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"What might have been".

Watching Tottenham`s drab display against Fulham, after another week of uninspiring football in N17, it was hard to believe that this was the same side who less than a year ago were in contention for the Premier League title with the giants of Manchester.

A shapeless Tottenham looked bereft of ideas as they struggled to retain possession or create chances again mediocre opposition. Gone was the composure and cohesion which propelled them to glory in the San Siro, the speed and guile with which they bedazzled Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea last season. Alas, the passion and panache which gained them a reputation as one of Europe`s most attractive teams are now but a distant memory. The new Tottenham is a far more prosaic proposition; desperately missing the world class talents of Luka Modric and Rafael Van Der Vaart.

Speaking after an uninspiring performance at Craven Cottage the manager bemoaned the loss of the Croatian midfield dynamo and the Dutch master, as well as succession of injuries which have contributed to his side`s decline: "I thought we was excellent today, really excellent, considering the players we lost in the summer and all the injuries. I can`t fault the attitude of the players out there today but, for sure, we was missing some quality. You can`t expect to lose players like Luka, Van Der Vaart - Van Der Vaart, what a player he was - Adebayor, who was different class last season, Scotty Parker - player of the season for me last season -Younes and Benoir, and not have it affect your performances.

"Jermain is a triffic finisher - top, top class - but, to be fair, playing up front on his own is not his game. He needs a big man up there along side him, like Crouchy, and at the moment we just haven`t got one. To be honest with you, the squad is looking a bit thin, and with Daws and Bale injured it`s a bit of a nightmare. We was down to the bare bones already."

Showing that he has lost none of the charm and whit which won over all but the most hostile Spurs fans, the manager made light of the situation by suggesting that he might have to play his Mrs up front next week - a comment which was greeted by raucous laugher by the gathered media. Explaining the paucity of the players at his disposal, the manger continued, "To be fair, I tried to bring in a few over the summer - Aguero was one is was really keen on. Then there was Michael Owen, Messi, Gary Neville, Falcoe, Joey Barton - but the chairman couldn`t do the deals or wouldn`t pay the wages so we was left a bit short."

Asked if he could understand why the travelling supporters booed his team off as his team descended further towards the relegation zone, the manager replied, "To be honest with you, I`m not bothered what they think. I mean, they`re all idiots, aren`t they? How do they think we are going to compete with the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal when we can`t pay the wages and sell our best player? I can`t fault the effort of the players today but if we are going to avoid a relegation dog fight the chairman is going to have to put has hand in his pocket and spend big in January."

Despite their precarious position in the table, Tottenham fans must at least be grateful for one thing: that their legendary manager was not among the superstar departures in the summer. Is there another manager anywhere in the world better qualified for spending money in the January transfer window to prepare for a relegation dog fight? Just consider where Portsmouth and Southampton might be now without the prudence, dealings and judgement of their former manager?

And just imagine where Spurs might be now had they appointed the clueless AVB.

Written by One Cent Rob

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The journalist

Writer: One Cent Rob Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday December 2 2012

