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CL football back at the Lane every year?

European football's governing body Uefa is considering ditching the Europa League in favour of extending the Champions League from 32 to 64 teams.

A decision will be made in 2014. Nothing is decided yet,' Uefa president Michel Platini told French newspaper Ouest-France. It means seven English clubs and five Scottish teams could enter at a qualifying round stage. Uefa is looking at changing the format of European competitions from 2015. 'There is an ongoing debate to determine what form the European competitions will have between 2015 and 2018,' added Platini. Europe's governing body UEFA earns about 1bn from the Champions League and brings in 225m from the Europa League.

Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, said earlier this month that he would like to cut the number of teams competing in the top tier of domestic leagues and increase the number of clubs in the Champions League. It has been reported that Europe's richest clubs will form a breakaway European league if the Champions League is not expanded. Andre Villas-Boas - who won the competition with Porto in 2011 - has said he could not understand why the tournament was viewed as a punishment in England. The Champions League is far more financially beneficial, for Uefa and the clubs concerned, than Europe's second-tier tournament.

UEFA earned about 800m more from the Champions League than the Europa League last season, while Chelsea made 49m by winning the Champions League in 2012. Manchester United, who were knocked out in the Champions League group stages last year, received 28m. By comparison, last season's Europa League winners, Atletico Madrid, earned 8.5m in prize money and Fulham, knocked out of the group stages, won 2.2m.

Now if the decision is to expand the CL and ditch the Europa League it will probably mean that the bigger, more successful clubs, could be ceded into groups. The qualification rounds will be before our season starts and they will include more teams. Will competition for the top 7 spot still be as fierce or would it mean the top 7 PL clubs having an easier ride. Could it mean the top 7 PL Teams getting richer at the expense of the other 11? It would certainly have an interesting affect on our new stadium development. Spurs in the top flight again and the chance to play the Inter's, the Reals and the Barca's again!

A good run in the CL would mean our stock would go up again, more TV rights revenue, merchandising, improving revenue from the naming rights of the new stadium etc. We have already seen what our last appearance in the CL did for our club and the club's revenue, not to mention the players who would be more attracted to a club that could potentially always qualify for the CL. So, a 64 team Champion's League and no Europa, good idea or pants?

Written by OyVeh Maria

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The journalist

Writer: OyVeh Maria Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday November 30 2012

