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Parker's back! But for how long?

Scott Parker played his first game for Spurs this season in a reserve friendly against Ipswich yesterday as he hopefully nears a long overdue return to full fitness.

Though it may be a week or two early to talk of Scotty returning to the Spurs starting XI and how he will fit in alongside the likes of Sandro and Dembele, for me his return is a huge boost to AVB as despite our recent upturn, we have missed Parker's calm assuredness and influence in our midfield, but whether his return offers AVB a potential to play three central midfielders or we simply have options to rotate, I will leave that for you to discuss and for AVB to ponder.

I am a self confessed Parker fan. I was delighted to see us sign him and only wish we could have done it earlier. Parker is an outstanding reader of the game and until injury hampered his final weeks of last season, he was without question my Spurs player of the season. Of course since he has been out, Sandro has been fantastic, but I remain unconvinced that the two can play together and offer enough creativity in a midfield two, so is it now a case of one or the other, unless we re-look at the teams shape?

Since the appointment of Harry Redknapp at QPR the media seem keen to re-unite him with Parker and for some the idea of getting our money back on a player that has just turned 32 is great and sensible business, but in an age when players are fitter and able to play for longer, would we be too premature in writing off a player that not so long ago was outstanding and remains the best English DCM and is a more intelligent and experienced option that the potentially world-class Sandro at this time. In an age where squads are essential, is having £5m in the bank and a big earner off the payroll better or worse business than keeping a player that is proven quality?

Of course the main issue is whether AVB rates him and see's a place in his team in the short to medium term. Parker may well be outstanding in several aspects of his game, but as time passes, is there a need for players who are multi-dimensional as opposed to being excellent at one job? Personally I feel that selling Parker would be a bad move, but perhaps if we are able to bring in a player like Moutihno, finances may well be the deciding factor and could for example, Tottenham refuse a deal to sell Parker and perhaps Dawson to pay well over half of the fee to bring in a player that is considered one of AVB's prime targets...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 5 2012

Time: 9:38AM

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id bite there hands off for £5m and im sure Levy would as well. id try sell hudd as well and put the money towards some1 that could really make the difference.
I like parker a lot but staff has to assess how many years are left in him. I really would like to see a midfield trio of sandro parker and dembele further upfront. On another note don't you think that siggy would be better suited in a central midfield role ? When you look at all the running he does and his shooting ability i tend to think he would be a perfect box to box midfielder. A shame we aren't looking to buy in January, I would go all out and try B.Gomis form Lyon 1 goal every 4.4 shots, the complete forward we need imo.
If Levy could get any sell on value for Parker, he will take it. Not sure QPR will pay though, they spend on wages but their transfer spend is actually pretty low.
Tactically Challenge
i've unearthed a very little known about gem, Elkeson. 23 yrs old very similar to Hulk check his stats this season. bit of youtube scouting also
Keep SPat all costs, leave it up to AVB where he deploys him and who with. I think he and Sandro would compliment each other and Sandro would learn form Scotty. Sell Thud & Livermore to Harry.
Horny Helen
It is very difficulty to say how much longer he can go on for. With his type of game you can him maybe picking up injuries more and more frequently. I'd still be very reluctant to let him go though. I think he has been great for us and if he can perform for another 2-3 years at the top of his game I'd keep him.
but he's never played well alongside Sandro...he's a good player but expensive to have as back up...if QPR are willing to take him time to say goodbye....good managers make sure players legs go on someone else's pitch!
Spursstellios if you are refering to Chirsten Eriksen of Ajax you would have to be living under a rock not to know about him. He is one of the most sought after players in world football. He has been linked with Barca, Man United and Madrid. Hell last month he was even linked to us( we have only a 1 in 10 chance of getting him). Not sure where you have been hiding mate but he's hardly a discovery.
Sell Parker ? Some of you should be mad. Yes, he is 32, but he is far effective than likes of Livermore or Hudd. To me he was one player who put in a shift every minute of every game, playing through pain towards end of the season. I know he will not be ahead of Sandro, but he is a must in squad.