Time: 11:47AM

Your Comments

Lol, funny article, im so glad saggy face has gone, and I hope he gets qpr relegated so all the Harry lovers in the media (especially Adrian Durham) can shut up about him. I really like avb and think give some money in jan, we can be a class team.
The Hudd
Things look to be taking shape. Once we get our players back god knows what could happen. COYS
Yido T
The players actually look like they enjoy playing for AVB. Master stroke resting/dropping Walker as well it shows he has bottle and Naughton looked ok. Sig and Dempsey looked better as well. Still not sure about Gallas.
Yido T
get a life.avb's doing his best with what he has.dembeles the difference.clearly the bad run coincided with his injury. imo more valuable to the team then modric was
never blowingbubbles
Funny article :-)
Our main problem with AVB will be keeping him away from huge clubs. The man speaks 5 languages, and is clearly a very good manager. Levy needs to make sure he can match Andre's ambition, never mind Bale's.
Tactically Challenge
Haha funny stuff! U may be blowing bubbles but u certainly smoking something strong mate if u criticize the author in what is clearly a cheeky dig at the old manager and not AVB
Great article!!!! Tickled pink. Congrats to AVB and the guys for a good win yesterday!! Hope Bale and Dawson recover quickly but we should be ok with Siggy or Falque on the left wing and either Ade / Dempsey behind Defoe (the guy who can't play alone up front). What a revelation he is turning out to be under AVB at the tender age of 30!!!! Well done Defoe!!!! COYS!!!!
hilarious that mrs part.Good article!
And now for better news: Ade has withdrawn from the Togo (spelling) National team for te up-coming African's Nation cup (is that the name of the tournament?? Will Benny be playing in that tournament, anybody knows?
I am pretty sure Defoe will have his best season ever!This window we should go for a decent leftback,wing cover but most imp Creative midfielder and who knows 3rd???COYAVB!
I am pretty sure Defoe will have his best season ever!This window we should go for a decent leftback,wing cover but most imp Creative midfielder and who knows 3rd???COYAVB!
Also good to see the fans / supporters voting for AVB as MOTM in the poll. Showing appreciation where and when deserved!!! Hats off to AVB and may you keep up the good work even though we know it's work in progress!!!! Fantastic work again guys. I am over the moon, the whole weeks' and weekends' results were excellent for our beloved Spurs!!! COYS!!!!
That's brilliant work! Well done One Cent Rob +1 to you ;-)
never blowingbubbles.......must be american as he has no understanding of irony.great article ONE CENT ROB,love the tongue-in-cheek stuff.we're not out of the woods yet but if we maintain these performances and push on with our injured players coming back to fitness then the 3rd spot is more than do-able.unfortunately i can't see levy buying new players in January,especially if ADE doesn't go to the african nations,because thats what he's like......but do we need new players in january?.........if our neighbors continue to slip up,(pause for sadistic laughter), i can't see no reason why we can't be 3rd at the end of the season.the chavs seem to have no fight if they go behind in a game and their celebrity-scintillating-super-star-summer buys seem to eunuchs as they have no ball5 and the scumsters have no van persie to bail them out this season........a very wise man once sung 'reasons to be cheerful',i'm still counting.
g. roberts testes
what_sux.......brilliant,he's scored like that before.can't remember where or when.wish he would do it more often.
g. roberts testes
great article, havent heard AVB use any thing like the "down to the bare bones" excuse and he's had opportunities all season to do so.
rob, where's your other cent gone???
what_sux, Thanks for the reminder video (unlikely to forget anyway), but seeing the action replay y'day, seemed Sandro, once he got the ball, looked around for quite some time to see who was available, then seeing no one, he just side stepped and thought flack this, just boot it!!!!. The result was same as the Taraabt free kick against Friedel!!!. But Sandro deserved it just for he effort he has put in this season. Hope it inspires him to even greater things this season. COYS!
Very witty piece One-Cent. Very good indeed! Poor old Recaro has his work cut out for him at QPR. How many over 30's to QPR in January anybody? I'm going for 4.
What a stupid self righteous article.
Swansea v Arsenal for FA Cup again LOL
It will all be for nothing if we have not learnt from the last 3 years. From Jan onwards, the team forgets how to play football and we go into freefall. We need to make sure we reinforce this time with the right players. We need a left back, cover for Bale and Lennon, cover for Sandro, glad to see Scotty back but he is not as good as Sandro, and a striker. We also need rid of Hudd. He cannot play in a 4-2-3-1 system as he is too slow to play in the 2 or the 3. Would love to see big bids for Fellaini, Baines, Adam Johnson and a striker.
vicspur, Fellaini, Baines, Adam Johnson??? Are you Harry Redknapp in disguise?!!
Tactically Challenge
Good chuckle, this article. Can one imagine what this team with these players would be doing were Harry still at the helm? LOL, mate, LOL.
Total knobhead
adam johnson actually wouldn't be a bad move though. I'm sure a lot on here would disagree, but he can play both sides, has a bit to his game for a domestic winger, and still has his best to come I feel. then again, I'm sure AVB and his boys can come up with better.
Nice one Rob, and of course, concerning yesterdays results, the icing on the cake would have been a late winner by Villa.
matt hoten
Yeah nice article Rob. Chuffed to bits AVB's getting man of the match, much deserved. Come on in Ade, Parker, Kaboul and BAE!!
didnt Adam Johnson recently moved to Sunderland searching 1St team football and I see no way in hell,Fellaini coming to us.So maybe Remy this winter?He might come cheap!
