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Kick Lazio out now!

As it hits the headlines that a Spurs fan is lying critically injured after being stabbed in Rome, the time has come to take serious action!

With reports suggesting that up to 100 Lazio fans attacked ten Spurs fans enjoying a quite drink, leaving two fans seriously injured, with one said to be in a critical condition, you have to feel that enough is enough and radical punishment has to be metered out to a club that seems riddled with racism and fan violence.

The club were fined £32,000 for their racist chants towards our black players at WHL, but it has always been clear that just fining a club for its fans actions would never work, whilst forcing the team to play behind closed doors or banning away supporters offers no guarantee of rival fan safety before or after the game. With this in mind, I feel that UEFA and perhaps a national Football Association need to take action and stop a team entering European competition for the good of the game and the reputation of a nation.

Perhaps we should go as far as calling off tonights game and throwing Lazio out of the Europa league as lessons clearly haven't been learned and surely fan safety and the reputation of the game is more important than any club that fails to deal with their fans problems and cannot ensure the safety of their rival supporters...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday November 22 2012

Time: 10:12AM

Your Comments

It's shocking and saddening but nothing will change, and they won't be kicked out. They probably won't even be fined!
gothic spur
Uefa and Fifa don't have the guts to take such strong action. Hope our fans stay safe.
Metal Spurs
I understand the sentiment but as the incident happened outside the ground I do not think that UEFA have any jurisdiction. Just hope the injured guys pull through and that the players exact revenge by handing out a proper football battering on the pitch.
agree that any punnishment would happen after the game and might even be seen as non footballing as it wasnt during a game, but for once, someone has to step up and say enough is enough. for the good of the game and safety of others
Bang on! Kick the racist feckers out of all European competition. UEFA & FIFA won't do anything of course because its against an English club, they only stand up & punish clubs if they're English like they did over Heysel, totally ignoring the contribution by Juventus fans towards Liverpool fans prior to the violence.

If we're hoping for sancyions against Lazio, forget it, ain't never going to happen. The only thing Spurs can do is win tonight, AVB's team talk is written.

"sancTions" sorry.

Kick the sick thugs out.
This is a shocking and terrible event. But its hard to punish football clubs for attacks that happen away from stadiums. How do we know these aren't just thugs who were pretending to be Lazio fans? We don't even know if any of them have ever attended a football match. The racists chants are directly Lazio's problem as they (in most cases) sold the tickets to those fans. Hard to punish a club for the actions of violent thugs who may be using football as an excuse. I'm upset, but the real responsibility is with the Rome police, how can you let 30 - 100 (figure vary) armed and masked men walk your streets?
Tactically Challenge
One of the Dad's from my football team is out there. Hope he is OK. Shame those mugs can't do fair fights they would get smashed, but don't worry that fat pr**k blatter will sort it.
Yido T
Your tongue is so firmly in your cheek there Yido T, you must look like you're blowing Platini!

