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O'Neill confirms Rose return option.

O'Neill confirms Rose return option.

Martin O'Neill has confirmed that Danny Rose could be recalled by Spurs in January, but the question is, would that be a good or bad move for Tottenham and the player's development?

It is fair to say that Danny Rose has been a huge success since joining Sunderland on loan and he seems to improve with every game he plays, both in terms of his being comfortable in what remains a relatively new full back role, but also in his self belief as a Premiership footballer. During his time with Spurs, he has suffered a little regarding injuries and also seemed to struggle with establishing himself in a position, starting as a left footed winger, before moving into a more central role for the junior teams. Loans to Watford, Peterborough and Bristol City were hardly what could be described as successes and at the age of Twenty-two, he had still not played fifty senior domestic games until the start of this season and had never been in a position where he could feel he was established in a side or role up until this season.

Perhaps if Danny had remained at Spurs for the first half of this season, he would have established himself at WHL due to the long term injury to BAE, though it is always easy too look back in hindsight at what might have been and certainly his loan to Sunderland may have been our loss, but its certainly been a gain for Sunderland and Danny's status in the game. Now he appears full of confidence and comfortable as a genuine attacking left back and one that could well be considered as being serious competition for Assou-Ekotto, if and when he returns to North London.

The biggest dilemma for AVB will be whether to bring him back and use him for back up/competition for BAE or to allow him to continue to learn his trade at The Stadium of Light. That decision may well be governed by the fitness of Ekotto, who has yet to make his comeback after three months out and I certainly feel that Spurs wont be rushed into making any decision until Benny proves his fitness beyond a reasonable doubt. Could we see a last minute recall for Danny, with a view to allow Vertonghen to play regularly in the centre and could that decision also depend indirectly on the fitness of Younes Kaboul and also whether there is an intention to offload another defender, with either Gallas or Dawson being the obvious options?

What we don't know is whether Danny is a player that AVB see's as a Tottenham player or whether he is someone that could be sold to fund others? Also would Danny be happy to leave Sunderland and regular first team football to return to a squad role at WHL? Danny has stated on several occasions that he wants to be playing and would happily sign for Sunderland, though whether he would be happy to do a deal now, with his current side in a very real relegation dog fight. Realistically, I feel that if we were to bring him back, we have to give him regular football. Perhaps not only could he be a rotational option for BAE, but also for Gareth Bale or Aaron Lennon, should we want a more natural width than either Dempsey or Sigurdsson can offer, whilst is Andros Townsend yet a serious first team option? I will talk more about him in the very near future...

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Date:Tuesday December 18 2012
Time: 10:15AM