Time: 1:00PM

Your Comments

Sounds good in theory as the Europa league is pointless and a hinderence as the teams playing in it do not have the money to have big enough squads to compete in it and the league.
The Hudd
As much as I'd love to see us in the competition every year I'm not sure the 64 team format would work very well and it'd probably end up devaluing the early stages of the competition. If it ain't broke don't fix it, and it ain't broke. The Europa League is a different story. They should stop teams dropping from the CL to the EL for starters there, but to make it more high profile than that I'm not sure.
it would be an opportunity for us if it happened but as we are a club that likes to spurn opportunity I wouldn't put it past us to start finishing 8th!!
Truly pathetic idea worthy of Platini totally devalued.
"Champions" league - with 7th placed teams... hmm
Don't know what to think about that. I think they should change the Europa league. Call it the UEFA cup again and make it a knock out competition again, with much less teams in it, again.
It's a shame that in recent seasons we didn't take the EUFA/ Europa seriously as this was a trophy we were capab;le of winning - Maybe this year! Going to a single European trophy may seem a good idea for financial reasons, but it will be quite some time before we can put together a side capable of actually winning it. On the positive side, it will certainly help improve us if we could start to qualify on a regular basis. If they do this, I'd love to see the competition renamed back to the "European Cup".
To be honest, anything that comes out of the mouth of Mr Platini cannot be taken serious! I still think less drastic yet viable options are available. Any club involved in European football is exempt from the Capital One cup. The winners of the Europa League qualify for the CL. 3/4 teams in group phase of CL are OUT of Europe, this means less games for the Europa League.
I am absolutely sick of the governing bodies messing around with the game - purely in the name of money & greed. It really has ruined football. Yes its now very American, razzamattazz and football 'the brand' is much more high profile around the world. But lets actually see what we have: 1. We have a top division where by mid November the season is effectively over for all but 2 clubs with the only thing left to play for the others being the placings. Pre-PL and ANY team, even those just promoted could win the top league. How is that better? 2. Since the PL began, all the Cups including the old UEFA Cup have gone from being massive, prestigious trophies which gave ALL clubs a chance of glory to nothing more than distractions because they don't offer any financial reward. How is that better? 3. The Champions League is such a money-making scam its untrue! Play out a load of meaningless round-robin matches until Madrid, Barcelona, Munich etc play each other in the last 4 every season. Its all geared for the global market, asia etc because they don't know any better than to watch the big teams. It is literally ALL about the money, that makes me sick! Can't wait for sanity to return to our game - the financial bubble will burst eventually!
SRV - Agree mate, but you kind of have a feeling of 'if you can't beat them then join them' is the attitude. It's not just football either, everything we do in the Western world revolves around money!! I think the proposals from Platini and the Barca President are the first real steps to create the European superleague. It will be very much like the NBA or NFL. 20 or so teams all rolling around in OUR money provided by Sky, Cable etc.... Once this is in place the technology changes will come in directly as every opportunity to show a replay of an incident is an excuse to run a commercial on the TV....
agree yiddyboy, the winner of the Europa should automatically go through to CL. It's not an easy cup to win!
Yiddyboy - yep agreed. I think in 20 years it will be a Euro version of the NFL. I think we are in a weird 'no-mans land' at moment where we still play out all the domestic football but you have that nagging feeling that the clubs don't care. Well they care about the PL because it brings in billions of pounds from global TV rights - even though the league is not at all competitive. Its all brand marketing and the Asians and Americans love that! Makes me sick the way the game has gone!
What all the marketeers and advertisers don't understand is that all those Asians and Americans who 'support' the Sky 4, Madrid, Barcelona etc and provide all the money have absolutely no tribal affinity to those clubs. When fashions change, they will just as easily switch to the next big thing whatever that maybe. Us mugs will be with our clubs forever left to pick up the pieces of a ruined sport!
I would simply say Yes please at this stage. The EL is a complete joke of a competition, so at least they are admitting they need to look and consider options. However, i get the impression the only change will be solo because of more money for them, not a change to just improve the footballing competitions. I hope any final decision is made with both in mind, but more to do with the later. Cant wait till we are back in the CL thou! COYS.
thfc1882whl - I don't work in advertising but I see the way things are shaping up. Look at all US sports, the clock stops at every opportunity, even the managers can call a time out to stop it. This is then filling the screens with advertising, which in turn allows them to pay the billions of $ to the players/teams. The US is a massive country, almost a big as Europe, yet how many NFL or NBA teams are there?? As a Spurs fan I'd like to see us get into the top pool of teams in Europe, the top 24 teams! Simply because I live in Holland and will not get to see them unless on TV. Any team that isn't in the top 24 will eventually end up like the college system in the US. Sad but true!! And lastly, does anyone actually think these greedy bar-stewards will stop are give a thought to the fans and what the fans really want!
SRV - We are slowly becoming the Euro equivalent of the US. I don't think it's a coincidence either that clubs are US owned either!!
Platini needs needs his nippled squeezed until they bleed and Blatter needs his tinklewinkle slapped with a leather glove on a cold frosted morning. Facking morons who gives them the facking right to meddle with beautiful game eeediats! COYMFS 2moro Dempsey brace and bale 3-1 Yid Army!!!
