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Ade-nough or more to come?!

Ade-nough or more to come?!

Emanuel Adebayor is back in the frame. After a protracted summer transfer saga, followed by fitness issues, injuries, a heroic few minutes at the Emirates and the 3-match ban, our only other recognised striker is back, available and fit(?).

How for weeks most Spurs fans eagerly awaited Ade's return to compliment a system that was apparently missing his presence, holding, linking, partnership (Defoe) attributes and of course, goals. However, now that he is back, there are usual fans' (Vital members') groans of 'poor first touch', 'lazy', 'poor passing', 'poor attitude' and also how we were warned about all this BEFORE he joined us permanently.

Let's look at the games he HAS started in, Arsenal - not played long enough for fair analysis, Panathenaikos - most comments suggested that apart from scoring the opener, he did little to demonstated the attributes apparently synonymous with him. Everton - again most were frustrated by his contribution and the groans listed above showered from all corners of Vital.

Am I (or we) being premature in Ade's assessment? Is he also suffering an AVB system adaptation problem or may be he no longer fits the system? Or are we witnessing something that 'others' have warned us about?!.

In my opinion, last season some of his poor play was overshadowed by his goal tally and the fact that he DID provide few assists and partnered Defoe well. In the absence of Ade, Defoe has been bedded in as the sole striker and suddenly finds himself having to adapt to Ade's return and it hasn't clicked yet.

In the Everton game, Ade's inclusion and retention for the full match was presumably to counter Fellaini's threat? I hasten to add that Fellaini was not directly involved with either of their goals, nor was Ade anywhere near by to help out. We were being battered in the last few minutes and where was our 'holding' and 'bringing others in to play' man?

I like Ade and would love for him to do well for us, but what I have seen of him (in latter part of last season) and his contribution thus far this season, I seriously wonder if he may find himself 'a peg and a hole' mismatch situation. Statistics for this season look good though, 2 goals in 3 starts?!.

If further signings are made in January, how is Ade likely to be best utilised? I hope there is a lot more to come from him......

Written by Critical_Spur

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Date:Friday December 14 2012
Time: 10:37AM


He's been a massive disappointment this time around, not the same as last season. Maybe AVB isn't playing him right, but I wouldn't mind getting rid personally.