Could we see a situation in the summer where Spurs look to cash in on the greater valued BAE and retain Rose as first choice LB?
18/12/2012 10:22:00
Rose has arguably been Sunderlands best player, rather he stayed there and got first team football for a whole premier league season. He could be our long term solution. A PL loan is something Livermore, Carroll and Townsend also need.
Tactically Challenge
18/12/2012 10:37:00
if BAE proves his fitness, I would probably opt to allow Rose to complete the season and expect him to play 30+ games. that will do him far more good than being an occasional player with us, and unless we feel that BAE is struggling, I would rather he play and gain the much needed experience and we re-evaluate things in the summer
18/12/2012 10:58:00
I think Carroll could do well at somewhere like Swansea, Livermore Reading or QPR maybe.
Yido T
18/12/2012 10:59:00
It would be perfect to be able to send the likes of Livermore, carroll, Falque and Townsend out for half a season on a Prem loan, but it is so often easier said than done
18/12/2012 11:05:00
My guess is that BAE will be given all of Jan to prove his fitness, and if successful Rose should stay at SOL. Naughton is also improving and obviously in emergency we have Bale or Verts who could play there. Falque and Livermore loans for me, Townsend to stay in and around the first team. We need to be careful loaning youngsters out, I for one feel we could win the Next Gen if the likes of Townsend stay and that would be very good.
18/12/2012 11:24:00
Rose should have been sent out on loan last season. He wanted to go but Harry kept him as cover then didn't play him. Basically he lost a year. I think he also lost faith in Spurs, if you read his comments over the past few months its going to be less about what AVB thinks of him and more about whether he can be persuaded to stay. There is talk about QPR also being interested in him, I think after his performances at Sunderland he isn't going to have a problem finding a club. Given our lack of left footed players, someone who can not only play left back but also fill in as a left winger would be a useful addition to the squad, but we may have already messed it up.
18/12/2012 11:31:00
My prefered option would be to leave him out on loan for the remainder of the season. He is playing football and gaining much needed experience, just like Walker and Caulker before him (and that didn't work out too bad for us). It maybe getting near that time when we consider moving on BAE as Ox suggests and having Rose available to step straight into the role with a full premier league season behind hm would be very welcome. Falque definately needs a prem loan Townsend, Carrol and Livermore I would keep around the first team but we need to start seeing them on the pitch.
Slurms McKenzie
18/12/2012 11:46:00
@jod, so much can happen in the next six months. Sunderland might get relegated and we could sell BAE and convince Rose that he is the first choice LB. I do agree that he might have already resigned himself to moving, but how difficult would it be to convince him that he has a real future at WHL, question is whether we would actually have to sell BAE to prove our value of him
18/12/2012 11:57:00
BAE is not far away from returning, i understand and is rated one of the best left backs in the prem, Naughton has had some good nd some not so good games, but his not bad cover, Verts has done really well in this position, then again he could play in any position, his top drawer. Danny Rose has done very well for Sunderland, it was AVB who put him out on loan to help him progress, i would allow him to continue with sunderland until the season ends, his settled, is playing regular, review this again in the summer. I just hope he does not become another Jamie O'Hara what happened to him? Jenas is he injured again, Bentley in russia, we still have these two under contracts with us, thank god we got shot of the wonder kid, Gio DROSS Santos.
spu 4 life
18/12/2012 11:59:00
the positive for Naughton over Rose is that he has that ability to cover both sides of full back, but from a purely selfish point of view, im sure we would love to keep both Rose and Naughton for cover and rotation, but for that you have to use them and not simply wait until the first choice gets injured
18/12/2012 12:01:00
I cant see him recalled to be first choice. As it stands BAE needs to claim his spot again (which he will), Naugton has been given some run out time and would be a better choice as backup for me. Let him go to another club unless he is prepared to stay and work hard here, and take his chances when the opportunity arises. We could sign a better First choice if we want to replace Benny imo. COYS.
18/12/2012 12:04:00
Should stay out on loan now Benny is almost back. He'd definitely have got a few games this half of the season if he hadn't gone out on loan but Benny previously had a very good injury record, hence Rose being loaned out at all.
18/12/2012 12:24:00
Ekotto one of the best left backs in the league? Standards aren't very high these days obviously..
Henry Baker Brown
18/12/2012 13:15:00
Naughton plays as well as you can expect from a right back playing on the wrong side of the pitch, no way is he adequate cover for BAE. Like any right footer on that side he can't overlap and cross the ball and is uncomfortable tackling a player going outside him with his weaker foot. This isn't a criticism of him, its just a fact of life that you don't get many two footed fullbacks and when you play one on the wrong side you lose a lot. We have got away with playing him out of position in some games, that's the best you can say.
18/12/2012 13:17:00
I think Baines, Cole, and Evra aside, BAE is as good as anything else in the PL. I can't understand why people are always talking of moving him on. Rose has done well at Sunderland,but he is unlikely to be able to come back and challenge for a first team spot this season, better off where he is for now.
18/12/2012 13:30:00
Come on you Bradford! Ha
18/12/2012 13:33:00
A window approaches and once again discussion begins regarding our two resident "wastes of space" Messrs Jenas and Bentley. The problem with both is, that we are unable to find anyone daft enough to bid for them, let alone prepared to pay their exorbitant wages. I am afraid we are lumbered with these two comedians until their contracts expire.
18/12/2012 13:36:00

