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I'm dreaming of a White Christmas!

As a festive season, Christmas is usually cold, expensive and lacking in genuine cheer, but this year I have a feeling that things could be different.

For many of us the season lacks the goodwill people talk about and it is screaming kids, nagging wife and family or friends that pop round and almost always outstay their welcome. In short, I usually eat too much, drink too much and spend too much and in return, get presents that I either don't want, or can't afford. What is beginning to excite me though is my Christmas football and what was for me a very good and promising Tottenham performance yesterday.

Though no Premiership game is easy, I imagine that facing Stoke (H), Villa (A), Sunderland (A) and Reading (H)would be seen as a pretty good Christmas schedule and one that AVB will be hoping will bring him a sackful of points and a more secure footing on a top four place. Sure, Stoke are unbeaten in seven, Villa beat Liverpool (Whoop! Whoop!) and are looking far more resilient, but Sunderland and Reading are looking increasingly nailed on for relegation.

On a positive, I am quite looking forward to spending Boxing day at one of my favourite away grounds, and perhaps with a couple of Villa mates to add some spice to the occasion. It seems a perfect opportunity to try out my new Christmas boots, that are my 'surprise' present from the wife this year, but at least they are useful and wont be dumped in a cupboard, next to the decorations for most of the year. Bah Humbug!...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 17 2012

Time: 9:56AM

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I see you enjoy Christmas as much as I do Ox. Should be a great few games especially if we can concentrate for a full 90+ minutes
Big Ron
A month ago the Villa game would have looked easy, not now. Stoke never role over, if there was a game I would like Dawson starting that would be it. This is the kind of run of games that we usually mess up, it will be a good test of AB's management.
Im not sure who was *****ting themselves the most near end of the game yesterday, the players or me...
The most encouraging thing is that the boys are beginning to respond to AVB's training. I think if we have the boys with AVB for many full weeks with out cup distractions, we will see greater confidence & play from the players. Swansea from a tactical p.o.v. was great, we still need to improve our passing out from the back, but it won't be a white xmas since our next few games are away, and we don't wear white away- unless its against Ar5ena1.
yesterdays performance was very encouraging. Everton was unfortunate but otherwise the signs definately show steady improvement over the last 6 or so games. heading back to blighty for new year and have tickets for Reading game so hoping the good form continues. if we can nik 12 points out of the next 4 then we'll be sitting very nicely starting 2013. COYS
So, this years Vital Spurs Christmas party at OX's then?!
Tactically Challenge
Something off topic but very important none-the-less. I posted this on the Tottenham vs Swansea thread. I was at the game yesterday and was wondering if anyone else who was at the game, or watching on tv, did you notice at the 20th, 28th and maybe 33rd minute, the Swansea fans making gassing noises? Now I could be mistaken and I don't want to accuse anyone if I'm way off the mark (they could've been making "shh" noises) but both me and my dad looked at each other and thought the same thing, I was just wondering because if it is what I heard then me and my dad are thinking of making an official complaint.
rahn DMC
do we ALWAYS have to play Villa on Boxing Day ? is it written in tablets of stone... hope Jahmene refrains from giving 1 of their centre-backs a 'present' this time around.... I'm dreamin' of a Black Xmas, yo yo, uh-huh-uh-huh
The best thing about last 3 games has been how well Bale's absence has been countered by tactics & system and how well players like Dempsey & Sigurdsson respond to it.
Last year, without Bale was total doom & gloom. This season we have lost Parker, BAE, Kaboul , Modric , VDV & Ade yet we are below Chelski only on goal difference at 4th spot. Its a incredible achievement in itself. Add the absence of Bale in crucial games against Everton & Chelsea nd Ade mischief against Arsenal, we would have been well ahead of the top4 bunch and catching City.
It is really unbelievable that we would be near no 1 had we not conceded late goals. But then this football,team can concede anytime. But the fact is stat shows a measurable goal to improve.
We are the only team not to concede in first 15 minutes in league till date-which means we begin well. And we have scored the most second half goals than any team, which says we respond well after half time too. So whatever AVB is saying start & at break is working. So, if we could improve the focus at last 10 minutes, we should do good.
Dear Santa Levy,

Can we have our blue shorts back please? All white is for Euro nights, not everyday wear, as in "It'll be All White on the Night".

