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AVB: No need to spend in January!

To some extent it is heartening to know that our manager is happy with his players and that all seems to be going somewhere near to plan to make any spending non essential, even if we accept that we do ideally need to bring in a few players to bolster the squad and add quality to one or two areas of the team. I think that although we, and I'm sure AVB would like to bring in players, it remains more about getting the right players, at the right price and perhaps building on what we have achieved to date as opposed to adding another three or four players and destabilising the improvements made.

Sure getting Willian, Moutinho or God knows who else is on our wanted list would be considered a step forward and equally the last thing we want to happen is to have tired legs or a lack of depth spoil a good start to a season, especially when we will hopefully do well in one or both of the Europa league or FA Cup. But we also don't want to be buying in haste and regretting it down the line or paying silly money for others that we can ill afford, just top chase a dream. Question is whether we truly believe a manager who seems quite confident at keeping his cards close to his chest and seems to be looking at the long as opposed to short term goals for the clubs development.

We do have to consider the returning Parker, Kaboul and BAE in the coming weeks and also the development of players such as Carroll and Falque, who seem to be improving rapidly and already don't look out of place in our starting eleven when they have got the chance to play. Add those to the potential of Emmanuel Adebayor not going to the ACN in the new year (unless of course he again changes his mind) and our squad isn't quite as bad as some and you don't see too many areas that are in desperate need of work, unless we suffer cronic and unlucky injuries in key areas.

If we look at players such as Moutinho or William, we also have to consider the timing of any deal. Would either want to jump ship when their current clubs are doing well in the Champions league and joining any club in mid-season is always far harder to settle than waiting until the summer, in theory, at least. Not only is it harder for them, but the clubs are less willing to sell their own key players unless there is a hefty premium on the deal or they are not playing well or the club needs the money. Do Shakhtar or Porto need the cash that badly in January? On the other hand, a manager who confidently states that there is no need to buy, is not playing into the hands of a seller who will know the buyer is desperate and also might be willing to pay OTT to get their man early.

As much as I would like to see us bring in a player or two and perhaps off load a few others at the same time, I would rather look at the medium to long term and get the right players at the right price at a time when they have the best chance to settle. Only at the end of the season, will we know if it was the right call, but I also feel that endlessly chasing players in mid-season can knock the current players as much as it can give them a boost or kick up the backside. Players like stability and will, I feel, value the extra time to envelop their own understanding of the managers wishes and if we believe that the majority of players and enjoying working with AVB, is it such a bad thing to take a measured approach instead of buying because we feel we have to and not because we need to...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 3 2012

