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Enough is enough!

Its not AVB, its not Adebayor's poor form. Its not the high ticket prices, Levy's transfer policy or even Mark Lawrenson's shirts. Its the fact that some Tottenham Hotspur fans decided that we had to play both Defoe and Adebayor together. This complete lack of tactical knowledge and understanding from fellow Spurs fans is embarrassing, especially in 2012.

Of course the manager could of ignored the boo's and social media moaning. But his position has been under constant scrutiny since day one, and thus he can ill afford to ignore the fans. The fact that our fan's didn't see this and decided to heap even more pressure on him has been a major disappointment. Its a common mis-conception that 4-4-2 is a more attacking formation than 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-1-1. This is a childish and ridiculous assertion. You have less possession in a 4-4-2 (due to having one less central player), how can you be more attacking while seeing less of the ball?

Our match against Stoke was a prime example of why you need to play one Striker in 2012. I personally counted 4 separate occasion in the match, where the ball rolled across the 'magic' zone (the area between the oppositions penalty spot and 18 yard line), and no player was present. Previously, Keane, VDV and now Sigurdsson would all of been attacking this important space, but with Defoe and Adebayor playing together, you have to play a flat midfield 4, which means there is no player in the No.10 role. This player would usually arrive in the oppositions box at the perfect time to finish these great chances.

In a 4-2-3-1 its obvious which player fullfils this role, in a 4-3-3 its slightly less obvious, but its split between two of the 3 central midfielders. I hope AVB ignores the boo boys and drops one of the two strikers, because quite frankly, 4-4-2 has about as much a place in modern day football as the back pass. Its about time our manager grew a pair, and implemented his favoured 4-3-3 with rotating positions. If you are unclear about this tactic, then please watch this video - After you have watched the above video and taken our performance against Stoke into account, I'm sure you will agree that its time to join the 21st century and dump the 4-4-2 all together.

Many Vital Spurs readers will already know much of what has been said in this article, but for those that don't, please consider what I say before you boo when AVB replaces Defoe with Adebayor, or moan on social media when we play one up top.

Written by Tactically Challenge

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The journalist

Writer: Tactically Challenge Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday December 23 2012

Time: 9:55AM

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I have absolutely no issue with our playing both Ade and defoe, but I 100% agree with the fact that 4-4-2 leaves us far too exposed in the middle and also predictable. that formation is great when you have the time in the middle to dominate and spread play, but how often do we get that for differing reasons against the strong or weaker teams? for me, you either play one striker or one/none wide men, as I dont feel you can play two strikers and two wingers, something has to give at this level.
One thing that has crossed my mind in recent games with Ade and Defoe is that they have stopped dropping deep and looking for the ball as much. I wonder if they feel it will ultimately turn into a situation where it is one of them and not the two. are they therefore playing for themselves at the expense of team play?
It's becoming noticable how slowly spurs are starting their home games. Lack of urgency at the start of the match, allows the opposition to settle into their pre planned defensive tactics. They build confidence and fight to the death. When really a confident vibrant authorative home team would be at them right from the start. As we know, goals change games.
Not sure how much difference the tactics make. Stoke have one of the tightest defences in the league.They play in their third, concede possession and defend in numbers. We simply didn't have the players to find a way through the wall. One thing we might have thought about was varying the player taking free kicks and corners. In the previous game I thought Walker's delivery was very good, but Bale took them all. When you're playing against a team like Stoke set pieces offer one of your best hopes of scoring and we had plenty of height. Its been one of our problems for a few seasons now that we are so poor at dead ball situations.
it was also noticable and has been for a fair while, as well documented. That we lack that one top striker. Our subs bench was not well balanced, for yesterdays game. This keeps showing up. I for one, (plus my 11 year old son)......expect.... a decent top striker signing in january. No excuses.
ade is the better all round striker and he is an ideal lone striker. we need to see the team with him up front alone. defoe is an ideal off the bench player. agree with the article, AVB was strong armed into playing them both by the fans who have made a difficult transition all the harder
I would say that is is all too easy to be negative and pick holes in the team or manager after dropping two more home points, but was anyone surprised at Stoke being physical, wasting time and packing the defence and midfield as they have done and done very well for years? The only way we were going to get something from yesterday was to have a moment of brilliance, luck or to (I know it sounds obvious) but to score a goal to force stoke to push out
Yes, i agree we have been poor, for a number of years on our set pieces. Considering how attacking and good we have been at gaining these attacking positions. This is inexcusable in the fact that this is what training and coaching is for...i.e..working on set pieces. At this moment in time....and having seen, townsend whip in ...left and right footed inswinging corners....equally good delivery. I'd be starting townsend on the right for lennon. It would do no harm to give the boy a try and have lennon on the bench. just my opinion, though.
Very good article. Unfortunately there are too many load voices out there that haven't a clue how to assess a match and tactics. Their idea of tactics is putting a forward on means attack and putting a defender on means defend. It is difficulty to keep forwards happy when playing only 1 up top but its clear that playing the both of them isn't working.