Thank you.

If anyone else confirms the hissing was as it seemed, then go for it rahn. If its good enough for the dick Peter Herbert to make anti semitic complaints, then its all right for you too mate. After all, at least yours will be legit!

I don't think you can just factor ion those incidents and say we'd be well ahead sydqcb5... other teams also have 'incidents' and luck always plays a factor short-term. I think 12pts from last 15pts since Arse game is consistently v.good. the returnees should add to the team's quality on any given day and I really think we will get a tallish, quick, cheap(ish) striker from Ligue.1 or Belgium in January to complement Ade-Defoe... like to see Townsend integrated more into team in games when wideys injured/subbed. Andros has the pace and ability to be the '3rd musketeer' when Lennon or Bale not playing. it helps keep our usual shape and tactical plays, especially when leading in games.
Away to Sunderland is certainly not an easy trip. Villa have started to show signs of improvement. We need to score early against Stoke but not an easy game and Reading should be a win. I want 12 points, I think that is also achievable. We certainly shouldn't lose any of the games.
The all white kit, that's to do with the partnership deal with Real Madrid, in case we exchange player or players in the near future. Christmas!!! yeah moving on, biggest pain in the arse going, roll on boxing day, good racing a kempton and the footie at aston villa, happy days.
spu 4 life
Viyyash-Ramosh, agreed - anything can happen. But it does give a indication where we need to improve.
Does anyone else remember certain members posting a few weeks back how we've only played the bottom 6 plus a couple of the rest and we are rubbish, no flare, mid-table at best etc................................... Now we have 2 games before we have played everyone and we sit 4ths, level on points with 3rd. I guess this post will be missed by the likes of Raging as he won't be on this post because we won, AGAIN!!!
There has been games where AVB received half time boos because he didnt play second striker at home. Now he is playing 2 together. So, AVB too is slowly evolving his game plan. I thought he will never play 4-4-2, but AVB seem to see the sense in going with formation that has worked for us in the past. But in doing that he hasnt given up his philosophy. He is playing pressing game even with 4-4-2 and off the ball movement of our team is INCREDIBLE. I just muted the TV and looked back at the Swansea game today-the movement of likes of ennon, Sandro, Defoe & even Walker & Naughton at times were good. We have won 4 out of 5 -shame we didnt hold on win at Everton. Fact is our performances on field is improving, we just need to progress in the same path. COYS
We have still has not quiet clicked yet as a team either. The midfield still lacks someone with real vision that can open up teams with his passing skills. I hope the rumours about not signing players in the new year are untrue. If it is this will worry me. It would prove that our owners only want to cash in on players and not spend only money being brought into the club from other venue or put their own money into the club. That would be fine if we were sorting the stadium out but we have not heard anything about this in ages now. For me we still have not replaced Modric and if Ade is injured then we badly need another striker. I would also like to see us bring in another left back. I think the owners have been blowing smoke up our arses for too long now. They need to invest in the team. Otherwise Bale will be sold next year.
I dont know about others here, I really fancy Gylfi to get a run in No10 role. The only thing he hasnt done this season is not score a PL goal. Other than that this season, he has played some deightful through balls, setpieces, hold up play. Over the last 3 games, he seems to have get his confidence back. With Ade out to possible injury , I believe we need to give him a run in the team. His goal scoring record is not a fluke, its just he is off form for some time. I believe he is back, he needs a solid run in the team,
Yiddyboy is 100%. Sunderland at Stadium of Light (rubbish name) are not easy. They lost 3 times at home - to Chelsea (like we did), to Villa (we could have lost to Villa had Benteke not miss when it was easier to score...before we scored our lucky opener), and to WBA - who have shocked a fair few teams this season - including us - although we got a home draw. Villa are a bit of a bogey team historically. Lambert is no mug. Benteke is better now than he was when he played us earlier in season. plus Lambert has been playing a lot of youth, which are now more experienced. I say we should get 7-12 points. We still need to up our game, or the late goals will continue to happen, and we will go a goal down more often. We also need to get more out of Mr Ade... and get Mr Parker on the pitch.
nothappyharry - Bale leaving has more to do whether or not he is still progressing as a player. It does not matter how many superstars we buy, he has been here 4 years and counting, and sooner or later he will need a new challenge. Sure, if we become world beaters, he might stay...but that is not likely to happen soon enough for Bale (if at all)... I'd say: just let it go. He WILL leave sooner or later. Plus how much money do you want the owners to spend? Dembele, Sigurdsson, Dempsey, Ade, Lloris, Vertonghen isn't enough spending for you in one window...?
