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Home and Away

I don't know about you, but I am the type of Spurs fan who likes to look ahead and try and predict results.

It's become something of an addiction, and if you ask me who our rivals next three games are I can rattle them off quick as you like. And this leads me to an interesting twist in this years Premier Laegue, that I'm sure you will have noticed, and which has perhaps given rise to this rollercoaster feeling of being a Spurs fan at the moment.... it's this new schedule of two home games followed by two away games. I don't know whose idea it was and frankly I don't like it, but what it has helped to do is constantly keep the table evolving. If you can nick an away win, and back it up over the next two weeks with another six points, you can be flying up the table while one of your rivals might have faced two tough away games and be slipping down. On the reverse, muck it up at home and you could be left wondering where your next points are coming from.

I don't think it is any coincidence that our form has come in bursts - a group of four wins, one win in five etc, followed by three wins out of four. Just look at what has happened...a defeat away to Arsenal left us mid-table, but we had the knowledge of two home games where we could get points. As we beat West Ham and Liverpool, Arsenal had two away games (Villa and Everton) in which they garnered two points. Luckily for us, we then got bonus points away at Fulham while they squandered points at home to Swansea. We are in a position where the two teams I consider to be our rivals for 4th spot, Everton and Arsenal, have opposite fixtures to us - ie when we're at home they are away.

Next up for Everton are trips to Stoke and West Ham while Arsenal are away to Reading and Wigan. We have two home games against Swansea and Stoke, and I would expect us to be in 4th come Xmas Day. However, we then have two away games (Villa and Sunderland), while Arsenal are at home to West Ham and Newcastle and Everton are at home to Wigan and Chelsea. Those two away games over Xmas are vital - string 4 results together and we could even be pushing for 3rd. Less than 9 points from four games and we could be back in mid-table.

All of this helps to add to the highs and lows of being a Spurs fan, and I fully expect to see us fluctuate between 4th and 6th between now and the end of the season. Let's just hope that we have got our toughest away tests (United, City, Arsenal, Everton and Newcastle) out of the way, and can string together a good sequence of results to help guide us up the league.

Written by Sebthespur

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The journalist

Writer: Sebthespur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 13 2012

Time: 10:41AM

Your Comments

Are you mad!!!??

