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Livermore: Perfect for QPR!

Livermore: Perfect for QPR!

Perhaps by pure coincidence, but it was only last night that I was talking up Jake Livermore joining QPR on loan. Today it is a mini headline.

Now I'm not for one second going to get paranoid and start believing that someone was eavesdropping my conversation in my local, but I do believe the move would be a good one for all parties, should there be a potential to make it. Last night I was debating the merits of Scott Parker and claiming that it would be foolish for Spurs to offload him in the new year and that he was total for Spurs, whilst Jake Livermore would be the player to offer Harry Redknapp the type of midfielder he needs, whilst also giving Jake games and experience to hopefully boost Tottenham in the medium term.

Now I am a big fan of Livermore and have never believed the stick he has received this season by his own fans. For me he is a great character and vastly under-rated player, that has simply suffered with a lack of selection and his early season partnership with Sandro, which was simply poor player chemistry and a selection based more on lack of option than an ideal link based on playing styles. For me, Jake was equally effective or ineffective than Sandro in the opening games, and it was more about a partnership that was too defensive minded that forced both players to look ineffective and devoid of creativity. Was it Jake's fault that we didn't have a creative player in the first few games?

With the hoped for return of Scott Parker, who completed his second 90 minutes in yesterdays U-21 game against Sunderland, you feel that opportunities will be even more limited for Jake in the second half of the season, as he will effectively become the third choice defensive CM in the squad and therefore the idea of his leaving on loan should Parker prove his fitness over the next few weeks seems sensible. To me, Jake has been underused by AVB this season and I feel we have missed a great opportunity to play him and rest Sandro on occasions this season, especially in Europe. Does this indicate a lack of vision or faith in the player on the part of AVB?

With the return to fitness of Tom Huddlestone, I feel that one of these two will be moved on in the very near future, either permanently or on a short term loan. Which if either fit into the plans of AVB, I have no idea, but certainly if we manage to bring in another central player, you feel that chances will be very few for both and I remain unconvinced that Hudd has the speed of movement in possession in a midfield two, and that Livermore is deemed ready or quite good enough by AVB. Offering Jake a chance to play once again for Harry Redknapp in a team you feel he would offer the much needed bite and steel, could be the perfect opportunity to establish himself as a first team contender with Spurs next season or alternatively put him in the shop window, should AVB feel he has no future it WHL...

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Date:Tuesday December 11 2012
Time: 12:00PM