I am down at the Lane for my first Spurs game of the season on Saturday! I am trying not to look ahead as Stoke will provide formidable opposition, trying to implement their usual away day plan of nicking one on the break late on. I really hope we score early, if we can open them up early on then I think more goals could flow. Stoke have one away win all season, and have scored the least amount of away goals, so I would hope for 3 points. Villa and Sunderland away will be tricky - 4 points for me would be fine. I expect to beat Reading too, so I'd be happy with 10 points.
Townsend was very impressive yesterday. His break out pace was what we have missed in previous games when we are under the cosh in the last ten minutes. We should have added two more goals to the scoreline because of townsend. Keep him on the right and use him to rest / challenge Lennon. Another positive is Siggy is starting to look like real player, his last few cameos have been very encouraging. Verts is a CB and controlled the game from this position. His control and pass selection is amazing and the long diagonal cross field pass onto Walkers toe would but Dawson to shame! The only worry was to see Defoe miss a couple of sitters hope he isn't heading into a barren spell on the run up to christmas!
Slurms McKenzie
All the money the owners spent was on player sales. Surely each season they have a transfer budget of X amount each season and then topped up by player sales. Not balance the books each year. With us selling our best two players last window I did expect us to bring in better quality replacements for them. I like Dembele but think Dempsey and Siggy are not fit enough to lace VDV or Modrics boots. With out better players in we will struggle to break teams down.
Slurms McKenzie - Defoe IS on patchy form. Failed to score in 7 of his last 9 Premiership games....whilst totally acknowledging that the 2 games that he did score in, were braces that won those games. With Ade injured...and looking fragile...with no alternative, that "favourable" Xmas run-in could become tricky.
Have to admit that it is likely Bale will leave sooner rather than later. That may not have been the case......had the bricks been going down on the new stadium, as we speak. stadium ready, not for next season but the season after. Plus of course gaining champions league status for next season and possibly more. A new stadium kept "Henry" at the arse'...that little bit longer. Bale progression needs to be copied by spurs progression or vice versa. New striker jan' transfer window...please'etiennes Aubameyang ..or walcott...or lloriente...or | brave Mr.levy !!!!..
82spursdebut - but Henry was in CL EVERY year and got to the CL final - plus became French Captain, who qualified for the major tournaments. There were lots of reasons for him to stay. Even if stadium was ready for season after next, Bale would be here for 6 seasons plus... That is a lot to ask for a player who COULD be playing for Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG or Juventus during much of that time. Nothing will stop him leaving, it is just a matter of how soon.
No prem games are easy but these four are certainly not the hardest. I'd really like to see a big win against stoke, if they have it their way it'll be really boring but if we can score a couple they don't have the players to come back.

TR we made a net profit during the last if hot last few windows so personally I'd like to see us spend a little more. We've been crying out for 1 superstar signing a years now, Fernando Llorente!
Yes, you probably right.....but it wasn't that long ago that / chelsea ...were considered middle of the road clubs. Enic...simply haven't taken any gamble with spurs. They are good business people for sure. But they haven't invested a 10th of what other top 4 clubs have done, in the last 10 years. THus......if they really believe in "dare to do" and "it's all about t The glory".......then it's time to maximise our "talented" squad, add where's it's obvious (striker)...and keep possible Best in the world players and "NOT" Re inforce the opposition. New stadium NOW ..please........NOT five years time !!
one side's possible ( i hope not )...that adebayor may be "missing"....till the end of jan'13. I.e.....took a ankle / foot knock yesterday....and the african nations cup to come....(hopefully, he won't go)
All this talk of Christmas is turning some heads on here. Just in - there is no Santa Claus! If you want to have 4 top strikers to spend half their time warming the bench you need to a) be offering CL, and B) paying them mega money. Adebayor, Defoe and Dempsey are just fine for us if the midfield is working well. If by some miracle we were to sign a new £20m+ Modric who would you now leave out? Sandro or Dembele? They are too good not to play rotating with Scotty, so you would then have to sacrifice Lennon and completely change our shape. Once our defence is settled with the return of Kaboul and BAE, I believe that we will become very solid and able to grind out results. Not as pretty as I would like but sufficient to achive this year's goal - CL qualification. Then all things become possible.