Nothing will change until a team takes radical action. We should refuse to play tonight. Ensure our fans get out of Rome safely and immediately and then we should come straight back to London. UEFA will then have to make a stand. Either they support Lazio by punishing us for refusing to play but what sort of image would that portray for UEFA? Alternatively they should remove Lazio from the competition entirely. This would send out the only and right message. Until something as radical as this is done things will not change.
I remember going to Feyenoord in 1991 we were attacked by the police getting off the train for no reason (just for being there) we were surrounded by there fans and spat on and abused we had there fans sitting above us pi**ing and spitting on us, had a flare fired at us from the other side of the ground setting light to one of there flags (which spurs got fined £10,000 for) and when we left the ground the police were singing in there coaches "always look on the bright side of life". We are English and will always be treated like animals. When we give it back it ends up being our fault, you can only take so much abuse. COYS
Yido T
OX - "whilst forcing the team to play behind closed doors or banning away supporters offers no guarantee of rival fan safety before or after the game". Erm, that doesn't make sense. If it was played behind closed doors, or away supporters were banned, there wouldn't be a "rival fan safety" issue would there?
its very sad about Lazio fans racist abuse towards Spurs players, but it wasnt that long ago Spurs fans were heard making similarly disgusting remarks about Sol Campbell being strung up with little to hide the connotations to the Deep South and slavery.... then there was the Adebayor episode with similar highly racial overtones as I recall.... we're Tottenham Hotspur, we sing what WE want..... I didnt hear you suggest docking pts from Spurs or even playing games behind closed doors then... as for the stabbing incident, it cannot legally be binding for the club to be held responsible for something that happens way beyond there physical jurisdiction and a day before the game is due. this is a police matter, not the club Lazio's.
Eufa have always had a double standard when it comes to trouble. If it was an English team they would be banned, but a European team will not be punished. Just think back to when to Leeds fans were stabbed to death by Turkish supporters, Eufa just ignored it. If you argue clubs can only be accountable for what goes on inside the ground you're telling the thugs they can do what they like outside the ground. This leaves fans traveling abroad to cities they don't know very vulnerable, especially if the local police are incompetent or sometimes even sympathetic to the local hooligans. The only thing these people will take notice off is their club being banned from Europe.
jod - How do you know "their club" is Lazio?? You don't. They could even be fans of a rival club trying to get Lazio into trouble. It's a police matter, not a football club matter, it happened outside a football stadium.
@ Hot_Spur, though I take the point you made My main reference was aimed at banning away fans, which perhaps I could have made more clear, can you guarantee that fans wouldn't travel anyway?
theres a good reason why English fans are targeted (disproportionately) in this way: from the early days of tribal football hooliganism it was the English teams that were the 'trailblazers' and that reputation is still held in awe by many hooligans of today.... these new hoolies value taking on their one-time 'World Heavyweiht Champion' who see it as a right of passage, just as a young street thug will look to 'take out' the local 'silverback gorilla' in order to enhance their rep... English club fans should think carefully about going to places like Lazio and Roma (both have these 'ultras') as they are still seen as the present-day 'royalty' of the original English-hooligan generation.
The reason English fans are treated like "animals" as somebody put it, is because in the past they have behaved like animals. It was English fans that started all the hooligan behaviour at away matches in Europe many years ago. English fans were banned from going to away International matches for several years, club fans have also been banned from away matches in Europe in the past. Although the trouble caused by English fans has recently reduced considerably, the stigma still exists.
if Lazio get banned for this incident (which they won't as cause-effect cannot be proven) it will encourage any and all local rivals to don masks and attack away supporters while pretending to be fans of the club they actually despise.... what could be easier if you support Roma, then to don Lazio 'gear' and go on the rampage to get your rivals into trouble ?..... there is a legacy to this fotball hooligan-culture we pioneered, with some irony now it seems.
Hot_Spur you are right to a degree but what happens when a European team causes trouble , I will tell you nothing. We get provoked so we retaliate then its our fault. Take the blinkers off until you have been there believe me its not nice. I hope nothing happens but if our little mob are going anything can happen.
Yido T
Yido T - It is not I who has blinkers on. If you are in denial to the extent that you think English fans were "provoked", then it is you who needs to remove the blinkers. English fans were guilty of causing trouble on NUMEROUS occasions in the past, resulting in bans for international and club supporters. Are you old enough to remember those incidents?
there is a very simple solution to all of this.... don't travel to away games where the likelihood of trouble is high (eg. Roma, Turkey) due to lax/biased policing and the local hooligans' desire to show the 'old Masters' they can be just like them and gain kudos from it (within their own hoolian microcosm).... I notice in USA most of the games in many sports are attended by just home-fans and the atmosphere is always lively but without the nastiness, maybe something for the future Mssrs. Blatter and Platini...