Also I think Ox might be right in the speculation that Ade and Defoe both know long term we'll going to have to settle on 1 in a starting role and they are competing to be the point man rather than dropping deep.
Great to see your post MJB, I have missed you!!!
the future has to be in playing one out and out striker and two players that can support him and also bolster the midfield when required. there is the alternative of playing one in the hole behind two strikers, but for that it does force those behind to work extra hard to cover space and also you have still to consider the option of getting the ball to those strikers which for me was probably the biggest problem we have
4,4,1,1....imo..has always been the best footballing system. can addy'...or this well ??.......
Agree with your article TC apart from I think it also depends on the team we're playing. Not all EPL teams play 4-4-2 but some still do and I think 2 strikers should be used against these. Yesterday showed how much we need that bit of magic from midfield and until we buy a playmaker who can consistently thread through tight, packed defences we will struggle. Just as a comparison:- Man City V Reading. EVEN with all their spending and all the creativity they have Citeh still had to rely on an IFFY goal in the last minutes to win!! So if Siggy's header had beaten Stoke's keeper in the last minute we would be in the same position as before yesterdays games, sorry we would be 3rd. Sometimes luck does take a hand in results.
Agree with you there it suited us for 10 minutes vs arsenal and hasn't since the reason is is because both strikers haven't scored and we've had injuries to bale I still feel it should be used for the next two games as we are playing two less defensive teams
whilst I understand your sentiment...I can't agree that 442 is redundant...yes (thank god) the era of all teams lining up 442 against each other is over...formations must remain flexible to counter the other sides strengths. That said Ade and defoe as you state can't be allowed to play alongside each other up top whilst playing two of them MUST drop deep....
Hopefully AVB will have now learned....Ade and Defoe IF they play together 1 MUST drop deep! No Brad and no Gallas= clean sheet.....I think it'll take him a while to realise that Parker and Sandro can't play together (if you have bale and lennon on the pitch) as we then have zero creativity....AND we need a striker!!
I always knew the fans would be to blame. What a useless lot we are for expressing opinions, especially if the manager agrees with them. Tactics are hugely over-rated if the players do not have the character and brains to implement them. We have too many players lacking in both departments at the moment. Those with character such as Sandro give their all for the whole game. Those with character and brains such as Vertonghen give their all and create chances that others are too slow to take. Some weeks we get lucky and some weeks we don't but yesterday illustrated the level we are at. If we are lucky enough to be in the top 4 at the end of the season on this form I will be surprised unless Levy buys some talent with character in the January window.....I jest of course.
what a load of crap this article is.... just look at the team's record last season with a fit Ade and Defoe in tandem to show how great this formation can be.... last yr (due to need for move) Ade was willing to 'sacrifice' himself by drawing defenders away from Defoe and thus creating scoring chances, and Defoe even responded in kind (albeit less so) cos Vaart was in the wings ready to take his place.... this season the politics have changed and Ade especially is not willing to do the donkey-work so much and Defoe even less so for Ade.... 2 strikers together can have this problem whereby you can actually help in your partner outscoring you. it needs alot of ego-control to circumvent it.... in light of this, I now see AVB buying an established striker, to compete with and help ensure the main 2 'do the right thing' for the team's sake.... Bale's ego-trip is something else, but its more difficult to curtail it as the guy knows he's heading for bigger things in summer..
How many strikers do Man City (league champions) play, they often start with Aguero and Tevez (an unbeaten combination when starting together). There is too much emphasis on the mathamatics of systems and formations. If you play with one striker then firstly you need a striker with the strength, control, intelligence, and work ethic, to hold the ball, make decoy runs, and to occupy defenders, so as to make spaces for supporting mid field players to run into. You also need MFers who are prepared to run past the striker, get into goal scoring positions and finish. I am sorry to say I'm not sure we have either.
Yesterdays game was one we all thought we could win, but a lot of post's mentioned, it's going to be hard work and so it proved. Only thing is none of us are paid coaches of THFC, but did point out the solid defence they have, so during the week they must have watched some recent stoke games and how to break them down, once Lennon was taken off that door completely closed, getting round the back, Bale then kept over on the right. We had chances not enoughof them, but due to various reasons, they never went into the goal. It was very FRUSTRATING to watch, I'm certain we all watched trying to suck that ball into the stoke net, it never happened not the first time in my life and won't be the last. Defoe as mentioned is one yellow away from Suspension, Ade left out of the Togo squad for the ''FRIENDLY'' not left out of the ANC Squad, that's very much still in the balance. Getting the right player, if we do in the January window, the question i keep asking is why oh why have we never sorted out LEANDRO, maybe Levy has the answer and his just not interested or is it a done deal for 2013, one question we all will never know? So do we go into panic mode and try for LlORENTE, but we need someone and both are match winning players. IMO we are 2 players away from a very good side, to become a EXCELLENT side Mountinho or Eriksen, Leandro or ANOTHER.
spu 4 life
we do lack goals from Mid....Sandro, Dembele, parker and Lennon aren't going to get you many...
If, avb's / freunds tactical formation was 4,4,2...from the start....i.e..2 attacking strikers...(and i think it was). Then i am bewildered as to why addy was still on the pitch after 65 mins'. I.e....I cannot recall a single effort, from the that time. (bar the ..i got my head on bales cross..effort) Poor from addy , as a striker. Poor from avb /co......not to have used their permitted allocation of 3 subs.