Make him club captain if Daws leaves. I dont understand people who want him sold if we can make 5odd million on him. The guy is spurs through and through and would break his ballacks for us. He is perfect squad player to rotate with Sandro and gives us the that bite and winning mentality we will need when the going gets tough. Come March when we playing against relegation fodder Parker is the type of player we will need to scrape a result. Good to have the Boi back COYMFS!!!
put it this way if we got Parker off the payroll we could afford an Eriksen...
I think with sensible management we can get at least three more years out of Scott, but we have to protect him and others instead of running them into the ground as we did with him last season
hasn't he only played well for us for 6 months? wasn't he pretty average the tail end of last year? Yes he's a committed type of player but that's why he'll break down more often...Spurs through and through....don't make me laugh. Top bloke yes but West Ham, Newcastle, Chelsea - mercenary through and through....get some of the 6m back and get the 65k a week off the wages if possible...that's the sensible thing to do...
@SB2, I would like to think that we could afford a player like Eriksson as long as his demands were fair. when we consider how many experienced players we have sold in the last 12 mths, Im sure their is or at least should be enough to offer decent money to players that would be expected to make us better
spurdon, give spursstelios some credit, he is NOT referring to eriksen, who could never be compared to hulk! but to elkeson, another brazilian built like a tank
RamsesV - But if this guy only gets 1 shot away per game he's not the answer is he? Scotty has been a great servant to us, he is getting on and his style of play is very much based on fitness and determination. Therefore I think if the right offer came in Levy would sell. If you look at other aging players eg: Pirlo, he has class, touch that will carry him for a few years, in Scotty his game is breaking down play based on positioning and tackling. This with age catches up on your quicker than pure talent.
I'm not sure Erikson will leave in January though, he is currently playing for Ajax who have just qualified for the Europa League and the final of that competition is in the Amsterdam Arena. I'd be more than happy to sign him in January and actually get him in the summer though!
Ox- but we act like we're skint the whole time...SP is a good player but we really could invest 65k per week in another area of the pitch...remember Livermore has played well for us just as long as SP has....I'm afraid SP will never be a Spurs legend perhaps if he'd come sooner in his career rather than take the money he could have been.
yddyboy - 25 goals last season and already 14 this year.
In January, we should focus on getting rid of Bentley, Jenas, Cudicini OR Gomes, Khumalo, Obika, Dawkins and perhaps Rose. Let's look outside of the guys that will contribute to this current season and who have no future. Otherwise, we could end up paying for them all right through the summer at a significant cost. The exception might be someone like Dawson but so be it.

For me, Parker should not be going anywhere. Harry overplayed him and in the process ended up holding back Sandro's progress. We now have a proper manager who will use rotation to keep the squad fresh. Both Parker and Sandro are integral to that. We've missed Parker this season even if it was just coming on for the last 20 mins and closing out games.
With exception to Gareth Bale, Scott Parker is out best player. A lot of you seem to have forgotten how we completely steam rolled team in the center of the park with Scott there. And I only need to point to the way single handedly man-handled Xavi and Iniesta in England's 2-1 win over Spain. He is better than Sandro because he can read the game a lot better. We would be mad to sell him. If he comes back into the team, like he came to us at the start of last season, I'd fully expect a 10 game unbeaten run.
shedboy2 - we're not skint but certainly not optimised until we complete the job of reducing the squad to useful players only. Levy and Harry have wasted millions and millions on surplus players over the last 3 years, some of which just sit around in the summer and take their pay packet. Once we clear out the last 5 or 6, Levy will have the cost optimised and can then invest in the right players for AVB. Harry could never do that as he just stockpiled quantity over quality and drained the wage bill.
RamsesV - sounds like the man then!
Yeah thats right - get rid of our player of the season last year!!! Ahead of Bale and Modric i might add!! SO he's 32, who cares!! He has only reached his peak within the last 36 months. The bloke is a first choice for CM in the england team. Get a grip FFS!!!
agree Spurfect, Parker reads the game as well as anyone on the Prem. he is also a leader in his own way and we dont have enough of those at this time
Rightly or wrongly, Parker also gets away with more than Sandro from referees because he's the older head.