QPR do not need midfielders. With Granero and Park, still ahead of him (Parker) in the holding midfield role. Personally, I'd rather we keep Livermore for another year and develop his game further and move Hudd instead.
11/12/2012 12:19:00
Sorry with the brackets, I meant to say (Livermore).
11/12/2012 12:20:00
but if he is to be 3rd/4th choice behind sandro, Parker and perhaps Hudd, are we better to loan him and give him games and experience? As for QPR they have some very decent CMs, but do they have one that will break up play and put in the hard work and tackles like a Parker or Livermore? I would argue that they don't. Based on that and the quality of someone like Granero alongside him as opposed to ahead of him, I feel it would be a good move on his and everyones part
11/12/2012 12:23:00
Jake is a model pro, but personally i like my players to have a specifc group of assets in there game, Jakes style is kind of similar to Zakora and Jenas in that he doesnt really influence the game in any way. He looked half decent pushing forward, if i was coaching him I would be getting him linking up in attack more.
11/12/2012 12:35:00
I think you're right to point out his lack of form this season had more to do with formation than him not being good for me if he goes on loan and we keep Parker then fine, if Parker goes and Livermore stays then again long as AVB rotates. My concern is Thud who I've been a huge fan of...he's never had pace but he used to make up for that with positioning and interceptions followed by pinging a ball but he just hasn't managed to get his form back, perhaps a loan deal there would be good as well....but if Livermore and Thud go out we'll need a moutinho....
11/12/2012 12:39:00
Sandro,Dembele,Parker,World Class Jan signing,Carrol,Hudd and then Livermore. If he happy to be 6-7th in line (for now) then i would keep him as he good cover player and doubt his wages are steep. We will get injuries and also the FA Cup games to come. I can see him coming on for cameos towards the end of league games too so i would say he worth keeping for this season at least COYMFS!!!
11/12/2012 12:46:00
I think Oxfordspur has hit the nail on the head. As a QPR fan, we need that bite in the middle. At the moment Shaun Derry is doing a great job but in truth cannot complete all games. Personally I haven't seen enough of Livermore to know whether he'd do a job consistently enough for us. We have a lot of midfielders but the parts aren't fitting at the moment. A lot better since Harry took charge mind.
11/12/2012 12:46:00
Granted he may be better off going out on loan, but is QPR the best fit for him? I guess, it can only be a handful of teams in the PL (maybe Sunderland), but surely QPR / Harry do not think that Livermore is the answer. QPR need quality CB's and in a god damn hurry, I still think they will go after Dawson.
11/12/2012 12:47:00
harry wont go for a youngster. he likes them to be experienced. The older the better
11/12/2012 13:10:00
Thenuge I think Gallas would be a better option for QPR, on a short term contract with the option of another season if they stay up. I can't see Livermore getting the game time at QPR and I don't really think it would be a good move for either club or the player. He certainly needs game time but ideally at a club where they aren't in the middle of a relegation dog fight where he would have no time to settle.
Slurms McKenzie
11/12/2012 13:36:00
Exactly thenuge, central midfielders are the last QPR need right now, they have Mbia, Diakete, Derry, Granero and Faulin. Now Dawson maybe, Gallas would be a life saver if he was 2 leave.
11/12/2012 15:03:00
of course QPR need a CB and also a striker in my opinion, but as QPR supporting Boxer agrees. there is a definite lack of bite in the middle. How much money will harry have to get these players is debatable, but we also have to question whether a player would want to make a long term commitment to them when they are in such a terrible position and they end up in the Championship next season. If you were Michael Dawson or scott Parker for example, would you take that chance?
11/12/2012 15:11:00
Here are the players that should go Naughton Rose Parker Bentley Gomes Gallas Siggersen or something Dempsey Happy christmas all .
11/12/2012 16:13:00
coys714 could say same for sandro...
11/12/2012 16:42:00
Get rid of huddlestone not Livermore. Tom has been awful and unfortunately that's the best were gonna see from him. Jake has potential and is a great squad player to have.
11/12/2012 17:40:00
Jake is young and has time but at the moment he is not good enough for us and imo is behind Sandro and Parker and possibly HUdd who I don't fancy either. The lad needs games to prove himself I can't see him getting them now Parker is back. Personally a loan would suit us because he may develop into a good defensive player and they are rare these days wasn't long ago we was crying out for one and then we got Parker. However, he is not good enough to be ahead of Sandro or Parker so better he goes on loan and maybe if he improves he can come back and be backup for Sandro when Parker is passed it. Hudd I think we should sell while we can get a return on him. He is neither a defensive enough or attacking enough too slow for our style of play. Invest in another CM creative and we will be ok to let both Hudd and Livermore to go one on loan the other sold and let carroll be the third choice in midfield.
11/12/2012 18:40:00
I'd prefer we lose huddlestone, rather than livermore. Tom can still be a great player for someone, but this season has shown that his level is now lower than what spurs should be achieving.
11/12/2012 18:47:00
Swap Huddlestone for Hoilett
matt hoten
11/12/2012 19:21:00
swap hudd' for hoilett!?......i like your thinking......but having seen cellabos and townsend live recently. They , for me, are young, hungry and talented. Cellabos has the effortless speedy body swerve and two footed. Townsend,two footed power, drive and pace.
11/12/2012 19:38:00
82: Fair enough, I haven't seen Cellabos, Townsend has talent but sometimes poor decision making. Only watched Hoilett once but it was only him and Samba that stood out in a Blackburn team.
matt hoten
11/12/2012 19:47:00
Personnally, i'd like to see townsend tried in the team...either flank. Cos' he can use both feet.....and takes mean inswinging corners. I think this would utilise our big guns at corners better.
11/12/2012 19:59:00
Since nothing is likely to happen until January, too much conjecture to get worked up about. Many have already put Jake 6/7th in the pecking order. Most also want to see Parker Stay whilst some want rid of Huddleston.