14/12/2012 10:43:00
I would say it is rather premature to write off Ade, - last seasons top scorer. He missed pre-season and is just returning from injury and furthermore have to catch up with The BoasBall Style Tactics! We all know and seen, that he can score; Not to worry Ade will come good!
14/12/2012 10:55:00
Ability-wise he's right up there as good as anyone. But history has shown he doesn't have the commitment, unless backed into a corner. Was not at all impressed in the summer, not only missing the start of the season because wanted his full wedge of money, but then couldn't be bothered to turn up fit? I'm mean what's all that about? Didn't send out the right signals to me. Everton was a worrying performance, i thought he was a disgrace. Not only the ball bouncing off him, but his general attitude. A real test for AVB's man-management this. Personally i prefer the prolific goals (when played consistently), determination/fight, pace and the odd bit of link-up play from Defoe. We probably need better than both but what top striker will come on £75k a week and a limited transfer budget?
14/12/2012 11:01:00
Fit in or ***** off! End of story. If he can't step up his game then I'm afraid he will warn the bench. We have given him an excellent chance to revive his career and if he can't get over his own self glorification and work for the team then he will no doubt find himself on the bench under AVB. What we certainly don't need is City and LeArse telling us I told u so...
14/12/2012 11:16:00
Any news on Bale being fit for Sunday's clash??Ade's a sure starter if Bale doesnt recover and will bang a goal and grab an assist. :) just optimistic
14/12/2012 11:18:00
ade was poor in the first half against everton but started crucially to regain his touch in the second, a big part in our improvement. Both his lessened work rate and rustiness can be explained. I felt it was obvious he was wary of chasing the ball he did last season because of his sending off against arse, though again, this improved as the match went on. The second is simply down to the fact he hasn't played much football in the last 6 months! think about it, he took and extended holiday before joining us and has been injured and suspended for most of the time since, while also trying to catch up on fitness. doesn't take a genius to realise he won't be at his best in one of his first games back...
14/12/2012 11:27:00
Whatever system is played there is no excuse for not be able to control a football when it arrives in your vicinity nor is there any excuse for looking like you'd rather be somewhere else when your team mates need you to roll up your sleeves and dig in with them. Having said that I do like Adebayor as a player. He just needs to get back to basics and do it quickly. Mostly through his own fault his season hasn't started yet so he should get on with it in a hurry. If not, he is high up on a list of players that could be replaced in January.
14/12/2012 11:37:00
He is an emotional player. If he feels loved and gets on a roll, he can be unplayable. But when he is having a tough time of it, he doesn't help himself. He needs a run of games and a couple of goals, then we will see Ade back to his best. Not sure if he will get them though unless JD gets injured.
Tactically Challenge
14/12/2012 11:38:00
Can we back our players and give the lad a break. He's just come back from a long lay off, he's had problems with his national team, which probably isn't easy to deal with. Imagine all the strain if you can't play for your country and be cheered by your country? Also this guy does tons for charity .....he has a heart of gold . This man also is a talent and if nurtured and looked after will love his football and give you real dimensions when we play. Lets start to back our good eggs!
14/12/2012 11:38:00
Why does everyone want to replace a proven goal scorer? I don't get it.... Top scorer last season ! Has everyone forgotten ? Madrid wanted him....Scum loved counts for stuff lads . He's just a little rusty is understandable and it's hard to live up to Defoe at the mo. but he CAN be unplayable....and let's see some more ... Some Adebaymore!
14/12/2012 11:40:00
Dont how any one can say anything, he's hardly played at all this season for one reason or another. Yes he was pants against Everton, but he's probably trying to get into match mode again.
14/12/2012 11:40:00
I know some of you just want Adebaymore at the moment but he'll come good
14/12/2012 11:41:00
How many games has he played ffs...has he even had a run of 2 or 3 games to get match fit ffs? Fickle pathetic idiots jumping on the media bandwagon again...and the funniest part is line in the article "Everton - again most were frustrated by his contribution and the groans listed above showered from all corners of Vital" 10-12 people on vital does not represent what the spurs faithfull think. The fans i go to games with and see at the game back all our players like Ade,Defoe, Lennon, Friedel unlike the 10 or so on this site. Get a grip and learn to have some patience AVB is still trying to get his best team out the treatment room and on to the pitch. COYMFS!!!
14/12/2012 12:03:00
Get Llorente and we have no striker problems any more.
14/12/2012 12:06:00
I fairness to the guy he's only played one full premier league game this season I think he needs more chances to come gold
14/12/2012 12:14:00