Someday these particular fans will go for a 'rites of passage' attack against a set of even more ultra-fans who are carrying machine guns. Who gives a ***** who started this...where does this stop? It doesn’t make fans scarred of traveling to away games. Is that what they want? It doesn’t prove they are harder or tougher? Any fool can pick up a baseball bat. All these guys can expect the ‘what goes around comes around’ in some form. Rites of passage my arse... Investigations should take place, arrests should be made (which there have been already) so they can find out who they were. The game continues, the fans will still go to the game. They have proved nothing other than they are cowards really a) they intended to hide their identity b) they turned up in far greater numbers with weapons. So i hope their journey from boy to coward man is complete eh? I hope they injured peeps get back to heath a.s.a.p. I hope SRV didn’t get involved in this, he been looking forward to this game for ages. COYS win this game for our beautiful club and traveling support.
Hot_Spurs - you were not there so how the hell do you know who started it??
I think there is a cultural-difference to consider here too.... British culture revolves around drinking and when away fans from here arrive they basically head to bars and drink quite heavily.... other nationalities may be similar but drink far less. the boisterousness the drinking induces can be seen by others as aggression or cockiness, which can then provoke a negative response from the locals.... I remember the 98 WC in France when English fans rioted after binge-drinking in Marseille, and this was yrs after the hooligan problem was 'cured' in the UK, so it doesnt mean that English fans are always entirely innocent.... its interesting that German fans who also drink beer alot dont seem to have this aggressive response in the main when they travel overseas to matches
Many different reports coming out of what happened, the only people that matter are the, how ever many of OUR fans got injured in this attack and to those in hospital are Ok, a spurs fan many years ago got stabbed and died in belgium, thank god this was not the case last night ''Lazio Ultras'' carrying weapons of some degree quoted. I suppose a heavy police force is out in the town, so to those out in Rome, take care. Platini will do sod all forget that bit.
spu 4 life
Spurs12.... all bullies are essentially cowards. most gangs that terrorise do so only when they can outnumber.... whether you like it or not these morons live in a subculture that revers violence as a means of enhancing their clubs, within their own cross-border links...Chelsea fans yrs ago called The Firm used to go around systematically targeting their next victims sometimes weeks in advance - just 1 example
spu 4 life
spu 4 life
very sad. all we can do is hope & pray that your injured fans pulls through. it's an f'ing football match for F sake, not storming the beaches of Normandy. Pathetic
Cape Town Spurs
Cape Town Spurs
of course it was organised by a bunch of thugs to attack English fans.... what I would like to know is how many types these type of thugs in Rome have done this in numerous games against non-English sides, in the last few yrs..... my guess is its not many if at all. which suggests to me that overseas-hooligans now see travelling English fans, the descendents of the original football hooligans, as prize scalps....
V-R - Ive heard of the headhunters basically these guys are just catching up with what was going on about 50-60 years ago. I realize the presence of these 'firms' gangs whatever...something happens in wales not so long ago with these lot? But the fact is...who ever is traveling these days...what ever the nationality are directly responsible for all predecessors actions? How ever long ago it was? Take these Spurs fans..some one dies...they kid wants revenge for that? So what then? It all starts again and some poor innocent git from abroad gets lumped with that? Its a joke. The fact is there should be is no place for that in today's game. Where does it stop?
Hot_Spurs I don't want to argue with one of my own but when your back is against the wall and all your doing is walking to a ground and you get smacked round the head by a policeman for no reason you will get the hump, but 10 blokes having a beer please what is the point what does it prove. Lets hope they are OK.
Yido T
Hot_Spurs I'm 42 by the way.
Yido T
Frims vs firms, underground organised. Still wrong and bang out of order in England. But there could have just been a family sat there in that bar...they would have got attacked regardless. Cowards.
my guess is, if the game was against a non-English side then there would have been far less chance of a flare-up.... we may have been the hunters originally back in the 70s, but now we are the hunted, whether we like it or not..
SpursOne2 - You presume to know that I wasn't there? How "the hell" could you possibly know that? As it so happens, I was there on a couple of occasions.
Yido T - At 42 I doubt you remember the incidents I was referring to which happened 30 years ago. Those were the original football hooligans and resulted in bans for English fans in Europe.
Hot _Spur - Are you there now talking to me from your laptop? And for the record they were Lazio fans.
SpursOne2 - Am I where talking on my laptop? I am at home on my computer, what are you on about?
LOL some guy on the forum just said that when Italian fans come here, the police should step aside and let the English fans 'sort them out'.... cos its definate that everyone of those Italians will be the same ones that were involved in the incident yesterday.... the other error apart from the obvious one in that statement on the forum: is that only English police give away fans safe passage to and from the stadium, which just isnt true, in fact the opposite is usually the case as they want to get those fans back to the airport/ferry ASAP after the game... my only surprise is that only 1 got seriously injured thankfully. English fans arrive a full day before a match against Ultra-fascist dominated Lazio and expect no trouble ??..... come on now, its a big city and police cannot be everywhere English fans disperse to just to protect them.... I doubt they have many problems when Spanish or German teams come tho', for some reason..