82spurs.... your innocent comment just now has totally encapsulated just why Defoe and Ade may be competing against each other to score goals.... concluding that a forward's only valid contribution is the number of strikes HE has on goal, and not bothering about any other factor contributing to a win.... message to Defoe and Ade: don't bother to help the other out to score goals, cos the fans ultimately will only judge you on the goals YOU score, nothing else..... so dont drop off, don't link the play, don't draw defenders away from the other, just have a pot-shot at goal whenever possible, no matter how far away.
vr...please do not assault mr.Bale...about his so called ego.....or try to get him sold, before his time is up. Espec' after what we saw yesterday and given he has been out for last 3 games. Plus does his spurs duties to the full. My son watching.......and has "bale" ..on the back of his shirt.
if my a 4, 4, 2...set up..........i.e...2 strikers......has not had one decent effort on goal, after 65 mins'. I'd be subbing him. That said......i do think the addy / defoe combination ..has it's merits....and am not totally against it. BUT...when your player is not performing and you have others waiting for their chance. Siggy got 3 efforts on goal in less than 20 mins' took corners.
nobody else needs to try getting Mr Bale sold, as he seems to be marketing himself (or trying to) very well in showcasing how good his shooting is whether from 30yds, 35yds or even more.... the guy had more shots at goal than the strikers combined yesterday, and then some.
Tactically Challenge, Good article and agree! 4-4-2 just does not work in the modern game. But I am not going to blame AVB for this. Again the blame lies solely at the feet of the THFC director of football Daniel Levy, who personally decided to sale our star 'in the hole' player VDV because he wanted his money back on on him, with 2 years still remaining on his contract. And it was Levy who refused to provide AVB with the funds to to secure the signing of the world class 'in the hole' Willian, who would have been the ideal replacement for VDV, and was available in the summer. Instead Danny boy went into the bargain basement bins, yet again and personally bought 'two for the price of one' mediocre players, Sigurðsson and Dempsey. Neither player is anywhere near the class of VDV! And neither player was was signed by AVB! Willian was the man AVB wanted, but as usual, as with Harry, Levy did not back his coach! Daniel Levy 13 seasons in, still believes he knows more about football than his coaches! This problem will continue and continue until the spoilt little brat is driven out of our club. LEVY OUT!
Yes, he resorted to trying himself......after supplying decent crosses in the first half and on at least 2 occaisons, made their goalkeeper work. One day, he may help to supply spurs with hefty financial profit that may pay for the foundations of the new stadium. So if i was a so called spurs fan........i would be praising him and not talking about his so called ego. I expect him to be at spurs for at least one more season after this season.
The question has to be asked, we have 4 goalkeepers the latest Hugo is IMO in the top six around the world, We have cover right across the back four, We have cover for holding midfield players, We have no like for like regarding Dembele, if his out who pulls the strings? Same goes for Bale, we can make do, but is making do the answer, same regarding Lennon, then you come to attacking midfield players Dempsey the only one, Siggy what is his best role? Strikers Defoe and Ade, if one or both have an off day, which happens, who can we bring on to get us a goal? We have not one player in the current squad. I asked this question before, who scores the goals. Harry Kane out on loan is not going to be a prolific goal scorer, Obika is he worth a place on the bench and trying out, Souley is making his way from next Gen to under 21 reserves, came on the other night, we just lack and have done for so long another striker, the number 9 is still in a plastic bag, who is it waiting for?
spu 4 life
"You have to play a flat midfield 4" Wrong, rubbish, heck we even invented the Diamond some would say and you we are tactically inept? The problem is we don't have enough Goal Scorers, has been all season, simple, we sold VdV and on Defoe scores now with Bale popping up every now and again.
82spur.... Bale, by common consent of many, has turned into more and more of a selfish me-me player with each passing week. the guy when he broke into Arry's team was a grafter who played for the team in tracking back, supplying the strikers and generally helping the team by unselfish off the ball running.... this has now largely vanished, and he is playing basically for his next contract next summer, and scoring the most goals for himself even if that means less for the team in total.... Ade too, has now got his Spurs contract so can afford to not be Defoe's (and others') bitch by doing all the donkey-work for the OTHER'S to score from
stu_u2k, How would you play a diamond with Bale, Lennon, Defoe and Ade??? You can't play with two wingers, and two strikers unless you have a flat 4. Tactics have to take into account the characteristics of the players available to you. Also, dropping Bale might prove controversial?!
Tactically Challenge
everyones an expert. Trouble is our players ar not good enough for what the fans expect them to do. Either change the players or change the expectations. Neither will happen so the void of supporting spurs goes on
Bale has the worst shot to goal ratio in the prem I think....wouldn't it be nice to see him, defoe and Ade working as a team? you'll notice how often Lennon and Defoe pass to each other...indeed Lennon's first thought is where is Defoe?? Defoe and Lennon work best when there is space behind and so does fact we're a much better counter attacking team than trying to break down a team...this won't change without players able to pick the lock...
To me the lack of goals is not down to formations. These 2 guys scored 11 goals in 8 games together last season. When Ade played with Saha as well there were goals. I believe its down to confidence level & how secre Ade feels. He is a complex person.