Time: 1:22PM

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Definitely need cover for Defoe and Dembele
Well I'm not so sure. I think a striker is still needed but not the superstar name we crave. If Ade goes to the African Nations cup then we definitely need someone. Just short-term, maybe bring Saha back ;) hahaha (joke). Just Incase. Don't buy big in january or you may very well regret it... Carroll and Torres anyone.
I got it! Robbie Keane back for two months on loan if Ade goes! Or Donovan.
utter rubbish, of course we need to keep investing you only get two opportunities to buy...
Heck why not ask for Welbeck for six months? God loves a tryer!
we are a thin squad. Look at our bench - Townsend, Falque, Naughton, Livermore - all players that were either not good enough last year / virtually leaving under harrys reign, are now considered first teamers. We've lost Corluka, Pienaar, Pav, Kranckjar, VDV, Modders, King, Keane, Bassong, Saha, Nelson so in my view, while we needed to refine the squad, we cant really on the ones deemed not good enough only 1 year ago...
This is exceptional man management from AVB. It must be a huge lift for players to hear that their manager believes in them and isn't thinking about other players. 10/10 for man management.
Tactically Challenge
assuming Dembele is the creative replacement for VDV & Sodric we do not cover as someone above pointed out... we also need another striker and definitely more than anything someone to challenge Bale on the left and Lennon on the right, or at least allow us to rotate and give them a rest, so yes, we absolutely need to bring in players, the suggestion we do not is idiocy in my opinion. let's hope it's just a rouse but somehow I doubt it. Cast your mind back to last season when we needed to strengthen to guqrantee 3rd and brought in a knackered old pit pony and and a lame race horse. Clearly Levy's memory is as short as his arms!
Cape Town Spurs
*do need cover* that should read
Cape Town Spurs
Tc- I think that has to be what he is doing, Arry used to unsettle the squad leading up to windows with all the speculation BUT we do need to buy so hopefully Jan 1st we'll do our business and then get on with settling them in...after all if we really don't need anyone else they were either lying about the moutinho deal or AVB would have wasted 30m of our funds and therefore shouldn't be trusted to buy???
But we need reinforcement in Jan.Once Dembele suffers that hip injury again,God knows what happens!We need to strengthen at that creative dept.It wasnt a coincidence,we were in a bad run of form when he was injured!Eriksen maybe but its a distant dream
shedboy2, We are light in some areas. But January prices are so high I can only see us making super cheap deals like Piennar, Saha and Neilsen. No major signings, thats for sure.
Tactically Challenge
we need one striker one right back and willian and moutinho or eriksen Only One Playmaker
levy please don't listen AVB we need players
So nice to hear that we need nothing or little instead of yeah he's triffic or great player him! This is keeping all of the squad happy and encouraging the ones on the sidelines they have a future. Players returning from layoffs will get their chance and I hope rotation is a little more in the new year (not the GK KEEP LLORIS IN!) Only as others have mentioned I feel a striker is a must and maybe Falque being given more playing time to rest Lennon and Bale. I hope Daws and Bale are ok and back in the mix ASAP
ParkLane67, I think we also need cover for BAE as Vertonghen (a future Spurs skipper in my book) would be more effective in central defence. Three in three out. Gallas or Daws, definitely Hudd, and perhaps a goalie.
hiano. I agree with you on LB and GK. But how about 2 GK Carlo and Friedel out and a younger one in?
take this with a pinch of salt people. of course if we get the opportunity to improve the squad and buy future talent we most certainly will. damiao, eriksen, isco, willian etc - this sort of player. what AVB is doing is smart. he has good team spirit and is managing the squad brilliantly. defoe has flaws, but he is all AVB has had to work with, so he plays him, bigs him up, expresses great believe in him, plays the team to suit his strengths and counter his weaknesses and hey presto, he is joint top scorer and in the form of his life. doesn't mean AVB wouldn't bring in damiao if he can, but in case we can't improve in the january window which is always tough to get value, much better publicly say we don't need anyone this is a great squad rather than the harry approach of " defoe can't play the lone role, we are a bit short of quality, we need to bring in two or three key players to compete etc(in other words we need to improve on the bunch of crap I am dealing with and thats why results don't our way and if we don't bring in messi etc then don't blame me when we have a crap second half to the season)... and harry is the supposed better man manager lol! the difference is AVB does what is best for the club, whereas harry is only interested in covering his ass and deflecting blame. i know which approach i prefer
Daws, Thudd, Gomes, Cudi, JENAS & BENTLEY all out, with 2 coming in. MF and a striker. We can get by with what we have otherwise
Maybe AVB thinks that he can improve JJ and Bentley like he has JD. Then I would really call him Messiah and worship at his feet. No blasphemy intended.
Love totty
we have 3 strikers vying for 2 spots so all 3 should get decent gametime and stay engaged with the 'project'... if we need a 4th striker short-term, we could use Dembele, Bale, Townsend as such... I'd say our 1st choice central-midfield is Dembele-Sandro, we have ample backup in Parker, Livermore, THudd and Carroll (remember, these are backup)...if we need to buy proper backup we can do so for less than 10m.. NO BIG NAMES IN JANUARY.
viyyash, i understand where you are coming from, but if we have the opportunity to buy damiao we simply must take it, because he will soon be out of our league if he isn't already, and we would be a player for the next few years for us. he is more likely to move in january
Dempsey is not a striker
excellent article ox, what most people need to remember before they starting spitting the words 'buy, buy, buy' whilst foaming at the mouth is, as Ox stated, we must buy only those who are better than we already have. These players tend to be champions league players, who a) will cost a fortune that we will not spend and b) they will not leave their clubs half way through a champions league campaign. So who does that leave ?? Yet again people need to look at this realistically, this is not championship manager.
Damiao is waaaay over-rated, he would cost 25m+ and is he really gonna gonna score at a better rate than 1 in 2 currently achieved by a CURRENT player Defoe (who has also recently extended his contract).. waste of money.... we need 1-2 cagey buys for backup: young, inexperienced but with ability. maybe a young centre-half and/or tall pacy back up Ade's qualities (Jerome or di Santo)
Guernman,well said at lest this jan we will not have to keep shoviling when the mouth opens.