Taken from March 2012

18/12/2012 13:43:00
Oh sorry, you cant see it all. Mty bad. But basically Ekotto is up there with the best. That gooner hasn't got a clue obviously.
18/12/2012 13:47:00
O'Neill expects him to stay any way apparently; anyone who scores a goal like that against the Gooners deserves another chance at the Lane IMO. I can see no benefit in bringing him back early. Let him continue to develop and see what next season brings. You only have to look at Caulker to see the benefits of a full season playing in the Prem.
18/12/2012 14:17:00
Clichy could be the best LB in the PL?? Probably debatable thou ha. He wouldn't leave Man City but if there was the slimmest chance we could get Enrique from Pool, then i would jump at it. I think hes quality. Benny could walk into most teams thou imo. COYS.
18/12/2012 14:29:00
Injuries are starting to take their toll on Benny, at 28 I reckon he has three more years of top class footie in him.
Slurms McKenzie
18/12/2012 14:34:00
Sorry OX but i think you overrate Danny Rose massively .
IMO he should be there already ,but for me ,very average .Sunderland look very poor & Rose is now playing at his ideal level .He should try for a permanent move there as he has no future at Spurs .Another Jaime O`Hara
big cockeral
18/12/2012 15:01:00
Is it possible we're doing too good of a job developing youth at the moment? Between Rose, Falque, Ceballos, Carroll, Mason, Smith, Naughton, Coulibaly, Kane and Townsend we have 10 players that could all get in prem sides. (didn't include caulker, walker, naughton and livermore b/c they're established). In 2-3 years after developing further, where do they play? The only ones with a clear path into the first team are Kane & Rose. Smith will always have the Kyles in front of him and Falque, Ceballos, Carroll, Mason have sig,Dembele & Sandro (Hudd+Lmore too) in front of them. Then there's townsend who has to hope for injuries to two young players in front of him... Bale + Lennon.
18/12/2012 15:36:00
As far as Rose is concerned, I think he should stay there for a full season. Look at the wonders it did for walker. i think bringing him back now would only do more harm than good particularly when BAE comes back .
18/12/2012 15:37:00
Shidyid thats is the joy of having a good team, the motivation for those young players is to prove they are better then our establish stars and on the flip side it forces our establish stars to keep improving and bring their A-game come match day. Having a squad made up of ten or twelve players that have been developed by the club is a hell of alot better then buying the same number of journeymen and bench warmers.
Slurms McKenzie
18/12/2012 16:40:00
I agree and understand that. my comment was not to meant to say this is bad... it was more of a "oh my goodness., look at what is happening? what are we going to do with all these amazing players?"
18/12/2012 17:44:00
The fact that Danny and the rest aren't getting game time highlights what is wrong with the PL. Foreign imports have raised it's profile and global commercial appeal but at the expense of developing our home grown talent.
Love totty
18/12/2012 18:25:00
well said totty...bang much as I have enjoyed watching the Ricky Villas and Jugen Klinsmans of this world there is no place like home....we have ruined the PL one time scum couldn't field a single home player. At the current time in the Premier League there are 337 registered players representing a total of 66 different countries, that means, on average, each team will have 13 foreign based players in their squads. In the opening Premier League season in 1992 just 22 players outside of the U.K and Ireland started........... in 2011 Chelsea won the champions league but their starting line up had only 4 English players! England's dismal failure at the World Cup can be blamed on the Premier League's inability to promote home-grown talent, according to the president of Spain's La Liga, José Luis Astiazarán he said theat it was the number of young foreign players at Premier League clubs and said the principal reason Spain reached the World Cup and European Championship finals was because 77.1%" of footballers in their domestic league are Spanish-qualified, a direct result of home-grown players being given the opportunity in their clubs' first teams. In the Premier League fewer than 40% of players are English. My head says Danny Rose needs game time and therefore he stays at blunderland but I would love to see him break into our first team and be the first name on the team sheet but we all know that aint going to happen cos as long as there is money in this game its always going to be; why bring a home grown player on when we can find an instant replacement abroad? You watch what happens this January the only home grown players that get transferred will be the clubs in the PL who cant afford any big names or big hittters from abroad...meanwhile the likes of chelski..Scum.. Citeh and us will be looking to foreign shores to boost our squad......I hope Danny gets recognised and stays with us just like Townsend and Carroll...I want to see Spurs stay predominately British.....COYS!
OyVeh Maria
18/12/2012 19:53:00
You make a very good point shidyid. It is an amazing array of talent, and in addition to those you mention there is Obika and Pritchard
18/12/2012 19:56:00
So what will happen, some will fall by the wayside, but the law of averages suggests one or two will become top top stars. You can be sure Levy is watching closely. For him this is the cheaper option. And it was probably AVBs ability, with his coaches, to exploit this potential, that got him the job. It will be interesting to see, I personnaly hope we have the patience to give these boys a chance.
18/12/2012 20:02:00
shidyid - the nice problem to have is that we can only register 25 senior players. I think we have Caulker, Townsend, Parrett, Mason and Smith turning 21 which means they will no longer be free picks next season. Caulker is nailed on of course to get one of the 25 spaces but I'm uncertain about the rest. Either way, we have to keep clearing the deadwood to create space for new signings and the up and coming kids.
18/12/2012 20:18:00
As for Rose, I'll be more convinced when I hear people giving him accolades for his defending as opposed to his attacking, wing play. That was his weakness at LB whilst at Spurs.
18/12/2012 20:23:00
Ovm- some good points until the last paragraph. Face it, that keeping spurs British as you say is myopic in the extreme. In your ideal world, Sandro and vertongen arguably our best performers, would be shipped out and a 'British' player like umm... jenas / bentley should step in instead. Then again you always preferred old harry to avb. Our first team should be picked on ability not ethnicity. And ox, rose should continue with Sunderland .
van der haart lane
18/12/2012 21:11:00
IF Rose is playing well at Sunderland, then he must have improved a lot since I last saw him play
matt hoten
18/12/2012 21:38:00
Oveh, Some good points in your post and demonstrates the knock-on effect on our national team. Shame that the FA can’t see the flaws!