From what I see he values security more whether its football or real life. Look at his entire carerr, when ever his position is threatned he goes into this zone where everything falls apart. But when he is lead striker, he can rip apart any defense. Last season, he was the no1 , scored 12 goals & 17 assists. I am saying he should be reinstated as No1 - wth him the handling should be different.
I think the main problem is this summer we sold our best two players and have not replaced either with good enough quality. Modric could thread a killer pass and VDV would pop up with the goals needed to win tight games. When teams park the bus we do not have any answers to unlock the defence. Lennon only hurts teams when they play a high line and his pace can get behind that. His scoring ratio is terrible too. Bale does go past more players than Lennon and can deliver a better ball and offers a goal threat. Dembele is greater at taking players on but lacks the ability to play a killer through ball. Been ages since Defoe scored a goal when playing with a strike partner. I still do not see why we sold VDV. May have brought a new toy for the owners. The money we bid for Moutinho will disappear and never be seen again like the money we had to bid £30 million for a new striker did a few years ago. The owners have let this club down too often now for my liken. Still no sign or talk about the new stadium for a while now. I think we need a new forward, another right winger and a ball playing midfielder. With our chairman and scouting network we will probably bring in another right back, holding midfielder and goalkeeper. I also think AVB trys talking the wrong players up. Defoe and Lennon just let it go to their heads while Ade does seem like a player you have to show a lot of love to. Not a big Harry fan but that is one thing he did well with his players to get the best out of them.
Peace out - Himwhatwhats
this site is a laughing stock??? yes, I'm sure there are thousands out there rolling on the floor...but wait, if you have a clever idea or feel you can better reflect the feeleings of 'true' fans then you can just log on and's easy.
so now commenting on a match is knee-jerk?...some people don't have the sense they were born with....
I think the article is a load of old codswallop. Whatever the supposed set-up, the actual formation the players adopt is usually influenced by the opposition response and therefore fluctuates as the game progresses. It's not complicated, when they have the ball, press the man in possession and close down the rest. When you have it, lose your marker to create two on one scenarios. We did all that OK yesterday until we got in the final third but hadn't the guile to make the killer pass.
Love totty
Spot on Big C, it doesn't matter how many srikers you play or don't play, if they are not good enough to break down the Stoke Citys o this world at home.
SSN are now saying that AVB says that "there is no need to spend in January, he is happy with the squad". Perhaps we are now seeing why Levy was so keen to give him the job, they are both *****ing in the same pot, both as tight as a duck's arses.
On his day, Adebayor is twice the player JD will ever be (I like JD as a squad player), and should be the main striker. Dempsey and Siggy can contest the support role and as long as Bale and Lennon do their stuff, the goals will flow I'm sure. Dembele, Sandro and Scotty between them will dominate all but the best opposition and our defence options are fine. I was frustrated that AVB took off Lennon and not Defoe yesterday - another mistake on his part?
Love totty
I would love a statement from our chairman to let us know what is happening to the funds being brought into the club. The lack of investment in recent seasons and if it is to save for a stadium then a statement is needed. But nothing. I think that since AVB has come in, the owners have hung him out to dry. Selling his best players bringing in none of the players he wanted, bringing in players of a lesser standard to those sold, more money brought in by player sales than investment in new players, the owners did not even have a proper press conference for him when he got the job. We are level on points with a poor Arsenal side, even a West Brom side, we are only five points in front of a rubbish liverpool side. I do think that the owners have taken the club as far as they can and now time to sell and let someone else have a go. They may deliver the stadium and invest their own money into the club. Im all for running a club within its means but I feel the owners now are only interested in turning in a profit year by year.
Absolutely nothappyharry, I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with every word you say, and the sentiments with regards to our owners.
Dont agree with the article and think a 4-2-3-1 would have lost us the game. From what i was watching our build up was slow and predictable, for a team as organised as Stoke we were playing right into there hands, I was going to post a response to the Stoke vs Spurs article about how difficult tactically this game would be on one hand you have to use our pace against them, then on the other hand you give away possession constantly they will eventually hoof the ball into the right area. I'm confused as to why you think any other formation would have made a difference? Playing 1 up top ie Defoe, what, he's going to hold the ball up for the on running midfielders? I think AVB got it right, we dominated possession limited the opposition threat, its down to our forwards to put the ball in the net, i cant blame AVB tactics when so much relies on the ability of the front 2. Defoe was never going to change the game against the stoke back 4, if i was a defender I would love playing against Defoe. I dont think there was much we could have done to influence the result.
The formation debate will rage on long after we have passed on. I feel we are just a little to rigid at the moment and still finding our own style. Dembele goes missing for large parts of the games at times and we lack the creativity that VDV provided. Defoe and Ade, I have no problem with, Lennon is the issue for me. He is forever ball watching and too slow to react. Occasional diagonal run across the middle, but not enough to warrant a continual start. I like the idea of a 4-3-3, with Ade, Defoe, Bale playing the front three. Sando, Dembele and Siggy behind. At the end of the day, I have to agree with Jimmy-yid......"Trouble is our players are not good enough for what the fans expect them to do".
I think it's a great article, although I disagree that 4-4-2 is completely without use. I also disagree with anyone who thinks that some formation is better than another, it depends on way more factors than we humble pundits could possibly be aware of. Not to mention that AVB is hardly a 4-4-2 type of coach, but he's somehow decided that given his players available, and his opponent, that was the best solution available to him at the time. January is going to tell a big story as to where we're going as a club.
The reason we are playing with 2 strikers is because we do not have the required attacking midfielder to play in behind a striker. We used to have VdV but we don't anymore. Without an attacking midfielder we will always struggle. It is for that reason that we should sign Eriksen and NOT Moutinho. Moutinho is a deep playing midfielder whereas Eriksen is more of an attacking midfielder.
I think AVB very much sees a 4-3-3 future in Spurs with Bale and Adebayor, I can see him going for a right-sided striker, Loic Remy, Willian, a Juan Mata type. Lennon hasn't been as poor as folks on here say, but don't know if he can hold the right side of a 4-3-3
Watching Chelsea tear apart Villa, I can't see how we couldn't do the same in a week
You fail to point out this happens every game even when we have one striker because Defoe can't anticipate where the ball is going when Bale crosses, even though we all do. If he wasn't a reactive striker but one that anticipates like international class strikers do, then you might have an argument. Unfortunately that's not the case.
Chelsea have softened Villa up for us, but will we take advantage. I have my doubts. The bottom line is that our current squad is not good enough for the top four especially in attacking areas. Unless ENIC sanction money for at least one striker, one goal scoring and one creative midfielder then we will not qualify for Champions League. Unfortunately, I believe ENIC are not interested in progressing the club, they are happy for us to stay in the top half of the premier league and eventually sell. I feel sorry for AVB vibe cause I feel he is a fine manager who doesn't' have the players he wants and as long as Levy leaves his transfer business to the last minute(Dempsey) or settles for bargains (Ade) then AVB will never be able to fufill his potential at Spurs
Don't get carried away with the thrashing chelsea have just given Villa before our boxing day meeting, this has done us more harm, than good, players have pride, Lambert will be making changes that's certain and he will be looking for a reaction from them, so will the home crowd, great thank you chelsea, it's just made our boxing day fixture twice as hard.
spu 4 life
Most people on here are stupid enough to have posted on comments and forums for 442, because most people on here are just idiots. 442 could still work, but NOT with Gallas or Adebayor being involved. Adebayor is a terrible player, he gives away possession so much and is so lazy.
Sonic - How can you call Ade a terrible player? The bloke, for me, had decent ball retention yesterday and if Defoe was more intelligent allowing himself space they would work really well. Some supposed 'fans', and i will call you that as i bet half of you have never been to the lane let alone an away match, seem to think that because a player doesn't bang in a hat-rick or supply pin point crosses 100% of the time they are useless???? FFS - go and 'like' another club and ***** on their parade in the future!! Rant over!!!
It’s a shame that some peeps have slagged this article off (like they do with several others on Vital). Seems that folks fail to realise the REAL purpose of a forum like Vital, which (imo) is to bring together fans to express their views and debate constructively the pro’s and con’s of the article’s headline story. I welcome ALL articles on my club as they provoke me to have a say. Makes for a very healthy forum.