IMO, there is a very good chance that AVB will bring in a winger and another midfielder in January as well as the likelihood that Benny and Kaboul will return. That could potentially make the transfer/loan merry-go-round even more hectic. If that were the case, even Parker may not fit the bill. So, depending on our transfer activities, we may see Gallas(sold), Livermore, Thudd, Townsend, Naughton (all loan), Dawson (sold/loan)......add to that the likely departures Bentley, Jenas, Gomes.

I am all for giving the youngsters more game time elsewhere to help them develop, for example, Walker returned to us a better player, IMO Rose + Bassong are doing well. With our ambitions and development under AVB, I truly believe these youngster should be loaned out as we are unlikely to risk their inexperience during our quest for success. AVB needs this season to put a maker down, a platform to build on for the future. IMO he is even less likely to involve youngsters in the latter part of the season. League cup and the EL early stages were the real opportunities for the youngster and IMO, NONE of them made any real impact.
11/12/2012 22:03:00
did wenger give hes young resves team a night off PMSL
11/12/2012 22:26:00
spu 4 life
11/12/2012 22:29:00
yay!! for Bradford!! Congrats :-)) 4th division team !!?? wtf
11/12/2012 22:42:00
Jury is definitely still out on Livermore fulfilling any potential he may have. Loan would be good for us and him, worked for Walker and Caulker. Also knowing Levy he might wrap a loan deal up as part of a Gallas sale.

11/12/2012 23:38:00
lol spu 4 life. Thailand again this Xmas ?
12/12/2012 00:30:00
Can't help but notice this site has been quieter in recent times. Has everybody gone on early Xmas holidays ?
12/12/2012 04:58:00
Pop u want to sell 2 of our new signings after 6 months?
12/12/2012 06:47:00
LOL... Bradford... with a full strength team..
12/12/2012 07:23:00
If we aren't going to use Livrmore then better to send him out on loan where he can get some football. Having said that I do have concerns.Firstly how can Hudd be ahead of him in the pecking order ? the guy can't tackle, can't run and this season his passing is nothing to write home about either. Secondly Parker has already missed half a season, what if he breaks down again ? Thirdly the amount of games Sandro is putting in - how long until it affects his form ?
12/12/2012 08:53:00
Thud gets ahead of livermore on creativity/passing/tempo and ball retention Thud competes with dembele for a Spot in the team Parker/Livermore and Sandro are our DM's who break up play and pass it simple....ideally you have 1 creative and 1 destroyer hence two destroyers playing together hasn't worked whether it be livermore and Sandro or parker and Sandro last year....
12/12/2012 10:19:00
I agree with jod, how the bloody hell on recent form does Huddlestone get in in front of Livermore or Carroll or anybody else. Having said that neither of them are good enough for a side with European ambitions. I think that the move to Stoke would have suited Huddlestone fine, it would have been a case of "in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king" he would have shone like a beacon. I agree that Livermore would be well suited to a move to QPR, he would fit in there better than with us. I still think that depending on the formation, it would be possible to include Sandro, Parker, and Dembele in the same team particularly away from home. You can't afford to tolerate Huddlestone's lack of pace or mobility, inability to tackle, weakness in the air, and general mallaise, in the hope of the occasional "killer pass" which are in fact becoming increasingly rare.
12/12/2012 16:41:00
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