Hot_Spur - even if this all started with English fans 30 years ago, it is no longer tolerated and English fans on the whole do not come with such a reputation anymore. I know you are not trying to justify the attack by saying "well we started it first", but what is the point of bringing it up?
Hot_Spur - Forget it cupcake. You clearly have no idea....
Hot_Spur been going to Spurs since I was 10, I can remember a few incidents, but until you have been put in a situation yourself you do not know how you will react. Its called self defence. If you don't fancy dying on that particular day you will do anything to prevent that.
Yido T
The facts are that our country cleaned up our act. Thanks to our government, technology, FA and our Great British police force we took action. It's still there but now such a minority. Most importantly though, it's completely frowned upon by our country and fans. in fact, the guys that were doing it are now grandparents themselves and we've not let the new generation come through. What's Italy's excuse? In an era of even higher technology than we used in city centres and grounds they can't find these idiots. We all know that is BS. It's because they choose not to and the buck stops with the government. I'm a home and away England fan and I don't even sing 10 German bombers. I love the rivalry and the banter with the German fans who are always excellent. I won't sing that though because it has nothing to do with football.
Why should clubs be fined for the actions of their supporters? That makes no sense to me. If anything, that would further galvanize the racists for what they see as unfairly targeting their club. Do you think they have some magical mute button that can silence chants? Should someone's parents be charged if their kid murders someone?
SpursOne2 - It is you who have no idea, I suggest you read posts properly in future so that you have the RIGHT IDEA of what people are saying - cupcake.
Hot_Spur - No it is you have no idea lol
Fair play to Carlo for his words
real men use their ******** fists if they are going to fight at all, not ambush and outnumber shirters in bars with knives and bats. its ******** disgusting. Thoughts go out to the injured and I hope they are ok.
SpursOne2 - ok, I have no idea but you are a phucking idiot. Presuming to know where I was 30 years ago, how insane is that.
Hot_Spur - I have no respect for****s like you, so call me all the names under the hat... Your the sad bitter old man not me! Apologies for this parrot.... and my behavior on a thread, its bad news and it shouldn't have been brought here. My bad. COYS.
Listen chaps no point in arguing lets hope we beat them everyone gets home OK and then we get them in the final and see what happens then. It could be messy COYS
Yido T
Hope the lads injured are all ok and get better soon. One guy is seriously ill with Knife wounds. Our thoughts are with him.
This is not only a football thing. Fascism is showing it`s ugly face in a lot of european countries these days; Ukraine and Serbia to name two of the worst.These scum take every chance, when there is a football match or tournament, to get themselves in focus.And it will only get worse. If UEFA don´t act on this matter, and they won`t, we should withdraw from this competition and make a statement. Then they will act asap and probably ban us for years!
I have seen our away lot, they don't look like saints that's for sure. Fighting is not on, period. Fighting is for the ring. With knives being part of fighting more and more you have to be real careful. I think Lazio need to be punished to the max, if they were the instigators. The racist's are pathetic too. Seems to be many among the Spanish and Italian's for whatever reason.
My mate said they entered the pub wearing helmets and had metal bard taped to their arms. Sounds mental. Italian police have screwed Tottenham fans over in a massive way. Hope the guy who was stabbed and the others who are injred are ok.
Just read it could have been Roma supporters!
El Jefe
The thing is now a few of our lot will want revenge and some poor F**cker will get it who had nothing to do with it.
Yido T
Any supporter traveling away to a Europa game is one seriously devoted fan. The competition is a joke imo. Would love for us to win it, because it would be nice to just win something. I hope the fans make it through alright. I always think of my boys when these things happen. It's not just about football for some fans, that's the sad truth. At least at WHL it has become very family orientated.
Absolutely get rid of them and their sick, racist thugs of fans.
Although their behaviour is a disgrace, you can't throw them out of the competition, there's no proof that they were Lazio fans, and there's no proof that these people even go to games, for all we know they could just be a group of Italian thugs that like to cause trouble, even if they're wearing Lazio shirts it means nothing, anyone can buy one and it doesn't make someone a representative of the club.
dirty cowardly wops
think a 0-0 was the right result under the circumstances.... they wudda felt robbed if Spurs had stolen this 1-sided game by a cheeky goal.... that reeally wudda made them froth at the mouth
look what the english fans done at landsdown road when we went 1 up
Appalling and disgusting behaviour.
done some research on violent incidents when either Roma or Lazio play Euro games, and its really quite an eye-opener..... there are HARDLY ANY VIOLENT INCIDENTS over the last 8yrs when these teams play overseas teams with 1 glaring exception.... when the visiting team is an English one, the violence invariable arrives too, its so predictable its like clockwork.... not even German teams visiting (with their heavy beer-drinkers in tow) are prey to these Ultras in the way English fans are..... its seems that its okay to support your team in Rome, as long as your not English....
gutless cowards
Cowardly barstads how hard is it to attack a group of away fans just enjoying a game in a strange town
has the wrist action goin well

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