no way should parker leave just yet, we have a manager who will rotate players, harry basically flogged the life out of parker who gradually deteriorated before succumbing to the inevitable long term injury. under AVB he can be an essential part of the squad. we have often needed to bring on a defensive midfielder to see out games or to break up the oppositions momentum, parker is the perfect man for that if he isn't already starting. sandro is the future but he can still learn a lot from scotty
It seems some on here have forgotten how poor he was after x-mas last year........why don't we use that 65k pw towards a llorente? we've had parker for about a season and half...played well for half a season, not well for half a season and injured for the I don't expect him to be sold but given he has another 2 and half years on his contract if we get an offer we should take it....people bash Bentley all the time but he played well for us for part of a season and helped us into the CL proper I imagine though we could have put his wages to better use...Mutley I said we act like we're skint...Carlo, Brad, JJ are out of contract in June....Khumalo will make us a profit and is getting good reviews so is Rose so again no worries about him costing us..Obika i don't think will make it, Bentley will be back soon...see if AVB can work his magic!!!
People are fools to think we should sell Parker. Other than Walker he must have played the most games for us! Absolute beast of a defender and asset to Spurs in every way! Lets wait to see how AVB chooses to play him and Sandro...
This article seems to be based on the assumption that if we want to sell Parker he will agree to go. I don't think there's a cat in hells chance of that happening. We are contracted to pay Scott £75k a week for the rest of this season and then the next two. I very much doubt QPR would match that and even if they did why would he move from a successful club to one battling relegation ? When are people going to understand that the player decides when he goes, not the club ?
C'mon shedboy2, you compare Scotty with Jake!That isnt even fair.He's got the legs,the attitude,much of game reading.I still remember him making match saving tackles everywhere around the pitch.I'd happily give the captain armband if Dawson isnt available
Sorry guys, those that think we should offload him must be mad IMO. We needed players like Parker when playing with our backs to the wall against the like of Utd, even Southampton and Liverpool. The guy's a grafter and he is still younger than Gallas. If we are not careful, I worry that Sandro may suffer a burn-out if played week-in week-out. We've all talked about rotation but due to injuries, not seen much of it. At his age, he'd be perfect to swap roles with Sandro match per match basis. Besides in his final few years, I am sure he'd want to add some trophies to his collection and he stands a better chance at Spurs than at QPR. AVB has complimented Parker's game and I can't (wouldn't want to) see him leave. Like others have said, there are enough deadwoods in the squad to dispense with to enable us to re-invest elsewhere on the pitch. COYS!
In the event he is sold & Sandro sustains an injury, we would be kicking ourselves that we had sold him! I rate Livermore & Huddlestone but the former isn't a player I would feel comfortable having in the starting 11 reguarly & the latter isn't an enforcer in the mould of either Sandro or Parker. Parker does what he does, & does it better than most. He isn't going to split defences or torment defenders with his silky skills but he'll win the ball, keep the ball & organise the defence. In terms of the effect he has on the pitch, I'd put him ahead of Sandro but that is potentially a short term gain & long term sacrifice. Having said that, a player his age, on his wages, is one that Levy would jump at the chance to sell for £5m.
thanks for the support spurdon lol bad news tho, just heard Elkeson is set to move to the Chinese side Guangzhou Evergrande at the start of the January registration window for a fee of €6.5 million. we would have no chance of signing him as he has no brazil caps as yet and would almost certainly be denied a work permit. shame, he will eventually move to europe for a top club i bet.
spurdon Why don't you look at the links before asking that. it is so blatantly NOT Eriksen even by looking at the links and usingt a bit of common sense. It is who he said. Read this if you can't be bothered to do something as simple as follow a link ................................. Elkeson de Oliveira Cardoso, or simply Elkeson (born July 13, 1989 in Coelho Neto), is a Brazilian professional attacking midfielder who plays for Botafogo.
Lennon has being playing professional 1st team football for almost 10-yrs and he is still only 25 lol
spurs-stelios Shame cz he sounded pretty damn good.
Sorry to go off topic, Hulk may want out of Zenit. Got subbed and threw a strop. I know plenty of people on here would love to have him here, BUT would we want a player who throws his toys out of the pram when he is subbed because he isn't playing up to scratch. Get in someone like that and it would upset the team dynamics and psyche. with an attitude like that they can keep him as far as I'm concerned.
We must keep Scotty. He is a leader. Essential squad player
As well as Sandro has been for us this season, I would started a fit Scotty P. in as many matches and most times in place of Sandro. We clearly missed a player like him in our midfield and he will prove it when match fit.