didnt Adam Johnson recently moved to Sunderland searching 1St team football and I see no way in hell,Fellaini coming to us.So maybe Remy this winter?He might come cheap!
Sorry for the double comments though!
Sorry for the double comments though!
Funny yes, but it did make me sigh with the reference to the heights we did hit last season - in some ways it was worth the massive anti-climax to revel for a while in such artistry. He did good but deserved to go.
Love totty
@vicspur. Yeah those players would be too expensive. I'd rather go for Eriksen, Mertens, and Belhanda at the very least as they would be cheaper. If Levy spent a good deal this window, ideally I'd like Isco, Munaian, and M'Villa.
Bar Harry's first January, is there an precedent for Levy spending big in this transfer window?
Tactically Challenge
Superbly hilarious article to top off a perfect 7 days of footie and a lucky F.A. cup 3rd round draw. COYS. Finger crossed that Bale only misses the Panaithakos game or the Everton game at most.
vicspur, spot on mate. Although I don't think that Everton would sell their two best players to us. Also, Adam Johnson only signed for Sunderland in the summer. I think those players would be great for us though. I reckon United could go for Fellani.
The current good run is great, but it may have unfortunate consequences, it may give our tight arsed vertically challenged the excuse he needs not to spend money in the January window, something of course he would be very reluctant to do. If we are still 4th, 5th on New Years day, he may alledge "if it ain't broke don't fix it" or "lets leave well alone", he and Lewis would be absolutely delighted.
Hopefully, we'll go back in for Moutinho and Will-i-an.
Not to put a downer on it all, but I have a horrible feeling that we'll end up forth this season..... and that team in red win the champs league
Sorry, fourth not forth
Why is anybody on this site, or associatted with this club, bothered about whether or not QPR get relegated, and what happens to HR in the future. He is no longer anything to do with THFC so why can't people worry about now at Spurs, and how we fare, rather than concern themselves about QPR and their manager.
It could only happen to Spurs
I don't think AVB will be given a large transfer budget in January.
Frank, I don't think so dude. I reckon Levy will invest in January, but we might not get another striker since Ade is not going to the ACoN. I think we'll get Willian or Moutinho, maybe I'm dreaming lol.
MrSpurs, you may be right. If we are doing well, Levy will say we don't need new players. If we are doing badly, Levy will say he can't trust AVB with the money.
good tongue in cheek article, refreshing one cent rob!
Frank, I agree. Love him or hate him, Harry is not our manager. I wish him well, but couldn't care less what happens with QPR, unless they decide to buy some of our players - Bentley anyone
I did wonder that myself in-spurs-national, as a worst case scenario, but i really can't see the arse winning the CL.
moutinho and isco
Good article One Cent Rob. I'm happy for AVB and for the players. Happy that all the Spurs mug "supporters" have been kept quiet by our form over the last week, if anyone needs reminding of who on this forum is full up to the brim with *****, then check the beginning of Tottenham v West Ham thread from last weekend. Funnily enough all those that were slating AVB have disappeared, that in itself signals better days, such loyal die-hard (I hope they do) fans that they are.
Guernman, I couldn't see Chelsea beating Barcelona with ten men either
Watching Adam Johnson right now, terrible suggestion, average player. Also, Where would Fellaini play in our system??? If he plays behind the striker, you need to play long balls, we are not a long ball team, another terrible suggestion. We need quality ball playing footballers, not Everton type players. For christ sake, we are Tottenham Hotspur. People need to realise that while some players look great on MOTD, but are not the required standard or type for Spurs.
Tactically Challenge
moutinho and isco. great suggestions.
thought isco wouldn't want to leave Malaga to soon, Pellegrini's a genious. and isco's a local boy there.
Looks like we are tracking a 20 year old, makes a nice change.
Danny Rose having a decent game for Sunderland v Norwich. Just had a brilliant volly from 3o yards out that almost resulted in a goal.
I think the article is fair enough and the fictional comparison provides a chance to recognise how important it was we moved on to new management. Actually, I'm enjoying Harry's media banter now he's not at the lane, and constantly give thanks we have someone who discusses the tactics and strengths and weaknesses of the game after each match (even if AVB does go a bit overboard at times - Falcao comment etc). I don't mind people mentioning other clubs or Harry on here - we still talk about BMJ with affection, and Harry for all his faults gave us some magic moments. Besides, I like QPR & Fulham (my dads old clubs), so I tend to monitor their progress, anyway. 1st half yesterday was poor - AVB thinks they kept our midfield quiet - I think the footballing brilliance will come in short bursts this season - but this is what Man U have always done, so as long as we're getting the points in I don't see it as a major problem. Hope Bale's back soon, but I think we might have enough to get by - looks like we've got ADE back for the whole season - great news if he and Defoe can get it going together.
Danny Rose is looking good at left back. Better than Naughton. Apparently Liverpool are going to offer 5M for him?! Sounds suspiciously like tabloid nonsense, but he is improving every week.
Tactically Challenge
WHAT_SUX teach me how to post videos... please
Danny Rose has a problem... we would love to have him, back as a back up player.. he wants to be starting every week...
leave him there for now... at least he will be starting every time...
Love this article:).
We need that MODRIC/VDV mix of player...