Yiddyboy, yep agreed. We have actually got that system in place now - in all but name. The Top 16 clubs are virtually guaranteed a place in the last 16 of the CL every year - its just a procession to the knock-out stages every year. I really don't get the attraction apart from as you say, getting Tottenham into that group of chosen clubs. But if we were there, year on year, i guarantee the novelty would wear off after 3 or 4 years. Even the 2nd trip to Milan a couple of years back had a touch of 'been there, done that' about it! I suppose no point in fighting it, just got to go with it what can we do? But in my opinion football has been ruined over the last 20 years. Its only my love for Spurs that keeps me interested.
What is interesting about the Premier League is that the ONLY thing that has kept it even remotely competitive is the 2 big takeovers of Man City and Chelsea by billionnaires. Those 2 clubs are being effectively artificially propped up by billionnaire owners enabling them to compete with the financial might of Man U. If those takeovers hadn't happened Man U would be guarenteed to win the league every single year. That's scary. Problem is the world-wide TV audience just wants to see the biggest teams. I have a passing interest in the Washington Redskins - you are not going to get me watching some sub-level college game in some suburb of Washington - why would i?
scrap the europa league and have the old formats back! a proper cup winners cup and a uefa knockout and leave the Champions League alone! Might be good for spurs but not for the game itself...
SRV - You're right it is ruined, and it will continue as it is no longer a sport where anything is possible. It is now a business where only the rich win. What I find sad is, when you look at where the majority of the money comes from, TV. Who funds this?? WE DO!! Us fans are ruining our beautiful game by paying for the subscriptions.
Its a myth that the UEFA Cup or Europa Cup or whatever you want to call it is suddenly a waste of time or crap. Its simply that it doesn't offer the financial rewards and therefore its not a priority for the clubs. Oyveh mentions Inter Milan - well they are actually in the UEFA Cup as are many huge, prestigious Euro clubs. Especially when you consider you get CL teams dropping into it. The only thing the competition hasn't got is the money. To me the Euro trips, the Euro nights are exactly the same as they always were. Why is a Euro night at the Lane against a team like Lazio/Inter suddenly less of an attraction in the Europa Cup than the CL?? Its so sad that our enjoyment is now based on how much money the club makes out of a particular game rather than the sport itself!
realistically its the only way we get champions league every year, so i can understand why we would be for it. But why would anybody want to see Barcelona vs the 5th best team in scotland for example. We already have ruined the compeition by allowing 3rd & 4th into the thing, let alone 7th. The top team in each country should be in a champions league, one big league of say 12 teams. then 2nd-5th go in the europa. It makes both tournements as good as each other then. Either that or turn the current europa into straight knock out, the 6 game group currently is pointless.
I am not sure about a 64 team format. what the europa league needs is a CL place for the finalists or winners. I know that I would say this as a spurs fan, but I do think that the PL should have at least 6 places for the CL, we are obviously too good not to be in it when compared to the crap teams from peripheral countries. the fact that we topped our group and only lost out to madrid in our first attempt is testament to that.
wiltshirespur - Agree 100%. It should be changed/improved or restored to the cup it was before it was ruined. SRV - The comp is a joke and waste of space. Not only because of the lack of money reward a team will get if they win it, but also because you have to play CL drop outs later in the comp when teams have worked their nuts off to get the those stages, its a kick in the bollox and wrong. Plus those teams will want to qualify for the CL again the following year, and can just drop into this one if they fail. On top of that you could argue that as a second tier comp that they have made it, you should qualify for the 1st tier comp. So its not a myth at all - No wonder people have lost repect for it.
Pathetic idea & shows game is only about money. CL should be for champions & yes, in strong leagues maybe a few runners up etc. The Real problem is that they took away a great Cup Winners Cup & Uefa Cup & replaced with a long winded, average Europa league that puts too much pressure on teams. Europa needs to be seeded knockout & you will quickly get great matches. May not help my beloved Spurs, but come 7th for CL place is devaluing this tournament also. As WILTSHIRE said :)
having said that I would still love to see us do well in the europa league whilst we're in it... imagine how good it would feel if we won it???
Mixed feelings about this - always want to see Spurs up amongst the big clubs, where we belong, but I miss the days when smaller clubs like Ipswich or Forest could win the English league cos they had a good manager and unified team full of home grown players. I agree that money is killing the game as we knew it historically - I'd like to see sensible wage and transfer caps right across the international game. 60,000 - 100,000 a year for kicking a ******** ball around is too much, let alone that amount a week. Mind you I want fair wage caps right across society for that matter - Freedom for Tooting!
The present format of two competitions offers the maximum opportunity for Euro involvement for the hghest number of teams and games so it must make financial sense to keep it. However it can be improved by making the qualifying rounds of the EL regional to cut down the travelling costs for both clubs and fans, and giving CL qualification to the 4 semi-finalists. This can be extended if they already qualify from their own league position and be at the expense of minor clubs who never get the group stages of the CL anyway. That will dramatically enhance the profile and appeal of the EL and ensure maximum participation in Euro competition.
Love totty
