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Priority Number 1

Priority Number 1

After a frustrating game against Stoke where by our only two senior strikers couldnt find a way through to at least scrape us a win, the chairman must be getting the idea that as a team hoping to finish above either Arsenal or Chelsea we need a third choice upfront!

If it wasnt plain enough when Adebayor has been unavaliable to us, leaving just Defoe as an out and out front man then after a lack of strikers goals against Everton, (which was a defensive fault that we couldnt keep hold of a lucky win) or against Swansea (I'm not complaining about the result of course) and now for a third league game then it must now be plain to see. Another striker would not only take the pressure off but would allow one or the other to take a rest. Most importantly it gives us a different method of unlocking the oppositions defence.

I know I'm stating the bloody obvious but for these very important reasons Levy must back AVB in January. I personally would like us to go back in for Moutinho if Porto are prepared to do business mid season as missing out on that guy was real shame. That aside, getting a striker might not cost the earth. Theres a list of good players out there avaliable at the moment who, for what ever reason are going at £15m or less.

We all have our preferences of course and mine would be Remy. He wouldnt command massive wages, he's only 24, has pace which fits in well with our side and if AVB does decide to play 4-2-3-1 for what ever reason then he can play off the right and give Lennon a much needed break. For the amount of times we have scouted/watched this guy it would be a shame for him to be another player we miss out on. Who ever it is though, Levy needs to make signing a striker priority No.1!

Written by mgthfc

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Date:Sunday December 23 2012
Time: 9:45AM