The time to question his suitability was in the summer, not now. He's a confidence player if he'd have left one leg on the ground when he tackled Santi who knows what may have happened...imo he's a player that needs an arm round the shoulder let's give him the support and see what he can do....that said we still need a forward and llorente would be great as would lewandowski, leandro et al....
14/12/2012 12:34:00
Well said Jatt, totally agree!
Metal Spurs
14/12/2012 12:37:00
or we could get a recent England international back....Frazer Campbell! (wht was that cap about?) He's within our price range...
14/12/2012 12:43:00
well said yatt the guy is a proven goalscorer. who says he has a bad attitude ? the press!!!
14/12/2012 13:03:00
Spot on JattYid, another example of people sucked in by the media. Though this isnt as bad as the "Modric is too small for the PL, lets sell him" or "Bale is a jynx and too fragile" comments which you can find in the Vital Spurs archives.
14/12/2012 13:08:00
Even if we did play 4-2-3-1 against Swansea, I would chose Adebayor over Defoe. Just don't think they work that well together. If Bale is missing then stick Defoe out to the left - like he was towards the end of the Chelsea game. Can't fault Defoe's contribution this season when he's played the lone role but just seems to rely on Ade to do the work when they are partnered together. Difficult one to fix overnight but can't help feel that get Ade match fit with a run of games and we will be on a different level cpmpared with Defoe - who if he doesn't score, he doesnt contribute!
14/12/2012 13:21:00
Thing that bugs me the most is articles like "is bale leaving" "who to replace bale" "how much is bale worth"...its these small little articles that some w*nk3r at,talksport will read and then make his own article up quoting unanmed source said then these spread like wildfire on the internet and then talksport broadcast it and sky sports starts dribbling at the b3ll 3nd and publish the story that bale wants to leave which then make the players take notice and unsettle them. So when next time a player becomes unsettled take a look at yourself before u start spouting rubbish on the internet cos im sure the whole 2 year Modric saga stemmed from some prat maybe from this site! and then that same prat will probably write another article "life after modric" Get behind the team for ffs we joint 4th in the league if you wana moan for no unwarranted reason turn the light off and carry on rocking in your chair but please stop spreading bullshat on the net COYMFS!!!
14/12/2012 13:24:00
Theres plenty more to come from his guy, that's for sure. Defoe to his credit has stepped up brilliantly. Llorente in January would be sexy, but i think he's going to Juventus
14/12/2012 13:25:00
I'll reaccess this article mid Feb.
14/12/2012 13:26:00
though I am happy to accept that his current form is due to lack of games and perhaps getting used to a new sytle etc, he was a major frustration in his first touch and also how long he held the ball last season, and I see nothing different this. I suppose to a degree there is a understandable ssue with his holding on to the ball n occasions, because as a lone striker that is very much part of his remit, but how often was there one or more player overlapping him or ahead of him in acres of space, only for him to either dither or struggle to control the ball.
14/12/2012 13:47:00
You really believe that about Morpic Jatt?
Tottenham Hotcore
14/12/2012 13:58:00
Only time will tell whether Ade is just lacking playing time to get back to his 2011-12 season form or whether he is coming back to his famous (fair ou unfair) lazy form which costed him places in other clubs. I would like to believe he just needs more time to get adapted to AVB´s philosophy due to his prolongued absence from 1st team activities (no pre-season, injuries, stupid straight red card, Defoe´s amazing run of form, etc). Let us see.
14/12/2012 14:14:00
Off Topic: I am writing from Brazil and I´d like to ask you all a simple question. In South America, Clubs really care about the FIFA World Cup for Clubs being currently under its way in Japan. There is a brazilian football club, Corinthians, already there to play Chelsea next sunday. Regardless of being Chelsea (or even Spurs, some years from now, who knows??), do you really care about this Cup or do you don´t even want to know who is there ?? It is a cliche for brazilian press to state europeans teams have no real interest for this as it takes place in a very busy time of european calendar.
14/12/2012 14:18:00
Is Bale leaving JattYid? If so how much do you think we'll get for him? and who will replace him? or was that why bought Dempsey?....;)
14/12/2012 14:23:00
Alex - there's not a great deal of interest from what i can see...I think they're showing it on BBC2 hd, rafa used it to try Luiz as a DM so I don't think he even gave the mexican team much credit...
14/12/2012 14:29:00
Thanks, shedboy2.
14/12/2012 14:36:00
Wiltshire mate, it is absolutely disgraceful that a man earning £200,000 a WEEK, couldn't find the self-motivation to get himself match-fit on his own for when he eventually decided to join us. Its Ade's own fault he took a PAID extended holiday and is playing fitness catch up all season. Not saying he can't rediscover his touch and fitness over the course of the season (we desperately need him to) but to me that whole episode told its own story. It contrasts starkly with someone like Defoe who puts absolutely everything into his fitness, strength and conditioning, without getting his just rewards over the past few seasons. Anyway, we can't afford to be negative as we haven't got the money to replace Ade who was a steal anyway. Lets hope AVB can get into his head and get him playing.