Re Rose, I would most certainly leave him at Sunderland for this season and I can see AVB recalling him at the end. Then re-assess him during pre-season.

Also, don’t forget when Levy sacked Harry he said we were moving in a different direction. If my memory serves me right, he also referred to the emphasis on youth. I think, apart from the obvious injury problems, AVB has in fact given our youth a lot more opportunities than Harry ever did. Some of the youngsters are beginning to find their feet in the first team. IMO, with Rose at Sunderland, his confidence will grow immensely and given the choice, I am sure he’d rather come back to Spurs (status and challenge). Sometimes players can easily disappear in to oblivion when loaned out or sold to lowly placed teams.

I think both Kane and Rose will return to the Lane better players and at their age, even to be given 1st team squad numbers will be a huge step forward. I can see both playing a big role next season.

Finally, those that think Rose may be sold to fund purchases.....Nah, IMO we have enough deadwoods to clear from the squad to help reduce the TOTAL cost to the club. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Dawson/Gallas/Hudds are put in the shop window along with Gomes, Bentley + Jenas.
18/12/2012 23:05:00
it's good having the youngsters come through BUT they have to be better than the players they wish to supplant...that normally takes time and games, which they won't get ahead of the 1st teamers without affecting our results...we only have to look at taraabt, you could see he could be a good player but we couldn't give him game time OR allow him to run around not passing....the best we can do is Loan them out like Naughton/Caulker last year (do well, come back) and Rose is doing now....but anyone thinking we can just train up the next generation of stars is living in cloud cookoo land...
18/12/2012 23:14:00
IMO Kane looked out if his depth at our for deadwood...who gave carlo and Gomes extensions?? they should already be gone and JJ, Brad and Gallas are all out of contract in June...Bentley i think has another year but I've also heard he's out in June??? Daws and Thud would generate cash...
18/12/2012 23:19:00
add to that Dempsey and defoe are 30+ next season we really need some succession planning and buying a 'Llorente' type player is more of a necessity than a the summer teams will start spending the TV revenue so get in early in Jan....Llorente, Leandro, Lewandowski....the mega clubs are all loaded with strikers and Falcao and Neymar still have to come in at some otherwords they can't have them all!!!
18/12/2012 23:23:00
Shedboy, I agree about next generation stars comment, but I hope it does not mean that we just give up on our youth policy. After all, Bale, Walcott and numerous at ManU came though some club’s YOUTH program. Sure, 1 in 100 chance of finding a future star. Even if some of our youth can’t make the grade at Spurs, they certainly get recognition elsewhere and may continue to generate transfer money, until we DO discover one of our very own star! We all know how long it took Bale to the reach his current level. Nothing to suggest Rose couldn’t make the grade one day.
18/12/2012 23:40:00
Agree with most in that Rose should stay at Sunderland for the entire season. He needs to demonstrate some consistent defensive capabilities there. (Relegation battle will help him). He has very good pace, which will suit the high defensive line we seem to be working towards as well. Alex Pritchard the pick of the youth players for me, keen to see his develpment in the coming years.
19/12/2012 04:35:00
I just hope Levy continues his culling of our top heavy squad in January. Friedel, Cudicini and Gallas will see their contracts out and probably go in the summer. That still leaves us with Gomes, Khumalo, Dawson, Jenas, Bentley all of which could generate funds in Jan. Others still to really prove themselves with AVB are Rose, Naughton, Hudd and Livermore but these are all English and relatively young so no urgency. I just don't see AVB doing what Harry did and leaving a bunch of non-active players sitting around doing nothing. He has way more about him and I think Levy learnt the hard way under Harry and will support him. There are some gettable players out there like Ince, Butland, Alderweireld who are at and age where AVB could integrate them into an already strong squad. We may still choose to chase the big fish like Moutinho and Llorente but I'm not yet convinced we'll land them. I'm also sure AVB will be looking at players that aren't even on our radar. Unlike our previous manager, he can look beyond 28-35 year old Prem players when scouting for talent.
19/12/2012 06:50:00