The only thing predictable about Spurs is our un-predictability!
it never crossed my mind about the two home, two away games in succession
Closer each day.....Home and flaming mongral....suppose it bit like a tie break in tennis then when you break serve then have to serves to capitalise COYMFS!!! Hopefully Benni and Bale back in tandem on sunday!
don't forget Jatt that Parker may feature this week or at least in next week while Kaboul must be near.
Kaboul is hopefully back for the Christmas games, all going well
classic spurs fan, we just had a game where we proved beyond all doubt we can lose to anybody, even after the 90th minute yet all that is soon forgotton and predictions made like "over xmas we could be pushing for third". The bottom line is we can win away at man utd and we can lose at home to wigan, thus you cannot predict, expect or count on anything with our club. But why let facts get in the way of a good dellusion.
Seb - you are completely wrong to discount Liverpool from your analysis. They are getting better, will buy in January and will definitely be there a the death over Everton. We still have to go to Anfield too.
Love totty
if Liverpool get a quality striker, they instantly become contenders. dare I suggest that rodgers is getting his methods accross quicker than AVB at the moment
Thats not what the table says ox ;)
Gerard is a second a away from an injury, Suarez is a second away from a red card, even if they get another striker take those 3 out of the team and u have team hovering over the relagation teams. Spurs fully fit have nothing to fear about going to anfield. Top 4 is ours if want it this year COYMFS!!!
'I don't know about you, but I am the type of Spurs fan who likes to look ahead and try and predict results' did u skip that part jimmy? Thx for the article Seb, I too was unaware of the 2 home and 2 away fixtures.I like to point a further FACT so jimmy and co can understand. The PL is very very very unpredictable, in fact if there would be no form of betting if we knew who would win. So no Seb is not a classic Spurs fan jimmy, he is a fan of a team in the PL. Pull ur head out your rear end boy the air is fresh and smells a hell of a lot better...
If we add our injured 1st team players we can certainly be in a very good position come Christmas. Away games we will see Parker and the Beast together for sure which will make us tough to beat.
I also like to predict results. Every season I run an excel spread sheet,compiling it at the start of the season, with the fixture list, predicted result and points, against actual results and points. Last season I over estimated our total by 1 point predicting 70 when we finished with 69. This season so far I had us at 28 points, against the actual of 26 at this stage. We are now entering a stage in the fixture list when we should "fill our boots", we have Swansea (H) who apart from the Arsenal game are not the same force away from the Liberty, then Stoke (H) with 1 away win this season, Villa and Sunderland both (A), two poor sides who are struggling, then Reading (H) and QPR (A) both destined for relegation. With our injured players (Parker and BAE) returning, and Dembele fit again, we should pick up good points from these games, providing we play to our potential, don't make silly substitutions, and remember the game is a 94-95 minute affair and you need to play from start to finish, and concentrate. One thing for sure excuses will be hard to find in these fixtures.
Frank wanna send me that spread sheet... I wont tell my bookie ;)
predictions...the only thing we know is that Spurs will be un-predictable. It amazes me how much importance is put on home and away form, the best teams set out to win home or away...but it does have a bearing. We're still not pulling up any trees in the style stakes once we can get a pattern to our play we'll be better able to assess where we stand...we're quite lucky as this is the worst PL I can remember even the top teams with all their wealth are still playing like individuals if they click before we do we'll be left in the dust...
Thanks Mix26 and others. The article wasn't about me predicting results, it was actually aimed at giving an explanation for a topsy-tuvy table this season, and for our strange runs of form. I do notice that into February the two home games and two away games scenario seems to disappear? Maybe it has to do with teams playing in Europe? Who knows, but I've never seen it before and don't really understand the reason for it.
jimmy-yid. We have proved beyond all doubt that we can lose to a good, formidable team who are also challenging for 4th place (Everton) who are hard to beat at Goodison Park.

I do agree with you though that results are hard to predict but that can also works in our favour. The likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool aren't winning the games they are supposed to either so is it really 'delusional' to think that we "could" be pushing for 3rd by Xmas?
Also love totty I never discounted Liverpoo, I was just using the two teams closest to us as examples of opposite fixtures, although I'm not so sure Rodgers will be allowed to spend as freely as you think come January. I also have to disagree with regards Rodgers getting his methods over better; I have been distinctly underwhelmed when I've watched Liverpool and also agree that a few injuries, especially at the back, and they may be vulnerable.
having seen the inside liverpool documentary...I'm amazed at just how bad rogers communication is, he seems flat and one dimensional...I can't think of another sector where managers with such poor skill sets earn fortunes and spend even greater's a funny old game....
jimmy-yid - Just as it was 'delusional' that we could make up the 7 point gap on 3rd place? Hmmmm. The original author has even been on here to elaborate on the reason why he made this article, so do you have any more to add?? Or is he still delusional? Love the way you say 'classic spurs fan' as if you are above everyone else. Well your not above everyone else, your just a dick.
no wonder the atmosphere is crap at spurs 28% middle class happy clappers that just sit there like the west stand we now have the miserable *****s from the the paxton just sitting there, do not swear, do not stand ,next do not sing thought i would throw this one in seeing poll
Good point SB2, without wanting to prompt the AVB worshippers into more paroxysms of sycophancy, let's pose the question. What makes a great football manager great? Money? Luck? Technical insight?
Love totty
There are some plonkers on this site, AVB worshippers? Some of us are giving the guy a chance as all self professed Spurs fans should. If after two seasons he has been given the right ammo and we are languishing mid table I will be the first to criticise him.
@Love Totty A combination of all three factors you mentioned and while we are at it, add man-management and passion for the club he works with/for.
@Love Totty A combination of all three factors you mentioned and while we are at it, add man-management and passion for the club he works with/for.
spur1950 - If someone doesn't swear at a football ground that really doesn't make them middle class. The poll is very poor in trying to establish the real question. If I go to the lane with my 4 year old son, I think I'd rather sit. Which option do I submit on the poll? REeally, some folk are just easy pickings!!!
spur1950 when you go every week and have to watch 1-1 draws against west brom, norwich and loses to Wigan there is nothing wrong with wanting to sit down. My mate STANDS in the shelf and said during those games no one sang, they just stood and got really bored.