should we be surprised at a lack of creativity when we dont have that one player to open up an opposition? we have many superb players, but sadly we should all understand that we still lack that magician and until we get one that can create something out of nothing, we will always struggle against sides like Stoke.
23/12/2012 09:59:00
As for buying another striker, I agree, but would we rather wait for the right one in the summer for example or bring in the best we can in January?
23/12/2012 10:00:00
If our problem is we need a striker why would we be trying to sign Moutinho ? How do we solve a striker problem by signing a midfield player ? Thats £30m+ down the drain, how much cash do we have ?
23/12/2012 10:02:00
I was simply saying that I would like us to go back in for him as he is a good player and would give us something we lack. As Ox says, a magician in midfield but the priority must be another striker. Beside he would be closer to £25 than£30+
23/12/2012 10:15:00
mgthfc - Really ? Porto don't sell cheap, they have a reputation for always getting the maximum when they sell a player. They wanted £33m in the summer, now they will sell for £25m ? That's before Moutinho's wage demands of course.
23/12/2012 10:21:00
As Defoe is on 4 yellow cards and Ade going to African Cup still possible, it would seem imperative to buy at least one new stiker. But I think it is essential to get a playmaker, as yesterday proved. So is Levy up to backing his new project to the tune of £40-50mill?????? I think a lot will depend upon Levy's (ENIC) target for this season and, from what I read into from AVB's statements, EL qualifying for knock-out stages and a top 4 finish appears to be that target. So only January will tell. Happy Xmas and New Year to all on here, regards LTS.
23/12/2012 10:27:00
We agreed £22 in the summer and his contract had been negotiated, so yeah really. It was third party bs that stopped it going through. Look I'm not saying Porto wouldn't play hard ball mid season but if they all of a sudden aren't demanding closer to £30 then it's worth a try. If not then wait until the summer.
23/12/2012 10:29:00
longtimespur - What difference would a playmaker have made yesterday ? Stoke gave us two thirds of the pitch to play in and erected a wall around their goal, how would a Modric have broken that down ?
23/12/2012 10:30:00
mgthfc - If it didn't go through it wasn't agreed.
23/12/2012 10:41:00
Hi jod - I'm not paid mega-bucks to be able to tell you that, that's why we need a magician. We have struggled for years to break down the preverbial "parked bus", yes even with Modric, but as I said in another post Man City V Reading was similar yesterday. Despite all the money they've spent and all their talent had to rely on an IFFY goal at the end. Still need a bit of luck.
23/12/2012 10:53:00
OX- we have to get the best we can in January...there's no point waiting till summer for another false dawn....
23/12/2012 11:03:00
To continually read articles on this subject window after window, season after season, ever since the departure of Berbatov, is so so frustrating (no refletion on the atricle which is so accurate). It is obvious to all of us that a striker is, or should be, a priority in any transfer business we do, although it appears that the only person who remains to be convinced, or is not sufficiently concerned, is the bloke who signs the cheques (small ones, and not very often) our esteemed chairman Mr. Levy. We have now failed in the last 6 or 7 windows to address this situation, so it is probably unrealistic to expect a solution in January. No doubt we can await this windows Gregor Rasiak, Frazer Campbell, or Louis Saha, whilst we watch the likes of Newcastle (Remy) and Liverpool (Sturridge) already addressing their problems, even before the window opens, but it twas ever thus.
23/12/2012 11:44:00
longtimespur - So you think we need a playmaker but have no idea why ?
23/12/2012 12:44:00
agree frank as per,the attacking talent is well short to get top four so we might even win the Europa cup in future years if not this year.the nearly team that haafew players missing to win the this team as been and looks like it aint changing will b emembered by fans of spurs and no one else in years to come.
23/12/2012 12:56:00
have a few players. will be remembered.
23/12/2012 13:03:00
the simple anwser to all the fans problems, is buy so and so. Its so easy isnt it. Shame the real world isnt that straight forward
23/12/2012 13:07:00
jod_ I don't know where you get that idea from. just watch yesterday's game again orWest Brom, or Everton or Norwich or...... How many times have we struggled to make clear cut opportunities this season? We need somebody who can thread the ball through these tight defence set-ups and also some body who can read the pass and take the chance! Hence my original post stating we need £40-50mill
23/12/2012 13:23:00
Longtimespur - I agree. That's why we need to sign Moutinho and Remy
23/12/2012 13:43:00
Might be a time to consider utilising the link with Real Madrid. Ozil on loan? Mourinho's openly not interested in him long term. Might be worth a punt. Would have liked Aubameyang but he's come out and said he will never join us. No point looking at any CL teams, or even EL as the players will be cup tied. All about looking at what players clubs are looking to sign to replace their stars i.e. Milik for Lewandowski, Beric for Cavani, Maher for Eriksen, Belhanda for Hazard...
23/12/2012 14:04:00
I am with the author on this one. Yes ideally you want to make 95% of signings in summer - especially pricey ones and especially strikers. BUT we have little choice. 2 is simply not enough - unless you plan to play kids up front. He need not be a supastar... One look a Benteke makes you think duh! Why didn't we think of that? As for Moutinho, if he wanted to sign for us, he would have done so. He did not really want to, so he tried to negotiate as big a package from us in order to entice himself. We couldn't afford him, and he'd rather go somewhere that he is interested in going AND can pay his requirements.
23/12/2012 14:11:00
Jimmy-yid, the hard truth is that that is exactly how the real world is away from Spurs, every successful team makes regular forays into the transfer market, even Barca with their incredible academy, Real Madrid, Man U, City, Chelsea, they are all constantly looking to build, and not at Aldi or Lidl as we do, you have occasionaly to venture into Waitrose, or even Harrods or Fortnum and Mason, where Joe Lewis's fellow billionaires do their business.
23/12/2012 14:43:00
We don't need to buy anyone. we have a much stronger squad than before. Instead of the lightweight, non scoring Ratboy we have the free score, big mobile creative genius of SIggy. Instead of the slow, rubbish at defending VDV who does little more than score and set up goals we have the versatile, hard working brilliance of Dempsey...who also scores shed loads of goals. In stead on Kranjcar coming off the bench for cameos we have the world beating Dembele...another prolific goalscorer. We have a much better team, score more goals, have more points, have such a good formation that rumour is the Red Arrows want AVB to train them Why do we need anyone else....or maybe I have missed something
Forever Spurs
23/12/2012 14:52:00
Biggest question is
,br>Was it worth signing Adebayor ?

Amazing considering how warned we were
big cockeral
23/12/2012 15:55:00
IMO we need either a Lineker type of striker to replace Defoe and / or an Andy Carrol type to utilise the crosses. Either both would give us options.

Also I think that last season ADE was superb but this year with his lack of pre-season (chasing the money) injuries (because of lack of pre-season) and possible departure to the ACN .

Rumours of Ade being sold also.... COYS
23/12/2012 16:02:00
Once again, spot on Big C, the guy is a good player when he wants, but he doesn't want often enough, the novelty has definately worn off for him at Spurs, as has happened after a while just as at everywhere he has been.
23/12/2012 16:08:00
How can we sell Adebayor, we don't even pay his bloody wages, he is being subsidised heavily by Man City for the first 2 years of his deal. Who else is going to pick up his £175,000/wk wage bill. I doubt Man City would repeat the exercise with anyboy else, he is out of their hair now.
23/12/2012 16:15:00
Re. Ade, just read that somewhere ... not my view.
23/12/2012 16:47:00
Frank IMO Adebayor is being very disrespectful to the fans .I can maybe understand when they want to screw a club for everything it has ,but not the fans .
Some earn £20 - £30 grand a year & deserve better ,for me it`s one big kick in the teeth .