For difficult away games against big teams then playing Parker & Sandro together with Dembele further forward makes sense. I don't think we should be doing this at home or against smaller teams. For those it should be Parker or Sandro with Dembele and Adebayor or Dempsey in behind Defoe.
SilwalYid- read my post again...i didn't compare the two as players I compared the length of time they both played well for us...And again I'm not saying Scotty is a bad player, far from it, I'm saying he's expensive, old (for a guy who's game is based on pure energy) and inury prone -without looking it up I would guess he's only played about 4 or 5 full seasons in his career...but no let's pay him a fortune for the next 3 years to be an occasional sub! If we get an offer, take it....and Jod yoiu're right you can't make a player go but QPR pay good wages...he could be loaned with a view to a perm deal if they stay up...he gets regular playing time, a manager who knows him and stays in London...would be hard to say no.
shedboy - as long as you don;t run parker to the ground like harry, he's pound for pound our most industrious and busy player. he obviously looks after himself and has more grit and determination than anyone else in our team. you an already see walker,sandro and vert tiring week by week, so why then haven't highlighted them for looking tired only a quarter of the way through the season, yet question Parker starting to tire after half a season?
we should keep parker at all costs.if harry never ran him into the ground and he never went to the euros he may have been in the squad from the start of the season.hopefully AVB rotates him with our other midfielders so hes not burnt out come next april.we need someone with experience in the middle of the park and who better than scotty?
g. roberts testes
Kes80- you start putting Scotty ahead of Sandro, kiss goodbye to Sandro, there are no shortage of clubs that would take him! Rotate occassionally, give scotty some cups but Sandro is THE DM now...
Spurfect11- and you think he can keep that up? the way he plays is brilliant but as soon as he eases off he's half the player, at 32 things start breaking down no matter how well you look after yourself and when your game is energy based you're not going to recover as's not like he's a scholes or Giggs with oodles of quality to make up for slowing and been a loyal servant of the club!! IF there is an offer it would be better for the club if he went...who do we support Spurs or a 1 season wonder??
shedboy2 - I never said ahead of Sandro, I just said that it's one or the other except for tough away games. Sandro has barely had a game off all season. He needs to be rested sometimes to avoid burnout.
Not taking anything away from Sandro - he's a rock, but I prefer to see Parker in the holding role his work rate alone can lift the team and he can pass forwads. He scares the crap out of midfielders and takes no prisoners. 5 in the midfield is and interesting prospect for AVB to try out - as long as it works and we win.
true Kes80 - Sandro could use a break in cup games and at the end of games....but if we use Scotty for that what do we do with Livermore (who is Spurs through and through btw)?
One injury to Sandro and we have Livermore,if Parker is sold.That's like Hudd in for injured Dembele. p.s I agree with Critical_ here!There are enough deadwood in our team,Parker's the last one to be worried about.He was one of my fav last season!!
we've seen Sandro and scotty not work v well, we've seen Sandro and Dembele work, We've seen Sandro and Livermore not work very well but we haven't seen Livermore and Dembele? who knows they could work well together....
anyone heard about Van Wolfswinkel??he's constantly linked with us
anyone noticed changes of Sandro since Parker arrived? When Sandro attackles, nowadays, looks just like a bigger Parker! It is surely some off-pitch influence going on. Levy, please consider this when prepare to sell - another self confessed Parker fan
well said! sydqcb5, muttley, Spurfect11, Guernman, Mex_yiddo, Critical_Spur et al.
SilwalYid - Ricky Van Wolfswinkel is a full Dutch international playing for Sporting Lisbon, I posted a couple of days ago about this although nobody reacted so I assumed it was either bollox or old news!!
I know what you mean about Livermore. I'd love to see him do well and I've tried to be open minded about him but I don't think he makes the grade.
the bottom line is that the nature of the role parker and sandro are asked to perform is very hardcore on the body and they are always putting themselves at risk of injury because they are both incredibly brave. we saw what happened when harry ran parker into the ground, and while sandro is younger, he has looked like he could use a break as the season has progressed. we need them both and now we have a manager who will rotate before they are buggered
Just found out that AVB was present at the match between P$G and Porto?? any guesses Guys?
yiddyboy-heard he's signing a new contract with lisbon anyway!so thats the end of it!
keep Parker. with good management, he's got another 1 and a half years at a good level, surely.
ledders77 I know it is daily fail but I really hope Lloris can do something for us !