Now re the subject of debate, I disagree with a rigid formation. It’s horses for courses and AVB has to be trusted for choosing the correct TACTICAL formation for EACH game. If AVB chooses a team to appease fans, then I agree with Big C in that he is in the wrong job and should be shown the door. I don’t for a minute think AVB chose Friedel over Lloris and then changed his mind through fan pressure.

IMO, the issue with Spurs NOT being able to break down stubborn defences has nothing to do with the formation, but again to do with the players’ ability, contribution, execution of what is asked of them. I also agree with some that there is element of selfishness that is appearing in our team and some players are reluctant to co-operate with the selfish individuals. The team seems to lack the fluidity in attacks that we had last season. Re-playing the match y’day, I noted how slow we moved up the pitch. Some players only seemed to pass when they were cornered. Rather than the counter atatcks we witnessed last season, I am noticing a slow build up but FAST chase back!. We continue to run out of ideas in the last ¼ and the likes of Bale and Defoe take on responsibility to just smash from distance, rather than involve the rest of the team. Even Walker was having a go from 25/30 yards. Gilfi offered us something in the last 15 mins and nearly snatched the winner. I also think AVB was right in keeping Ade on for the full match as we needed that additional aerial presence, with Crouch coming on too. Defoe should’ve been taken off IMO for Townsend. I think the whole team worked hard y’day, but with no penetration. The statistics re shots on goal were very misleading. I would certainly like to see a couple of additions (Striker + midfield) in January to keep some of the current squad on their toes. IMO, Defoe+ Ade need to get off their high horses and Bale needs a reminder about team play.
Good summary Critical_Spur. Personally i'd have taken Lennon off for Townsend and Defoe for Siggy. Don't rate either Townsend or Siggy, but both have performed ok as impact subs recently. Probably wouldnt have made a difference tbh, we just don't have the creativity to break down a Stoke defence that has conceded the least amount of goals in the league.
I didnt rate Pav much either, but he stole us a few wins and is far superior to the non-existent striker we had on the bench yesterday.
Guyver, Making the subs that you and I have mentioned would've got Pulis scratching his head (well, cap) as they were not going to be like-4-like changes, i.e., a tactical change, As for stoke, their substitutions were pretty much like-4-like as Stoke never have a plan B!. I also believe that Defoe needs to go back to being an impact sub. Since Ade's return, his goal tally has stagnated (wrong time for Spurs I might add). Really need someone to find the net over the festive period. Stiil, COYS!
I have noticed Defoe hasn't been as sharp as he was before Ade joined him now whether that is typical Defoe form dropping or the inclusion of Ade I don't know. I think neither have played that well since their partnership and after a slow start from Defoe in the lone striker role I thought he was beginning to adapt his game and was doing well in most of them but since Ade arrival he he and Ade are clueless. I am happy with 4 3 3 but I don't think Defoe is suitable for that role in ALL games and I think each should be picked on merit and who is most suited for each game and that means dropping one in my opinion and maybe odd games they can play together but I agree with article too much pressure on AVB I actually think he will come good he is getting to know the PL and the players. I still think we need another striker that will be a regular goal scorer.
Slightly off topic, there were SEVEN different goal scorers for Chelsea today!
being linked with this fella... looks decent...
shame if Sturridge signs for Liverpool... he would have been a good buy for 12m... could have played as Lennon cover/2nd striker...
Still believe we could be contenders with 60m spent on transfers..

We could off-load the likes of Gallas, Bentley, Jenas, Gomez/Carlo... for approx 10m....

Levy needs to put his hand in his pocket and give AVB the tools to do his job...

KAKA ............................(ATTACKING MIDFIELDER)
EDIN DZEKO ....................(STRIKER)
ISCO ....................................(ATTACKING MIDFIELDER)
STEVEN DEFOUR ....................(MIDFIELDER)
RADAMEL FALCAO ......................(THE MAN)



nice fantasy football there yidmarks, unfortunately falcao is way out of our league, benteke can't move twice, city will never sell us dzeko, while he will hardly take a 50% pay cut, llorente and lewandowski will wait to see who comes calling, would love either, but it is out of our hands
It was the wrong formation in that game but I wouldn't write it off completely as an idea. For the record, I don't think AVB is succumbing to pressure from fans I think he was trying to fit his tactics round the players we have, though maybe you're right he needs to do it his own way.
When spurs run out of options and can't be bothered they have pot luck shots from outside the area, it's why bale will never end up at Madrid because he shoots as much as he passes, Lennon always tries to pass at least even when he's clear through on goal
Regarding the formation, 4-4-2 means stretching the opponent down the wings. We ave 2 excellent wingers who could do this. But the key to this formation is how fast the switch of play can happen fro left to right or vice versa.

With a player like Dembele, this will not happen. Dembele is not a passer of the ball. Dont mistake me, he is a very good player. But he is not the type of CM who can take advantage of 4-4-2. Modric, Carrick, Scholes are best examples of CM who makes the 4-4-2 tick.
Also, we play high up the pitch nowadays. 4-4-2 again doesnt work that much in thiscase because we sqeeze up the space and our wingers dont have space to run. Playing higher up has its advantages with us restricting Swansea to no chances.

Bootom line to me is, if we need to play 4-4-2 we need better CM, else its better to 4-2-3-1. I would give Siggurdsson a chance instead of one of the 2 strikers. While he doesnt score much nowadays, he always makes things happen.
Mirror is reporting we are after Will Hughes of Derby for 10million. Apparently Levy is readying a bid next week. But Chelski is also in race to sign him.
I dont think there is a better talented CM than him in Championship. He is just 17. He is just like Modric in every sense. Combative, vision, good passing range, doesnt give the ball away, skips past players at ease.
br>If we get him ahead of chelski that will be a big coup and hi & likes of Pritchard will be terriffic.Hope we get him.

Hughes lay against Leeds last month ....
Apologies for the typo- need to change my key board...
The main concern I had with Spurs playing 4-4-2 against Stoke was that it meant playing the ONLY 2 strikers available. We really should keep one on the bench particularly with Dempsey injured on the day. I am in Auckland/NZ for Xmas and watched a recording of the game, being aware of the score and having the benefit of reading all the comments on here about the game. There were several occasions when Defoe was just plain greedy. Some of you will be aware of my opinion of Adebayor. We really need a striker in the Suarez/Tevez/Aquerro mode. And as Frank so aptly puts it a "locksmith" in midfield. To be honest I'd rather take a punt and throw Coulibaly into the team. An unknown factor. Players like Shawcross have had more intimant moments with Defoe over the years than with their wives. All so predictable.
so pool will get sturridge for 12m and 60k per week.....less than we pay gylfi and whilst I'm not sure what Dempsey is on I suspect it would be in the same region-...I guess Sturridge didn't want to re-unite with AVB...
As for the title...enough is enough...I suspect it's what we'll be saying about our owners if they don't imporove the team....Bale will then want out in the summer and we'll be confirmed as the selling club, the nearly men, the club without ambition, the club other teams's not spurs fans that other fans laugh at, it's the club, they set us up to fail...I sometimes wonder if Levy is such a loser he doesn't know when he's won...we stummbled into the CL proper but he bottled it, no guts no glory....
I'd advocate just one change to the team for A.villa...and one change on the bench. I.e....townsend for lennon. (lennon to the bench). Subs bench, dempsey for naughton, if possible.
Bale will want out in the summer simply cos he can earn 200k a week (or near it) elsewhere.... end of.... Downing in January would be a good backup/replacement for 2yrs
Let's not forget it's early days yet for AVB. He hasn't even had the chance to try Parker and Sandro together with Dembele ahead of them yet. Say what you want about Parker but he's great at keeping the ball in tight spaces in the middle of the park and making those 5-a-side passes. That's what the Parker / Modric partnership was built on.