personally I would love to see standing at WHL as it would improve the atmosphere but I wouldn't expect everyone to want to be in it. Also their singing would rub off even on those sitting down.
LoveTotty you would have to say you need all the basics you've mentioned plus a few more but personally I think the most important trait would be knowing how to beat your opponent. This doesn't mean always changing your style but when the going get tough you can adapt your play to win.
Slow news day - thought that would flush somebody out. LOL First prize to my Latin friend.
Love totty
Have I missed something with the poll? 57% are saying yes for the signing & atmosphere. What? Autographs from the players being given out to those who stand then?

Ok, its for the singing. But I don't see how there's a difference between singing when you're sitting or when you're standing, personally. If you want to sing, you'll sing, your place in the space time continuum is irrelevant surely.

@ T.H.F.Chris You make an interesting point, when you say change the style in order to win when the going get tough. I believe that AVB is trying to introduce a new way of playing to Spurs, - BoasBall Style; A combination of Bombing Forward, Scoring and yet when we are put under pressure to have the abillity to lockdown and defend a lead when required. This new way/style of playing, might very well be the making of our beloved club. It will of course take time to implement this new methods to our players. Work in progress, The keywords here are Faith and Patience!
@ T.H.F.Chris You make an interesting point, when you say change the style in order to win when the going get tough. I believe that AVB is trying to introduce a new way of playing to Spurs, - BoasBall Style; A combination of Bombing Forward, Scoring and yet when we are put under pressure to have the abillity to lockdown and defend a lead when required. This new way/style of playing, might very well be the making of our beloved club. It will of course take time to implement this new methods to our players. Work in progress, The keywords here are Faith and Patience!
Love Totty , Adaptability. A jack of all trades and a master of most.
LT...there's a lot that goes into making a successful manager...look at Sir alex...he struggles to do a training session, absolute crap coach but one of the best managers around...
I hope you are right AllanDK, also hope AVB can get us a bit tighter for the last 10 minutes, we've let in so many late goals if it isn't fixed soon it could turn into a psychological problem.
loving the rumours in the italian press linking us with Sneijder...

and it seems we will have Parker, BAE and KABOOM back within the festive period...

this is the time to be pushing on... this is the time to add 2-3 key players to our squad...





TIME TO ADD A BIT MORE DEPTH TO OUR SQAUD.. AND HAVE A STARTING 15....with 2-3 world class additions....
still think we are getting the squad sorted and will again have to struggle to offload several players that are on big wages but are going to be very difficult to move on. I felt we seemed to at last realise that we have to take a hit of fees to get the players off the wage bills, but with the likes of Gomes, Jenas, Bentley etc all still costing us money, but with no hope of playing again, we will again have to look to loan them or effectively give them away. I know that Bentley is out of contract in the summer, which may mean we have had to write off the whole of his 15m fee, but at least he will be history. getting rid of a few big earners will at least allow us to bring in others and be able to afford to pay them every month
footballing xmas period about to start. 2 home games, 2 away games. 3 wins would be great !!
Spuds-U-Like- I think your post was little too subtle....THERE'S A TYPO ON THE POLL! might have worked better? As for getting the squad sorted, it's a constant thing, permanently evolving- just as contracts for players like JJ, Carlo, Brad et al are coming to an end we buy Gylfi and dempsey- one or both might make it but if they don't? I really think we need a DOF now because Levy just doesn't seem up to the job....his 'bargains' can end up costing as much as 1 quality cheap, buy twice Daniel me old son...
I think you took me too literally shedboy, of course it was obviously a typo! Just trying to put back a little bit of the humour that's been lacking since the summer.


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