Parker and Gallas to QPR in January I'm sure harry would love to take Defoe aswell! Friedel to Blackburn. Could I be bold enough to suggest a loan move for Siggy to another prem team? Our must signs are a LB, RM and a Striker and icing on the cake would be a link-up midfielder but this could wait until the summer.
Slurms McKenzie
shedboy, if Livermore is Spurs trough and trough, then I think we are crap. Keep Parker until the rest of the season and later on we will what's the best for our club. AVB was having a look at Javier Pastore btw. In my opinion it would be very exciting to have him in our team.
Noone unfortunately every squad needs spade men to do the donkey work at a lower league grounds on wet, miserable cup nights. Keeping Livermore and letting Scotty go would be the wiser course of action rather then selling Livermore, keeping Parker and then trying to replace him in 12-18 months time (with a Livermore type player)
Slurms McKenzie
Van Wolfswinkel? Is he the Dogs *********?
Slurms McKenzie
Okay how about the Dogs Bollox?
Slurms McKenzie
spurdon, he's not talking about the young Ajax player at all. Check his links. He's talking about Elkeson of Botafogo.
Total knobhead
Not to worry gents, after that screamer on Sat, Sandro is now an attacking mid ;) so no competition with Parker and Livermore.
Why do we have to sell Parker? AVB can easily rotate 2 from Dembele, Sandro, Parker and Livermore. If we end up getting someone like Eriksen or Moutinhao then we can worry about it at that time. Not only has the egg not hatched, the chicken hasn't even laid the egg. COYS.
Miamispur I don't think the hen has even evolved fromt eh lizard yet (or God hasn't invented chickens yet, depending on what you know to be true)
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms-Did i miss something?? I was trying to say that we are counting chicks before the egg has hatched when the hen has not even laid the egg yet...
Loads of people on here saying how Parker and Sandro don't work well together. Last season we were led to believe that J D was no good. This was from the same person who couldn't get Parker and Sandro to work together. Just because H R couldn't make it work, AVB's already proven his man management skills are way above H R's as well as his being able to get the players on board and play for him, so who is to say Parker and Sandro won't work under AVB, OK there may be an early period of inconsistency but he may be able to get them to work brilliantly. On the other hand they may never be able to work together, but like I said I will reserve judgement until he works the two of them together on a regular basis.
Well a nice little trick shot here from our Gareth Bale.
I noticed Hulk seemed pretty pi$$ed off last night after he was subbed. Maybe he could be swayed towards WHL with a few kind whispers from our very own AVB...
TornadoYid No way. We don't want a prima donna who throws a strop when he is subbed for not playing well enough. it woul;d disrupt the other players. How would he react when he came here and wasn't put straight into the first team but told the same thing lloris was when he first arrived. You don't have a right to go straight into the first team. Hulk's current manager has said the same thing pretty much, he doesn't have a right to play 90 minutes if he's not playing well. Keep Hulk away from WHL he is more trouble than he is worth.
But he has played under AVB before so he knows how to manage him. I don't think we could afford him anyway tbh but I personally would love to see him at the lane.
I like Parker and he made a difference when he arrived. Now I would say we need him and we shouldn't sell but that is on last season. So I say lets see how he gets on this season and see what AVB can bring out of him before a decision is made. We don't know if he will be as effective this season, a year older and a different system and manager and a long term injury. So it makes sense to give him time. However, if a big offer comes in for him in January and we haven't had a chance to see him play then we have no choice but to trust AVB decision whether to sell him or keep him. AVB will know if he is worth keeping as he will have seen him in training and his reserves matches. He will know if he is needed, we can't make that assessment until we see in on the pitch again for ourselves. Personally I would love to see him stay if he continues his good performances because I prefer him to Livermore to rotate and cover Sandro.

I can see AVB bringing in a creative midfielder or someone to play off the striker. Then we will have Sandro, the new player and Dembele with Defoe up top fighting it out with Ade. I think Dempsey and Siggy will be back ups and parker back up for Sandro. this will mean allowing Hudd, JJ and Bentley to go and he may keep both Parker and Livermore to cover as Livermore is still young.