someone thats comfortable on the ball and able to attack the goal, and be able to lay it on for others to do the damage...
Great article. Redknapp - quickly back to where he belongs in a relegation dog-fight! Funny how England or no other top team ever fancied him before or after us. One of the biggest chancers ever to grace English football - amazed me that even at the end some Spurs fans still couldn't see right through him. An absolute travesty we never won anything with that team - what a waste.
You got me there for a second! Well done One Cent Rob!
actually if this article is supposed to be a "pop" at harry then its just the usual purile words you get from people who just want to take a cheap shot...last season the Harry haters had to pick on harry's "twitch" to vilify him and make him look a clown and make him look incompetent...harry's so called "twitch"came as a result of a car crash that killed his best mate and I quote: "A former York City FC chairman has told how he rescued football manager Harry Redknapp from a fatal minibus crash and has backed him to be a great England boss. Michael Sinclair, now 70, was with his son Adam as well as Redknapp, the then manager of Bournemouth AFC, and five others in a minibus when it was hit by a car carrying three Italian soldiers, during the 1990 World Cup. The three soldiers were all killed, as was Bournemouth general manager Brian Tiler, but Mr Sinclair pulled Mr Redknapp hotly tipped to succeeed Fabio Cappello in the England job to safety." As far as I am concerned Crissboy your a knob ,and everyone and anyone who thinks having a cheap shot at Harry is the clever thing to do cos its fashionalble, because you know so much about football that you can sit there taking the moral higher ground satisfied in the knowledge that AVB is so much better than harry ever could be, well thats your opinion. But when you slate harry off and start picking on his facial stammer then your opinion means jack to me and any other self respecting football fan who doesent hold colour or religion as a way of putting someone down. Your a dick head crissy boy and if all you can use is insults to make your point your then you desreve the title dick head.....what ever you say when ever you say it you will never get any respect from me or any other of the so called spurs "mug" supporters...cos you know it all dont you! so the next time you want to take the pi$$ our of Harry perhaps you might remember the people who died that gave him that "twich"
OyVeh Maria
Lads can we now draw a line under the Harry Rednapp thing? We were in the mire when he arrived and he got us some good times. Yes he snatched fourth from the jaws of third but he is gone now and we need to focus on the future - not snicker up our sleeves at a man who over all was a decent manager for us.
Slurms McKenzie
On a totally unrelated topic - whats the deal with the "support your Club" rating on FIFA13? How are we only 18th?
Slurms McKenzie
Isco and Leandro in January??? or llorente or huntelaar who's contracts are almost up???....can't see it but I can see us going for eriksen and we've been linked with Ricky van Wofswinkle again...but if Ade stays around levy won't want to go dipping into his pocket and spending any of our money...
Slurms McKenzie, agree. I've said before that with Harry this season maybe we would be doing better, maybe we would be doing worse. It doesn't matter. He's not our manager any more. Get behind the new man and let's go for third.
Yep, Redknapp is back where he belongs in the relegation zone, let him get on with it and lets move on. Oyveh it would be wonderful if you could re-direct the love and passion you clearly have for Harry Redknapp, the QPR manager, towards the current young Spurs manager and his team anything is achievable! I'm excited with what we can achieve. Soon we will have Parker, BAE, Kaboul and Ade back. That will be huge. I really hope Levy finds the funds to support AVB in the January window, a resurrection of the Moutinho deal would be nice along with a forward/winger type striker - we are still far too reliant on Dembele, Bale and Lennon, we have no cover for them. A line-up of something like Lloris; BAE, Verts, Kaboul/Caulker, Walker/Naughton; Parker, Sandro/Moutinho; Bale, Dembele/Willian, Lennon; Ade/Defoe has got Top 4 and a trophy written all over it.
Oyveh, I wear your title of di(k-head with pride, consider it a badge of honour. You state that "you know so much about football that you can sit there taking the moral higher ground satisfied in the knowledge that AVB is so much better than harry ever could be, well thats your opinion". Yeah, that's my opinion, and the THREE cups MORE that AVB has won in less that five years of management suggests that I'm also wrong does it? Err, no. Have a word with yourself, sorry if the article touched a nerve for you and your god didn't sign a new contract when put in-front of him. I never mentioned his facial-twitch.
Oh and Oyveh, for the record, someone as archaic and out of touch, or just entirely ignorant to use the phrase "The principal does not translate however, when coloured players are involved", in your article the other day about anti-semitism, then maybe you're not in a position to be casting aspersions on others.
nice one crissy !!!!
wear it with pride then crissy boy, wear it with pride! have the moral high ground.....oh, and by the way I used coloured because you only get 4000 charachters in an aritcle I could have said; adjective 1having a colour or colours, especially as opposed to being black, white, or neutral: brightly coloured birds are easier to see [in combination]: a peach-coloured sofa imbued with an emotive or exaggerated quality: highly coloured examples were used by both sides 2 (also Coloured) dated or offensive wholly or partly of non-white descent. South African used as an ethnic label for people of mixed ethnic origin, including Khoisan, African, Malay, Chinese, and white: there was a drive to recruit coloured, black, and Indian members noun 1 (also Coloured) dated or offensive a person who is wholly or partly of non-white descent. South African a person of mixed descent usually speaking Afrikaans or English as their mother tongue: the ANC was not making much progress among Indians or mixed-race Coloureds but Ox wont let you use that many words......! nice one crissy!
OyVeh Maria
The bottom line is if you peel a human they are red underneath but you can only tell a good one by squeezing it first.
Slurms McKenzie
Looks like we are flying under the radar. Except for the alleged diving from Bale, there is no bad news about us circulating. AVB is honest in his approach with Press and seems to have won some of them. This is the single point I feared about when he came in.