My problem though is still Lennon. 6 or 7 out of 10 every game mostly based on work rate isn't good enough. He is barely an attacking threat let alone a goal scoring threat. The only time he ever takes on a full back is when he's already at the by-line. He should go and watch those games from a few years back when he tortured guys like Cole and Evra and remind himself what he has in the locker. Why is he so scared to lose possession? Bale isn't so it can't be down to what the manager is telling him.

I'm still not worried though. AVB has now had 25 games to assess his squad and generally knows what's working and what's not. He still needs Levy to finish cleaning Harry's mess and move on Bentley, Jenas, Cuducini, Gomes, Khumalo etc. He already has 3 new signings - Ekotto, Kaboul and Parker and will inevitably get a couple more in Jan. At least we don't have to dread transfer windows under AVB, unlike Harry when you knew that you might get one good signing out of 5. Nil-nil against Stoke isn't the greatest result but a clean sheet against anybody is always a positive.
vr....Downing says he is happy where he is...............perhaps we should swop Ronaldo for Bale......i'm sure we could afford his 1/2 mill' wages per's about mourinho....chucked in ...apparantly, he'll earn £50 mill' if he is sacked by madrid. Thus won't require wages when he comes to
if you mugs think that Bale is playing for the team and not just showcasing his shooting every chance he gets (when other BETTER options are available to develop play for a better quality attempt) you deserve whateve you get.... better, more famous players don't always mean a better TEAM, just ask Arry at QPR..
VR - Downing is so poor it's unreal. Do you know how many premier league assists and goals he got last season?... none... zero... zilch. He is only hyped by the most delusional of Liverpool fans (which is what I'm starting to think you are). He was also signed for 20M which makes him one of the most overpriced wastes of money ever (no wonder he fits in well at Liverpool).
rahn DMC
Yeah, but if your strikers are not shooting plus lennon isn't shooting........someones got to shoot and what better time than when shawcross and huth are against you and it's pouring down with rain. Better than tip tapping it across the
Tactics are obviously important but it is equally important to realise that sometimes a game just doesnt go your way e.g. Barcelona vs Chelski - how the russians beat Barca I still dont know now but it happens what is important is that AVB gets a response against Villa which will be very difficult as Villa will want to prove a point after yesterdays result.
mutley- I'm not convinced Parker and Sandro with dembele ahead of them would work....parker and sandro as the 2 point pivot has not worked before and conventional wisdom suggests it won't work as they don't off the required blend - a passer and a ball winner...They may work as a 3 in a 433 dembele, Parker, Sandro but then as you point out we'll need a much more potent scoring threat on the right than Lennon...
Downing will stay and show the 'experts' that he remains what he was 5-6yrs ago: a high-quality wide player on either flank who has many intl. caps and huge experience. good players dont become bad ones overnight and skill, game intelligence are the last to go, its usually pace that goes 1st and he still has more than enough for next 2yrs at least.... you'll be claiming that Torres is 1 of the worst strikers in the Prem next (cos thats what the sheep do, when the Media tells them to)
experience has taught me that anyone who puts 'end of' or 'nuff said' in their posts are not to be taken seriously....
thfc1882... actually, 3-5-2 is all the rage in Italy and many a team there recently have made monkeys outta Prem teams in the CL playing it: Napoli v Citeh, Juve v Chavski.... it is a system that will eventually perculate into the English game, after this obsession with doubling up on the wings with FBs and wide-midfielders for incessant crossing is slowly but surely diminished
"what he was 5-6 years ago", 5/6 years ago he had potential. Now, he hasn't lived up to that potential and has become exactly what I stated earlier, another over-rated, overpriced poor english player who is quite frankly mid table quality at best, he is certainly not good enough to play for us. And no, I'm not a sheep. Torres isn't as good as he was at Liverpool (that's as clear as daylight to anyone), but he was arguably the best striker in the world at one point and at the moment he still shows glimpses of that striker he used to be, he is definitely not one of the worst strikers in the prem.
rahn DMC
I agree that AVB is constantly having to look over his shoulder at our supporters and the media but I am not averse to this state of affairs given his slow learning curve. At least he seems to have stopped going negative when we are one up and making a series of bizarre substitutions. Yes we now need to go back to one up front. I would point out that Redknapp was a lot more stubborn and persisted with the Crouch and Defoe combination despite the complete ineffectuality. The fact is we have not had a decent striker since Berbatov.We have a comical disinclination to sign goalscorers despite the fact they win you games .Baffled our Managers have gone along with this. We even had Les Ferdinand under Redknapp. saying Crouch and Defoe were OK and no changes needed. I am staying reasonably patient with AVB because at least he is showing flexibility and we are well within sight of the top four but he is being paid a big salary and he needs to get it right.We are clueless in the final third of the pitch and also require a playmaker who can get the ball through to the striker operating on the shoulder of the last defender.This has been the case for several seasons and Modric although better than we have at the moment did not entirely solve the problem.
It's about players not tactics....end of. Nuff said.
Wow! Reading these comments one would think we're in 17th place and in danger of going down. But no, I just checked and we tied for 4th with 3 other teams. Why do we have to go through these blame games every time we don't win?