14/12/2012 14:36:00
Ade hasn't really got going this season so it is hard to judge his performances so far, due to lack of fitness, form and continuity of selection. It's a long season though, and if we can get a fully fit, focused and in form Ade after the X-mas run of games, then we will greatly benefit. The positive thing so far about his lack of games for us is that he should be fresh enough in the new year to give us a strong second half of the season. This was something lacking last year for many players due to burn out.
Cleveland ARTSPURS
14/12/2012 14:54:00
Adebayor has done nothing but still managed to pick up an easy £4 million .
It`s a shame pay is not more performance related ,with players like these it needs to be .
If he cared that much he would have kept himself proper fit in the summer ,but he didn`t .
big cockeral
14/12/2012 15:43:00
If you look back to Ade's finest hour with us (against Newcastle) he played much of the game out wide right as Lennon wasn't playing. He provided assists for BAE and Saha to score and scored one himself. The midfield was Bale, Modric, Parker and Kranks who also scored. Perhaps the answer is to play 433 with Bale, Defoe and him ahead of Dembele, Sandro and Siggy.
Love totty
14/12/2012 15:55:00
Love totty ..- Newcastle didn`t even turn up in that game ,even Saha played well ,the only game he actually did something
big cockeral
14/12/2012 16:13:00
I'll give an opinion at the end of January when it's warranted
14/12/2012 16:18:00
BC - let's hope then that we get the dying swans on Sunday.
Love totty
14/12/2012 17:42:00
Are you guys serious???? The bloke was injured, then benched, then played well till his sending off, was banned for 3 games and now is being slated by one and all??? Fecking hypocrites!!!! You were screaming how good he was last year. No wonder we are known as fickle fans!! Get a grip FFS!! Rant over - move on!!!
14/12/2012 19:28:00
woodyn17 Adebayor loves mugs like you ,why do you think he smiles so much ? so many mugs
big cockeral
14/12/2012 19:37:00
woodyn17 ....... Quite agree mate, I was getting slaughtered last season when I dared to mention the fact that he was playing for a contract and that we'd see the real Adebayor once he'd fooled everyone into thinking he could become a proper professional.
Worst control I think I've ever seen from an international striker. Oh and don't get your hopes up over us offloading him, nobody else will be stupid enough to match his terms, he's riding the gravy train again.
14/12/2012 20:36:00
It probably does't help his case that he is being shoe hored into a team that is set up to Defoes strengths plus he's he's trying to become the meat in the Lennon Defoe love-fest thats going on at the moment at the Lane. Still the meter is at zero and he has to earn the "love" of he spurs faithful all over again.
Slurms McKenzie
14/12/2012 22:07:00
I felt Ade looked tired against Everton, having played 3 days earlier and still fully to regain his match-fitness.... I think you'll see a different Ade (and his teammates) from here with only 1 game per week to focus, be fresh and train for...
15/12/2012 10:11:00
The most critical things for a player are match fitness and game time. To get to your best form you have to be playing at game speed and competitive speed for a few games. Ade is now beginning to get that. You could see it in the Everton game. His passing was off as well as his timing. This is a very talented individual and he will get into his stride in due course.
15/12/2012 12:43:00
if AVB can work with ade to the same degree he has managed with defoe then fantastic, ade has a lot more to offer potentially than defoe. he has not been given a chance yet and no-one wants to partner defoe because he is way too selfish. judge ade if he also gets a run of games playing the lone role too
15/12/2012 15:08:00
First, I have never liked Adebayor. Still don't. His nonchalance comes second only to his arrogance. Look at him in the tunnel before the Man C game, got no motivation except when it suits him. Maybe 2 goals one game and then disappears until he realises he's got to produce the goods again. A disgrace that he is probably our highest earner. Maybe we could trade him for Llorente. The manyana culture would suit him. This is the ONLY Spurs player I criticise. It will all end in tears.
16/12/2012 04:31:00
0 that competition, I read that 20,000 Corinthian fans have travelled to Japan from Brazil..amazing.
16/12/2012 04:36:00
Not bothered if he goes. There is just something that i don't care for in him and I think jacobslad hit the nail on the head with his comments His nonchalance comes second only to his arrogance, I really don't think he is that bothered about winning and about us. He just wants to be number striker earning a load of cash. If he went I wuldn't lose any sleep as long as we brought in someone with quality to replace him.
16/12/2012 21:58:00
To have some1 as good as ADE up front is a real bonus- quality strikers are gold dust. Sure he has lots of frustrationing habits, but if the coaching staff can get him playing even 80% regularly we will have a good striker. He's a spur- get behind our players & forget the past.
17/12/2012 14:06:00
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