he had have done some more asset stripping. We only have about half the squad working for the good of the club thanks to Harry.

Talking of which, I just read an article sharing that Bentley's 3 month loan spell is over and how he's looking forward to being back at the club !!!
Frank - I agree with much of what you say but I do take issue with you and others who slate Levy for not investing last January in order to "guarantee 3rd place" and CL qualification. It seems to me that given the position we were in at January, anybody could be forgiven for taking the view that investment wasn't needed at that particular time. Who even guessed that we would blow the huge lead over Arsenal? And even if anybody did suspect we would blow 3rd and finish 4th, would they then have anticipated losing CL because Chelsea would win the CL?? Blaming Levy for not knowing all that would happen is unfair and unreasonable. I totally agree Levy has let people down many times in transfer dealings but in that particular instance - not guilty.
The projected extra revenue from a new 56,000 seater stadium compared with our current 36,000 capacity, is estimated to be £1M+ for each home game. This of course assumes the ground is full for every game. By the time the ground is built and ready (3-4 years) and then while we go through a period of austerity, as we realise the level of debt repayment (3-4 years),and if during all this we continue with the current lack of player investment, where will we be in terms of PL position in the next 4-5 years, probably half way if we are lucky. Hardly the recipe for filling a 56,000 stadium at by then £50+ a ticket. As disposable income is further and further squeezed, and admission prices inevitably rise, the thing that will attract fans to football stadia is success and quality, not blind alliegance. Development on the pitch must continue at the same pace as any developments off it.
Selling Bentley, Gallas, Carlo, Dempsey and Jenas for a combined 20 million...

Thats a minimum of 10-15 million a year off the wage bill and a huge lump of money to buy someone that would make a difference like WILLIAN...

we have a great Next Gen team that need nurturing over the next 2-3 years so that they can slot into the squad..

we need WILLIAN & ALEXIS SANCHEZ...spend the 50 million and get them Levy please...

loved the way JUVENTUS set up against Chelski last night.. We proved against the Scum that we could do the same..

We didn't spend in January because HR future was uncertain both with the court case and then the England job. Did Levy really want to invest in players of HR choice only to lose him and then the next manager wanting his own players!

I think Levy knew HR was going regardless as he made his bed when he refused a new contract in Feb and that probably was the last straw for Levy and I bet he was pretty fed up by then anyway with HR making it obvious he wanted to be England manager and the coiurt case and his constant tv interviews it was a joke so I can see why Levy didn't want to invest in the end. he had plans to replace HR and wanted to give the money to the new manager.

I think the money was there for AVB but I believe two deals fell through. The midfielder and striker imo and I think both Levy and AVB decided to bring in last minute replacement in Dempsey and possibly Dembele was going to be an addition anyway but to the squad rather than first choice. It is not easy securing deals on the wages we can afford so there will be deals that fall though and this will not change until we get more revenue from the new stadium. In the meantime there will be money for AVB and he will probably try again in Jan or we may have to wait until summer depending if we are held to ransom in Jan as teams will know we will be in need of a striker with ADE going for a few weeks. Levy will not be held to ransom and will bide his time until summer if need be.

Part of the job was done over the summer, off loading some high earners and getting the best deal for Modric who pushed for the move. The second part of this new phase will happen, levy will invest as he wants CL footy. HR admitted that live on TV that Levy wanted nothing less than CL footy.