We played very well against Stoke the only problem is our lack of goals. It has been our problem since we lost the Berbatov/Keane combo. But even without that this side is good enough to get 4th and possibly nick 3rd. The one thing I deeply feel is that we won't melt down in the February/March timeframe like last year. So I expect us to be in contention for CL.
LOL, we played very well against Stoke ??... we didnt score cos we hardly created any clearcut chances during 94mins of play, mainly due to the attacking players leaving it to each other to draw defenders away from them, rather than trying to do that very thing for a teammate to benefit from... we were average.
what a load of ole tosh re. no goalscorers since Berbatov.... we bought Bent who saved our bacon after Arry joined in 2nd half of season (not very fashionable to mention this on Spurs forums I know)... we re-bought Defoe who is most definitely a goalscorer. Even Pav (when used correctly) banged in goals at a good goals/games ratio.... and how many goals does Berbatov score away from home (barring pens)? not need to stop thinking in cliches
I think some are being overly critical of the situation

Berbs + keane? many times do we want to keep revisiting the past?....I can go back to the pairing of Chivers and Gilzean and then Lineker, etc, but what’s the point. Can we not look forward what may lie ahead. It’s called evolution!. Credit where credit’s due. It is commendable what AVB has achieved thus far and I am sure there’s more to come. Yes, we all acknowledge the lack of creativity and goals and just as much frustrated by the same old, same old striker options at the Lane, but I am convinced AVB and Levy recognise it. This season is all about squad refinement and gradual rebuilding. We haven’t really complained about the goals too much this season as several players have managed to get on the score sheet. Many were cautious about the indifference that Ade may bring and we all feared the usual draught from Defoe. However, at least it has shown AVB & Levi that the squad inherited from Arry does not have a player that can carry the gauntlet. As long as we can position ourselves in the CL group over x-mas and Levi (for once) supports the manager in this (a very critical) window, I am optimistic. I also think that AVB, having tried various formations and given chances to almost everyone in the squad, knows who fits his criteria. Soon I expect to see a greater focus on TEAM play rather than individual player assessment. COYS!
JVD- we're in tied 7th place if you want to look at it the other way...with Arsenal in crisis still above us and Chelsea with a game in hand and starting to perfom again...liverpool will soon have another forward and also starting to click...we on the other hand are getting the same crap messages that our squad is good enough that we got this time last year...hopfully we will actually buy a quality player at some stage but if we don't expect the natives to get restless...real quick, the board won't be able to do to us what the arse board has done to their supporters...
Makes me laugh how we only remember the good stuff about the Berbatov and Keane partnership. Have people forgotten how they both basically ended up in midfield and we ended up camped in our own half most of the time? Berbatov was a superb player and Keane was decent but they weren't a great match. In fact, I still believe Berbatov and Defoe would have been a better combination long term as at least he would have been in goal scoring positions.
Hope we can gain ground on our GD with Arsenal. All we really need to do is to hit'em quick and early...then Villa will just give up...
That Will Hughes looks like he could be a little mods in the making... great touch... doesnt lose the ball... can see a pass.. and take on players..
Silly me, I read almost every comment, I kinda second Underspurs. Please don't flame me...
You'll always score goals with a big one and a little one. The big one holds the ball up and lays it on for the little one. Bang! Hit the target man early! Get it wide, whip crosses across that six yard area. shoot on site, and snap up the rebounds! Don't over complicate things by being too clever. Win free kicks by wrestling with the opp center half, and then sign a specialist who can bend it in. That's how you play football..
Henry Baker Brown
what high class players do everton have what star players do they have, what is there wage bill. what have they got we dont. we again have no leaders we have no characters, are we ruthless no, are we a soft touch far to often.
Difference between us and Everton over the last few years is they at least have had one hard working ballsy striker. We've just have had a past-it Keane, Lazychenko, a silly 2MP, demoralized GDS, and a can only shoot muppett Defoe...
good points, but where is our team play, we dont have 1. we got pienaaar but crap with us but great for everton. list goes on.
123, that is exactly it!. An ‘average squad’ Everton and a ‘misfiring’ Arsenal are doing just fine simply because they play as a TEAM and as a UNIT that shows togetherness. Instead we have a team that moves together 50 yards up field and then disintegrates, where individuals are left glory hunting or wanting. I hate to say it, but even a misfiring Arsenal move the ball forward with pace and intent.

I hope Ade plays as the lone striker against Villa and that Gilfi gets a start. Defoe back to being an impact sub.
Merry Christmas to everyone.
I don't know whether to believe this rumour.
Wesley Sneijder has agreed a deal to move to Spurs! Inter & Spurs have to agree on a deal now.
Sounds ridiculous. but the story has some legs.
According to skybet, Sneijder to Tottenham is now cut to 10/11
According to this guy, a CNN Italian sport correspondent, Sneijeder to Spurs is on cards.
@tancredipalmeri - Here the big market news:Sneijder agreed deal with Tottenham,and ready to move London asap.Waiting for Inter and Spurs to agree terms.
It's true. Spurs are signing Sneijder from inter,the guy on talksport is totally reuse worthy top signing
This CNN correspondent apparently appeared on yesterday in talksort radio and has said Snejider to Spurs is very close, once the winow opens and the player is happy to move to London.
While this appears to be big christmas present, I wont rule out a Hazard type hype to get a better club But then Sneijder has won almost everything but Hazard had won nothing all his life. While I will take this with pinch of salt, while Hazard did not happen, Adebayor did happen. Everyone here thought Ade to Spurs will never happen considering his wages and city's will to sell. But Levy pulled it off, so this is no way past him. One things for sure - theres no smoke without fire.