Little spur
i think we will lose Dawson and Parker (if they are both fit) to QPR in january. Bentley and Jenas will hopefully make permanent moves somewhere. Think Gomes will be going back to Brazil. And if we can find some quality for CM positions i think we would let Hudd leave. If Moutinho Deal is now dead i say we add to our Belgian Revolution and go for Fellaini at £25-£30m can play CM box to box or as an attacking midfielder off the front man and also adds to our set piece scenarios defensively and offensively. still think we need cover in the wide areas and strike department also so again a player that could cover both positions is Remy who can play wilde on either side or as a striker. 2 birds with one stone again. 1 more option that would be funny. 6months left on his contract theo walcott, again can play through the middle or on the wings. cheeky I know but would add strength and cover for sure.
Is this some cunning plan by AVB to say we don't need new players, and secretly lure the best young talen in Europe to join Spurs? I sure hope so! Everyone saw how much we lacked when Dembele was injured. Now, we will see how much we lack as Bale is injured. We certainly could use a world class player playing behind the striker.
jimmy-yid - it is possible to pick up quality without sides being in the champions league tho; Jelevic, Cisse are two examples
If Remy is available at 10m then thats good business
we already have a world-class player playing behind a striker. he's called Adebayor.... Moutinho, Fellaini are not backup, so if 1 comes it means leaving out Sandro regularly.... I think AVB means what he says and rightly feels now that he doesnt need Moutinho (due to Dembele) and that the strikers have gelled well and are producing regularly, so why jeopardise the harmony by parachuting in a bigname who finances will demand plays ahead of any current striker... you dont factor in harmony/team-spirit when you play lets-buy-a-bigname-cos-we-like-them-famous
First we need to see who we have who fall into the "not good enough" category and that is for me. Huddlestone, Cudicini, Jenas, Bentley. If we can offload these plus some others that maybe in AVB's eye surplus to requirements. Then I'd only buy in genuine quality if available and at the right price. We don't want to be in the summer transfer window having to offload before we can buy. I don't think we need to panic buy in January and of course a lot depends on whether Ade goes to African Cup or not and whether the injured players recover fully. We cannot foresee who will get injured in the last months of the season but we have the depth in all positions if all players are injury free. Maybe a creative player and striker are the priority buys but ONLY if they are mouthwatering, too good to not sign kind of players
suarez is another good example mattspurs lol
I'd consider putting in a bid for Paul Pogba... I watch alot of Italian fotball as it comes 'free' with my VirginMedia package. This lad is a serious talent and is already shining even with Juventus embarrassment of riches in midfield.... very god athlete, great maturity and plays simple but deadly passes rather than 'look-at-me' type passes, an eye for goal but backs up play so well too... but is he tied-up with Juve with an option to buy , or will Utd sell to a Prem 'rival'?
When AVB took over from Harry, he was faced with a massively bloated squad of players, a third of whom were de-motivated and on high wages. Hence no room/money for many new signings. We culled a lot in the summer but there are still half a dozen or so that need to go to free up squad numbers/available money. Once this is done, I still think we need a forward and midfield player to rotate/compete with Dembele, Bale and Lennon. As was shown when Dembele was out - we just don't have a replacement and we struggled. Hopefully Bale's injury is not too bad but i fear for our attacking penetration without him in the team.
What a huge boost to the squad if we signed a big name tho. If we got a "moutinho", the likes of Ade, Super Jan and Bale will know we're serious about going somewhere as a club..
Also, as someone said above, i like the look of Fellaini to add to the Belgium contingent and play the number 10 role. The loss of VDV has left a gaping hole in class in that position with the cut-price Dempsey doing ok, but he's not exactly what you would call top class. Can't see it happening though.
ITK - Chelsea WILL sack Benitez at some point!! Now that I can be seen as a reliable source, I think Ricky van Wolfswinkel and Erikson will be Spurs players in January!
Viyyash-Ramosh- you're on the wind up mate....but I don't think we will get a big name, after-all modric was our record buy at c16m....we've made 32m profit on players in the last two years and NEVER bought a marquee under ENIC.
Yiddyboy, Chelsea have no chance with Benitez in charge, the atmosphere over there with the fans is poisonous, the players know it - their season is phucked. I just hope he survives until the end of the season!
if we see an opportunity in january - maher, eriksen, pjanic etc. then take it but for gods sake don't panic buy. I agree with mattspurs, if we sign a big name it will give incentive to bale and others that we are serious about being a top club.
Are the younger players good enough to step in and start prem games? Not so sure. I said in an earlier post today that it's a boost to the players and club when signings are made in Jan. I remember when Chelsea were struggling and then went on and spent big on Torres and Luiz, they had a strong second half! We did the same once with Keane and Palacios which kick started Redknapps Spurs stint! Trust me adding one or two quality new faces will make the difference! Loan Falque and Townsend/Carroll maybe?
Remy would be a good addition as he can play as a striker and cover flanks! What we need to remember is that AVB hasn't brought in any players (imo), these are all Levy signings! Siggy etc were all gonna be done even if Harry was manager!
If we want French speaking players, we could always go for Joey Barton. :)
Love totty
BREAKING: Man United and Dortmund have agreed a €15m deal for Robert Lewandowski + a 5-year personal contract. [Sky Germany] MR Levy you are sleeping come on
Gazza, yep i agree. Levy let down AVB big time in the summer. We should never have agreed to sell our best players (Modric, VDV) without having adequate replacements lined up (Moutinho, Willian). People like Dempsey were just cut-price spur of the moment jobs. AVB has done a great job considering. The players are clearly behind him and I hope Levy supports him now in January. The CL positions are wide-open and hopefully we will have the UEFA Cup and FA Cup to go for too - should be an exciting Spring but we need a decent squad.
sadaq - that is an unbelievable price, and I'd be really angry if we werent at least in the running and he turned us down for ManUre
Mattspurs i agree and AVB said No need to spend in January
To those of you, like me, who are a tad p1$$ed off with some of the negativity thats been on here this season, have a read of this:

A brilliant piece of insight.

Some fans seem to think buying players is an end in itself, the reality is buying only makes sense if you can get a player who genuinely improves your squad and fits your style of play at a price you can afford. Part of AVB's calculation must be how he sees the young talent at the club progressing. If you have a player who you think has the makings of a first team regular the last thing you want to do is spend good money bringing in a player to block his way. To me the one area that really needs addressing is cover for Dembele. We need an attacking midfield player who can take men on and drive forward. We don't need another Modric, we don't play that way any more.
SRV - Even better if he lasts until the end of next season :-) I'd like to see Pritchard play in place of Bale on Thursday, I was quite impressed with him the last time he played and while we at it stick Townsend on the other wing. Let's see if these guys are good enough! Oh and congratulations to William and Kate, heir to the throne!!!
Jod - nice one - and they have to want to come which some on here think is a given.
Love totty
Spuds, it does amaze me how some on here clearly WANT AVB to fail to prove their silly point of view rather than SUPPORT Spurs. After a great week and back into the Top 4 its funny how the likes of TonyRich, RagingSpurs and even Frank are conspicuous by their absence? Or at most you get a begrudging 'well done, at last'. I don't suppose we have to worry, we have a difficult game away to Everton on Sunday, one slip up and they'll all be back with their AVB sniping and vitriol!
Yiddyboy - Thursday is a difficult one, one slip up and we could find ourselves out of the competition. Unfortunately, i think we have no choice but to go full strength (expect Bale). Its the last Euro game of the year so one more game is hardly gonna make that much of a difference to the players fitness. Best thing to do is get 2 up by half-time then we can afford to take off a couple of weary legs with Sunday in mind.
Spuds - thanks for sharing that link - how true. However one expresses one's views on here the one thing we share is the passion. Some confuse critique with criticism but one thing is clear - on match days at WHL cheer long and loud.
Love totty
Lots of good opinions here. Wanna share mine, if you don´t mind. As we are fans and are not running the club, we, sometimes, are drien by passion and not by reason. Very understandable. If I am going to follow the reason path, it is clear to me that we actually need some backup. Take Dembele´s case whose recent injury and sideline spell has been a clear sigal of lack of depth, extensevely proved by poor performances and awful results. Now, any decent backup for Dembele will cost some money Spurs won´t spend before off-loading players like Gomes, JJ, Bentley and Khumalo. Again, only reasoning from what we have seen of Levy´s behaviour in the last seasons. AVB has 2 god reasons to say publicly "I am OK with my current squad. No need for buying". One is he is not willing to make the same mistake Harry did, that is, blaming players (or lack of them) for bad results. Following this lead, players will keep playing for him. Second, why should he makr his targets (assuming he has any) just to see United or City or Chelsea or anyone to bid just to make prices increase ??
Love Totty, the big difference between this season and last season is that although Harry got his fair share of criticism on here during the week, come match-day at WHL there wasn't a whiff of negativity - we were all as one. This season, for whatever reason, there was definitely a negative vibe to the stadium which is completely counter-productive and made the manager/players job much much more difficult. It was no surprise to me that our away performances were better than our home ones, away from the poisonous atmosphere at the Lane. Anyway, the tide has definitely turned in that respect - apparently the atmosphere at the Pool match was much better. You only have to look at the example of Chelsea now to see how a negative support is completely counter-productive. Anyway, its all good just now so lets all be positive!
if Dembele or any other 1st-choice is injured/suspended then we have BACKUP to replace SHORT-TERM with, just like any other team in the land...ffs, Utd have the likes of Carrick, Scholes and Fletcher in their side still, and seem to do okay.... the trouble with getting BIGNAMES to cover the likes of Dembele (eg. Moutinho) is that they cost a fortune and expect to play regularly... that in turn effects the balance and team-spirit of the team when other players currently doing well then get sidelined.... I'm with AVB on this...NO BIGNAME SIGNINGS IN JANUARY...