Love totty
do not get carried away with Siggy's 'great form' recently when he's come on with fresh legs and others are on near empty - ofcourse he'll look good.... a skillful player but doesnt fit our system as a starter... the next 4 games will not bring 4 wins (luck will play a part as always) but I expect us to pull away from others. no game is a guaranteed win but we have the quality to collect a v.good pts total from now til the Utd game in mid-January.... 1 backup striker over 5'10'' and with pace is all we need in January.
Yiddyboy, your find Raging over on Vital QPR, his with the Arry gang, he did post last week, oh yeah your right we lost.
spu 4 life
love totty......hmmm.....evidence is in the history. Only Strikers get you top 4 qualification. Chelsea, city, arse', utd'......have all had adequate number of strikers. chelsea....have dipped this it cos' they have only 2 strikers ?!........attacking midfielders don't cut the mustard. Chelsea will sign another striker in jan'.....i think !
Something off topic but very important none-the-less. I posted this on the Tottenham vs Swansea thread. I was at the game yesterday and was wondering if anyone else who was at the game, or watching on tv, did you notice at the 20th, 28th and maybe 33rd minute, the Swansea fans making gassing noises? Now I could be mistaken and I don't want to accuse anyone if I'm way off the mark (they could've been making "shh" noises) but both me and my dad looked at each other and thought the same thing, I was just wondering because if it is what I heard then me and my dad are thinking of making an official complaint.
rahn DMC
also...the ages of our strikers leaves a worrying gap.......i.e...they are all approaching the 30 mark. ( siggy excluded)
oops !!..should have said ...around the age 30 mark.
Slurms McKenzie, I agree that Townsend was very impressive in respect that he loves to take on the defence and has the pace and physicality, but what dod and still does worry me slightly is that he might not yet know when to take the man on or to pass and move. for me he was caught in possession a little too often and once or twice it nearly cost us
On current form, the game with Stoke sees third versus fourth
Agree to the positive sentiments, i'm hoping the avb patient build up will servr us well over christmas and the second half of the season compared to the all out pace approach. BAE, Bale and parker are almost additions to the current team
82spursdebut - we haven't spent as much as other top 4 clubs because Man City are making a loss of 90m...? (And that is half the loss of previous season). Man City and Chelsea can simply write off debt because their owners treat their clubs like playthings. We simply cannot do that. Man U are in a world of Glazer debt too. There is no point in comparing us to the top 3. Look at Liverpool - last season they spent ridiculous amounts. It failed miserably thanks to Comolli - and this season, they have even less strikers than we have! They are screwed in terms of transfer market. We have spent more than enough this season, and all we need is an upgrade on Defoe (younger, fitter, stronger, taller, better striker play), and possibly young LB cover (this one can wait to next season).
Yes, all we need is a top top striker and a new stadium...agreed. Enic / all the other millionaires, billionaires.......get your money out, spend it on spurs......and stop making money out of us !!!!
Yes, it that time of the year and some may think we should get our head out of the clouds and there seems some apprehension about the fixture list. I am VERY optimistic over the festive period and feel entering 2013 in either 4th or even 3rd place. My confidence stems from the fact the injury list is shortening all the time. Daws and Bale apparently expected back this weekend and Benny not far off. AVB had done an admirable job wiht the squad and in the games like Villa and Stoke, we need our experinced heads back. The conidence in the team MUST surely be high at the mo and if Defoe resumes his goal tally, there is no reason for lack of optimism. Stoke and Villa games are crucial and ones that we would want to get one over the bad taste from last year (Stoke - Adams and Villa, Harry's negativity). Time to kick ass! COYS!
Ox - We need to get Townsend a Premiership loan quicky. Surely Norwich, Wigan or Reading could do with a punt on him. It concerns me when people praise Townsend, because he still has yet to start a Premiership game...and I believe that it is because he does not know when to pass and when to go. Losing the ball at the wrong time could lead to going a goal down, and possibly defeat. Or it could lead to us losing attacking impetus when we need to ramp it up. Basically you can only judge the guy properly on his starts (in the cups of course).