Only a complete nutcase would consider selling Scotty before he has kicked a ball in anger this year. Maybe he won't fit in or can't run but just maybe he gives us in the second half of this year what we got 1st half last. The guy was stellar and deserves every chance to get back into the team. The summer might be a different story.
Love totty
Love totty Agreed I think we have to try him and give him that chance. After all he did for us he deserves it. As for the mentioning by someone earlier of how he fell apart over the 2nd half of the season. What do you expect when H R ran him and the rest of the team into the ground.
With you on Elkeson Stell... looks the proper No9...

shame if he goes to China..
I'm liking the potential combos in midfield. If we do start to play with a three we could have Sandro with Dembele and Sigurdson in front, or Parker with Dembele and Sigurdson, maybe the hudd with Parker and Sandro in front breaking down play giving him space to ping the ball around, or Parker Sandro and Dembele. A lot of options with Scotty back to play more flexible formations.
Jantheman yeah you could say it is getting lip smackingly good now. I think we have the right manager to be able to take us all the way now.
Agree Love totty, lets see what he has left in the tank before any rash decisions are made. Long term, I would like to see a younger DM brought in to push Sandro. I honestly don't believe Livermore is the answer.
I agree Guyver, I won't happen for Livermore at spurs, as much as I'd like it to work out for him. Talk of Eriksen going somewhere for peanuts won't happen. The guy is the jewell in the crown at Ajax and at twenty years old will probably command a fee of at least 15m.
thfc1882..just logged on to say exactly same as you! There is more to Sandros game than DM and I can see him being used further forward. I think it is an astonishing achievement in just a few seasons in a new country and different league, aged just 23, to now be regarded on a par with an experienced England international. Whatever happens with Parker, we must not lose sight of the fact that Sandro is the future.
thfc1882whl That's why he got subbed, cz he was playing (rap.
Who needs Parker, Sandro, Dembele, Livermore et al, just wait until Jenas and Bentley return then we'll be set ;O.

Seriously, Hudd, Parker, Dembele, Siggy, Sandro and Livermore gives AVB enough options and permutations to face any team. Again I ask the question why would we need/want to sell Parker? COYS
Jacobslad-Sandro and Dembele are definately the future. Neither shy away from a tackle and both can get forward. Dembele has a little more finese where Sandro is more brute strength. The rest are added or used around these 2.
A full strength squad would give AVB so many options and I believe he has the tactical nous to fully utilize it. With the squad we have we could play any formation, 4/4/2, 4/3/3, 4/2/3/1, even 3/4/3 or 3/2/3/1. The same formation could even be used against a different opponent using different players.
I know that there will always be injuries/suspensions but this squad does not need too much tweeking, maybe a creative mid and another striker but we may already have them in the form of Carroll, Ceballos, Falque, Kane, Coulibaly just to name a few.
For a team that is in transition and where we are at the future is definately looking bright. COYS.
Very quiet on here? I guess everyone must be on Vital Chelsea!! Watched the Juventus game and they play some very nice flowing football ;-)
mountainyid, don't get too excited. It's because of Chelsea that we are in the Europa league. Let's hope that it doesn't become because of Chelsea we get knocked out of the Europa league.
Nvm its ok, we'll knock you guys out in EL then ;)
inspursational..not a problem, if we play them and they win, fair do's! today though, I'm smiling ;-)
On topic, it would be a big mistake (in my opinion) to get rid of Parker. Realistically, you wouldn't be looking at getting more than £5m for him. Now compare that with how much we stand to gain if we make it to the champions league. I'm not saying Parker is so good that he is the difference between us being a good team and being a great team, I'm saying that we seem to panic at the end of matches and concede silly goals. Parker coming on as a super sub in the last twenty minutes would shore (?) up the defence meaning that we won't draw or lose games that we are winning. That in itself is worth keeping Parker on the pay roll
mountainyid, on the bright side, six goals including two for Torres means that Rafa is probably safe for the season. I'm sure their supporters will love that!
miamispur, Jenas and Bentley! Can I have what you're smoking mate ;-)
Chelski out, so thats chelski, chelski, channel 5! Serves the lucky barstewards right for taking the ***** out of us end of last season! What goes around comes around!