SRV you left out another person showing AVB little or no support, Daniel and yes we do need to tweak the squad. if ade does go to ANC and defoe gets injured we are f*****d.
AlexSpurs.... funny how this bad run 'obviously' due to Dembele being injured funnily also coincided with games against Chavski, Citeh and Arse (10 men)..... games that wudda been v.hard to win anyway... then Dembele comes and we play Wet Spam, a now weak side like Livpoo and Fulham.... our recent bad run mainly coincided with playing regular CL teams in quick succession... not the Messiah Dembele.
AVB is right to make that statement (warning to those hiking prices up) and also right that Parker, Kaboul, BAE etc to come back. However, I do NOT think AVB will have changed his targets from the Summer - namely Moutinho & Willian. Moutinho to give us midfield creativity (especially if Dembele out ever) and Willian to offer alternate pace & goals on both flanks (Lennon competition, Bale injury cover ) etc. Things will take time, new signings like Sigg & Dempsey will need time, step uplift (only where an uplift) - should ALWAYS be considered.
One thing does anger me though, and that is the constant rubbishing of players as individuals. They don't pick themselves so moaning about their capabilities should be directed at the manager not them. JD for example gets a lot of stick for not being the perfect lone striker or his history of goals/min ratio. Who cares about his history if he's banging them in now. He's exceeding all expectations and should be applauded.
Love totty
#Spuds-You-like: Yeah man, that is a good read. I've been touting the 1882 lads round here for a while, and have expressed the same sentiment as the author of that piece. The truth is, there are people on here who live for negativity. They don't want to read that, and those who did would probablylook beyond the good intention of the piece and spout on about the right of "true" fans to boo, abuse and constantly whine. Oh well, thanks for the link anyway! lol
Viyyash-Ramosh- you may recall Carrick cost united 18m ...more than we've ever spent on a player and we received the fee! for a big NAME that depends on your point of view but we definately NEED QUALITY!!!
Viyyash-Ramosh, you forgot to mention Wigan at White Hart Lane, a match Spurs were not expect to lose and showed a clueless team on the pitch. It is not like saying Dembele is the Messiah, but only that creativity in our midfield is not exactly the same from VdV-Modric´s days.
Don't know about AVB, but I have to go spend a penny. (Sorry about the toilet humour)
Sure getting Willian, Moutinho or God. Not sure on this God fellow, but he sure sounds heavenly (I'll get me coat)
On topic, we must get a striker. Ade could still go to the African cup and if Defoe gets injured (or suspended), we will really be up the creek
I'm sure Mr Levy will be out for a bargain as usual...expect VDV back at 11pm January 31st!
Like I said AGES ago and got poo pood for it by certain people. AVB had repair all the damage done by HR and win the WHOLE squad over. He seems to have done that pretty well. having read the interview with JD that i put a link up to on another topic he is working with ALL the players not just his favourites and takes time to chat to and enquire about all the players and how they feel etc. He really does seem to have pulled off a great move and JD was also saying that all the players like him and that they all want to play for him.
mattspurs1982 Gomes is going out on loan apparently. I would love Gomes to go out on loan, get his confidence back, come back to WHL so he can have the wrinkles ironed out of his game and challenge Lloris for 1st spot. Gomes is STILL a world class 'keeper it's just the way he was treated shattered his confidence. Someone like AVB will be able to rebuild his confidence and then we have 2 world class "keepers
I feel their is room for a hungry 20 to 25 year old striker in our squad. I'm not convinced on dempsey and siggurdsen being top 4 quality. Adebayor, hasn't set the world alight, so far, this season. Defoe isn't getting any younger. Our best youngsters seem to be wing wizards or centre attacking midfielders. Personnally..i'd like dzeko or walcott....but i wouldn't go overboard and spend more than £20 mill'. Can we make it to next summer and achieve top 4 without spending big bucks !?...let's see the picture in january.
There is a huge potential list of players suitable for us to buy in the January window. The difference is like OX mentioned, these players, Willian and Moutinho have CL football.