some say that there are not enough foreign players in England, and that since the departure of Xavi Alonso, Christiano Ronaldo, Cesc Fabregas Spain now have the best Premier League in the World. For me there is always a place for theseworld class players but we are guilty of bringing in low-level, poor imports – those players who are no better (or in some cases a lot worse) than the English players they replaced. There have been times cheap foreign buys that have been preferred to youngsters coming through an academy. Those are the kind of purchases I queried and still believe harm our league. My argument was if you had two players of the same level, one English and one from abroad, the home-grown player should be given a chance to improve. When you’re talking about the world-class players who have graced our shores such as Thierry Henry, Didier Drogba or Alonso, it’s an entirely different matter. The more we attract, the more our young players can learn. Playing alongside or against the best makes you better. We know from Luka Modric the experience of playing with a classy overseas player has an immensely positive influence. But I still maintain I would like to see a higher percentage than 40% of Home Grown Players in the PL
OyVeh Maria
19/12/2012 07:17:00
We'll never stop the exchange of EU players unless UKIP gets its way but we should certainly curb the influx of African, Asian and South Americans. Good players they may be but the ability bar should be raised so that only the very best are welcome. It may take a few years but home grown quality would certainly improve without serious detriment to the game. Sure the worldwide audience may suffer and the money reduce but some things are more important.
Love totty
19/12/2012 07:46:00
Is it right that MU should always have a token Asian player like Park or Kagawa purely to underpin its commercial appeal in Asia?
Love totty
19/12/2012 07:51:00
With regard to the glut of potential right backs its much more likely Naughton will eventually be moved on than Smith. Smith is several years younger and, from what I've seen of him, looks to have more ability.
19/12/2012 09:26:00
LT- I'd take Kagawa, he's much more than a token player...and without getting into politics I don't think UKIP would chnage anything in football, they just want us out of the EU NOT the economic area...
19/12/2012 09:30:00
Its not just youth development that the Premier League money-making machine has ruined. Its ruined international football, the players don't care any more and we don't produce the talent anyway. Its ruined any sort of connection between the fans and the clubs - we are now just customers to sell to. Its ruined all the great competitions like the FA Cup, UEFA Cup, League Cup because the clubs have to concentrate on the PL because that's where the money is. Its ruined the atmosphere at the grounds by introducing plastic, all-seater stadium. Its priced out the true passionate working-class fan-base by charging exorbitant ticket prices. Its ruined the players who instead of being 'one of us' are now jumped-up moronic multi-millionnaires who couldn't give a flying phuck about their clubs or fans. Despite all the crap that the PL is an 'open league' its really not. Its ruined any sort of competitiveness - by mid-November its a 2 horse race. With 3 others battling for 4th place (no trophy, it's just where the money is of course) and the rest of the dross just looking to stay up. Any monkey can write out the top 6 before the season starts - how is that interesting? Whilst Sky Sports bang on about how the PL is the 'best league in the world', and armchair fans lap up the hollywood style crap, proper fans know that really the last 20 years has been a disaster for the beautiful game in this country.
19/12/2012 09:32:00
I personally didn't rate Rose when he made odd appearances for us but then it is hard for a youngster to develop confidence and thrive when they are only getting odd games. Harry kept him and hardly used him and so it was difficult to assess his ability and unfair to write him off. Now I heard he is doing well at Sunderland although I haven't watched him myself so I can't comment. I would say if he is doing well let him stay for rest of the season and then maybe next season he will be good enough and have enough experience to play back up for BAE and push BAE for a starting place and play Europa and cups games if we qualify

I would then have Naughton as RB back up for Walker and push Walker for a starting place because Walker hasn't been great this season. I think we need Vertonghen at CB with Kabule and Caulker and Dawson imo.

On others I think Livermore needs to go and Falque if he isn't going to be used. I would like to keep Carroll for Europa and cup games but again he needs to prove himself so maybe we will have to loan him out for a season. I think Swansea for Carroll and Falque and QPR or Reading for Livermore.

I think we need to see one or two of our younger strikers get some game time in the cups or they need to be loaned out to get some much needed game time.
19/12/2012 15:29:00
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