El Jefe
BTW good news if Parker is back!
El Jefe
In-spurs-ational-Or maybe we could finally have a buyer for them!
Come on Harry, they're both pushing on ish and they're English, what more could you ask for. We could even throw in Gallas to make up the age difference ;)
I can see the evil grin on Levy's face at just the thought of selling Harry some deadwood!
miamispur, maybe that's the real reason that Harry got the sack. Levy couldn't find anyone to buy our deadwood so got rid of Harry in the hope that he would get employed in a relegation dog fight and so buy up all or unwanted players. They do say "the Levy works in mysterious ways"
sell scott parker? no way, he has a lot to offer still, once his back to prem match fitness, Levy still reqires a nice pen for christmas if anyone fancies getting him one, then he can get pen to paper and get shot of jenas and bentley, the cheque should buy a seletion box at best, sunderland might be tempted in buying rose later on, Livermore could move on and hudd would be at sunderland as well if his ankle had passed the medical, so his not going to be easy to shift. Selling Jenas, Bentley, Rose, Livermore and Hudd, then buy Eriksen, Willian, maybe young Ince, but do not sell SCOTT PARKER.
spu 4 life
I still think AVB will look to invest in the centre midfield area. Someone like Yann M'Vila, the French international, could still be on the radar. He is a tough tackling holding midfielder but is also known for his deep lying ball playing and passing ability. I thought at one stage last summer we were going to sign him. Clearly other players like Moutinho, Tiote, Cabaye and Fellaini would all give us something but cost a fortune.
Why would we want to sell Parker ?? I remember we spent a great deal of last season writing here that Harry's capital sin was lack of rotation...Sandro has to be AVB's 1st choice nowadays, but Parker can act as a impact-sub or as Cup Matches players allowing Sandro to get some deserved rest. In this case, it makes sense to me to allow Livermore to go on loan come january.
M'Vila, Sandro and Dembele would be the most powerful collection of midfielders on the face of the earth.
A couple of points: 1 - I think we have two out of the three most feared tackling midfielders in the prem in Sandro and SP, only YayaT can compare to the pressure both those individuals present to creative players. Selling SP would not only diminish our squad currently, but imeadiatly make any other first 11 universally stronger, in leadership and on the pitch, ie, a mad move. 2 - AVB has made most of the players in the squad better INDIVIDUAL players; better decision makers, more conscious of their roles, their strenghts and weaknesses. The only glaring exceptions are Sigg and Ade, and I expect Sigg to adjust, Ade perhaps not given his personality (in fact, I think he may be the one to go to QPR if unsettled, BR at LP, I don't think, would take him due to disiplin again). SP is the most disiplined individual I have EVER seen on a football pitch, the guy,s looked as if he would keel over from sheer determination. I think that AVB is exactly the guy to make SP even better by, in fact, reigning him in. Less lone ranger style, more Tonto, a little more tactically astute version of SP would use less energy and likely be even more effective, imo. The likes of SP, and Kabul for that matter, could be gold after they value AVB's more reserved approach. TypeO's unfortunatly.
ardone Agree. The big difference between us now and us last season is that the players are being taught how to THINK instead of just running around a bit. This is why i say it is an AVB revolution, NOT a transition period and that is I feel why it has taken a while to settle the team in. They were not used to having to think and just played on instinct which works up to a certain level, but once that level is reached then the thinking HAS to be done and that was H R's problem, he was a great motivator and got them working but not well enough to sustain things because he didn't know how to get the players thinking the game. They had to re-learn how to think the game and now those ideas of AVB's are starting to pay off. VIVA LA REVOLUTION VIVA AVB.
For me, Parker should stay. Why sell him? Sandro gets injured and we have no like for like. We need to try to move on Hudd, Jenas and whoever else is surplus. We do need another CM like Moutinho or Erikson. I think we need a CM and an AM/winger and we are set for now. Get into the CL and then look at another striker.