I beleive there is a bargain to be had somwhere within the Europa League teams.. Or other teams that are not doin so well:

LOIC REMY has clearly wanted out of there and could be had for a potential steal at 10m.. he is a player that has the potential to fit in to our squad, he has pace, skill and can score goals. He plays off the wing but can play in all areas towards the goal...

INCE JNR has shown great skill and progression in his game over the last 12 months. I beleive he could be one for the future but also could be had for around 10m.

CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN is only 20 and already showing signs of greatness. Played with Verts for a while so maybe some chance there. He will only get better as a player. Worth 15m of anyones money i think..

MAROUANE FELLAINI coz he would be the icing on the cake... playing off Bale, Lennon, Adebayor and Dembele.. The true missing piece to our jigsaw....

If Levy and Joe Lewis have any balls they will push out the boat in January and spend to at least try and give AVB the ammo to do his best, to achieve CL football...

Levy and Lewis are hoping for CL money, to finance the first phase of the NPD... Its a little gamble for them to take nownow, but with great gain later... lets hope they take it...

come on boys spend...
I know Erikson looked up to his former captain, Jan Vertonghen. May or may not assist. Over here in Holland Ricky van Wolfswinkel's name is linked with Spurs. AVB has a pretty good eye for talent, I'm happy for him to get his team assembled whether it be starting in January or wait until the Summer.
I can understand that AVB has said we don't need to spend in January, is that mainly down to the fact that the players he would want to bring the us, are not going to be available because of club's being in the champions league? I'm certain he has targets, because his still building and missed out on one player being Moutinho during the last window, he wants him and so do I. I also agree with Yidmarks on Christian Eriksen @ 15m his a bargain and by the time his 25 he will be worth around 40m, he has massive potential and sell on value.
spu 4 life
Start of seasn, I thought we are a striker short - but the way AVB has gone about things & how fit & fine Defoe has been and how Ade has played all competitions, I would say we are pretty much ok there and dont need anyone till summer.
Midfield is one area where we need improvement. Dembele has played 7 games, 6 Win, 1 drawn - clearly shows we are dependent on him and Hudd while doing well in games, is not delivering to level of Dembele.

We need someone like Willian, who can play LW, RW or behind striker. He would be ideal given possible injuries to Bale. I believe we have a good chance of getting him.
AVB isn'r going to show is hand. As for reinforcements of course we do. Without Dembele we struggle although I do think young Carroll is progressing nicely but he needs more time. Hudd and Livermore are not good enough. Dempsey is not good enough even though he has improved so we need that second striker or player that can play behind the lone striker as Siggy hasn't done enough yet either imo. We have no serious contenders proven to cover either wings and now Bale is injured it shows how fragile we are in those positions. Strikers in Defoe and Ade ok but can we rely on Ade he has hardly set the stadium alight this season and we will probably not know until last minute if he will go to the cup in Jan.

However, will we get them in January not sure. firstly it's harder to buy in january and to get better than we have is going to be difficult especially if those better players are playing for clubs that are in the CL or doing well in their respective clubs.

No point in buying players that are not better we have enough good players we need quality players now a couple or maybe three imo.