Townsend has done what others also do. no player is gonna call it right 100% of the time and his decision-making will improve with experience... at least if he loses it out wide its not as bad as centrally leaving a gaping hole there.... the plusses far outweigh any real or perceieved minuses
TonyRich, you are right about not spending that sort of money (we can't possibly anyway) but we need more than a striker and a young LB. We could really do with wing competition, and by competition I mean real quality, not cover. Someone who's going to fight bale and lennon for a first team place. I hope Townsend can push on from yesterdays performance ( I thought he played very well) and add to that serious competition. We are also missing a pass master, that special midfielder who can unlock a defence with one pass and who also keeps the team ticking, (Modric). I believe Dembele is a quality signing but he isn't that type of player. I believe Siggy is getting better but again I don't think he's the kind of player to sit in the middle of the park and dictate like Modric did. And that is what I think we are missing. However we do not have to spend a stupid amount of money to get these signings and as long as we scout properly then it is feasible.
rahn DMC
These youngster which are only getting brief appearances WILL improve with time. I was very critical of Naughton in the Panathinaikos game and then he put in a good performance against Swans. These kids needs to be introduced in to a winning team to help with their confidence (Fergie does just that). Also playing alongside experienced players who can provide that guidance. I would hang on to Townsend for this season dependent upon who sign (or not sign) in the window. What happens if Lennon gets injured....surely Falque and Townsend can provide cover?
Will be interesting to see what happens over Xmas. Chelsea and Arsenal have similar winnable fixtures as us. Luckily we are by far the steadiest, most in-form team of the 3 so we can go into the Xmas period with confidence. Just as a general point, considering what a difficult situation AVB came into in the summer with injuries, star player sales and the negativity initially shown to him by the media and some fans as well as the players having to adapt to actually having to train properly and take on board tactics, he has certainly exceeded expectations. All credit to him. Stoke is a tough one - we need Dawson, Caulker, Ade, Bale back - anyone tall!!
rahn DMC, Bale doesn't really have a replacement, that's why Madrid want him so bad. The best we can do is cover for Bale and then try and find a replacement once we sell him
In-spurs-ational - that's the best we can do? No offence mate but thinking like that will get us nowhere, we will constantly be that "what if" team, the almost team if you like. Yes, there isn't really anyone who is an exact like-for-like replacement. But there are players who play in that position/or similar, that are good enough to provide competition.
rahn DMC
I think I have the perfect signing for Spurs in January.... we need another striker obviously, but with pace and not another midget. we also need decent cover rightside for Lennon... there's a good player available who can play as striker or right-midfield. won't cost much cos not manager's pick currently.... Cameron Jerome.
Thank God that Scotty is back. He is just what we need to sustain our challenge over this busy period. It is no exaggeration to suggest that this could make or break our season as we are just about hanging on to a 4th place challenge due to the ineptitude of our rivals and our own inconsistency. Not exactly the points total that we hoped for at the start of the season. Need at least 10 points from these 4 games imo.
Love totty
I hear what your saying Ox in regards to Townsend, but I feel that these decision making errors will improve with game time in the premiership. He's certainly isn't the finished article yet but we need to start blooding these young players or else we are paying out a fortune to get in a back-up winger who will probably take as along to "settle" and learn the pace of the league. But I feel he is ready to come in for Lennon after 75-80 mins when the opposition are tired and (hopefully) pushing forward for an equaliser or goal to get back in the game. That kind of pace will keep them on the back foot, I'm just hoping its not another three months before we see the kid again.
Slurms McKenzie
well i was going to drop in for a drink Ox and give you a present but probably best all round now if i don't.... well we might get 5 points or we might get 12 i don't know - i do believe though if we can stop giving away as many goals and get the injured fit, we could be third this season.
I think all the upcoming gmes will be tough. Every premier league win needs to be earned and not taken for granted these days. Even teams near the bottom have decent players. However, they all games we would expect to win and with players comng back from injury and an increasing confidence in AVBs methods, we are in a great position to put together a really good run. I'm normally quite pesimistic about Spurs but at the moment I am quietly optimistic that we are developing something at WHL. It just needs ENIC to show a little ambition and we could be on the verge of something big. I hope I haven't spoken to soon!