Doc - Wage cap needs to occur sooner rather than later, we have players earning 200k p/w and sitting on the bench for Christ sake. It's a short career they cry, I'd love to earn around 50m in my long career!!! For me the way to go is to give the manager of the team a lump sum, lets say 1m p/w. He then distributes that to his squad members, if he decides Bale was awesome he can give him 1m, that will also mean the rest of the squad gets f*** all. There can be arguments about how much is given as a lump sum, but if you are like Huddlestone, 12-18 months out of action. When does his SSP kick in?????
Terrible Idea. Something needs to be done but not this.
Actually think its not a bad idea, knock-out stages until get to the last 32 and then the same as normal. Europa League is such a poor man's comp compared to CL its ridiculous! Still want us to put out a decent team and try to win it seeing as we are in it, but the place to be is the CL. Also it would be good to see all the top team's in Europe competing in the same comp, especially the main team's from England, Spain and Italy.
El Jefe
all the main team's from these countries. Clubs like Spurs, Liverpool, Inter, Lazio, Ath Madrid, etc should be in the CL, its their rightful place. The money could then be spread around a little better and hopefully lead to more competition and team's of a more equal standing.
El Jefe
Interesting thought YB - I noticed Arsenal are threatening to cut players wages if they don't land CL next year. I like your idea better - maybe a minimum wage with a weekly bonus based on performance ratings that take into account more than just goals / assists etc. Footballers were happy and heroes long before these stupid amounts of money kicked in. Apparently, studies have proved that if a person has a secure job / good standard of housing etc that their happiness / satisfaction / fulfilment etc actually start to deteriorate after a person starts to earn more than 15,000 (or equivalent) net, per year. If that was the case globally instead of the present system of inequality where a selct few horde cars and property etc, looks like there'd be a lot more to go around. Oh, well. Food for thought - maybe one day, eh?
The Europa league is a poor man's champions league. It is exactly that... Basically the exact same format with lesser teams, less money and interest but way more matches. Like look at this season if a club such as our own had to choose between winning this European Competition or finishing top 4 to qualify for the superior European competition with way more money it is a no-brainer which is sad but at the end of the day football is a business. And for Fifa and Uefa like every club it is about money and they're gonna do what they think will bring in more of it.
I would prefer it if the champions league drop outs didn't enter the Europa league. Then after the first batch of Europa league matches (the batch of matches we are currently in), it would go straight to knock out with the winner given a place in the champions league the following season (after all they would be a champion)
TopSpur13, that's the real problem. It doesn't matter what real fans want, just what can bring in the most money. I suppose if the people at the top of the game can only see money, we shouldn't really blame players for thinking the same (I can't believe Ade doesn't want to play for his country due to money)
The reason I believe they never let the winners of the Europa League / Uefa Cup earn an automatic champions league spot through the years is because they always tried to convince people that the competitions were somewhat on par with one another. If they gave the winners of the Uefa cup / Europa league a place in the champions league it would have made it come across as the lesser competition (which it is) and they wouldn't want to admit it.
The European championships has gone to 24 teams. There was talk about the World Cup going to 64 teams. (I thought Slovenia vs Algeria in 2010 was bad enough... god knows what this could throw up) and now there is this this debate. Standard of football, footballing tradition, the beautiful game... Who cares eh! It's simple enough everyone... Money, Money and guess what... More money!
If you look at the money UEFA make you would think wouldn't you that they would put some of that money back into the game. If the amount of less rich clubs that qualify for the CL could receive extra investment to help them equal the very top clubs then the competition would be more exciting and we could start to see some names on the trophy that were not predictable. The trouble with having a two tier European League is that you build elitiscm and when you set your exclusive little group up the tendency is then to pull up the draw bridge and make sure that none of the riff raff can get in...unless of course, they suddenely get the dosh and can build a team with new the CL is an exclusive club and as someone said earlier it looks like a fair competition but its heavily weighted and dependant on Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Chelsea and the Manchester United's of this world to fight it out in the final stages...why? because of the brand....if you have the brand you add prestige to the is now a commodity and the supporters are just the necessary back drop to add a bit of drama to make the commodity sell and look exciting....a season ago there was an idea that the Premier League clubs should start playing their premier league fixtures in places like China and Abu Dhabi.......! In 20 years time I can see some PL teams having 2 teams, the one that plays its domestic football in England and the Brand version that plays in a super league with games far away from these shores in sterile, anodyne, anonymouse stadiums....a bit like the Emirates!
OyVeh Maria
To be perfectly honest I think any idea that sees us with a good chance of regular CL footy has to be supported. We do things the right way so why should we not be rewarded with regular entry into the premier Euro competition? Also for those complaining about the money in the game from CL etc, remember it will be through CL qualification etc that us and the likes of Arse will be able to have a semblance of competing with the big boys who have sugar daddies and are running massive deficits! Without that money and trying to get into the thick of it, we might aswell pack up and leave!
El Jefe
scrap the final stages of Europa and make it into a sort of extended version of the InterToto. have the group winners qualify for a latter stage of the UCL.