Player pay has to be more performance related ,it`s shocking what they get away with ,& what we allow them to .
It`s hard not to tarnish them all with the same brush but the pattern is repeating itself .And to think we could have got Berbatov for £5million ,at least he was brutally honest & one of the best players Spurs have ever had .Adebayor is not fit to lace Berbatovs boots ,& that`s saying something after his behaviour .
big cockeral
23/12/2012 17:02:00
The problems with the January window are 1) ENIC couldn't care less about us unless relegation is threatened, they are only interested in selling the club for a big profit 2) No player at the top of his game is likely to want to come to us when bigger clubs are interested 3) Levy's dealings in the transfer market have gained him a reputation as an ar*ehole, can' think why. 4) Levy's dealings with players would make anyone think 2 or 3 times about signing anything associated with him. 4)AVB has been forced to re-iterate Harry's Christmas statement regarding not needing any new players 6) Harry's comment the other day about transfer dealings along the lines of "No doubt I'll get a call on the last day from Levy offering me a 4 for 1 deal with players he can't give away" rings very true. I don't see any improvement until Levy and ENIC are gone. I'll probably be dead by then.
23/12/2012 17:53:00
Big C - I seemed to be the only one who did not want Ade to re-sign. I feared this scenario too much. Have we seen it before...? Umpteen times. I still think that he has a lot to offer, but let's not forget that we have a different manager who probably does not suit his style. You are going a little far with Berba, who may as well not have been on the field yesterday, leaving Fulham with 10 men.
23/12/2012 18:19:00
TonyRich I didn`t want Ade to resign either ,once bitten twice shy .
Massive fan of berbatov i must admit ,& Modric .Both ships have sailed so hope we can buy equal ,January something needs to be done .Not a want ,a need ,if we want top 4 . Every game 8-9 really good players ,but always 2-3 missing ,& too much the same players .Right winger & striker should be top of AVB`s shopping list

Stay as we are if fans & AVB are happy for 5th /6th .Surely not
big cockeral
23/12/2012 18:30:00
Upfront i would be happy with one of Remy, benteke, soldado, huntelaar,llorente,ba or pa***** cisse up front and either eriksen, moutinho or sneijder (who has said hes leaving in jan) as a playmaker. Striker priority though, and if we get a class playmaker we'll have 2 change our full formation 2 fit 5 midfielders and 2 strikers unless avb is willing 2 drop two strikers when we inevitably get 1 more in jan. 3-5-2/4-5-1 ?
23/12/2012 19:33:00
We are being linked with this fella...

he is exactly what we need a young energetic playmaker..

we need that mix of Modric and VDV....

a playmaker and a striker....
23/12/2012 21:59:00
So one 0-0 draw and suddenly when need more players! Stoke are the only team that play this sort of joke football, we still haven't lost when dembele has been playing (went off early vs Everton) although annoyed with ade hasn't shown us anything guess its because he is under contract, should try and sign lorente
24/12/2012 01:05:00
Harry-Kari, nail on the head post! Until ENIC sale up and move on, as they did when they sold their shares in Glasgow Rangers, Slavia Prague, AEK Athens, Vicenza and FC Basel, this cycle of frustration, and disappointment will continue, season after season, window after window... Of course Lewis does not mind the wait, because he got our football club on the cheap from his Amstrad mafia mate, Sir Sugar, so he can afford to wait until Danny Boy finally gets him that new stadium on the cheap, or finds the right bidder to rebuild the empty plots Levy has created on the High Road, in preparation for the sale... But Danny boy is in no rush to sale up, because he simply adores playing real life fantasy football with OUR club. Who is the little loser going to buy for us in the Jan window? And which of our favourite players will Danny Boy shock us by selling in January? ENIC OUT!!!
24/12/2012 08:54:00
sorry, but i have my doubts over a man that says we did everything possible. Yet only used 2 of his 3 possible substitutions, whilst leaving his most effective sub from the previous week left on the bench. In achieving a home nil nil draw vs stoke city. Let's see some passion. Bring on villa....we have quite a good record at villa. Long may it continue.
24/12/2012 11:06:00
Well said Pelebro. Another to the cause. Happy Christmas. And as for the rumours of Newcastle's centre forward moving to Germany? Ba, Hamburg!
24/12/2012 19:40:00
To all my fellow Spurs fans, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. I wish you all a safe and wonderful Festivities with family and friends. From here in Canada to all those out there (even Arsenal fans) Peace be with you. COYS
24/12/2012 20:54:00
As to the article, it's difficult to do business for Spurs at any time. Most players aren't good enough. Those that are are looking for guaranteed CL, year in and year out. None of our strikers are, on their own, or together, good enough (although we really haven't seen Dempsey up top of Adebayor, which I believe would be the best option). Defoe has been the same player his entire career. 27 appearances, 13 goals, 9 from 4 games. It's just more of the same old. Is our team good enough, as it is for top 4? Probably. We'll need help and we'll need to not take draws where wins are a must. Stoke was a must-win. Defoe against defenders who are all 8 inches taller than him, really doesn't bode well, even more so when that striker is running behind defenders instead of in front of them. Again, it's just same old.