As regards the Christmas and New Year period, count no points gained until matches have been won or drawn. Spurs face several clubs that feel impelled to turn around their season from now on in if they are to gain enough points to avoid relegation. In facing them shortly, we can only be grateful it isn't as late as March or April.
rahn DMC,, no offence taken mate, it's just that getting a decent replacement / cover for Bale will cost more than £10.50p and I don't think Levy wants to spend that much in January
villa with an in form benteke and a very young hungry team will not be a walk over by any means. stoke's brand of rugby is never easy either, although i was interested to read that refs will look to stamp down on their ridiculous holding in the box so perhaps its a good time to play them
Are we better than the arsenal
If you're a betting person, the answer to the above is Arsenal
In-spurs-ational - No I don't think he wants to either :P It's just that we are only a few players from having a really competitive squad with some real strength in depth. I guess it's a bit annoying that we've come so close over the years and we are just that last step away from competing on all fronts I think.
rahn DMC
Townsend will get his chance, if good enough he will prosper under AVB, I like the way he involves as much of the squad as possible, unlike Harry, he has no favourites. It would have been the easy decision to make to play Verts at LB with Caulker and Gallas in the middle instead of playing Naughton, how many here would have disagreed with him? Early days, but the fact that we are fourth with so many key players missing so far this season points to good coaching. I agree with many posters that a Modric type player and a Llorente would be a great post xmas present. COYS.
1882whl.... so you think we should spend 20m+ on Ericsson so as to provide cover for Dembele.... nhow about we get Cavani to cover Defoe and all, and maybe Falcao to cover Ade's absences too... we will get ONE cheap and cheerful striker to backup/supplement Ade and Defoe in the January sales... and that will be it.
I hear Bent is available! On a more serious note, for the reported £7m? Ba might not be a bad option. I'm glad I'm not AVB
i'm not so sure we need another midfielder, given we have youngsters emerging from the under 21's (and parker). falque,carroll, townsend,loungo, pritchard, cellabos, mason. All ones to watch. P.s...under 21's are currently 2-0 up vs a.villa....parker and mason
Did anyone else on vital spurs enjoy the win of Corinthians over Chelsea? I got to Brasil just in time to watch the match with Brazilian friends. Always good to see the Blues go down--especially to o Timão do Povão! Loved seeing Gary Cahill crying afterwards about his red card. If Corinthians can shame Chelsea, what should Spurs do to them when AVB gets the team clicking in his system? What do you think, AlexSpur? And let's have DL make a run to sign Paulinho before Chelsea does.
Total knobhead
i thought we unlocked them loads......just our finishing was poor. plus we never made the most of our corners and can still do better at our set pieces. Also....we was slow for the first 8 mins. Just think new striker and new stadium. TBH.....i'm gutted that the new stadium completion date is now 2017 /18. I think that's a real cop out by enic and co'.
Good win vs Swansea, who had lost only one match recently before yesterday. Spurs solidly in control most of the match and played tight in the closing minutes, which the lads must learn to do to close them out. If we can close the matches out when we are winning, we can end the season in third (or even better, can we dream?).
Total knobhead
ENIC are asset stripping... DL is a master if BS... we need new owners, though of course not just any owners, owners that give a damn beyond the bottom line (which of course is important). Joe Lewis is perhaps in the top 150 richest men in the world, and not getting any younger, but rather than push the football club he wants yet more money - perhaps he thinks he is a Pharoh where it all gets buried with you for the after life.
Cape Town Spurs
Can anyone tell me how Parker manages to get into our under 21 squad?
you are allowed to field 3 over 21's per team. Spurs recently came up against sidibe playing for stoke. That bloke is a
Thanks for the info 82spursdebut. Kind of defeats the name a bit. I suppose it's like having a tournament where you haven't won anything to enter it, but you call the tournament Champions League anyway
think it replaces the reserve games of old...thus..helps to allow recovering lol.
Great article here " Tottenham Hotspur are better than Arsenal and should expect to finish ahead of them. Hopefully, this goes better than the last time that was a thing."
Just seen Benteke's goal. What about him for January??