clubs weighing the games-to-benefits ratio would certainly play their 2nd stringers in Europa, perhaps even in the group stages if a domestic cup final or UCL finish is imminent. but if the Europa is converted into a sort of wildcard round into the UCL it'll certainly get everyone's attention.
to quote the ad, change happens! football will continue to evolve- if we want to shape the direction then we need new on getting rid of Blatter and platini might be a start in the right direction....
I agree the idea of regular CL football has got to be a bonus to a club like Spurs. A number of people have said it devalues the champions league by going to 64 teams, but lets be honest it is a UEFA knock-out cup at present, because it was a true champions league only the champions of each country would be in it. For example the Arsenal get in it every year somehow and they have won nothing for eight seasons now! Also I think it would raise the importance of the FA and League cup because I would think the 7 places would be the top 5 in the PL plus the two cup winners, with the present rule of if a top 5 team wins a cup it goes to 6th place etc. I believe it good news for clubs like Spurs, bring it on.
Ox Yid
i think it will devalue the CL and would prefer CL teams being dropped into it and for the winners to go into CL the following season. I also think it would be better if the winners of the PL FA cup got a prize of being entered into CL. To give cups a better profile and interest there has to be an incentive for the clubs otherwise clubs are not taking them seriously.
There was nothing wrong with the old european cup knockout format, same goes for the old uefa cup and cup winners cup. The CL is ruining football ,and devalues every other competition , all people care about now is finishing top 4 rather than winning trophies
The early stages of the European super league. Like it or not, I believe it is inevitable. Personally, I'm all for it. Just curious to see the format. For me 8 groups of 8, with the top 2 going through to the Round of 16. That means 14 games minimum. After that straight knock out format, (extra time and penalties) just like the WC. 18 games in total if you reach the final. Thoughts?
Evening lads and lasses, maybe a good idea to keep the 64 team tournament, but split them into "2" cups after a particular round of qualification. Similar to the current format, but the lower teams end up in the Europa while the top teams continue into Champions League. Would still give the smaller teams a chance to visit the Nou Camps, Old Traffords and White Hart Lanes of the Uefa world while also keeping more than one cup to win. They already got rid of the Cup Winner's Cup, not sure it makes sense 64 teams fighting for 1 European trophy.
This is the latest wheeze to make more and more money out of the European competition. A competition of 64 teams means that there will be the flotsam and jetson of European football all in the same pot, the competition will be even further away than now, from it's original concept. Why are they using the word "champion" in the concept discussion of the new competition, champions of what, the Blue Square Premier league, which is about the standard of some of the rubbish coming in from some of the "minnow countries in Europe, there should be a restriction on entry based on the FIFA ranking of the national FA. There are already complaints re "too many games in the season", how will this help, galavanting all over Europe playing in what amounts to an enlarged Europa League.
Why don't UEFA simply come clean, and open negotiations on the formation of a European Super League, so that the BEST teams can regularly play each other, and the overall standard will inevitably improve. It will then be a question of how ambitious clubs are to come to the party, and compete.
Bad idea. Will devalue the competition even more than the current entry rues already have. Leave it as is. Europa needs reworking, there are too many games, they need to be reduced. Maybe give more finance to Europa and let finalists get CL entry. This would make it more attractive to teams.

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