"Spurs could switch to a 4-1-2-2-1, with one of Parker or Sandro playing behind two central midfielders that press higher up the pitch. I would put Parker behind Sandro and Dembele" from
f there is QPR Money in and his wages go towards a new player. Levy will sell
Block D Spurs
Block D Spurs, on the other hand, if AVB gets good use out of Parker and he is happy playing here (at a top end of table club), Parker may not want to move to QPR no matter how much Levy wants it
Massive boost for the squad to have him back. Actually can't wait for him to get back on the pitch. With the FA cup and second half of the season push looming, i think he really will make the difference to the squad imo. Benny not to far off as well. Good stuff. Hope the team keeps going from strength to strength. COYS.
Let's be clear, Levy intervened with Harry because he'd made a complete mess of things. Levy spent 3 years listening to Harry and buying whoever he advised. He then spent the 4th year clearing up his mess after ending up with 35 players. We had senior players ostracised within the camp, we had over 25's permanently on loan and in the end Levy realised Harry didn't have a clue what he was doing. To make matters worse, Harry was then taunting his chairman through the media saying he needed to invest more. Let's not get confused just because Levy did what any of us would have done with Harry to what the Levy / AVB relationship will be the same. There is no way Parker would be sold by Levy unless AVB sanctioned it.
Disagree completey muttley - Again not HARRYS fault. Levy pulls the strings with signings fact. Harry listed players he wanted and Levy took his pick to get in. Some were fill ins due to major change at spurs with investment in the stadium ect. Many of those were good signings, but most arnt here anymore. Harry the manager, you know to manage the team did very well from us and left us in a good position, ie better than where we were before. Levy will be in charge for signings in Jan and summer also, so lets get that clear.
it's amazing how the same people who describe JJ as deadwood want to keep Parker (if there was an offer to sell) these are the same people who will be calling Parker deadwood in 18mths time....players have contracts and scotty will be able to sit and pick up his c£4million pounds a year this year, next year and the year after whether he's in the managers plans or not so IF we get the opportunity to get him off the wage bill and free up a place for a Llorente or Isco then we take it...the opportunity won't come around again....
******** QPR lol, jesus some people are just taking the ***** 24/7. Harry does not work for us anymore, and QPR might not be in the prem next season. We need quality in depth and experience. So lets just rip the squad apart and taunt our old boss to come get the so called 'dead wood' just because people have STILL got a stick up their arse about it. Unbelievable
Its not even funny the first time let alone the 100th
I'm a massive fan of Scott Parker. His workrate and reading of the game since he signed & his partnership with Modric was top class. OF COURSE its great news to have him back. HOWEVER he's 32 and due to the nature of his game he hasn't much left in the tank, i think back to previous similar players such as Roy Keane, Vieira, Batty, Ince etc who were all shot at 32/33. He's on massive wages with still 2years left. If Harry came in with £5m we'd be foolish NOT to sell - especially when we have Sandro and Livermore as direct replacements plus possible Moutinho if he arrives (Fingers crossed) although different, plays in the same position.
QPR need to win 10 or more games or something to maybe stay up. They need a new CB and another goal scorer imo. Maybe some money will be there for them in Jan....but Scotty fresh back from injury isn't what they need. Sorry thought this was Vital Spurs by the way.....
muttley, Your correct, Harry made a complete mess of things by saving THFC from relegation and then turning THFC into a top 4 club, getting the club into an official end of season CL position in 2 out of the 3 seasons at the club! As for your saying "Harry was then taunting his chairman through the media saying he needed to invest more"... Well he was only stating exactly what nearly every Spurs fan believes, which is, if we really are going to compete for that Premiership title, then Lewis/Levy need to invest more in the team! There are thousands of fans posting exactly this on this site every week! Have you not noticed? So Harry was only agreeing with the fans who paid his salary. And what about the other 7 coaches and 3 DOF's Levy personally chose to employ and fire, who failed to make THFC a top 4 and Champions League club? Did they mess things up even more than Harry? Or were they just more loser Levy scape goats? Success starts at the top, and the 2 men at the top of the club we love, THFC, have the worst trophy per season percentage of any THFC owners in over half a century, despite being by far the richest owners in the clubs history, with not one, but two billionaires on the THFC board... This is the sad old ENIC HOTSPUR truth!
If Livermore doesn't step up soon he be another Jenas
don't sell him. we need him. sandro can learn so much off him - and on top of that, scotty's a beautiful man...probsbly worth turning gay for!

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