Big Ron
Big Ron, Villa would be stupid to sell him to us or anyone else in January. They need him to stay in the premiership. The cost of dropping to the championship is about £40m, so purely on financial grounds, selling him is not really an option
It was good to see Corinthians beat Chelsea, but what I couldn't understand was how those many thousands of Corinthians fans could afford to get to Japan? I thought Corinthians were supposed to be the peoples team? The team for the poor masses? Looks like they have become the rich mans Brazilian yuppie team! The vast majority of the country cant afford to watch a live game in Brazil, or even buy a passport, let alone fly to Japan? I mean, how many Tottenham fans could afford to fly to Japan to watch such a joke of a tournament?
think about it yiddos for even 1 moment, Christian Ericson ??.... he is a midfielder which means dropping either Dembele or Sandro, unless you wanna spend 20m on a bench-warmer. simply never going to happen...NEVER... we will get a backup striker for around 5m (if that) or a loanee, we have BAE, Parker and Kaboul back so thats 3 new signings this season already... 1 cheap striker in January FULL STOP
Viyyash I want a winger who can play on both wings and will push Lennon for a starting place. Second player in then is a striker with proper pace and physical presence and crucially an eye for goal! Pa***** Cisse isn't really loving Newcastle at the moment and would be a nice addition to our team the only problem is the ACN! My only area of the pitch that needs a it of work is the left back slot. BAE is recovering from a long term injury and will need time to bed back in. Do we re-call Rose but then bench him from February on - or leave him in Sunderland for first team action? In which case do we struggle on with what we have until BAE is fit and then invest in this area in teh summer? I would concur that our midfield is well served at the moment.
Slurms McKenzie
pelebro, those Corinthian fans sold their cars, took out mortgages, and took their children out of school to get to Japan. Some of them will be heavily in debt to have gotten there. I'm sure a few people got robbed so that a ticket to Japan could be bought by the robber. lol. Those were not yuppie supporters except for a rare exception. And they slept like sardines while in Japan. Brazil has the largest Japanese population in the world outside of Japan and many Japanese go back and forth between Sao Paulo and Japan. They invited supporters of o Timão to sleep like sardines on their floors. Corinthian supports are poor but the most fanatical on the planet. How many Spurs supporters would go into debt for life to go to a match in Japan? Europe tends not to take the world club championship seriously, but the Corinthians supporters did, and they saw their support being crucial in gaining some credibility in the world's eyes. Everyone wants Brazilian players, but they're not respected when playing for a Brazilian club. Would you sell your house to support Spurs? Nor would I, actually. But thousands of Corinthian supporters would sell a hut in a favela to support their club and buy a ticket to Japan.
Total knobhead
The tournament was not a joke if you support Corinthians, mate. It was life itself to win this.
Total knobhead
dream what you like yiddos.... we are NEVER going to get 2 intl.class players per position as that is 9a) a waste of money and 9b) counter-productive as these players will all wanna play all the time, and if not will cause dressing-room problems and cause team-spirit to plummet... if you think team-spirit means little, just look at Reading performance yesterday, and QPR pre-Arry... 1 cheap backup striker is all thats coming, deal with it.
Total knobhead, You talk about Corinthian fans selling their cars, taking out mortgages, taking their children out of school to get to Japan etc! The vast majority of poor Brazilians don't have cars, or access to take out mortgages, let alone have bank accounts, nor passports... And you really believe poor Brazilian have the money to pay for private schooling? You ask would I sell my house to support Spurs? I don't own my home, cant afford one, and how many poor Corinthians fans own their own home to sell? I guess being one of those wealthy (in Brazilian terms) Corinthians fans who can fly into Brazil to hang out with friends, on a regular basis, you would have this deluded perspective... The vast majority of Brazilians will never have the money to ever leave their country in their life times. Official figure in the USA show that 75% of all Americans don't own a passport, because of economic reasons, so what is the percentage in Brazil?
Total knobhead you write "I'm sure a few people got robbed so that a ticket to Japan could be bought by the robber." You say this like it's romantic, that a Corinthians fan would harm another human being to get to Japan, such is their love for their sacred team! Only problem with this theory again, is street muggers and thief's don't have passports, they mug and steal to eat, not hang out with rich Brazilians in Japan...

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