Chelsea have put themselves under pressure with too much change, Arsenal are under pressure with no change in management with mediocrity settling in. City & United are in a league of their own. Then comes us with the wanabes Everton, Swansea & WBA.

There are some challenging fixtures coming for us against some inform teams like Everton, Swansea & Stoke. If we come out well with some good points we are well on our way to extend the lead over Arsenal and ctach Chelsea napping.

We have come this far is down to one man - AVB. Under Harry, we couldn't find a replacement for Lennon, when he was out that eventually was the downfall of us last season. This season we have had injuries in every department yet AVB's management & system has been largely effective. We still have not played a perfect game- with players coming back from injury it could only improve.
sydqcb5 answer then!..............nice one crissy!
OyVeh Maria
"Different ethnicity" wasn't an option then Oyveh, it had to be a few-hundred words of explanation or just "coloureds"? I'm sure it's entirely Ox's fault that you couldn't delete probably 10 characters from the article you wrote to get your point across without sounding at best uninformed.
Yeah....hur hur, very good article, and spot on...after all... ho ho... when you think about it... hee hee...we dodged a bullet this year, given what might have been ha ha, what with where we were then, I mean, after...ha ha...15 games last year, and...giggle...we were third with 34 points...heh heh....and this year we're....fourth? and (straight face)......have 26 points? Sorry, can you do the punchline again about where we'd be with AVB, I know call me stoopid, sorry, um...oh never mind, I'll get me coat.
Oyveh, you need to take a chill pill. We don't know how we would be doing had he still been in charge, but i bet this article is very close to the mark. Harry is not a long term manager for any club, let alone a big club.
WINS against West Ham, Liverpool and Fulham in succession. Happy :-)
has anyone seen the latest Bale's transfer interview on newsnow (daily mail & telegraph).....sounds very much like an old one from last year?
special too
Spurs draw Coventry in FA Cup! Yatta! or is this old news? Time for bed zzzzZZZZZZ
I just realised that Oyveh Maria IS Harry; he can't read, write, spell, use grammar, and has limited vocabulary.
Lordjohnny, yeah we had more points at this stage last season but also had a very different team. So what's your point?
Tottenham Hotcore
Pathetic article, taking a pop at the most successful coach in Tottenham's Premiership history, who finished in an official CL qualifying position twice in the 3 full seasons he was at the club! A coach who gave THFC the Champions League! Harry made the top 4 (missed 3rd by a single point) last season during a season when he had an heart operation, the court case and all the speculation of the England job, and yet still made top 4, even without the backing of the board in the transfer market. And of course all you Harry haters failed to notice the beautiful football the team played last season, which was by far the most attractive on the floor passing football produced by any THFC coach since the great Keith Burkinshaw... Harry's gone now and I am fully backing AVB and hope the board back him as well, but this pathetic knocking of our former coach is joke. Get a life you clueless fools, and the best of luck to Harry at QPR in his relegation mission. All of you Harry haters have conveniently forgotten how Redknapp saved THFC in similar relegation mission just a few seasons back...
Who was the only coach in the history of THFC to make 70 points in a Premiership campaign? Fingers crossed AVB breaks the 70 point barrier, which will get THFC back into the Champions League...
pelebro - get a life pal, he won f*** all. Lost a 13 point advantage. In fact I'm not even going to bother going over this again. Go an support QPR if you love him so much.