It may well be that we may have to wait until the summer but that is a gamble. At least I would like to see at least one quality player in Jan.
Damiao's team in Brazil - International, have failed to land a spot for the 2013 Copa Libertadores. I think come Jan, his name will definately pop up. Cannot see it happening with us though, I actually think Chelsea will make a big offer for him. If I'm AVB, I'd make a 12 mill bid for Michu, could Swansea resist a quick 10 mil profit?
I thought Michu would surface...not a bad bit of business was he!! I don't think they'll sell so quickly but there are loads of players out there that would improve us not playing CL footie...erik lamela, Osvaldo, Schurrle, Jovetic, Ben Arfa, Ba etc...AVB spent time in Brasil recently so I'm sure he must have some ideas and freund must have a gem in Germany...
Agree with your pitch shedboy2!thfan,demsey played of the left last season for fulham were he got most of his goals from!might be worth a punt out there against everton.onwards and upwards?
Little spur
AVB is being pretty shrewd with his comments, and I'm delighted. Harry, God bless him, could never pass up the opportunity to say he needed another player. This guy is basically saying "We're pretty good as we are, but if the opportunity does arise, then sure, lets bring in a quality player or two." At least, reading between the lines, I think thats whats happening. It could be Levy has said no new players in Jan! Anyway, Damiao is not gonna happen (and I'm not too fussed about that because I must miss all his good games for THAT asking price!). However, Eriksen is another matter. I'd love to see him with us. Loves being on the ball, very good passer, not afraid to have a go at goal, and the way he played against City in the CL he isn't fazed by the "English" style, in fact, I think he's made for it. Although, if he did come to the Lane, he may be destroyed by impatient fans ... okay, I'll say no more. You know who you are! lol
isnt Schurrle just 20??He is clinical and would be a great buy!!Ajax say Eriksen is not leaving in Jan and Pjanic doesnt want us!!maybe a bid for Remy this Jan is more realistic.
also Ba's release clause is still about 8 Mil and rumors that Isco has a release clause of 17 million.That is high quality considering the price!But its upto that b******* Levy
Yes we flippin' do! No quality cover wide right or left (front and back). Way too thin upfront. No creative cover in the midfield. Of course we need to spend in January. There was an interesting article in the Times yestrday saying this is the best January to spend in because 3rd and 4th places are so open this season. I firmly believe shrewd investment in January will guarantee CL football next season for us. That is worth £40m with the new TV deals in place. A no-brainer for most but perhaps not for Mr Levy.
Loser Levy loves this time of the year as the press and the fans speculate what he is going to do in the next window? It's what he Fantasy Football lives for! What should happen, of course, is AVB be given a budget and told to get on with it! But that won't happen of course, cause Danny boy loves to wait and wait, and bargain, and duck and dive, and see his name in the papers, and make pathetic offers for his targets, which we all know will never be accepted, and annoy the football clubs and agents he BARGAINS with, with his pathetic penny pinching, bargain basement approach to running our 1 League Cup in 12 ENIC seasons football club, and he will wait and wait to the very last minute of the window, to show us once again, what a powerful little LOSER of a Fantasy Football chairman he is...
7.5m release clause for Demba Ba. go for it Levy.
pelebro, can I just say 'welcome back Geoff Stern', we missed you.
It doesn't matter whether we believe him or not the fact is Levy won't spend on any quality players any time, let alone this January. AVB will just have to soldier on and hope we improve on the injury front.
We should definetly make the same mistake as last year.
Tottenham Hotcore
Crissybwoy, Geoff Stern? Who's he?
no need for all these 'amazing' players that are so hyped and most have not even played in the Prem... Fellaini is nothing but a bruiser, we have better as a 2nd striker in Adebayor... I'm with AVB.... NO BIGNAME SIGNINGS IN JANUARY.
..... also 3 new players are due to start around about January and won't cost a single penny extra: Parker, Kaboul, BAE...ENOUGH!!.... if you keep buying new players you demotivate young players eg. Townsend, Carroll, Falque who are denied chances, and you also spoil the harmony and team-spirit by effectively saying to alot of players 'oi, youre not good enough to be backup even, but if we don't get good transfers, we want you to carry on regardless and try your hardest, even tho we just tried to screw you over'....NO NEW SIGNINGS IN JANUARY.
Viyyash-Ramosh - you seem to be particularly active on Vital Arsenal. Is that why you don't want any new signings in January?
Cairnside Spur
yep Spurs indeed are 1 of those zhit-sides you mentioned Rocks, that would be the side that outplayed your lot before going a man down.... Giroud PLUS Chamakh .... could be as good as Rooney-Persie, or maybe Tevez-Aguero..... not that it would ever happen, cos that would take.... guts. Viyyash-Ramosh Read more:
Cairnside Spur

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