If this happens, that midfield of Bale, Sandro, Sneijder, Dembele, Lennon is sick.
I think the sneijder rumous are b0ll0x. Would levy pay his wages?. To me it sounds like his agant has started the bidding proces for him by using us as leverage, expecially when you consider Man u have been tracking him for ages and can pay him his wages and can offer him CL football. The most important thing is finding realistic targets who can make a difference while clearing out the deadwood. Cudicini, bentley, gomez, jenas ect ect. I see more being sold then actually being brought.
spurfect one
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all on Vital Spurs. Have a good one
Big Ron
Merry Christmas to all and to all a prosperous new year!!
IMO....All this talk of no goal scorers.... well now we need super pav... where is he?? Oh yes he is back in Russia... well done Harry & Daniel... you messed up again.. selling our top technical gifted striker, and goal scorer per minutes played for 2.5 seasons.... Lazy he might have been.. but he did score goals, and was always in clear on goal positions for the pass he never got from Defoe.. I used to watch Pav's off the ball running from Upper East Stand, and can confirm he was usually well positioned, and disgusted at defoe not passing the ball... Pav & Ade / Defoe.. would be just what we need now....
Block D Spurs
Also... A happy christmas to all on Vital Spurs... to our OZ members... i wish i was in Perth this xmas, having a Boxing day barbie on the cottesloe beach... damn hot sunshine there at xmas..
Block D Spurs
To play a 4-2-3-1, 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1, we really need an Attacking Midfielder who can contribute 12-18goals a season
Merry Christmas everyone and a happy and peaceful one. A bit of advice, don't get excited about the Sneijder rumours. They are just there to stir up interest from other clubs now that he has even frozen out at Inter. Excitement now will lead to disappointment later when the rumours turn out to be also. Merry Xmas aain to everyone
Sorry, meant to say merry Xmas. Apparently Sneijders dispute with Inter was over his refusal to tack a pay cut so he's hardly likely to come to Spurs
I would be more worried that you the writer of this article actually believe that avb listens to social media. He is a strong willed, tactically astute coach who is trying out different tactics after some unconvincing home performances. The only reason it didn't work is that they both had very disappointing games. Personnel, not system - even in 2012. Nice arrogant tone to the article btw.
And yes, in 2012 I saw a spurs team at home with two strikers beat a Newcastle team in fourth by five. Even in 2012 eh.
From what I see in twitter world, it looks like Sneijder's wages are not big. Some say the tax for footballers in Italy is made higher in last 2 years and is higher than UK. So, considering the tax component, we would have to pay him close to 100k a week, which is close or if not same as what Ade earn.
The guy who is talking about this is not a Inter fan nor Sneider's agent. He hears things as any Journo does. When Sneider's wife said 2 weeks back, that their family is preparing to migrate to another country the same journo linked us to him. But he was not sure at that time. This time he talks of some improvement in talks. He does say that clubs have to agree. That means a long way to go indeed. Possible that some clubs like United could snatch him. To me, its quite simple. There is no smoke without fire. Lets wait & watch.
Merry Christmas to ALL Spurs fans all over the world, heres hoping for a midfield magician & a striker for the new year, Well done AVB, lets see if Daniel is up for the challenge, to dare is to do. Regards to all of you & your families.
Merry Christmas to all you fellow Spurs fans! Let's hope Levy makes it a Happy New Year for our Spurs!
Merry Xmas to Oxfordspur, Spursex, The Fear and everybody else at both Vital Football & Vital Spurs
Sneijders average goalscoring is 1 in every 4 games... both domestic and international....
AVB is on the right tracks if Sneijder is the player he sees as our new MODRIC-VDV replacement...



add WILL HUGHES and ALEXIS SANCHEZ to the list of players in January, and i think we could do well... they can both also play out wide...


Just wanna see some money being spent buy Levy/Lewis as a sign of intent...
Merry Xmas and a very happy new year t everyone on Vital Spurs. May the banter, agreement, dissagreement and unfortunately some villification andsledging carry on through 2013, it's just great fun and very entertaining.
Was quite happily carving a nice piece of topside for Xmas lunch, whilst listening to Talksport, when I nearly chopped my bloody finger off. I thought all my xmases had all come together when a guy said we were close to a deal for Wesley Sneider. That would be a proper signing. Of course it is impossible,we couldn't afford his tax, never mind his wages.
merry christmas all you blighters ;) tell you what, christmas is good and all but i can't wait for tomorrow! I hope santa brings us a slightly late present of 3 points!
rahn DMC
Yidmarks - His wages though are ******** ridiculous and he's been struggling for both form and fitness for the past 18 months. He's no spring chicken either. A fabulous player but i don't think he's the best long term solution/VDV replacement.
Sneihder, Balotelli and Joey Barton would be great...then we would have lots to talk about to take us away from mediocre performances on the pitch. Guaranteed to keep us in the headlines with such nutters
Forever Spurs
Never mind Sneijder, I see Brad has signed an extension
As for Sneijder, I think the following article hits the nail on the head A quote from it " Sneijder is paid a staggering £200,000 per week by Inter Milan.... And this, in turn, could also mean problems for Tottenham, who do not have the wage structure in place (or finances) to offer such enormous wages." Nuff said
In-Spurs, thanks for ruining what is left of my boxing day, we are stuck with the fricking yank now the masturbater.
In-Spurs, thanks for ruining what is left of my boxing day, we are stuck with the fricking yank now the masturbater.
E17YID, you're most welcome :)
On a more serious note, I wonder what Spurs see as Brad's role within the club. Generally you need three keepers. Brad and Lloris make two. Carlo looks like he's off to the states. That leaves us with Gomes and if he leaves in the summer we need a new keeper. Preferably someone young for the long term.
Sneijder is very close friends with Van Der Vaart, maybe he has bigged us up bit?
I wrote on here before AVB was appointed, " a good manager is someone who changes he team and formation to suit the opposition". I stand by that and I believe AVB is doing this, albeit somewhat forced with injuries. Defoe will never be a team player, whether he is in a Spurs shirt or any other. Ade has a terrible first touch but he does hold up play and link up play better than Defoe. Defoe's or Spurs problem is there's no competition for his place, Ade is not a Defoe sort of player, if we invest and get in goal machine then Defoe will do what he does best, warmer the bench and have a cameo role to play. If we don't invest we'll all end up criticising AVB for something out of his hands. Give a blunt saw to a carpenter and you'll get rough edges!
Surely it's a question of who we are playing and where that determines the formation although I would have thought 4-3-3 is a cert when playing away. Solid in midfield with a 3 and real pace with a choice of Lennon, Bale, Defoe and Walker for the counter punch. Wish we would try more invention on free kicks that are too close for the dipper, what's wrong with going sideways and setting up someone with a clear shot on goal.

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