pelebro, England and Redknapp, was Redknapp, he flirted with it bit like a woman for him he brought England drinks all night and at the end of the night she went home to her hubby .... erm the court case was his fault sorry Rosie's as it was her account .... he gave up 3rd by one point not lost it. Redknapp, had the best premier side we have ever had and could only get 4th no cup? real successful huh .... AVB is in his 1at full season with us he had not had over half a season with just keeping us up he expects these players to get 4th he said so at the beginning. Redknapp is where he deserves to be a crap wannabe team in QPR. AVB has lesser players than Redknapp but maybe that is a blessing more united .... more rotation happier players ... makes you laugh that he was sooooooooooooooooooo good for us Dawson, Defoe etc are already saying nah don't wanna go to QPR. Tarrabat must be *****ed off completely
pelebro, England and Redknapp, was Redknapp, he flirted with it bit like a woman for him he brought England drinks all night and at the end of the night she went home to her hubby .... erm the court case was his fault sorry Rosie's as it was her account .... he gave up 3rd by one point not lost it. Redknapp, had the best premier side we have ever had and could only get 4th no cup? real successful huh .... AVB is in his 1at full season with us he had not had over half a season with just keeping us up he expects these players to get 4th he said so at the beginning. Redknapp is where he deserves to be a crap wannabe team in QPR. AVB has lesser players than Redknapp but maybe that is a blessing more united .... more rotation happier players ... makes you laugh that he was sooooooooooooooooooo good for us Dawson, Defoe etc are already saying nah don't wanna go to QPR. Tarrabat must be *****ed off completely
I think old blinky will have his work cut out with QPR, but he gave us a few good years so good luck to him. I'm very happy with AVB who will take us the next step "For sure".
All this fuzzy talk of Bale leaving is being bandied about by a disgruntled Arse nil half wit that can't take the jibes about Wenger throwing in his towel at the end of the season. Besides if he goes it will be for 50 million.
Just another petty jibe at Redknapp. Funny that, considering it was the 'Harry haters' who were reveling in the fact he would no longer be discussed or cause arguements on this site?
pelebro.....two of the things that you in your arguement he created. The england job because he touted himself for it non-stop and said he'd take it. and the Tax thing for not paying it in the first place. He threw away 3rd. Upset half the squad. we collapsed the minute capello walked from england. We had many soundbites from Harry saying the players don't care who is in charge etc etc. And at the end of the season its all the players care about as they need to know for stability. The biggest point that you have to overlook is Harry was offered a new deal in feb and he didn't want to sign it. If a player did that we would crucify him. Harry was scared it would price him out of the England job. If the boss refuses to sign an extension, why should the players. He destablised his postion within the club and our run post xmas shows that. If he realyl wanted to stay he would have signed the extension when offered. Not come back wanting to sign it when no one else wanted him. If he was that good a manager why didn't chelsea get him a couple of weeks back. Instead getting in Rafa. The article is a joke but does sound like a lot of things under Harry. And i'm not a Harry Hater. I appreciate what he did for the club but the time was right. We had to move on from him.
You Harry Hatters still avoid the main points. Firstly the style of football the team played last season? Name a better style of football produced by any coach since Burkinshaw? And who was the only Premiership coach to break the 70 point barrier and Spurs in the CL? The rest of the crap you talk is just your pure blind dislike for the man...

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6. Arsenal 16 7 5 4 9 26
7. Spurs 16 7 3 6 -2 24
8. Newcastle 16 6 5 5 -4 23
9. Swansea 16 6 4 6 2 22
10. Everton 16 5 6 5 3 21

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Spurs MOTM against Newcastle?
Suggested By:  Vital Spurs
Vorm 11%
Chiriches 1%
Fazio 5%
Vertonghen 1%
Rose 1%
Stambouli 8%
Bentaleb 15%
Townsend 2%
Eriksen 44%
Chadli 1%
Kane 6%
Dembele 1%
Soldado 2%
Capoue 2%