Every club makes poor buys every buy is a gamble. For us Bentley, Bent, Pav of late hasn't worked out. Look at Mark Hughes, he is nothing more than a big spender and he hasn't proved himself. AVB may have sanctioned Dembele but not sure about the rest. Lloris and Siggy seemed to be on the hit list before there was a sniff of AVB becoming a manager. When AVB gets the money and gets the players he wants then we can judge him but we still need to be patient. It takes time to get players in it is a competitive market so lets be patient and stop hanging on to the past thinking we need to press on from last season. Last season we messed up blame whoever, we missed our best chance of CL and keeping some good players but this season is the start of another era. Players have gone, new manager and new ideas and probably a long term project so let it be a project not a immediate gratification. I am sure Levy will get the stadium under way and funds will be released for AVB and AVB will bring some better footy to the lane, just be patient and supportive.
would rather increase white hart lane to 60.000 and keep the name, it would not take half as long and save us a fortune. liverpool are going to do this to anfield so there is no reason why we can,t do this to white hart lane
thfan - The England job wasn't in the question in January, Capello resigned in February.
thfan - You contradict yourself. You say levy offered a new contract in February but also say Levy didn't spend in January because he knew Harry was going !!! Erm, that doesn't make sense does it?
We should just redevelop what we,ve got like Liverpool are planning. We don.t ned 58000 seats having finished top 4 in 2 of last 3 seasons. Wage bill rise is a concequence of having better players and upgrade of contracts eg Bale Sandro Kaboul Walker etc. Bentley is freebe next year and this Arry caused ballooning wage bill is nonsense. Levy was and still is direector of football. Harry and AVB were and are head coach.
PS I can't spell!!!
Sweenyspurs you're absolutely right, I dare bet that neither HR, or any other manager, has negotiated a contract, whilst Levy has been at WHL. If the wage bill is/was excesive then the man responsible is Daniel Levy. He is the DOF (Devoid Of Football).
Rafa Benitez appointed as Chelsea manager until the end of the season.
It is not always possible to redevelop a stadium and increase capacity. There are numerous architectural issues and in fact it works out cheaper and is much quicker to build a new stadium next door whilst still maintaining revenue streams from 36,000 seats. Trying to develop around an existing stadum takes twice as long and because of Health and Safety means capacity is cut for at least a couple of years. To add 20,000 seats would cost almost as much as building a new stadium. The approach with the New San Mames stadium in Bilbao is the way to go
The decision on the stadium is one if the most important decisions in the clubs history. Results, players, managers, chairmen, even fans come and go but the stadium is the one thing that remains constant and for that reason I want a new development that offers the worlds best facilities and does the club proud rather than some half attempt redevelopment which only defaces the existing WHL further. I'm undecided on the stadium capacity though; do we put ourselves in possibly decades of debt to only have a stadium marginally bigger than St James park and on par with Woolwich Wanderers or do we go all out and create a 70,000? I know there are planning restrictions so we probably can't but I really want the new stadium to stand out from the crowd (how I don't know).
My guess is that our predicted stadium capacity of 58000 will be mostly to do with the public transport infrastructure rather than how many bums we can put on seats. It's about pitching it at the level that it will get approved. What will then be interesting is whether it is built in a way that we can then subsequently increase the capacity over 58000 in the 2 decades thereafter.
Alright, after another day of being linked of with every player going, but only being said that we have 20 million in January, I was wondering where our money has gone, so I did a bit of boring research, and since 2008 we are 20 million in profit, and that's not including tv money and transfers, so question I ask is, where is the money my levy, AVB seems to take most of the stick, but looking at these figures levy, seems to be putting the money in his back pocket,
Guerman,spot on in your assessment of the situation.also hope avb will do better than Harry.
Little spur
Had to look around for Guerman's post. Glad I found it up top. Very good post indeed. Really hope AVB is here for the long term. COYS and let's all look forward to good years ahead :-)
birdmanspurs - I would recommend reading the financial reports. Have a quick look at the salaries and then look at our profit and loss for the last couple of years and you'll figure out pretty quickly where our money has gone. Saying that if it's £20m plus player sales then it could be £30-40m. Perhaps we'll see Dawson, Gomes, Jenas and Bentley leave raising the rest of the cash for a couple of big signings.
SpursOne2 - To answer your question. If it turns out Parker never gets back to the level he was at before the injury then we will end up paying him 4 seasons money for 1 seasons football so no he wasn't worth signing. If he makes a full recovery and we get another 2.5 seasons of first team football out of him then he was worth signing. The fewer games he plays, the more each one costs us, at some point is a break even. Its a no brainer, if someone is not playing in your first team then what are you paying him for ? Especially if you are paying the kind of money Parker is earning. Of course we won't actually know how much football he ends up playing for a couple of seasons, but I have to say I am pessimistic.
I don't want to offend you FRANK, it's just the 'warn out record' syndrome. I don't understand why fans are so negative about the club, manager, hierarchy etc... I am too by the way, there's no way we are going to achieve the heights I want with the likes of Lennon, Defoe, Gallas, Friedel being regular starters. Bench-warmers at best!! If we all start to get behind the team, managers, owners etc then just maybe the results will start to improve!!
I'm on the fence with Parker. We have definitely missed his leadership and ability to keep the ball in tight spaces in midfield. He would be an expensive sub but you can see the virtues of having someone like him in the future to close games out and perhaps start a few. Whilst not the long term answer he's definitely someone I want back as soon as we can get him this season though. I like the idea of him and Sandro commanding the midfield and moving Dembele up with Bale and Lennon to support Adebayor. Going back a year or two, my choice would have still been Cheikh Tiote. He was at the right age to have been a much better longer term bet. He's been on a par with Parker so far but will stay at that level. Only problem is he does pick up the suspensions.
thoughts go out to the spurs fans attacked in Rome! one is in a critical condition
BBC story about it here
From the story "The newspaper La Repubblica said "urban warfare" broke out at the Drunken Ship bar in the Campo de' Fiori with up to 100 "Ultras" attacking Spurs fans. It said Lazio fans were armed with knives, baseball bats, and knuckle dusters."
Yiddyboy we shall see in May whether it is a broken record, when we see how far off 4th place (that we achieved last year) our chairman an his new "tactical genius" manager finish. No excuses, no sob stories, no bollox, just results and league position, football is a results business simple as, nothing else is relevent. All business to be successful relies on " continuous improvement", those that stand still fail, never mind those that go backwards, as some are happy for us to do "temporarily", while we are in so called "transition". We were promised that this guy would take us where HR couldn't, and "take us to the next level", we shall see come May, wether that next level is the next one up, or the next one down. As yet the signs are not good. I make no apology for continually reminding the faithful, and the optomists, that our performances and results, particularly at home, are uninspiring and frankly poor, our tally of 17 points from 12 games, having lost as many games as we have won, is symptomatic of a club in gradual decline, from the achievements in recent seasons. We are currently 8th, so have some catching up to do, we shall see.
It's high time that UEFA kicked Lazio out of European competition, their fans are scum, racist and thugs. After their disgraceful exibition at WHL, we now have them attacking our fans in a Rome bar, it's time for the authorities to act. I'm sure they would amidst a proper song and dance, if it were English fans.

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