What would I do? Get Leandro, whatever the cost. Get Isco, whatever the cost. Get in Dzagoev. Get in Mitroglou. If Isco can't be had, get Schneijder. Get in Srna. Get in Willian. There are all sorts of options. Will BAE re-sign? If yes, we are fine at the back (young keeper excepted). Moutinho is not the answer. Too expensive. Not really better than Dembele. Rather see Eriksson and Alderweirald come in. Still think Castaignos could be a stroke of brilliance. Point is, there are lots of guys out there who will not necessarily mortgage the future but who will offer different looks.

Again, IMO, we're good enough for top four. A few additions and top 3 is realistic this season and who knows for next season. Win a trophy and get top 4 and it will have been an awesome season. We are still in the reckoning. Avoid the February/March blues this season and the future may well be Lilly White. COYS
24/12/2012 21:14:00
Moutinho might not be much better than Dembele, but he is different and has superior range of passing and vision. Agree that he'd probably cost too much though. I think we are good enough to capitalize on Arsenal or Chelsea slipping up, but I do not think we have the 4th best squad in the league. I think most neutrals would agree.
24/12/2012 23:58:00
There's no doubt that Sneijder would enhance our squad, But only if we do lose the Deadwood. There is certainly room for losing a few. But ..still the priority, surely, has to be a Young, Hungry, Striker....first. As for giving the money to AVB, or Not. Spurs require a striker asap, no matter who the manager is. My worry is.....that they still believe in "Harry"........Harry Kane, that is.
25/12/2012 09:53:00
Merry Christmas PeterB, but dream on for January. I heard that Levy had his favourite Saville Row tailor make a new batch of trousers with the very, very long pockets to match his short arms once again.
25/12/2012 12:26:00
Merry Xmas everybody, lets see Ebenezer bah humbug Levy prove us all wrong and spend more than 30/- in the window (sorry, I meant £1.50p), you never know, somebody might catch him on a good and generous day. I did say might.
25/12/2012 20:52:00
peterbalb, you write "What would I do? Get Leandro, whatever the cost. Get Isco, whatever the cost. Get in Dzagoev. Get in Mitroglou. If Isco can't be had, get Schneijder. Get in Srna. Get in Willian." I admire your positive words about improving the quality of the Tottenham squad Peter! But unfortunately we have a director of football/Chairman and a triple billionaire owner who's total concept of running OUR football club is not about securing the right players at "whatever the cost" to bring silverware to our great club. But whatever can be done to make a saving, whatever is cheapest, whatever makes the most profits for the clubs owner on the short term. Whatever gets Lewis the cheapest stadium deal, whatever gives Danny Boy total control of the marketing of our kit sponsors, with his last minute releasing of the new Spurs kit to maximise on short term profits, at the Spurs shop and on his pathetic website, season after season, hence no Adidas or Nike in 13 seasons, because Danny Boy truly believes he knows more about football kit merchandising than the two giants of sports merchandising, the two experts in this field, Nike and Adidas, just as he truly believes that he knows more about football than the eight coaches he has employed! Which is why we see little Swansea City in a beautiful Adidas home kit, whilst we are stuck with the tasteless Under Armour company for the next half decade... Nice words Peter, nice dreams... COYS
26/12/2012 11:40:00
I agree with the points made about Moutinho, he would be a great signing but am I the only one who wants us to get Llorente? I mean Remy would be fantastic too but I'd much prefer Llorente's presence up front to Remy's pace and guile. A cheaper alternative on Moutinho since apparently he'll cost upwards of 20 million would maybe be Dzagoev. Maybe not the full on Modric style slick passing but he's sure as hell be able to unlock defences. Please oh please though bring in a striker Levy, it's about time we bought ourselves the striker we've been craving for and need as Frank pointed out. I'd have even taken Sturridge over nobody, we really really need to start getting into the habit of buying players a little closer to the beginning of the transfer window.
26/12/2012 12:09:00
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